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It Had To Be You

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Rodeo Bar, Uptown NYC

“So what do you think of the place?” Sebastian said in a loud voice to Alec, trying to make himself heard above the crowd. 

The place that Sebastian had chosen for their date – Rodeo Bar -- just happened to be one of the new hot spots in the city. 

Which was really to their disadvantage, because that meant that everyone and their mother decided that they wanted to see and be seen at this spot at any given night, and that it would be relentless going into the next few months, if word of mouth continued to keep this place trendy. 

Besides its expansive space and 3 bars on the floor, it boasted a great happy hour with a huge menu of exotic beers, cocktails and food.

But the bar's main attraction, drawing everyone to this spot was their mechanical bull, situated right on the stage in the center of the bar --  everyone wanted a chance to ride it. 

“Seems really popular,” Alec remarked, looking around.  In some areas, people were packed like sardines.  “I guess it’s good that your sister works here, so we got to cut the line…”

Sebastian had exchanged some words with the bouncer, and after taking a look at both Sebastian and Alec – who had looked away due to being self conscious at being scoped out – the bouncer had shrugged. “Two hotties, coming through,” he had said into the walkie-talkie, and they had been ushered into the bar and the sea of bodies currently moving about.  

Sebastian had quickly located a nook not far from the main bar and the stage, and had pulled Alec into it with him.  They had been nearly nose to nose, so close that Alec could see the flakes of gold in Sebastian’s green-gray eyes.

Sebastian grinned, a dimple showing up on his left cheek. “Oh hell yea,” he said. “That’s the only reason where I would come to a place like this.  Otherwise, forget it, you know?” he said giddily. 

Alec felt Sebastian’s eyes rove over his outfit for the night, a dark navy button down shirt with blue jeans and tan Timberlands.  “You look hot, tonight, Alec, but I think I’ve already said that a million times,” Sebastian said.  He smiled. “I am so glad that you called me back,” he said reverently. And the way that Sebastian sounded made Alec feel warm all over. He flushed.

“I’m glad I did, too,” Alec said huskily.

Suddenly the crowd seemed to wane, at least by the main bar.  “Look, there’s our chance!” Sebastian yelled happily as he pulled Alec toward the bar. Alec nearly stumbled, but kept his footing.  Despite it all, he couldn’t help grinning widely.  Sebastian was just so…fun! 

"Don't you love how this bar is right by the stage?" Sebastian said, giddily.  "So we get to watch the bull riding action up front!" 

Alec grinned at Sebastian's enthusiam.

They both ordered quickly, and soon a pair of beers and a shot were being handed to them.  Irish car bombs.

“Love these,” Sebastian said, as Alec took his in hand. “A toast,” Sebastian said. “To taking chances.”  His eyes never left Alec’s face. 

Wow that was hot, Alec thought.  He gulped.  “To taking chances,” he said, hoping his voice didn’t tremble.  He smiled at Sebastian, who smiled back at him.  Together they dropped the shot into the beer, and downed it simultaneously.

Alec exhaled deeply. “Wow, not bad,” he admitted.

“See, what did I tell you?” Sebastian said happily.

The two started talking animatedly about this, and about that.  Alec told him about working as a copy-editor for a publishing company, and Sebastian was telling Alec about his position as a commis chef at Blue Water Grill by 14th Street and Broadway.

“Oh my god, you’re a chef?  That’s so awesome.  I love food,” Alec said giddily.  He was getting tipsy already.

Sebastian laughed. “It’s really not all that glamourous.  I still need to report to the sous chef and the head chef, and let me tell you, they are practically slave drivers.  I’m at the lowest on the hierarchy, I still need to do clean up and all the other stuff, while they just end up going home!” 

“Aw, you poor baby!” Alec empathized, suddenly bursting into giggles.

Sebastian looked surprised, and then he grinned, bopping Alec on the nose with his finger.  “God you’re adorable,” he said affectionately.  Alec beamed. 

Sebastian then moved a bit closer to Alec, and put his hand on his forearm.  His hands were warm and tingly against Alec’s skin.

“Anyway, you should totally stop by the place where I work, I’d totally make a personalized meal just for you,” Sebastian said. He started running his fingers lightly along Alec’s forearm.

Alec felt a shiver go down his spine at Sebastian’s touch.  He grinned, a flush across his cheeks. “I totally should, that sounds great,” he murmured, moving closer to Sebastian. 

He was on cloud nine…

“C’mon!  You, blue-eyes, you go!” the bartender yelled. “Ride that bull!”

What? Me? Alec thought, astounded.  But yea, the bartender was looking at him.

That’s so not like me… “Nah man, I’m good,” Alec said, shaking his head. 

“Now that’s an idea,” a happy voice sounded in his ear. Kinda tipsy, kinda cute…Sebastian.  Arms come around to hug him around the waist, squeezing him against his side in some playful, tipsy hug.  “Oh, you would look so hot up there,” he said, his breath hot, his lips close to Alec’s ear.  Tipsy or not, the combined effect gave Alec a thrill down his spine.

He downed his shot and then turned slightly to address Sebastian.  His green eyes were twinkling, and his long blond bangs falling across his gorgeous angular face.

“Soo…you think I should?” he murmured as if disclosing some secret.

Sebastian grinned. “Hey, why not?  You only live once, I say.  Besides, there’s no expectations – the current Guinness world record is 2minutes 4.49 seconds, so no big deal. And besides you will never see anyone here again, right?” he said lightly, shrugging.

“But what if I make a fool of myself? And what if you don’t want to go out with me again after I’m so horrible on it?” Alec pouted.

Sebastian laughed, his warm arms hugging Alec to his side again.

It felt really good..

“Oh my god, are you kidding?  I would find it so hot, you have no idea.  I could almost picture it, oh yeah.  I’d probably never let you get away,” he said, lowering his voice. 

And somehow – just somehow – that was the right thing to say.  Alec’s eyes flew to the mechanical bull in the center of that stage,

I’m going to do it, he thought, an insane giggle rising up in his chest.  He threw his head back and downed the other shot that was on the table.

“Count me in,” he said to the bartender.

The bartender’s face lit up, and he raised up his hand. “High five!” he yelled happily.

Alec looked at the hand, grinned, and smacked the guy's hand enthusiastically.

“Okay, I guess you’re next, then, blue-eyes!” the bartender stated.  “Just hold on and let me introduce you.  What’s your name?”

“Randy,” Sebastian cut in before Alec had a chance to speak.  Alec looked at him incredulously. What the ---

The bartender nodded. “Very cowboy-like.  I like it,” he said suggestively, as he went toward the stage.

Meanwhile, Alec was giving Sebastian an incredulous look. “Randy? Seriously?” he asked.

Sebastian grinned in a silly way and shrugged. “Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time,” he said, then he pouted. “You don’t like it?”

Sebastian couldn’t have been any cuter at that moment if he tried.  “Okay, okay, but only because you’re so cute,” Alec teased, feeling brave.  “Hey, when I get off that bull, you owe me.”

“I do? Hmm, okay. Anything,” Sebastian said playfully. “Hmm…how about a kiss?”

Alec grinned. “Hmm, that could do,” he said, his cheeks reddening.

Suddenly Sebastian’s fingers were at the front of his button-down shirt.  “I think a few of these buttons need to go, Mr. Sexy Cowboy.  Better to look the part, eh, Randy?” he asked flirtatiously.

“Sounds good to me,” Alec said lightly.

“Hey, blue eyes, get up here!” the bartender suddenly bellowed from the stage.

“That’s your cue, good luck,” Sebastian whispered to Alec, which made him giggle.

“I’m doing this for you,” Alec shot back.

“Good,” Sebastian said, grinning.

Ah, that grin was beautiful.

Giving Sebastian one last look, Alec turned and ran up the steps toward the stage.

“And here is the fifth worthy competitor of the night!  Dare he tame this fine bull that we have here? “ the bartender’s deep baritone rang out to the rest of the bar. “Let’s hear it for blue-eyes here, Randyyyy!”

Alec stepped up, flashing a wide tipsy grin, cheeks slightly reddened. Well this is it, he thought.

“How you feeling today, Randy?” the bartender said into the microphone.

“Oh, I’m good. I feel real good,” Alec said in a lower tone of voice than usual. 

Several hoots could be heard from different places in the crowd.

“Wow seems like you have quite the admirers in the crowd tonight.  You gonna show them how its done, cowboy?” the bartender said, as he raised his arms to encourage the crowd to cheer more. 

“I guess so!” Alec said, laughing.  His nerves were all gone, and he had never felt so free in his life.  He was feeling great!

The bartender was walking around him, scrutinizing him very carefully.

“Hey!” Alec heard Sebastian shout. “Hands off, he’s mine.”

Alec turned to face him. “Yea,” he said. “You are…”  Sebastian’s beaming face just shot his ego up a zillion points.

“Actually, you’re missing something,” the bartender mused.  Then he took off the cowboy hat he was wearing, and plopped it on Alec’s head, half mushing down his wavy dark hair. “There. That’s perfect!”  he said.

Now Alec was really feeling giddy. He looked out at the crowd, as he felt himself get more tipsy, and everyone’s eyes were on him. For some reason this gave him a thrill unlike any other.  His adrenaline was sky high…

“Are you ready to ride?” The bartender yelled into the microphone, his eyes on Alec.

Alec looked back at him intently. “Hell yea!” he shouted, raising his fist and pumping it. 

He strode toward the intimidating looking contraption, and was about to go on.  Then he paused.  Hell, as long as he was going all out, why not go all the way? he thought, his blood singing with alcohol and adrenaline. 

He unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, leaving his chest exposed.  Then after the slightest hesitation, he threw his shirt into the crowd.  An even louder cheer rose from the crowd.

On the side, Sebastian was just staring, with his mouth half open, at Alec Lightwood.   He was a vision – and now he was shirtless. 

And boy, he was sure good to look at.  Shit…

“Let’s get this party started,” Alec proclaimed, as he got on the bull.

“Alright!  Get that music going!” the bartender yelled.  A second later the music started.


Step inside

Walk this way

You and me babe

Hey hey!


Ah, Pour Some Sugar on Me, by Def Leppard, Alec thought, already rocking his head to the beat.


Grabbing the bull at the harness, he felt the bull start to move, and rotate around slowly. 

Get ready, he thought.


Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on

Livin' like a lover with a radar phone

Lookin' like a tramp, like a video vamp

Demolition woman, can I be your man?


He threw his head back, and yelled joyously, surrendering to the music. As the bull started to buck in earnest, he held on for dear life…


Earlier in the night…

"Oh my God, we are finally in here," Magnus complained, tugging his coworker Zach into the bar with him after getting stamped by the bouncer. The line outside had been atrocious and they had waited an hour to get in.

If it wasn't for the happy hour deals, the fabulous staff, and the fun atmosphere that this place had, he wouldn't even bother with the place. 

"It's a western theme? How quaint," Magnus's date muttered, looking around.

Magnus looked at him incredulously. "Uh, it's called Rodeo Bar, Zach...I'd hardly think it was anything else. Besides, you'll see why it's so popular real soon.” 

Magnus resisted the urge to roll his eyes right then and there. Sighing, he tugged at Zach’s shirt sleeve. “Anyway let’s get to the side bar and get shots, and then make our way to the main bar by the stage,” he said. 

Zach didn’t protest, just let Magnus drag him through the crowd until they were in front of the side bar. 

And then Magnus’s thoughts started wandering.

Sure, Zach was cute and all, and he knew Zach had been crushing on him like forever -- but he just wasn’t spontaneous.  And, judging from the scowl on his face, he just wasn’t getting the point of this place either.

But…Alec had cancelled Thursday happy hour plans on him – which he admittedly had come to depend upon.

They had never missed a Thursday, until now. 

Magnus figured he was probably tied up from work or something; otherwise he would never miss something so routine.

That was the thing about Alec – you knew you could always count on him to be there for you, to always lend an ear, to be compassionate – that’s why they were best friends.

He had been glad that he was able to bring him out a bit more from his shell since last March.

Yea, Zach was definitely not the type of guy he wanted to be with.

But alas, since his original plans had fallen through, that had seriously thrown him – and then he did not really look for a suitable replacement.

Which was why he was here with Zach. 

When he should actually be with someone – who exuded life, happiness, joy at being alive –

In the distance, Magnus could hear ppl whooping, the emcee was yelling as a young man wearing a half buttoned white shirt and jeans sauntered toward the bull.   

Obviously this guy had ventured to take on the mechanical bull in the center of the bar. That was the star attraction of this place, and the bar knew how to rile up the crowd to its max.

Hmm, now Magnus suddenly had an urge to get closer to the main attraction.

"Shit, it’s about to start soon," he said. With renewed vigor, he tightened his hold on Zach’s hand, and pulled him along, again.  Zach’s muffled “Hey!” in protest didn’t even faze him. 

He just had to get toward the front….

"Excuse me, s'cuse me, s'cuse me," he muttered, as they moved through the crowd.  At some point, Zach had let go of his hand, whether purposely or by accident.

Magnus didn't even notice.  All he cared about was that he was finally within viewing range of the stage. 

The mechanical bull had just started rotating, the music had just cranked up, and the guy riding it was now shirtless, one hand holding on for dear life, the other holding on to the cowboy hat perched on his head.

The guy threw his head back and let out a joyous yell -- and for some reason that sent a delicious shiver of anticipation down Magnus's spine.

There was nothing he loved more than seeing people living and loving life. And this guy had it in droves.  The chemistry he projected to the crowd was palpable, even from this distance. It shone about him like nothing else.

And the crowd was loving it.

His eyes roved over the guy’s muscular build, the smattering of chest hair over defined pecs, the way he arched his back while riding the bull – and, damn, he was fiiiiine – and damn, he sure knew how to ride that bull. 

45 seconds…and the guy was still on.

Magnus just couldn’t look away.  The guy was a vision…

The way he handled that bull, the way his muscles contracted and flexed as he fought to hold on…

The crowd’s cheers got louder, and the guy whooped even more loudly,. Shouting. “YEAAA!”

The whole effect was sexy, it was hot, and oh god, what was he even doing with Zach tonight.  He needed to be with someone --

Someone like that guy up there. 

He just couldn’t take his eyes off of him.  He was electric – and exuded sex like nothing else.

1 minute now..

Damn…Magnus’s mouth went dry.

He needed to catch the guy’s eye as he was riding – who knows what could happen. 

There was something to be said about instant chemistry and attraction, and the night that might even follow from such a meeting – it would be explosive ~!

Magnus shuddered at the thought, and closed his eyes to calm himself down.

The guy was glorious, a light sheen of sweat covering his muscular body. Back arching, and the way his body moved with the bull. 

1 minute and 15 seconds…

This was fucking incredible!  This guy was incredible.  And so hot!

And then the bull bucked upwardly, wildly.  The guy momentarily lost his balance, but managed to hold on.  The crowd cheered. But the guy lost his hold on his cowboy hat, and it flung out into the crowd, revealing his face.

The guy’s dark wavy hair was kinda matted, kinda sweaty, but his face flushed and victorious, and his blue eyes sparkled and shone, a wild look in his eyes.

Magnus froze where he was standing.

Holy shit, he thought, his heart suddenly pounding so hard he could barely breathe.

“Alexander?” he whispered, his eyes as big as saucers, too shocked to say any more.

He was too stunned to even move.