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“People can surprise you. You get so used to thinking of them one way, stuck in their roles. They are what they are. Then they do something that shows you there’s all this depth and dimension that you never knew existed…” - Unknown

“Ah-ha! There you two are!” Only five seconds walking through the door, and Bakugou and Uraraka were greeted by a man that was all smiles. “Glad to have ya both on board!”


“Whoa, y-you’re Epidemic! You’re who we are interning under?!” Uraraka’s eyes widened in surprise, Epidemic was an older hero with greying hair and laugh lines around his mouth and eyes. Although he wasn’t as well known anymore, unlike All Might or Endeavor, he still had many successes under his belt and had made the top ten rankings on the Hero Billboard Chart during the prime of his career. Bakugou stood beside his partner, hands deep in his pocket, thoroughly unimpressed.


“Sure am! And I gotta say, I have been looking forward to this day! I just knew when I saw you two battle it out during the Sports Festival your first year, I knew I had to have you intern for your Third Year.” He was dressed in a black bodysuit, a red cross across his biceps, complete with a black medical coat with a Hazard logo on the back, and a black surgical mask that he pulled down to greet his new employees. For a man in his fifties, he was as spry and fit as a man in this thirties, the bodysuit clinging to every toned muscle. 


“Tch,” the annoyance on Bakugou’s face was clearly evident, unbelieving this was the Hero that chose them. “So what is your quirk exactly?” He asked gruffly.


“You don’t know?! Epidemic’s quirk: Virus, is a sickly gas that he exhales from his body and can make any opponent ill and weaken them so they are rendered to surrender. He was one of the first Heroes to ever get a quirk like his.” Uraraka bounced with excitement. She remembered studying many different Heroes with her dad while growing up, Epidemic being one of the Heroes her dad always had an interest in.


“So you’re basically a germ,” Bakugou deadpanned. Uraraka elbowed him in his side gruffly. 


“Ow, what the fuck!?” 


Epidemic’s laugh was similar to All Might’s, boisterous and hearty, “That’s one way of putting it! Fumiaki Saito, it’s a pleasure.” He bowed politely, “No need for aliases while inside the office.”


“It’s an honor, sir. I’m sure I can speak for both of us, we are looking forward to this internship!” Bakugou scoffed at Uraraka’s words, he didn’t need her to speak for him. She was far too excited and her energy was giving him a headache. 


“Great! Why don’t you two head back and change into your costumes and my sidekick will meet you in our conference room to get the day started!” Saito waved them off as he pointed to the room at the far end of the building before disappearing into his office. Bakugou and Uraraka changed quickly and headed to the large set of doors at the end of the hall where they were instructed, the doors were already open and a young woman was setting up the table. A projection machine sat at the head of the table and on the right a coffee station with various fruits and pastries waiting to be served. 


“Hiya!” The girl had short bubblegum pink hair, similar to Mina’s and bright green eyes. She wore a vintage style nurses dress that clung to her body, fanning out at her waist into a full skirt. Unlike Epidemic’s black and red motif, she oozed sweetness and sunshine. Her dress was white with pink trim with printed syringes along the skirt. 


“I’m Pharmacon, Epi’s sidekick!” She came over to them holding out her hand for them to shake. 


“Pharmacon? As in ‘a cure’?” Uraraka asked as she took her hand in hers.


“One in the same!”


“Wow, that’s so clever!” Uraraka beamed.


“Tch, it’s not that original. Let me guess, your Quirk is a healing type.” Bakugou remained disinterested.


“Wow! You sure are a grumpy one, aren’t you? But you’re right!” Pharmacon laughed hilariously. “I remember you from TV! You were so funny during the awards ceremony, you looked like an angry Pomeranian! I laughed so hard I was crying!” 


“What the fuck did you call me?!” Bakugou’s hands popped with explosions as his rage bubbling.


Uraraka tried to hide her giggle, she placed her hand on his shoulder to try and bring him back down to earth, “Save the explosions for the field, she was only joking with you.” 


“Shut up! Where does she get the gall to insult a complete fucking stranger?!” Bakugou growled at her in annoyance.


“Yeah, chill out kid, I meant no harm in it. I’m Mai Saito by the way!” 


“Oh, you two are related?” Uraraka folded her hands in front of her.


“If you call being ‘hitched’ related, then yeah!” Her face split into a goofy grin. Even Bakugou stood there in surprise, the woman standing before them couldn’t that much older than they were.


“Y-you’re married?” Uraraka asked shyly, her eyes held a shimmering interest.


“Sure are! Two years later this summer,” Mai gave them a wink as she continued to set up the conference room. “We met when I applied to the agency straight out of school. He interviewed me and hired me on the spot! A year later we started dating and then not too long after that, we decided to tie the knot!” 


“Pharma, what’d I tell you about talking about personal life during office hours?” The booming voice belonging to Epidemic interrupted her train of thought, she looked to him and smiled lovingly.


“Oh you know me, I couldn’t help myself!” He looked to her trying to retain his serious expression, failing miserably at the adorable display his wife gave him. 


Bakugou glared at the two, their disgusting display of affection annoying the hell out of him. Faking a cough into his arm he croaked, “Cradle robber” loud enough for everyone to hear.


Uraraka jabbed her elbow hard into his side, surprising him as he clutched his side. “Please forgive him, he was dropped on his head as a child.” She turned her death glare to him then, he scoffed. 


“You bitch!” she ignored his insult as she walked past him and headed for the tray of pastries and grabbed herself two, along with a cup of coffee.


Saito began to laugh while Mai giggled into her hand, “You two have spirit! I like it! Now take a seat we have a lot to cover today!” He motioned for them to find a seat as he took his own. Mai flipped the projector on to warm up while she hooked it to her computer. 


Bakugou snarled as he gruffly pulled his chair out, Uraraka joining beside him with her plate of food. He glanced at her through his peripheral and scoffed, “Typical..” he thought to himself, Uraraka and sweets went hand in hand. It made her cheeks fuller than they already were as she happily scarfed them down, a hazy blush tinted those cheeks giving her a satisfying glow. He shook his head violently in retaliation, wondering why he noticed how she looked. 


His thoughts were further interrupted as Mai handed them each a stack of papers and a pen, “Here are your contracts. We will be going over these together!”


The stack was at least two inches thick, along with the handbook for the agency, liability forms, and several folders on the city itself. Uraraka paused mid-chew as she began to rummage through the enormous stacks of papers. “Are all of these for us?” She asked as she dryly swallowed her food.


“Yep! Standard New Hire protocol!” Mai smiled sweetly as she took her seat beside her husband. Saito grabbed the remote control to the projector and switched it on, a PowerPoint presentation loaded onto the screen. Uraraka glanced over at Bakugou, his face stricken with anger. He looked to her then, his eyes bearing into hers, he scoffed and averted his gaze back to the papers before him. She looked down at his hands, clenched tightly in his lap, a long day ahead of them indeed.



Uraraka turned her key into the lock of their apartment, the both of them trudging in. Bakugou stormed past her heading to his room, the door slamming with a crash, enough to shake the walls. He was silent all day through their orientation and frankly, Uraraka feeling tensed herself by his chaotic energy. High hopes of this internship would be action-packed right off the bat was a stupid expectation to have. They weren’t First Years anymore, not everything in life was interesting and exciting. Sometimes you were expected to sit through the brain-numbing, agonizing lectures. Uraraka sighed heavily, least they were home for the night. 


Disappearing into her own room, she changed into an oversized t-shirt and a pair of leggings and sat on her bed. Grabbing her laptop, she opened it to the group chat the other girls were apart of. It appeared everyone was already home for the day as well, and Uraraka sent out a video chat request. 


Mina: “You’re alive!”


Asui: “Rbbt, yeah! How was your guys’ first day?!”


Momo: “Uneventful on our end, we filled out our employee paperwork and went on Patrol around town. Not a single thing happened today while out there.”


Jirou: “We went on patrol today too. Our Agency owner went out with us and gave us the grand tour!”


Hagakure: “Ugh how lame! All we did was paperwork, right Tsu? Hagakure’s shirt could be seen over Tsu’s head.


“Same for us, we literally sat through two presentations, and had to go over our contracts page by page.” Uraraka grabbed her pillow and clung it to her chest, a loud explosion accompanied by cursed language broke her attention from her computer.


Jirou: “Sounds like Bakugou isn’t happy about it either…”


Uraraka sighed, He was clenched so tight during orientation, I’m surprised he didn’t give himself an aneurysm…”


Momo: “That bad?”


Mina: “Well judging by how he’s making all that noise over there right now, I’d say yeah. In his mind, today was a wasted day!”


Well, what should I do?! The last thing we need is him to blow up the apartment and we get in trouble with the landlady!” Uraraka panicked at the thought if they were to damage the apartment beyond repair, which surely would go in the reports and affect their final grade! 


Asui: “Maybe you can try talking to him, rbbt?” 


Mina: “Bad idea, right now with how big of a tantrum he’s throwing, he’s not going to be in the mood to talk. Best advice, babe, wait until the shouting dies down a bit. Then he’ll be at least a little more approachable. If we weren’t so far away, I’d have Kiri come over and calm his ass down. But it’s up to you right now to try and put out the flames.”


Uraraka had no idea how she was supposed to do that. It’s wasn’t as if she and Bakugou were friends, he was such a private person and painfully obvious in not wanting to make friends with anyone, with Kirishima being the exception to the rule. Mina and the other’s of his little group of “friends”, he only tolerated. 


Momo: “I’m sure if you give him some time, he will calm himself down.” She smiled through the screen.


“Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. I’m going to go take a shower, I’ll talk to you guys later okay.” Uraraka tossed her pillow aside, the girls saying their goodbyes and promises to speak later on. 


Freshly showered, Uraraka went out into the living room to find herself something to eat. Bakugou still hadn’t come out of his room since they got home, his shouting and explosions finally died down. Uraraka went to boil herself some water for tea as she grabbed a spicy tuna onigiri out of the fridge. Leaning against the counter, she ate her rice ball gingerly. Why did it bother her so much that Bakugou was that frustrated? Sure she was upset about their first day too, she had hoped it would have been more like some of their other classmates. They never even stepped foot outside of the agency until it was time to go home. 


The kettle began to whistle and she turned the flame off, grabbing a cup from the cupboard and prepared her tea. Standing there, she thought for a moment, she grabbed a second cup and repeated her actions. Two cups steeped, the rich and earthy aroma filling her nostrils, calming herself instantly. She smiled to herself as she grabbed both cups and headed up the hallway. Activating her quirk quickly in her right hand, the cup floated as she knocked on Bakugou’s door. She grabbed his cup back in her hand, reactivating the gravity pull on it as the door swung open with a violent force. 


“What the fuck do you want?” Bakugou’s expression was none too pleased. The last thing he wanted was to be disturbed. 


Uraraka held up one of the cups in a friendly offering, “Thought you could use a little pick-me-up.” She spoke softly, a small smile grazing her features. Bakugou may be loud and obnoxious….and quite dangerous at times, but he was still human. 


Bakugou looked away, he felt his cheeks grow warm, Uraraka stood at his door, hair wet still from her shower and smelling as sweet as her favorite snacks. His mouth was parched from his tangent earlier, he cleared his throat which was scratchy and raw. 


“Tch…I don’t need anything from you.” He grumbled.


“I know,” she held the cup up to his face closer this time. “But I know you enjoy your tea, and since you offered to be in charge of all the cooking, I wanted to thank you.”


Bakugou just stared at the cup questionably, the aroma tantalized his senses and he wanted nothing more than to down the entire glass. Chestnut eyes stared back at him, her rounded cheeks tinted pink with a small smile, it made her glow. With an exhausted huff, he took the glass from her, their hands touching briefly. 


“Thanks, I guess.”


Feeling victorious, as if she broke through some sort of wall, her smile broadened, “Would you…want to maybe join me for a movie on the couch?” 


“A movie?” He furrowed his brows at her request.


“Y-yeah, we both had a less than ideal day. Maybe it’ll help cheer us up!”


Crimson eyes bore into her, trying desperately to remain calm she felt her stomach flip upside down. Why was she feeling so nervous? It was just Bakugou, and they’ve watched movies together before, granted it was with their other classmates…why was she feeling so vulnerable under his gaze. Shaking those feelings away, she stood straighter then and gave him a beaming smile, one that made her features glow. 


“Please?” She asked sweetly.


He stood in silence a moment longer, finally, he sighed, “Tch, fine whatever. Don’t put on anything stupid. I’ll be out in a second.” He closed the door in her face, he found it difficult to tell her no just then. All he wanted was to go to bed and sleep off the disappointment. He looked down at the cup she offered him, she chose the jasmine tea that he bought at the store. He sipped it greedily as it soothed his sore throat, grabbing his house shoes he went to join her in the common area. 


Uraraka had fetched her computer from her bedroom and brought it out to the common area, selecting a Marvel film, Bakugou stood by watching her. She looked up at him then, “I just have my laptop if that’s okay.”


“Tch, whatever Round Face…” Bakugou sat down on the end of the couch, Uraraka sliding over closer so that he could see the screen as well. Barely two inches separated them, Bakugou could feel the heat radiating from her body, their shoulders almost touching. He leaned back into the couch, raising his arms above and resting them on the back, relieved that added a bit more room. His heartbeat elevated slightly as she crossed her leg underneath her, her knee now touching his thigh. 


They sat in comfortable silence during the film, Uraraka having grabbed a blanket and bundled herself up inside of it, her head covered as well. 


“Cute…” , Bakugou shook his head, where in the hell that came from? He tried to avert his attention back to the screen as Thanos snapped his fingers. 


The credits began to roll and Uraraka set the computer onto the table in front of the couch, turning towards him she gave him a smile. 


“That was nice, wasn’t it?”


Silence. Bakugou kept his attention facing forward avoiding eye contact. Uraraka sighed and leaned against the couch, her head resting on the back close to Bakugou’s arm. Neither of them made any attempt of moving away, strangely at ease around each other at that moment. She sighed.


“Do you think tomorrow will be a better day?” She asked. Again, nothing. 


“Mr. Saito promised that tomorrow we’d get to go on patrol for a bit. That should be good, right?” She looked to him this time, was he ignoring her? She felt slightly annoyed, continuing to push on.


“I hope that we will be going off on our own soon, I want to prove that I’ve gotten stronger and can handle the job.”


Finally, Bakugou spoke, “There’s a reason why we were selected by the Old Geezer to be his interns. If you weren’t capable, he wouldn’t have chosen you and me to work for him together…”


Uraraka met his crimson gaze then, in his own way, reaffirming that she was indeed a capable Hero. Bakugou was part of The Big Three of Class 3-A; second-highest grade point average and was the strongest next to Deku. And Mr. Saito, including their teachers, paired them together. Bakugou recognizing it as well made her smile.


“Thank you, Bakugou…”


“Don’t mention it, Round Face…” The corner of his mouth turned up slightly, she didn’t see it.