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That Much (or alternatively: A Study of Tine Teepakorn's Face)

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"You love me that much?"

Tine chuckled. "Of course, you asshole."

It was seven forty five in the morning.

Sarawat groaned at the sun's bright rays, seeping through the window. It definitely had to be illegal - waking him up at such an early time. Today was his day off, for crying out loud. The singer who he was working with currently was in Phuket for a family emergency, and Sarawat had already finished cleaning up the beat - so why did the fucking sun wake him up this early. Sighing to himself, he sat up straight and stretched his arms. He picked his phone up from the bedside table and started to check his notifications.

As he was texting a musician about a song he was working on, someone had shifted their sleeping position for the nth time this hour. Sarawat chuckled and tilted his head, looking up at his boyfriend's cute face. He turned off his phone and placed it next to him, then turned to continue staring at Tine.

There were obviously many reasons why he'd fallen in love at first sight. The biggest one was how he's never seen anyone enjoy music like that. In that fairly dull Scrubb concert, this boy was jumping up and down like there was no tomorrow. He sang along to every lyric of whichever song the vocalist was singing. He even knew which songs were coming up next. Sarawat didn't know that there was someone like that in this world. Someone who loved music as much as he did.

Around that time, he was unmotivated and bored (hence why he agreed to going to the concert). However, a surge of inspiration came rushing as soon as he saw that boy smile. He was taking pictures, with a poster for god's sake, and he was smiling as if he was winning at life. Sarawat, at that moment, felt lyrics write themselves in his mind.

So, it's fair to say that Sarawat found every single feature of Tine's absolutely and undoubtedly attractive.

He recalls being in Political Theory, not caring about his professor babbling about individualist anarchism, thinking about Tine's lips. Sarawat felt himself smile as his thumb brushed over his boyfriend's lips. It's not his fault! They were just perfect, really. They weren't red, nor were they pink, perhaps in the middle? Plump, kissable, and sweet. The first time he kissed Tine (the kiss he actually remembered, not the drunken one), he was overcame with the taste of candy. Irresistible. He always kisses Tine if there's an opportunity.

Then there were his eyes. Oh, his eyes were probably the prettiest ones he's seen in his entire life. And he was only twenty six, there's so much more to see. Sarawat loved it when Tine giggles or laughs, his eyes seem to turn into crescents. His eyelashes are also rather long and pretty. When Sarawat and Tine did it for the first time Sarawat couldn't keep his eyes off those attractive lashes. They were more sultry than any woman's lashes out there. (And that's why Sarawat never wants to do it from behind. He wants to look at Tine's eyes.)

But if you asked Sarawat which part of Tine's face he likes to kiss the most, it was his cheeks. You know how bunnies chew, right? That's exactly how Tine looks when he chews! Sarawat can't help it. When he picks up Tine from the law firm, he always kisses his cheeks first. Not just one. But both. And he loves how they turn red when he's flushed or embarrassed.

Sarawat groaned and pressed a chaste kiss on Tine's cheek.

"…what are you doing?" Uh-oh, he woke Tine up. That can't be good. He's been having a rough time with this new case. Sarawat felt bad for waking him up. He must be so tired.

Sarawat sat up straight again. "Sorry. You can go back to sleep."

"N-No." Tine muttered, his voice husky. Sarawat could feel his cheeks heat up. Tine's voice in the morning made him feel things, too. It's one of his favorite things about Tine. Morning voice. "It's fine. I know I'm cute."

The other man chuckled. "Yes, you are. You're incredibly cute, you know? I was just admiring your face earlier, and then I saw your cheeks, then I kissed 'em because they're just so..."

"Admiring my face?" Tine opened his left eye. Sarawat gave him a small smile.

"Yes. You're beautiful, Tine."

Tine shut his eyes and giggled. "Thank you. So are you."

Sarawat blushed even more. He really had the sweetest boyfriend.

"Hey, you should really go back to - ah!"

Sarawat was about to stand up so he could go to the bathroom, but Tine pulled him back into bed. He was now snuggled up next to Tine. Sarawat rolled his eyes as Tine buried his head in Sarawat's neck.

"Stay here for a while."

"Of course," Sarawat said, his voice soft and warm. "I wanted to stay, anyways."

The two were silent for a moment. Days like these were rare for the both of them. Being so busy with their own lives, them snuggling in bed and being all sweet only happened once in a blue moon. But now that it was happening, Sarawat didn't want to let go. He felt himself falling asleep, until Tine spoke up.

"Hey, Wat..."

Sarawat opened his eyes. Tine was looking at him directly now. Wow, even in the morning, Tine looked breathtaking.


"You know… my job is really tiring these days. Energy-consuming."

He frowned. "Yeah, of course I know."

"The client is having a hard time. I'm having a hard time. There's so much we have to unpack in this case. Everyday there's new information and I have to adjust and - there's just... a lot."

Sarawat's gaze softened. Tine looked like he was on the verge of tears. He caressed Time's cheek, trying to comfort him.

"There are times that I want to give up." said Tine. "But then... I think of you."


Tine chuckled. "Yeah, you. Whenever I think of you, I feel like everything's going to be fine. I feel reassured, calmed down - every pleasant feeling there is. Whenever I think you, my world stops. Whenever I think of you, I... I fall in love all over again. I find myself thanking every single heavenly being out there for giving me someone as… as amazing as you."

Sarawat was speechless.

"I never get to say this but - thank you."

Silence came over them again. It took a bit of time for Sarawat to reply, but when he did, a smile was spread across his lips.

"You love me that much?"

Tine chuckled. "Of course, you asshole."

"Then that's a relief." Sarawat replied. "Because I love you that much, too."