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Kisses (or alternatively: Tine Finds Sarawat Hot When He Plays Football)

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In short, Tine found Sarawat extremely hot.

"And Sarawat from Political Science scores! Did you see that technique, Mon?"

Tine smiled as he saw Sarawat wave at him ecstatically. Today was the match between their respective faculties - the first one this semester as well. Although Tine obviously wanted the Law team to win, his lovable boyfriend was in Poli Sci. He might be cheering for the Faculty of Law, but his undying support was with Sarawat. When it came to Sarawat, faculty support did not exist.

The fangirls at the sidelines continued to cheer, earning a mental disgruntled groan from Tine. He wasn't jealous. Not jealous at all. It's just that they continue to say things like 'marry me Sarawat' knowing full well that Sarawat had a boyfriend! And his name was Tine Teepakorn. Maintaining a sweet and confident smile, he decided to stop paying attention to the screaming fans and focus on the real treat. His boyfriend, of course.

His grin widened as the Law side fails to get a goal in. He really should put more sincerity into his "don't mind!" cheers, but he's not gonna. The way Sarawat jumped for joy when the goal didn't make it made Tine's heart all giddy. It was real funny. During the actual high tension plays, Sarawat was serious and admittedly, a bit scary. But as soon as they score (or as soon as the other team fails to score), the biggest grin on his face shows up. And it's always the same grin. That cute ass smile that makes Tine's heart beat in an abnormal way.

Tine, at first, only wanted to join the cheerleaders so that he could meet girls. Or to be popular with girls, actually. But now he really wanted to be here because of Sarawat. He loves all his different sides, but there was a much more different charm to his boyfriend when he was playing football.

Sure, Tine liked it a whole lot when Sarawat was his romantic self, strumming the strings of his guitar and singing with his most beautiful voice. But when Sarawat plays football, it's a different story. The way his body moves, the way his hair bounces, the way his sweat drips, the way his clothes stick and show off those glorious, glorious muscles - god, Tine could go on for hours and hours about those muscles - and the way Sarawat slicked back his hair during time out.

In short, Tine found Sarawat extremely hot. Several levels of hot. He's not sure if his boyfriend is an angel or a whole demon for making him feel these ungodly things.

The cheers got louder and louder as the game progressed. The crowd was also growing bigger by the second. It was a great game, honestly. There were some rookie monsters in the Law team, but the Poli Sci team was still as strong and reliable as before. Tension grew as the ball made its way through the field. Tine really wanted to focus on the game, but Sarawat made it hard to do so. How can someone look that good when they're sweaty and tired?

"And... Sarawat goals! That's 1-0, folks! An excellent game brought to us by the Faculty of Political Science and the Faculty of Law!"

The Political Science team jumped up and down, celebrating on the field. Sarawat, however, was throwing all sorts of hearts at Tine. Tine blushed, embarrassed.

"Oh, and when you dodged Number 3's - well..."

Tine rolled his eyes as Sarawat and his friends made their way to him. Man and Boss chuckled at how Sarawat was smiling brighter than ever. He didn't look like he was having fun while talking about the match with Law.

Boss laughed, taking his hand off of Sarawat's shoulder. "We were going to celebrate, but your cute cheerleader boyfriend is here to pick you up."

"Seriously, Boss?" Tine replied, laughing as well. "You always say that whenever I pick him up. Well, not the cheerleader part, but still."

Man joined in on the conversation. "'Cause it's true, dude. You always pick him up when we're supposed to celebrate. Don't mind, don't mind - we'll call up P'Type or Phukong."

Right, Phukong was a freshman now. That's slightly wild.

"Hey, don't you dare get my brother drunk." Sarawat warned, his glare like daggers. Man raised both of his arms, as if he was just accused of something.

"I never said anything about getting drunk! Whatever, whatever. Come on, my friend Boss! Let's not interrupt the campus lovebirds' sweet moment."

Man and Boss said their goodbyes. Tine gave them a small smile, saying his congrats again for the nth time. Their first match of the semester, and they already won. The Political Science team truly was something else.

As he was busy thinking about the result of the match, he felt a tiny nudge of an elbow. Tine snapped out of it and saw Sarawat, pouting with his signature puppy eyes. Oh, hell. This only happened when Sarawat wanted something. Tine chuckled as he patted the football player's hair. How can someone be so hot on the field but be such a dork in real life? Some people might think that he's this cool, cold guy - yet in reality he was just a cute little boy with his damned puppy eyes and pouts.

"Yeah? What do you want?" Tine asked.

Sarawat continued to pout. "You didn't give me a kiss when I won. I ran to you before the awards ceremony but you only rubbed my head! I mean, it felt really nice but I wanted a kiss!"

"Oh, you poor thing. Deprived of Tine Teepakorn's excellent kisses." said Tine, a joking tone to his voice.

"Yes, truly a tragedy." Sarawat replied, "Can you kiss me now?"

Tine furrowed his eyebrows and pinched Sarawat's cheek. "No. There's so many people here. You want those silly little fangirls of yours to take photos of us, huh?"

Sarawat looked up, pulling a questioning face.

"Now that doesn't sound that bad. They'll know that I belong to you and you belong to - ow! Alright, alright."

Tine giggled as he stopped pinching Sarawat's cheek.

"You don't have to be upset, idiot." Tine said. "It's not like I'm not going to kiss you at all. Just save it til we get home."

Sarawat pouted again. "Not even in the car?"

"Okay, okay! I'll kiss you on the cheek right now okay?"

Tine cupped Sarawat's face with both of his hands and placed a kiss as soft as a cloud on his boyfriend's right cheek. Actually, he also kissed his forehead. Sarawat deserved all the cute kisses, truly. Sarawat hummed, pleased, when Tine pressed a chaste peck on his nose.

"There, happy?" Tine asked, hands still on his boyfriend's face.

"So happy. You never show any affection in public." Sarawat replied, a drunken and goofy expression on his face. "I'm overjoyed right now. Not even joking."

"Now, be patient and wait until we get home. I'll kiss you until you drop." Tine promised, adding a small wink at the end.


After their hearty dinner, (they had curry, of course - Wat did win after all) the two quickly climbed to bed and played a movie. Today's movie was a Ghibli one. Tine and Sarawat argued which one to watch - My Neighbor Totoro or Howl's Moving Castle - and they ended up with Howl's Moving Castle because it was Sarawat's favorite.

Currently, they were snuggled up in bed with a million pillows and heaps of blankets. It was quite cold in their room. They could just turn the AC down, but that's no fun. Cuddling for warmth was way better. Sarawat felt Tine tighten his arms around his body. At this point, the cheerleader wasn't even paying attention to the movie. He simply wanted to bask in Wat's scent until he fell asleep. Valid, but they were watching Howl's Moving Castle.

"You were the one one who suggested watching a movie." Sarawat said, "And now you're trying to nap?"

Tine grunted and buried his face into Sarawat's chest. "You smell really good, though. Don't tell me you're complaining when you're this irresistible?"

"Oh, I wonder how those fans of yours will reach if they find out that their favorite chic chic boy is a clingy boy?" Sarawat replied, chuckling as he patted Tine's hair.

The cheerleader opened his just to roll them, then closed them back again. Tine was always in a cuddly mood 24/7, but now even more so. Again, when he saw those muscles, he couldn't believe that he was dating the guy with that body. And for Tine, that body was free real estate. He could hug and cuddle Sarawat as much as he wanted. It was heaven, really.

"Hey, hey."

Sarawat hummed. "Yeah?"

"I promised that I was going to kiss you till you drop."

As soon as Sarawat heard those words, he tapped the pause button and closed his laptop. He placed it on the side. Tine wanted to snort. This boy really liked his kisses, huh?

Sarawat turned to Tine. "Yes, you did."

Tine laughed and open his eyes. Their noses were touching now. Their lips were only a few millimeters apart. Sarawat's eyes... he never noticed how they were slightly golden. He always saw them as brown - dark brown - but right now they looked quite golden. They were sparkling, even. Tine smiled.



"Love you. And congrats on the win today."

Tine pressed his lips against Sarawat's. It took a bit of time for Sarawat to process that Tine had just kissed him, but when he did, he instantly kissed back. The cheerleader giggled against the kiss, feeling giddy. It's still as magical as the first time. Fireworks, sparks, whatever you want to call them - they were all still there.

The two broke apart, gasping for air. Tine smiled, his hand caressing Sarawat's cheek.

"Love you too. And thank you." Sarawat muttered. Tine chuckled, kissing Sarawat once more.