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We All Fall Down

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Haruhi was at a loss. She found that no matter how hard she thought about it, she just couldn't find a solution. She always had some sort of plan; she assessed the situation and adjusted. It's what she had always done. So why was she drawing a blank on what to do?

Haruhi was not the oblivious fool everyone made her out to be when in came to romance. She simply was focused on her goals and didn't allow herself to be distracted from them. So she allowed Tamaki to entertain the notion of their "daddy-daughter" relationship and let Kaoru deal with his temperamental twin, pretending the whole time to be oblivious as they struggled with their feelings for her. It's not to say that she didn't care. In the time that she'd known them, she had come to love all the boys in the Host Club like family (something she was in quite short supply of before she met them). Just as she had unwittingly opened up their worlds, they'd done the same for her. Sure, she complained endlessly when they dragged her out for another one of their silly schemes or extravagant vacations, but she enjoyed spending time with them nonetheless. Though she did hate how Tamaki and the twins were always trying to dress her in pink frills.

Through her time with the Host Club, she had come to love each and every one of them in some way. And therein lies the problem. Because she loved one of them in a different way, in a bigger way, in a romantic way. And she knew there was no chance he'd ever return her feelings. Her musings were interripted by a sudden chime of her name. 

"Haruhi!" the twins shouted.

Letting out a groan, she turned to them, "What?"

Th twins glanced at each other and then back to her, smirking, "We have something we want you to try on!"

Host Club had already ended for the day and everyone had yet to clear out. Haruhi had been straightening up before she got caught up in her thoughts. It had been a long day and she was not in the mood to deal with the twins and whatever skimpy outfit they wanted to stuff her in.

Sighing, she let out a curt "No."

"But Haruhiiiiiiii" they whined. 

She shook her head at their whining and gathered her things. Looking around, she let out a satisfied sigh, everything seemed to be orderly enough. It was time for her to make her escape. But before she could, the twins whining was drowned out by a screech.

"How dare you two devils try to coerce my sweet innocent daughter into one of your perverted concotions!" Tamaki screamed.

Before she knew it, she found herself unwillingly a part of another game of Tug-the-Haruhi. She was not in the mood for their horseplay and quickly scanned the room for her usual savior, Mori-senpai. As she looked around, she was not surprised to see Kyoya typing away on his laptop, pretending not to notice her distress. She supposed it was for the best that he never tried to intervene, seeings as he would probably just add on to her ever-increasing debt for the rescue. Looking over her shoulder, her eyes finally rested on Mori, who was, as per usual, at the side of Honey-senpai. The small blonde was chattering enthusiastically about a new bakery in the area and seemed to be in a hurry to leave and go try it out. They were almost at the door when Haruhi finally caught the eye of Mori, but before she could even mouth help, his attention was drawn back to the cake-loving third year by a sharp tug on his slacks. His eyes and attention quickly reverted back to the blonde, and Honey successfully herded him out the door, rambling the entire time about cake.

Haruhi felt her stomach plummet and her eyes prick. Just like that she was reminded why the object of her affections would never possibly return them. Because Mori-senpai belonged at the side of Honey-senpai, and a mere commoner like her could never hope to compete. Trying to focus back in to the situation at hand, she tore her arms away from the twins and Tamaki, their shouts of objection drowned out by the roaring in her eyes, and hastily fled Music Room 3.

Mori would never love her.