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Love Will Fall, Then Get Back Up

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I wake up, I get out of bed. I go to school with a sense of dread. The one I love. Can never know. That I've loved them since so long ago.

Ms. Bustier's class was writing poems, and this one was Juleka's.

Juleka PoV:
God I can't use this, they're supposed to be positive. I'm just gonna have to trash this and start over. "What's wrong Juleka?" Rose chirped. She's gonna have no problem with this. "Rose, how on Earth is anyone supposed to do this?" "You just write about what makes you happy." She replied. But you're the only thing that makes me happy, and my family and friends I guess... I'm just gonna write about my family then I suppose. I can't write about Rose, these will be displayed on the wall. There's 5 minutes left in class, I'm just gonna have to put down something. I finish writing hurriedly and the bell rings so I hurry to walk back home. As Rose and I go our separate ways I feel a pang of despair. If only I was normal... I get home and close the door just to see Alya sitting on mybed."Uhh, what are you doing there?" "I, Alya, am here to help you confess to Rose." She replied with a smirk. Oh God now I'm panicking. I sit down next to her, turn to face her, and find myself unable to say that I don't love Rose.