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        Akutagawa wasn’t one for social interaction. He got more than enough from interacting with his sister, Higuchi, Boss, and or any other lower-level members. Once he completed a mission and gave his report, he preferred heading straight home. Going outside was usually by himself and limited to running errands. Some may see it as a depressing lifestyle, but to him, it was preferred. He’d had his fair share of interaction with people. He’d seen enough. 

        This was exactly why he wasn’t keen on going out to drink with Chuuya when the man had requested. He knew the executive wouldn’t take ‘I don’t want to’ as an answer and as much as he detested lying - his bed was calling him. Not that lying worked either, apparently, he’d heard Akutagawa mention to Higuchi that his plan for the evening was to do nothing, as usual. It only took a few minutes of staring and an underlying order in his tone, for Akutagawa to reluctantly agree. 

       Which is how he found himself at a bar, with a very drunk Chuuya leaning against his side. 

       “Akutagawaaa,” he groaned loudly, even though Akutagawa was literally right there. “Why’dya nawt drink anythin’? ‘S lonely drinkin alone y’know!” 

        Akutagawa had drunk a little. He was feeling a bit tipsy, but definitely in more of a sound mind. But, in an attempt to satisfy the very drunk Chuuya he decided to drink more of his drink while his eyes slowly slid around their surroundings. They were catching - Chuuya was catching more than a few eyes. 

        “Chuuya san…” he started and ignored Chuuya cuddling his arm because he was ‘warm and bony’, was that meant to be a compliment? “Maybe we should leave…”

        Chuuya muttered something that was, what Akutagawa assumed, was an address. He tried not to think about how Chuuya was giving him a dark look. The man was drunk and Akutagawa wasn’t too surprised; he was trying to jump the nearest body near him, even if it was Akutagawa. Akutagawa knows the man wouldn’t attempt this if sober. Point was, he paid for their drinks even though Chuuya had said it’d be on him. He’d just make sure to get him to pay it back later, no matter the cost. Wrapping an arm around one of Chuuya’s shoulders, he entered the address into his phone so he could lead the way. It was difficult when Chuuya kept muttering about nonsense and at some point started slowing down as he began getting tired. 

        Akutagawa was not surprised that Chuuya lived in an expensive apartment and one with a good view. He did not, however, expect the displeasure of having to dig around in Chuuyas pockets for his keys as the man kept making lewd comments. Maybe when he got back to his own place he’d drink himself into a private stupor, if only to forget how his face burned at some of the comments Chuuya made. 

        “Y’know Akutagawa…” Chuuya slurred as Akutagawa dragged him into the well-furnished apartment. “You’d make a great..batman..”
        “Yes, Chuuya san,” he said just to get the man to shut up. He got Chuuya into the bedroom and managed to get his vest, shoes, and socks off. Other than that, Chuuya remained dressed as Akutagawa laid him down in bed. 

        Maybe Akutagawa was a fool for believing that that would’ve been the end of it. After he turned off the bedside lamp and went to leave, he was stopped by a weak grip on the end of his sleeve. He looked down to see a half-asleep Chuuya looking up at him with half-lidded eyes.


       He should’ve left. There was no reason for him to stay and he was sure Chuuya wouldn’t remember any of this in the morning with how drunk he was. But, there was something about the look in Chuuya’s eyes and the tone of his voice that had him hesitating. Around him, the bedroom actually looked...pretty lonely. Which for him, was natural, but for someone like Chuuya, he wasn’t expecting. Before he could rethink things, he slowly took off his coat while pushing his shoes off. Then, he found himself laying on his back beside Chuuya as he stared up at the ceiling, shutting his eyes when he felt Chuuya curl against his side. When morning came, he would do his best not to acknowledge how comfortable it was to fall asleep against someone else for a change.