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Harry Potter Drabbles

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"Susan, have you seen my Auror robes?" Harry asked, poking his head out through the doorway. "I can't find them anywhere."


Susan glanced up from her book, moving a strand of red hair from out of her eyes and raising her brows. "I put them in the dryer earlier, they should still be there."


Harry looked relieved. "Oh, thank Merlin, thought I lost them for a second there."


She laughed, blue eyes twinkling, "you could've just summoned them, you know."


He rolled his eyes, waving his wand and catching the red robes as they raced toward him. "In my defense, I was muggle raised. I'm used to doing things the muggle way."


She smiled, getting up to plant a kiss on her boyfriend's cheek. "I know, that's one of the reasons I find you adorable."


He smirked, wiggling his eyebrows. "Adorable, eh?"


Susan huffs, smacking his shoulder, "Oh shut up, don't you have to get to work?"


"Oh, so that's what I was forgetting to do!"