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What You Do to Me

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He should have known better, he really should have. He is 25 years old, he is his own boss, he must be able to know how to keep his feelings apart from his decisions about his own bakery business, for God’s sake.


When he was finally done with studying Food and Nutrition at Seoul National University, he decided that he wanted to learn how to bake professionally. But after finishing Pastry and Confectionery at the Le Cordon Bleu - Sookmyung Academy, directly opening a bakery in Seoul was perhaps a risky decision that he made, yes. Especially as an omega who is not mated. He doesn’t have any regrets though, this bakery is  basically his baby. Not only does he loves working as a baker, he also loves how he designed  every single corner in his little bakery, thought about everything with care. The first time he had opened it for a business, the first day of “Bakery Chimchim”, he had cried like a little kid and couldn’t stop crying until his first customers came inside. He knew that he was going to fall in love with this place, he just didn’t know how much.


Every decision he made while operating this little bakery which he had intensified for 2 and a half years now, had made sense to him until now. Until he hired motherfucking Kim Taehyung who is going to be known as his ex best friend soon.


Hiring Taehyung to make coffee? Not the smartest decision he made, undoubtedly. Not only Taehyung basically lied about knowing quote-unquote ‘everything about the coffee making’ and he is, indeed, quote-unquote ‘the oompa-loompa of coffee making.”, but he also clearly lied about his intentions being ‘helping his best friend slash soulmate’ because the only thing he is trying to do at the moment is flirting with Seokjin who is ignoring Taehyung’s questionably seductive eyes as he is emptying the dishwasher, God bless him. It has been two weeks (or so) since Taehyung started working here, but Jimin already feels like he has been dealing with his messy ass for more than a year.


There is also the fact that Taehyung had been there when Seokjin came to the bakery for his first interview and asked him if he was mated or not with a serious tone in his voice, acting like he was reading it from the blank paper he was holding. Jimin should have remembered that when Taehyung told him that he would be happy to work with him, it was frankly related to the problem in his hand.


At least, since Taehyung started working here, Hoseok and Seokjin have been able to make a day off between their working days.


Well, in a way, Jimin feels a bit sad for his best friend because the omega is literally making his scent stronger, throwing his pheromones all around the place since all the customers left while giving sexy eyes to the alpha but mostly he feels embarrassed on behalf of him because Taehyung doesn’t look like he feels embarrassed by getting ignored at all, not even a little bit.


As he continues to sit and watch them while Taehyung also continues to look at Seokjin with his fucking crazy narrowed eyes, leaning against the wall, Seokjin takes the last cleaned glass out of the dishwasher and puts it on the counter. He turns towards where Jimin is sitting, wiping his wet hands in front of the apron he is wearing.


“If you don’t need my help for closing, I am going to leave.” he says, with a little smirk on his face. He must know what Taehyung is trying to do (has been for some time now) and it is not like Taehyung is even trying to hide his intentions.


Jimin smiles at him kindly. “Thank you hyung, you have already done more than you should.” he tells him, hoping that Taehyung will get the hint. “I will just check if everything is in place before I close the shop.”


“Okay, I am leaving then,” says Seokjin, taking his apron off. He walks to the door and calls out "See you guys on Thursday," without turning around as he leaves, waving his hand.


Taehyung doesn’t even wait for five minutes before he sighs which makes Jimin roll his eyes at him.


“I hate you,” he says to the other omega who is still gazing at the door dreamily. “I honestly do.”


Taehyung sighs again. “I cannot believe I am going to have his babies someday,” he murmurs like he didn’t even hear Jimin say anything, just as Jimin expected.


“I hate you.” Jimin repeats again. “You are not going to have his babies unless you stop acting like a bitch in heat in front of him. Also I am going to fire your cute ass.”


Taehyung finally turns his eyes at him from the door, grinning. “I know I have a cute ass,” he says. He stops, his eyes widen as if something came to his mind. “Do you think I should turn my back to Seokjin hyung more so he can see how cute my ass is?” he asks Jimin with a serious tone.


“No,” Jimin groans, shaking his head. “Absolutely never do that in my work place. Please ask him out on a date like a normal person.”


Taehyung gasps, putting one of his hands over his heart like he cannot believe what Jimin said. “I want him to ask me out!”, he yells. 


Jimin gets up from his chair and walks to the front of Taehyung. He puts his hands on his shoulders, looking into his eyes. “My dear Tae, he doesn’t need to ask you first because he is an alpha and you are on omega. Now say you are a strong independent omega who can ask an alpha out on a date with me. Say it.”


Taehyung pouts. “But I want him to ask me out.”


Jimin narrows his eyes. “Say it,” he demands.


“I am a strong independent omega who can ask an alpha out,” Taehyung finally gives in with a pout.


“Well done,” Jimin says, clapping his shoulders before taking his hands off of them. “You can leave now, I need to close the place.”


“Okay,” Taehyung says as he takes off his apron. He takes his small backpack from the counter. “See you on Thursday, I guess.”


“You are working tomorrow, Tae!”


“Like I said, see you on Thursday, bestie!”, Taehyung yells as he is leaving. 


Jimin laughs. “Go home safe!”, he yells back.


Okay, maybe he is too soft on him. He knows he should start acting more like a boss, however, it is not really in his nature to act tough. Not because he is an omega, don’t get it wrong, it is just not his character. 


Jimin checks the tables one last time after making sure that all the electronic items in the entire bakery and the oven in the small kitchen are turned off. 


He finds a black sweatshirt that is laying down on the floor behind the chair near the wall at the farthest table in his bakery. He slowly takes the sweatshirt off the floor, and when he brings it close to his face, he realizes that it smells like an alpha. Not Seokjin, though, because first, he knows what Seokjin’s scent smells like and his scent doesn’t smell like an ocean. Second,  the sweatshirt looks like its size is bigger than Seokjin’s size, even if Seokjin has amazing shoulders. And last, he wears colorful clothes most of the time. Why would he even put his sweatshirt on the chair of the farthest table? They have their own area to put their clothes or other belongings.


It is a fresh smell, clean, you know, a calming smell, remind him somehow of Busan. It is kind of weird, how he didn’t smell it until he found the sweatshirt laying down on the floor, but there is also the fact that he usually stays in the kitchen to bake when they are open and he doesn’t leave the kitchen for too long even when leaves it to go front side to help with the customers. 


He brings the sweatshirt closer to his nose, takes a deep sniff. The scent on it hits him, it hits him hard enough to draw it away from his nose as he takes a step back.




Just wow.


Fuck him.


The scent on the sweatshirt seems to smell even better up closer if it is possible, Jimin thinks as he takes another deep sniff as he cannot stop himself.


The thing is, he is not even in his pre-heat. Not even a month close to his heat.


It also doesn’t affect him like how smelling an alpha’s scent affects him when he is in his pre-heat or heat, it is not a crazy feeling even if it is clearly happening because of their biological roles. In fact, his omega is feeling at ease, like when he feels visiting his hometown, having a peaceful and quiet time as he sits on the sand in the Haeundae beach alone as he inhales the random alpha’s scent on the sweatshirt. It is not the same feeling, but close somehow, making him also get a little bit excited.


He takes another sniff, inhales deeply again, promising himself it is going to be the last one, before he puts the sweatshirt on the table, starting to look at it accusingly.


He doesn’t know what to do with it.


He is not going to wear it, of course not. It would be weird as fuck and really pathetic. Why would he even wear it? It is owned by someone else, obviously a customer and they will likely ask it tomorrow. They will be able to smell Jimin’s scent on the sweatshirt if he wears it. Of course, it is not the reason why he is not wearing it, of course not. It would be just weird if he wears an accidentally forgotten sweatshirt of an alpha who is a customer. No, he isn’t going to let some omega instinct take control of him like this.


So, yeah, he doesn’t wear it. It is okay. Totally fine. 



To be honest, it is not fucking okay at all. It all goes to shit when he is finally at home because he takes the fucking sweatshirt with him and he only lasts half an hour before he puts it on. 


The sad thing is, he takes it off after he put it on for justifiable reasons, folds it and places it on his bed (not close to his nesting area though, but to be honest, he does think about putting the damn sweatshirt in his nest, sue him), but he can only resist for another half an hour before he puts it on again because he was fucking glaring at it like it mocked him. 


What is even his life?


He sucks, really. He is pathetic. He is a disgrace of an omega, a disgrace to all the powerful omegas in this world. More sadly, he is a disgrace as a business owner.


He just cannot quite figure out his actions towards this sweatshirt, well, more precisely the smell of it. His omega instincts don’t affect him this much unless he is in heat. Jimin is a proudly independent omega, it is incoherent for him to listen to his omega instincts more than his logic. 


But. Of course there is a but. But he kind of understands why Taehyung doesn’t feel any embarrassment over his actions now since he doesn’t feel ashamed, not at all. He understands that he shouldn’t have done it, any of this, but he cannot feel it inside of him to feel sad or embarrassed. Would he rather not doing this? Yes. But he did and he is happy with it. 


Don’t blame him though, blame his pheromones. Blame the physiological omega responses.


It is really big on Jimin. The sweatshirt is. It is so fucking big on him that even his own arms cannot go out of the sweatshirt's sleeves which for some reason makes him feel safe. Weird. However, Jimin loves wearing big sweatshirts like this. He loves feeling cozy when he wears them, but never this big.  


Also, there is also the fact that he knows the owner is going to ask about it tomorrow, he feels it on his left tit. He doesn’t want to give it yet. At least not before the smell wears off. 


He knows he can take it off and leave it at his home and act like he never saw anything, not a single black tagged x-large sweatshirt, thank you very much. He is not the best liar and Hoseok is working tomorrow. Taehyung too, if he even shows up (Jimin knows he will because in these 2 weeks he worked he came everyday but he knows better than to believe him now). They both know him too well, they would see that he is lying before he even opens his mouth to lie. Which sucks.


Maybe he should act sick and take a vacation day from work tomorrow. But who is going to bake if he takes a day off? They don’t have anyone else who can bake besides Seokjin who has a day off tomorrow, he only has one person who makes coffee and gives the customers their orders and one person who takes the order in front of the register everyday. He doesn’t earn enough to hire more than three people, two if he excludes Taehyung because Taehyung didn’t get his check yet and he even asked for less money than Seokjin and Hoseok for his salary which is understandable now because he can barely focus even when Seokjin is not working with him and he is a lying liar who lies to his best friend as he needed Seokjin and Hoseok to show him how to make coffee in his first week.


Fucking Kim Taehyung.



He leaves the sweatshirt in his home like how he planned to, and takes a shower before he leaves to open the bakery so he can get rid of the alpha’s smell on himself, even if it was not that much. Now, it is understandable to ask why he smells like the alpha, yes. Because he slept with wearing the fucking sweatshirt. Yes, he did. No regrets from his side, thank you very much.


When he had closed his eyes, he had dozed off into a surprisingly peaceful sleep immediately which is really saying something.


After taking a shower and drying his hair, he opens his closet and chooses clothes that he can comfortably wear in the kitchen. He ignores the little devil, who is in a corner of his mind, telling him to wear alpha's sweatshirt because 1) working while wearing it and baking something in the kitchen will affect its smell (which Jimin doesn’t really, really want to happen). 2) Hoseok and Taehyung will smell the alpha scent on him. And sadly, 3) if the owner of the sweatshirt comes, it will not be possible to explain to him why he is wearing the sweatshirt.


One of Jimin's favourite things about his bakery is that his home is within walking distance of the bakery, especially when he thinks that walking in the fresh air in the morning starts his day well, seeing people walking their dogs on the way while walking to the bakery and petting the dogs also makes him happy. 


But today, on this sunny but also chilly Wednesday morning, because the little devil in his mind is whispering that he should have worn an alpha’s sweatshirt to him, making his focus all over the place, he pets zero (0) dogs when he is walking to the bakery.


Hoseok comes in a radiant way, with a big smile on his face, 10 minutes after he opened the bakery but didn’t start anything yet, just sitting on one of the chairs.


“Good morning Jimin!”, he says as he puts his jacket on the coat hanger next to the door. 


“Good morning hyung.”


Hoseok goes behind the counter, taking his apron and putting it on himself. “How are you today?”, the other omega asks, still a big smile on his face as he turns over to Jimin to look at him.


“I had an amazing sleep last night, so I feel really good,” he murmurs, running a hand through his hair to push the hair in front of his eyes back. “How about you?”


As they chitchat a little bit, Jimin gets up from the chair he was sitting on to finally start to bake for their regular daily pastries. 


Hoseok has been working with him for two and half years, as he was the first person and only person he employed before he hired Seokjin. He is only one year older than him and is a ball of energy with his extremely cheerful and positive personality (but one time he got so angry that Jimin fucking prayed to God that it wasn’t him who Hoseok was angry at, because he is scary scary when he is angry), but who also does his job seriously and Jimin absolutely loves working with him, he adores Hoseok. The other omega has so much love to give to himself and Jimin thinks this must be why he doesn’t have one mate but two but Jimin only met one of them, Namjoon, who is a coffee addict and visits his mate regularly to get some pastries for their other mate. He likes Namjoon, but mostly he likes it when he sees Hoseok’s eyes shine like the stars every single time he sees his mate coming inside the bakery. The look on his face always makes Jimin warm, like the sun is smiling for them in the bakery and gives him hope, a reason to believe in seeing how love can make someone’s day easily happier.


He wants this, he thinks every time he sees them, he truly wants this kind of a relationship kind of a relationship, cannot even stop smiling for a second when you see them kind, someday.



Nobody comes to ask for their forgotten sweatshirt on that day. He knows, because even if he stayed in the kitchen more than usual, he asked Hoseok and Taehyung about it when they were closing the bakery. And he stayed for a crazy amount of time in the kitchen and didn’t leave for once like a kid that is staying in his room because his parents gave him a punishment, feeling like if he leaves once, every customer is going to know what he did. 


When he eventually goes home, he runs towards his room and jumps onto his bed as he takes the folded sweatshirt that is laying on there, putting it under his nose. It smells more mixed now, mixed with the omega’s own scent. Jimin wonders if it is because it was on his bed or it happened because it was especially close to his nest, which is the upper side of the bed. 


In the end, it doesn’t matter. The thing that matters is the result and the result is that the sweatshirt smells also like him now and Jimin would have liked it more if it didn’t mean the alpha’s smell is lessened than before. It is still stronger than his own scent on it, but he never wanted to mix his scent on it. Jimin wants it to stay with the same smell, even if he knows it is not possible and the scent on it will most likely leave in a week or so, sadly now that he thinks about it. But it doesn’t change the fact that he sleeps while wearing it for the next 2 days. He acknowledges that maybe he should have not done it to protect the scent, but there are also different urges in him that tell him to roll around in the sweatshirt, which he refuses to do, so in a way he is not that bad yet.


However, when the Friday morning comes, with nobody asking about their sweatshirt on Thursday, too, after the 10 minutes he woke up form another blissful sleep, Jimin realises that his instincts are all over the place with having an alpha’s scent this close to him for days which is the first time it happened since his last boyfriend who he had dated during his third year of university. His body is refusing to have a shower, he tries to take the sweatshirt off of himself, fails, tries again, fails as he finds himself inhaling the collar of it with happy sounds.


So, he wears it to the bakery, yes he does. He must be completely out of his mind, he thinks as he opens his bakery, but luckily (or unluckily) the sweatshirt smells more like him than the random alpha who actually owns it as his own scent made it home due to wearing it every night.


He waits for Taehyung before he goes to the kitchen to start baking, because when they were texting last night he told him that he will be here earlier than usual as Seokjin is working today again. He said he wanted to get himself prettier because he is going to ask Seokjin out for a date today.


Taehyung comes through the door, sighing like he is emotionally drained. He is also 20 minutes late than when he said he would be there. “I hate everything,” he tells Jimin, looking like a kicked puppy.


Jimin goes next to him from behind the counter, feeling worried for his best friend. “Are you okay? Did something bad happen?”, he questions when he is in front of him.


Taehyung pouts. “I couldn’t find my lucky panties. How am I going to the prettiest alpha ever without my lucky panties?”, he mumbles, with a serious sadness in his voice.


This is what Jimin deals with all the time.


“Oh my God!”, he groans as he hits the other omega.




“Don’t ‘ouch’ me you bastard!”, he scolds him. “I was really worried! I didn’t even think it will be about you goddamn ‘lucky panties’, whatever the fuck that is,” he says with air-quoting the lucky panties part.


“You should be worried, Jiminnie. Why wouldn’t you worry about it?” says Taehyung, then starts to look at Jimin with narrowed eyes as he jabs an accusatory finger at him. “Did you steal my lucky panties? Is it what it is?”


“No! What would I even do with your nasty panties?!”


“Please tell me that you didn’t just call my lucky panties nasty Park Jimin. My lucky panties? Nasty?- Oh, hi Seokjin hyung. There is nothing to hear here… I don’t have any nasty lucky panties.”



Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days for them. For this reason, Jimin can hardly leave the kitchen in those days because many products are consumed quickly, so he has to bake them again.


When he was about to bake some chocolate chip cookies for the second time today even if they are close to closing. When he is in the process of pulling out all the integrants he needs from the pantry, Taehyung enters the kitchen, saying, “Hey, do you remember when you asked if someone asked us if we found anything forgotten here, about two or three days ago?”


Jimin feels like blood is drawn from his face, squeezing the bag of drop of chocolates in his hand as he takes them out of the pastry completely, looking at Taehyung with his eyes wide.


Taehyung looks at him suspiciously, raising an eyebrow. "Dude, are you okay?", he asks, moving forward a step forward and approaching him.


Jimin nods his head as he sets down the bag of chocolate chips on the counter. “Yeah, I was just thinking about something else. Why? Did someone come?”, he whispers.


“Hoseok hyung’s other mate came, he is asking for a black sweatshirt.” Taehyung shrugs. “Did you find it? Is this why you asked about it that day? I looked at our cabinet but I didn’t see it.”


Fuck. Jimin hopes that he didn’t steal one of his best friend’s mate’s sweatshirt. Goddamnit. If he took a sweatshirt that belongs to one of Hoseok’s mate because his scent on the fucking sweatshirt made him lose his sense, he is going to Seongsu Bridge to jump, for fuck’s sake.


He doesn’t say anything, looking at Taehyung with eyes wide still.


“He also told me that he wants to meet with you! Come!” Taehyung says excitedly as he starts to push him towards the door, like he is not fucking aware that Jimin is in a Crisis with a capital c.


“This is the famous Park Jimin!”, he yells when they are behind the counter.


Jimin doesn’t raise his head to look at Hoseok’s other mate, as the alpha’s scent gets inside from his nostrils, filling every part of his body. It is the same fucking smell, exactly same smell that is on the sweatshirt. Fuck his life. Jimin wants the ground he is standing on to open up and eat him.


“Hello Jimin-ssi,” a voice says. “I am Min Yoongi, Hoseok’s other mate.”


Jimin doesn’t say anything at first, his eyes still on the ground. “Hi…,” he whisper-mumbles eventually.


“Hi,” the same voice says again, mischief in his voice. “Nice to meet you, finally.”


Nobody says anything else for a moment, before the same fucking talks again. “This is also my co-worker and close friend Jeon Jungkook,” he says, as Jimin feels the mischievousness dripping his voice more openly. “I think you are wearing his sweatshirt.”




“What?”, he asks loudly, raising his eyes to look at the person who is talking to him. 


There is an alpha in front of the other side of the counter, close to his height and with a pretty face, smirking at him. 




“I don’t understand,” murmurs Jimin. 


Min Yoongi shows the other person standing next to him with his right hand, still smirking at Jimin.  “This is Jeon Jungkook. I am pretty sure you are wearing his sweatshirt he forgot here on Tuesday. ”




Jimin cannot make himself look at the other alpha who is standing next to Min Yoongi. He fucking forgot he was wearing the bloody sweatshirt due to a huge lapse in judgment with letting Teahyung push him as he was feeling shocked. He cannot even feel happy about the fact that it doesn’t belong to one of Hoseok’s mates. He is the most idiotic omega in this world. It is a known fact from now on. 


“It is mine,” he lies through his teeth, feeling that his right leg is shaking anxiously. 


Min fucking Yoongi raises his eyebrows at him like he doesn’t believe him which is understandable because it is not Jimin’s, yeah. Fuck.


“It is mine,” he repeats again, more firmly but clearly more frustrated too.


Silence drags on for several long seconds before the other person aka Min fucking Yoongi’s friend says “It is okay Yoongi hyung,” with a soft voice. That makes Jimin finally look at the other alpha, who is not looking at him as his body is turned towards Yoongi. “I must have forgot it somewhere else,” he says again, and Jimin cannot stop himself from taking a loud sniff as he inhales the scent of the alpha around him. The loud part makes the other alpha turn his eyes over where he is.


“Hi,” says Jimin blantly, because he is a fucking idiot.


He watches the small smile forming on the alpha’s lips.


“Hi,” the alpha says softly. “I am Jungkook.”


“Hi,” Jimin repeats again, looking into the alpha’s eyes. Is it too last for him to find someone, like hire a sniper, to take him out? Can someone please just kill him already? He clears his throat. “Um. Hi, yes, I said that already. Nice to meet you Jungkook-ssi. I am Jimin.”


“Nice to meet you too,” Jungkook replies to him. “I am sorry for our mistake-“


“I am still sure it is your sw-“


“And please forgive us for keeping you away from doing your job,” he continues, like he didn’t hear Yoongi talk. He nods his head at Jimin. 


What a beautiful, kind soul, Jimin thinks. He is tall, same height (or a little bit taller) as Taehyung, with broad shoulders. He has black hair that looks healthy as fuck and Jimin would be happy to pet it to see ifhit is soft for only a second. 


Jimin’s mouth opens and closes a few times first, not knowing what to say. “It is okay,” he replies to Jungkook as he sees Yoongi rolling his eyes at him. Which could be rude but he is pathetic, Jimin is. He is honestly going to kick himself when he is alone. Lying is one thing but continuing playing the victim? It is a new low level for him.


Jungkook and Yoongi leave after that, saying their goodbyes to them as Yoongi gives Jimin a look that screams he knows that he is a lying liar who lied about Jungkook’s sweatshirt. 


Before Jimin goes inside to back the fucking chocolate chip cookies he needs to bake (and kick himself), he hears Taehyung whisper “What the fuck even happened?”, to Seokjin. 



Jimin doesn’t stop wearing the damn sweatshirt to the bakery. He wears it on Saturday, after that disaster of a day, and acts like his coworkers are not giving him nasty looks. He will fucking fire every one of them if he needs to. He will.


But here is the kicker, he knows he needs to wash it soon and it is going to make the scent on the sweatshirt completely leave, so yes, he doesn’t stop wearing it, it already smells more like Jimin and baking than the alpha now. He only takes it off when he is going to have a shower, folding it and leaving it on his bed and he puts it on again after he takes a shower. Which means he masturbates wearing it, yes. At least he doesn’t let his slick touch it, thanks to his last logical senses that are left in him.


It is sad.


His life is officially sad.


It has also been two days since he met the owner of the scent, the alpha who is called Jeon Jungkook aka Hoseok’s mate Min Yoongi’s friend and co-worker. He cannot stop thinking about said alpha. He thinks about him when he is in the shower. He thinks about him when he is eating. He even thought about him when he went running to clear his head from all of this, which is clear that he failed.


For more or less, he must be losing his mind, because he swears he saw the said alpha in the bakery on Monday, sitting at the same table behind which he found the sweatshirt, when he was going to the bathroom from the kitchen. He is afraid to check if it is really him or not so he pees and literally runs to the kitchen door.



Jimin finds it when he is closing the bakery on the same Monday he thinks he saw the alpha. Taehyung and Hoseok have already left because it is slightly past 7 in the evening, and Jimin finds him behind the same table on the same floor, closer to the wall though.


It is a white, half-sleeve t-shirt. It was left as folded to the corner of the wall, as if it were hidden just as if only the someone who is looking for him would be able to find it. 


Jimin wasn’t looking for it. He swears he wasn’t. But he still finds it.


He is not an obsessive person. He doesn’t get obsessive about things or people. No, he is not obsessed about the scent of alpha. Does the fact that he wants this relaxing and comforting scent, that reminds him of his homeland, more in his life, show that he is obsessive? He doesn't want to believe it.


In addition, the only thing he did wrong was to take something that belongs to someone else (also someone who is their customer, yes) to his home.


And wearing it.


And pretending that it was his while lying to the owner’s face..


And continuing to wear it.


He never said he was an angel, okay? The only thing he would change was the lying part if there was another way, but there wasn’t. He can also succumb to his instincts like everyone else. This is normal. Ultimately, it is not something that happens to only him, you know, biological roles cause such things, it can happen to anyone and everyone.


He raises the t-shirt under his nose to take a sniff, feeling the calming scent of the alpha fill inside his body again, feeling like he is getting stoned off the scent. The scent on the t-shirt is stronger than the sweatshirt even from the first time he found it. It smells like the alpha tried to leave his scent on it as much as he was possibly allowed. It honestly smells like Jungkook literally scent marked the fucking t-shirt, if Jimin is being honest.


“It is normal,” he says loudly, mostly to himself since nobody else is here but him. “What I feel like is normal.”


The t-shirt is clearly left for him by the owner though, there is not another explanation for him to find another clothing of the same owner at the same place, only more hidden this time. 


He doesn’t know what it means and he is afraid for the alpha to get the wrong notion about him, like he is obsessed with him or something. He wonders why the alpha did something like that, leaving another clothing of himself for the omega to find after that disaster Friday when he was found wearing the alpha’s forgotten sweatshirt and lied to their faces. He doesn’t understand why he would do something like this for Jimin since their first interaction was honestly a mess, especially the part when Jimin said hi probably for 6836393 times. He doesn’t know what it means. Not that he is against it, you know what they say; “don't look in the mouth of a gifted horse..”


So, he takes the t-shirt with him to his home. Is anyone even surprised with it? He is not surprised with what he did. He takes the sweatshirt off and puts it between the pillows in his nest. He puts the sweatshirt of an alpha he only met once in his nest, yes. And yes, he is aware that he is losing his mind or any logical sense he had.



“I still didn’t find my lucky panties, if you are wondering,” Taehyung announces dramatically, throwing himself to Jimin who catches him instantly. 


Jimin pets his head. “I was not, but thank you for telling me.”


Taehyung sighs before he gets out from Jimin’s arm around him, “Should I just give up?”, he questions as he sits on one of the chairs while Jimin goes behind the counter to check if the coffee machines are closed off. “Surrender and find a place in some forest so that I can build a cabin where I can live all alone with myself without my dream alpha?”


“Just ask him out,” Jimin tells him for the tenth or so time, shooting a glance at him.


“It is not that easy, okay?”, Taehyung starts weakly, pouting. “I know you are going to say it is easy.” He is right, Jimin was going to say that. Again. Most likely for the 10th time if not more. “But I never felt anything like this before. I want him to see that my feelings towards him are not a crush or sexual.” He stops there as he stops grinning, starting to grin. “Of course they are sexual. But not only sexual, do you get me?”


Jimin smiles at him as he rolls his eyes. “I get you,” he says, walking towards Teahyung. “Let’s leave.”


Taehyung gets up, still grinning. “I know you get it, I can smell an alpha on you, you know that right?” 




This makes Jimin almost physically wince. 


Jimin actually forgot to mention that he wore the t-shirt under his sweatshirt today to work. So yes, he is actually wearing the t-shirt inside of his own sweatshirt, of course Taehyung is able to smell the alpha’s scent on Jimin. 


“I don’t know what you are talking about,” he mumbles as he locks the entrance door. 


“Sure, sure, sure,” says Taehyung, “Totally believe you. You don’t smell like the alpha that is friends with one of Hoseok hyung’s mates, of course.”


“Oh my God, I hate you. You don’t have a best friend or a job anymore.”


Taehyung laughs with his whole body as they start walking. 


“Okay,” he snorts. “Let me know when you decide to be honest.”


“Whatever,” Jimin dismisses him, waving a hand as he makes a vague hand motion. “Let me know when you stop being a coward.”


Taehyung pinches him. “How dare you making fun of my misery Park Jimin?!”, he says, putting a hand to his chest in mock shock. “I cannot believe you anymore. I am going to call your eomma if you continue acting like this.”


“Don’t even dare,” he says, as a warning. “You don’t want me to tell Seokjin that you are writing smut about him in your diary.”


“How do you even know about it?! Jimin? Park Jimin answer me, how the fuck do you know about it?”



Jeon Jungkook doesn’t have an instagram account or  a twitter account. Jimin knows because he googled his name like a little fan girl and stalked everything he can find. He has a flickr account where he shares the photos he took and a dailymotion page that he shares the beautifully edited videos he took all around the world. Jimin watches each of them a couple of times before he goes to sleep.


Next day, he finds another folded half-sleeve t-shirt at the same place when he is closing the bakery. This time it is black. It smells strongly of the alpha’s scent like the white t-shirt, like Jeon Jungkook tried to scent mark every corner of it.


On the next Monday, he finds another sweatshirt, black again. He takes the jumper on him immediately and puts it on.



On the Wednesday night, Taehyung calls him to ask to take a heat leave for the next 3 or 4 days so Jimin calls Hoseok to ask him if he can fill in for Taehyung and learns that he also told him that Namjoon is having his rut this week about 2 weeks ago so he cannot fill in.


Fucking Kim Taehyung. He wants to yell at him for letting him know this late but Taehyung said that his heat came earlier than his normal time and Jimin didn’t smell any heat on him earlier too so he cannot blame the omega for having a heat out of the blue which is also called having a heterochronic heat or rut. It happened to Jimin before, it happens to every omega and every alpha, especially common with the omegas or alphas who haven’t been in a relationship for a couple of years. 


So, Jimin goes back to the bakery to bake everything at 9 PM on the Wednesday night, so he can work on the front side for the first time after a year. When he returns to his home, he gets inside his bed, with only wearing the white t-shirt that smells like the sea, like the beaches of Busan and he ducks his head as he holds the t-shirt by his chest and lifts it closer to his nose and he inhales. He lets the sleep take him as his eyelids get heavier with every minute.


When he opens up the bakery next day, he is feeling a little bit anxious. It is only Wednesday and he knows there are going to be calm days until Friday. Friday is the reason for his anxiety though, because there are only going to be him and Seokjin working again with that crowd and he cannot go and bake when some of their pastries are consumed. The only good news is that Seokjin agreed that he would come back to the bakery to bake some of their pastries at night.


“Good morning Jimin-ah!”, Seokjin chuckles with fake enthusiasm, waving a hand in front of Jimin’s face, snapping Jimin out of his thoughts. “Stop looking like you are regretting all your life choices.” 


“I am regretting, like, I don’t know, %89 of them,” Jimin tells the alpha in a slow, measured voice.


Seokjin laughs at him, putting a hand on his shoulders. “Get up, we have so much shit to do.”


“Yeah,” he mumbles.


They do.


He goes to the kitchen to take the pastries he baked a night before and puts them in their display counter. He painted the display counter with Taehyung after a day when the black 5 to 7 feet stainless steel beautiful was delivered to the bakery because his original colour wasn’t suited with his pastel yellow, pink and blue designed bakery. They bought pastel blue paint in the morning of the next day and had so much fun when they were painting it.


Good times.


Jimin takes the orders and serves them with coffee prepared by Seokjin until 3 in the afternoon.  They both didn’t have any lunch break today and just when Jimin was finally able to eat a pastry with cheese filling behind the counter, someone clears his throat before he says, “Excuse me? Jimin-ssi?”,  which makes Jimin take his eyes off the pastry he was eating with happy sounds and raise his head, frustrated.


Jeon Jungkook is standing in front of him. This is not a drill, the alpha is standing in front of the other side of the counter, with a half smile on his face, looking at Jimin.  


“Hello,” says Jimin.


The smile on Jungkook’s face gets bigger. “Hello,” he murmurs with a soft voice.


Jimin is not going to fuck it up and say another hello again like that day. He is not.


“What would you like to order?”, he asks Jungkook, biting the bottom of his lips, unable to tear his eyes away from the alpha.


Jungkook stops smiling then, looking at Jimin with guilt (or regret, Jimin is not sure what exactly it is) in his eyes. “I don’t...,” he starts to say before he stops, takes a visible heavy breath before he shakes his head. “Sorry, I don’t really have time for anything. I just came here to…,” he takes the backpack off from his back, opens the zipper of the bag and takes some grey clothing out from it. It is folded again, so Jimin is not sure what it is this time. He feels the excitement in him as Jungkook gets a pink blush on his cheeks, holding the folded cloth (is it another big sweatshirt? Jimin really wants him to be another big sweatshirt.) towards Jimin. 


“Here,” says Jungkook and Jimin isn’t flustered, he swears he is not.


Jimin takes it from the alpha’s hand as slowly as possible. He can feel Seokjin’s eyes on them (and maybe a couple of customers', too, fuck) as he puts it on the counter attentively, feeling the heat finding its way to his neck. 


“You look good in my sweatshirt,” Jungkook says suddenly, making Jimin take his eyes off the new clothing he was gifted by the alpha with a frown. 


“Your sweatshirt allegedly,” he finds himself bullshit irritably before he thinks better. What the fuck is wrong with him? Of course it is the alpha’s sweatshirt that he is wearing inside his apron. Everyone and their moms know it is Jungkook’s sweatshirt. Is his brain to mouth machine broke? Or is he going to play to victim as he wears the alphas clothes he is obviously giving him every time someone mentions it?


Good thing is that Jungkook is clearly the bigger person between them. He just says ”Okay,” before he laughs, amused. “I will see you, probably, on Saturday, I really need to go back to work, sorry. We are really busy.”


“Okay…,” the omega murmurs, he is not sure what the fuck is happening right now. He waves a hand to the alpha as Jungkook smiles at him, waving a hand too as he leaves.


When Jimin turns behind him and finds Seokjin watching him with a wicked grin on his face, one of his eyebrows raised.


“I will fire you if you say anything,” He warns him, scrunching his face in displeasure before he takes the folded cloth on the counter and goes to their cabinet to put it inside. He hears Seokjin laugh loudly behind him before he starts to take another order.



Taehyung comes back to work on Saturday, saying his heat ended earlier than usual too. It is a common thing that happens with heterochronic heats or ruts, they end as suddenly as they have started, out of the blue.


Jimin couldn't even scold him for being late, when he is already happy with the fact that he came to work. He was already nervous about today because a certain alpha told him that he was going to see him on Saturday. He tightly hugs Taehyung, breathing out deeply, relieved. Taehyung holds him tightly too, his mouth is close to Jimin’s ear. “Did you miss me this much?”, he asks him. 


“Just shut up, you are ruining the moment,” Jimin tells him.


“Hi Seokjin hyung!”, Taehyung yells too loudly next to his ear before he gets out of his arms. 


“Bitch! You broke my ear!” 


He hears Seokjin chuckle. “Hello Tae!”, he yells back, not as loudly as Taehyung, with an obvious amusement in his voice.


Everything goes nicely until 4 PM. Well, it goes as well as it can go with Taehyung coming inside the kitchen to ask him inappropriate questions for a work place like ‘Did Seokjin hyung said anything about my heat to you?’ or ‘When you told him I was on my heat-leave, did his face show you that he would like to fuck me against a wall?’, Jimin doesn’t even know how someone’s face show him something like that for God’s sake. 


A little bit after 4 PM, Seokjin comes inside the kitchen with a grin on his face. “Jeon Jungkook is looking for you,” he announces, like it is the most normal thing in the world.


It is not.


Jimin is covered in flour because he was fucking baking because it is his fucking job in the damn bakery and Jeon Jungkook decided come at exactly this hour because clearly he couldn’t come when Jimin was just chilling with Taehyung and Seokjin as he was helping them, not a single flour or any dirt on his apron or on his (the alpha’s) grey sweatshirt? Well, to say the least, he was wearing the black one. A small win for the omegas, he guesses.


He is a strong, independent omega. He can do this.


“Um,” he says eloquently, like the strong, independent omega he is. “Yes. Okay. Coming.”


He cleans the flour on his hands in the sink before he goes to the front side, sees that the said alpha is waiting for him, with a small smile on his face, leaning against the wall opposite the kitchen outlet.


Jungkook lifts an arm in greeting before gently lowers his gaze from his eyes to the apron on Jimin as the small smile on his face leaves and he starts frowning. “Am I putting you off of work again?” 


To be honest, before he asked the question Jimin’s omega was hissing at him, going berserk on his ass, because they were in front of an alpha when they were this dirty, that he felt short of breath. But Jungkook is looking directly into his eyes again, earnestly, and Jimin understands that he actually is afraid to keep him from his work. They are also standing much closer than before to each other, so he is trying not to inhale his scent too hard.


“No, it is okay,” Jimin says to him. It is not okay. He has cupcakes to bake. “I can make time for you,” Finally a truth coming from his liar of a mouth, thanks God.


Jungkook gives him a shy smile before he asks, “Can we talk outside for a minute?” 


Oh, God. Jesus Christ, Jimin is not ready to talk about this, not at all. He is not sure if he ever will be.


Jungkook must have seen the fear on his face or smell it in his scent because emotions flicker across his face, “Please tell me no if I am making you uncomfortable,” he says, horrified, sounding sincere. 


Fuck him for being this nice, Jimin thinks.


He puts his best fake smile on his face, trying to calm himself and his omega. “Of course not, lead the way,” he tells the alpha. It is going to be okay. Strong, independent omega he repeats to himself. He has got this. He has.


He takes his apron off as they get closer to the working area, he leaves Jungkook for a moment to go behind the counter to hang his apron on the coat hanger. However, when he turns to the counter side, he sees that Seokjin is working alone as Taehyung is nowhere to be seen.


“Where the hell is Taehyung?”, he whispers close to Seokjin.


Seokjin shrugs. “He said Baekhyun texted him and mumbled something about lucky panties again, I think,” he whispers back as he puts a smile on his face and holds the plate in his hand to the customer: “Bon appetit!” 


Jimin is seriously going to fire Taehyung. Someday.


He hangs his apron on the coat hanger, then goes back to Jungkook’s side.


“Is everything okay?”, the alpha asks him quietly. 


He nods his head as they leave from the entrance door, waving a hand. “Yeah.”


Jungkook doesn’t talk to him in front of his bakery. He continues to walk until they are standing in front of a bench, sits down. Jimin doesn’t know if he should sit next to him, but he decides it is a normal thing to do, so he also sits down on the bench.


“I am not going to take much of your time.” begins the alpha. “I know that we had an interesting and a bit weird start.”


Oh, Jimin thinks, you don’t say. The first time they met was a fucking disaster. Actually, Jimin was. He was the disaster.


“I also know that you are at least attracted to my scent,” the alpha continues.


Oh here we go, Jimin thinks again. He knew they were going to have this talk. He expected this to happen, yes, but he still cannot stop to “Shhh!”, him as he puts his hand in the air to make the alpha stop talking.


Jungkook smirks, amused as he stops talking.


“Presumably..,” Jimin corrects him.


Jungkook rolls his eyes at him before he accepts (or not really), “Okay, let’s say that you are presumably attracted to my scent when I didn’t see you wearing your own clothes once,”


“Rude much?”, he questions to alpha.


“Liar much?”, the alpha asks back.




“Okay!”, Jimin yells. “You know what, you win! Is that all?”


Jungkook laughs, turning his body completely towards him. “Can I take you out?” 


The omega opens his mouth. Closes it. “Um. As a date?”


“Yes, Jimin,” Jungkook replies, voice still amused. “As a date.”


“Okay. I mean, no. Sorry, yes,” Jimin rambles. Strong, independent omega his ass.


The alpha is looking at him with a kind smile on his face. “Are you aware that you just gave every possible answer to that question?” 


“Yes,” Jimin says more firmly. “Tuesday night, take me out.”


Holy shit.


“I would be happy to,” Jungkook says as he gets up from the bench, holding his hand to Jimin. “Let me walk you to the bakery.”


Jimin takes the alpha’s hand to get himself up, let’s him walk with him to the bakery. 


“I will see you on Tuesday, then,” Jungkook says to him before Jimin goes inside.


“You will,” Jimin replies with a smile, and realises that they were still holding hands. He takes his hand out of Jungkook’s gently, feeling the blush settling on his face. “Have a nice day…,” he says before he basically runs inside.


Seokjin laughs when he sees his face and Jimin sees that Taehyung is still nowhere to be seen. He goes behind the counter to take his apron off of it, sighing. 


Speak of the devil and he shall appear, he thinks as he turns back after putting on his apron and sees Taehyung entering the bakery.


“Kim motherfucking Seokjin!”, Taehyung shouts.


Oh God.


“Oh God,” he says loudly.


“Shut up Park Jimin, it is not about you!”, Taehyung yells and he walks to the nearest table to the counter. “Can you please leave for a second?”, he asks kindly the customers that are sitting. “Thank you,” and he climbs on top of it. He is so fucking fired.


“You are so fucking fired!” Jimin yells back to him.


“Jimin, you are endangering the whole operation!”, Taehyung aka his ex best friend and his ex employee yells again. “Kim Seokjin!”


Seokjin puts his elbows on the counter, putting his head on his tangled fingers. “That is me, yes,” he says, his voice sounding so amused.


“I am wearing my lucky panties!”, Kim motherfucking Taehyung yells. 


"Oh my God."


Taehyung is a dead man. Jimin is going to jail. He is. He is going to jail for his killing his best friend and he has a fucking date on Tuesday.


“Good for you,” Seokjin says, unbothered.


“Go out on a date with me!” 


Jimin cannot believe that he has to kill his best friend. Wow. He never thought he would go to jail. He should binge watch every prison break season to learn how to survive.


“Okay,” the alpha replies, still sounding unbothered, but with a smirk on his face.


It is official now. They are all fired. Jimin needs to find someone else to hire before he goes to fucking jail.



“I still cannot believe both of us got their dream alphas on the same day,” Taehyung whispers to him as they are hugging before Jimin is leaving the bakery earlier than usual.


So, Jimin didn’t kill his best friend because 1) he is not a murderer, 2) Taehyung promised him to never do anything like that again and 3) Taehyung is going to close the bakery for him today so he can get ready for his date and lastly and more importantly he has a date and he didn’t want to cancel it because he killed his best friend and must go to jail.


The funny thing is Taehyung is twitter famous now since someone posted a video of him yelling at Seokjin as he was standing on the table. It was also posted on youtube, the title of the video being; “A hot omega yells about lucky panties and asks the barista out on a date while he is standing on the table”. Taehyung is quite proud of it actually, he even sent it to their message group with their moms and said he is going to make their future children watch this video.


“He is not my ‘dream alpha’, what the fuck?”, Jimin says, “I don’t even know him that well.”


Jungkook came yesterday to ask about his number because they both forgot to ask each other about in on Saturday and Jimin found himself getting closer to him unintentionally until the alpha was right there in his face, and God, he smelled so fucking good and Jimin stopped himself from burying his face in Jungkook’s throat at the last minute. Jungkook also took his own leather jacket off at the same time and held it to the omega, with a tiny grin on his face. If Jimin had a little logical sense or pride left, he would not have accepted the leather jacket, at least he would have a little grudge because of the grin on his face. Unfortunately, his omega instincts didn’t allow it as he snatched the leather jacket from the alpha's hands and gave a dirty look to Jungkook.


He doesn’t even know how much more humiliating the situation can be.


“Please don’t wear his clothes to your date,” Taehyung continues to whisper like he didn’t hear Jimin, still hugging him tightly. “I know you cannot stop yourself from doing it, but at least try.”


Jimin pinches his arm. “I swear to God, I will tell Seokjin-“


“Leave please, go!”, Taehyung says as he starts to push Jimin out of the bakery. “Go and make yourself prettier! Go!”



Jimin slowly prepares himself for his date. First, he washes every part of his body when he is in the shower, thinking about what to wear. Actually, he has been thinking about it since Saturday, but he still cannot decide because he really doesn’t want to wear one of Jungkook's clothes, just like Taehyung stubbornly said, but he is not sure how his omega feels about it. He thinks that he can also wear something in accordance with the leather jacket, such as a dark green shirt or a turtleneck sweater in black. Or like a plain button down shirt or a grey turtleneck sweater turtleneck. Shit, he has too many choices. After applying the moisturising cream on his entire body, he decides to wear the black turtleneck sweater with his dark grey ripped jeans before he does his make up.


As they have already spoken, Jungkook comes to take Jimin from his home at around 8 PM. He gets out of his car when he sees Jimin walking towards him and opens the door for the omega. His clothes are all black, like usual, but more smart casual than his usual all casual style.


“Such a gentleman,” Jimin murmurs, getting inside the car. He hears Jungkook laugh before he looks at him, seeing that he is laughing while throwing his head back, making Jimin focus on his neck.


Jungkook gets inside the car too, turns his body over Jimin to look at him. “Are you checking me?” he asks him, one of his eyebrows raised, grinning.


“No,” Jimin lies, glares at him before crossing his arms over his chest. He obviously was checking him. Blame the alpha’s beautiful neck. The car is smelling like the alpha too much for Jimin’s sanity right now, making him want to throw himself out of the car but also throw himself on the alpha at the same time.


“I did check you, though,” Jungkook tells him as he starts the car, still with a grin on his face. “You look amazing in my jacket.”


“Oh. Thank you. It is a nice jacket,” Jimin mumbles, opening his arms in front of him and putting them into his lap as he tangles his fingers together.


Jungkook takes them to Gangnam. 


“Where are we going?”, the omega asks him.


“Jungsik,” replies Jungkook, driving with one hand as he fixes his hair with the other one. “Did you ever eat there?”


“No, but of course I heard about it.”


“I hope you will enjoy the food then.”


Jimin does. The food is amazing. They both ordered the tasting menu because Jimin was curious about it since the first time he heard about this restaurant.


When he is eating his tasting menu, he feels the alpha’s eyes on him. He raises his head from the food, finds the alpha watching him with a soft smile on his face, not eating his own food yet.


“Why are you staring at me?”, he asks quietly, most likely blushing.


The smile on Jungkook’s face gets bigger as he fidgets in his seat, bringing himself closer to Jimin. “You eat with such an appetite, so focused on your food, it is amazing,” he says, a slight warmth in his eyes. “Did you always want to work in the food industry?”


“I did,” Jimin answers, a brief smile lighting up his face.  “I studied Food and Nutrition before I took pastry classes.”


He learns that Jeon Jungkook is actually two years younger than him, graduated early from university (and funny thing is that he said it so nonchalantly, like graduating earlier is a normal thing that every university student can do), works as a producer in some big company with Yoongi and Namjoon but he and Yoongi also have a studio together that is close to his bakery and Yoongi found the place when he was visiting his mate Hoseok with his other mate Namjoon. Jimin also learns that Jeon Jungkook has an alpha brother who he misses dearly because he is still living in his hometown Busan with his family. He tells Jungkook his family is also from Busan, but he left there for university and he cannot visit them as much as he would like to because of his bakery.


He doesn’t want to tell the alpha that the first time he took a hit of his smell, he remembered Busan, well, actually, beaches of Busan. And how is he even going to find a proper opening to say, “Do you remember the black sweatshirt you forgot at my bakery before you intentionally started to leave your clothes for me? The one I stole, yes. And yes, the one you and Yoongi caught me wearing it and I lied about it being mine while Yoongi was making fun of me... oh, it is, indeed, in my nest now. But I wanted to let you know that your scent on it made me remember Busan, haha, funny right?” Because that would be so, so fucking awkward and humiliating. So, that is a big no.


The thing is that Jimin never had a date like this before. He had dates with people he was really interested in and he had dates with people he knew he was never going to see after that date. But never like this. He feels the calmness settling inside himself easily as they are talking freely and comfortably like they were friends for years. He thought he would feel nervous, but he is at ease, even with the excitement inside him.


They are not even drinking alcohol, however, it doesn’t change the fact that Jimin feels light-headed, feels a bit drunk because of Jungkook’s amazing, amazing scent.


Okay, Jimin quite frankly, blown away by the alpha. Not only because the scent thing. Everything that he is, makes Jimin feel like he is in a dream. Yes, here, he said it. He acknowledges it. This is actually a little bit unfair, when he thinks about it. Jeon Jungkook is tall, handsome, smart, kind, modest and he has the best scent that Jimin has ever smelled, ever.


Jimin is so fucked.


When it is close to 10 PM, Jimin tells him that he needs to open the bakery at the morning tomorrow, so Jungkook asks for the check, and doesn’t let Jimin pay when their check comes even when Jimin states that he is the hyung, with saying he asked the omega out first. Jungkook tells him that he can pay for the date when he is the one who asked Jungkook out on a date.


Smooth, that he is.


When they are in Jungkook’s car again, Jimin literally starts to beg himself, or most likely to his omega, to stop thinking about scent-marking the alpha. Yes, for real, because he started thinking about it when they were leaving the restaurant and Jungkook put his hand on his back as he was walking next to Jimin and Jimin felt the butterflies flying in his stomach, his omega purring inside.


“Play me one of the songs you produced,” he orders, trying to focus something else from Jungkook’s scent.


The alpha laughs. “Of course, my majesty,” he says, amused.


As he unlocks his phone with his free hand and Jimin looks out from the window to calm himself. 


“Hey,” he hears the alpha murmur. He turns his head to look over him, sees that he is holding his own phone to Jimin. “You can pick whichever you want from this playlist.” 


Jimin takes the phone from his hand slowly. He knows most of the songs in this playlist. He listens to most of them. God. How successful and amazing this alpha is.


He is, truly and undoubtedly, fucked.


He starts with the one he loves, turns his eyes from the phone to alpha again. Jungkook is using both of his hands now, with a smile on his handsome, godly structured face. so he puts the phone on his lap, doesn’t want to look like he is going through his phone.


“I asked Namjoon hyung about us,” says Jungkook suddenly, his eyes are on the road.


Jimin is so confused.


“Um. What?”


“Oh, like our sudden attraction towards each other,” he elaborates smoothly, looking so fucking unbothered about it.


“Excuse me? What? What attraction?”, Jimin frets. Goddamnit.


Jungkook’s smile looks more like a smirk before he asks Jimin, “Would you like me to add ‘allegedly’ when I say attraction?”


Now, the alpha is clearly making fun of him. 


“Jeon Jungkook, I will kill you,” he says to the alpha with a pout.


“Sure,” Jungkook tells him as he gives him a side-look before he turns his eyes on the road again. “You can try doing that anytime you want.”


Jimin pouts more.


“Well, my attraction for you is not alleged, if you are curious about that. All my alpha wants is to scent you until you smell like all mine,” Jungkook says calmly. Jimin cannot even dream about saying anything like this, and Jungkook says it like it is something so easy to say. “So, yeah, I asked Namjoon hyung about it, because nothing like that ever happened to me before.”


They are also getting closer to Jimin’s home now. 


“What did he say?”,  questions Jimin pensively, playing with his own fingers as he starts to look down at his lap.


“That we must be really compatible, so our biological roles are pushing our human side to see that.” 


Jimin most assuredly doesn’t know what to say to that because, Jesus fucking Christ, what can even anyone say to that? He starts to bite his bottom lip.


“Cool,” he says lamely (because he is, in point of the fact, the lamest omega ever), after what feels like an eternity of silence between them. His big eyes get bigger as he rushes to add, babbling, “I mean like, it is okay! No like.. Ugh, same. I get it. Ditto.”


Nailed it. Beautiful. Such an amazing job.


Jungkook laughs at that (because he is so, so kind, even when Jimin is clearly an embarrassment), he doesn’t say anything else for a while. 


“We are here,” he says finally. Jimin turns to look out from the car's window and sees that, indeed, they are in front of his apartment.


He wants to ask Jungkook to come upstairs, to his apartment, with him, he realises.




He really, really doesn’t want the night to end. He wants to be with the alpha.


“Would you..” he starts as Jungkook is gazing at him, with a sweet smile on his face.


Fuck. Is he really going through with this? 


“Would you like to come upstairs and have a glass of wine with me?”, he asks him.


Finally, he thinks. He finally acted with a confidence, thank God.


“Of course, let me park my car first,” Jungkook replies.



Jimin finds himself against the wall in his living room, wine glasses all forgotten on the center table as his legs are tightly hitched around Jungkook’s waist, crossed at the ankles, snatching Jungkook’s bottom lip between his teeth before Jungkook starts to lower his lips, kissing his neck.


“You smell fucking amazing,” Jungkook whispers, burying his face in the side of Jimin’s neck. Jimin would like to yell at him something like ‘You should smell your own scent!’, but he is seriously so busy with other stuff right now.


There is the thing, Jimin, quite literally, has never been this turned on in his life, ever. He is so fucking wet that the whole room smells like his own slick.


He moans, snapping his hips up, unable to help himself as he starts rutting on the alpha’s hardening cock as he starts digging his fingertips into his shoulder.


"For fuck's sake," he whines out as he starts nibbling on the alpha’s ear. “Kiss me again. You are being a meanie.”


Jungkook is shaking his head before letting out a laugh. “How am I going to handle you?”, he whispers into the omega’s skin.


“By kissing me,” he says with a serious tone before ripping Jungkook’s hair to drag his lips away from his neck to his mouth again.


He lets out a happy moan when Jungkook kisses him again because let him tell you that, his alpha’s lips feel like fucking heaven.


“Yeah," Jimin moans again between the demanding kisses, sounding wrecked already, rolling his hips a bit stronger. He wants more. It is just not enough for him. “Please, alpha,” he starts to say, sounding like a beg. “I want you inside of me.”


“Fucking hell," Jungkook says before kissing him some more. “Are you sure? Isn’t it too soon?”


What the fuck is too soon? No. Fuck it.


“I want it,” Jimin whimpers. “I don’t want to wait.”


Jungkook pulls his lips off of Jimin's lips and pulls his head back to look into the omega’s eyes, a thoughtful look in his eyes. “You need to be sure,” he says firmly.


Jimin puts one of his hands behind Jungkook’s head and brings Jungkook back closer to himself, “Please,” he moans into his ear, “I want you to fuck me. You told me we are already compatible, don’t you want me, alpha?”


“Are you trying to kill me?”


“Preferably, no right now,” Jimin chuckles. “But I will if you don’t get inside me soon.”


“You smell so, so fucking good,” Jungkook groans as he puts his hand under Jimin's chin and brings his lips back to his own lips. With his tongue, he first licks over Jimin's lower lip, and Jimin opens his mouth and lets Jungkook kiss him again, squeezing his eyes shut. 


“Hold me tight,” Jungkook says suddenly as he puts his hands around Jimin and pulls his back off from the wall, hiking him up more firmly so that Jimin’s legs can wrap around his waist tighter. “Where the fuck is your room?” he growls in his ear.


“Left, left. Go left,” Jimin mumbles, nuzzling the alpha's black shirt before he starts fighting his way out of his sweater. He hears a click sound first, the light of the room turning on. He feels his back hitting on the mattress as Jungkook starts nibbling on his lips again. He is fully hard now, his ripped jeans and his silk panties most likely all messed up because of his slick. 


He is wiggling his ass enticingly and excitedly, but Jungkook growls out and it sounds like a warning to Jimin, makes his omega whimpering. He stops as Jungkook gets up  over him, first he takes off his own shirt in an elegant way, then he gets up from the bed completely and takes off his pants as Jimin raises his head to watch him get fully naked. 


“Holy fuck.” he murmurs, not being able to hold it inside. “How the fuck are you real?”


He looks like a Greek God, not joking, if Jimin was a little bit more religious he would love to fucking worship this body for rest of his life. His cock is hard as hell and it looks bigger than anything Jimin took inside himself before. He gulps.


The alpha smirks as he gets on the bed again, he comes directly over him, putting his elbows on the bed, on both sides of Jimin.


“I want to eat you out,” he says to Jimin with a serious tone, his voice low before he starts to take Jimin’s pants and silk panties off with Jimin raising his ass to help him. He gazes at the panties but doesn’t say anything about them before he puts them next to Jimin and doesn’t throw it behind like how he did with Jimin’s ripped jeans. “Not right now though, because I really want to fuck you. But I am going to eat you out soon,” he continues as he puts one of Jimin’s pillows from his nest under Jimin. 


Jimin should be nervous about him seeing his clothes in his nest but he honestly cannot give a single fuck about it right now. He cannot be bothered by anything.


“Come on, get in me,” he whines, his voice cracking, “Please, Jungkook, baby,” he whispers into the alpha’s neck, mouthing a bruise into it, feeling Jungkook rub the pad of one finger over his hole. “I am so ready, just fuck me, come on.”


He gasps out a breath when he feels a finger getting inside him.


“You are tight. Shit,” Jungkook says over him, sounding  also wrecked as Jimin is feeling at the moment. “You are so wet, baby. But I need to open you first.”


“It has been a while,” Jimin chews on his lip even as he is pressing down on the alpha’s finger, “Give me two, I can take two,” he starts to beg him, raising his legs to give Jungkook a better angle.


“Are you sure?”, questions the alpha. Jimin wants to hit his head, slowly. Preferably with kisses.


“Add the second finger Jeon Jungkook!” 


Jungkook laughs as he takes his finger out and pushes it again as he adds the second one, curling them inside him just a little, making Jimin moan as he continues pushing down onto them.


“Fuck,” he whispers as he reaches behind him to take a hold of one of his pillows from his nest. “Fuck, fuck me harder. Please, fuck me harder.”


“Shit,” Jungkook groans out over him, starting to fuck him harder as he is pulling the omega back into a kiss. “Baby, you are killing me,” he says between their desperate kisses, breathing against each other’s mouths.


When Jungkook pulls away from him completely Jimmin cannot stop the whine leaving his lips, wanting to chase after him to kiss the alpha again but then Jungkook takes his fingers out of him. “Where are the condoms, love?”, he asks, getting off the bed.


“Um. Try the second drawer of the cabinet in the bathroom. Fast.” 


Jungkook is laughing as he leaves the room, leaving Jimin on the bed all spread for the alpha. 


He feels his slick dropping out from his hole. Fuck. Jesus Christ. He cannot even remember the last time someone made him this wet. Jungkook’s scent is all over his room now, so when he inhales deeply he feels more slick getting out, making him whine again. He wants to finger himself, feeling a little bit desperate, so he lowers one of his hands as he raises his ass a bit from the pillow, also raising his legs with it to reach his hole, starting to put two of his fingers inside, riding them slowly. 


“Ah,” he hears a voice say after a minute or so, Jimin raises his head and sees that Jungkook is looking at him as he is standing next to the door. He is smirking as he walks towards Jimin, gets on the bed, “Good omegas wait for their alphas, baby,” he says mildly. “They don’t start to play with themselves as soon as the alpha leaves.”


Jimin hears himself groan as he takes his fingers out, pursing his lips, holding his other hand out and watches Jungkook lace his fingers with him.


“Every alpha instinct I have in my body is telling me to mate and breed you,” Jungkook says, settling over Jimin and starting to bite all over the omega’s shoulder softly. “You don’t even know how hard it is for me right now to stop myself.”


"Christ," Jimin says, sounding wrecked, digging his nails into the alpha’s shoulders. “Jungkook, baby, fuck me. Don’t make me wait longer. I want to feel your knot swelling inside me. Knot me, please.”


“You smell so good,” whispers Jungkook, like he didn’t hear Jimin at all, raising himself a bit from Jimin as he puts the condom on his cock. “I am going to fuck you so good.” Jimin feels it as he lines his dick up and pushes in.


“Oh,” Jimin murmurs, breath coming harsh. “Oh, alpha, I know you will. Thank you.”


He doesn’t even know what he is thanking him for.


Jungkook carries on fucking him, his mouth is next to Jimin’s ear. “No, baby, thank you,” he groans, a sightly growl on his voice. “You are so, so beautiful,” he praises, squeezing Jimin’s hand that he is still holding. “Fuck, and, so tight and so wet for me. God, you feel good. You feel amazing, you are taking me so good.”


Jimin feels the alpha grabbing a hold of his cock and he starts stroking slowly, not even close to his rhythm, but it still makes Jimin moan loudly. “Alpha.”


Jungkook continues to snap his hips up as he grounds himself with a hand to Jimin’s hip, and Jimin cannot help himself when he starts pushing down to meet him, begging, “Harder, please. I can take it alpha,” he can take it, even if Jungkook feels so fucking big inside him. He will be the best omega the alpha has ever been with, best he ever had.


Jungkook raises his head from Jimin’s shoulder, just looking at him for a second, face flushed. He is dripping in sweat. He takes the hand from Jimin’s hip, puts it under the omega’s chin and raises his head as he lowers his to meet their lips for a hard kiss. When Jimin is lost in the kiss, he lowers the same hand again to grab Jimin’s cock, starts stroking it again.


“Oh, you feel amazing, alpha,” he tells Jungkook, breathless, “Gonna come, soon. I am gonna come.”


"Come on, love. I am going to come too,” Jungkook says, against the omega’s mouth. “Come for your alpha.”


His vision goes white when he finally comes, in broken, almost-sobs. He feels Jungkook stiffen up further, arranging his body, swelling as his knot is finally forming inside. Jimin gives another sob when the alpha’s knot presses up against his prostate relentlessly before it is done swelling inside him and he can feel the alpha starting to come inside the condom with a growl as his forehead is resting on Jimin’s right shoulder. He would love to feel the alpha’s come dripping out of him, but he will take this for now.


He says it to Jungkook when they are not locked together anymore as the alpha is laying down next to Jimin after he got rid of the condom, raising his hand, slowly tracing his thumb over Jimin’s bottom lip. It makes the alpha laugh against his shoulder, kissing it slowly. “I would love to see that, baby. Let’s talk about it again in a month or so.” he says, amused. “Do you want to take a shower?”


“No, sleep,” Jimin says a bit slurry, feeling drunk on the alpha’s raw scent on himself. “Wanna smell like you tomorrow.”


“You are honestly going to kill me,” he hears the alpha say as his eyelids are getting heavy, making his eyes close off.


“Gonna make you breakfast. Tomorrow morning,” he tells Jungkook and he grips the alpha’s hand that is playing with his lips and takes it off from his own lips, tangling their fingers together. He doesn't let go of his hand even though he knows he is falling asleep.