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Uraraka’s alarm screamed to life as she rolled over grudgingly to turn it off. She and the rest of her girlfriends had stayed up pretty late the night before watching a movie and by the time she got back to her dorm, it was well past two a.m.! Stretching her arms above her head, she felt her joints pop back into place and sighed. A new school week ahead of her and her latest Pro Hero History paper was ready to be turned in with confidence.

She quickly changed into her school uniform and gave her short bob of brown hair a quick comb through and made sure her teeth were brushed thoroughly before grabbing her bag to make her way downstairs for breakfast.

The kitchen area was buzzing with her classmates she had been with since their first year at U.A. High. Smiling, she found Mina, Asui, Momo, and Jirou at a table having breakfast.

“Hey girl! Good Morning! Did you get any sleep?” Mina asked as she giggled to herself.

“Ha! Just barely! I didn’t fall asleep for another hour after I got back to my room!” Uraraka responded as she took her seat next to Asui.

“Yes, I was the same, rbbt.” Asui chimed in.

“Last night was really fun! I love our Girl’s Nights!” Hagakure appeared aside the table, a tray with her food seemingly floating in midair due to her Invisibility quirk.

“As do I, but we really should learn to not pick a movie so late in the evening on a school night! I know we are third years now and school is almost over, but now’s really not the time to create bad habits!” Momo sipped from her teacup, her mother had sent over a brand new loose leaf from England.

“Yeah sure, but those are the times we will remember the most when we are older.” Jirou smiled as she continuously twirled her Earphone Jack in her hand. The girls all nodded in agreement, the twinge of sadness each hitting them. Third Years. And they only had two more months of school before Graduation. It seemed like only yesterday they were all fighting for a slot to get into the prestigious U.A. High. Their class all became like a second family to each of them, facing challenges they’d never thought they’d experience while in school.

“Momo is right!” Class rep, Tenya Iida appeared at the side of their table, just as wound up and raring to go as usual. “As much as I admire your camaraderie and bonding time between you six, it is foolish to be so careless with your sleeping habits! As Students of U.A., we must set an example for the younger students and get as much needed sleep as we can so that we may tackle our school work and training with vigor! Not to mention if you create these habits now, it could affect your future work as Pro Heroes!” Iida’s frantic scolding over the years just became funnier to the girls.

“Hey, give the ladies a break, Class Rep. You know they wouldn’t be slacking off on purpose!” Kirishima came up beside his classmate, draping his arm over his shoulders, giving the girls a thumbs up. “Let them have their fun!”

“Just for that, next movie night, you’re invited Kirishima!” Mina exclaimed.

“Heh! I’m down! Just so long as we watch something with manly fights and a bunch of action in it!” He thrust his fists in the air.

“Hey! What about us?!” Mineta and Kaminari both exclaimed in protest.

“Yeah right, like we’d invite you two pervs. We aren’t stupid.” Hagakure projected.

The two boys began to wail dramatically, thwarted once again from being close to their beautiful classmates.

“I know, why don’t we just have a Class movie night instead? That way we can all be together and have fun. Maybe even play some games!” Uraraka couldn’t contain her excitement.

“That’s a great idea, Uraraka!” Midoriya came up to her side, along with the rest of their class.

“Yeah! We can have a ton of snacks while we play and then finish the night off with a kick-ass movie!” Sero added.

“I’ll make us dessert!” The girls squealed at Sato’s offering, having always loved his baking.

“Sounds like fun, eh Bakugou!” Kirishima called out to his involuntary friend. He sat at the table finishing his breakfast, uninterested in what the rest of his classmates had planned.

“Tch, I don’t care what you bunch of dumb ass extras do, leave me out of it.” He scarfed the rest of his rice down before standing to go and wash his dishes.

“Oh, stop being such a stick in the mud, Bakugou! You’re going to participate and you’re gonna like it!” Mina shouted at his back, hands on her hips as she scolded him.

“Whatever…” he left them to their planning.

The class finished up breakfast and all headed into the main building for class. Each got to their seat just as Mr. Aizawa entered the room, carrying his yellow sleeping bag.

“Morning.” He greeted his students.

“Good Morning Mr. Aizawa!”

He sighed, his energy always seemingly low in the morning, “Alright, so today we have a lot to go over. Your papers are due in now and we better get right to it.”

As he finished collecting their reports, All Might dressed in his jogging suit stuck his head in the door, “Am I late?”

“No, you’re fine. I haven’t started yet, so come in.” Aizawa motioned for him as he walked back to his desk.

Uraraka leaned forward whispering to Iida, “Something big must be happening for Aizawa needing All Might to be here to talk to us.”

“I agree. We shall see.” He responded.

The room filled with anticipation, for they never knew just what to expect from their teacher. Three years of constant walking on eggshells, scared of being expelled. Even now when they were so close to freedom.

“So as you all obviously know, your time here at U.A. is almost complete. You’ve all come a long way since our first year together. And quite frankly, I didn’t expect more than half of you to still be enrolled that first year. But…you all proved me wrong. Time and time again. Your training and schooling have been far more grueling and unconventional than others before you and you all handled it like professionals.” Aizawa paused a moment, looking over his students. After their first year together, he had gone to Principal Nezu to ask him if he could continue on with this class for the rest of the time at U.A. It didn’t take much convincing the little mutant Hero, and secretly Aizawa was grateful.

“You are some of the finest students I’ve taught, and it’s because of students like you, that make U.A. as renowned as it is.” He finished.

“Yes, I agree. The world is going to be much safer, knowing that this group of students…I mean Heroes will be on their side.” All Might chipped in. His skeletal features smiling at his students. Some of the girls, including Aoyama and Mineta, began to cry.

Iida stood then, “As Class Rep, I know I can say on behalf of Class 3-A that we are appreciative and thankful for your teachings as well!” The class nodded in agreement. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without your guidance and training!”

“Before you get too ahead of yourself with the mushy stuff, you all aren’t out of the woods just yet.” Aizawa regained control of the room.
“You all have one final assignment to accomplish in order to receive a passing grade to graduate. And unlike other training and courses, you will not have me, All Might or any other teacher around for help this time.”

“This is a crucial step into you becoming Pro Heroes out in the real world, for you to get hands-on experience.” All Might added.

“You mean like the Internships we took back when we were First Years, rbbt?” Asui looked confused.

“Yes, only this time as Interns, you will be treated as an Agency’s new hires. You will not get to choose which agency you go to. That is something we will be selecting for you.” Aizawa started again, slightly annoyed by the interruption. “On top of that, you will not be staying here on School grounds during that time.”

“What?!” The class shouted.

“For this to be as authentic as possible, you will be going out into the real world, living in an apartment complex that’s partnered with the school, working for a Pro Hero Agency. You also will be paired up with another classmate as your ‘roommate’.”

The room buzzed once again at the news. Roommates? Living off school property? Working as interns away from their teachers, it was all so much information to take in so early in the morning.

“Why do we have to go live somewhere else during this internship? I mean, it’s like we already live on our own here at the dorms, so doesn’t this seem like it’s trying to hard?” Kirishima raised his hand as he asked his question.

“The whole point of this exercise is for you students to get actual life experiences of living on your own without the aid of a school or even your families for support. That goes for Hero work, as well as financial development. During these internships, you will be paid so that you will be able to purchase yourselves groceries and any home necessities that you need. This is your chance to learn how to be on your own. And for being paired up with a roommate, it’s to help you learn how to cohabitate with someone outside of your comfort zone, as well as working together as each other’s sidekicks. Helping each other master your Quirks all the more strongly and efficiently.” All Might could feel the tension stewing in the class. When they were all First Years during their summer camp, yes they were taught how to fend for themselves, but they still had to rely on one another as a whole class. This way, they only had themselves and one other person they could possibly depend on.

“Will we be able to pick our Partner?” Momo asked nervously, practically feeling the lecherous eyes of Mineta looking back at her.

“No, remember this is for you to overcome any differences that you may possibly have with a fellow classmate. You don’t always get to choose how your life turns out and this is just a way for you to figure that out early. We will be pairing you off based on a list of criteria that the two of us have set for this project. You will not know who you will be paired up with until the day you all move into your apartments.” All Might rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Will we be paired girls with girls at least?” Mina asked worriedly.

“No, gender shouldn’t make a difference in how you work and live together. Again, you don’t always have the option of picking. Rest assured, All Might and myself will be thinking over the pairings thoroughly and only match you up with someone who we believe will help you grow. It is up to you how you take that and turn your experience into a positive outcome. You will still have school work to do while you are living away, and reporting on your time at your agencies. This grade will determine your graduation status. I highly suggest you take this assignment very seriously if you wish to graduate on time.”

“Just how long is this assignment to last?” Todoroki finally spoke up, having kept silent during the entire conversation.

“One month,” Aizawa curtly answered.

“A MONTH?!” The class erupted in more questions. The buzzing of their concerns started to give Aizawa a headache.

“Listen, like we said it is up to you how you want to tackle this final assignment. If you truly want to pass and graduate from U.A., then this is how you do it. If you chose to argue, that’s on you that you’ve given up on something that’s really not that dramatic. You’ve been fighting some of the lowest of the scum Villains since you were First Years, and you’re worried about being away from the school for a proper internship. Please, spare me your childish concerns.” The bell chimed signaling their first break of the day. Aizawa climbed into his sleeping bag and zipped it up.

“Regardless of your concerns, it's set in stone. Take the rest of the day after the break to go over the first set of papers All Might’s going to pass out to you. It will tell you exactly what you’ll need to accomplish, class dismissed.”






Later that evening back at the dorms, the class sat around the common area looking over their sheets.

“It seems pretty straight forward,” Uraraka flipped through the stapled papers. “‘Write a report each week about your progress at the agency, along with how living situations are. Any problems that arise at home and how they were overcome and dealt with.’”

“Yeah, but did you read further down. It’s the Agency’s final say on how we performed that will determine the grade. So if any of us end up with a hard-ass for a Boss, that’ll be the end of it!” Kaminari interjected, his face riddled with questions. Even for the one who wasn’t always the brightest bulb, even he was worried about this.

“Yeah, I agree with Kaminari,” Midoriya added. “Mr. Aizawa and All Might are taking this very seriously, which means this is something we all really need to put our best effort in. Otherwise, these last three years could be for nothing.”

They nodded in agreement, continuing to read through everything. 

“What?! We have to pack and get ready this weekend!” Mina wailed.

“No way…” Kirishima flipped to the same page. “Holy crap, you’re right! We move into our new complexes next Monday!”

“That seems awfully fast,” Ojiro bit into a cream bun, “Don’t you think?” He turned to Tokoyami.

Nodding he spoke, “Yes, it’s certainly a blow. But as Teacher said, this is supposed to be a way of challenging us not as Pro Heroes, but as adults.”

“And we don’t even get to pick who we room with, such a shame.” The only concerns that Mineta had were if we would be selected to room with one of the girls or not, the ladies silently hoping Mr. Aizawa knew better than to room one of them with him.

“And…we can’t meet up with anyone else outside of our partners during this month.” Shoji pointed down to his paper, the rest of the group’s faces more crestfallen than before.

“Tch, you losers are pathetic!” Bakugou raged, “You can’t keep relying on others on how comfortable you are. How else do you expect to be big shot Heroes if you can’t even stand the thought of living on your own! Bunch of idiots.”

“You of all people I would assume would be upset about this, Bakugou,” Todoroki’s expression solid.

“Don’t assume you know what I feel, Icyhot! Fuck off!” Bakugou growled in annoyance, “I’m going to bed, you losers can stay down here and cry about it all you want. It’s not gonna change anything.” He disappeared around the corner to the elevators and headed to his floor.

“Kacchan is right,” Deku finally spoke. “As much as this seems over the top, the teachers wouldn’t have us do this work without thinking it could benefit us in the long run. So, we might as well make the best of it!” His blind positivity seemed to lift their spirits a little.

“Well, how about after we pack up this weekend, our last night we still have that game night!?” Jirou suggested.

“That’s a great idea! A temporary farewell party! Least for one month!” Mina jumped with excitement.

“Agreed! I am confident we as a class will prevail in this assignment and we will all graduate together!” Iida’s energy spiked and riled them up.

They all went to bed that night, the countdown began as they only had a few more days in the dorms left. Futures possibly on the line, everyone promising to make it work, promising that they would all be together for Graduation. They just had to.