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At Your Beckon and Call

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Steve laid curled up on his side, his mind racing to put together the pieces. The night before had been a beautiful fog of passion and depravity. It was an amazing night, but Steve's tired mind couldn't seem to place where he was currently. That was until the light snoring and warmth against his back snapped him back to reality; he was at Bucky's place again. Or should he say; Sergeant James Barns.

'Damnit Steve, you said you wouldn't do this again..!' He heard his friends words echo through his head.

'I know, I know.. I just.. Tony if you KNEW him you would do it too..' He would always rebuttal. But the brunet was never satisfied with that answer. He could tell Steve was hurting inside but was powerless to do anything about it.

Steve allowed himself a few more minutes of rest before shifting around to face the source of the snoring. As expected, Bucky's peaceful resting face came into view. Hidden behind the long lashes that fell upon strong cheek bones were those entrancing blue eyes that had captivated Steve.

Here and there the snoring would stop, replaced with quiet rhythmic breaths. Everything about Bucky when he slept was so different from when he was awake. But that was just another thing Steve loved from these visits; he got to see the raw, vulnerable side to James that the public would never see. Seeing him on a mission, so stoic and cold, compared to now, his mouth slightly ajar in a goofy smile as he slept. You would think it was a completely different person.

That was until the man shifted, rolling to his right side, the intimidating metal arm in full view. Unlike where it was before hidden under the pillows, the arm that Bucky was so self-conscious of. Even going extra length to hide it under multiple layers, no matter the weather, was now on display as he slept, his white skintight wifebeater not hiding a thing.

Steve wanted to touch it; he wanted to reach out and feel the cool metal against his skin. But he knew better; he knew better then to do anything that would wake Bucky up right now. It was better if he left before the brunette awoke, before the awkward air would set in. Before Steve could feel that pain again when James says 'I'm not a good person, Rogers.. Stop..'

'I should go..' The blonde thought to himself with a quiet sigh. He had over stayed his welcome again; just like every time the two men would meet, Steve would always end up staying until morning light. Carefully he peeled the blankets off only to instantly retract his action. Cold. It was always cold in the mornings here. That's something that he would never get used to. Where he would have the heat set to kick on at 6am. Bucky on the other hand slept with a fan on, sometimes even AC. That way if he left his arm under the pillows he still wouldn't have to worry about his circuits overheating.

Steve took a deep breath and stripped away the covers again. Exposing his bare chest and legs to the cold. The fresh scratch marks along his back burned at the opposing temperature. Quickly, he gathered his things and dressed in prior night's outfit of skinny jeans, a white v neck, his brown leather jacket and combat boots.

Every time they would meet like this, whoever left first would always leave a note. It almost became habit for them, just like ending up here in the first place. So, as usual, Steve jotted down a quick note and left it on Bucky's bed stand, atop his phone. It simply said:
'Amazing as always. . You know where to find me if you need me soldier. -Cap '  Without much thought of what his hand did, he added a heart to the end of the note.

He worried the heart would be too much, but it was to late to go back now. It was written in pen and he knew he had to leave soon. With a sigh he scuffled Bucky's hair lightly before hurrying off, locking the door behind him.

The trip home wasn't horribly far, but after the nights festivities and lack of bike, it felt like he was walking to Russia. Bucky had been more needy then usual, and it showed in how he took the blonde without a care in the world for the after affects. Steve was scratched, bit, pushed around, and most importantly impaled, yet he loved every second of it. Every mark from the Sergeant was just a reminder that, even if just for the night, he honestly meant something to him. It showed he was needed at least in one way. And for now that was enough...

Steve lazily scraped the leftover cum away from his nail-beds as he walked, making a mental note to shower as soon as he got home. A shower, then fall back into routine. The routine without those gorgeous blue eyes involved; that is until he was needed again. No matter who said he shouldn't, he would always go when requested. Be it in the middle of something important or not. If he got a call, it became top priority. No exceptions.