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DarkSparks Smut One Shots

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Bolded tags are emphasized as they are more sensitive kinks.



Chapter 2: 

After a match, nothing helps Wattson decompress like having Wraith's head between her thighs, coincidentally is Wraith's favorite post-victory meal happens to be her loving French girlfriend.

Tags: F/F, fluffy lesbian sex, mutual attraction, vaginal fingering, oral sex, just two women enjoying each other, soft Wraith, Wattson is needy


Chapter 3: Call Me

When Nat goes on vacation, she quickly finds she misses Wraith. Thankfully, they have a phone, some dildos, and Wraith's wispy voice.

Tags: F/F, phone sex, masturbation, vaginal sex, toys, large dildos, voice kink, dirty talk, rough sex, light breath play, top Wraith, possessive Wraith, piercings, mild dom/sub, light dom Wraith, referenced anal sex, referenced electric play, Nat is not great at dirty talk but likes being told what to do, Wraith doesn't know her name yet (Begining of S2)


Chapter 4: Happy Birthday Ms. Wattson

Nat is celebrating her first birthday with Renee as her girlfriend and she has only one present in mind. 

Tags: F/F, blindfolds, mild dom/sub, dom Wattson, wax play, referenced mild pain play, strap ons, ass licking, anal fingering, Wraith's Voices, wholesome body writing, birthday sex


Chapter 5: An Indecent Proposal

For two years, Wattson and Wraith have lived together, went out together, and definitely slept together. But even though Wattson loves her and knows the feeling is mutual, Wraith has been to Wraith to ever use the word girlfriend or even say "I love you." 

When Wraith comes back and needs attention, Wattson is happy to give it, unaware of what Wraith has in store for her. 

Tags: F/F, lots of fluff, massages, body worship, muscle worship, Wraith is ripped, vaginal finger, oral sex, squirting, literally 3000 words of fluff lesbian sex


Chapter 6: Expanding the Roster

After years of being married and being safe, Wraith and Wattson are ready for kids. Wraith is more than prepared to give her needy wife exactly what she wants. 

Tags: F/F, girl penis Wraith, vaginal sex, oral sex, handjobs, breast worship, impregnation, creampie, fingering, marathon sex, multiple orgasms, references to Bangalore x Lifeline, erotic lactation


Chapter 7: You can be a pain in my ass

Renee is a skirmisher, she's always jumping into unknown situations and living life fast. But Nat's adventurous sexual tastes might be the undoing of Renee.

Tags: F/F, toys, strap-ons, anal fingering, oral sex, anal sex, first time anal, "realistic anal", build-up, references to enemas, soft Wraith, Wattson is a bit freaky but loving, tiny bit of pain, Wattson is a top