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I wanna give you tender love (1)

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Baekhyun was hiding out in here.

He knew days were passing and he was so bored, but he busied by sitting beside the doorway and listening to the chatter outside and occasionally sneaking a peek.

It seemed this pack was rather large, not small at all as Baekhyun had assumed because they had let omegas be warriors.

They just let the omegas do whatever task they liked based on what he could hear.

But, usually he just listened to people’s curiosity. Hearing them ask about him, when the new omega would be coming out, why he still hadn’t been seen, asking about what he looked like and his scent.

His scent was of wildflowers, Baekhyun knew as much, but all they smelled was probably the sugary honey scent of Chanyeol.

Baekhyun had found himself multiple times pressing the bedding to his nose, sleeping peaceful nights when the scent protected him, but he never allowed himself anything else, even if the scent gave him rather needy responses too.

Everytime Chanyeol came in, it was when he was asleep, and Baekhyun had woken up multiple times to watch the drawings on the alphas' back move as he added wood into the fire for him to stay warm.

No, the alpha killed his people, Baekhyun always scolded himself when he considered asking the alpha to stay with him, to scent his cloth to revive the sweet scent.

They had stolen him, and Baekhyun couldn't possibly forgive them for it, he repeated.

Even if something in his chest was aching and begging him to forgive and accept.

He was so far in his own thoughts he didn’t hear steps approaching, the leather hanging in the doorway nearly smacking him in the face of he hadn’t jumped back with a whine.

The intruder turned to look at him confused before laughing, “Baekhyunnie, maybe next time don’t just sit in the doorway.”

Baekhyun scowled at the man, climbing back over into the bed and watching the beta set the food down carefully before grabbing it to pull into his lap.

“You know you can go out there, right? Everyone would love to see you.”

Minseok was a rather kind beta, and Baekhyun found it strange that he was in charge of the omegas being a beta, but the man also tended to blabber and had explained that it was because he was the oldest and most parental of the pack.

Baekhyun hadn’t asked, but he just tended to pretend to ignore the beta anyways, ever since day one when he had started delivering his food.

“My mate is looking forward to seeing you, he's a beta, the entire pack is excited actually.”

Baekhyun stared at him as he shoved a piece of chicken in his mouth.

“Our older omegas are teaching our youngest, Taemin, how to create more coverings, you look like you know how to make them well, and could use a new one.”

Baekhyun blushed and shifted awkwardly as he looked down at his leather covering. It was dirty and scratched up from his rough handling, and the grass stains were much too old to even attempt to try and scrub out at this point.

“What did you do there? You look more of a healer type, but my omegas have been saying you look way more like a gatherer. You’ve seen them, Luhan was the doe eyed blonde one, and Kyungsoo is a bit on the smaller side, he looks like an owl, but his mate gets mad when we make fun of him with that.”

He did recall seeing the two omegas, Luhan being the one with the arrow, looking extremely upset. He wondered why, but didn’t care enough to involve himself in past events.

“I… berries.” Baekhyun whispered, ducking his head to eat another mouthful.

Minseok beamed at him, having not even heard his voice yet, “You sound just as pretty as you look. They were right, you are a gatherer! Ah, now they’re going to be all over me for winning!”

Baekhyun giggled before whimpering as something stabbed at his cheek, whining as he reached into his mouth and pulled out a slightly bloodied bone, instantly placing it in his bowl and grabbing the outside of his cheek.

“Holy shit, I’m so sorry,” The beta cried, grabbing Baekhyun's hand apologetically, “I had one of the omegas debone it, but I must have missed some, fuck this is why Chanyeol needs to do it.”

Baekhyun wouldn’t admit so, but the whimper falling from his lips was more for the alpha than the stinging scratch on the inside of his mouth.

“I can bring the healer in, I’ll be right back.”

He nodded at Minseok, and it truthfully hurt pretty bad, but Baekhyun also had no point of reference as the most pain he had ever been in was a wasp sting and splinters.

Omegas just weren’t cut out for physical pain, or at least that’s what Baekhyun had always been told.

“-splintered off into his mouth, Chanyeol is going to kill me, Xing.”

Baekhyun hadn’t seen the healer before, and was even more surprised that it was an omega, because he hadn’t ever seen an omega healer, not one that smelled so soothing either.

“Oh, he is just beautiful. Chanyeol is lucky.”

Baekhyun ignored that mostly because he was busy staring at the deep dimples in the man’s cheeks, “Now, open your mouth, let me see, sweet pea.”

“This is Yixing, our healer.” Minseok rolled his eyes as Baekhyun listened to the healer because his mouth stung.

Baekhyun whined and nearly bit down when the healer pressed some sort of leaf into his cheek, wanting to spit out the bitterness as soon as Yixing pulled his hand away.

“Don’t, it will stop the pain, it will numb the area. Just take a nap, omega. Rest, this must be stressful for you.”

Baekhyun had no idea what he did to deserve them being so nice to him, especially when he hissed and growled at Minseok for days straight.

But he wouldn’t deny it felt nice.