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Close to me (I made sure I held you)

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Tine groaned the first time Sarawat put his lips to Tine's neck.

It shot a thrill down Sarawat's spine. He could feel Tine's pulse under his lips, feel the skin shift as Tine's breath hitched. From this angle he couldn't see Tine's face, only feel the vibrations and hear the sound that came from his mouth. Sarawat kissed it harder, feeling Tine gasp as he took a little nip.

"Saraleo! Are you a vampire?" Tine pulled away trying to look annoyed but his eyes were large and dark.

Sarawat smiled and carefully traced the light pink spot on Tine's skin where his mouth had been with his index finger. They went no further than that but it was where it all began.

It had been chaste kisses and above the shoulder touches for the both of them. It had been less than a week of them being officially boyfriends and they were taking it slow.

That had been then.


"If I'm your boyfriend then... Tonight can I..." Sarawat pulled Tine close to him, getting close to his ear before whispering.

"Kiss you from your hair to your shadow?"

The question was innocent at first glance, but by now Sarawat knew what that look in Tine's eyes meant. He knew that if he bit down on Tine's neck right here right now, Tine would let him do anything to him within reason.

He pulled away, pulling his lips into a pout.

"Say yes or I'll continue pouting,"

Tine simply looked at him, unaffected. Sarawat hugged him closer, looking up into his eyes.

I love you.

"So do you agree or not?"

Unable to handle his own heart beating so loud, Sarawat smiled and quickly pressed a kiss to his neck.

"No?" He felt Tine's composure break as he giggled.

Sarawat pulled back again, enjoying the feeling of being held in Tine's arms as he carefully inched towards the bed.

Tine was smiling at him and Sarawat wanted to die from how cute it was. He pushed Tine on the bed, watching him fall with a slight oomph. Sarawat followed him, falling on top of Tine with a grunt of his own.

With his body pressed against Tine's Sarawat felt hyper aware of every point of contact.

Tine grabbed ahold of his face, pulling him down for a kiss, his lips wet and soft and plush and oh.

"No?" Sarawat asked in between kisses.

Tine smiled against his mouth, one hand snaking down to grab Sarawat's ass. Yes, then.

They finally separated, gasping for air as they both laid flat on the bed. Their bed.

Sarawat smirked and carefully got up to straddle his boyfriend's thighs. It was a lot more effort than it was worth, his boxers straining uncomfortably as he settled himself.

He took a moment to simply look at Tine, face flushed and hair messed up. He truly looked like a nuisance. So, so bad for his heart.

"What are you looking at?" Tine teased, grinning at him like that and Sarawat could only get to action.

He started by carefully lifting Tine's T-shirt up, revealing his (very nice) body. Tine lifted his arms , allowing him to take the T-shirt off completely.

Tine's pecs were right in front of him, sculpted and hot. He placed a hand between them.

"Tine... Could I?" His voice trailed off, suddenly feeling a little nervous.

Tine sat up, his arms coming to hug Sarawat. He could only let himself be dragged along until he felt what was unmistakeably Tine's erection drag against his thigh through the clothing.

"You may," Tine breathed against his ear, his voice low and dark.

It took Sarawat a second to understand what Tine meant. He was sitting against the bedstead, Sarawat balanced on his lap. The silence hung in the air as Sarawat slowly moved his hands over Tine's chest, squeezing his boobs and thumbing his nipples. He was so close he could bury his face between them.

He proceeded to do exactly that, laving his tongue and teeth over the literal miles of skin in front of him. He felt Tine writhe underneath him as he pressed hot, hungry kisses to his stomach. He made his way down, lowering himself to press a kiss just below Tine's belly button.

Tine jerked, almost throwing Sarawat off as he let out a whine.

Hot, thought Sarawat deciding to pay extra attention to that area. Tine had been quiet before, only letting out soft gasps and quiet groans.

"Fuck, Wat," his voice reminded Sarawat of how hard they both were.

Moving away for a moment, he shucked his shirt off and moved up to kiss Tine again. It was messy and open mouthed. Sarawat could feel Tine's hands carefully caress his torso, as though his body were made of glass.

They made out for a good few minutes until he felt Tine's hand go lower, lower, lower until it slipped inside Sarawat's pants.

"Tine," he moaned as Tine carefully took his dick in his hands.

Sarawat could only pant into Tine's shoulder as Tine stroked him, slowly but firmly. His arms uselessly reached for Tine's waist, feeling a strong urge to rut against him to bring himself over the edge. He forced the urge down, trying to instead not get overwhelmed.

"Tine, Tine,"

"I'm here, Sarawat,"

Tine's hand suddenly picked up speed and Sarawat could only writhe as suddenly the friction became far more than satisfactory. Every drag and tug was driving him mad with pleasure. The feeling of someone else touching him, of Tine touching him was getting to his brain. He would be useless after this, absolutely useless.

"I think I'm-" Sarawat cut off, moaning as Tine went even harder and faster.

"Oh yeah?" Tine's voice cracked, his face bright red.


"Go ahead, I got you,"

Tine grabbed Sarawat in a feverish kiss as he felt his vision go white. He could feel himself saying something against Tine's mouth but he couldn't for the life of him make out what it was.

When he finally came back to the land of the living he saw Tine lower his pyjamas down his thighs, revealing his cock, angry and red.

"Can I?" He began, not sure what he wanted to do but something.

"Please," Tine was all but begging, looking like a full course meal.

Sarawat was starving.

He began by kissing Tine's thighs, biting hard as he went upwards. He paused to take his own dirty shorts off, and went back to making the boy under him fall apart with a single-minded focus.

Sarawat went ahead and pressed his mouth at the base of Tine's cock. He could hear Tine go oh shit. He experimentally kissed his way up the shaft as he wrapped both hands around it.

An image came to his mind, of being fucked on this very dick, riding Tine as he chased his own pleasure. He would've been hard again from that had he not come just minutes before.

He moved his hands and mouth in tandem, watching for what made his boyfriend react the most.

"Wat!" Came his choked voice before Tine came without warning all over his torso, painting a few stripes on Sarawat's body as well.


Later, when it got too hot and sticky, they giggled their way into the shower. Tine giggled as he gave a playful slap to Sarawat's ass under the shower.

"Fuck you!" Sarawat laughed, rubbing soap on his legs.

They lay facing each other on the now freshly made bed, taking in the other's face as their eyes drifted shut.

"Sweet dreams, Tine,"

I love you.

"Hmm," mumbled Tine, smiling dopily, "sweet dreams."

I love you too.