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Slow it down

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Katsuki Pov 

Izuku and I had been exchanging texts for a few days now, mostly just casual, friendly conversation. We mostly talked about our interests, how our individual days were coming along, just basic getting to know each other really. He had explained to me that he lost his hearing around age 7, due to a car accident. He lost his mother in that same accident. His father had been out of the picture since before Izuku was born, So it left him completely alone when his mother passed. 

His favorite color was periwinkle, he loved cold weather, and he liked his coffee black and warm because he said it warmed his inevitably dark soul. A jokester, he was. He was in the foster system from the time he lost his mother, until the day he turned 18. None of the families ever stuck around to take care of him, using him for government checks or “charitable bragging rights.” There was only one home he had ever truly loved, and he said It was when he stayed with a man named Aizawa Shouta. He was the closest thing to a father Izuku ever knew, and he loved the man with his entire being. He gained a “brother” when Aizawa adopted a boy named Todoroki Shoto, and the two were inseparable. They were roommates now, actually. 


Yeah, just… casual conversation. 

Tonight was the night we were finally going to hangout, outside of seeing each other for a routine cup of black coffee. I was going to go over to his apartment for dinner and movies, it was simple enough… I mean, just go over and hangout. No biggie. 


Okay, so i’d be lying if I didn’t say I was extremely nervous. I was starting to really, really like the guy and I'd only been officially talking to him for a few days now. It was worrisome, the effect he already managed to have on me. Giving someone so much power over me wasn’t something that was in my normal range of trust, I had friends that I held dearly, sure. But there was a way to have good friends while also keeping them at arms distance and that was what I'd always done. It was weird, to immediately feel so drawn to another person. I was completely and utterly caught up in everything that was Izuku Midoryia, and I wanted nothing more than to bask and thrive in the warm green of his soul, to feel the sunshine fanning over me from his smile, to swim in his emerald eyes.  I wanted to be everything he needed, to be someone he could depend on. He clearly didn’t have many people he trusted and I felt that he was beginning to really open up to me. He was giving me a chance and I'd be damned if I blew it. 

Before I knew it, I was standing in front of a bland, grey colored door. My hand hesitated, lingering in the air mere centimeters from the stained wood. The rusted gold numbers on the door read 333, and next to the left of the door stood a potted plant, healthy and well-kept. It was a huge contrast to the run-down look of the apartment complex, let alone the door in front of me. 


I scuffed my feet against the mat beneath me, inhaling a deep pull of air, before knocking against the door. My knuckles tapped gently, the sound echoing through the empty hallway. Well, no turning back now. I heard the sound of feet padding behind the thin wood, before it was cautiously pulled open to reveal what I could assume was Izuku’s brother. I wouldn’t lie and say the guy wasn’t extremely good looking. He was tall and slender, shoulders not quite broad but definitely muscular. His hair was dual colored, split between red and white shades and silky strands rested on a pale forehead. His eyes sported two different colors, grey and teal both demanding attention and recognition for their beauty. The most prominent feature, however, was a large scar over his eye, similar to that of a burn. Interesting. He was definitely an interesting character, that much I was sure of based on his appearance alone. And guessing by the deep scowl set into his features, he was scanning my features just as meticulously as I was observing his. I could tell we were going to bump heads. 


“Hey, is Izuku home?” I asked, voice cautious. His eyes narrowed protectively, eyebrow raising in question as his eyes scanned my frame. His lip twitched, corner sliding up to rest in a devious smirk. Lovely. 


“What’s it to you, spikey?” 


I stared back at him, trying to ignore the flare of annoyance resting in my belly. I didn’t need to let my temper mess this up. He was clearly testing me, and having a damn good time with it too. I smiled at his challenging expression, eyes crinkling to hide the sight of them narrowing at him. Two could play this game, Icy-hot. 


“Was invited o’er to hangout, that’s all. Is he around?” 


He rolled his eyes, hand gripping the door moving to slam it in my face. That is, until a flash of green rounded the corner of my view into the apartment. A sharp gasp was heard, small feet padding quickly against the hardwood floor and crossing the space to rest next to the half-n-half bastard by the door. Izuku glared up at his brother, a sheepish smile now resting on his face. Oh sure, act innocent, asshole. 


A dainty hand pushed the door open from the previous grip, waving me in with a frantic motion. Izuku sighed, rolling his eyes as he shut the door behind the three of them.


“You’ll have to excuse Shoto, he’s not exactly… friendly.” izuku spoke, his voice was quiet and slightly slurred. “Shoto” scoffed at that, smirk returning to his face at Izuku’s comment. I opened my mouth to reply, but izuku smiled holding up a finger as he ran back into the hallway, probably leading to his bedroom. I watched him with curious eyes, wondering what he was doing. 


“He doesn’t normally wear his hearing aids at home and trying to read lips gives him a headache. I’m Guessing you don’t know sign, am I right?” shoto questioned, eyes narrowing at the accusation. I mean, he was right for the most part. I knew enough JSL to butcher my way through a conversation, but to actually understand what Izuku was saying, he would have to sign extremely slow. 


“I know a bit…” I mumbled. I needed to freshen up on my sign language if I wanted to communicate with Izuku in a way that he was most comfortable. 


Izuku rounded the corner, grinning from ear to ear as he fiddled with the small plastic pieces now resting in his ears. He giggled as he walked back into the living room, the sound melted my heart. I swear, if he kept this up, he’d have to mop me out of his apartment. I’d be left a useless puddle of a man, hopelessly in awe of every aspect of this perfect being before me. He was really, truly spectacular, a word I don’t think i’d ever used to describe anyone before. 


He was so calm and serene, but also strong and unbending. He was both Sunday rain and hellfire, beautiful and dangerous. I was in complete veneration. 


The peppermint fuck laughed loudly, taking in the scene unfolding before him. He smacked a hand on to his chest, inhaling a deep breath in an attempt to calm his hysterics. I blushed, the warmth spreading from my cheeks down to my neck.Izuku looked at his brother in question, eyebrows raised in both surprise and concern. He had no idea the effect he was having on me currently, both naive and innocent enough to not realize that I was practically brain-storming the names of our future children from just the sound of his giggling. 


“Sho, seriously? What is wrong with you?” izuku laughed nervously. Shoto only shook his head in amusement, moving to exit the living room but not before he threw a not so subtle wink in my direction. Bastard. Pick a fucking hair color why don’t you. 


Izuku rubbed the back of his neck, cheeks tinted pink in embarrassment.  He cleared his throat, eyes flickering away from the retreating figure of his brother and returning to my face. He sighed, “Sorry about him… do you wanna watch a movie? I can make us some snacks! Make yourself comfy!”  He was so excited, I couldn’t bring myself to do anything other than smile and nod as he skipped towards what I assumed would be the kitchen. I plopped down on the couch, eyes flickering around the room. The couch was navy blue and looked slightly worn down, but it was soft nonetheless and it was adorned with cute decorative pillows. It was cute and homely, it was exactly what I'd imagined izuku to own. 


He stumbled back into the room, carrying a bowl of popcorn and several bags of candies. He plopped down on the couch next to me, leaving a cushion of space between us. He rested the large bowl of popcorn between us and reached for the coffee table sitting in front of the couch, small hand curling around the remote. 

“So, what do you w-wanna watch?” he asked. His voice dripped honey as he spoke, thick with sweetness. His eyes stayed focused on the screen ahead as he flipped through rows of movie options on netflix, I don’t think i’d be paying much attention to the movie though, As cliche as that was. “Whatever you want to watch is fine by me, I don’t mind.”  He nodded in confirmation, acknowledging that he heard me before selecting a random hero movie. “I, um… hope you don’t mind subtitles..” he mumbled nervously, eyes flickering over to me. I gave him my best reassuring smile, telling him that I didn’t mind them at all. I was confused on why he thought I would mind, had someone made him feel that way? I don’t see why something as trivial as subtitles would be an issue… 


 I could tell that some days, Izuku had a certain sadness that floated around him. It was like he was just an empty shell of himself on the days he came into the shop that way.. He barely smiled, barely sipped the coffee he ordered… he wore his emotions outwardly, so obvious when something was bothering him. Since we started talking, I haven’t noticed any of that behavior… i would love to believe it was all because of me, but I wasn’t going to draw that kind of conclusion on my own. It warmed my heart to imagine that I could help chase his blues away though. He certainly helped me in that way. 

The movie was about halfway over now, the empty popcorn bowl discarded carelessly on the small table and candy wrappers laying around, littering the clean wood. At some point, he had scooted over to press against me, thighs pressed together as he watched ahead, eyes not turning to acknowledge me. I couldn’t stop looking at him, his face illuminated by the light of the tv. His long eyelashes cast small shadows on his cheeks as they fluttered, reflection of the actions on the screen present in his glassy eyes. He blinked slowly, body relaxed and breaths coming out in small puffs. He looked adorable, and I could tell he was fighting sleep. His head was slowly leaning down until it rested on my shoulder with a small thump. I chuckled, rubbing a soothing hand down his arm as he began to breathe out soft snores.  The credits rolled around, and that’s when Shoto decided to make his grand reappearance from wherever he fucked off to. He took in the sight of Izuku and I, eyes narrowing as if he was checking to make sure there was no foul play here. What had happened to Izuku to make him be so protective? I couldn’t say I didn’t understand though, I had only begun talking to the little green bean a short time ago but I already wanted to protect him from the world. 


Shoto sighed, face relaxing only slightly as he realized that Izuku had been completely resting on me, sleeping soundly. He shuffled over wordlessly, reaching down to wrap his arms around Izuku’s back and knees. He lifted him effortlessly from the couch, adjusting him in his grip as he stood. He nodded for me to follow, and he led me down the hallway towards what I could only assume would be Izuku’s room. The room was pretty plain, shades of white and several house plants placed around the room. Shoto placed him down in the bed, and I couldn’t help but notice that It was perfectly made, it appeared almost unslept in. He gently removed his hearing aids from his ears, turning them off and setting them on the bedside table. Shoto must have noticed my confusion, because he tucked Izuku quickly, brushing his hair from his head and turning towards me. He motioned for me to exit the room, hitting my shoulder roughly with his as he passed. Hmph, rude. 


I followed him out of the room silently, sparing one final glance to Izuku’s sleeping form. He looked so peaceful, so calm and undisturbed by the troubles of the world. A sleeping angel. I stopped in the hallway, watching as Shoto closed the door almost all of the way, leaving it cracked slightly. I didn’t have much time to think about how odd that was before Shoto turned to narrow his eyes at me, opening his mouth to speak “He sleeps in my room. He hardly ever spends the entire night in his own room, he starts there but then crawls into my bed every night. He has terrible nightmares most nights, and even when he doesn’t he wakes up and becomes restless. He has a lot of issues, other than the ones that are visible on the surface. He’s deaf, has abandonment and attachment issues, and he deals with depression off and on. I’m not trying to spill his business, it is not my intention. But if you don’t think you can handle the entirety of his being, then get lost. I won’t have anyone else hurt him, got it? I won’t hesitate to beat you to a pulp if you step out of line.”  His voice was eerily calm, unwavering and intense. I could tell he meant every word, and while I should be offended, and maybe a little frightened by his straightforward attitude and by the things just admitted to me about Izuku, I wasn’t. I was happy. Happy that Izuku had someone that loved him so much, someone that would defend him and care for him. Izuku seemed like the type that wouldn’t stand up for himself, like he would just take whatever abuse he was given because he felt like he deserved it. I hope that I can help show him what he truly does deserve. 


I nodded, staring deeply into teal and grey eyes as I tried to pour every ounce of certainty and acceptance into my gaze. “Okay..” 


He looked me over, eyes looking up and down, scanning over my form for any sign of hesitation. He nodded, turning around and leading me toward the door of the apartment. He opened the door for me, silent as he watched me walk through. He was an odd guy, that much I knew.. I couldn’t tell if we were going to become great friends, or remain reluctant enemies. Only time would tell. “Night..” I mumbled, before turning and making my way down the hall. The apartments were outward facing, meaning the doors opened to the outside rather than being inside of a building. 




There was One thing I knew for certain, I was going to do everything I could to be exactly what Izuku deserved. I wouldn’t give up on him..