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“N-No marks please,” Jungkook whimpers, still not knowing what to do with his hands as Jimin sucks softly as the nape of his neck.


“Why not baby? The button up of your collar will cover it,” He says, and it makes Jungkook bite his lip.


“Are you scared your family will see it? Scared they’re gonna ask you about it and you’ll have a hard time making up some dumb excuse? Scared they’ll find out that the pastor’s son isn’t as innocent as they thought?” Jimin teases as he grinds his ass back onto the struggling boy underneath him.


The car is cramped and they only have about 15 minutes before mass starts but Jimin is literally lust and sin personified. Jungkook, on the other hand, just can’t deny his boyfriend of anything.


He lets out a loud moan, the thought of anyone seeing them right now makes his heart skip and his face hot. It takes Jimin guiding his hands towards his ass to realize how hard he was gripping the car door handle.


Jimin pulls himself to look at Jungkook, eyes shining with mischief. 


“You look like you’re about to cum…...Did I get you all worked up already?” He asks, and Jungkook can’t see it but Jimin is already reaching underneath his skirt to pull his panties off, throwing it to the side before Jungkook can even catch his breath.


“I drove all the way here, even took the time to open myself up for you because I know you have to go inside soon, but look at you….about to cum just from me sitting in your lap and kissing your neck,” Jungkook doesn’t even know how to reply to that, doesn’t even know how much redder his face could be due to the humiliation he felt from Jimin’s words.


“Not gonna cum,” he mumbles, looking up to Jimin to try and prove himself, but the predatory smile he gets in return is enough to make him cower.


“Is that so? Mind taking your cock out for me then, my hole hasn’t felt your cock in so long,” he says, and Jungkook has to stop from making a face because that was a complete lie. Jimin snuck into his room last night while his parents were sleeping just to have Jungkook fuck him three times even if he was already too sensitive after the first round before passing out. Jungkook himself doesn’t even know how he lasted that many rounds, but it’s to be said that he didn’t even notice Jimin kissing him before sneaking back out in the morning.


He makes quick work to pull his shirt out of his dress pants, undoing his belt as quick as his hazy mind could allow him to before pulling his zipper, then his pants down enough to free his cock. 


He doesn’t even get a chance to glance at his watch to check the time before he was throwing his head back in pleasure. Jimin’s hole was just so wet and warm around him, his jaw clenching as he let out a breath. 


“Fuck,” he draws out breathlessly, making Jimin chuckle. 


“How do I feel?” Jimin asks, sinking down until he’s taking all of the younger’s cock. He doesn’t move a single muscle after that, wanting to hear Jungkook struggle some more.


“So good… fucking good babe,” he says, trying his hardest not to thrust up into his boyfriend. 


He wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist, hugging him tight as Jimin starts to move slowly. 


“Your cock feels so good inside me baby. So big…..all for me right? Just for me?” Jungkook groans in reply, pushing his head into Jimin’s neck as he lets himself be used.


“How am I supposed to move when you’re holding onto me like that?” Jimin asks, laughing at how hard Jungkook was holding him. “I came here to cum, and you won’t even let me,” Jungkook wants to cry at this point. He’s been holding back since Jimin sat on his lap.


“I’ll do it,” he says, making Jimin raise a brow.


“Oh? You wanna fuck me like the big boy you think you are? Go ahead then,” Jimin teases, but the way Jungkook pulls out and thrust back into him makes his legs shake. 


Jungkook is relentles then, fucking up into his boyfriend fast and hard, moaning so loud that if anyone were outside they’d be able to hear him. Jimin is just as loud, mouth open as spit starts to run down the corner of it. 


“You’re gonna cum aren’t you? Getting sloppy babe….it’s okay….I know how good I feel. Go ahead…..fill me up,” Jimin says in between moans, and Jungkook has to bite down on his bottom lip to stop from screaming because Jimin is right.


He pumps his boyfriend full of his cum, gripping onto his tiny waist tightly as he fucks him as deep as he could. 


His moans turn into whimpers then as Jimin takes back control and starts to fuck himself on his used cock. The sound of cum and lube that Jimin used earlier before seeing him making the most lewd noises. 


“Pathetic, couldn’t even get me to cum…..” Jimin says, shaking his head as he bounces to catch his own orgasm. 


Jungkook can do nothing else but watch, his poor sensitive cock being sucked by Jimin’s pretty little hole. It’s when Jimin reaches underneath him to collect some of Jungkook’s cum from his hole to bring to his mouth that Jungkook sees the light, he might’ve even passed out for a second there. 


Something builds up in his lower tummy once again because of that one gesture and Jimin knows, laughing as he bounces even harder now.


“Gonna cum again? Do it…..fuck your cum inside me,” he says, and they’re both close now. 


Jimin is getting louder and Jungkook is starting to fuck into him as he moves too. It’s only a matter of time before Jimin shakes all over and lets out the prettiest scream, his cock painting the inside of his plaid skirt with cum completely untouched. Jungkook is also cumming inside him, and the feeling has Jimin clenching hard around him.


It’s completely quiet for a minute or so, but as Jungkook glances at his watch he realizes that he’s already 10 minutes late for mass. Jimin can only laugh as he pulls away slowly, squealing as cum leaks out of his hole. 


He reaches into his glove compartment, stretching out and the view makes Jungkook want to skip mass. Makes him want to lie to his parents that he wasn’t feeling good so he just waited outside. 


Jimin has other ideas though, cleaning himself and Jungkook up before planting a kiss to his lips.  “You have to go inside now babe,” he says, taking hold of his panties and folding them nicely before stuffing them inside Jungkook’s pocket.


Jungkook’s face is red as he walks into the church 20 minutes late, eyes on him as he walks towards the front where his family is. Where his dad is was in the middle of a sermon. The left pocket of his dress pants are burning a hole in his leg, he has to clench his hands to his side. 


Jimin giggles as he drives off, promising to sneak into his boyfriend’s house again tonight so they could watch a movie and relax.


When Jungkook’s family questions him after mass and the best excuse he could think of was that he wasn’t feeling well, then Jimin will just have to laugh about it later.