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Just a Big Cat

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Kat exited the bedroom and stretched her back. ‘Note to myself: four hours of gaming is NOT good for my back’ she thought as she walked to the living room where she thought Adam was watching some anime. However, she stopped when she saw what he really was doing: her boyfriend was sitting cross-legged and was petting their cat, Winter.


He had a peaceful smile on his face as he let his hand travel through the cat's fur. Winter was purring loudly while she was trying to push her head in his hand.


Then, Adam picked her up and held her against his chest; she looked so small in his arms. Winter happily pushed her face against his, and he chuckled softly before starting rub his face against the small feline’s.


‘That’s the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen!’ thought Kat from her spot behind the door. She just wanted to melt in a crying mess at how adorable the scene was. She quickly took out her phone and snapped a few pictures of their face-rubbing, 'That's going to make a gorgeous wallpaper!' She couldn't resist the envy of sending some to his father.