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A Little Hazy

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A/N: Today is my commencement. It's virtual. . . But only my name will be displayed. Anyway, here is what I thought up during my sickness. I don't believe I have Covid. Just a slight cold. Congrats to anyone who graduated during this COVID-19 crisis.


As the youngest member of BTS, I was more coddled than the others. Of course the other three members of the maknae line were coddled and treated like maknae’s, but I was special. Maybe due to the fact that I was the only female? I was younger than JK? I couldn’t guess, but I knew that the others would tolerate more if it came from me.

When I got up from my bed, the first thing I wanted to do was go back to bed. I knew that the other members would not allow me to do this, even going so far as to drag me out of my room, so I just got up. I didn’t bother dressing in anything special, knowing we weren’t doing anything with the COVID-19 lockdowns; therefore I grabbed an old shirt of Yoongi’s.

After using the bathroom and washing my face, I padded into the living room to view my Yoongi-oppa resting in his precious recliner. I am not being sarcastic, but Yoongi didn’t allow anyone else to sit in his recliner. If someone else was sitting in his recliner, they immediately vacated when he came into the room. I smiled and rushed over to the man.

I sat down next to his legs and leaned my back against the arms of the chair. Then I leaned my head into the side of his knee and part of his thigh. Yoongi said nothing, just leaned down and brushed his fingers through my hair. I melted.

Everyone in BTS knew that when I was having a bad day or something upset me, I would seek out the others to play with my hair. It was soothing and calmed me down within minutes. Therefore, I would seek out the others when I didn’t feel well. They would understand and within seconds my hair would be stroked.

“Good morning hyung, Y/N-ah,” Jimin greeted as he walked into the room. “Not feeling good today, baby?”

“She came to me first thing this morning,” Yoongi said, left hand still stroking my brown locks. “That was about thirty minutes ago.”

“Poor baby,” Jimin knelt to press a kiss to my forehead. “Any requests for breakfast?”

“No,” I managed, speaking through the haze the feeling of Yoongi’s fingers through my hair caused. Jimin chuckled.

“Okay, baby,” he walked away while I fell into a light doze.




I walked out into the living room with my hairbrush. The other members of BTS were sitting on the couch. I contemplated for a moment before walking towards my preferred member. I sat down on the floor in front of Hoseok and set the brush in his lap.

Hoseok laughed at my demanding ways but obliged me and started to run the brush through my thick, brown locks. It was slightly wet from my shower, severely knotted. Hoseok was used to my demands. He started to run the brush through my hair.

It was slow, with Hoseok trying not to break off my hair. I didn’t mind the time spent on my hair, just enjoyed the feeling of Hoseok’s long fingers following the strokes of the brush. He always put his fingers through my hair to ensure that the brush had taken care of any knots. If his fingers felt any, he brushed that spot until the knots and tangles were all gone.

This was a ritual. I normally chose Hoseok since he was gentle with my hair. He used to tell me stories while he brushed my hair free of knots. Now he does, whenever we are on tour, but mostly, we just watch television, or the other members talk while he brushes through my hair.




I walked into Taehyung’s room and demanded his attention by throwing my hairbrush, hair ties, and sitting down in front of his legs. He laughed, while Yeontan yipped and came over to my lap, as Taehyung pulled me in between his legs.

“You are so spoiled, princess,” Taehyung laughed, but began to brush through my hair.

“I am not!” I protested, but had a slight smile on my face.

“Uh huh,” Taehyung hummed. “How did you want your hair? In braids, ponytails?”

“Anything,” I chirped with a smile.

“I was watching some hair tutorials on Youtube. I think I can do one,” Taehyung sighed, before beginning on his masterpiece.

I came to Taehyung because he was always wanting to try something new. I could cuddle with Yeontan while Taehyung focused all his attention on creating the tutorial he memorized to try the next time I demanded his attention.