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The Eternal Suffering of Bakugou Katsuki

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“Kacchan, you never told me you had a boyfriend!”

“What are you talking about, Deku? Why would you even think I have a boyfriend?” Katsuki replies with a crude gesture, standing at his locker and fixing the lapels on his tuxedo.

“The guy with the two-toned hair! He comes by every day, and he always requests you!” Izuku replies, eyes clouding with a dreamy expression as he clasps his hands together.

“First of all, his name is Todoroki. Second of all, he just likes stalking me to piss me off.” Katsuki shuts his locker and runs his hand through his hair one last time.

He steps out into the dining hall, and sure enough, Todoroki Shouto is found sitting in his usual seat in the furthest corner from the entrance. Katsuki grits his teeth as he makes his way to the table.

“Good afternoon sir. What would you like to order today?” He begins, smiling naturally.

“Just a café latte, and your number if you don’t mind.” Shouto smoothly replies, looking up at Katsuki with a soft expression.

“Okay! One café latte coming up sir!” Katsuki parrots, uncharacteristically bubbly.

He shuffles to the kitchen and screams into the back of his hand.

“Katsuki, what’s the order? I don’t care about your boy troubles.” Denki starts, staring at Katsuki blankly, waiting.

“Just a café latte, and for the last time, Todoroki is not my boyfriend! Why does everyone think that all of a sudden!” Katsuki explodes, gripping the serving platter hard enough that Denki has half a mind to worry it might break.

“Kacchan, he waits for you outside after your shift every night, and he’s here every day. We just assumed you two were already dating and didn’t want to talk about it.” Izuku replies lightly as he steps out from the kitchen to tend to his customers.

Katsuki blushes a deep red. Deku did have a point. Not that he’d ever admit that to anyone.

“He just doesn’t know when to leave me alone, anyways, just give me the damn café latte so I can serve my customer!” He grits out.

Denki places a single coffee on Katsuki’s serving platter and rings the bell signaling a completed order with a wink. Katsuki huffs as he grabs the platter and walks back into the dining hall.

“Here you go sir Todoroki, my number, unfortunately, isn’t on the menu though.” Katsuki places the drink in front of Shouto.

“Aw, I was hoping you’d give me something off of the secret menu. You know, for being such a loyal customer.” Todoroki leans up to whisper the last part into Katsuki’s ear.

Katsuki sees red.

“You two-toned bastard, I’ll kill you if you keep doing this.”

Todoroki blinks up at him blankly. “I didn’t know there was that kind of event today. Also, I’d appreciate it if you called me Shouto instead.”

“In your dreams, sir.” Katsuki replies, catching Shouto off guard with a faint blush.

Katsuki turns from Shouto after that, and moves to tend to his other customers.

“Good afternoon ladies, how may I help you all today!” He says with a bright smile, ignoring the eyes he feels on the back of his neck.

“Good afternoon Kacchan! Three cream sodas, and I’m paying!” Mina says. Tooru and Momo wave from either side of the pink-haired woman.

Katsuki smiles at them as he makes his way back to the kitchen, pointedly avoiding Todoroki’s gaze.

He actually enjoyed most of his regulars. He worked at a relatively small butler café, and it paid decently well for a high school student. The main demographic of people were young women, and it was far enough that there was little risk of people Katsuki knew finding out where he worked.

Unfortunately, his days of secrecy were short-lived. Shouto unknowingly frequented the area on weekends and caught a very surprised Katsuki walking out of work one night. After that, he decided to make it his personal mission to piss off the blond whenever he was scheduled to work.

“Three cream sodas! Katsuki, tell your boyfriend to order some food to absorb the liquid!” Denki calls, Hanta ringing the small bell this time. Katsuki grabs the serving tray with a scowl.

“Fuck you Denki, this isn’t for him! Why did All Might hire two idiots to work the kitchen in the first place!” Katsuki yells, flipping the two off and being met with howls of laughter.

Hello, Katsuki. Was work eventful today?” Shouto asks as Katsuki steps out of the shop after locking up.

“First of all, don’t call me that here. Second of all, you were here the entire shift, what could’ve happened that you may not have seen?” Katsuki sighs, finding his place next to the taller man easily.

“I’m not allowed in the back though! What do your coworkers think of me?” Shouto asks, turning to face Katsuki.

“They think we’re dating. You’re not very subtle.”

Shouto smiles, grabbing Katsuki’s hand as they walk towards the dark path further from any people.

“I’m perfectly subtle. You’re the one who makes it your mission to act as if us dating is impossible.” He answers, rubbing Katsuki’s knuckles with his thumb.

“Why do you insist on following me to work in the first place? I like the secrecy we had before, no one knew we were dating, and we could go on dates around here without worrying about anyone seeing us.” Katsuki starts, looking at the ground in front of them, gripping Shouto’s hand a little tighter.

“I like being around you, and hearing you call me sir is hot.” Shouto laughs as Katsuki untangles their hands to punch him in the shoulder.

“Shouto, you idiot! If you planned our first date I would’ve known you frequented here! Also, I’ll make sure Deku is the only butler available when you come if you keep saying shit like that!” Katsuki yells at the taller man, continuing to punch him.

“Sorry, I had to! Also, you insisted on planning our first date, so you’re the one to blame for not knowing I’d frequent the town ten minutes from my neighborhood!” Shouto is still laughing, enjoying the angry expression on Katsuki’s face.

“You’re the most awkward person I know! How would I expect you’d go out so often when you’d do nothing but nap whenever I tried to study together!”

“Hey! I’m better now, I kiss you before I nap!”

Shouto is caught off guard by Katsuki’s laugh. He looks over to see the blond with his wrist covering his mouth, trying to hide his smile.

“You’re so stupid Shouto, you’re lucky I like you enough to have kept dating you for three months.” Katsuki smiles, finally dropping his wrist to intertwine their fingers together again.

“I am lucky, I’ll stop coming around if it bothers you so much. Just make sure you call me on your break.” Todoroki looks down at Katsuki fondly with that.

“No! Sure, I’d like it to be a secret, but I can’t imagine coming to work without you there to give me a migraine anymore.” Katsuki gets shy at that, swinging their hands in between them slightly.

Shouto, in lieu of replying, simply bends down and kisses Katsuki softly on the lips.

“Kacchan, what are you doing! You told me you weren’t dating!” Izuku gasps, dropping the serving tray he’d been holding.

Katsuki smirks, breaking off from Shouto to turn towards the man.

“Yeah, three months ago. Times change Deku.” He shrugs.

“You denied it whenever someone asked! I couldn’t argue with you!” Izuku huffs, picking up the metal tray.

“Maybe if you and the idiot squad in the kitchen could respect my privacy, I would’ve told you earlier.” Katsuki replies dismissively, turning back to wrap his arms around Shouto’s neck.

“I didn’t even tease you! Denki and Hanta were the only ones that did anything like that! I was just wondering.” Izuku frowns.

“Who said my name? Oh, Izuk-- Hah! I knew it!” Denki yells as he walks into the break area.

“Deku, you’re a loudmouth, even if I just wanted to tell you, Thing One and Thing Two would’ve known by closing time! Denki, you shut up, you know the kind of blackmail I have on you.” Katsuki, visibly pissed off at the introduction of Denki to the conversation, stands up to appear more threatening.

Shouto just laughs into his hand at the scene playing out before him. He’d been snuck into the break room by a winking Katsuki, and though he wasn’t expecting for his coworkers to find out so soon, Shouto can’t say he wasn’t expecting it.

“Shouto, don’t start! I’ll take away your break room privileges just as quickly as I gave them to you!”

“Who said you can do that! Todoroki you’re allowed here whenever you want.” Izuku smiles, before turning back to Katsuki to continue the argument that had somehow managed to shift from the topic of their relationship into something Shouto couldn't even begin to understand.

He just continued to laugh as Katsuki tried to scuff Izuku’s shoes before their shift started.