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DarkSparks Smut One Shots

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"You want what?!" Renee exclaimed, processing what she'd just been asked. She was lying on the couch with her pajamas on and her wet hair wrapped up in a towel. Nat, by contrast, still wore nothing at all.

"I want to put my fingers in your butt, it is not hard to understand Renee." She teased. Their shared shower had resulted in two different moods: sleepy and horned up.

"Yeah, it is. Most people don't put things up their ass!" It was confusion in her voice rather than fear or actual disgust.

This wasn't the first time Nat had demonstrated an interest in Renee's backdoor. A finger or two had teased at it while she rode a strap and Nat had offered multiple times to rim her. The fingers were a welcomed bit of kinky fun from time to time, especially given how small Nat's hands were, but Renee had never agreed to a rim job. It was just too dirty, too perverse. Or maybe that was just because she had lived in the wilderness for years with no access to the internet stories that Nat read and that she had only had a sex life for the past eighteen months. Even the idea of oral sex had been an adjustment. Then again, she loved that now.

"You are not most people Renee. I put toys in my butt all the time, it is very pleasurable. See?" She turned around and bent over to show off a silver bar over her asshole.

"Holy shit! Nat, please tell me you don't wear those in public."

The only response she got was a blush and a giggle. One of her hands reached around and grabbed it, pulling out a small butt plug. Nat moaned and gasped through the removal. "Ahhhh, that felt wonderful."

Renee was almost in shock. Her sweet and adorable girlfriend was into butt stuff, and now, she was looking right at her apparently experienced butthole. Intrusive thoughts of licking it or pushing her strap into it did Renee no favors. Even she could admit to being occasionally interested in Nat’s butt. She’d seen it plenty of times while they had sex doggy style, and had been tempted to do something to it. And if Nat liked to so much, maybe she would too...

"Ok, even if I did want you to put a toy up my butt, which I don't, it's not clean! I use the bathroom too you know."

Nat strode over to Renee, straddling her hips. Her bare chest was inches from Renee who fought every urge to both stare at her lovely breasts and to bury her face in there.

"Oh Renee, there are easy ways to clean you up. We don’t have to, I was just asking. But if you don't want it in the butt, can I do you anyways? Maybe I make it quick on the couch before bed?" She reached down and ran her hands over Renee's hips.

"Goddamnit Nat." She hissed. "How'd you know?"

Her girlfriend giggled again and twisted her nipples through her t-shirt, making Renee squeak with surprise.

"Cotton shirts my love." She tapped Renee's nose with her index finger. "And glass cutter nipples." She breathed as their lips collided. Renee was done for.



"Yes, yes, there, right there! Don't stop, please, don't stop!" Renee cried as Nat's strap was driven into her pussy.

She was face down on the couch, her hair flung in every direction after her towel wrap had fallen apart. Her pajama bottoms had been pulled down just enough to give Nat access to her. Nat's hands pressed her into the plush cushions as the toy continued to stimulate the very sensitive Renee.

"There there there there there-" Renee rapidly whimpered. 

Nat's fucking was intense and deep. Her hips waved, expertly sliding the toy in and out of Renee and hitting her familiar weaknesses like a machine. Nat bent down and bit into the crook of her neck in perfect time with a pinch of her swollen clit.

Renee whimpered and softly came. Nat's name fell from her lips between pants and moans. Her orgasms were not dramatic, but Nat loved their intimacy. She was just about to begin her aftercare when Renee grabbed her wrist.

"We can try it." She mumbled.


"You can put it in my butt." Renee hid her face in a pillow.

"Are you sure? Maybe now you are not in-" Before Nat could finish her concerns, Renee interrupted.

"I'm thinking very clearly Nat. You've got me all worked up so yeah, I'm in the mood to try something new."

Nat kissed her bare shoulder.

"We'll start getting you ready then, though we must wait for tomorrow night since you are going to have your first time." Nat was bursting with joy. 



Nat had taken the next day to prepare Renee both physically and mentally. They'd done what could be done to clean out Renee's insides, a process that Nat had said would conclude later in the day. Nat had bought some latex gloves and some more lube as well. She'd spent plenty of time making sure Renee knew what she wanted and that expectations were set.


“Is this really necessary?” Renee looked at the small silicone plug. She was on her stomach, over Nat's knees, her skin still moist from the hot bath they’d taken together. Technically, Nat had already given her her first anal experience. While they took a bath, Nat used her fingers to rub soap on her freshly shaved backdoor, the tiny amount of pressure made Renee squirm. When they were done, to prove her confidence, she’d spread Renee’s cheeks and planted a wet kiss right on her asshole. Renee thought her face might catch fire from the heat she had felt in it.

“It will help you relax and warm up. This will hurt less later, but we don’t have to use it.”

“Fine. Just put it in.” She saw Natalie’s look of concern. “This is all new to me, but if you think it will help, let’s do it.” She kissed Natalie’s leg.

Nat poured more cool lube on Renee’s anus. She’d already carefully shaved her and opted for a few kisses. Renee jerked when her lips touched her backdoor, she could feel the blush in her cheeks again. Another glob of lube was rubbed over the plug. It was Wattson’s first, small and smooth, perfect for a novice. A thorough cleaning had readied it for its next user.

“How does this feel?” The tip circled her hole, only giving the faintest touch.

“Weird.” Renee whimpered. Her face was buried in the towel she wore as a scarf. “This is so weird. I’m ready, though.”

“You are not ready Renee, you are so tense, it would hurt you if I put it in now. I need you to relax. I’m here for you.” She stroked her back and kissed her butt. “Such a brave girl for me. It does mean so much that you will try this with me, I promise you’ll like it.” She kissed her butt again, this time seeing her backdoor loosen just a bit. “Fingers to help you relax?”

Renee’s nod earned two fingers rubbing her folds and a thumb just above her clit. It wasn’t long before dry rubbing turned to wet fingering. The plug still pressed at her backdoor while Nat’s fingers only pushed in the slightest way. As fun as it would be to get Renee off now, that wasn’t the point.

“I love your noises mom amour. Do you hear how wet you are for me already?” She kissed her shoulder.

Natalie gave a few rapid pumps, letting Renee experience the sloshing sounds of her own arousal. The kisses on the small of her back and buttcheeks didn’t let up and neither did the teasing of her clit.

The plug continued to circle her and more kisses proved to be the best strategy. When Renee was finally untensed, Nat gave her fair warning and pushed the soft tip to her hole. It was spread from the outside for the first time in a series of muffled groans and whimpers. With her thumb on the flared base, Nat rubbed Renee’s folds to comfort her. Her ass took more of the plug, almost halfway to the widest point. The sight of Renee’s butt being touched like this for the first time was beautiful. Between her firm cheeks, the small ring of darkened skin hugged the lubed up plug tight. Her small moans and purrs of cautious pleasure filled Nat with glee.

“It’s about to be all the way in.” She whispered.

Renee’s butt was stretched to the widest and the toy snapped it, airtight against her hole. The only evidence of what was in her was a small pink disc hidden behind two firm asscheeks.

“You did it! How do you feel?” Nat cheered.

“Full. I thought you said it was small.” Renee whined.

“It is, your butt is still not experienced. Do you like it though?” She rubbed Renee's back and face, smiling. Though she did her best not to pressure Renee, whenever she indulged in one of Nat's kinks, her heart swelled with warmth. Thankfully, Renee had liked everything they'd tried so far. 

“I don’t not like it. This is so weird, I just let you put something in my asshole. Is it normal to feel like I’m going know.”

“Yes, but don’t worry, that rarely happens. If you have to take it out, get me. I don’t want you to hurt yourself. But try and keep it in, it will help tonight.” Nat recalled her own first experiments; painful and embarrassing affairs that had at least been private. She'd learned how to better please herself by now, thankfully able to impart her lessons learned on Renee. 

“Ok. I kind of see why you like this...” Renee dared to peak from her towel. “Can we have sex now? You got me in the mood again...” She pretended that it was only the fingering and not the newfound pressure in her ass that was getting her worked up.

“If I ever say no to you my love, slap me.” She leaned down for a deep kiss.


They ended up sharing a round of passion in the tub. Renee was lying on top of Nat, both panting.

“Holy shit. I haven’t cum that hard in a while. I guess this thing really works.” Her fingers teased at the base of the plug, the tiny amount of stimulation making her wince. Her body was still riding the post-climax high.

“Your first double penetration mon chiere!” Nat kissed her cheek. “You came so loudly for me, I’m just elated you like this!” She grabbed Renee's butt and jiggled it.

There wasn't a part of Renee that Nat didn't adore, but her butt had a special place in her horny little heart. The twin muscles were as much a product of Renee's squats as good genetics, but either way, it was a gorgeous butt. Nat loved to grab it, smack it, kiss it, whatever it took to make contact. The first time they'd had sex, Nat had made sure round two was doggy style just to see Renee's butt. Since then, Renee had made taking to sending Nat a cheeky picture from time to time when she wanted to work her up. 

“Yeah, this is...this is good. Tonight we’ll see how far I can go.” Her voice was a bit shaky.

"And you're positive?"

"Yes Nat, for the one-hundredth time. We'll try it, and if I like it yay, if not, oh well." Nat gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Can we use your strap too? It always feels really good." Renee knew how much her girlfriend loved to strap up and fuck her, she wanted Nat to have fun as well. 

"If you want it. Thank you, Renee. I hope you do enjoy it, it is very pleasurable for me, and giving is almost as fun as receiving. It is time for your final clean up!"




The enema had been interesting. No pain or pleasure, just a very novel sensation for Renee. That had been over an hour ago and now, Nat was waiting in their bedroom. Her plug was cleaned and stood up on the sink to dry, Renee’s butt now felt empty. Never did she think she’d look longingly at a toy like that.  She could already smell the pine candles and the simulated fireplace, Nat was going all out.

Renee gave herself one last once over. Nat had just told her to wear what was most comfortable, which was similar to the long cotton t-shirt and fleece bottoms she'd worn when Nat had floated the question with one minor addition, her scarf. The tattered and rough piece of fabric was like an anchor to her. When she wore it, everything was just a little easier.

With a bit of self-motivation, she opened the bedroom door. Nat was of course stunningly attractive. She was wearing Renee's favorite bedroom attire, her thigh-high socks, and a pair of pink panties, matched with a simple white bra. Not what most would consider the most sexy, but Renee loved its simplicity and how very Nat it was. There was also that small strap on her hips, now appearing far larger than it ever had.  

"You are gorgeous as always Renee, may I kiss you?" That smile made Renee a bit more confident, she knew Nat would never hurt her, that she was doing this because she genuinely thought Renee would like it. 

Renee brought their lips together. She felt Nat begin to play with her ass as their bodies pressed against each other. Nat was soft and smooth, just the feel of her skin was a treat for Renee. Long french kisses were punctuated with quick smooches and caresses of her face.

"Are you ready my love?" Nat gave one more kiss to her lips.

"Yeah, please just be slow."

Nat gave her a heart-melting smile and an 'of course'.

In moments, Renee’s back was on their flower-covered bed and her bottoms were already on the floor with Nat's head between her thighs. Her tongue was a master of stimulating Renee and her fingers its apprentices. They worked in perfect sync to get her wet, introducing pleasure to her mind in drips and trickles. Renee fondled her own chest, moaning as she did so. Given the choice, she’d lay there forever with Nat fingering and licking her. But that wasn’t the choice this time, almost as soon as her pleading for more started, it was over.

"I'd like it if you got me ready." Nat cupped Renee's face and she slipped off the bed. 

Oral with the strap was about anticipation and power exchange. As Renee sank to her knees and started to kiss Nat's strap, she signaled her willingness and drowned Nat's mind in want. The sight of a stunning and powerful woman wrapping her lips around her like this made Nat's heart race, and when it was Renee, she felt nothing short of love. Her girlfriend knew how to work the dildo, using her mouth to push and rub it against Nat's crotch, setting her wheels in motion. The hand on Renee's head was just a show of affection, she never pushed or tugged. She didn't have to, Renee could easily swallow this entire strap and boy did she. 

"Merde, so eager." Nat stroked Renee's cheek.

She bobbed her head and locked eyes with Nat, her's shimmering with the desire to please. Sometimes, Nat would just let Renee do this, turn the vibe on, and let her girlfriend work her magic. She transitioned from slow to sloppy with slurps and tongue action. It was easy to imagine what it would feel like if the toy were real, Renee's soft lips wrapped around her shaft, the warm and wet inside of her mouth coating her in spit, her tongue massaging every inch. She stroked Renee's silky hair, letting her nails graze her head. A quick tap on the cheek told Renee she'd done her job and she sat back up on the bed, sure to give Nat a quick kiss. 

“Let me roll you over so we can start for real.” Nat whispered. Her voice stuck to Renee like humidity. 

“Can we stay like this? I want to see you.” Renee replied.

“It will be easier if I’m behind you. This may hurt if you’re on your back.”

Renee grabbed her hand.

“I want to see you. Please, Nat, I can deal with pain if you’re here.”

“Ok, my love.” She kissed her lips and smiled.

She teased her finger at Renee’s entrance. It acted like the plug, circling the outside and barely pressing on it. Renee’s breasts were the target of her nibbles as she leaned down. Both experienced her adoration while her hands fondled and groped them with her mouth feasting on every inch. Nat made sure to leave her lipstick marks all over them and placed more on Renee’s neck, face, and shoulders. Hard and sensitive nipples were subject to further teething and gentle pinches. 

“So perfect.” Nat whispered though her love was no secret. “You are my beautiful girl Renee. I love you.”

“I love you. I'm ready...” Renee whimpered as Nat pushed her own thigh between Renee’s legs. 

Nat crawled off of her and grabbed Renee’s hips. A gentle pull brought her to the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide with Nat standing in between them. She knelt down and admired Renee’s nether areas. A quick kiss to each hole made her whimper with want.

"I'm going to put one of my fingers in your butt now Renee." Nat held up her other hand, clad in a latex glove. "If you feel any pain or you want to stop, tell me." She kissed the inside of Renee's thigh.

The finger was coated in lube and pressed on the tight ring of muscle. The pressure built until it slipped in, barely past the nail. Nat pushed it further in, careful to keep her press slow and steady. Renee couldn't decide what to make of the feeling. It didn't hurt, maybe it was a bit uncomfortable, but at the same time, it felt good. Even something as small as Nat's finger made her insides feel so full, so satisfied.

"Tell me what to do." Nat rested her face on Renee's thigh.

"Deeper...move it." Renee whispered.

The motion introduced another novel sensation. Most of the feeling was around her entrance, undoubtedly pleasurable, like a muffled version of what Nat's fingers did to her other hole. She could feel Nat's gloved fingertip teasing at her deeper parts, far deeper than the tiny plug. For the first time she was conscious of the inside of her ass. The soft and delicate walls twitched at the slightest brush. 

Though she hid behind her scarf, the voices reminded Renee that Nat was looking at her. She placed her hand over the one Nat had on her thigh and things became just a little easier. The finger made shallow pumps and its tip grazed her inner walls. Renee could feel her ass tighten and clench around her finger at the unfamiliar sensations. It became easier faster than she had expected, the slight pain was all but gone now, replaced with a strange new pleasure. 

"Do you want another finger, no finger, my mouth?" Nat kept her steady and cautious pace.

"Try your mouth, I-I want to warm up a bit more." In truth, she was more curious if Nat would actually do it than she was interested in the sensation. Her girlfriend continued to surprise her. 

When Nat's finger left, cool air had an instant to bite at her ass, making her yelp. It was soon replaced with Nat's scorchingly hot tongue. It danced around her back door, pressing against it without an ounce of hesitation. Figure eights traced over her, the middle right on her puckered hole. It was all so dirty, so kinky, so depraved. Everyone knew Nat as the cute and innocent electrician, and here she was, putting her tongue on Renee's butt. Her lips sucked and caressed the inexperienced area and her fingers traced her inner thighs.

Nat grabbed onto Renee's thighs and pulled herself tighter against her, clearly loving the chance to eat her ass. Part of Renee wondered what it tasted like, maybe Nat would let her have a taste later. She made moans of satisfaction and wet kissing sounds as her tongue pushed past the entrance. Renee felt it circle around the cavity, hitting every inch it could find. There was no shame in Nat as she tongue fucked Renee’s butt, in fact, she seemed to revel in the taboo. And Renee was starting to admit to herself that she liked it. Though her fingers were pleasant, the tongue was far more pleasurable. Her hands again found Nat’s for comfort. The rimming was wet, sloppier than when Nat ate her out. When Nat’s nose brushed her folds it slammed home just how turned on she was. This felt good, really good, nearly as good as Nat’s regular oral.

“Does that even taste good?” Renee asked. She still wanted Nat to be satisfied with this.

“It doesn’t taste like much, you did so well cleaning up.” She kissed her hole. “I mostly taste the lube, but it is a bit like a battery. Not as tasty as this.” Renee whimpered when Nat pinched her labia.

“You don’t have to keep doing that then.”

“Does it feel good?” Renee nodded. “Then I will continue. This is for you Renee, not me. Tell me when you want to change things again.”

“You just want to put your tongue in me asshOLE!”

Nat answered by pressing her mouth back to Renee’s butt, her tongue slithering back to its deepest exploration. Her hands gripped her asscheeks and spread, stretching her hole and giving her even easier access to her insides. The wiggling of her hips bushed her inner lips on the tip of Nat's nose and she felt what was coming. Wetness flowing down gave that much away. Renee gave into pleasure and started to rub her swollen clit. 

“Shit. Goddamnit Nat, I’m close.” Renee couldn’t believe what she was feeing.

Nat didn’t let up, in fact, she pushed harder. Her lips touched at the sensitive ring of Renee’s ass and she made more hungry slurps for effect. One way or another, she was making Renee cum. Her tongue rolled around inside Renee, finding every weakness within its grasp. Those pressure points were hit with unrelenting efficiency. Renee felt her whole body tingling, waves traveling through her. She squirmed and whined, embarrassed at her arousal, and turned on by the perversion. Her hands grasped Nats and pushed on the back of her head. Her tongue hit her one last time and her body shook in climax. She grabbed Nat's hand tight as her thighs quivered and her guttural moans escaped her lips. The waves of bliss rocked her body, hitting her like nothing ever had. Nats continued rimming dragged her orgasm on for what felt like forever, her pussy overflowed onto Nat’s oral action.

“I-I just came. I came from you eating my butt...” Renee mumbled when she lay sprawled and still on their bed. 

“Yay! You did! Was it as good as I hoped?” Nat washed her mouth out to be safe while she rubbed Renee’s thighs.

“I’ve never had one like that.” She whispered.

“Anal orgasms hit differently. I quite like them. Are you ok?” She rested her head between Renee’s legs.

“Yeah. No, better than ok. Thank you, that was amazing.”

She smiled and ruffled Nat’s hair. The look on her face after she satisfied her girlfriend was always one of love and pride.  Nat returned the grin. She could see Renee climbing down from the peak, her body still flushed and her breath still heavy.

“I’m glad, mon beau. Next time you’re ready, we can try my toys if you like.” Nat started to stand but Renee grabbed her.

“No. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I want more. I want you to put it in my ass.” Her voice was small and almost embarrassed.

Nat crawled onto the bed next to her and wrapped her arms around Renee.

“There is nothing to be ashamed of my love. Your body cannot help what it likes, many many girls enjoy this for themselves. I love playing with my butt because it feels good Renee. If this makes you feel good too, then it is perfectly alright.” She kissed her.

"Can...can you try two fingers?" She was conscious of how wet her neglected pussy was, something that surprised them both.

"Yes. You are doing magnifique Renee, it is so sweet of you to try this for me. Maybe we can try something you like next? I've seen your search history, choking perhaps?" Sweet was an odd word for what this was, but Renee didn't mind. She'd address Nat peeping on her own porn habits later, maybe with some light breath play as "punishment". 

She immediately missed Nat’s skilled tongue. Her body demanded more attention and it came when the two lube soaked fingers prodded at her now relaxed asshole. The digits pushed in, aided by her warm-up. It was a revelation compared to one. They felt exponentially larger and the discomfort bordered on sharp pain. But with that came far more pleasure, the entrance pouring in the bulk of it. Her butt was stretched and warped around her fingers and her insides still twitched at the strange stimulation. 

"Relax Renee, it will be much more pleasurable if you are not tense, here." She kissed Renee's folds. "Think of it like getting ready for a bigger toy, just breathe."

Nat refocused on Renee’s breasts with her mouth and gave her drooling pussy a few rubs with her other hand. Again, Renee’s ass relaxed and Nat began to pump the paired fingers, pushing moans from Renee. It felt so much better than just the one. Side by side they worked in her rear, only ever pulling halfway out before returning. Nat brushed at her depths, triggering more bizarre sensations in Renee. Her ass made embarrassing sounds but Nat didn’t mind. She kept kissing her legs and marveling at the sight of Renee’s stretching butt. Renee pressed her palms to her eyes as her legs flexed and squirmed. She was getting off again on anal a second time, if only the others could see their adorable defender and hardass skirmisher now.

"T-three..." She whimpered. This was really turning her on.

Nat obliged. The jump in pleasure was not as intense since Nat arrayed her fingers in a triangle. But this was definitely over the size of that strap. It felt good though it burned just a bit.

Look who likes it in the butt

The voices finally started to chime in.

Wait till she really starts to do you

Wow, I wish my Nat would finger my ass

"Shut up..." Renee whispered. The constant reminders of her current sexual state had a way of overstimulating her.

"What was that?" Nat stopped a moment, concerned.

"Nothing, just the voices." Renee panted. She didn't realize she'd been breathing so heavy. "You can put it in me now."

Nat threw the glove away and soaked the strap in lube. Suddenly, it looked massive again. In reality, it was maybe the size of a hairbrush handle, hardly the largest thing Renee had taken, but her butt was new territory. She remembered the first time Nat had used that strap, their first time together. It had scared her then too, but Nat had made that night something special, a night she hoped to never forget. Above anyone else, Renee trusted her girlfriend, this too would be a wonderful night she assured herself. The lube and condom cover silicone tip was like ice on her backdoor as Nat held it there, her hands on Renee's legs. She admired the slight gape she'd made and how wound up she'd made Renee.

"I'm going to put it in now. Tell me when to stop."

The tip easily slipped into her loosened hole. Pressure and fullness built in her core as Nat slid deeper inside her. The rubber cock was completely unlike her fingers. It was smooth, pushing in easier, but so much larger. Even a toy this small was intense in Renee's inexperienced ass. Unlike the fingers, it did hurt. She could feel her rear being pushed open and her insides burning at the invasion. Renee moaned Nat's name over and over, punctuated with hisses at the discomfort, and moans at the pleasure. 

"Renee, are you ok? We can stop." Her cries and whimpers made Nat stop for a moment, strap still about a third of the way in.

"N-no, keep going. I can take it, promise."

A hand caressed her face, the soft touch stood in stark contrast to the discomfort in her core.

"If I'm hurting you, we should stop. You don't have to like it, my love, I'd much rather you be happy." Nat kissed her knee.

"I'm fine. It feels good, better than it hurts. I-I kind of like the hurt too..." She retreated into her scarf. It was something she'd known for a while now. Nat was not afraid to get rough and was prone to getting carried away in her excitement. Her spanks, bites, and scratches did truly hurt, but Renee was always glad they did.

More kisses fell on her leg before Nat began to push again. Cool lube poured onto her hole and the strap, letting it glide in with less resistance. Renee screwed her eyes shut and bit down hard on her scarf, taking more of the strap. Everything in her rational brain said this was wrong, it was dirty and disgusting, it was so humiliating, and it hurt, why should she like it? But her body and the sexual part of her told a different story, one of a new type of pleasure and a desire to be claimed like this. She surprised herself when Nat's bush brushed against her sensitive pussy. She'd taken it all.

"So much! Very impressive my love, I'm all the way in you. There is no pain?" Nat tried to look Renee in the eyes, but she hid behind her scarf. "Is everything ok?"

"Yeah. It's fine, just don't look at me like that. Don't give me your lovey eyes when you're in my ass! You-you can start moving." She could see the redness in Renee's face.

Nat's hips began to work. Her first thrusts were short, gradual pumps into those tight depths. Renee's recently virginal ass clung to the lubed up strap, trying to prevent it from leaving. But Nat worked to a gentle pace, pulling only part of the back before returning it to Renee. Her wetness flowed down to the strap, giving it more lubrication, and giving Nat an incentive to press her fingers back to those folds.

"How do you feel about getting pleasure in both places?"

"No. I-I can't. Too much, just this for now." Renee panted.

"Oui, mon cheire. How do you feel now?" 

Nat's hands slid up and down her sides, caressing her hips and flexing abs. 

"It feels good mostly. Kind of burns a little, but it's not bad. Can you go a little harder?"

Nat's hands slipped from her side and grabbed on to her hips. Like a steam engine, her thrusts became faster and more powerful. With the increase in pleasure came an increase in pain. For now, it felt far better than it hurt though. Renee was moaning loudly and writhing on Nat's strap. Her face was still buried in her scarf and her faded blue eyes refused to look Nat in the face. Natalie pulled back and held steady.

Renee was ready for another slam. But rather than thrust into her, Nat slowly pulled out, her strap removing with a wet, sucking pop. Renee loosed a guttural groan at the sudden loss of pressure, the removal felt far more satisfying than the insertion. A finger pressed to her slightly gaped butt and Renee felt just how easy it slipped in. But it was replaced with the strap again when Nat pushed halfway back in. Her tight insides were expanded by the narrow strap again, returning that satisfied and stuffed feeling to Renee. And again, Nat pulled out leaving her gasping and wondering what was better, the release or when the fake cock stretched her out. 

"Sparks please, I need it." Renee moaned. The use of her pet name was reserved for moments Renee was vulnerable and submissive, moments where she wanted her girlfriend to inflict her will upon her. 

Nat kissed her cheek and whispered 'patience'. For what felt like an eternity, she continued her tease. In and out, in and out. The constant give and take was driving Renee mad, she squirmed and groaned, her toes curling and her back arching with want. 

"Say it." Natalie whispered while she raked her nails over Renee's flexing abs, leaving faint scratches. Their sex had brought out Renee's favorite side of Natalie, her dominant and mischievous side. Her hands rubbed over Renee's sweating core and she again demanded she speak.

"Natalie, please fuck me." She panted, her body screamed for more. 

"Be specific my love." Natalie jostled the tip of her strap just inside Renee's ass, only making her more desperate with need. The smell of her drooling pussy was making both even hotter for each other. 

"Fuck my ass. Please sparks, fuck me in the ass. Give it to me hard, please!" Renee whined. The smirk crossed Natalie's face was as devious as it was amused. Getting her to beg turned her on almost as much as her nude form, and hearing her cry for such lurid things was a dream come true.

"I'm going to go harder until you tell me to stop, ok?" Renee nodded to Nat's plan.

Before long, their hips were slapping together with audible claps. Each impact sent a shockwave of pleasure through both her ass and her pussy, her breasts bouncing in time with the thrusts. Renee knew her face must have been burning red by now. She was getting fucked in the ass and liking it. And Nat's thrusts were only getting more powerful.

"There, there that's good." She whimpered. “Oowww. I’m fine I’m fine. Keep going!”

She locked in her pace. Renee's moans were less restrained now, tumbling out wantonly. The sound of Nat's hips slapping on her's, the pungent smell of lube mixed with her ass, and the cocktail of pain and pleasure overwhelmed her senses. Nat's hands held her squirming hips tight and gave gentle assistance to her pounding. By now, Renee's slick arousal was flowing like a river. She was beyond turned on, and she could feel that ultimate pressure building.

Nat tried to stifle a giggle when an especially loud queef came from her ass. Renee buried her face deeper in her scarf.

"I'm sorry, Renee. That was rude. Such things are natural, it is just silly to see you like this." She broke her dominant streak for a moment.

Renee's mind was too cloudy to respond. She focused on Nat's gorgeous face, how her eyes smiled at the sight of her girlfriend. With her, everything was always alright, and when they were having sex, Renee was down for anything. The images of her stunning body in exertion, trying to fuck her to exhaustion only filled Renee with more heat. 

"Tell me when you want to stop or switch, your butt is very tight so this may not be comfortable for long." Nat's soft voice came to her through the egregious sounds of sex.

"I can feel it. I’m getting close, just keep doing this.” Renee whined.

The assfucking continued as Nat adjusted her position slightly. The strap brushed over a spot on her insides that made Renee's whole body arch. She felt a jet of liquid shoot from her neglected pussy, the kind usually reserved for when Nat toyed with her clit.

“Found your a-spot. Do you want to cum?” Nat whispered in a mischievous tone.

“Yes. Please more! I want to cum again, please Nat. Fuck me.” Renee wrapped her fingers around Nat’s wrists when she grabbed her hips.

The strap nailed that pressure point without mercy. Renee’s body was on fire, and when Nat gave her clit some attention as well, she knew it was over. Nat adored the spectacle before her. Renee was a writhing mess of pleasure. The sheets and her hair clung to her sweaty and flushed body, her skin shining in the candlelight. Even obscured by her scarf, Nat saw her faces of bliss, how her mouth hung open and her face was such a brilliant bright red. And of course, there was her body, every muscle flexing and her breasts heaving. Her fingers rubbed at her drenched lips, just inches from her very willing backdoor.

"Yes, right there...shit Nat...god yes, there! I'm gonna cum Nat, you're so good. You're amazing in my butt."

Her cock is so deep in your ass

Cum you little butt-slut

Your pussy is burning hot right now

Do it, squirt all over her

Both sets of walls began to squeeze down as her cries became more frantic. Nat kept up her plowing, hitting Renee with everything she had. As the strap bucked into her, she felt a pressure she’d never got before. It was inside her, all over her body, and her she kept trying to fight it, her abs flexing and her whole body squirming, but it was too much. Renee's world fell away.


"Hmmmmmm..." She moaned when her senses returned. Her surroundings were soft to the touch, still smelling of pine but now mixed with lube and sex. 

Sight returned and her head was on Nat's chest, cradled in her arms, their legs intertwined. In as many words, she was in heaven. There was no better place, Nat's soft and smooth skin, her tender embrace, all of it was perfect after sex. 

"How do you feel mon cherie?" Nat stroked her head, petting her and massaging comfort and calm into her. Her fingers wove into her frilled and tossed black hair, scratching her scalp. That was one of her favorite things when she was still in the afterglow. 

"Tired, my ass hurts." It was a bit sore, like her arms after a long workout, but it was tolerable. What was more intense was the tingling that remained in her legs and core. 

"I'm sorry, Renee. I wasn't trying to hurt you. When you came, you squeezed so hard, it just slipped out so fast. We don't have to do this again if you don't like it." She kissed her forehead, making it all a bit more bearable. 

“It’s fine, you’re always a pain in my ass.” Renee smiled and Nat gave her a playful slap.

“Silly girl! But you did enjoy this, no?” She had to wait for a long wet kiss to end before she could respond. But Renee was in no rush to end it. It didn't matter Nat's tongue still tasted like lube, a kiss was a kiss. 

“Hmmm-hmmm. You felt amazing in me. I’ve never been so full, I can't believe I came like that.” Mentally, Renee ranked it as her fourth-best orgasm. Nat was responsible for spots one and three, number two was by herself. 

"I'm so happy you liked it, Renee. You did so good tonight, so brave and sweet for me." Another kiss landed on her cheek. Her body on Renee's was like a nap after an exhausting match.

"Mmmhhh. My butt feels empty, is that normal?” Renee mumbled against Nat's chest. She took the liberty of kissing her tender breasts, though Nat never seemed to mind. 

“You’re very stretchy. It will go back to normal soon. May I look though?”

Renee let her slide down and part her cheeks. Her finger ran over her winking ass, the tiniest amount of lube dripping out of it. A quick wipe with a towelette cleaned her up. Her butt longed for more, but even Renee knew she couldn't take more tonight. Well, she couldn't take more in her butt, if Nat was up for more rounds, she was happy to satisfy her. 

“No blood! I was worried we didn’t use enough lube and that I was being too rough.” The fact the whole room smelled like lube was evidence enough of Nat's caution.

“We can do this again. Just don't tell anyone I like it like this. Anita got enough fun out of the time you left bites on my neck." She rubbed Nat's shoulder, tracing the unique pattern of scars, one of Renee's favorite features of her's. 

Soon, but we need to give your butt some time to recover, it had so many new things done to it today. You'll be walking funny tomorrow, it would be a shame if I had to pamper you at home all day. But I can always use my mouth as long as you clean for me. I’d love to eat your tasty butt again.” She jiggled Renee's cheeks, giggling at the sight and thought. Renee blushed. Maybe she should be proud to have a tasty butt. 

"Maybe I can get you off? I can be a pain in your ass too."