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Her Smile is my Light

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“The infinite falling petals means endless love.”  -Bolson


“We’ll make our way to Zora’s Domain.” Zelda told me while staring at the Sheikah Slate’s screen. I look away from the view of the Castle that this hill offers us to look at her. “Divine Beast Vah Ruta… looks like it stopped working. Let’s investigate the situation.”


Four days ago, I would have done anything to simply see her smile again, but now… she’s here… with me. After a hundred years…


Zelda slowly lowers the Sheikah Slate and sadly stares at the horizon. “Mipha’s father… I believe he would like to hear more about her. The least we can do is visit him and offer some closure.” I notice that her voice shakes a little.


Mipha, my dear friend… you never deserved to die like this. You dedicated all your life to protect the ones you loved. You should have lived… you should have been happy…


The princess continues, pulling me out of my thoughts: “Although Ganon is gone for now, there is still so much more for us to do. And so many painful memories that we must bear. I believe in my heart, that if all of us work together… we can restore Hyrule to its former glory. Perhaps… even beyond. But it all must start with us.”


Yes, we will rebuild Hyrule all together… like we always do. And you, Zelda… I’ll be with you. Until I die, to the edge of the world, I’ll stand at your side.


“Let’s be off.” she tells me as she starts walking towards the horses. I stay still and follow her with my eyes, waiting until I can walk behind her like I always do.


The moment I begin to follow her, she stops. “I can no longer hear the voice inside the sword.” I too stop to listen to her. “I suppose it would make sense if my power had dwindled over the past one-hundred years…” She slowly turns back and stares at me with her beautiful green eyes for a moment, then she continues: “I’m surprised to admit it… But I can accept that.”


Her golden hair begins to slowly dance in the wind and she smiles . A warm and bright smile. A soft and joyful smile. Like that of a goddess blessing us.


Unable to hold it back, my normally neutral face lights up and my lips stretch into a large smile. I give up all restraints and run towards her. Together, we walk side by side.


This precise moment is the one I have been waiting for all my life. I fought, I ran, I climbed, I suffered… but it doesn’t matter anymore.


Her smile is everything I want… everything I need…


Her smile is my light. 


In the middle of a vast field, a rain of petals rises gently in the air, meaning the endless love between the princess and her knight.