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Can't Hide Any Longer

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It began as a normal day, at least, as normal as it can get in the Duck family. The triplets were doing something with water ballons and Donald's houseboat, which was sure to end terribly. Beakley was arguing with Duckworth about whether the dusters should have lasers, for reasons unknown. Scrooge and Della were doing something... And Webby was off at the beach attempting to find some magical seashell that apparently was legendary. That left Lena. Who was currently wandering the streets of Duckburg with Violet, or more accurately, keeping Violet from tripping over things and banging into poles while her head was buried in a book. This may sound easy, but to Lena, it was somehow incredibly hard, Violet managed to go in the exact direction of a large hard object every time Lena steered her away from a different one. She sighed, exasperated as Violet, once again, almost hit a pole. "Vi, do you have any sense of anything outside that book right now? Because you are making this incredibly hard for me." Violet, did not respond. Lena shook her shoulder. Violet suddenly stood ramrod straight as she started chattering something about acceleration and butterflies. Okay, that was new. Violet stopped just as abruptly as she had started. "Oh, Lena. What is it?" "Violet, can you just walk normally without a book so I don't have to keep keeping you from crashing into everything?" "I suppose I could." The hummingbird replied. She tucked her book into a bag, and they walked the rest of the way to McDuck Manor. Occasionally stopping at some interesting sedimentary pebble or something that Violet noticed. Once they arrived at the mansion, something strange started to happen. At first it was a high pitched squealing, and Lena didn't think much of it, then, the ground below the two birds' feet started shaking. After that, Lena started glowing a strange shade of purple. And the final strange symptom, Lena started smoking. "Oh, God." Lena said, then ran into the woods, a trail of smoke behind her. After a few seconds, Violet thought nothing was going to happen. She was very wrong. A sudden burst of purple light flashed as something exploded in the woods, and a mushroom cloud of smoke erupted from the area. Violet ran to the site of the explosion, dreading the fact that Lena was probably at the center of it, and could very well be dead. Wait, could she die? Violet thought. After all, Lena was a shadow, sure she could starve and get hurt, but could she die? Violet shook her head as she began to run faster. She was soon joined by the triplets, and Scrooge and Della, who had also seen the explosion. They reached the origin of the smoke, and lo and behold, there was Lena, lying in the middle of the crater. Huey rushed over to Lena, taking the JWG from under his hat. Violet hurried over as well. Lena appeared to be wholly unharmed, save for the dazed look in her eyes while she was mumbling incoherently with a loopy smile.


"So... What was that explosion thing about?" Violet walked up to Lena. "I haven't really had to use magic for a while, so maybe it kinda built up until my body reached its limit and the magic exploded." Violet took out a notebook from somewhere and started taking notes. "And what exactly is your limit?" "This is going to become one of your "conduct an experiment with Lena to test out her corporeal form" experiments isn't it." Lena sighed. "Yes." Violet answered as she started scribbling in her notebook. Best just to get this over with, Lena thought as she sat up on her bed that she had been transported to at some point. "I haven't been using magic for about a week, it seems to be kinda connected to my emotions because of the friendship magic junk, so maybe it exploded because I was gonna play darts with the Magica dartboard." "My hypothesis is that your shadow magic has fused with your friendship magic slowly after we brought you back from a shadow. Maybe because we used friendship magic but because you were a shadow the friendship magic fused with the shadow magic. You have resorted to using friendship magic because you don't like shadow magic, correct?" "Um, yeah?" Lena said, bewildered by the flurry of words. "I suspect that the shadow magic was getting pent up, but because you are a shadow you had a higher limit for that, but when you didn't use friendship magic for a while, you managed to reach the limits for both classes of magic at the same time, and they fused during the explosion. Use magic to pick something up will you." Lena complied, knowing it was better to just do what Violet asked and get Huey to translate from nerd into English later. "I can still shift between friendship and shadow." Violet scribbled this bit of information down. "Now try to use both." "Um, okay, that's new." The spoon that Lena was picking up with her telekinesis now glowed the strange purple colour that the explosion had been. "Fascinating, so my hypothesis was partially correct, your magic has fused into a stronger magic, but you can still alternate between the original classes of magic." Violet shut her notebook with a small smile. "Lena, I think you just fused two classes of magic into a new type of magic." Lena just sat there, then she spoke. "I did what now?" "You made new magic using old magic." "Yeah, yeah I know enough about magic to have understood that. Wait, Webby's gonna go crazy over this." Webby burst into the room. "Already have!" "This is gonna be a looong day." Lena muttered under her breath as Webby and Violet dragged her off to do more magic experimenting. "So, did you find the magic seashell?" Lena asked. "It gave me endless mustard seeds." Webby replied. Scrooge walked by to see the sight. A disgruntled looking Lena (who was actually quite happy) being dragged off by Webby who was chattering excitedly with Violet. All was well again. Now Scrooge just had to figure out what he would do with the conveniently located crater, turn it into a trap he had wanted to build there because it was now a perfect sized hole for it; or just fill it up. After much deliberation, which lasted only a few seconds, he chose the trap. Then he was nearly killed by a laser from a duster. Yes, everything was truly, completely, and most certainly normal.