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Confusion and Loss

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What is going on?

The last thing he remembers was meeting with a Kazama-san lookalike at Tojo HQ, and Kazama reaching into his pocket as the conversation became heated, so Daigo drew his gun—but the foreigner beside Kazama was faster, and he remembers the crack of a gunshot and searing pain…. And then nothingness.

And then he awoke on a roof with an oxygen mask over his mouth and cold air biting his bare feet, and Kiryu-san and Mine were there, both shirtless and injured. And then he saw the foreigner, the same man who shot him, yelling at Kiryu and Mine in English and holding a gun… and despite his confusion and grogginess, Daigo spotted a gun on the ground, and he just… acted. He rolled off of the gurney straight onto the freezing metal ground, fumbled for the gun and… shot the American man.

But then things just got even more confusing. Kiryu rushed over to him, helping him sit, and Mine just looked stunned and exhausted to see Daigo awake—and then the American got back up. Daigo could only understand the odd word in the American’s rant, but Mine (multilingual, intelligent Mine) heard everything and sprung into action.

He… he charged at the American man, barely flinching as he got shot again and again, and then he grabbed the man and dragged him over to the edge of the roof. And he and Kiryu were yelling, pleading with Mine not to do it, and Mine just looked so peaceful as he smiled at Daigo (not at them both, but straight at Daigo) and said a few final words—and as Daigo screamed his name, he jumped backwards, him and the man tumbling down, down, down…

He remembers it all. But he still doesn’t understand.

Daigo barely notices when doctors and nurses arrive, manhandling him into a wheelchair despite Kiryu-san’s sudden reluctance to let go of him, just listening to the screams and sirens in the distance. They take him downstairs, wheeling Daigo into a hospital room (wait, was he on top of a hospital?) and hauling him onto the bed. They cover him in blankets and clip something to his finger, and Daigo just stares out of the window, confused and stunned and horrified.

Mine… is dead. Mine killed himself, taking that man—Richardson, Kiryu-san called him—with him. Up on the roof, still slumped against Kiryu, he asked if Mine was the traitor, and Kiryu said there was no way. But was he lying to him? He just doesn’t know anything.

“Sir, he needs to be alone right now,” a doctor says, and Daigo turns his head.

Kiryu stands in the doorway, arguing with the staff obstructing his path, and Daigo manages a fond smile.

“No, I need to be with Daigo-san right now,” Kiryu says (wait, when did he put his shirt back on?), somehow keeping his anger under control.

“Sir, we should let him in,” one of the nurses says, her voice a whisper yet still audible on the other side of the room. “Dojima-san isn’t a… normal patient. He’s the Tojo Clan’s chairman.”

The doctor stiffens. “O-Oh, I see. Whatever, you can come in. Just don’t do anything to excite him.”

Daigo wants to laugh. After everything that happened on the roof, how could Kiryu-san sitting beside his bed overexert him?

Kiryu nods his thanks, and strides across the room, sitting on a plastic chair at Daigo’s bedside. “Are you warming up, Daigo?”

“Y-Yeah,” Daigo mumbles. Up on the roof, he started shivering violently as he slumped against Kiryu, as though his body suddenly remembered he was wearing nothing but pyjamas at night on top of a very tall building. “Thanks.”

Only once the hospital staff has left, shutting the door behind them, does Daigo voice his real thoughts.

“Kiryu-san,” he says. “Did Mine tell you anything before I woke up?”

Kiryu looks away, staring down at the blossoming bruises across his knuckles. “He told me how much he loved you.”

Daigo blinks. His breath catches in his chest. He clears his throat awkwardly. “Do you mean that?”

“Of course,” Kiryu says. “He loved you deeply, and it tore him up to see you in a coma.”

Daigo’s breathing shudders, and he squeezes his eyes shut. How does he even begin to process that?

He always knew Mine admired him, but to hear that Mine loved him…

His eyes start to burn behind his tightly closed eyelids, a lump forming in his throat.

Not that he ever admitted it, but Daigo had… feelings for Mine. But he never thought Mine would return those feelings.

And it’s not like it even matters anymore. Mine is gone, and all Daigo knows is confusion and loss.