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Unexpected Love

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Chapter 4: The Fall


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I am so sorry about the late update. I had the worst writers block. I think it’s being trapped in my small apartment for so long. Which is strange because I’m an introvert and hate leaving my house. Anyways, I hope you guys like it.


Kagome didn’t want to be at school. Mari had stayed all weekend, which kept Kagome distracted from her thoughts. When she left Sunday evening, all she could picture was Sesshomaru arm in arm with that woman.

Kagome was currently sitting outside in the commons area, waiting for her friends. Sesshomaru was always early to homeroom, and she wasn’t ready to face him just yet. Yumi eventually showed up with a cup of tea for Kagome.

“What’s this for?” Kagome asked.

“Mari told me what happened, and it was in the paper. I figured some tea would help calm your nerves for the day.” Yumi smiled.

“Thank you. How was your weekend?” Kagome sipped the tea. It was chamomile of course. Yumi went on about her grandparents, all the food they loaded her down with, and they even took her shopping for new clothes. Kagome laughed and commented when needed, but her thoughts kept going back to Sesshomaru. She had seen that article in the paper. The Ishimoto’s being who they were, received a front page article about their dinner cruise. It was a charity dinner to raise funds for something. Kagome didn’t read the article. They only thing she paid attention to was the picture of Mr. Ishimoto and his human wife, and Sesshomaru and the female demon, Izumi.

The bell rang. It was time for Kagome to face Sesshomaru and her broken heart, which he knew nothing about. When she entered the classroom, there he was looking as handsome as ever. Kagome's heart began to hurt all over again. She wanted to turn and go home, but that was being silly.

Sesshomaru had been staring at Kagome since she walked in the door. He didn’t understand how someone could work their way into ones heart in such a short period of time. All weekend Kagome was on his mind. He wanted to know what she was doing or if she was okay. He wanted to see her, be near her. Sesshomaru tried his hardest to keep these feelings down, but she only invaded his thoughts more.

Everyone was in a buzz about the festival, and only having to take classes for half the day. The teacher made some announcements about beating the teacher down the hall as the best homeroom in school. Kagome and Sesshomaru worked on their morning chores in silence. Both thinking of each other, but for different reasons. Kagome was secretly glad Sesshomaru left after classes were over. She needed some time to heal to face Sesshomaru as a friend, and not a love interest.

Kagome threw herself into her school work so she didn’t have a free moment to think. She participated in class more or kept her nose in a textbook. She was able to keep herself strong and distracted up until her last study break. Because of the shortened classes it was before lunch, instead of the end of the day. Kagome was working on her homework, when he showed up. Sesshomaru sat down at Kagome's table. She wasn’t ready for pleasantries just yet. She was still recovering from the relationship they never had.

“Oh Sesshomaru, you’re still here? I would have figured you would have left already since this isn’t a real class period with attendance.” Kagome found it hard to look at Sesshomaru.

“I’m about to leave.” Sesshomaru had noticed that Kagome seemed distracted throughout the day. Something must have happened to her over the weekend and he wanted to make sure she was physical and emotionally fine. “Was your weekend well?”

Kagome was shocked. Did he come all this way to ask her about her weekend? She was a bit irritated. This was the kind of kindness he kept showing, that gave her the wrong signals in the first place. But she was still happy just to be in his presences.

“My weekend was well. Mari stayed until Sunday. We goofed off and did silly things. How was your weekend?” Kagome forced a happy smile, but she feared it came out wrong.

“Nothing out of the ordinary.”

‘Nothing out of the ordinary’ Kagome sighed inwardly. It probably wasn’t anything different than what he did every weekend. Hanging out with beautiful women, going to fancy dinners. She was realizing how different the two really were, and what would they ever have in common.

“I saw your picture in the paper. You looked very… nice.” Handsome, handsome is what she really wanted to say. “You’re date looked beautiful.”

“She wasn’t my date. Not technically.” Sesshomaru noticed a change in Kagome with his statement. He wondered, but didn’t push the subject. “I’m glad your weekend was well.”

Sesshomaru got up and left. Kagome didn’t know what to do with this new information. The demon woman was his date, but not technically. What did that mean? Was she just there because he needed to bring someone? If this was the woman from the other night, maybe it was a business date? Or was he testing their connection again? Kagome hated to give herself hope again. She barely survived this weekend with a make believe relationship. She needed her friends’ advice.

“I don’t think you should read too much into this Kagome.” Yumi said. They were at their usual lunch table.

“I agree with Yumi.” Mari looked worried. “I hate to be blunt Kagome, but I don’t think Sesshomaru is going to ask you out. He’s not like his dad. He isn’t going to take a human as his partner.”

“Mari!” Yumi scolded. “That’s a little too harsh.”

“I know we just became friends, but seeing you hurt this weekend hurt me. I already consider you one of my best friends Kagome, and I don’t want to see you hurt.” Mari said. Yumi agreed with her.

Kagome smiled at Mari and Yumi. She was extremely grateful to have such good friends right of the back. She was going to head Mari’s words. She was right, Sesshomaru would never ask her out. They would just be friends. Hitoshi arrived mid lunch in search of Mari. As president and vice president of the gardening club, they were in charge of putting the booth together. They were going to have some interactive displays to try and get more members, and show the parents what they had been up too. Hitoshi asked if the girls wouldn’t mind helping him move some soil to where the booth was going to be. They had some time before they were needed back at home room for instructions so they agreed to help.

“Here is the gardening shed.” Mari informed. “We only need two maybe three bags, but if you can help us move some pots that would be wonderful.”

“Of course.” Kagome grabbed two trays of pots. They weren’t that heavy since they were the biodegradable pots. Yumi, being a half demon, grabbed a lot more trays like she was picking up a bag of chips. Mari and Hitoshi grabbed the bags of soil. Even though Mari was a half demon with greater strength then Hitoshi, he being the gentleman he was took the extra bag of soil. They took them to the common area up front where all the booths would be built.

“Thanks guys!” Hitoshi stated. “This was a big help. All Mari and I have to do now is build the booth, decorate it, and bring up the flowers and seeds.”

“Is that all?” Mari laughed. “We should all get going. It’s almost time for homeroom.”

Yumi and Mari were in the same homeroom. That’s how they became friends. The alphabetical arrangement of their last names placed their desk right next to each other since middle school. Their classroom was in a different hallway from Kagome's, they parted saying they would see each other in a little bit.

“Hitoshi, are you headed this way as well?” Kagome asked. He hadn’t left yet. He was looking at her, but not really. Lost in thought it seemed like, and it was creeping her out.

“Kagome, would you come by the gardening booth Friday?” Hitoshi asked.

“Of course! I can’t wait to see what you and Mari come up with.” Kagome wanted to plant a flower to take home. With her black thumbs she wasn’t going to join the gardening club, but it still seemed like fun.

“I was more wondering if you would come by and see me Friday. I would love to explore the fall festival with you.” Hitoshi smiled.

‘He wants me to come see him. I should be happy. A handsome boy is pretty much asking me out. But I wish I was enjoying the fall festival with Sesshomaru. We all know that’s not going to happen.’

Before Kagome could answer the warning bell rang. Hitoshi ran off saying they would see each other soon. In homeroom the teacher handed out a map of where the booths were going to be located. There was a section for the homeroom vegetable booths, and a section for the clubs, and sports teams. Everyone was given instructions and released to start on the booth.

Kagome was currently in the basement with some of her classmates to gather supplies.

“Kagome can you carry these boards?” One of her classmates asked.

“Sure.” Kagome grabbed the boards from her classmate. “You can load up a few more, and let me take some of those tools okay.”

Kagome's classmate loaded up her arms as told, then Kagome headed up the basement stairs. It was rather difficult trying to walk up the stairs with her arms full. The door to the basement had shut, so Kagome was trying to maneuver it open without having to put down her load. It wasn’t easy since the door opened towards Kagome, so she couldn’t just push open. She almost reached the doorknob when the door slammed open. It hit Kagome pretty hard and shoved her down the stairs.

Later that day,

‘Ow, my head is killing me. My body, I’m in so much pain.’ Kagome looked around she was in the hospital. She didn’t remember much having blacked out midway down the fall. Kagome reached for her head. She felt a small bandage on the front of her head. Her lower left arm was in a cast. There were small cuts and bruises from where the supplies hit on the way down. She had an IV in her right arm to keep her hydrated while she was out.

“I wonder how long I’ve been out.” Kagome asked herself. From the view of her window, she saw that night had already fallen. She looked around for her belongings, but of course they were still in her school locker. She wondered how late it really was. Was her father aware of her being in the hospital? He didn’t get home until past ten or almost midnight these days.

“Oh good you’re awake.” A nurse said from the door way. “Are you in any pain?”

The nurse came next to Kagome's bed, checking her vitals and IV.

“What time is it? Does my father know I’m here?” Kagome tried to sit up but it only caused her to hurt more. She grabbed her side it felt like something was broke.

“Let me help you Miss Higurashi.” The nurse helped Kagome settle in too a comfortable position. “It’s almost midnight. You’re father has been contacted. He was here for most of the day, but we sent him home once visiting time was over. He said he would be back in the morning.”

“Okay. My side, are my ribs broken?” Kagome's side still hurt from her sudden movements.

“They are just bruised Miss. Luckily your injuries weren’t as bad as they could have been. Someone will be in every two hours to make sure your condition doesn’t worsen. We are going to keep you for twenty four hours to keep an eye on you, then you should be able to go home.”

Kagome touched her head injury, nodding her acknowledgment to the nurse. The nurse left promising to be back in two hours. Kagome sighed. She felt embarrassed. It was the first day of the festival preparations. She barely lifted her hands to help out her homeroom, and then had to go and make a scene. She couldn’t go back to school until Wednesday, and her arm was in a cast. How much help was she going to be the rest of the week? She needed to at least make her carrot cake like ordered. Kagome decided to get some rest. Everything was always better in the morning.

Mr. Higurashi came in the morning to check on his daughter. Kagome knew how important this time was for her father, with the merging of his company, so she insisted for him to go to work. He grudgingly obliged informing Kagome that he had his phone on him and to contact him for anything. He would send a car to pick her up when she was ready to be released.

Nurses came in throughout the day to check on Kagome. She got a CAT scan, and a doctor came in to check her reflexes and injuries. Since nothing came back irregular she was cleared to go home that afternoon. Currently Kagome was getting changed to go home.

“Miss Higurashi, your ride is here. They’re waiting for you down in the pickup area.” A nurse said rolling in a wheel chair. She handed Kagome a small paper bag and a piece of paper. “In the bag is some medication for your pain, and antibiotics to prevent an infections. On the paper is an emergency contact number in case your condition worsen. It also has some rules about what you should and should not do for the next few weeks. You have an appointment with the doctor in a few days to check on everything.”

“Okay. I think I got it all.” Kagome took a seat in the wheel chair. The nurse took her down to the lobby floor, where her father’s driver was waiting for her. Once home, one of the building guards escorted her up to her apartment to make sure she wouldn’t pass out on the way. The guard helped her inside, making sure she was okay before he left. She called her father, letting him know she was home safe and he didn’t need to worry too much.

Kagome was just starting to fall asleep when her doorbell began to ring. She cursed who was on the other side of the door. It had taken her awhile to get comfortable on the couch, and now she had to get up. She dragged herself to the door finding her friends on the other side.

“Mari! Yumi!” Kagome smiled, stepping aside to let her friends in. They waltzed in carrying a bunch of bags. Mari took the lead heading to the kitchen.

“Dang Kagome you are rich.” Yumi stated.

“I told you.” Mari whispered.

“Ha ha.” Kagome leaned against her kitchen counter, while her friends unloaded the bags they brought in. Her arm was bothering her, but she didn’t want her friends to know.

“Oh Kagome. Hitoshi was asking about you.” Mari smiled.

“Really?” Kagome blushed. “He’s asked me to the festival Friday.”

“Do it!” Yumi practically yelled. “It will help you forget Sesshomaru. It’s a more attainable relationship anyways.”

“Geeze thanks.” Kagome raised her eyebrow, pressing her lips together.

“It’s just you know…” Yumi trailed off.

“I know.” Kagome laughed off the situation. “Sesshomaru is taken. He and I are barely even friends, let alone being on the verge of a relationship.”

“Anyways are we going to let this food get cold or what?” Mari injected changing the subject.

The group moved into Kagome's room. They put on a RomCom while they ate their dinner and gossiped. Her friends couldn’t stay long since it was a school night. Kagome wanted to go to school also. One reason being her phone and backpack were still in her locker. Another being she was getting behind on her school work. Last being she didn’t like being home alone if she could help it. She’d probably end up going rather she felt good or not, but she didn’t make any promises to her friend.  

Kagome got herself ready for bed, which was rather difficult. She had to keep her cast dry, while trying to wash her body in pain. Putting on her nightgown and brushing her hair, was even harder with her movements restricted. She took half of a pain pill to help her sleep through the night. The medicine helped her lay comfortably, but she didn’t like the tricks it played on her mind. Kagome could have sworn in the middle of the night she saw her childhood stuff bunny moved, and then she thought a small breeze was blowing around her room, she even thought Sesshomaru was hovering over her. In the morning she checked her room, everything was in place so she knew it was a trick of the mind.

Getting ready in the morning was just as difficult as the night before. Kagome was still in great pain, and knew she should stay home. But decided to go to school anyways. She headed to the kitchen to make her lunch and grab breakfast. Her father was in the kitchen setting the table for breakfast. She had expected him to already be gone.

“You made… breakfast?” Kagome was shocked.

“Me? Of course not!” Mr. Higurashi laughed. “You know I can’t cook. My cooking would only make you worse. I ordered it. I also ordered you lunch, so you don’t have to worry about making any.”

Mr. Higurashi helped his daughter sit down. Kagome thought it was nice to have breakfast with her dad. She hadn’t had this experience in a long time, but like usual he was buried in his work. When her mom was alive, things were different. Her father didn’t know how to cope with the loss of his wife, and becoming a single father. Work was all he knew, and so he buried himself further into. He did his best as a single father, providing everything she could ever want. Spending time together was all she really wanted. It was rather lonely at times, but she bared no ill will against her father’s actions.

“I have to get to school father.” Kagome got up and grabbed her things.

Her father had waited around to take her to school so she wouldn’t have to take the bus. The ride to school was lonely as her father responded to text, emails, and phone calls. When they dropped her off at school, he told Kagome he would send his driver to pick her up at the end of school.

Kagome retrieved her bag and put in her lunch away, before heading to homeroom. Like always Sesshomaru was already there. He was staring at her strangely but she couldn’t make out any emotions. Her injuries had distracted her from what she saw Friday. Now seeing him again all those feelings came flooding back. Kagome sighed, not only was she in pain physical, but emotionally as well. She smiled before sitting down, resting her head on her desk.

As the students entered, many of them bombarded her desk asking how she was doing. The ones who witnessed the fall were talking about how scary it was, and how shocked they were to see her back already. The teacher soon came in, made the usual morning announcements before the kids got started on cleaning the classroom. Kagome didn’t want to feel useless, so she got up to help with the windows. She sprayed down the window and began cleaning. She could only reach so far without her body hurting.

“What are you doing?” Sesshomaru took the rag from Kagome.

“I’m working my morning task.” Kagome was holding her side trying to hide the grimace on her face.

“Don’t be stupid. Go sit down.” Sesshomaru turned away from Kagome, continuing to work on the windows. It was harsh but if he let her continue she might make her wounds worse. The first time they met she tripped over her own feet. Who knows what she would do in her condition.

‘He must think I’m useless, a dumb human who can’t even walk up the stairs.’ Kagome sulked back to her desk. She didn’t know why she expected anything different. Her classmates included her in festival discussions, even though she hadn’t done anything to help and probably wouldn’t be able to the rest of the week. She promised she would still make the carrot cake as promised. To at least do something.

Before leaving homeroom, Kagome was informed she could leave after lunch if she wanted. She wouldn’t be much help and the teacher would rather have her at home resting. Kagome took that into consideration. Depending on how she was feeling she might go home, or stay seeing what the others were doing. She could deal with the pain in her side and arm, but the headache from her head wound was the worse.

Kagome dragged herself to her next class. Mari and Yumi were happy to see her at school. They thought she would have stayed home.

“I would have.” Yumi said helping Kagome with her bags.

“Yeah but you hate school.” Mari added.

“That’s true. Sadly my parents would never let me miss school unless I was dying.” Yumi laughed. Mari and Kagome joined in. School wasn’t Kagome's favorite either, but she would rather be surrounded by friends than loneliness.

“Hey guys, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping me bake a cake for the festival.” Kagome pleaded.

“Of course.” Yumi said.

“We can do it Thursday, Okay?” Mari smiled.

“Thanks guys. You’re the best. I’ll have all the ingredients ready, I just need help making it. I’ll buy you dinner for your help.”

“Don’t worry about it Kagome. We’re happy to help.” Yumi patted Kagome on the back.

“Speak for yourself, who doesn’t love free food.” Mari laughed. Yumi playfully hit her. She was always so blunt.

The group got started on their art projects. There wasn’t enough time for the teacher to teach a new technic, so they were told to draw something scenic. Kagome was a day behind on her project. She wouldn’t be able to put has much detail in as she wanted, but it was turning out okay. She might work on it after school, but she needed to catch up on math. It was her worse subject and she was quite behind. Luckily Yumi was in her match class and she was able to copy her notes during their short study break.

By the time Kagome got to Literature IV her injuries were beginning to weigh on her. Her head was nearly splitting open in pain. Her arm and side were giving her stabbing aches. Her body was exhausted trying to heal her wounds. Kagome took Motrin for the pain, but it wasn’t enough. She couldn’t take her pain medicine while at school. Plus with the crazy hallucinations she had the night before she was afraid what she might do out in public.

Kagome was one of the last to get to class, because of how slow she was moving. She noticed Sesshomaru was still giving her the same strange look from this morning. She was too tired to decipher anything. Kagome figured it was his look of sympathy. She had been getting such looks all day. Then she shook the thought from her head. It was probably a look of disgust for being so weak.

‘He’s probably comparing me to his date from the other night. She would have been more graceful, and never fell down the stairs. Even if she happened to she would have never injured herself as much as I did.’ Kagome thought.

Kagome tried to pay attention in class, but she was too tired and didn’t care. By the end of class she hadn’t taken a single note. She would try to get someone’s notes later, but right now her main mission was making it to her last class. Kagome stood up trying to position her bag in a comfortable position, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see gold eyes peering down at her.

“I’ll carry your bag.” Sesshomaru gently grabbed Kagome's bag from her.

“Thank you.” Kagome led the way to their math class lost in her thoughts. She was debating with herself about their relationship. Were they just friends, acquaintances? Did he feel more, but would never say anything because she was human. Or did he see her as a sort of pet. Someone that needed taking care of. She wished he would just say something, so she knew where they stood.

“Kagome! Wait up.”

Snapped out of her thoughts, Kagome looked up to see Hitoshi running towards her. She realized she had never answered his question about the festival. Would he bring it up again, and in front of Sesshomaru? Kagome glanced up at him. He looked reserved as normal, but there was something different in his eyes.



Again sorry for the late update. I’ll try to get the next chapter out ASAP. How are you feeling about the Inuyasha sequel? I’m excited, but I have so many questions. Certain facts are breaking my heart until answered. Be safe and have a great day.