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My Knight in shining...Braces

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Eddie looked at her blankly. The playful look she had in her eye was swapped with confusion.


Then questioning.


Then irritation.




“I don’t know if Henry scrambled your brains earlier RICHIE, but we were literally sucking eachovers FACES off like 10 minutes ago...Why would you even say that?!”


Richie’s cheeks tinged at the memory of it.



She sighed before taking out the Vaseline, beginning to dab it against the red marks on Eddie’s ankles.

Eddie hissed at the stinging pain as Richie delicately wrapped the gauze around it.



“...I’m just really...” Richie tried to find the right words, “...confused?”



Eddie got up onto her knees and held out her tied hands to Richie, who began cutting the rope around them as she continued to talk.


“Up till now you’ve never really shown any interest in other guys...and for a long time I thought you had this thing for Bill so I just don’t get why...-“


 “How long is A long time?” Eddie looked at her, a brow raised.



Richie removed the rope and reached back for the Vaseline.


“...Uh....since 1ST Grade?”



Eddie’s voice hitched, her shock at this answer completely numbing the pain she felt on her wrists from the Vaseline.




Richie blushed slightly.

Eddie’s arms were free now and folded against her (thiccccc) chest. She looked as if she wanted to slap Richie. Richie tensed her teeth slightly just in case.


Eddie huffed a little, calming down after the third long breath.



“Richie... Why would you even think that?”



Richie groaned, falling back onto the bed.


The impact made the mattress bounce slighty; Eddie fumbled as she fell back against the pillow pile behind her.

She scowled towards Richie.



“Dude...” Richie whined, “He was always around you. Always touching you and calling out to you and you’d follow him like a little puppy! It was fucking ANNOYING!!”

Eddie glowered at her, her arms pushing against the sheets so that she was looking over Richie where she was laying.


“Asshole...we were KIDS” She hurled back, “Have you forgotten that Bill was practically taking care of his two year old brother when he was SIX?! He used to tell me that his parents forgot to fucking feed them sometimes!!”


Richie perked at this.

Bill had absently told the other loser’s that his parents were trash now and again, but she didn’t know it had been THAT bad...


“After I told him how bad things were at my house he took me under his FUCKING WING RICHIE. HE WAS LIKE A...LIKE A BIG BROTHER TO ME!!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU THOUGHT I-“


“Wait a minute...wait a minute”, Richie cut in. “How about after that?”


Eddie puffed again. “After WHAT!?”



“After you came back from Poland...Bill got all weird.”


Richie looked turned her face away, her tone got lower.


“ got weird.”



Eddie heard that. And honestly, Richie had a point. She had a right to bring up how Eddie behaved when she found out that Richie was seeing someone. She had cut her out. It was wrong and Richie deserved an explanation.

But first she had to sort out this Bill nonsense...



“Richie...” Eddie sighed. “I’m just going to say it.”



Richie turned over from where she was laying and looked at Eddie.

 Eddie sighed.




“Bill got weird because I came home from Poland with a phat ass and great tits.

That’s the reason. That’s it. I love Bill, but not like that and it’s the same vice versa, okay?”




The way Eddie had said that. So stern as she accentuated the “Phat ass” and confirmed that Bill was just a platonic horn dog which was...Alright.

 Eddie did in fact have a phat ass and great fair enough then!


That was that.



Richie was sent howling at this, her throat sore from yelling earlier, now raw from the wheezes of laughter.

Eddie was laughing too, tearing up a little.


 She continued to talk as she snorted along with Richie.



“Bill’s not even my TYPE!!” Eddie giggled, “He’s wayyyy too sensitive about everything, plus the guy doesn’t know what banter is...”



Richie laughed, “ you even HAVE a type!? That’s news to me!”



Eddie snicked in return. “Of COURSE I have a type dumbass!!”



Richie’s laughter died down a bit. Her heart began to beat faster.

She wanted to hear this.



“What’s your type then Eddie?”



Eddie’s face was red from laughing, her smile faltered at the directness of Richie’s question.






This was it. This was the part where Eddie was going to tell Richie that she kissed her out of gratitude. That she didn’t like her like that. That sexy little moan she made when Richie pawed at her like an animal was just her not thinking straight. She’s clearly still dazed from what happened earlier. Richie had technically taken advantage of her in her vulnerability.



“Richie, I like...”



Richie was no better than Patrick and Henry. She was disgusting and perverse. And ugly. And Annoying...and a fag...and if Eddie was in a right state of mind she wouldn’t touch Richie in a million years.




Eddie had edged herself towards Richie, Her small hands reaching towards the fists Richie was making on her lap. The tall girl didn’t respond to her touch.

Eddie’s soulful eyes began searching deep into Richie’s downcast gaze.



Eddie needed someone who was strong and brave. Someone smart and funny, who knew how to treat her right.

Eddie was a princess...and Richie was no prince charming.



Eddie abandoned Richie’s fists and clapped her hands on Richie’s face.


There was a loud smacking noise echoing across the room as Richie snapped back into her senses.

Her face fucking ached. It hurt SO BAD.


Eddie was undeterred by this, taking a second for Richie to get a hold of herself, before yanking her face to mirror her own.




“...You Richie. I like you”




Richie looked at Eddie’s face. Into the hazel curtains of her iris, her wrinkled brows and soft lips.


Richie felt her face grow hot.


Her head was throbbing. She couldn’t hide the falter in her voice.




“ you don’t.”




Tears furrowed in her eyes, streaming down her face. She could feel her nose beginning to run.



“..You...your just confused don’t want me...”



Eddie continued to hold her face as she wept. She looked at Richie with a pained expression.

Eddie hated to watch Richie cry.



The tall girl was beginning to hiccup as she gently gripped Eddie’s upper arms.


“Baby...” Eddie whispered.

She brought her face close to Richie, kissing her forehead. She then began kissing her cheeks softly.

Richie continued to cry quietly, her hold tightening at every kiss Eddie peppered onto her tear streaked face.



“ don’t cry. I love you Richie.” She kissed the top of Rachel’s nose.


“I’ve loved you for a very long time. Way before all of this. I mean it Richie...”

She softly kissed Richie on the lips.



“I love you”.




Richie looked dazed.

Her eyes were watery and her mouth tingled where Eddie had kissed her.


She shook her head.


“You’re not like that Eddie. You’re not a fa-“



“Lesbian”. Eddie interrupted.




Richie blinked a few times.





Eddie let go of Richie’s face, sitting herself against the bed so that she was now looking slightly up towards Richie’s direction.

She smiled sweetly.


“I prefer the term lesbian, when talking about my sexual preferences.”




Richie looked gobsmacked. Her jaw was practically on the floor beside her bed.




“What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck............................”




“YOU...” Richie spluttered, “NO YOUR....YOUR NOT!! YOU DON’T LIKE.....BUT?!?! WHY DID YOU...WHEN ME AND STELL..?!?!


Richie was all over the place. What the fuck?!What the FUCK!?

Nothing made sense anymore!!!


Eddie scowled at the mention of Estella.


“What!? She pouted, “You thought I’d be fucking thrilled to find out the girl of my dreams was dating an albino stick insect?! You fucking kidding me?!??!”

Girl of my dreams...Richie was almost fucking hyperventilating...



Eddie sighed.

“Look...” she finally resigned herself, “I know it was immature as fuck for me to ghost you like that when you and Stella were together...but I felt like such an idiot y’know?.”



Richie made a confused sound as she wiped her palms against her face and her nose.



UGH...okay okay...remember the kissing bridge? How sometimes people would write stuff on it...?”


Richie remembered the kissing Bridge.



“...Well, I was there that day. And I saw you Richie.”



Richie looked at Eddie in alarm.

“You saw my carving?”


Eddie nodded.


“R for Richie” She said.


She looked down sadly.



“...and E for Estella, right?”




Richie laughed, breaking Eddie from her lament.


“BEEP BEEP, INCORRECT” Richie snickered. “TRY AGAIN IN 5 4 3 2...”



Eddie whacked Richie’s shoulder.


“Dude this isn’t FUCKING FUNNY”, she hissed. “All those years that I thought that E was meant for me...Do you have any idea how fucking stupid I felt when I found out you were dating Estella fucKIN...chICKEN SHIT?!

Richie snorted again at chicken shit, which lead to another whack.




Eddie began to sulk, the same way she used to when they were kids, her bottom lip sticking out as her face turned to the side, refusing to look Richie’s way.

Richie reached her hand out to Eddie’s chin, forcing the girl to look up at her face, which was now completely serious.


“The E was for you Eds. Richie and Eddie.”



Eddie looked into her face, as if she was searching for confirmation.



 A small, teeny tiny smile formed from her pout.... till she sprang back into rage, whacking Richie furiously with her little hands balled into fists.







Richie literally had to catch Eddie’s flying fists, stopping her from causing any more damage to her (ALREADY) bruised body.

“Eds I didn’t think I even had a chance with you!” She argued, “I thought you were straight, remember!?”


Eddie glowered at her, her strength no match against the unbreakable hold of Richie’s hands.

 (If she wasn’t so mad at that moment she would probably have marvelled over how sexy their power imbalance was....nghhhhhhnotnownotnownotnow...)


Richie dropped her grasp of Eddie, the freckled girl startled (and a little...disappointed?) now she was free.


Richie sort of huddled into herself a little. She had an awkward expression on her face as she slowly dispensed the words that had been flying around in her mind.




“Plus...c’mon Eddie. Have you ever even seen me?” Richie waved a hand over herself, “I’m a fucking mess. No one in their right mind would want to be seen with someone like me”.



Eddie was confused by this statement.


“Richie what the fuck are you talking about now!?!”




Richie pulled off her glasses.




“Look at me Eddie!! My nose is big, im scrawny and lanky and all my clothes don’t fit..I’m annoying!! ...and my teeth!? They’re like 98% calcium...and..AND...!!!”


Richie stopped immediately at the sight of Eddie, whose fists were raised again in threat of attacking.

Completely sure that Richie’s tirade of self loathing was finished; Eddie looked Richie up and down.




“Do you want to know what I see Richie?”




Eddie suddenly melted forward, her free hands wrapping around Richie’s torso as she sat herself on the older girls lap.


Richie held her breath.


Eddie tugged at Richie’s arm and began feeling them up.



“I feel sexy strong arms...” She purred. “And beautiful big hands...”



At this, Eddie pulled up Richie’s right hand to her face and stuck out her tongue, giving her index finger a lick from the base to the tip.



Richie felt herself getting wet.



Eddie powered on, her hands now brushing against Richie’s chest, over her hated triangle breasts.

Eddie nuzzled close to them. She could feel under her shirt that Richie wasn’t wearing a bra. She delicately thumbed against the material, over the older girl’s nipple. The friction made them stick out to her touch. Eddie looked up at Richie, who looked back down at her with complete infatuation.


“I love your breasts Richie...”Eddie confessed, “You always said you hated them, but whenever we went swimming at the quarry I couldn’t take my eyes off you..”


Eddie was caressing Richie’s breast with one hand, the other slowly snaking behind her neck.

Richie felt herself being lowered down to Eddie’s eye level.


Eddie released Richie and pushed herself into the space between them, her naked skin closely rubbing against where she had been touching the other girl.

Her face was full of love as she pushed her arm at the back of Richie’s nape, making her come closer.


Now mirroring eachover, Eddie pressed a soft kiss onto the tip of Richie’s nose, making her release a goofy smile (the one that showed the gap between her teeth, making Eddie feel soft and gooey inside).


“I love your nose”, She whispered.

She pressed another kiss onto her cheek.


“I love how your eyes are shaped like an almond”.

She pressed a kiss onto the other cheek.


“I love your kooky broken glasses and your stupid little jokes that still manage to make me laugh”.





She paused, looking into Richie’s eyes (which were brimming with tears).



“And I love you, Richie”.



Richie sobbed.



“I love you too, Eddie”.



The two girls kissed once more, their bodies pressed tight against the other as they became engulfed in the love and warmth inside of them.



After what felt like forever, they pulled apart.

Richie was seeing stars as their lips parted with a slick sound. Eddie blushed, her tongue darted out to lick her lips.


She paused.



Bringing a finger to her mouth, she inspected the non-saliva substance on her finger.

She looked up at Richie with a raised brown.




Richie grinned back down at her in a dreamy daze.

“YeS BaBy...? WhAtS tHA mAtTa?”



Eddie sighed.


“...I think we need to get you cleaned up now, don’t you?”



Richie just nodded stupidly, not even noticing the blood that was beginning to drip from a cut on the side of her mouth.

“.....ThEn CaN We Ki-“

Eddie laughed.



“Richie, after we get you cleaned up we can kiss for as long as you want.”



Richie beamed, her heart bursting full of love.



She liked the sound of that.








Before they knew it, It was time to go to leave for University.



The past few months had been the happiest of Eddie and Richie’s lives.

They had watched their last movie at the Aladdin. Each had a full day’s war at the arcade to decide the ultimate winner...which happened to be Beverly, who completely wiped out every opponent until she was declared “Queen of Derry”, having finally defeated Richie at Street fighter and Mike at airball.


Having heard what went down at the barrens, the losers payed their dues to their childhood getaway from the kissing bridge.




As the others looked over to the edge of the barrens from the Bridge, Eddie and Richie stood before their carving.





R for Richie. E for Eddie.



Eddie had always known it was meant for her.



Both girls looked at it. Studying how deep the mark had been cut into the wood. The risks Richie had taken the day she made it. The hope Eddie had felt when she saw it.



The love they had both felt back then.



And now.



And forever.















Richie had been jittery the whole ride to the airport.

She had never really mentioned that she’d never been on a plane before. Nope. In the whole 19 years of her life, Richie Tozier had not once mentioned that she had never been on a plane.

And why would she?



I mean, what were the point of planes anyway? Weren’t boats good enough?! Where people so desperate to travel around that they HAD to come up with..idk..winged cars?!

Seriously what was the point of planes!? Planes are super dangerous not to mention unnaTURAL HUMANS AERNT MEANT TO FLY WERE GONNA DIE WERE GONNA DIE WERE GONNA DI-“



“Richie...” Eddie cooed. “Baby calm down, were gonna be fine...take a deep breath”.



Richie breathed in deep and exhaled. She softened at the small hand Eddie had wrapped around her waist.

She felt a little bit better.



An announcement was made on the loudspeaker and the two girls began to walk towards the line leading to the plane, pulling their suitcases along with them.

 Richie felt the tension again as she caught sight of the plane. It was small.


“It’s cute, isn’t it?” Eddie smiled.

Richie grinned back. “Your cute”.



            Eddie giggled as they climbed the metal railway to the entrance of the plane.



Once inside, they put their bags up and took their seats. Eddie made sure to have their seatbelts firmly strapped on and ready, despite them not being required to do so yet.


“Just to be safe”, the freckled girl smiled at her girlfriend, who gave her a small one back.


Eddie could tell Richie was scared from how little she was speaking.



The doors were shut, and after a quick demonstation about safety from an air hostess (which Richie and Eddie payed DEEP attention too), the seatbelt sign flashed and all passengers were seated.


The engine powered up and the floor began to vibrate slowly. Richie froze in her seat, panicking in silence as she saw the plane moving from the window, beginning to move faster.



She felt a touch on her hand, where it was gripping hard on the arm rest.


Eddie held her hand out to her.


Richie looked into her girlfriend’s loving eyes, then took hold of her small, warm hand.

She held it tight as the plane began speeding on the runway.




“Are you ready baby?” Eddie whispered to her, as they felt one half of the plane beginning to rise.


Richie rubbed a circle into Eddie’s hand with her thumb.






“I was always Ready”






The two girls kissed as the plane flew into the sky.



Past the clouds.


Until finally.





They were gone.






The end.