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I've Just Seen A Face

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Lena had gone to bed absolutely livid.


They had pulled her away from Kara under the ruse of needing to discuss legal matters– which just consisted of John Jones attempting to force her into signing an NDA that promised that she wouldn't expose or press legal charges against the secret government facility that had broken into her home and trampled all over her private property. In exchange for her silence, he'd promised that she'd get to keep in contact with and visit Kara– which had then promptly thrown Lena head first into a hurricane of her own anger and threats. He had stayed annoyingly calm and stoic as she freaked out and threatened to sue him twenty ways to Saturday, waiting patiently until she'd worn herself ragged with her Oscar worthy threats, and then informing her that she didn't really have a choice in the matter and that this would be the only plausible way for her to be allowed to see Kara ever again– belaying the admission that without them, Superman would never allow Lena to even think about the blonde ever again, and even if Kara fought against him on the matter, they had enough Kryptonite to render her immobile, if not dead.


After a lengthy exchange of poker faces and thinly veiled threats, Lena reluctantly ended up signing the NDA in fear of harm befalling Kara because of Lena's own selfish need to keep the blonde close to her.


But by the time that she had said good-bye to Kara, been dragged out of the government building, tossed into the back of a van with a bag tied securely around her head, and all but thrown onto the porch of her house– Lena had already conjured up a plan on how to release the Kryptonian from the DEO's clutches.


She was starkly reminded - her legging-clad knees scraping against the concrete of her front patio and leaving grated blood and flesh in it's wake as she's dropped carelessly to the ground by two bulky agents grunting cruelties under their breath - that she was in fact a Luthor, blood bound or not. And Luthor's– wether they're fighting for world domination or for the freedom of a girl that they adore– don't back down from fights. And they surely don't allow themselves to be bested, either.


It's with her mother's mantra of reminders to be stronger, be better, be smarter, and more cunning– that she stays up for the better part of the night and uses the "hacktivist" classes that she had participated in during college, to the best of her knowledge– hacking into the DEO's painfully encrypted database and not allowing her sleep deprived mind to fall under the daunting aroma of unconsciousness until she's positive that she correctly programed Kara's cell door to unlock along with every other electricity driven appliance (e.g. monitors, computers, generators, etc.) when they are powered on in the morning. As well as cutting off the air-conditioning in the vents leading up to Kara's captivity, so they wouldn't blow against her when she was crawling through them.


She studied the blueprints of the building until her eyes burned with the memory of them imprinted against her inner eyelids. She studied them until she memorized every single way that one could get in and out of the facility, studying work schedules to figure out where every agent would be posted and plotting a precise plan on how she would sneak Kara out of the cage that they had trapped her in and get away with her; contemplating plane ticket prices and destinations, and calculating who she could put in charge of her company while she's away, getting Kara comfrotable in a new life away from the government agency that wished to weaponize and manipulate her.


She only allows herself to fall asleep when she's got a full, impenetrable plan on Kara's get away from the US and their corrupted government (she always knew that she should've stayed in Ireland.) And three other backup plans she can turn to in case that one falls through, because Lena's nothing if not efficient. Letting herself drift off into unconsciousness, her exhausted body still stirring with excess anger and resentment as the darkness swims through her vision and overtakes her thoughts.


Lena wakes up from bed to the sound of glass shattering along with a heavy thump against her hardwoods floors. Her eyes shoot open so quickly that the change in lighting gives her mind whiplash, jumping up from the warm covers of her bed and scrambling up to press against the tall headboard at the top of her bed– a thousand thoughts whip through her head like a whirlwind at that moment, drowning out any residing emotions that may be lurking in the depths of her mind from just an hour or so previously (if the neon light glowing on her alarm clock was anything to go by,) and instead ambushing her with images of Lex; of his rage filled eyes, of the way he smiled at her before being dragged away by the guards, grinning with something so cold and terrifying wedged between the gaps in his teeth that it imprinted itself into the forefront of her mind, presenting itself's whenever she dared to close her eyes.


She had known, just from that devilish smirk and reeling eyes, that that wasn't the last she'd hear of Lex, that that wouldn't be the last chance that he had to pull the rug up from beneath her feet and send her toppling down a cliff built of her own demise. She'd always known, in the posterior of her mind, behind all the comforting memories of Lex's late night calls and extravagant presents– that her brother wasn't her brother anymore, and he would try to kill her someday.


She just hadn't thought it'd be this soon.


And the thought that she had grown so comfortable with in the past few weeks– having a strong, protective Kryptonian sleeping next to her, trailing behind her, and carrying her around, could protect her against anything or anybody that Lex sends her way– is suddenly a futile wish.


Her left hand shoots out to turn on the lamp on her bedside table at the same time that her right one darts out to grab the silver pistol that she kept in her drawer, thrusting it out to be pointed aimlessly at the intruder.


But she's cut off abruptly by the sight of a familiar blonde, laid across her floor in a heap of tangled limps and shattered glass– seconds before she's shooting up from the ground and spinning around to face Lena with a bright, guilty smile that the heiress had grown so accustomed to seeing.


"Kara?" She questions almost unbelievingly.


"Hi." The blondes grin is bashful as she brings her hand up and offers a small, passive wave to the raven haired girl still wielding a gun at her.


She examines the blonde alien for only a few more seconds before dropping her arm limply at her side, her body slumping against the headboard behind her as she feels relief flood her veins from head to toe– both at Kara being home and safe, and at the knowledge that tonight wasn't the night that she died at the hands of her brother's assassin.


Though the languid feeling only lasts for a few prolonged moments before her eyes are snapping up to scrutinize the blonde closely, searching the Kryptonian for any sign of injury; her clothes are wrinkled and ripped from flying through the window and rutting against shards of jagged glass, her tank top ripped from the bottom of her sport bra clad breasts to just above the waist line of her shorts on the right side, letting a glimpse her chiseled abdomen lay on display under the artificial flood of light that her small lamp was providing. Lena's eyes strayed on the tan, toned skin for a few moments more than absolutely necessary before she's tearing them away and continuing her visual path down the girls body. Her outfits accompanied by a few more smaller rips and tears, but other than that, Lena can't find any abnormalities on the other girl.


"W-What are you– H-How– Why– W-Wha–" Lena stuttered incoherently, her mind a jumble of different thoughts as her eyes drew from the blonde to the third story window that she had just jumped through.


Thankfully, Kara saves her from further embarrassing herself with eligible stuttering by cutting her off. "I had a nightmare." She states it plainly, like it explained absolutely everything that had just occured. Lena wonders if, in her mind, it did. Or if it was just her limited knowledge on the English language that was holding her back.


"You had a nightmare?" Lena repeats back breathlessly, her questions taking the back seat of her mind as worry overtakes her senses. "Are you okay?" She asks, watching Kara roll up and down on the balls of her feet, standing by the bed idly.


Kara grins at the question, taking it as some sort of unspoken invitation as she crawls up and onto the bed until she's on the other side, sitting besides Lena. She slips her bare legs under the warmth of the covers and then holds up the side closest to Lena silently, staring down at the heiress pointedly until she shrinks under the gaze with a sigh, picking up the silver gun once more and placing it into her bedside table before slipping her legs back under the covers that she had been previously occupying, sliding down the bed until she was no longer mounted on top of the mountain of pillows at the head of the mattress.


"I'm okay now." Kara tells her with a happy smile, scooting closer to Lena until their legs touch underneath the blue sheets.


Lena examines her composure for a few beats, staring her down for any signs of deception. When she doesn't find any obvious signs of dishonesty, she follows Kara's far-away gaze where it had landed distractingly in front of them, her blue eyes seeming unfocused and disoriented for just a few flickering moments, like she had just contemplated a passing, painful thought before it disappears just as quickly as it came.


"Promise?" She asks, turning her head away from the dark room lurking in front of her until cerulean eyes melt into jade ones, meeting in a way that reminded Lena of the morning sky touching against the tops of the trees as they met at the horizon.


Kara grins, her smile so bright that the silver moonlight leaking freely through the room, no longer restrained by the barrier of a window, pales in comparison to the glow. "Promise."


Lena let's silence envelop them for a few moments after Kara's gentle voice trails off and gets lost in the warm midnight wind, words loosing their meaning under their intensive stares. She feels a tug in her chest, an invisible string lassoing around her heart and pulling so hard that it tilts her body forward. Kara follows suit, their eyes like melting magnets of colour, dripping with poorly concealed emotion and meaning, forcing them together even as the world tried to tear them apart; it wasn't the first time that Lena had felt the pull, throwing her forward whenever her eyes met the blue ones that she had grown accustomed to drowning in, but it was by far the strongest she'd ever felt it.


She only stops when Kara's face is a few inches from her own, close enough that she can feel her warm breath fan across her lips. The blondes gaze is distant and dazed as she stares at Lena almost longingly, and the expression on her face is so beautiful, so innocent and naive, that it picks Lena up and throws her right out of her daze– she can't let herself fall under the spell of the aliens enticing beauty, she can't allow herself to feel that way about the other woman. It would be unfair to Kara, to impose her feelings on the blonde when she was so new to this confusing world, when she didn't know what feelings were what or what was normal and what wasn't yet, when she didn't know what the difference between a romantic relationship and a platonic one was yet. She can't allow herself to take advantage of the naive alien like that, to confuse and manipulate her into a relationship that she might not even want, with a human that she might not even want. No, they were friends, and that was all Lena would allow them to be.


She couldn't let her lonely brain romanticize the only friendship that she had left.


She feels like her body had just been tossed into an ice cold lake as she pulls back abruptly, creating a self-made space between them that has Kara frowning at her, though Lena isn't quite sure why. She clears her throat awkwardly, her voice suddenly disappearing into the depths of her throat, coming out raspy and grated against her suddenly too heavy tongue. "So, how did you get out of the DEO?"


Kara just frowns at her silently for a few more moments, her body still leaned forward as her gaze flickers up and down Lena's face with an unreadable expression. Eventually, she lets a frustrated sigh escape her lips and backs up so she's no longer folding over to be closer to Lena, clearing her throat and licking her lips before answering. "I walked out."


Lena gives her a dubious look then, her eyebrows furthering together as she shuffles around once more to face Kara a little more head on, like she had just moments beforehand. "You–You just, walked out? " She asks disbelievingly, doing a veage, overtly casual sweep with her hand.


"Yeah." Kara confirms, like it's simple, like it's something she could've done all along. Lena narrows her eyes at her in a way that Kara had grown familiar with, it was the same glare she gave Kara every time that the blonde wasn't being expressive enough or talking enough, it silently commanded the Kryptonian to elaborate.


She sighed again. "I j-jumped at the glass."


Lena gives her a dumbfounded look, her eyes wide and her mouth agape. "You threw yourself at it?"




"And that worked? You threw yourself at it and it shattered?"


Kara looked only slightly confused as she nodded her head. "Yeah."


They have a staring contest for a few long moments of silence before Lena abruptly reaches out with her right hand, bringing it out from under the comforts of the bedding and flinging it out to slap Kara against the arm, ignoring the pain that jolts down her own arm as she does so and the unaffected gaze that the alien gives her, not even blinking at the strike. "What the fuck, Kara. You could've broken the glass the entire time?"


"Yeah." Kara confirms once more, seemingly confused on why Lena was upset by the matter.


" What the fuck, Kara?" In an instant, Lena's hand is darting back out to smack the same spot on Kara's arm, harder than she had before. She feels pain reviate down her arm once more, stabbing at her nerve endings and making her slack palm feel like it had just collided with a brick wall. She shakes out the limp hand, letting out a small whine of pain as her words trail off.


"What?" Kara asks dumbly, completely unaffected by the feeling of Lena slapping her arm, reacting as though it was nothing more than a fly flapping its wings against her skin.


Lena's arm shoots out once more, the heiress mentally preparing herself for the pain that she knew would accompany the action, but in the blink of an eye Kara's own fly's up to grab a hold of it, stern but gentle as she slips her fingers between the gaps of her Lena's own instead of letting it go. "Stop it, you're hurting yourself." She demands, her foreign accent thick around the words.


Lena sighs and let's her hand be held captive in the much stronger one. "If you could have left the whole time, than why didn't you?"


Kara contemplates her words for a few moments before shrugging noncommittally, her blonde hair bouncing with the movement of her shoulders and her lips formed in a small pout. "I was confused."


"Confused? About what?" Lena asks, running through their goodbye in her mind and wondering what about it could be confusing.


"I don't know, okay? I tried to leave, but it didn't wo-work–" she made a gesture with her hand that Lena guessed was supposed to symbolise her attempt to open the door. "And then you were t-t-talking fast and with b-big words. And you looked sad, but you said you co-come in the m-morning. And I th-thought that if I stay, than they'd b-bring Kal-El. But they didn't. And I had a nightmare. " She says it like a reminder to Lena, her voice more hushed than it had been before.


Lena listened to the stuttered explanation intently, her eyebrows knitted together as she nodded along patiently. "So you got confused, because I talked too fast and was sad. But I promised that I'd be by in the morning, so you thought you'd just wait there for Kal-El?" Lena asks slowly, making sure she got the jist of the story.


Kara nods vigorously in response.


Lena can't help the laugh that bubbles up her throat and slips past her lips at the confirmation, her eyes squinting and her head shaking. She had just spent hours upon hours on end making plans to break Kara out– hacking into a top secret government agency and reprogramming their electrical system so that she could break the blonde out, illegally getting a hold of and memorizing the buildings blueprints and drawing out how she'd sneak them through vents and down walls, until they could get out of the facility unnoticed. She had boughten airplane tickets to Ireland and had Sam's name on her speed dial, ready to call her at the first crack of light and abandon her multi-billionaire company in the girls arms. She had their empty suitcases laid out on the floor, ready to be filled and fled with– she had planned everything, from hotels to car rides, and Kara could've just gotten out at any moment that she wished to the entire time.


Kara seemed confused by her abrupt and near manic laughter, but she didn't know nearly enough English words for Lena to explain the extents of which she had just gone in order to escape with Kara. So she just shook her head, swallowing back the laughter as it oozes resistantly against her lips, and squeezes Kara's hand tightly in her own.


"I'm sorry you didn't get to see Kal-El, my dear." Lena offers her when the laughter subsides, a sad smile on her lips.


Kara only seems crestfallen for a moment, her cerulean eyes distant as they stare just past her, but then they flicker back to meet Lena's own and she lets a small, genuine smile overtake her lips as she stares at Lena, her gaze loaded with something unreadable, she squeezes Lena's hand back gently. "It's okay." She mutters, sounding like she wants to add something to it, but decides against it.


They sit in silence, gazing at each other for only a few prolonged moments before Lena is looking away, cutting the gaze short with an abrupt but curious laugh. "So you threw yourself at the glass and it broke. But how did you get out of the building?"


"I walked out." Kara shrugged.


Lena sighs so heavily that all the air collapses from her lungs, her head flinging back and her gaze boring into the textured ceiling above her. She can't help but smile so widely that she knows her gums are showing when Kara laughs loudly in response, the noise abrupt but beautiful in the quite room.


"I th-threw myself at the wall." She explains further, her head tilted back and laughter in her words.


Lena's gaze drops down to Kara at the words, her eyebrows raised questioningly and her smile so wide it hurts her cheeks. "You broke their wall?"


Kara nodded rapidly in response. "Yeah."


Lena feels a sickening sense of pride pour through her bloodstream at the confirmation. "Good." She states, making Kara laugh again.


They sit in a comfrotable silence for a few minutes, both girls lost in their own minds. Lena's gaze stuck on the empty room in front of her, filled with nothing but rarely utilised furniture and the midnight air, leaking in through the shattered window and pouring invisible stars into the room with every breeze that rocked through the Earth. She contemplated how long it'd take to undo the plan that she had so carefully crafted only about an hour or so beforehand, oblivious to Kara's attentive stare tracking her face from besides her.


They sat like that until Lena abruptly broke the silence once more. "Wait. The room that they kept you in was on the second story, and you broke through my third floor window. How did you–" she trails off, her voice brimming with wonder as her head whipped around to meet Kara's eyes, only slightly startled when the cerulean irises are already planted on her.


Kara seems to catch the silent question, her reverent gaze never faltering from Lena's. "I walked on sky." She said it easily, like it wasn't something to marvel at.


Lena's jade eyes widened and her body went rigid with excitement, her palms meeting the plush of the bedding as she pushed herself up straighter on the bed, folding her legs under her body and turning to face Kara straight on. "You walked on the sky " She asked incredulously.


Kara nodded her head, shifting just a few inches so that she was facing Lena's head on as well. "Yeah." She smiled naively.


"Like you flew " Lena asked, her voice laced with poorly concealed excitement.


Kara just narrowed her eyebrows at the unfamiliar word, her eyes flickering over Lena's face before landing back on her eyes. "Sure?" She agreed unsurely.


"Flew, it's the past tense of flying. Like a bird." She pointed to the sky before tugging her hand out of Kara's, bringing both of them together to symbolise a bird flapping its wings.


Kara smiled amusedly at the action before stopping Lena by darting her hands out and enveloping them in her own, her grin turning prideful as she lifted her chin and nodded in confirmation. "Yeah, I flew."


Lena just stares at her silently for a few prolonged moments, her jade eyes wide as saucers, filled to the brim with amazement. She idly wishes that she could ask Kara what it was like, to be suspended in the wind with nothing but air holding onto you, to glide past sparkling cities, feel the cool air running through your hair and down your arm as you stare down at the twinkling Earth beneath you. But she knows that Kara won't be able to answer, at least not in the detail that Lena yearned for, so once she's done marveling, a grin breaks out onto her face as well. "Can you do it again?" She asks curiously.


Kara just shrugs her shoulders, looking unconvinced of herself. "Don't know." She said, her words breaking off into a long yawn.


Lena thought she looked adorable like that– her long blonde locks mused from the wind that breathed life through them during her flight here, her face flushed with a pink blush envying her chest and crawling up her cheeks, her rose lips pouted and gleaming under the reflective moonlight bending over her features, her clothes disheveled and her body drowning in the ocean of blankets, making her appear much smaller than she was, and her ocean eyes weighed heavily down by the weight of the long day.


Lena chuckled. "You tired?"


All Kara could muster up was a long, drawn out hum of agreement as her eyes dripped closed and her body slumped back to rest against the headboard.


"Let's get some sleep, yeah?" Lena asked, though it wasn't much of a question as she all but dragged Kara down to the mattress with her.


Kara didn't mind though, just smiled lazily and hummed once more, not opening her eyes even as she scooted closer and enveloped Lena in her arms without warning, dragging the fragile human closer to her until Lena's burning cheek rested against the Kryptonians chest and Kara's chin rested on the top of her head.


Lena blushed beautifully, her cheeks warm with blood and her hands shaking with nerves as she rested them on Kara's waist gently– still not used to the affection that the alien gave her so easily.


She wasn't sure that she ever would be, after twenty years of isolation and neglect.


But she let those thoughts melt away and be replaced by the comfort that she felt being in Kara's arms once more, feeling all her worries and fears go fleeting away into the shadows as Kara enveloped her in the warmth and sunshine that trailed behind the blonde like a second skin.


"Goodnight, darling." She muttered into the midnight air seconds before letting unconsciousness take ahold of her, though Kara was already fast asleep.




When Lena woke up the second time, it was to a pounding on her front door.


She stirred awake under the repetitive and aggressive sounds vibrating throughout the house, her eyebrows furrowed together and her hold tightening on the slim waist in her arms. It took a few moments for her brain to register the noise for what it was and for her eyes to familiarize themselves with the blinding sunlight gleaming unbridled through the broken window.


She scrunched up her face as the noise continued on, only getting more persistent as it went ignored. Kara groaned in her sleep and tightened her arms around Lena's reclined form, her muscles stiff as her head drew up lazily, presumingly to look through the floors with her X-ray vision. Her eyebrows knitted together, her expression mirroring Lena's own as she muttered grumpily in her first language.


It wasn't until the sound grew to the point that Lena was pretty positive her door was about to be knocked right off it's hinges, that she threw herself out of the comforting embrace of her warm mattress, batting Kara's insistent hands away as they tried to get her to stay in bed, and grabbing a silk black robe to throw over her negligee. A small, unintelligible chocked noise made her look back at Kara, who had sat up in bed, her arms braced upon the firm mattress and her cloudy blue eyes slightly dazed as they glared at Lena's bare legs with an unreadable expression.


"Stay here, Kara." She told the girl, not sparing her heated gaze a second thought as she scurried out of the room and down the stairs.


She was only a few feet from answering the door, her hand reaching out to grasp at the brass knob, when a sudden but familiar woosh sound flew out of her peripheral vision, accompanied by the blurred image of blonde hair and tan skin. In the blink of an eye, her body was encompassed by strong, determined arms that were picking her up and spinning her away from the door so that she was facing the way that she had just came. She kicked her legs around grumpily and let out unintelligible sounds of protest until Kara set her down on the floor, allowing her to spin herself around to angrily glare at the alien.


"What the hell, Kara?!" She all but whined, soothing down her wind swept hair and glaring up at the stern looking blonde.


The banging grew more persistent then at the sound of voices, and Lena attempted to push past Kara to get to it, her ears ringing with the force of the tedious noise. But Kara stayed put, her sculpted arms crossed across her chest, looking a lot like her famous and powerful cousin in the signature stance, and her brows knitted together.


"Dangerous." Is all she uttered with a shake of her head. Lena's eyes narrowed and she studied the door behind Kara wearily, wondering what could be behind it for all of four seconds before Alex's voice rang out a warning for them to let her and her agents into the mansion.


She sighed and let the fear that had trickled down her spine subside. "It's fine Kara, I can handle them. Move."


Kara did not move. Just narrowed her cerulean gaze and stubbornly shook her head.


Lena sighed tiredly and opted to move around Kara, trying to slip into the space between her tall body and the wooden door, but the girls strong arms shot out and grabbed a hold of her waist, keeping her firmly in place and causing a blush to creep steadily up Lena's chest as the heiress gaped unbelievingly up at Kara.


"Kara!" Her tone was an exasperated warning but the alien just frowned in response.


"M–Mean people." Kara told her, her grip firm but gentle as she took a step closer to Lena, making their chests bump against each other while she stared down at the raven haired beauty, attempting to lightly move her back without the brute force.


But Lena didn't budge, even as her hips burned where Kara's fingers were placed firmly on them and her heartbeat sped up to a rate that had Kara gazing down at her in even more concern than she had held just moments before. "We can't just ignore them, Kara. And I'm not powerless, so move out of my way." She said, sternly but not rudely as she pushed her flat palms futilely against Kara's chest.


But it was like attempting to move a brick wall and the alien didn't make any sign of moving, so Lena sighed tiredly and let her body slump slightly against Kara's own, much to exhausted to be fighting with a Kryptonian on only three hours of sleep. "If I let you stand behind me, will you let me open the door?" She asked, her voice slightly muffled by the torn up tank top hanging off Kara's body.


That seemed to be enough to satisfy the blonde because after only a few moments of contemplation on her end, she was taking a step back and releasing her hold on the youngest Luthor. Lena sighed at the loss of contact, stuffing down the feeling of disappointed that clawed desperately at her heart as she watched Kara take a few paces back, just out of sight of the door with her arms crossed and her blue eyes glaring.


Clearly she had caught on to the fact that Alex had attempted to kidnap her.


Lena took a few seconds to compose herself, letting her muscle memory take ahold as she straightened up into a rigid posture and placed the familiar, emotionless mask that she had grown accustomed to wearing upon her face. Then she opened the door, ignoring the fist that nearly flew into her face at the sudden movement as she instantly made eye contact with the lead agent standing in front of her.


"Where is she?" Alex demanded, her voice like a string that had been pulled too tight. She tugged her hand back from it's mid-knock and managed to look composed over the anger slipping through her seams.


"What? No 'Good Morning' for your favorite criminal?" Lena mocked, her arms crossing just under her breasts.


"You're harboring a fugitive, Miss Luthor. Hardly exciting." Alex reminded her with a firey glare.


"Oh, so some crimes do excite you then, Agent Danvers?" Lena mused smugly, enjoying the way she could practically see the smoke coming out of the brunette's ears.


"Where. Is. She?" Alex demanded once more, her voice threatening as she leaned further into Lena's personal space. She could practically hear Kara tensing behind her.


"Who, Kara? Oh, she's inside." Lena drawled casually, her head tilting and her perfectly sculpted eyebrow raising.


Alex made a noise of acknowledgement as she attempted to barge into her house once more, using her taller stature to try and bulldoze past Lena and trample into her house. But this time Lena expected the move, having already learned her prior lesson on keeping her gaurds so high that they touched the clouds when it regarded Kara's well-being, and instead of allowing the girl to overpower her, she rooted her bare feet onto the hardwood panels underneath her and shot her arm out to stop the brunette before she could take even a step further into her house. The agent's body smacked against her arm and grew even more rigid under the pretense of Lena touching her, her teeth barring as she took a small step back and looked down at Lena with such heat that it melded their gazes together.


"You don't actually have Kryptonite, do you?" Lena redirected the subject, her mind flashing with images of the glowing, emerald green smoke consuming every national news broadcast in the US - looking just as regal as it was lethal - flocking across their neighbouring city, rolling through buildings and devouring people until the entire town was suffocated in a mushroom cloud of acid.


She remembers watching the breaking news at it occured, along with everybody else in the nation, her manicured fingernails turning to stubs under the relentless prowl of her anxious teeth as they awaited to see if there would be any survivors found in the poisonous green rubble. Watching with dilated pupils and clenched fists as the news feed played high-quality clips that captured the exact moment that the city exploded into nothing but a blanket of acid fog, on repeat until her brain grew desensitized to the sound of the thousands of pained screams ringing out in harmony together that accompanied it.


She remembers her brother's sickening smile while he lounged on the couch besides her, sprawled out like a King sitting on his throne for the first time since he'd been overthrown, and the sound of his voice as he cackled. "Doesn't it look just like your eyes, Lena? It is a rather beautiful sight, you'd have to admit."


Alex seemed to have similar thoughts to her own, because her eyes flash with an unrecognizable emotion before she takes another small, subtle step back to put a few inches of distance between them so she's no longer looming over the youngest Luthor. The single, heavily packed word served as an ice cold reminder to the brunette and Lena could practically see the alarm bells ring all throughout her head as she assesses Lena once more– looking a whole lot more cautious than she had only seconds beforehand.


And Lena had never once taken any sense of pride in her last name since that fateful, death demised day. But in this moment, with the fretful gaurds looking at her like she had been the one to plant that Kryptonite bomb and take those thousands of innocent lives in the process, she couldn't help but feel a sickening sense of pure power surge throughout her body, straightening down her spine and flooding her lungs until she's forced to lift her chin in an arrogant display of supremacy.


"That's confidential, Luthor. Surely you can comprehend that." Alex bit out, anger throwing a thin veil over the fear that Lena had seen rip through her body only moments before.


"That's fine, you don't have to respond for me to know the answer. You don't have Kryptonite. You've never had Kryptonite. If you did than you would've used it to capture Kara in the first place, and if you did than she wouldn't have been able to escape your facility and you wouldn't be here trying to bully me into submission right now–" Lena let a threatening smile cross her face then, watching in delight as it made the all the agent behind Alex shuffle on their feet and grip their guns harder. "But, while I truly hate to break it to you, that isn't going to work again. The only reason that I allowed you to step all over me before was because I thought you had the power to hurt Kara. But you don't, which means that you don't have the power to hurt me either. I'm not scared of you, Agent Danvers." Lena drawls.


Alex grits her teeth so hard that they looked as though they might just break off in her mouth, her fingers flexing almost threateningly against her gun as she inched closer to Lena. "You should be." She growled.


Lena just grinned at her in return, not sweetly but smugly. She gripped the doorframe harder in her hands and used the leverage to lean impossibly closer to Alex, only stopping when they were a breath away from each other. From this close, she could count every single one of Alex's mascara slathered eyelashes and witness, without doubt, the flicker of fear swirling in the depth of the brown orbs in front of her own. "I'd like to see you try." Lena rasped.


Alex stumbled back then, trying to be subtle about her need for distance as she took several paces back and nearly smacked into the burly agent standing behind her. Lena smirked at the sight, bathing in the victory she felt after being bullied into submission by the secret government agency; it didn't need to be spoken out loud for everybody in the vicinity to know that Lena was right, they couldn't actually harm her without probable cause, Luthor or not ( especially since she was a Luthor even, nobody on the face of the planet wanted to be on the receiving end of that families rage,) and even if they wanted to, they had all learned their lesson first hand from the agent still currently in the infirmary with twenty-seven broken bones– you didn't touch Lena Luthor if you didn't want to deal with the rath of a pissed off and poorly restrained Kryptonian.


"You need us, Superman would never trust you." Alex said, her tone thinly veiling the amount of desperation behind the words.


Lena felt the boil in her veins come to a simmer at the confirmation, but she was still a Luthor and wouldn't make the mistake of letting them see her weaknesses once more– she had already done so once, and it had cost her Kara's safety.


Her mother would've been so ashamed.


So instead, she let her cocky facade turn regal; like a tiger stalking in the grass, getting ready to tear it's prey apart in the blink of an eye. "You're right. I do need you in order to contact Superman. But that is the only thing I need you for, and you won't be getting anything else."


Alex seemed to regain a hint of composure at Lena's confirmation, her back straightening out and her expression growing impassive once more. "We'll help you contact Superman, but you have to agree to let us keep tabs on Kara–" Lena's about to cut her off by slamming the door promptly in her face, but the brunette seems to anticipate it and raises her hand in a 'wait' motion. "We won't try to capture her once more, she can stay here with you. We both know that we can't force her to do anything she doesn't want to anyways, and against my and everybody else's better judgement, she has made it perfectly clear that she wants to be with you. " She says the last word like it's the most disgusting thing she's ever put in her mouth. Lena beams regardless.


" But we want to do anual check-ins to guarantee that Kara is safe and getting a proper hold on her life and her powers. She is possibly the strongest being to ever walk this planet, you have to understand that we can't just let that go unregulated." Alex chimed in, interrupting Lena's silent gloating.


Lena clenched her jaw at that, her eyes drawing up and examining Alex closely for any signs of deception– this was possibly the nicest and most civil that the agent had been to her since they met and she was finding it hard to trust her. "Safe?" She scoffed. "I'm not the one who trapped her in a cage."


Her tone seemed to tilt Alex further back towards the "mean and threatening" whirlpool that she had been bathing in whenever she was around Lena, but she tried to regulate her features and voice as she bit back. "Yeah well, atleast we're not Luthor's."


Lena felt the urge to fight back at the not-so-subtle jab, but schooled it in favor of her logic; the DEO wasn't just going to give up on watching over Kara, probably to make sure that Lena didn't use her to take over the world more than anything else. But it was begrudgingly wise of them to do so, Lena would have made the same move if she were in their position. And if she wanted to make Kara happy and reunite the blonde with her long lost cousin, than she knew she'd have to work with the government agency, albeit reluctantly.


"I'll be present for every single one of these check-ins?" Lena asked, though it didn't sound like much of a question when it rolled off her tongue.


Alex gritted her teeth, her jaw clenching under the force of it, but she nodded her head in reluctant agreement. "Deal." She said before thrusting her hand forward to float idly between them, clearly waiting for Lena to shake it.


The heiress eyed her callused hand suspiciously, drawing between the brown orbs and stern arm a few times, but when it was clear that Alex wasn't going to leave without a conformational handshake, Lena swallowed her ill will just long enough to let their hands meet in the middle, shaking once before Alex was attempting to pull away like she'd just dipped her hand into a vault of lava. But Lena gripped the hand harder in her own, not allowing it to leave her grip so easily and meeting the questioning brown orbs that arose because of it head on,


"You have a deal, Agent Danvers. But I swear to all that is holy, if I ever hear that you so much as hurt Kara's feelings then I will reign such hell upon you and everybody else in that government regulated shit hole you call a respectable agency, that in comparison to me, my brother will look like a gift from God himself." Lena all but growled, her tone low and threatening in a way that had Alex darting her hand out of Lena's in mere milliseconds, her eyes wide with fear as they examined the lethal Luthor.


The agent's around her took a step forward as their hands tightened around the handles of their guns, rage and fear melding together in their eyes until a poorly restrained anger swept down across their faces. Lena can practically see the images that flash across their minds during that moment; warping this Lena into the one that everybody had witnessed on TV not too long ago, poised and impassive as she convicted her own brother to a lifetime in prison, inadvertently stamping his death sentence. Meeting the infamous Lex Luthor's gaze straight on as he silently plotted her death from across the room from her.


That Lena, just as fierce as the one staring them down now.


She just glared at them impassively in response, not the least bit shaken by their silent threat, and it must've shown because in seconds Alex was raising her hand in a silent command to stop, her eyes never leaving Lena's as she does so. "Goodnight, Ms. Luthor." She says stiffly.


Lena smiles sweetly in response, a faux innocence to her expression that only proves to unnerve the agents further. "Goodnight, Agent Danvers."


She watches as they walk away, waiting until they enter their car before she's shutting the door and letting her back slam against it, a genuine, pleased grin splitting her previously regal expression for the first time since she'd answered the door. Kara seems lost on the conversation, but at Lena's smile, she smiles– and then they're just stuck standing there, staring dopely at each other with grins half the size of their faces.