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Love Will Fall, Then Get Back Up

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I wake up, I get out of bed. I go to school with a sense of dread. The one I love. Can never know. That I've loved them since so long ago.

Ms. Bustier's class was writing poems, and this one was Juleka's.

Juleka PoV:
God I can't use this, they're supposed to be positive. I'm just gonna have to trash this and start over. "What's wrong Juleka?" Rose chirped. She's gonna have no problem with this. "Rose, how on Earth is anyone supposed to do this?" "You just write about what makes you happy." She replied. But you're the only thing that makes me happy, and my family and friends I guess... I'm just gonna write about my family then I suppose. I can't write about Rose, these will be displayed on the wall. There's 5 minutes left in class, I'm just gonna have to put down something. I finish writing hurriedly and the bell rings so I hurry to walk back home. As Rose and I go our separate ways I feel a pang of despair. If only I was normal... I get home and close the door just to see Alya sitting on mybed."Uhh, what are you doing there?" "I, Alya, am here to help you confess to Rose." She replied with a smirk. Oh God now I'm panicking. I sit down next to her, turn to face her, and find myself unable to say that I don't love Rose.

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I decide to just burrow under my dark blue blankets and hide. "Juleka, there's no use hiding from love, it will always find you." "I'm gonna hide from it anyway." I mutter back.

Alya PoV

"Oi Juleka! Get out from there and help me come up with ideas for you to confess." Juleka slowly pokes her head out and grabs a pen and paper. "Come up with ideas and swap." She says nonchalantly. I'll just do what she says, I just want to see Julerose happen.

I sigh, I also have to figure out how to get Marinette with Adrien at some point. But that can wait, this ship is more urgent, Adriennette hasn't happened for a while, but Julerose has a chance. {1. These squiggly brackets are authors notes, and 2. Yes, Alya calls the ships by their ship names.} I write down some Ideas:1. Pretend to be akumatized and say you love her while akumatized, then pretend to have no memory of it to see how she reacts. 2. Write a letter. 3. Tell her face to face. 4. Get Adrien and Nino to say that they think Juleka loves Rose, and station Rose close enough to hear it. "Okay, I'm done." I say. We swap, and Juleka's paper is blank. Okay, yeah, she needs serious help.

Juleka PoV:

I read the list and ponder what could work. Definitely not 1. But maybe 2 could work? I run over to my drawers and get out a black pen, but then switch it for the pink one that Rose got me, for it might easier to figure out that the letter is from me, if I use a black pen.

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{From now on, updates will be every 3-4 days. 250-300 words long.}

Then I switch the pink pen for a blue one. Because Rose might recognize the pink one. I get out a piece of red paper I have left over from an art project, make it into an envelope (one of the few useful skills from elementary school), and hunt around for a white piece of paper. Alya supplies me with one and I quickly begin writing. I decide to write down the poem that I crumpled up in class, it may be slightly sad, but It's sincere. I can't write down some typical lover junk. But wait... What if I turned it into a song, each letter is one verse? After finishing it the verse it is this: I wake up, I get out of bed. I go to school with a sense of dread. The one I love. Can never know. That I've loved her since so long ago. {Gyaah I'm sorry I can't do lyrics that sound good😢.} Alya looks over my shoulder and sees the letter. "Uhh, is that a song or something?" "Yeah, I wanted to write a series of letters with a song throughout them." I reply. "So you're not going to sign it?" "Uhh, NO. There is no way I can do that." I say irritated. "Humph fine." Alya says, "I gotta go help Marinette with her "pastry crisis" now." as she swings out the door. Oh Rose I don't even know if you like girls. How am I going to be able to pull this off? Maybe the akumatized Idea was better, but what if Ladybug and Cat Noir show up? I'm just gonna have to go with the song letters.

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I sit down, in my chair. See her eyes and cute blond hair. I wish she was, mine to keep. But she can't know, and so I weep. Drafting the second verse. Then I look at the clock, OH GOD. It's 7:45 and school is at 8. I stuff the lyrics in my bag then think better of it and leave them, if Chloe got her hands on it then it would be game over. I pack my bag grab some bread, call out "Bye I'm leaving!" And run as fast as I can to school. I stop 5 feet from my house, run back in, grab the letter, and then speed off to school. I get there to find the classroom empty, and then groan as I remember that today is one of the few days in the year when school starts later. I slump down at my desk then hurriedly place the letter on the desk adjacent to mine, Rose's desk. I then go for a leisurely walk at the park and come back to find Rose excitedly waving me over, letter in hand. "Juleka! A letter is here for me!" "Okay Rose. Uhh what's it say." "It's some kinda sad poem or something about love and never knowing." She replied.I glanced at it even though I know fully well what's on it. "Looks more like song lyrics to me." "Oooh Juleka! Who do you think he is?!" Uhh yeah I'm not gonna get into the what if it isn't a girl deal right now.