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Self Indulgence

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Hawks didn't often get the chance for self indulgence. Didn't have the time, didn't have the energy, didn't want to worry about people blabbing to the media-


Except now with all the crazy turns his life had taken, he suddenly had a lot more time to indulge all in the name of gaining intel . He wonders if the commission really thinks the hours he spends with Dabi are still really all for the sake of intel. They are far from all productive- Actually at this point he found himself spending more and more time with Dabi just because he liked the guy rather than for his actual job. Really he didn't think the commission expected him to go and start fucking their in to the League, but then again, he didn't expect to end up doing it either! It was all very messy and gave him a headache to overthink, so instead he just didn't. He'd have to face it all some day but that day was not today, thank you very much.


That being said, with all the other self indulgence he'd been getting himself into lately, he'd decided fuck it, why not take it further? 


He stares down at the lingerie laid out on his bed, arms crossed. He'd always thought about this. Dressing up pretty, getting fucked while in lace and stockings but-


He turns away from the bed, smacking his own heated cheeks. God it was a lot to actually have the lingerie, right there, on his bed. He hadn't even been brave enough to put it on yet. He didn't even know if Dabi would like this shit. A part of him could picture the villain laughing at him, leaned against the door frame for leverage as he held his stomach and cackled. All before telling him he was fucking pitiful and leaving.


When did he start caring so much about what Dabi thought?


He snatches his phone off his nightstand, quickly opening a text convo.


Birdy Boss

Rumi help



Whats up hun?


She replied nearly instantly. It was almost enough to bring a smile to his face. Always ready to help her poor disaster of a friend. He didn't know what he'd do without her.


Birdy Boss

Just need some reassurance i can pull off a look



Dude I don't think there's any look you can't pull off


What is it? You get a new costume or smth?


Birdy Boss

Not exactly.


Its a bit more… scandalous than that









Show me.


What did you get?


Put it on right now! send pics!!!


Hawks chuckles at the wall of texts, blowing out a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding. Always count on Rumi to help boost his confidence again, even when she didn't actually know what he bought. His phone buzzes with a few more texts after he turns it off but he ignores them in favor of turning back to the bed with new determination.


Stripping from his hero clothes is easy. Methodical. Following the same routine he goes through every day. It's once he's stripped that he feels the nerves eat at him again. Come on you're the number 2 hero for gods sake.


He starts with the top. The fabric is soft to the touch, silky and smooth, and red. A dark, crimson red to match his wings. He thought it'd look nice. It's solid around where it will cup his chest, with slightly see through fabric that will fall over the rest of his torso. The back of it's cut low to not disturb his wings, tied together in a sweet little ribbon that his mind goes wild imagining Dabi slowly untying. Okay deep breaths, stop fantasizing before you even have the damn thing on you horny motherfucker.


It's easier to put on than he expects- The company he'd got it from did pride themselves on making sure their pieces fit with their clients' quirks- and not to mention comfortable . The fabric was smooth to the touch but somehow feels even smoother once it's on his skin. The loose, see through fabric hanging around his waist is so light to the touch he decides immediately it was a good purchase. He gives his wings a test stretch, pleased to find they don't catch on the fabric at all.


Next were the panties and stockings, both the same shade of red as the top. He picked the undergarments up carefully, examining the lace along its edges as he ran a thumb over it. Another buzz from his phone reminds him Rumi is actually waiting for some sort of response so he brushes off whatever anxieties try to rear their head again and steps into the panties. Just like the top, they're smooth and glide overy his skin easily. The fit is just snug enough that he knows by feel alone they're gonna do wonders for showing off his ass. 


And then… The stockings. He hates to admit it but they're the part he's most excited for. He sits at the edge of the bed to put them on, sliding them slow and careful up his leg. Smooth, soft, comfortable , all over again. The lace at the top of it matches the rest of the set, coming to rest on his upper thigh. He sucks in a shaky breath and pulls on the next one, just as slow. Once both are on he stares dumbly at his own legs, encased in smooth red fabric and lace and-


Picture. Picture, he needed to take a picture.


He picks up his phone again, the feeling of the smooth fabric under his feet when he stands foreign to him. He has a large mirror in the back of his room so he walks up to it to snap the picture but stops when he sees himself. Red wings, red lace, red fabric hugging his frame.


Was it possible to be attracted to yourself ? Because damn he looked good.


He settles for a sideways pose, stretching his wings out behind him as he snaps his reflection. He finally reopens the texts from Rumi, reading what he'd missed.



You better send me pics.


Are you trying it on?


Or did you chicken out?


You better be putting it on or I'll come over and beat your ass you hear me


He laughs to himself, sending off the image with no commentary as he walks back to sit on his bed again. Rumi's reply is instant.







Holy fuck babe, who's the lucky guy you got that for huh?


Birdy Boss

It's a secret~ ;P


Jk, it's just for me


I thought Id indulge in a little fantasy i always had yknow?



You got the money for it so hell yea!


Are u srs tho??? You can't tell me you decided to randomly fulfill this fantasy without someone to show it off to


Birdy Boss

I literally just showed you



I do not count


Who is it? Come on I know you bb, there's gotta be someone


Birdy Boss

Okay seriously it is a secret



Aweeee :'(


But I wanna knowwwwwww


Birdy Boss

I'll tell you about him over drinks some time



I'm holding you to that.


Tell me how it goes when he gets to see it!!! He's gonna loveeeee it !


Hawks sighs, flopping back onto his bed, wings splayed out on either side of him to avoid getting crushed. He isn't really sure how to bring it up to Dabi now that he's gotten this far. How does one start the conversation: hey do you like lingerie? Do you think I'd look good in it? I already bought it but just thought I'd double check- Do you even ask?


He lifts his phone, peering at his contacts. Dabi is lovingly titled Crusty Bitch in them, but the guy hates being texted. Something about texts making it too easy for enemies to figure him out if a phone got stolen. So that meant calling him.


He stares at the contacts for a few more long, agonizing seconds before he hits the call button. He doesn't actually expect the bastard to pick up.


"What do you want?" His voice comes through the speaker annoyed. The type of annoyed that makes it sound like someone must have done something to piss him off today. Hawks really hoped it wouldn't make him too disagreeable.


"Wow not even a hello? Rude." Hawks stretches an arm above him on the blankets, staring up at the ceiling.


" Hello , princess," He snaps, "You happy? Why the fuck are you calling me?"


"I was just wondering if you wanted to come over?" Hawks hates the way his nerves twist in his stomach.




He bites his lip, mulling over his words. "I got something for you," His voice comes out quieter, like he's whispering a dirty secret he shouldn't be telling.


There's a period of silence. "This isn't an intel thing is it?" Dabi's tone has completely shifted.


"No. It's just for you." His wings shift beneath him and he's all too aware of the smooth fabric clinging to his skin. "It's a gift. I think you'll like it."


Another period of silence. His previous annoyance was forgotten if his tone was anything to go by.  "Got it. Think you can wait 20 minutes?"


"You're 20 minutes away from my apartment right now?" Hawks asks, bewildered.


"Yeah stupid League errands shit. Doesn't matter." His voice drops lower, and Hawks can basically hear the smirk in his tone. "You got something waiting for me after all, don't you?"


"Yeah," He replies, already breathless. From excitement or nerves it was hard to say.


"I'll be there. See you soon birdy."


The wait is both agonizing and very comfortable. He really didn't expect these to be so comfortable to lounge around in. He ends up getting up twice to examine himself in the mirror again, twisting and turning to see all the angles. He keeps tugging on each piece's fabric, readjusting them until he's sure they look perfect only to spot another flaw to fix.


20 minutes should not feel this fucking long. It really was just unfair.


He's sitting back on his bed, wings drooped lazily behind him as he checks his social media, when he hears the familiar sound of the window in the next room opening. It's followed by an audible thud of boots on hardwood, and Hawks all but throws his phone away from him as he sits up straighter. His wings ruffle, excited and nervous and so uncertain of how Dabi's going to react, that he can't get them to fully smooth out again when his door swings open.


"Sorry it took a bit longer, there were some assholes hanging outsi-" Dabi stops mid sentence as well as mid step, eyes going wide as he stares at the man in front of him.


Hawks doesn't know what to do with himself. His wings pull tighter to his body subconsciously, curled slightly around his sides but not enough to obstruct Dabi's view of what he's wearing. "Surprise!" He tries but his voice is weak. He wonders if his nerves are evident in his face.


The villain is completely still, not even breathing. Slowly, those intense blue eyes rake over him from head to toe, and he exhales something slow and controlled. Hawks holds Dabi's gaze when he approaches slowly.


" Baby bird… " Hawks shudders at his voice, dropped deep and rough. "You got this for me?" He asks, voice hushed but intense. A hand lifts to take the see through bits of the fabric in-between his fingers, sliding his thumb over it as if to test its quality.


Hawks bites his lip, all nerves evaporating at the very evident interest on the villain's face. "Got it for me… But wanted you to see it."


Dabi hums in response, and Hawks can see how dilated his pupils have gotten. Deep, possessive black peering down at him through icy blue rims. Dabi takes a step back, gesturing with a hand. "Stand up."


Hawks does as told, forcing himself to push his wings fully behind his back as he got up to give a better view. Dabi circles him slowly once he's up, and Hawks shivers at the feeling of those eyes trailing all over him. He comes to a stop behind him, and Hawks wings flutter in surprise when patchwork hands gently caress the feathers, pushing them apart to make room for him at Hawks' back. The hero shivers when his hands land on his hips, slowly trailing up under the fabric to press his fingers into the skin of his waist. "You look good, pretty bird," Dabi murmurs against the skin at the back of his neck.


Hawks shivers again, gasping lightly as those shockingly cold hands pressed further and further up. Dabi's unmarred skin was so much colder than it should be for someone harboring a fire quirk, and there's probably some deeper thoughts to have on why that is, but Hawks mind is already gone as fingers trace his skin and mismatched lips glide down his neck. Dabi pulls back too soon, but Hawks withholds his complaints when he pushes a wing out of the way to circle back to the hero's front.


A hand comes to his jaw, tilting his head up far more gently than a man like Dabi would ever be expected to behave. He catches his lips, thumb sliding over the curve of his cheek. Despite the chill of the man's fingers, he can feel the fire Dabi has lit inside him grow. He makes a small noise, pressing back into the kiss, as he shivers at the warmth growing in his chest. "What do you want from me tonight, birdy?" Dabi asks against Hawks lips.


Hawks flushes, blinking open his eyes to catch the intense ice of Dabi's gaze boring right into him. "Call me pretty…?" He asks breathlessly, so quiet he's not sure he actually said it.


Dabi hums, lips trailing from Hawks mouth to his cheek. The hand at his jaw slips down, resting against the side of his neck in a lax hold that's more comforting than anything. "That's not too hard," He smiles and Hawks feels it against his skin rather than sees it. "Call you pretty all the time."


He presses his kisses further down, hand slipping away from his neck in favor of kissing the skin there. As he goes, he shrugs off his coat, letting it fall to a heap on the floor. He walks Hawks backwards to the bed, the hero more than happy to sit back down on the mattress when the backs of his legs hit it. Dabi steps back, smirking when he does. He makes quick work of his shirt, then pants. Both join the coat in a pile by his feet.


"You wanna keep all that on?" He asks as he hooks his thumbs into his own boxers. Hawks nods, eyes drifting to the final piece of fabric Dabi had to take off. Dabi notices, hands hesitating. "You wanna help me out here?" 


Hawks lunges forward as soon as he's asked, dropping to his knees on the floor as he tugs the boxers down. He doesn't even give Dabi a chance to kick them all the way off his feet, taking his already half hard-on in hand so he can lick a stripe up it's side.


Dabi huffs, " god damn baby bird," and threads his fingers into his hair. 


It isn't hard to coax him to fullness with several more swipes of his tongue. He flashes a cocky grin up at Dabi before shifting to drag the flat of his tongue all the way up the underside of his cock, catching the ladder of piercings there as he goes. Dabi's breath hitches in his throat, fingers tightening in his hair and Hawks swears he can see the blue of his fire flashing in his eyes. Hawks, as much as he loves to tease, is also hopelessly horny and hopelessly impatient, taking him properly into his mouth with the tug on his hair. He swirls a practiced tongue around the tip, drawing a low noise from Dabi before sinking down with ease all the way to the base.


"Fuckin' hell," Dabi murmurs as Hawks is slowly drawing himself back up the length, tonguing at the piercings again as he goes.


He prides himself on earning reactions out of the villain, usually so stoic and silent outside of the bedroom. Even in the bedroom he's usually never as noisy as Hawks is. Good thing Hawks loves a challenge.


He grabs the villains thighs for leverage as he sets a slow but steady pace, working his tongue to his advantage as he bobs his head. Dabi's breathing grows heavier, but the hand in his hair lets its grip fall loose, not tugging anymore. It's a little disappointing.


Until Dabi gently pushes at him to stop, and Hawks pulls off to look up at him with wide, earnest eyes to see what he wants. The villain's free hand comes up to lightly tap his jawline. "Relax your jaw." Hawks does as told immediately, jaw dropping open completely lax. "Tap on my thigh if you need air." He nods, before Dabi lines himself back up and slides in, guiding the hero's head down by his hair.


That was much more up Hawks alley, and he lets out a weak noise at the pull on the blonde strands. It vibrates in his throat, causing a small twitch in Dabi's hips. He's going slow for now, either as a mercy or a tease, Hawks isn't sure, as he rocks into the wet heat of the hero's mouth. "This is a good look on you," He smirks, maintaining eye contact as Hawks keeps his eyes staring up at him. "Dressed up, on your knees, looking at me like that. I'm the only one who gets to see you like this, aren't I?"


Hawks moans in lieu of a response, earning a shudder from the man above him. 


"Yeah, that's right. Just for me." He huffs out a breath, driving his hips forward harder and Hawks chokes briefly as it hits the back of his throat. Another moan follows. "You're real pretty when you're choking on dick, I ever tell you that?"


He picks up the pace, hand tightening in Hawks hair and the hero is helpless to it. He's pretty good at relaxing his throat, but still splutters around Dabi at a few particularly hard thrusts. His eyes water, blinking against the pricking tears as he tries to maintain eye contact, noises escaping him freely now. It's way too hot to give up control like this, to let Dabi use him as he wanted to- As well as probably a bit dangerous. Somewhere in the back of his mind he remembers Dabi is still a S class villain at the end of the day but that thought gets crushed under the heat flooding his mind at the drag of piercings on his tongue.


"Fuck," Dabi hisses through his teeth, tugging Hawks off of him with a sharp pull to his hair. He gasps for air immediately, panting, teary eyed, and flushed as he still manages to keep his eyes trained on the icy blue ones above him. Dabi's breathing is heavy. His hand slides from Hawks hair to his chin, wiping away a trail of saliva with his thumb. "Face is red to match now," He murmurs, eyes trailing across his face, then down to the red lingerie clinging to his form. "Get on the bed."


Hawks obeys, standing on wobbly legs to fall back onto the bed. He's helplessly hard now, straining against the lacy panties. It's a miracle they were actually still on right. Dabi definitely notices, eyes trailing downwards with interest, but he stops to fish in his jacket pocket before he follows onto the bed.


"I literally have lube in this room," Hawks starts to say but is cut off when Dabi kisses him again.


"This is faster." 


Welp, can't argue with that logic. Hawks allows himself to be kissed senseless, losing his breath all over again, before Dabi pulls at his leg in a silent request to flip over. He does as asked immediately, rolling onto his hands and knees as the villains crawls onto the mattress behind him. He peers back over his shoulder, wings shifting carefully so he can look at Dabi without smacking him in the face with feathers. The villain is staring intently down at the ass covered in lace before him, so Hawks smirks and wiggles it just for good measure.


Dabi chuckles, the mismatched skin of his palms sliding up the back of his thighs. "Showing off huh?" They come to rest over the meat of his ass, gliding easily over the fabric. He gives him a rough squeeze and Hawks shivers, wings audibly ruffling in the air as he does.


"Like showing off to you," He purrs, cocky as ever.


"Really now?" Dabi drawls, hooking a thumb under fabric, pushing it up to reveal more skin. "Pretty bird, don't tell me you're fishing for compliments."


"Oh no, the audacity -" He starts to snark, cut off in a gasp when he feels Dabi's palm heat dangerously. "Oh god-"


Dabi laughs. "You like that?" He slides the heated fingers further, brushing under the fabric of the panties. Not hot enough to burn him, but definitely hot enough he could feel it. His other hand glides slowly up the line of Hawks spine, over see-through fabric, to rest at the sensitive, exposed skin in between his wings. The palm heats up there as well, pressing into the skin, his thumb rubbing along the extremely sensitive area where skin gives way to wing.


Hawks cries out, a shudder rolling through his entire frame. "Fuck- Fuck -" He pants, Dabi's fingers trailing lazily over to massage the hyper sensitive skin at the wings base. "Dabi, Dabi, fuck-" He's losing whatever grip he had on himself, hips bucking back into the hand still on his ass desperately. "Please-"


"What's that?" Dabi asks lazily, hand leaving it's place on his behind to instead join the other in rubbing along the base of his wings. The wings flap involuntarily at the heated sensations, Hawks choking on the noises bubbling up from his chest. Dabi shifts closer, pressing his dick along the line of Hawks ass, only thin, red fabric to separate them. "Don't think I heard you right baby bird."


"Da-abi-!" Hawks keens, arms giving out as he drops to his elbows instead. He pants, shaking as those heated fingers slide up along the bones of his wings, spreading a dizzying warmth wherever they go. "Please, please, I want you-" He rocks back against the dick, feels the fabric catch momentarily on the piercings pressed against it. "Fuck me already!"


"Hmmm," Dabi hums, sliding his hands out further, slowly petting over the wide expanse of his wings. "Idunno, kinda like watching you fall apart. Think you could come like this?" He takes a feather between two fingers, sliding them slowly down it's shaft. Hawks shudders again, violently so, making a noise halfway between a moan and a sob.


Dabi must take pity on him, hands retreating finally . Hawks barely manages to raise his head, dizzy from the remnant ghost sensations of heated hands in his feathers, and peers back at Dabi again. "You're so fuckin' pretty," Dabi says, voice hushed, when he catches Hawks staring back at him. He keeps eye contact as he opens the lube, casually coating his fingers. "You wanna know how you look baby bird? You look so fucking wrecked. Haven't even fucked you yet, but look at that face you're making. Damn." He pulls back so he can hook a thumb into the panties fabric again, tugging them to the side rather than taking them off. His slicked up fingers press teasingly for only a moment before sliding in. One, but soon followed by two, drawing another moan from Hawks at the stretch. He gives up on keeping his head upright, falling back in between his shaking arms.


Dabi is quiet as he works him open, focused on the task at hand. Hawks makes up for the lack of noise easily, whining and moaning, wings weakly flapping, as he rocks himself back onto the man's fingers. He sobs again when Dabi finds that sweet spot, only to immediately abuse it, pressing his fingers into it repeatedly. Hawks is pretty sure he's ready to collapse, choking on air as his thighs shake. His eyes are wet, the series of intense sensations filling his eyes with overwhelmed tears.


"Dabi, Dabi-" He reaches a hand back weakly, completely missing when he tries to swat at him. "'m gonna finish if you keep doing that, slow down-"


Dabi chuckles but relents, slowly dragging his fingers out just to hear the whine it earns him. He gives Hawks a second to breathe as he kneads the flesh of his ass again, patient as ever aside from those idle motions. Hawks takes a few deep breaths to steady himself before giving a demanding roll of his hips to tell Dabi he was ready to continue.


The villain says nothing, his hands leaving Hawks again momentarily. He doesn't have to look back to know what he's doing, hears the telltale tearing of a condom packet- when the fuck did he get that? - and wiggles his hips again, impatient. Dabi smacks his ass for that one, but it's softened by the fabric. "Be patient, birdy," He gripes, but there's zero venom in his tone.


When he lines himself up, he pushes in slow, grunting quietly. Hawks shakes, moaning at the feeling of being stretched open. Dabi isn't one to gloat about size but Hawks is sure one to pick up on it and good god was Dabi bigger than any person that fucking skinny had any right to be. Not really complaining about it now that he got to get fucked by that thing every other week, but Hawks could never forget how appalled he was the first time around.


Hawks is very bad at being patient, and has a terrible issue with being unable to stop himself when there's something he wants. At the moment, his patience was already worn thin by Dabi's teasing, and he definitely, really wanted that cock all the way in him already. Take a guess where this is going.


With a determined huff, Hawks shoves himself back, nearly all the way down in one go. He cries out at the sudden fullness and drag of hard piercings against his walls. Dabi's grip at his hips grows so tight he's not positive they won't leave bruises, actually gasping aloud at the sudden movement. It's gratifying as hell to hear. Hawks should probably wait to adjust, but he is, again, an impatient bastard. He rocks his hips in slow motions, burying his face into his forearms as he whines.


"Fucking hell," Dabi hisses. "How the hell do you always stay this goddamn tight ?" He gives a thrust of his hips as he says it, meeting Hawks rocking motion halfway. It punches the breath right out from his chest.


Dabi doesn't wait this time around, keeping his grip on Hawks hips tight as he sets a punishing pace. It takes him no time at all to figure out the angle that leaves Hawks crying out at each snap of his hips. Where Dabi is only pants and grunts, Hawks is whines, moans and choked cries of the villain's name.


Hawks had never been so glad to have an entire floor to himself in this building.


He feels Dabi's hands slide up, over his sides, pushing up fabric as he goes. His thrusts slow in favor of leaning over, pressing his chest against the skin between his wings, teeth dragging across the back of his neck. His hands slide around to his front, one pushing under fabric to slide possessive fingers across his chest, the other sliding down to grab Hawks through the fabric straining to contain his aching hard on. Hawks swears under his breath, shaking at the much needed attention as Dabi works his length through the panties.


"Gonna fuckin' ruin these," Dabi hisses into his ear, pressing a thumb against the wet patch in the fabric where his cock had been leaking, and Hawks moans in a way that would put pornstars to shame. He'd love nothing more than the panties getting wrecked beyond further usage, thank you very much.


Hawks is done for soon after, between all the teasing from before, the relentless pace the villain had set, and the drag of piercings driving him crazy. He shakes violently as Dabi hardly slows his pace, spilling across too-hot fingers and fabric and god he's gonna have to throw these away after all this but that's more than okay with him at this point. He goes lax against the bed after, face pressed into his sheets as he gasps for air. Dabi slows for only a moment, before Hawks manages out a weak "don't stop" with a rock of his hips, and it's all the permission he needs. Both hands come back to a bruising hold on his hips, and Hawks takes it well aside from his wings shuddering from the oversensitivity. It only takes a several more thrusts before Dabi goes still, groaning low against the skin of his neck.


Neither of them move for a moment, stuck close together and breathing heavy. Hawks shoves at Dabi with a wing after a few beats of catching his breath. "I'm gonna pass out, get off me."


Dabi laughs, weak and breathy, pressing one last kiss to his neck before pulling back. "Don't pass out on me yet, let me clean up first." 


Hawks grumbles incoherently into his arms, but does stay awake as told. He listens to Dabi's shuffling when he walks off to another room. He comes back soon, pushing at Hawks until he rolls over, only onto his side because he's too lazy to tuck his wings in enough to roll onto his back. Dabi hooks his fingers under the fabric of the panties, and with some shifting from Hawks manages to pull them off and toss them to the floor somewhere. He cleans with a wet cloth he'd stolen out of Hawks bathroom in gentle strokes, fingers back to their regular, natural cold when he's not using his quirk. The chill is soothing to his flushed skin, and Hawks watches him through heavily drooping eyes.


When he's done he throws the cloth on the floor just as carelessly. " Hey ," Hawks tries to grumble, but his tone betrays his sleepiness.


"I'll pick it up later, shh," Dabi crawls back up, dragging the blanket with him. He plucks at the fabric of the top Hawks is still wearing. "You want this left on?"




"And the stockings?"


He nods, humming another affirmation. "Now shut up and lay down with me already."


Dabi chuckles but does as told, allowing Hawks to plaster himself to his side as soon as he lays down.




Birdy Boss

So… he liked it





Birdy Boss




Scale 1-10 how wrecked are you


Birdy Boss