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It always seemed kinda abrupt how quickly Kagome adapts to the harsh realities of the Sengoku Jidai especially since she was born and raised in one of the most metropolitan cities in the world and probably led a pretty sheltered life up to that point. Similarly, Inuyasha lived his life not knowing any semblance of social companionship and essentially just recovering from being betrayed by the one person he had dared to try to open up to. This series of vignettes looks at a time before things became "normal" to them. I want to explore this idea of "firsts", the first times they experience something and the first times they interact with each other and how they must've felt. There may be instances where I've written a "first" that may not completely jive with the the events of the manga/anime but allow me a little creative license.


BLANKET DISCLAIMER I do not own Inuyasha (the original storyline and characters) but I reserve all rights to the concept and exact words of the following writing as my own intellectual property.