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Can't Hide Any Longer

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Lena stood with Webby and Violet, while the rest of the family was gawking at her. "Um, hi?" Lena said uncertainly. The word felt strange on her tongue after so many months of not speaking. "Webby I swear if this is another of your elaborate pranks" Beakley started but Lena cut her off by saying, "Tea Time, it's really me." They just stood there in silence as Beakley gave a small smile. "Uh, who's that?" Della asked. Problem was, Lena had no idea Della was Della. "Who am I? Who are you?" Lena replied with a hint of suspicion. "I'm Della!" Oh, she sounded exactly like Webby when introducing herself. "I'm the mother of Jet, turbo, and Rebel." She said chirpily. "And Jet, Turbo, and Rebel are...?" Lena asked with a bit more than a hint of suspicion. "Oh, right. The triplets. "Which someone, *cough cough* Donald *cough* didn't name properly." Della answered sparing a glare at Donald, who was quietly muttering "I did them a favor." Just great, another motherly figure. Beakley was already enough, why was there another one now!? "Relax Lena, not everyone is like Magica." Webby said soothingly. "Magica!? As in DE SPELL!?" Della squawked, enraged. "And now would be a good time for me to go. Bye!" Lena announced and dashed towards the door. She froze in her tracks as Scrooge said, his voice heavy with authority, "Lena, I made a promise and I am keeping it, also, I will NOT have you go back to that room under the amphitheater." Lena flushed with embarrassment as she said resignedly, "Fine."