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Blue Jay

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The white pudgy fur-ball was real heavy. 

His tiny snout was clamped on the pups nape. The pup was swinging back and forth while he trot forward. There were times he’d accidentally drop the pup onto the leafy grounds. Those were the times he’d growl in puppy frustration. 

Come on Dean! 

He narrowed his eyes at the pup. I should leave your heavy butt here!

The pup looked up at him with big blue sad eyes. It couldn’t even walk nicely. It was too fat! Too full of milk, perhaps? Then, it gave a small whimper.

He sighed. His jaws ached, but, he couldn’t leave this pup here. What if a cunning fox got a hold of him?

His heart softened when the pup managed to crawl on its belly, to snuggle into his two front paws. He rolled his wolf eyes, ‘uh fine! But, no wiggling!’

The pup began suckling on one of the toes on his front paws. He found it ticklish, noticing that the pup didn’t have any puppy teeth yet. He shook his head, ‘you’re just a baby, huh. Just like my little brother, Sammy’.

He carefully picked up the pup by the nape of its neck. 

It was time to go home.


He could smell his oldest pups scent, getting stronger. 

‘Dean was returning from playtime in the woods’.

His kid never missed meal time.

He smiled and continued cutting the sides of the ham and cheese sandwiches he had prepared for family lunch. He was just setting up the sandwiches on plates, when an unfamiliar scent caught his nose. One that was intermingled with his oldest child’s. 

What the hell!?

His protective side kicked in. He heard the scuttling of pawed feet on their varnished wooden floor. He turned around just in time to see Dean skid to a halt in the kitchen. He instantly caught sight of whatever was clamped between his eldest sons snout. 

It was round, white furred and three times smaller than his sons pup built. 

Had Dean killed a rabbit or something?

He walked towards his oldest, who still hadn’t let this rabbit or something go. He finally made out what was in Dean’s mouth, the closer he got. A wolf pup! One that was barely a week old. He saw it trembling between Dean’s jaws, with its tiny tail tucked between its little back legs. 

For a moment, he stood stunned on the spot. 

Dean lowered the pup to the floor, started wagging his tail excitedly and aiming those happy green eyes up at him. His son telepathically said, ‘look what I found, daddy! It’s a baby wolf!’

His heartbeat was now sounding in his ears. Oh God! What in the hell had Dean done!? He called out, “Mary! Can you make your way to the kitchen, love!”

He heard Mary’s inaudible reply. “Coming John! Just a sec!”

He watched as his son ran circles around the pup. Christ his kid had so much energy! He crouched down before his playful son and cleared his throat. Dean heard him and stopped to sit his black furred butt by the white pups side. He faked a smile and asked, “Son, did you steal this pup from its wolf parents?”

Dean’s brows furrowed. ‘No daddy, I didn’t steal him! I found him by the Wicker Streams!’

Ok. This still wasn’t good. There were times wolf parents left their pups to go and hunt for food. He probed, “did you see any wolves around?”

‘Nope daddy!’

“Did you pick up any foreign scents?”

‘Nope Daddy!’

Mary’s gasp was heard from behind him. “Oh my God! John, is that a pup!?” His wife then crouched down beside him. “What happened?”

“Dean found a pup by the Wicker Streams. It was alone”. He added, “Mary, we need to take the pup back. Its mother might be looking for it”.

It’s a he!’ Dean corrected.

He sighed, “His mother might be looking for him”.

Mary collected the pup into her arms. The little pup peered up at her with striking blue eyes. She smiled lovingly at the pup, “this sweetheart is an omega”. 

“Mary”, He warned. It wouldn’t be nice to get their scents over someone else’s pup. It was something wolves kept sacred.

“Oh John. Leave the pup here. You go scout out the woods and if you find the pups parents, then you can invite them over to come get their pup. It’s going to be getting cold soon and I don’t think it wise to be carrying a very tiny pup around when temperatures drop”.

Mary was right. 

He nodded. “Ok Mary”.

Dean, the ever so curious explorer, asked, 'Daddy, can I come with you?'

He carried Dean into his arms, laying a peck on his sons snout, “Sorry baby. Not this time. I want you to be a good boy and take care of mom, Sammy and your little pup friend whilst daddy is gone. Ok?”

Dean huffed, ‘ok daddy’ 

18 years on and no wolf came to claim the blue eyed omega pup; his oldest alpha son, had found in the woods.

An omega that became family.