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Harry Potter Drabbles

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There were times in his life where Harry James Potter felt like he was on top of the world. Moments where he felt as if nothing could possibly go wrong and when everything was right in the world. Moments like when they were at peace and could do whatever they liked without the threat of Death Eaters at their backs. 




"Daddy! James hit me!"


"What? Nuh-uh!"


"Liar, liar, pants on fire!"


Unfortunately, this was not one of those moments. 


Harry opened his eyes with a loud sigh. He loved his sons, he really did, but sometimes they could be so tiring, especially when they were together. They were absolute demons when they teamed up. He glanced at Ginny, half-asleep beside him, her pregnant belly rising and falling with every breath. She pried open one eye, smiling sleepily at him, amusement shining in her eyes.


"Daddy! James bit me!"


"Daddy! Albie called me stupid!"


"That's because you are stupid!"








"You probably should go stop them from killing each other," Ginny mumbled into her pillow, Harry groaned, rolling onto his side and nuzzling his face into her neck.


"Do I have too?" He grumbled. She laughed softly, the sound vibrating from her chest to his cheek.


"Unless you want to explain to mum and dad why their grandchildren killed each other, then probably."


He let out another loud groan, throwing the blankets off of his legs and forcing himself up"If you weren't pregnant, I'd make you do it."


She snorted, "they don't love me as much as they love you," she patted her stomach to emphasize. 


He sighed, "They love ruining my sleep schedule, that's what they love doing."


Crash! Bang!


"Daddy! James got his head stuck in the toilet, and he can't get it out!"


"Merlin's balls, how did he even do that," he grumbled. "I'm coming!"