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Kohona High School Book 1: NaruHina

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Naruto’s POV


    I’ve been doing better since that dreaded day when the truth came out. I’ve made new friends, read books, had fun, yet I’m still sad. I feel bad that she doesn’t like me. I don’t want Hinata to be in love with me or anything, I just want her to acknowledge the fact that I want to be her friend, I want nothing more than to be kind to her and everyone else.

    Everyone has ignored me for as long as I can remember. I never knew the exact reason but I was sure there was something different about me when I was younger. I’ve had this presence in me that appears, disappears, and reappears in some situations. I imagined it to be a nine-tailed fox that I see in my dreams many times. I asked some people about it at random times, I checked if they saw something like that but none of them had.

    Then I met Gaara. He was very stoic like Sasuke and not one emotion could be noted from his face. Something about him made me want to get to know him and when I did I asked him my trademark question. He said that he saw something, a monstrous creature that had a huge sweeping tail.

    We weren’t that good of friends so we would only initiate conversations when either of us had something like that. Now that I’m 16, I have discovered that both Gaara and I have extra chakra from these one-tailed and nine-tailed creatures we see in our dreams.

    Kurama is actually quite nice when you get to know him though I think he knows something that he isn’t telling me. (A/N: Kurama knows exactly what happens in the anime/manga and he is nicer to Naruto. Also I made him be nice and told him if he wasn’t, I would put Himawari in this world and make her poke him. Mwahahahaha!) With his extra chakra, I can defeat anyone but I don’t want to stand out so I only use it in case of emergencies. Jiraiya (Ero-sennin) taught me how to use the chakra but he is “meditating on a mountain” right now. That means he is doing research for his perverted books probably.

    I really hope Hinata-chan will forgive me and be my friend. I hope I don’t cause her to be mean to everyone else. She should take out all her anger on me. Oh, speaking of anger, Sakura-chan’s sure going to get mad if I don’t meet her at the library in time.

    “It’s 11:15 already! Ahhhhhhhh! I better run!” I yell at myself. I’m going to die.


Sakura’s POV


    “Finally Naruto! Come on, we have to read a bunch of books! Let’s go!” I yell at the boy who looks out of breath and relieved.

    “Coming!” he replies, panting after me.

    “Look, look! These are mystery novels and over here are realistic fiction novels!” I whispered as we explored the new place.

    Tenten had to meet with her team for lunch so she said she would go to the library tomorrow. We had never been to the library because there wasn’t enough time for any of us but living together was creating new privileges for us. Naruto an I had agreed to come here but he was late. I decided not to get mad at him because I didn’t feel like it and it would delay our entrance to the book-filled building.

    “Naruto?” I called, worried by not hearing him reply to what I had said. I turned around and spotted him picking up something, a startled girl in front of him.

    I started towards him and chose to hide behind a bookshelf to spy. If he was about to make a new friend, I didn’t want to stop him. As he handed the books back to the girl, I observed what she looked like.

    She was cute and acted very shy as Naruto kindly returned the books. Her long, dark hair was hypnotizing as it cascaded past her neck and into her gray hoodie. Her large glasses emphasized her beautiful, blue-grey eyes. She had headphones around her neck and she had a silver necklace too.

    As I moved closer, I heard Naruto speak to the girl.

    “Sorry about dropping your books!” he said shamefully and politely. “My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Who are you?”

    “Um…well… my name is Yuko Yuu Chieko and it’s okay,” she whispered slowly and shyly.

    As she was speaking, Naruto’s eyes gazed towards me. He made gestures with his eyes that asked if I wanted him to leave the girl and come look for books with me. I shook my head and used hand gestures to describe to him that he should continue to talk and meet me outside the library at 5:00.

    He agreed and I left to find books. I hope he makes a new friend. That girl sort of reminds me of Hinata.


Naruto’s POV


    “-and then we found a cottage in the woods and we live there now. Sakura said to meet her at 5:00 so I have some time. Tell me about yourself,” I whispered. We had been talking quietly in the library for quite some time. I had gotten some books and told Yuko my entire backstory.

    “Um, well I come from a place called Sound County. My father left my mother and I and she is married to my stepfather. Um… he is the brother of the Kazekage. I have an older brother and I am staying here this month because of my stepfather’s work. I like reading and you are the only person who has talked to me out of your own free will here,” she responded hesitantly.

    “Wait, do you know Gaara?” I asked hopefully.

    “Yes. I met him briefly at the wedding and I will tell you a secret, I have an arranged marriage with him,” she told me extra quietly.

    My eyes narrowed and widened continuously. She’s going to marry him! That’s…-.

    “A great match! You would go amazing together. You don’t talk, he doesn’t talk. Your personalities match!”

    “I didn’t know you knew him personally. I do want to ask you about this girl named Hinata you talked to me about. If, of course, you don’t mind.”

    “No, it’s alright. She…”




    “… that’s why Ino invited me to the sleepover. Oh! It’s 4:58! Uhh… can you meet me here tomorrow at noon?” I ask Yuko.

    “I don’t think I have anything to do tomorrow so, yes, I will. Bye, see you tomorrow,” Yuko said quickly.

    “Bye!” I replied.

    I walked back to the cottage with Sakura who asked kindly about Yuko. She told me that she was glad that I was making new friends and I appreciated her for it.

    “Hey Tenten!” I said thoughtfully as we stepped inside.

    We slept soundly and I was excited to see Yuko.