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Kohona High School Book 1: NaruHina

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   “Look, it’s live now!” Naruto called. The “Hyūga-Uchiha are True Fools” Show was on 24/7. The two living in the house kept it on just in case something happened. Just now, at two AM, both Hinata and Naruto were awoken by the TV that repeated the word, “Live,” 12 times and then showed Sasuke.

    He had something sticking out of his pocket and he looked very tired as he walked out of the bathroom of the Uchiha mansion. He was muttering something under his breath when suddenly he walked into his brother who was holding the camera discreetly.

    “You are aware that you have toilet paper in your pocket and you are walking around at two AM, correct?” Itachi asked solemnly.

    “No I don’t,” Sasuke claimed as he kept walking with the toilet paper in his pocket to his bedroom. He was blushing though. There was something pink on the toilet paper though, and Sasuke was holding several crayons. The video paused and zoomed in on the paper.

    It was a fully detailed portrait of Sakura Haruno as she looked eight years ago that made it look as if it was created by an artist that practiced for hours everyday. Everyone knew the truth, Sasuke couldn’t draw, so then how did he somehow put Leonardo Da Vinci to shame by drawing Sakura so beautifully.

    The video then showed Sakura and Tenten in the cottage, one of them blushing confusedly and the other holding her stomach laughing. Then, it went black and showed the logo for the “Hyūga-Uchiha are True Fools” show before going back to the normal loop of Neji and Sasuke making fools of themselves that Naruto and Hinata had watched 15-ish times.

    The two watching the show turned it off and headed straight to bed, still laughing from Sasuke’s embarrassed look. Yet, when they arrived, the beds were gone and in their place, a large bed.

    After ceasing their giggling, they realized that though what had happened with Sasuke was true, it was also a clever ploy to shift the beds.

    “I’ll take the left/right,” Hinata and Naruto both decided simultaneously. They quickly got into bed and fell asleep right away, with visions of “Embarrassed Sasuke Faces” dancing in their heads.




    In the morning, they started the day normally, getting ready and eating, but something was off. Hinata was wondering why Naruto was fine with being stuck here with her when he had already proclaimed his love to Yuko.

    Her name sent a chill through her heart as she tried to put it out of her mind. She ultimately decided that she loved Naruto for a while but she didn’t want to accept that. Today was the day that she would swallow her pride and ask.

    ”Do you love Yuko?” the question slipped out of Hinata’s mouth too quickly to be considered normal.

    “…No?” Naruto answered awkwardly, ”-…why?”

    “Remember that day that you caught me watching you guys? You told her you loved her and… well… I feel bad that I treated you so horribly because it was really rude in general but also because… um… I love you!”



    “‘Cause I love you too!”

    Their romantic moment was interrupted by two loud *ahem*s and a series of “aww”s from the people that had walked in.

    “Seriously! Did you really have to open the door right then?”

    “Uh, sorry?”

    “Well, they’ve already seen us. Might as well say what we need to and then leave so that they can ask each other out.”

    Tenten was the first to scold Neji and Hiashi for opening the door and, after Neji apologized, Sakura directed them to leave quickly.

    “I honestly can’t believe that it only took one day of sharing a bed for them to get together!” Yuko exclaimed. She had an uncharacteristic smirk on her face. “And, that day, Naruto was running out of things to talk about so he told me that he loved stew. Weird right?”

    “Huh, that sounds like him,” Sasuke deadpanned.

    “Says the guy who draws pictures of Sakura on toilet paper!” Naruto rebutted.

    “That was ONE time!”

    “Oh, and Hinata, my offer from two weeks ago still stands. We can get ramen if you want.”