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I wanna give you tender love (1)

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Their home looked normal from the outside.

Baekhyun felt better just seeing it, his throat was still sore so he hadn’t said a word and had only rested the car ride and ate way more candy than his stomach wanted.

Usually, when snow started falling they would have Christmas lights up by now, or at least a few window decorations, it was funny because he remembered explaining to Chanyeol that even though he was a pack leader didn’t mean they couldn’t have holidays.

But, it seemed they didn’t feel very motivated while Baekhyun was gone, because he didn’t see a sign of any holiday decorations even though their block was brightly lit.

“I’m sorry.” Sehun cringed at Baekhyun's pained grunt as he was lifted up in a cradle, shivering from the snow falling on his mostly bare skin.

They had tried to dress him up with their own clothes, but after throwing a sweater on him, it was pointless when they realized he was cold from the inside, too malnourished to create his own body heat.

So clothing was pointless until he could hold his heat in.

Baekhyun's spine pressed almost like a knife into Sehun’s forearm, and the youngest alpha felt his lip shake, and wasn’t surprised at all when he saw Yifan run a worried hand over Baekhyun's calf down to his foot, the bottoms of his feet were all cut up, and he was all bone - Baekhyun didn’t even turn to look at Yifan at his touch almost like he didn’t feel it at all, but Sehun felt him tense up the smallest bit even if he only rolled his head onto his own shoulder.

“No.” Yixing called in a hushed whisper as everyone started towards Chanyeol's house. “No. It’s too much, just Sehun and Yifan.”


“Just us.” Yifan agreed quickly, shaking his head at Jongdae. “We… I’m sure we can see them in a bit. Chanyeol… he's not going to hurt him.”

“That’s not what I’m worried about and you know it,” Jongdae argued, but otherwise only sighed and trudged through the frozen grass towards their house next door.

Baekhyun was curious about what they were talking about, but was much more interested in looking at their yard, their house.

He could see the lights on all over the house and thought it was funny because he knew Chanyeol's habit was usually to go everywhere in the dark - it was usually Baekhyun that had a habit of forgetting to turn lights off.

Just like the mail, Baekhyun was usually the one that brought it in while his alpha watched carefully from the window or doorway, waiting for Baekhyun to come running back inside and waiting for Chanyeol to look at him fondly even for such a simple task.

And the alpha always did.

Always complimented him.

Baekhyun really wanted to hear it again and threw his limp arm out, his sweater sleeve falling past his fingers so he opted to only shake his hand slightly to gain the alphas attention, interrupting them convincing the others to go home.

“What?” Yifan’s voice went from ordering to soft really fast, “Are you hurting? Fuck. He’s probably freezing and we’re fucking idiots with a naked fuck-“

Baekhyun whimpered again, and all his noises sounded slightly cut off with dryness.

“Oh.” Sehun mumbled over his head and took a few steps towards the mailbox, sending Yifan an equally as confused look as Baekhyun started trying to pull at the metal opening with his fingers covered in fabric.

It really was ridiculous just standing here with a rare, and nearly nude omega, already weak and battered, just standing on a nearly dark yard and letting him pull at the mailbox with his nose turning red and toes turning blue from the cold.

“Baek, just let me-“ Yifan tried because Baekhyun was so weak, he could barely even raise his arm long enough to try to give a good pull at the mailbox, let alone had the strength to open it.

But Baekhyun scrunched his nose and gave such an angry noise when Yifan reached out to try and help that it broke the scab on his lip, a drop of blood falling onto his chin but the omega didn’t even seem like he felt it while Yifan backed off wide eyed and guilty.

They obviously couldn’t just stand out here forever, and they could see their pack standing in the doorway next door probably wondering what the hell they were doing, so Sehun discreetly turned Baekhyun away for a small bit, turning to fake cough into his shoulder and shoot Yifan a look and a slight head nod.

Yifan quickly pulled the metal opening so it wasn’t so tightly shut - even though it wasn’t at all - and backed off.

To say Baekhyun was sad when he opened it was an understatement, because it was empty.

He immediately looked near tears, and neither Sehun nor Yifan knew why the hell mail was so important to him when just hours before he smelled like death.

But Yifan shook his head before the tears could fall and was frantically kicking snow off the grass around the mailbox and kneeling down to grab the newspaper in the plastic bag that they knew Chanyeol never cared to grab. “Here! Here, all better, it’s okay.”

The bag was soaking wet, freezing cold and giving it to Baekhyun who was probably even colder than the snow was a horrible idea, but nobody could stand the omegas tears even before he was so… vulnerable, it wasn’t even possible to do so when Baekhyun looked up at him with a black eye and his brow was split, a small trail of blood from his lip just drying on his chin. He was beaten raw, and there was no way his pack could see him crying over something so simple when he literally looked like he was hit by a car.

But what had happened to Baekhyun was worse than a car accident, so even then it felt unfair to belittle his injuries.

“Ready?” Sehun asked quietly, chewing his lip, and feeling horrible when it occurred to him that holding Baekhyun didn’t feel like holding much more than a child because he was so light. “It's time you see Chanyeol, Baek.”

Baekhyun only looked like he was half paying attention, dirty nails scratching at the wet newspaper bag almost in a petting motion, and that in itself was so concerning. But, he tried to give a smile, the usual boxiness of it obstructed by his swollen face and his teeth were still slightly bloody that Yifan only cringed and Sehun was just happy when Baekhyun went back to staring at the front door as it got closer.

As soon as Yifan typed the code into the electronic door lock Baekhyun perked up and was glad his nose was no longer messed up and he could smell how strongly their home smelled of Chanyeol.

But it was different now.

The home was messy, boxes and papers everywhere, it looked like every single electronic in the house was sitting on the coffee table and opened to different security camera footage.

Chanyeol had been looking for him.

Baekhyun felt really good about that even if the air smelled slightly bitter, a mixing of anger and guilt, followed by the potent scent of alcohol the further upstairs Sehun walked.

The home was so unkept, and it was so different to how well Chanyeol usually cleaned up after himself - and Baekhyun.

It was just bottles everywhere, things Baekhyun didn’t have enough focus to read, and it didn’t smell terrible, but it definitely was covering up the scent of spices and dominance Chanyeol radiated.


Baekhyun hadn’t even realized when Sehun had carried him into Chanyeol's office, maybe he passed out for a moment because his head did feel awfully groggy.

“Chanyeol, man,” Yifan sighed and Baekhyun stared at his back all the way until his eyes were caught on Chanyeol's back, the same broad back he remembered only he was hunched over his desk chair and facing the wall, dark brown hair grown out so long it touched the back of his neck. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Don’t touch me,” Chanyeol growled, and Baekhyun watched his mate try to swat at Yifan as the other took the alcohol from his hand, “Stop! I’m waiting for Baekhyun! Stop, give it- I need it!”

“Chanyeol, we have Baekhyun,” Sehun shook his head, sighing into Baekhyun's hair and shifting the omega awkwardly in his arms as he watched Chanyeol's back too, the man still refusing to do much but stare at the wall.

“He comes when I’m alone, get out!”

Baekhyun tensed at the yell, moving his mouth to make a noise but couldn’t form anything.

“He-get out! G-get out! I need B-Baekhyun! Leave!”

Yifan grabbed the side of Chanyeol's desk chair and turned it around, not even flinching as Chanyeol snarled at him and reached for the bottle in his other hand. “There’s Baekhyun. He’s real this time.”

Chanyeol snarled louder before even looking where Yifan was pointing, angrily moving to shove things off his desk that loudly toppled to the floor because even if he was raging drunk he’d never hurt his pack members.

“Chanyeol.” Sehun added, looking slightly afraid as he knelt down to place Baekhyun on the floor, knowing that him holding the omega while he was in such a bad condition would probably not be the first thing Chanyeol wanted to see. “Here is Baekhyun. He’s all yours, Yeol.”

Sehun backed off a few feet towards the door as Chanyeol looked at him red eyed and pissed off.

But then the alpha flicked eyes down to the carpeted floor, taking a deep breath and leaning back against his chair before closing his eyes tighter, “Stop! Stop! W-Why, why he’s never- it’s not real.”

“He’s real, Chanyeol.”

“Why would he come to me like this!” Chanyeol was sobbing now, and leaning over to press his hands over his eyes, “They neve- I never see him like this! Stop it! What’d you do! Why would you show me this!”

Chanyeol started yanking at his hair and Baekhyun widened his eyes because he couldn’t move, and he couldn’t help, he could only hold himself in a ball and press his cheek tiredly into his knee and watch.

And even then, he was happy to see Chanyeol even if it was like this - deranged and feral.

“It’s Baekhyun!” Yifan yelled, grabbing Chanyeol's arm and pulling him to stand up, “That's your mate so take care of him! Take care of him, Chanyeol!”

Baekhyun felt both tired and excited as Chanyeol was forced closer, eyes bobbing open and closed because he was safe now, he didn’t even need to try to stay awake when all his senses were telling him that his mate was here to take care of him now.

“Sh-sh- why, why, why..” Chanyeol dropped to his knees a good few feet away and Yifan merely shook his head at Sehun and started towards the door.

There wasn’t much more he or Sehun could do anyways.

“Why… why, yo-you’re supposed to- to… why do you come to me looking like this?”

Baekhyun didn’t know what Chanyeol was talking about, but he smiled despite the iron taste in his mouth, moving his cheek over his knee in a scenting motion, “A-Alpha.” He cooed as best he could in a strangled tone, trying to explain himself.

But Chanyeol just continued staring at him, face bright red and covered in tears and Baekhyun could now see the darkness around his eyes and cheeks, could barely smell Chanyeol over all the alcohol.

His mate looked almost mad, almost angry, hands curled into fists as he just stared at all the injuries on Baekhyun's face. “Why would you show me this? Don’t come to me like this- I-just… just do something nice, d.. go run around and play, don’t show me this.”

Baekhyun couldn't make too many expressions right now, but if he could he would be confused. Instead, he reached between his thighs and stomach and shakily pulled out the newspaper, wrist straining as he reached out to place it on the floor, rolling onto his side slightly and he saw Chanyeol flinch back and watch Baekhyun's thin legs uncurl to try and catch himself.

But Chanyeol tore his eyes away quickly, like he didn’t want to acknowledge the clear torture in front of his face, he just grabbed the newspaper before frowning and Baekhyun was too tired to read his expression.

“It’s real?”

“I c-can touch it? It’s real?”

Baekhyun whimpered as his shoulder popped when he tried to sit back up, and red eyes were on him quickly, watching him shake just trying to stay sitting up without the support of holding his knees close.

And then Chanyeol's face was contorting painfully, sudden realization falling over his features as he caught the fruitiness off of the newspaper, “My baby? I-it’s real? You're real?”

The omega screeched, and it sounded both painful and pained, even though he only meant it as a confirmation, as a hold me sort of noise.

It worked though, and Chanyeol was reaching out to grab him before he face planted and sobbing into his skin, pressing his nose into Baekhyun's temple and the omega would never tell him how his grip was hurting him because of all his injuries, he’d happily be in more pain if Chanyeol was simply holding him again.

“S-Sh, my baby, m-my baby. Baby. Baekhyun, my pretty mate.” Chanyeol sobbed into his face, pressing his lips wetly to anywhere he could reach, and Baekhyun was too exhausted to do anything but whine and accept the attention with droopy eyes and mouth slightly open in a small smile.

Chanyeol kissed at him anywhere he could, even at his parted lips and when he pulled back they both had bloodied lips, but it wasn’t time for the alpha to acknowledge them yet, too caught up in trying to make sure this was Baekhyun that his mind wasn’t fully catching up with the state his mate was in.

But it would, eventually.

“You're not leaving my side, do you hear me?” Chanyeol cried, pressing kisses to his dirty hair with every word, “Stay with me, don’t y-you can’t leave me again. My omega, you're mine - don’t go, Baekhyun. Don’t go again.”

“A-Alpha,” Baekhyun whimpered, his hand shooting out only to motion towards the long forgotten newspaper on the ground, obviously teetering on consciousness as Chanyeol's arm around his back was the only thing keeping the omega sitting up.

Chanyeol sniffed before chuckling loudly, another wave of tears kissing his lips, “Ah, I know, my love. My mate, so beautiful. So sweet.”

“So sweet, sunshine.” Chanyeol croaked and Baekhyun closed his eyes and his head rolled back and his mate only moved to hold the back of his neck even though it was obvious Baekhyun was out like a light, “Sh, my baby. My lovely boy.” He continued, other hand shaking as he brushed Baekhyun's hair back and kissed his forehead, rocking them together and petting Baekhyun's hair.

“I missed you so much, so much, Baekhyun. Sh, sh, got you. I got you, alpha has you.” Chanyeol whispered, hand running over Baekhyun's neck and kissing at his face, “Did you miss me? I love you, I love you. You don’t go anywhere alone, Baekhyun. Alpha missed you, m-missed- Baekhyun, Baekhyun, don't leave me, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”