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I wanna give you tender love (1)

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“Open up.” 

The babe opened his mouth instantly, watching the television over Chanyeol's shoulder as if he didn’t have a finger prying into his mouth at all.

But the elder sighed because Baekhyun’s teeth were so thin, he’d never seen such a thing in his entire existence.

The babe should be able to feed completely on his own by now, months later. 

Hell, normally newborns had blood fueled massacres by the first or second month, but Baekhyun didn’t even show signs of blood lust, nor interest in such a thing.

Chanyeol had even nearly had a conniption when he’d awaken to the tiny one talking to the mailman from the doorway the other day. 

Baekhyun hadn’t been exposed to humans since he’d been taken, so he definitely should have jumped the man, but he only seemed to be very excited, spouting a bunch of excitement and being a complete goofball and asking the man about his day. 


But Baekhyun was his weirdo even if he didn’t even seem a vampire at all besides his pale beauty and enchanting nature.

Well, Chanyeol supposed the other had always been like that too.

“Does this hurt?” Chanyeol asked, pressing the top of his finger into the small fang so hard it dropped a bit of his blood onto Baekhyun’s tongue.

Despite being distracted, the babe closed his lips around his finger to suck off the blood instantly.

At least that was reassuring. Baekhyun at least had the instincts he needed, just not the.. necessary tools.

Chanyeol wondered why exactly it had to be his soulmate that was so vulnerable. 

He’d likely need to ask others opinions soon, because children vampires were not a thing - they didn’t survive the venom, but if they were he was sure they’d have fangs like these.

“Up is a little owy, tiny,” Baekhyun mumbled, words a bit slurred because Chanyeol refused to stop prying, the babes fingers coming up to show a tiny gap between them, “ Dis little.” 

Chanyeol kissed his fingers to acknowledge him, lifting Baekhyun’s top lip up to see his gums red and raw. 

Fuck, that did look painful, and he was suddenly very glad that Baekhyun’s venom was at least helping as opposed to the toothache he’d have if a human. 

“Poor baby,” He commented, kissing Baekhyun’s forehead a handful of times apologetically despite the smaller grunting an annoyed noise when his shoulder blocked the television. 

He touched the rawness a little bit just to see if the babe indeed could feel it and saw Baekhyun scrunch his nose up a bit uncomfortably but otherwise not making a peep. 

Chanyeol truly worried for Baekhyun’s sensitivity, but it was all the more reason to ensure the baby vampire stayed careful and close.

It was just not normal to have the smallers level of pain, even if it was very minor, small injuries such as a toothache shouldn't even be felt at all.

Hell, Chanyeol had watched his friend Minseok once be stabbed and not even notice until it was pointed out.

For some reason, Chanyeol felt both lucky to have such a rare babe, of course who wouldn’t feel lucky because Baekhyun really was a sweet little beauty (even if he had fits); but he also felt as if he’d done something wrong.

Maybe he hadn’t given enough venom? Maybe he had chosen a horrible area to bite? 

Damn it, he should have chosen a direct artery to bite into instead of Baekhyun’s hip.

But he’d been too concerned about biting an injury and causing scarring he’d opted to bite what was the only uninjured area on the boy.

“Daddy, it’s a little hurt now.” Baekhyun whined, turning his head to the side to detach Chanyeol's fingers, “You want to play now?” He added hopefully, bringing a bunny toy up to his cheek, bouncing it on Chanyeol's shoulder with a pretty smile.

In the end, he was just glad to finally have Baekhyun here with him, no matter if he’d messed up. He would just need to take care of his beloved, and that was no chore when that’s what he’d been waiting so long for.

“Give daddy just a second,” Chanyeol requested, pressing a kiss to Baekhyun’s lips softly and laughing when the babe pressed the stuffed animal to his face for a kiss too.

He did give the bunny a kiss too, just because he knew it made Baekhyun happy.

Baekhyun being happy was everything good and nice. Tiny giggles, eyes scrunching up so much they’d look even droopier, a small shake of his body excitedly, and the insane amount of beauty he radiated was a sin.

Chanyeol didn’t know if he was so affected because of their bond or if Baekhyun just oozed some sort of charm that pulled people in.

For a vampire that didn’t know how to hypnotize, he was very good at it.

They’d find out soon if Baekhyun simply drew Chanyeol in or others as well. 

“I’m sorry, going to touch it a bit more,” Chanyeol said softly, standing up to grab a tube of numbing cream from the top of the entertainment center. “Let’s not practice for the next week, okay? I want to make sure you’re not in pain, we have somewhere to be next weekend, my love.” 

Baekhyun ooed at that, gasping and lifting his head up from his toys, “Outside?”

“You’re going to love it, so much attention for you, beloved.” Chanyeol smiled, kneeling down and feeling relaxed when Baekhyun didn’t put up a fight and opened his mouth like a good boy. “Every year, there is a meeting, just a small get together. It’s meant to be in good faith, to remind vampires we are there for eachother. I don’t usually go, but our good friend Minseok will be hosting. 

Daddy will buy you the prettiest outfit you’d like, give you so much attention; I’m very proud to have you, so I do want to show you off, but there will be rules also. It is not free range play space.” 

Baekhyun pouted a small bit at that, but didn’t say anything, opting to make a disgruntled face and smack his lips at the gross tasting cream.

He was quick to climb into Chanyeol's lap when the man settled on the floor with him though, cuddling between his legs with his cheek against the man's hip as if a kitten, reaching for his sippy cup with a small grunt.

“Now, some vampires may want to speak to you, and that is okay, but there may be some.. things seen as promiscuous. Cultures are a bit different when with other vampires… that being said, dearest. You stay with who I appoint you to be with should you separate from my side. I have friends who will take care of you also, you will have some friends.”

“Nice friends?”

“Of course.” Chanyeol grinned, petting Baekhyun’s cheek, “The nicest of friends, they will treat you very sweetly, lovely boy.” 

Baekhyun squeaked an excited noise before quickly popping up, latching onto Chanyeol's chest to beam and shake with excitement, “Want to be the prettiest daddy!”

“You always are, but we will find you something mesmerizing, only the best for my perfect soulmate.” 

“Daddy!” He cooed, curling small fingers into Chanyeol's collar, “Let’s… play, then shop!”

Laughing, Chanyeol cupped the back of his neck as he leaned over to grab from Baekhyun’s blanket of toys when the little one grunted, showing his bottom lip sticking out, “Not toys, other play,” He said, tugging Chanyeol's top.

Little mynx, Chanyeol thought before sighing in pleasure at the soft pecks to his jaw.

“That can be arranged.” He chuckled, quickly laying the babe out over his blanket of toys and capturing giggles in his mouth.