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the half of it (hosie)

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The ancient Greeks believed humans once had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces. We were happy. Complete. So complete that the gods, fearing our wholeness would quell our need for worship, cleaved us in two, leaving our split selves to wander the earth in misery. Forever longing. Longing for the other half of our soul. It is said that when one half finds its other there's an unspoken understanding. A unity. And each would know no greater joy than this.

Of course, the ancient Greeks never attended Mystic Falls High, where every school year was just filled with more and more hormones, and a never-ending popularity contest. High school.

Josie Saltzman wasn't one of the most popular kids in school, in fact, she was more of an outcast. But whatever it is that she's seen as, there is no doubt she is one of the smartest kids in her class, maybe even the whole school. Which is why when her parents decided to get a divorce and separated her from her twin, Lizzie, and she had to stay with her father, who happens to be struggling with money, she didn't think twice before deciding that she could use her brain to make money off of some of the other kids in her grade, which happened to be struggling to keep up with assignments most of the time.

When her parents told her and Lizzie that they were getting divorced, they thought they would stick together, as they've always done, but seeing Alaric so broken convinced her otherwise, no matter how hard things were, she would keep him company, Lizzie had always been closer than her to Caroline anyway. So when her father announced that they were moving to Mystic Falls, Josie kept her mouth shut, no mater how much it hurt to be away from her mother and twin. When they got to Mystic Falls, Alaric got a job in railroad, it was supposed to be a starting point, but he's been stuck there for years now.

This is what brings Josie, wanting to help out with rent, to start witting papers for her classmates, job she has been perfecting for a couple of years now. Students would send her money and instructions, and she would help them ace any assignment.

As of one of her most recent papers, Josie sat writing an essay on Plato's philosophy of love, criticizing ancient philosopher's works appeared to be one of her favorite activities. Convinced that the idea of finding one's other half to feel complete, was ridiculous, she turned more to Camus' theory that life is irrational, and meaningless. Adding another A-plus paper to the pile.

The day started like any other, she woke up, got to doing her chores, except for her laundry, and head off to school on her bike. She got to see part of town on her way to school, green fields next to the concrete road was a contrast that made everything feel better than it actually was, as she lived a few minutes out of town, she had to stick to a schedule every morning before class. As she passed Carson Gravel and a few hundreds of trees on her way, a truck passed by her, yelling dumb nicknames at her.

"Why so salty Saltzman?" yelled one of the kids as the other laughed at the comment. 

Josie kept her eyes on the road as mumbled a quiet "Idiots..." at the sight of her classmates.

The tall brunette sat through her first classes of the day taking notes, everything important the teacher said, she wrote down, every single detail she could use in the future in one of the multiple papers she's scheduled to write. Getting to music class was always a relief, she didn't have to do much there, she's always loved music, not to mention that she got to play the piano, one of her favorite instruments.

Music class was the period she usually used to deliver the papers she had already finished and thus getting her payment.

"Fantastic. The angels weep with joy." mister Flores, the music teacher, had always been a bit too dramatic for everyone's taste. "Next up, the winter talent show. Mandatory for all seniors."

At the sound of the word "mandatory", Josie recoiled in her seat, as much as she loves music and playing different instruments, she'd much rather do it in the tranquility of her own bedroom, or the back of the classroom, where she could just hide from others' gazes.

"This is your last chance to strut your stuff. Mandatory."

As the teacher continued explaining the way the talent show would work, when and where it would take place, Josie took this as the chance to distribute the assignments she had been payed for. She started handing the different papers to the students sitting next to her, who would keep them moving until these reached their destination, the students paying for the service. The classroom became filled with essays going around and chatter erupted, as it always did when mister Flores would start talking about stuff.

As whispers filled the classroom, so did laughter when Josie was the joke. Dana, one of the most popular girls in school poking fun at the Saltzman twin as she sent her fellow classmates a so called "nerd alert".

"Is there a problem?" Mister Flores asked the students as he realized that no one was paying attention to him.

Josie rolled her eyes as the whole class replied at the same time saying no. Maybe if they actually payed attention to the teachers they wouldn't need her to do almost every single assignment for them.

One of the papers got to the hands of its now owner, Rafael Waithe, the most popular kid in school, Josie had been writing his papers for as long as she can remember, he was probably his most loyal buyer, so definitely not the brightest kid in the class, but one of the richest and most desired ones for sure.

Josette's gaze fixed on him for a couple of seconds, thinking how could he be the most popular dude in the school, but even she had to admit that even if he was dense as shit, he had a million dollar smile. But her eyes landed soon after on Hope Mikaelson, another senior, and Rafael's girlfriend. Hope wasn't focusing on the class either, her head down and her eyes fixed on the book on her hands, she looked peaceful, beautiful even, and Josie couldn't help but stare.

The brunette was brought off of her trance as soon as mister Flores started giving instructions "Let's all turn to page 49."

The classroom was shortly after filled with music, and Josie couldn't help but gaze back at the redhead girl that had had her attention on a book just prior. Hope Mikaleson's voice was easy to distinguish from everyone else's as the choir started singing "Annie's Song", she hit every note perfectly. The brunette couldn't look away from blue eyes and full lips, she was wearing her hair down in perfectly curved waves, as usual, a grey sweater and some jeans, but to Josie she always looked gorgeous.

But the Saltzman girl wasn't the only one whose attention had been grabbed by Hope, outside of the classroom, in the football field, was Landon Kirby, part of Mystic Falls High's football team, the Timberwolves, listening to the redhead's beautiful voice through an open window. As soon as he realized who the owner of the voice was, he couldn't help but smile, his thoughts having been invaded by the Mikaleson girl for the past few months.


Landon's trance was cut short by the football coach calling his name due to his abrupt stop, so the boy went back to running and training.