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Because she (and you) give me none | Kim Namjoon x Black Reader

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“Hyung, I think she’s waking up! Look, look, look! Her eyeballs are moving behind her eyelids.”


“Guk, didn’t we talk about this? When someone’s eyeballs are moving but their eyes are still closed, that doesn’t automatically mean that they’re awake.”


“That’s not true! Remember that one time when I saw your eyeballs were moving? You weren’t asleep.”


“Bunny, I’ve been trained to wake up from periods of sleep. Plus, I seem to remember a certain someone was poking at my eyes…”


The girl’s eyes pop open. “Namjoon!” She might’ve jolted into a sitting position if not for the invisible force keeping her down on the crudely made cot, which is really just a bunch of thick blankets strewn together.


“Easy there. I had to pull some strings to get the proper equipment. Not to mention the time and effort it took to research how to insert the tube. It would be a shame if you accidentally yanked it out.”




It’s only when the gravelly voice mentions it does she feels the pressure in her left arm. The tube in her arm doesn’t hurt, at least not now. She follows the long red-filled tube to its source, which is to a bag filled with what the girl can only surmise be blood. She tries not to let her skin crawl at the thought of that blood entering her body.


Instead, she tries to focus on the long, bony fingers lightly gripping the blood bag (and oh God, she’s thinking about it again!). She trails her gaze upward and is soon staring into atramentous-colored eyes. Even the casual t-shirt and sweatpants the man is wearing can’t the lethal undercurrent the man produces.


The girl wants to distrust the man, she wants to act like her head and heart aren’t pounding; she also wants some chicken but that’s neither here nor there. The dark-haired man’s appearance is seriously throwing off her attempts to be hard and calculating just like Batman.


It’s like God couldn’t make up his mind when he decided to make this one. The man’s eyes are dark and are almond-shaped which reminiscent of a feline. They speak of an old soul that has seen and done some things. They put the girl on edge.


But then there’s his face. She looks at this guy’s face and wants to coo.


A pale tannish hue that complements his soft looking skin, a small pink mouth that looks like it pouts often, and a button nose that’s just asking to get bopped. Not to mention his scent is like freshly washed sheets. Sweet yet not overpowering at the same time.


He looks so soft that the girl would squeal if she wasn’t so frightened and bewildered.


She has to get a hold of herself. For she knows he could be a kidnapper that has a hankering for little girls like her.


Worse, he could be a trafficker that the kids at the orphanage always talk about. She could be sold to the highest bidder. Oh, God. What if the red stuff being pumped into her wasn’t blood but drugs? To make her docile and weak enough so that the potential creeps would be attracted to buy her?


Supposed she had already been sold? Supposed this was the drop-off spot that she would meet her new captor? Supposed—




The girl shrieks. She would jump too if not for the invisible hands still holding her in place.


The girl had been so busy staring at the man, she didn’t even notice the boy sitting at the end of her cot. But now that she does see him, she wonders how she could miss him.


Shaggy coal-black hair that does nothing to hide the big, brown, wide eyes that stare holes into the space between her eyes. He has an adorably huge nose that the girl wouldn’t mind plopping a few kisses. His sweet and spicy scent that is at odds with the fresh aroma the man gives off. The girl judges that he is a little younger than she is.


“My name is Jeongguk,” he continues, “I am six years and I’m in the first grade. It’s very nice to meet you. What’s your name?” It’s obvious the boy spent time rehearsing his introduction. Further proof of this is when he glances pass the girl to give the man beside her a hopeful yet questioning stare. The girl looks back at the man and almost wishes she hadn’t.


He’s smiling. And he not just smiling to be smiling. It is an honest-to-god, pure, “I’m so happy that you’re here” smile. His smile is nothing but small, white teeth and pink gums. If the girl didn’t suspect otherwise, she would assume that the man is no older than a teenager.


The man gazes back at the boy, Jeongguk, with so much affection not just in his smile but in his entire being, it makes the girl envious. He gives a small approving nod that Jeongguk eats up with a blinding beam.


“Alright, Guk. The excitement’s over. It’s back to real life for you, little boy.” The boy pouts so sweetly the girl wants to cry. Just who are these people. “But you said that it was an emergency,” Jeongguk whines. He’d probably stomp his foot if he was standing.


“I did and I’m thankful for your help, boo. But now the emergency is over and it’s back to business as usual. And speaking of business did you finish the work I assigned you this morning?”


The boy drops his gaze to his hands. “Well… I finished my science and reading worksheets, but I’m having a little trouble with math.”


The man nods. “Okay. If you still need help, I’ll come help you once I’m done here. How does that sound?”


The boy nods, his hair rustling as he does. He gets up, a slight boy in an over-sized, black t-shirt that covers his small thighs.


“Oh,” the man says, stopping Jeongguk before he walks out the door. “Once you finish your homework, you and I will watch two episodes of Sailor Moon instead of just one tonight.” The boy gasps like the man just told him he just won a lifetime supply of ramen noodles.


“But I thought that I could only watch two episodes on the weekends.”


“Well, in light of our new guest here,” the man cocks his head towards the girl, “I don’t see the harm in breaking the rules tonight. As long as you promise me that you won’t oversleep.”


“I won’t, I won’t! I promise!”


“Alright. Go do your homework.” The boy’s happy grin threatens to break off his small face and stretch for miles with how broad it is. He practically dances as he opens the door.


Before he is completely gone, he turns around, his eyes sparkling and a happy flush on his cheeks. “Thank you, Yoongi-Hyung!” He disappears and the door closes.


The girl firmly believes that she is dreaming. She has to be. Any minute now, she is going to wake up back at the orphanage. The scene that has just unfolded before isn’t real. It can’t be.


The simple, domestic exchange between Jeongguk and the man, Yoongi, is something she has only seen in the movies. She had already accepted a long time ago that the movies are the closest she’ll ever get to a family.


“Alright. Now that Jeongguk is gone, it’s time for some questions.” The soft expression on Yoongi’s face has dried up and the seriousness is back in his eyes.


“Do you remember what happened?”


The girl feels herself go cold. She wishes that she doesn’t recall what happened after she had picked up Namjoon’s scent in the forest.


She had been so happy. Redemption was just a few meters away. Everything would go back to the way it should’ve been.


Then there was the roar. And the horrible stench of Namjoon’s fear. She hadn’t been thinking, her brain was temporarily shut off and their—her instincts had taken the lead.


When she saw that nightmare of a beast standing over Namjoon’s fatigued wolf body, breathing all over him as if it were marinating him in its disgusting, putrid miasma, the girl blacked out. At that moment, nothing existed except the ugly, deafening wail within her mind continuously the same thing:


Cripple it.


Torture it.


Kill it.


Kill it.










For the first time since Yoongi has brought this girl to his home, he shamefully wonders if it would’ve been better to leave her out in the woods.


Every little knickknack that is stuffed in his and Jeongguk’s tiny bedroom begins to quake. He forces himself not to think about what is happening out in the small living area. Jeongguk will be fine, Yoongi tells himself. He is fine.


Right now, he needs to focus on himself and the kid. Because he is no longer regarding the yellow eyes of a shaken, young kid. The green-eyed, seething creature glowering back at him is the farthest thing from human.


“Where…” That’s the second time the girl has uttered that word. But the voice that comes is an indistinct growl-like undertone. As the little girl’s face continues to contort, Yoongi’s bedroom also continues to bear the brunt of this girl’s malicious fury.




Yoongi curses as he feels the worried question enter his mind. He should’ve known that he couldn’t keep this from Jeongguk. How could he? The rumbling and jostling of his shit were possibly being heard by his neighbors as well. Surprisingly though, there’s fear attached to Jeongguk’s inquiry. Even now, the kid is steady as a rock.


Don’t worry, boo. Hyung will take care of this. Just keep doing your homework.


Alright. Enough of this bullshit.


Yoongi has trained plenty of young vampires to recognize a psychic tantrum when he sees it. Although yes, the girl’s unusual raw strength is something he would love to tinker with further, he has another child in his apartment. Even if he did voluntarily invite this chaos into his home, he will not allow the girl and this… this… whatever this thing is to hurt his little family and the life he is trying to make.


Taking a deep breath, Yoongi extends the hold that is keeping the girl down on the makeshift cot to the entire room.


Part of the reason why Yoongi loved his prior position and takes on the shitty hit-jobs is that it gives him an excuse to get rid of this pent-up energy that lives inside of him.


Every Vampire is born with psychic abilities. Where they come from, no one knows. But the same way the shifters can’t explain why the bones in their bodies break down and reform into the crouching beasts, the same way vampires need blood like water and were given the gifts they have.


Although rare in modern times, every once in a while, a vampiric child will come that shows high potential from adolescence. Others, like Yoongi, have to spend decades learning to perfect their mental skills to become a functioning member of society. A vampire that cannot control their psychic talents is no different from a vampire that has lost their mind from bloodlust in his world.


The green-eyed monster is no longer so fierce in the face of Yoongi’s power. The fine hairs on its arms and the back of its neck in response to the staticky pulse in the room. For years, the thing had been watching, silently protecting the girl against serious harm.


Well, at least until recently.


Until the bear, it had gotten to the point where the thing had arrogantly believed that nothing was greater than its power.


But that bear…


As much as it loathes the thing to admit it, the bear had been stronger, much stronger. And oh, this man. This man is the same.


The black of his pupil encases his eyeballs and his pink, soft lips curl back in a silent snarl, revealing tiny, sharp fangs. The thing couldn’t look away from the hypnotizing obsidian pools of his eyes.


The man is going to kill it. He’s going to rip it the thing apart and take it away from the girl.


No. NO!


The thing wants to fight but it can’t. It’s too weak to fight against the fingers scratching at it and the girl’s mind. It lets out a whimper.


It’s failed. For the entirety of the girl and its existence, the thing just wanted to protect the girl and it couldn’t even do that.


And now it is going to die due to its shortcomings. If it wasn’t so stuck watching the black in the man’s eyes, it would shut its eyes.




The thing freezes. The thing can hear man’s velvety, sleepy voice echoing in her mind although it’s sure that he’s not moving his lips.


I’m not going to hurt her or you. I want to help both of you. But you have to ease your mind. Your rage is only going to hurt the girl. Do you want to do that?


No! It doesn’t want to hurt the girl. All it wants is to protect her, protect them, protect—


An image of a boy with a head of silver hair, stick-thin limbs, and a dimpled-grin.


The thing wants to protect both of them. But it can’t even protect one let alone two. It’s not sure what to do anymore


Let me help you.


The thing is so tired of fighting, and the man’s voice is so warm and smooth like freshly-made peanut butter.


Maybe just for a little while, it can rest?


Yoongi can feel sweat bead on his back as he gently coaxes whatever it is running the show to let go of its control. Yoongi is powerful as is, but the process and the entity are fragile. He doesn’t want to make any sudden moves, lest he spooks whatever it is.


Yoongi can already tell that the girl’s abilities are only going to get stronger. It would’ve only been a matter of time before someone would have gotten suspicious enough to pay attention.


Not to sound like he is bragging, but Yoongi has little to no trouble talking the entity down.


Yes, he has never encountered anything like this before. But Yoongi has two centuries of experience under his belt. Also, the thing is young and immature. He would go as far as to believe that it’s as young as or the same age as the girl herself.


For all of its bark and bite, Yoongi can sense the childlike vulnerability and fear bouncing off the thing like sonic waves.


Okay, far be it from Yoongi to assume anything about anyone. He’s had people assume things about him his entire life. He knows how degrading it is. And God forbid he assumes someone’s gender based on their thought patterns alone, that’s just unethical and stereotypic and Yoongi likes to think of himself as a fair and diplomatic individual.




If he had to speculate, he would say that the thing has a feminine aura about it.


But that’s neither here nor there.


By the time Yoongi is finished, the atmosphere has lost its static quality and everything is still aside from the panting girl.


Her eyes are back to their odd lemon color. She stares up at him as if she has just seen God.


“What… what did you…”


Yoongi knows that the girl is rattled by what just happened and wants clarity. But he needs to get his answers about this girl now. What just happened is a can of worms that Yoongi will open some other time when he has had at least five hours of sleep first.


“Alright, now that we got past that melodrama, let’s try this again. Hi, I’m Min Yoongi. What’s your name, peanut?”