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Love Will Fall, Then Get Back Up

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I sit down, in my chair. See her eyes and cute blond hair. I wish she was, mine to keep. But she can't know, and so I weep. Drafting the second verse. Then I look at the clock, OH GOD. It's 7:45 and school is at 8. I stuff the lyrics in my bag then think better of it and leave them, if Chloe got her hands on it then it would be game over. I pack my bag grab some bread, call out "Bye I'm leaving!" And run as fast as I can to school. I stop 5 feet from my house, run back in, grab the letter, and then speed off to school. I get there to find the classroom empty, and then groan as I remember that today is one of the few days in the year when school starts later. I slump down at my desk then hurriedly place the letter on the desk adjacent to mine, Rose's desk. I then go for a leisurely walk at the park and come back to find Rose excitedly waving me over, letter in hand. "Juleka! A letter is here for me!" "Okay Rose. Uhh what's it say." "It's some kinda sad poem or something about love and never knowing." She replied.I glanced at it even though I know fully well what's on it. "Looks more like song lyrics to me." "Oooh Juleka! Who do you think he is?!" Uhh yeah I'm not gonna get into the what if it isn't a girl deal right now.