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Kohona High School Book 1: NaruHina

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Naruto’s POV


    “Hi Yuko!” I shouted cheerfully. “You look hungry. Have you been waiting long?”

    “Hi, yes, I forgot to eat breakfast, and no, I came here two minutes ago,” she spoke calmly.

    “Well, come on. Let’s go to this cool new café that just opened! In fact…,” I drifted off because I decided to make it a surprise. “Never mind. I forgot what I was going to say.” I smiled coyly.




    I had slipped away from Yuko by telling her that I had to use the restroom. The café that had recently opened was consistent in French cuisine. Not anything fancy, just a small 24-hour café that sold things like crêpes and pancakes. And, it was right next to his house.

    I rang the doorbell and his butler answered. He told me to wait and soon, the person I was waiting for arrived.

    “Naruto? What is it?” he spoke meticulously.

    “You know the person you’re supposed to marry Gaara? Yuko Chieko? Well we were going to have some food at the café next door. Want to come? I met her yesterday and she’s great. Come on,” I told him.

    His face lightened for a moment at the sound of her name but was instantly replaced with his angry mask. He gave a nod and told Temari where we were headed. I hope she wasn’t waiting too long.


Nobody’s POV


    It was a beautiful day. Everyone in the Land Hidden in Leaves was content. Tenten was busy laughing at Gai and Lee’s “youthful” speeches. Neji was busy not laughing at them and, instead, contemplating what his uncle had told him.

    Sakura was busy painting a picture. It was for a wall in the new cottage. Sasuke was staring at the ceiling of his room and later, when his mom told him to go out of the house, the sky wondering what everyone was doing. Ino and Shikamaru were both enjoying their vacation.

    Choji was snacking, Shino was looking for bugs, Sai was working on a piece of art that depicted everyone in the school with extra space on the sides so he could add new people.

    Naruto, Yuko, and Gaara were at the café. Gaara conversed with the two for a bit but was soon called back to his house. Little did they know that, as the quiet girl and blond boy spoke, they were being watched.

    A pair of white, Hyūga eyes were peering out of a bush. The one that saw through them was previously taking a walk while blaming others for her problems. When she was chanting to herself about her sister being a weak child who couldn’t do anything herself, she suddenly came upon a sight that interested her.

    A couple having breakfast. She recognized a familiar face. Her nerves tingled strangely as she watched the male profess the words, ”I love you.”