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Uraraka’s alarm screamed to life as she rolled over grudgingly to turn it off. She and the rest of her girlfriends had stayed up pretty late the night before watching a movie and by the time she got back to her dorm, it was well past two a.m.! Stretching her arms above her head, she felt her joints pop back into place and sighed. A new school week ahead of her and her latest Pro Hero History paper was ready to be turned in with confidence.

She quickly changed into her school uniform and gave her short bob of brown hair a quick comb through and made sure her teeth were brushed thoroughly before grabbing her bag to make her way downstairs for breakfast.

The kitchen area was buzzing with her classmates she had been with since their first year at U.A. High. Smiling, she found Mina, Asui, Momo, and Jirou at a table having breakfast.

“Hey girl! Good Morning! Did you get any sleep?” Mina asked as she giggled to herself.

“Ha! Just barely! I didn’t fall asleep for another hour after I got back to my room!” Uraraka responded as she took her seat next to Asui.

“Yes, I was the same, rbbt.” Asui chimed in.

“Last night was really fun! I love our Girl’s Nights!” Hagakure appeared aside the table, a tray with her food seemingly floating in midair due to her Invisibility quirk.

“As do I, but we really should learn to not pick a movie so late in the evening on a school night! I know we are third years now and school is almost over, but now’s really not the time to create bad habits!” Momo sipped from her teacup, her mother had sent over a brand new loose leaf from England.

“Yeah sure, but those are the times we will remember the most when we are older.” Jirou smiled as she continuously twirled her Earphone Jack in her hand. The girls all nodded in agreement, the twinge of sadness each hitting them. Third Years. And they only had two more months of school before Graduation. It seemed like only yesterday they were all fighting for a slot to get into the prestigious U.A. High. Their class all became like a second family to each of them, facing challenges they’d never thought they’d experience while in school.

“Momo is right!” Class rep, Tenya Iida appeared at the side of their table, just as wound up and raring to go as usual. “As much as I admire your camaraderie and bonding time between you six, it is foolish to be so careless with your sleeping habits! As Students of U.A., we must set an example for the younger students and get as much needed sleep as we can so that we may tackle our school work and training with vigor! Not to mention if you create these habits now, it could affect your future work as Pro Heroes!” Iida’s frantic scolding over the years just became funnier to the girls.

“Hey, give the ladies a break, Class Rep. You know they wouldn’t be slacking off on purpose!” Kirishima came up beside his classmate, draping his arm over his shoulders, giving the girls a thumbs up. “Let them have their fun!”

“Just for that, next movie night, you’re invited Kirishima!” Mina exclaimed.

“Heh! I’m down! Just so long as we watch something with manly fights and a bunch of action in it!” He thrust his fists in the air.

“Hey! What about us?!” Mineta and Kaminari both exclaimed in protest.

“Yeah right, like we’d invite you two pervs. We aren’t stupid.” Hagakure projected.

The two boys began to wail dramatically, thwarted once again from being close to their beautiful classmates.

“I know, why don’t we just have a Class movie night instead? That way we can all be together and have fun. Maybe even play some games!” Uraraka couldn’t contain her excitement.

“That’s a great idea, Uraraka!” Midoriya came up to her side, along with the rest of their class.

“Yeah! We can have a ton of snacks while we play and then finish the night off with a kick-ass movie!” Sero added.

“I’ll make us dessert!” The girls squealed at Sato’s offering, having always loved his baking.

“Sounds like fun, eh Bakugou!” Kirishima called out to his involuntary friend. He sat at the table finishing his breakfast, uninterested in what the rest of his classmates had planned.

“Tch, I don’t care what you bunch of dumb ass extras do, leave me out of it.” He scarfed the rest of his rice down before standing to go and wash his dishes.

“Oh, stop being such a stick in the mud, Bakugou! You’re going to participate and you’re gonna like it!” Mina shouted at his back, hands on her hips as she scolded him.

“Whatever…” he left them to their planning.

The class finished up breakfast and all headed into the main building for class. Each got to their seat just as Mr. Aizawa entered the room, carrying his yellow sleeping bag.

“Morning.” He greeted his students.

“Good Morning Mr. Aizawa!”

He sighed, his energy always seemingly low in the morning, “Alright, so today we have a lot to go over. Your papers are due in now and we better get right to it.”

As he finished collecting their reports, All Might dressed in his jogging suit stuck his head in the door, “Am I late?”

“No, you’re fine. I haven’t started yet, so come in.” Aizawa motioned for him as he walked back to his desk.

Uraraka leaned forward whispering to Iida, “Something big must be happening for Aizawa needing All Might to be here to talk to us.”

“I agree. We shall see.” He responded.

The room filled with anticipation, for they never knew just what to expect from their teacher. Three years of constant walking on eggshells, scared of being expelled. Even now when they were so close to freedom.

“So as you all obviously know, your time here at U.A. is almost complete. You’ve all come a long way since our first year together. And quite frankly, I didn’t expect more than half of you to still be enrolled that first year. But…you all proved me wrong. Time and time again. Your training and schooling have been far more grueling and unconventional than others before you and you all handled it like professionals.” Aizawa paused a moment, looking over his students. After their first year together, he had gone to Principal Nezu to ask him if he could continue on with this class for the rest of the time at U.A. It didn’t take much convincing the little mutant Hero, and secretly Aizawa was grateful.

“You are some of the finest students I’ve taught, and it’s because of students like you, that make U.A. as renowned as it is.” He finished.

“Yes, I agree. The world is going to be much safer, knowing that this group of students…I mean Heroes will be on their side.” All Might chipped in. His skeletal features smiling at his students. Some of the girls, including Aoyama and Mineta, began to cry.

Iida stood then, “As Class Rep, I know I can say on behalf of Class 3-A that we are appreciative and thankful for your teachings as well!” The class nodded in agreement. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without your guidance and training!”

“Before you get too ahead of yourself with the mushy stuff, you all aren’t out of the woods just yet.” Aizawa regained control of the room.
“You all have one final assignment to accomplish in order to receive a passing grade to graduate. And unlike other training and courses, you will not have me, All Might or any other teacher around for help this time.”

“This is a crucial step into you becoming Pro Heroes out in the real world, for you to get hands-on experience.” All Might added.

“You mean like the Internships we took back when we were First Years, rbbt?” Asui looked confused.

“Yes, only this time as Interns, you will be treated as an Agency’s new hires. You will not get to choose which agency you go to. That is something we will be selecting for you.” Aizawa started again, slightly annoyed by the interruption. “On top of that, you will not be staying here on School grounds during that time.”

“What?!” The class shouted.

“For this to be as authentic as possible, you will be going out into the real world, living in an apartment complex that’s partnered with the school, working for a Pro Hero Agency. You also will be paired up with another classmate as your ‘roommate’.”

The room buzzed once again at the news. Roommates? Living off school property? Working as interns away from their teachers, it was all so much information to take in so early in the morning.

“Why do we have to go live somewhere else during this internship? I mean, it’s like we already live on our own here at the dorms, so doesn’t this seem like it’s trying to hard?” Kirishima raised his hand as he asked his question.

“The whole point of this exercise is for you students to get actual life experiences of living on your own without the aid of a school or even your families for support. That goes for Hero work, as well as financial development. During these internships, you will be paid so that you will be able to purchase yourselves groceries and any home necessities that you need. This is your chance to learn how to be on your own. And for being paired up with a roommate, it’s to help you learn how to cohabitate with someone outside of your comfort zone, as well as working together as each other’s sidekicks. Helping each other master your Quirks all the more strongly and efficiently.” All Might could feel the tension stewing in the class. When they were all First Years during their summer camp, yes they were taught how to fend for themselves, but they still had to rely on one another as a whole class. This way, they only had themselves and one other person they could possibly depend on.

“Will we be able to pick our Partner?” Momo asked nervously, practically feeling the lecherous eyes of Mineta looking back at her.

“No, remember this is for you to overcome any differences that you may possibly have with a fellow classmate. You don’t always get to choose how your life turns out and this is just a way for you to figure that out early. We will be pairing you off based on a list of criteria that the two of us have set for this project. You will not know who you will be paired up with until the day you all move into your apartments.” All Might rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Will we be paired girls with girls at least?” Mina asked worriedly.

“No, gender shouldn’t make a difference in how you work and live together. Again, you don’t always have the option of picking. Rest assured, All Might and myself will be thinking over the pairings thoroughly and only match you up with someone who we believe will help you grow. It is up to you how you take that and turn your experience into a positive outcome. You will still have school work to do while you are living away, and reporting on your time at your agencies. This grade will determine your graduation status. I highly suggest you take this assignment very seriously if you wish to graduate on time.”

“Just how long is this assignment to last?” Todoroki finally spoke up, having kept silent during the entire conversation.

“One month,” Aizawa curtly answered.

“A MONTH?!” The class erupted in more questions. The buzzing of their concerns started to give Aizawa a headache.

“Listen, like we said it is up to you how you want to tackle this final assignment. If you truly want to pass and graduate from U.A., then this is how you do it. If you chose to argue, that’s on you that you’ve given up on something that’s really not that dramatic. You’ve been fighting some of the lowest of the scum Villains since you were First Years, and you’re worried about being away from the school for a proper internship. Please, spare me your childish concerns.” The bell chimed signaling their first break of the day. Aizawa climbed into his sleeping bag and zipped it up.

“Regardless of your concerns, it's set in stone. Take the rest of the day after the break to go over the first set of papers All Might’s going to pass out to you. It will tell you exactly what you’ll need to accomplish, class dismissed.”






Later that evening back at the dorms, the class sat around the common area looking over their sheets.

“It seems pretty straight forward,” Uraraka flipped through the stapled papers. “‘Write a report each week about your progress at the agency, along with how living situations are. Any problems that arise at home and how they were overcome and dealt with.’”

“Yeah, but did you read further down. It’s the Agency’s final say on how we performed that will determine the grade. So if any of us end up with a hard-ass for a Boss, that’ll be the end of it!” Kaminari interjected, his face riddled with questions. Even for the one who wasn’t always the brightest bulb, even he was worried about this.

“Yeah, I agree with Kaminari,” Midoriya added. “Mr. Aizawa and All Might are taking this very seriously, which means this is something we all really need to put our best effort in. Otherwise, these last three years could be for nothing.”

They nodded in agreement, continuing to read through everything. 

“What?! We have to pack and get ready this weekend!” Mina wailed.

“No way…” Kirishima flipped to the same page. “Holy crap, you’re right! We move into our new complexes next Monday!”

“That seems awfully fast,” Ojiro bit into a cream bun, “Don’t you think?” He turned to Tokoyami.

Nodding he spoke, “Yes, it’s certainly a blow. But as Teacher said, this is supposed to be a way of challenging us not as Pro Heroes, but as adults.”

“And we don’t even get to pick who we room with, such a shame.” The only concerns that Mineta had were if we would be selected to room with one of the girls or not, the ladies silently hoping Mr. Aizawa knew better than to room one of them with him.

“And…we can’t meet up with anyone else outside of our partners during this month.” Shoji pointed down to his paper, the rest of the group’s faces more crestfallen than before.

“Tch, you losers are pathetic!” Bakugou raged, “You can’t keep relying on others on how comfortable you are. How else do you expect to be big shot Heroes if you can’t even stand the thought of living on your own! Bunch of idiots.”

“You of all people I would assume would be upset about this, Bakugou,” Todoroki’s expression solid.

“Don’t assume you know what I feel, Icyhot! Fuck off!” Bakugou growled in annoyance, “I’m going to bed, you losers can stay down here and cry about it all you want. It’s not gonna change anything.” He disappeared around the corner to the elevators and headed to his floor.

“Kacchan is right,” Deku finally spoke. “As much as this seems over the top, the teachers wouldn’t have us do this work without thinking it could benefit us in the long run. So, we might as well make the best of it!” His blind positivity seemed to lift their spirits a little.

“Well, how about after we pack up this weekend, our last night we still have that game night!?” Jirou suggested.

“That’s a great idea! A temporary farewell party! Least for one month!” Mina jumped with excitement.

“Agreed! I am confident we as a class will prevail in this assignment and we will all graduate together!” Iida’s energy spiked and riled them up.

They all went to bed that night, the countdown began as they only had a few more days in the dorms left. Futures possibly on the line, everyone promising to make it work, promising that they would all be together for Graduation. They just had to.

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“Great things never came from Comfort Zones” - Unknown

Classes for the remainder of the week seem to fly by like the speed of light. Aizawa finished up his last lesson for the week and allowed the students free time for the rest of class time to gather their things. It was Friday, only three more days.


“Tonight and tomorrow I would suggest you take the time to make sure the dorms are cleaned, as well as all common areas. Movers will be showing up Sunday during allotted times to take boxes and any other personal effects you wish to bring with you. Your apartments will be furnished with the basics so keep that in mind. No need to completely vacate the dorms.” 


The class understood his instructions as they busily started to gather their supplies from their classroom along with their costumes. Their spirits appeared dim, each of them contemplating over what the future held for them, no one spoke a word. They finished in their classroom and Aizawa dismissed them to head back to the dorms early.


“Hmph! I can’t take this quiet from you guys!” Mina’s shrill voice broke their silence as they continued down the familiar path. “It’s not like we aren’t going to see each other again!”


“That’s true. And we’ve fought more terrifying Villains, going away for school work shouldn’t feel so daunting, rbbt. ” Asui tilted her head in thought, her finger gently resting upon her chin.


“But at least in combat, we have the chance to forge a plan to tackle the problem.” Momo sighed, she always felt the least sure of herself when it came to combat, but with the confidence of her friends and Todoroki, she grew substantially more confident over the last two years.


“Call me nuts, but I’m kinda looking forward to this,” Kirishima stretched his arms above his head. 


“You’re just hoping you get paired up with Mina,” Jirou snickered.


Looking back, Kirishima held his chest jokingly, “Who do you ladies take me for, a perv?” They all chuckled


“Besides, can you blame me? I’d get to spend more time with my Pebble,” He looked to Mina that time, his eyes glossed over. He gave her a wink that caused Mina’s bubblegum pink skin to glow rosey. She bit her lip and tried to wave him off as he opened his arm for her to walk into his side.


It wasn’t a secret that Kirishima and Mina had feelings for each other, Uraraka having caught him slipping out of Mina’s dorm late one evening. His neck having been riddled with love bites and the smell of Mina’s perfume all over him. He had chuckled nervously, begging Uraraka to keep it under wraps for the time being. It wasn’t until the two love birds got into a messy and emotional argument where Kirishima came to her in front of the whole common area with a written apology, begging her to forgive him. As embarrassed as she was, she still grabbed him forcefully by the collar and laid the most heated kiss to his lips. 


“Who do you wish you can get paired up with, Asui?” Uraraka looked down at her best friend.


“I’m not sure, rbbt. I trust Mr. Aizawa to pair me with someone who will be the right fit. What about you?” 


“Oh, I know! Since Mr. Aizawa said gender wouldn’t be a playing factor, I bet Uraraka hopes for Midoriya!” Hagakure’s voice made itself known then.


“Wha-?! N-no! You got it wrong! That really wouldn’t be appropriate! Me and Deku are just friends!” She chuckled nervously, her face red as a beet. 


“Do you really think Sensei would pair us up that way?” Momo asked.


“You heard him, ladies. Gender isn’t going to play a role in his decision making, only compatibility.” Iida spoke then, “Besides, Mr. Aizawa knows that whoever we get paired with, we will be able to handle ourselves accordingly and behave as such!”


“That’s right, so if any of us get paired up with Mineta, we’d be able to kick his ass,” Jirou added, they all began to laugh as they arrived back to the dorms.


Friday night, which would have consisted of them hanging around the common area for homework and play, they spent the evening in their rooms busily organizing their belongings. Since the movers would be there in just a couple of days, Aizawa gave them the day off from school to concentrate on getting ready to leave. All evening long, the students worked to get the building back to a clean slate.


Slowly, twenty stacks of boxes began to line the entryway of the building, their names labeled on each one. Collectively, they agreed to work on the common areas the next day, for they were already exhausted from working on the rooms.


Uraraka laid in bed staring a the ceiling feeling utterly restless. Her mind continued to ramble, seeing the empty walls of her room and several more boxes that needed filling, she couldn’t help but feel sadness pull on her heart. This was her home for the last three years, and it would soon come to an end after this assignment. She wished they didn’t have to leave for this next month, to stay there and enjoy the rest of their third year. But she kept a promise to herself, the same one from her first year Sports festival, that she would start to rely on herself and be strong as an individual. Sighing, she rolled over to her side, praying sleep would take her soon.



Uraraka woke to someone banging on her door so rudely. Groaning, she flipped onto her stomach, pressing her pillow over her head hoping to drown out the racket.


“Hey, Uraraka! You awake yet?!” Mina’s boisterous voice shouted through her door. Uraraka grabbed her phone which fell onto the floor in the middle of the night, it was barely eight a.m.. Couldn’t Mina let her sleep for just a while longer? They may only have to finish packing their things, but there was no class today! 

“Nghf….ten more minutes!” she screamed out from under her pillow.


The door opened wide, shining light into the darkness, Mina who was such an annoying ray of sunshine, bounded into her room, flinging herself onto the bed crushing her friend.


“Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!! C’mon! We have a lot to do today!” Did she have to be so damn loud, and heavy?!


“Oof, Mina! What the heck is wrong with you?” Uraraka threw her pillow off her head, groaning from the pain of Mina’s full body weight. “I can’t breathe!”


“What?! You saying I’m fat?” Mina joked.


Feeling her annoyance rise, Uraraka never was a morning person, she pushed her friend off of her with a little too much force, Mina’s giggling tortured her ears. 


“If you don’t get out of here, I’m telling everyone what Kirishima likes to have you wear when you two have sex.” Since Mina was in the dorm next to her’s and the walls were terribly thin, she could hear every time Kirishima paid her a visit and just how many times they fucked around.


“You wouldn’t dare!” Mina’s eyes grew wide.


“You know, I never would have guessed Kiri would be a Switch. Question, what color is it? Is it pink like you or did you choose a ‘manly’ color like black or red?” Uraraka smirked.


“Okay! Okay! I’ll leave! What happened to our sweet, innocent Ochaco-chan from First Year? And how do you even know what pegging is?!” Mina asked gobsmacked, Uraraka stretched her arms above her head feeling her joints pop back into place as she ignored her friend’s question. 


“Close the door on your way out,” she changed the subject.


Mina shrugged, she leaned down to give her friend a kiss on the forehead and giggled. “Alright, don’t take forever.”


Mina disappeared through the door and closed it behind her, Uraraka sighing in relief that she was left alone and closed her eyes for a little longer.

Their Saturday dragged on, nothing but cleaning and constant packing, it was such a bore. The sun had finally set and they sat down for their dinner, moans of achy joints, and sniffles from dusting. Thankful that the day was over at last.


Uraraka went back to her room early for a much needed soak in the bath, she threw in some of her favorite salts, allowing the hot steam and scents to permeate the bathroom. She soaked until the water began to cool, her fingers wrinkly and her cheeks flushed from the heat of the bath. Her joints still aching from so much lifting and carrying. Thank goodness she was finished with her room. Nothing but her bedsheets and a few items of clothing remained. Tomorrow was Sunday, the movers were coming and it was their final day. Uraraka smiled knowing tomorrow would be a good day. No, a great day, with the people she cared for most.


Several moving trucks arrived promptly at ten that morning, each having their own assigned students. Everyone watched as the movers broke down each stack, trying desperately to determine who’s boxes got packed with who’s, wondering if they could figure out their potential partners. Much to their disappointment, they came up short for answers. Giving up, they left the movers to their job and cleaned the entryway once they all left. 


Sato had disappeared into the kitchen, the delicious aroma of vanilla, chocolate, and matcha filled the common area, Koda and Shoji both volunteering to help him. Mina, Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero gathered their classmate’s list of what they wanted from the store and volunteered to head to the store.


Since all their rooms have been cleared out, everyone decided to camp out in the common room for their last night. Sleeping bags and pillows sprawled across the floor, creating a lush and inviting setting. Uraraka decided to change into some more comfortable clothing since they were now just waiting for everyone to return and they finished with their chores. A pair of black sleeping shorts and a pale pink tank top that just grazed above her belly button topped with her favorite hoodie, she headed back to the common area.

Later that evening….

“Hey! Who took the last piece of cake?!” Mina whined as she went to grab a piece, much to her dismay the entire chocolate cake had been devoured.


“Whoops, sorry M’na,” Kaminari managed to choke out his half-assed apology. 


“Aww, no fair!” Her cries intensified, she had been looking forward to enjoying Sato’s baking before they parted ways for the next month.


“Hey Pebble, relax,” Kirishima came up beside her, a plate of chocolate cake sitting tall and pretty in the middle. “I got you covered.”


Mina’s eyes lit up as she took the plate from him, reaching up onto her tiptoes and kissed him, “You’re the best, Kiri.”


He shrugged it off and grabbed her around her waist, leading her over to where a group of their classmates was laying out some games. Uraraka and Jirou laid out the couple options they had, Asui and Momo kneeling with them. 


“Whatcha beautiful ladies doing?” He asked sweetly.


“We have some games if anyone wants to play, rbbt ,” Asui exclaimed happily.


“Yeah! We have some packs of cards, there’s a charade’s game and Twister!” Uraraka pointed to each option with excitement. 


“Oh! Twister founds fun!” Mina bounced in place like an anxious child.


Several other of the students came around to observe as Uraraka unfolded the large white mat and Momo took control of the spinning arrow. 


“Shoto, would you help me referee?” She called him over, feeling her face flush. 


“I’m not familiar with this game,” he came over to Momo’s side and looked down at the color card.


“Well, what we do is is I will spin the arrow and it will land on Hand or Foot and a color. We call that combo out to the players and they have to follow directions. And the game keeps going until one player falls over and the remaining player wins.” She smiled softly at him. 


“But there’s so many of us who want to play, we wouldn’t fit on this teeny mat all at once,” Mina stood with her hands on her hips.

“We can always go in rounds, and whoever is the best out of two teams, will face off in the end!” Sero suggested.


“Perfect! Well, obviously it’ll be Boys against Girls! Ladies, who’s in?” Mina rose her hand, followed by Uraraka, Asui, and Jirou. “Alright, we got our champions, what about you two?” Mina turned to Kirishima challenging.


“Well, obviously me and Sero are in. So we need two more on our team,” He held his chin in hand, looking around at the rest of his classmates. 


Several had begun playing charades at the opposite side of the common area, Iida stood by watching the entirety of the room.


“Hey! Class Rep! Come join our manly team against the ladies!” Kiri shouted to him, flexing his muscles. 


“I’d be honored to join! It should be good fun!” Iida adjusted his glasses and joined his teammates.


“We still need one more,” Sero said as he as well scanned the rest of the remaining bodies. 


“Hey! Bakugou! Come be on our team!” Kirishima noticed his friend sitting on the sofa watching the television minding his business.


“Tch, yeah right. Leave me out of it Shitty Hair,” he responded gruffly, not even bothering to turn around.


“Aw, c’mon man! We need one more and you aren’t doing anything!” Sero went over to him, leaning over the back of the couch, his smile splitting his entire face.


“Fuck off, I said I’m not interested.”


“This is our last night for a month before we can all hang out again, it won’t kill you to let loose for once.” Kirishima crossed his arms across his chest.


“Yeah! Play with us, Bakugou!” Mina added.




“Well, I guess if he can’t do it guys, we shouldn’t bother asking him.” Uraraka learned over the years from observation, you couldn’t ask Bakugou to do anything he didn’t want to do. However, if anyone challenged him thinking he couldn’t do something….


Bakugou felt the nerve in his face twitch, his palms sparking little explosions of annoyance, “What do you say?” He asked menacingly.


She looked over to him brows quirked, “I said not to bother asking you to play if you can’t” the word emphasized on her lips testing him.


“You’re on, Round Face! I will destroy you!” His rage exploded, just as she knew it would. Bakugou hated backing down from a challenge.


“That settles it then! Momo, Todoroki, you’ll act as referees. We will play until the best from the boys’ and girls’ teams face each other for the ultimate showdown!” Mina laughed, ready to take on the guys.


The teams broke off into two pairs, each would face off until the loser fell. First up representing the girls’ team, Uraraka and Mina. Momo spun the arrow and called out the first combo.


“Right hand, Yellow!” Each girl bent down placing their hands on the colors. One right after the other, each color called. Uraraka was in a near split, her feet on opposite colors and her hands in between. Mina waited for her next color, her limbs growing tired from holding up her own weight, a thin sheen of sweat glimmered on her forehead.


“Mina, right leg, green,” Todoroki called out her combo. Mina swore to herself quietly, her right leg was where she was sitting all her weight on, and if she moved it now, she would have a difficult time regaining her balance. 


“A-alright,” She slowly shifted herself, determined to win this round. Shifting her weight to her left side, she tried to move her right leg into place. As she got into her position her right arm gave out and her elbow touched the mat, Momo called the game.


“Unauthorized touching of the mat! Mina is out, Uraraka moves on!” Momo’s hand rose into the air, Todoroki nodding in agreement.


“Aww, man! I almost had it!” Mina cried, she brought her limbs into her body and got up off the floor. Uraraka sighed in relief, allowing herself to fall into a complete split, her weight now distributed onto the floor. Her wrists ached from holding herself up for so long. Iida offered her his hand to help her up and congratulated her.


“Up next, from the boys. Iida and Kirishima!” Momo announced.


Their rounds continued on with anxious outcomes. Kirishima demolished Iida only ten minutes into their round. Up next from the girls were Asui and Jirou. They were smaller in stature and were able to balance their weights easier, their game lasting the longest so far. In the end, Jirou came out victorious. Bakugou and Sero’s round was the most intense with Bakugou’s constant outburst of rage, especially when Todoroki would give him a combo. Sero ended up being eliminated after one of Bakugou’s turns bumped him and knocked him over.


Round two consisted of Uraraka facing off Jirou in a very rousing game. Both ladies had incredible balance, however with Uraraka’s skills with Zero Gravity, her training for the last few years on how to keep herself floating upright and managing her body weight in midair paid off, Jirou lost her balance and handed her friend the victory. 


Kirishima and Bakugou were next, both smirking at each other. “You ready to lose, Shitty Hair?” Bakugou pounded his fist in his hand, a small explosion emitting from it. 


“Ha! Bring it on, War Head. You don’t scare me.” 


“I’m not some fucking candy, shit for brains! Just shut up and let's play!”


Momo called out the first round of combos, the game growing even more intense with every move. Mina cheered on Kirishima while Sero encouraged Bakugou. 


“Left hand, Red,” Todoroki called out Bakugou’s turn.


“That’s impossible! You did that on purpose, you damn Icyhot!” 


“I can assure you, it wasn’t intentional.” Momo huffed, “Just make your move, or do you forfeit?”


“Tch, never! I’m going to win this!” Bakugou growled with fiery determination. He shifted his weight and ended up with his arms crossed under him. “Ha! I did it!”


“Alright, Kirishima. Yours is Right Hand, green.” Momo said.


“Heh, no problem!” Kirishima looked over and without calculating his move, reached for the closest green circle bumping into Bakugou’s side and fell flat on his face.


“Face to the mat, Kirishima is out. Bakugou wins!” Momo cheered.


“Ha! I beat you, just like I said I would!” Bakugou’s grin was vicious.


“Good game, bud.” Kiri gave him a thumbs up. 


“Final round! Representing the boys, Bakugou Katsuki! And representing the ladies, Uraraka Ochaco!” Mina announced with glee, Kirishima rejoining her. 


Uraraka stepped forward to her side of the mat, Bakugou staring at her with heated intensity. She grinned, “May the best win.”


“I plan on it.” He returned her smirk, hands in his pockets. Uraraka took him in, black tank top and grey sweatpants. His arms glimmered with a thin sheen of sweat that made his toned muscles stand out more prominently, she felt her mouth go dry and her cheeks warmed. "Wow..." she thought to herself.


Todoroki called out the first set of combos, the game’s energy growing intensely. Bakugou towered over Uraraka’s body while her strategy was to keep in one spot as much as she could. Her legs were spread once again, her hands were behind her as she faced the ceiling. 


“Bakugou, left hand, Yellow.” Momo gave him his next move.


“Ugh, fine!” He growled in frustration, the only close move he could make was the spot underneath Uraraka. If he tried to reach above her, he would surely fall over. And losing was out of the question. Slowly, he shifted his weight and moved his hand to the circle under her back, their bodies pressed together. Bakugou’s face was so close to hers, a faint blush crossed her cheeks. His gaze caught hers, his own face flushed in embarrassment. Uraraka caught him, a slow smirk spread across her face; it didn’t hurt that he smelled devilishly good.


“Mm, delicious..” She whispered so only he could hear, letting out a soft mewl of approval. Bakugou choked on oxygen, embarrassed he lost his grip under her falling completely on top of her. His weight caused both of them to fall, him on top of her pinning her to the floor. 


Did she really… he thought to himself, unsure of what just happened exactly. 


“Bakugou caused them both to fall. Uraraka wins!” Momo proclaimed, Mina and Jirou cheering triumphantly. Uraraka crawled out from under him, leaving a gobsmacked Bakugou on the floor.


“Good game, that was so much fun!” She smiled at him sweetly, acting as innocent as ever, leaving a still confused Bakugou on the floor. 


“Heh?! W-wait a second! Get back here, Round Face! Rematch! Right now! Damn it!” Bakugou’s screams filled the room, Uraraka walking away with an extra pep in her step.


The hours ticked by, and the room finally decided on a movie to settle down for the night. The girls took their places on their sleeping bags they had set up in front of the tv, the guys surrounding them on the sofas. They sprawled out surrounded by their pillows and a few stuffed animals, having also changed into their pajamas.


Bags of snacks along with bowls of popcorn were passed around the group just as the cinematic icon of opening credits began to roll across the screen, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Kaminari, Sero, and Ojiro began to orchestrate the score as the iconic paragraphs filled the screen. 


“I’ve never seen these movies before, is it really that good as I keep hearing?” Momo asked as she tilted her head and began to read the opening sequence. 


“Are you kidding? You’ve never seen them?” Kaminari exclaimed


“No,” Momo felt her face flush with embarrassment.


“I’ve never seen them either,” Todoroki was sitting on the sofa beside Midoriya his arms crossed over his chest. 


“Same! I just don’t get the hype,” Mina played on her phone, completely uninterested in the movie.


“I think you’ll really enjoy it, Mina. There’s lots of action in them, Good versus Evil, politics…” Uraraka tried to help her friend understand. “Plus, I think you’ll appreciate the cast.” She gave her a wink, knowing Mina couldn’t resist an attractive man.

“Eh, if you say so…,” Mina set her phone down and refocused her attention to the screen. 


By the end of the film, everyone, including those who were new to the Star Wars saga were completely enthralled in the story. Mina immediately having a crush on Darth Maul, claiming that they were similar in appearance and he was a fierce fighter. While the end credits began to roll, everyone helped to throw out any trash they had during their party.


The clock read just after midnight as everyone started to get comfortable in their sleeping bags. Iida turned the lights off and followed suit. Even with it being late, the students felt restless. 


“This all still feels so weird,” Kaminari spoke aloud.


“What does?” Mina asked.


“Just….this whole thing!” 


“You mean this assignment?” Todoroki added.


“Yeah! I mean, it just sucks,” Kaminari rolled over onto his back, tucking his arms under his head. “I’m just so used to being around you guys all the time, it won’t be the same.” 


“Tch, you’re such a fucking sap, Pikachu.” Bakugou was becoming annoyed.


“I am not!” He whined, “It’s just - we’re like a family now…”


Jirou rolled over to face him, his sleeping mat just behind hers, “Yeah, but you know, it’s not like we won’t see each other again.” She smiled softly at him. 


“And, it’s only for a month. We can still all email and call one another if we really want.” Midoriya assured.


“Indeed! This is necessary for us in order to graduate. And we will be together again for that. So it’s imperative that we all pass with flying colors,” Iida spoke then.


“Yeah, dude. It’s only thirty days. It’ll fly by,” Kirishima gave his friend a gentle punch in his shoulder.


Kaminari let a small smile spread across his face, the insecurities and concerns he felt deep within slowly faded. “Yeah….you guys are right. Just, promise that once we do graduate, we don’t lose contact with one another. Even when we are all badass Pro Heroes, and Midoriya and Bakugou fight for the top spot on the Billboard Charts, we still be there.”


Although it was dark and no one could see, there were smiles. Even Bakugou felt the corner of his mouth twitch upwards. Kirishima lifted his fist again to his friend.


“It’s a promise, man.” Kaminari bumped his own fist with him, soft agreements filling the air as well. Their last night together as a class for a while, as bittersweet as it felt, the promise of the future was even sweeter. Sleep came easily for everyone that night for the first time in a week, minds set at ease to dream in peace. 

Chapter Text

“As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, it’s inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are…”  - Unknown

Eight a.m. rolled around quickly and sleeping bodies slowly started to rise; copious yawns and groans broke the morning silence. Uraraka rolled over onto her stomach, stretching her entire body like a cat. Her mass of brown hair stuck out in all directions, her eyes still crusted with sleep. She watched as half of her class began to pick up their sleeping bags and roll them back into cylinders and went to put them away in the shared equipment closet. Groaning, she finally sat up and followed the rest of her friends. 


She changed into a pair of jeans and a long-sleeve purple shirt with sakura petals and tamed her mane of hair. After finishing up in the girl’s common bathroom, she went to get herself some breakfast and found it futile to eat a huge meal with her stomach in knots. She managed to choke down a chocolate muffin washing it down with a cup of tea that was almost too hot for her. 


Aizawa appeared around the corner from where his room was located with a stack of envelopes, his greeting deadpanned, “Morning.” 


Everyone turned to greet their teacher, “I have your housing assignments, be sure to refrain from sharing the information inside these envelopes unless you want to suffer the consequences along with double the assignments you will still have to do while away. Each instruction will have an allotted time for you to leave. So use your time wisely and settle any last-minute tasks. I’ll see you all in a month..” He handed over the stack of envelopes to Iida and Momo for them to begin passing them out as he disappeared through the front door.


Uraraka took her assignment from Iida and went over to a corner to read her paper in private. Nothing but an address with a woman’s name and her departure time. She pulled out her phone and plugged in the address to her maps, by train she should be there within an hour and a half. Looking at the time, it was pushing ten-thirty and she was to leave at eleven. Her heart rate picked up in rhythm, she hurriedly made sure her duffle and backpack her all packed and ready to go before going to wash out her teacup. Slinging her bags onto her, she went over to her friends, placing her hand on Asui’s shoulder they all turned to look at her, their eyes showing their understanding.

“You’re first, rbbt ,” Asui’s voice was saddened.


“Yep,” Uraraka tried desperately to keep her voice from cracking. The emotions finally hitting her as tears stung her eyes. Level-headed Asui felt the similar pain of tears welling and flung herself into her friend’s arm for a hug. Soon, the girls followed suit with the rest of the guys watching afar.


“When you get to your housing please text us to let us know you got there okay,” Momo pleaded, her eyes welled.


“And send us pictures!” Mina added, her voice wavered.


“I will. And you do the same, please. Hopefully, we will be partnered up in some way,” the girls held onto each other a little longer, not wanting to let go and watch their sweetest friend begin the journey. Uraraka finally let go and waved to them, she turned to the group of the guys. She approached them all just as she wiped away the tears. 


“You all have safe travels today, I know you are all going to do amazing,” stiffening her upper lip, she looked at each of them giving them a smile as best she could. They all nodded, their eyes giving them away, their attempt to remain strong for her and the rest of the girls.


“You’re going to do amazing Uraraka, I just know it!” Midoriya spoke first, he held his hands confidently to his sides. “You will also let us know when you arrive safely, right?”


“Yes, please send us all a group message once you arrive at your housing! All of us will,” Iida promised her. The room nodded in agreement.


“Good luck, cutie. See you in April,” Kirishima gave her a thumbs up and a wink, his infectious smile brightening her mood.


“You’re gonna kick ass, Uravity!” Sero and Kaminari both shouted her future Pro-Hero name in unison. She thanked the guys deep down for keeping her spirits up.


“Thanks you guys, all of you,” She bowed to them one last time and made her way to the door. She paused one last time before facing her classmates once again, the tears once again threatening to fall.

“Love you all,” She smiled softly, her lips quivering. The girls giving her love in return. With a final wave, she pulled the door open and started on her next assignment. Cap and Gowns seemed so much closer….


She arrived at the train station just as her link arrived, quickly bought herself a can of iced coffee, and dashed to her platform to board. Finding an empty row, she set up camp in the window seat and placed her earphones in selecting her favorite playlist. From the looks on her map, her destination was heading East towards the coast. Even in the dead of winter, she was excited to be near the water. The train pulled out of the station and Uraraka felt her stomach start to settle finally. 


The further she got away from school and heading forward, her nerves turned into anticipation and excitement. This truly was a great opportunity, and nothing great came from staying in comfort zones. She smiled to herself and leaned her head against the headrest as she watched the outside world zoom past her. It was an overcast day with crisp air that made her cheeks rosy from the sting, she loved the cool weather.


The train came to a halt at her stop, and she gathered her things to make her way out onto the platform. She stretched her arms above her head and popped her hips back into place. Exiting the station, she grabbed her phone and looked at the address once again, her final destination was only a fifteen-minute walk from there, how lucky!


The town was small and quaint, mostly residential businesses lined the streets with many citizens engaging with their neighbors.


“How cute,” she spoke aloud.


The closer she reached her destination, she could smell the salty ocean air become more evident. It was significantly cooler here, being so close to the coast and she pulled the sleeves of her shirt further down to cover her hands. The small apartment complex came into view finally and she pulled out the slip of paper she opened that morning from Aizawa. 

Sunrise Apartments


Manager: Ayame Fujiko


Uraraka approached the office door and gave it a knock. She stood there for what seemed forever, no answer. She knocked again, nothing. Looking down at the address on the paper to make sure she plugged it correctly into her navigator, yep this was the place. She knocked once again.


“Hello? Anyone home?” She called through the door.


“No need to shout, dearie. I’m right here,” Uraraka turned around to the voice. A short, grey-haired lady with laugh wrinkles around her eyes stood behind her with her grocery cart in tow. Uraraka jumped out of the doorway that she blocked and bowed frantically.


“Oh! I-I’m so sorry Ma’am. I didn’t mean to make so much noise! Please forgive my rudeness!” 


The lady smiled sweetly, “No need to apologize, I’m here now. You must be Uraraka Ochaco. One of my students from U.A. High School. My goodness, what a beauty you’ve become. I remember watching you on TV during the Sports Festival your first year, you’ve grown so much these three years."


“Uh, yes! That’s me!” Uraraka felt her face burn from embarrassment, she was still getting used to being recognized out in public. Ironic for someone who wants so badly to become a Pro Hero, an icon in the public eye, saving people. Ha!


“Let me just get my cart into the house and put the cold things away, and then I’ll show you to your unit,” Fujiko approached her stoop, Uraraka stepping aside. 


“Here, let me help you!” Uraraka tried to take the cart from the elderly lady but was stopped immediately when the lady levitated it into the air. 


“Don’t be silly, I’ve been taking care of myself for years now.” Her eyes twinkled with amusement.

“Oh! You have a quirk too!” 


“Oh yes,” Fujiko turned to slip her key into the knob and opened it wide, inviting Uraraka in to wait. “In my old age though, I can only keep items floating for a short period of time. The heavier they are, the shorter amount of time. But it’s perfect for being able to reach the top shelf at grocery stores these days.” She lowered the cart onto the floor and began putting items away. Uraraka stood by and watched her open each of the cabinets and one by one, the darling landlady levitated each item into their places. Her apartment was warm and welcoming, a few pictures hung on the wall and a vase of fabric flowers sat on her small dining table. Uraraka smiled, grateful for what already appeared to be such a kind and caring woman as the apartment manager. 


“Alright, that should do it,” Fujiko placed a carton of milk into her refrigerator and wiped her hands on her pants of the condensation. “Ready to see your unit?” She asked.




Fujiko led Uraraka up the single flight of stairs and down the corridor to the last unit, “I usually host at least one of U.A.’s graduating students every year and I always keep the same apartment open for the school.” 


She slipped a key into the lock and opened the door, flipping the main hallway light on she allowed Uraraka to walk in past her. “One of my tenants helped me air the unit out and we went ahead and dusted.”


Uraraka stood in the middle of the spacious room and allowed herself to take in everything. The common area bled into the kitchen where a small dining table sat, a vase similar to the manager’s fabric flowers were displayed on top with two sets of keys. The walls were painted plainly in white which allowed the grey sofa to stand out and the dark wood finished tables to compliment it. When Uraraka first moved into the school dorms, she couldn’t believe the size of her room, it was bigger than her whole family home and she was a-buzz with excitement. This apartment was all the more impressive, even though temporary, this was her home for now. And she had no idea what to do with so much space!


“I know it doesn’t look like much, but feel free to make it as comfortable as you wish.” The landlady walked past her to the curtains that blocked out the afternoon sun and opened them wide. Uraraka gasped softly, a small balcony overlooked the coast. 


“Oh no, this is….more then I imagined it’d be,” Uraraka responded as she joined the manager at the window. Fujiko looked up at the starry-eyed young woman and smiled.


“I’ll let you get settled, your boxes along with your roommate arrived yesterday and I went ahead and had them placed in each room. Your room is the door on the left. There’s a shared bathroom separating the two rooms. Your apartment keys and a bedroom key are on the table. I’ll be by later when your other classmate arrives.” She smiled.


“Do you know who’s coming?” Uraraka looked down to her, her interest peaked.


A sly grin spread across Fujiko’s face, “I do. However, I am forbidden to say anything. You will know later this evening.” She began to walk away and headed to the front door. “Welcome home, dearie.” She gave her a wink as she exited and closed the door behind her.


Uraraka was now left alone in her new apartment and she was still in awe. She couldn’t resist her excitement then and squealed with delight. Remembering her promise, she took out her phone. A mass text to the girls and then the entire class, she sent her message to let them know she arrived safely. Grabbing the marked keys on the table, she went to her new room to begin unpacking her things.


Her room was roughly the same size as her dorm, with a closet and a door that connected to the shared bathroom. The bed sat against the wall facing a desk and a bookshelf. She quickly went to work to make her room her own.


Several hours had passed and the sun had set an hour prior. Uraraka chose to open up her window so that she could listen to the crashing waves on the coast as she unpacked. She set up her bed with her sheets and got all her clothing put away in the closet. Her textbooks along with a few of her favorite reads found their home on the bookshelf and now she was busily folding her clothing she wanted in the dresser. She sat cross-legged on her bed and had changed into her sleeping shorts and a tank top with her hoodie, the ocean breeze blowing into her room was becoming frigid but worth dealing with to be able to hear the soothing sounds of the waves. 


Several of the students had sent back text messages letting everyone know they made it to their destinations safely. Some already figuring out who their partners were. Jirou was the first to solve the Great Roommate Mystery when Kaminari arrived, followed next was Asui and Hagakure and Aoyama with Mineta. Uraraka sighed to herself in relief, opening the girls’ private chat where they were all relieved to know Mineta wasn’t paired with any of them.


The small digital alarm clock on the nightstand read half-passed eight in the evening when Uraraka finally heard the front door lock begin to turn. 


“Dearie! Your classmate is here! I brought up dinner for you two! Come on out!” Fujiko called out and Uraraka hopped off her bed excitedly, finally, they arrived! She ran out of her room and down the hall and came to a screeching halt, her eyes widened with surprise. Crimson eyes returning the exact expression.


“Oh my….” Uraraka’s thoughts were interrupted.


“Fuck…” Bakugou spoke finally.


“You watch your tongue, young man!” Fujiko spun around and pointed her finger in his stomach.


“Don’t tell me wha…” Bakugou’s abrasive response was interrupted as she punched him in the stomach. “You hag!! Do that again! I dare you!” He clutched his stomach, for such a small elderly woman, she had some strength behind her.


Uraraka was glued in place just staring at Bakugou, steam practically rising from his body in annoyance. Was Aizawa and All Might serious? 


Fujiko set down the bag of food on the dining table and turned to Uraraka with a smile, completely ignoring Bakugou, which irked him more. 


“Well, now that you are both here, you can have these.” She handed Uraraka two manila envelopes with their names on them. “These are your packets of school assignments sent over from your teachers and the information on your Agency is in there. Look them over completely. If you two need anything just let me know! My door is always open.” She turned to walk away, walking towards Bakugou she stopped and gave him a warning glare. He snarled as she walked away and closed the door behind her, leaving the two alone. 


They awkwardly stood there for a moment, Uraraka finding it difficult to look him in the eye at the moment. It was one thing to live in the dorms, where everyone mingled together on a regular basis. But this was completely different and she felt oddly exposed. She hugged her hoodie around her tighter, closing it to cover her tank top. Why did she feel so shy? 


Bakugou just stared at her, not saying a word, his expression deadpan which made her even antsier. 


“S-So….I guess mystery solved, huh?” She finally spoke.


“Tch..” He quirked his brow.


“Are you hu..” He cut her off before she could finish her sentence.


“Listen, Round Face, don’t bother with the shitty small talk. You aren’t any happier about this as I am, so just stay out of my way during this stupid assignment, and I won’t have to kill you.” He glared at her and walked to the table where his set of keys were. He snatched them and stormed past her down the hall to his room. She could hear him fiddling with the keys in the lock and cursing them for not turning smoothly, his frustration evident when he slammed the door shut. Uraraka remained stuck to the carpet, he was right. This wasn’t the roommate she hoped to be paired with. Of all the boys in her class, it had to be the loudest and literally, the most explosive one. 


She sighed in defeat and grabbed the bag of food off the table and tucked it into the fridge her appetite having left her anyways. Pulling out her phone from her hoodie pocket she sent a message off to the girls’ only chat, “Going to bed for the night. Bakugou showed up. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow….” and disappeared into her own room for the night. All of a sudden, graduation seemed to be even further off now than ever before. 

Chapter Text



“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” - Stephen Hawking


Uraraka awoke to the morning light shining in through her window, grumbling she sat up and stretched her arms above her head and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Looking at her clock, it was just past eight in the morning. Pushing the covers off her legs, she slipped her pink slippers on and made her way out into the common area. 


She yawned as she rounded the corner and stopped short. Bakugou, dressed in a black tank top and sweats, was already sitting at the table with a cup of tea and his packet displayed in front of him. His face scrunched into a scowl, he spoke without looking up.


“S’bout time, Round Face.” His annoyance evidence. “Ever heard of an alarm clock?” 


She bit the inside of her cheek, guess Bakugou was a peach at all hours of the day - “It’s barely eight-fifteen! It’s still morning time.”


“And I’ve been up for hours, only the lazy waste time.” He flipped through each paper, still avoiding eye contact with her, whether he knew or not, it was pissing her off.


She crossed the room into the kitchen and checked the kettle on the stove, it was still hot and she found the box of teabags on the counter. She selected a mug from the cabinet and made herself a cup, “Least I wake up in a good mood! It’s not my fault you’re a morning person. And I’m not lazy!” 


“Tch, could have fooled me, Round Face.” She took the wrapper of her teabag, crumbled it, and tossed it hitting the back of his head. His shoulder’s tensed as he looked back at her, “What the fuck?!”


Her expression deadpanned, she sipped her tea, “Oops. Guess I missed the garbage..”


“What are you, stupid? The trash isn’t even over here!”


“Oh I don’t know, your attitude is pretty trashy today,” She quirked her brow.


His palms began to sizzle and pop from his quirk, “Who are you calling ‘trash’, you dumbass!?” His outburst echoed in the empty apartment.


“What’re you gonna do, kill me?” She tested him since he was always threatening bodily injury for the past three years, what was stopping him now? 


He growled angrily, “Don’t fucking tempt me.” He stood from his chair then leaving his mess. “Hurry up and change, we have to go to the store.” He ordered her as he began to walk away.


“What for?”


“You want to be able to eat right?” He stopped and glanced over his shoulder.


“Oh,” she felt stupid then.


“Dumbass…” he muttered loud enough for her to hear as he disappeared down the hall and shut his bedroom door. Rolling her eyes, Uraraka finished off her cup of lukewarm tea and went to change.


A fucking disaster, she did nothing but argue with him the moment they walked in the door of the local grocery store. Bakugou felt his blood boil at every time Uraraka tried to put absolute garbage into their cart. The girl had the worse sweet tooth, it was no wonder she had any teeth left in that mochi-shaped head of hers. He fully blamed Satou for feeding into all the girls’ and some of the other male classmates’ bad eating habits. 


“No! We are not fucking getting that!” His palms started to pop with tiny explosions at Uraraka trying to put in several boxes of chocolate pocky, along with trays of Dango and a mini soufflé cheesecake.


“I have every right to pick out half of the food! You can’t keep telling me to put things I want back!” She was like a petulant child, relentless.


“Yeah! Half of the REAL food, not that crap. Your face is round enough!” 


“Are you saying that I am FAT?!” She stepped up to him then, Bakugou was well over six feet these days, and she remained a mere five-foot-four. Not exactly threatening…


“Your words, not mine!” he huffed and pushed the cart walking away from her. “Fine. Get whatever you fucking want. But don’t come crying to me when you can’t handle the work at the Agency because you chose to eat shit.” 


Bakugou had given in, slightly. He wanted to finish their shopping trip as fast as he could and get out of there, their yelling and screaming were causing a scene. The last thing they needed, as the heroes in training, was to be quarreling with each other over stupid shit. Compromising, she agreed to pick out some “normal” groceries along with her guilty pleasures. 


They finished shopping and made the short walk back to their apartment with several bags in hand. Once their groceries were put away, Bakugou headed down to the shoreline for training. Uraraka could hear the explosions from their balcony, she stood out there and watched him. His movements were fluid and he moved with ease, he had grown stronger over the years and it showed, not just in his quirk but in his body as well. Uraraka herself wasn’t a slouch, over the last two years she had trained and strengthened herself; body and mind past her original capabilities. Implementing yoga into her daily routine had proven beneficial, for now no longer felt ill when she used her quirk. Not to mention she could now take away the gravity of over five tons of inanimate objects, and she even learned to manipulate the energy surrounding them, and to catapult them through the air as one of her ultimate moves. Uraraka pulled herself out of her thoughts and went back inside the apartment to grab her yoga mat, following in Bakugou’s example for training.


Their afternoon went by uneventfully, Bakugou had finished his training and returned to the apartment just as Uraraka was finishing up her yoga session. Without acknowledging her, he disappeared into his room, soon she could hear the shower running. She let out a sigh and shook her head; Bakugou was always one to remain quiet and alone unless provoked by Kirishima or even Deku, then his rage-filled personality really shined through. She, on the other hand, couldn’t imagine not having her circle of friends around her. She and Bakugou were polar opposites, which made this arrangement all the more awkward, she couldn’t help but wonder if Aizawa and All Might were playing some sort of sick “end-of-year” prank on the students with their pairing selections. 


Once she heard the shower shut off, she went to take one for herself as well and made sure both doors to the bedrooms locked behind her. She washed away the sweat and grime from her work out and used her favorite tropical scented shampoo. After a quick pampering of exfoliation and shaving, she finished and unlocked Bakugou’s door and disappeared back into her room to change into her lounging clothes. 

The sun had begun to set and Uraraka decided then to go over her packet. She grabbed herself a cream bun along with a water bottle and planted herself at the table. Inside she found details on their agency and who ran it along with several documents that needed filling out and signatures. Bakugou stood at the stove preparing himself dinner, the scent of beef and sautéed onions filled the air. Uraraka’s stomach growled and she slowly savored her cream bun. 


“I can hear that shit from over here,” Bakugou snarled in annoyance. 


Furrowing her brows, she looked up from her paperwork, “I’m eating!” 


“Tch, you’re pathetic.”


“What do you care what I eat? It’s not hurting you! Mind your own business,” She was getting annoyed, he was worse than a parent. 


He huffed, ignoring her and went back to the stove. He flipped the contents in the skillet with ease and Uraraka watched a second longer. From the scents coming from the kitchen, she knew whatever he was making was going to be delicious. She was horrible in the kitchen and tried to avoid it at all costs. 


Turning back to her paperwork she filled out her information as she finished the last bite of her bun, the vanilla cream coating her tongue made her sigh happily. Bakugou reluctantly joined her at the table, a bowl of rice and the meat mixture he prepared scooped on top, Uraraka felt her mouth water and her traitorous stomach gave her way again. 


“Tch, damn it,” he growled, his first bite delayed. “Fine, if you want some, there’s a little left.” He took a bite, grumbling.


Uraraka’s eyes widened and she leaped from her chair, “Oh thank you!” She dashed to make herself a bowl. The onions and meat along with the seasoning tortured her senses. The rice was hot and fluffy and she just about squealed with delight. She scooped the last bit into a bowl for herself and joined him at the table again. Thanking him for the food, she took her first bite, she practically moaned.


“Oh my gosh, this is incredible!” She sighed, her eyes gleaming with utter bliss. 


“Yeah, yeah. Don’t ever say I never did anything for you…stupid Round Face.” He felt his face flush a bit, he kept his eyes lowered. He never heard someone emit those kinds of sounds from eating before, it was the same sound she made that night she tricked him into losing their Twister tournament. What the fuck was she doing?! He shook the thoughts from his head and concentrated on his plate, at least he tried to, Uraraka was relentless.


“For fuck’s sake Round Face, do you have to be so loud when you eat?!” He exploded.


“I can’t help it, your cooking is so…. good !” She mewled softly, “You sure get agitated easily don’t you, Bakugou” She giggled at his irritation. 


“It’s because I have to deal with stupid morons like you and that damn Deku, and all the rest of those fucking extras on a daily basis!” 


“Oh, we aren’t so bad. Otherwise, you would have killed us all long ago.” She laughed. 


“You think you’re so funny. You won’t be laughing when I finally do decide to kick your ass,” His snarl turned into a smirk. “You better be thankful I’ve allowed you to live so long.”


“Oh yes, I’m so grateful that the Great Bakugou has graciously spared my life,” She cupped her hands on her chest mocking him. “You want me to bow down to you as well? Or would you prefer I get on my knees and thank you?”


“Tch, don’t flatter yourself, Round Face.” Did she really just ask that?! Uraraka used to be pretty docile, and that came out of her mouth so randomly. What the actual fuck ….Bakugou felt his cheeks grow hot once again, he cleared his throat. 


“Just eat your fucking food. And clean your dishes when you’re done.” He picked up his bowl and cleaned it quickly before disappearing into his room for the rest of the night. Uraraka smirked to herself, finishing her dinner she complied to his demands with her bowl to clean and put it away before bed.


Uraraka’s alarm woke her bright and early that following morning. It was finally the first day at the Agency and she felt her excitement rise along with nervousness. She changed into a pair of jeans and slipped on a pink blouse that flowed loosely around her stomach. After dressing she went into the common area, Bakugou already awake and cooking his breakfast. She will never understand how he could wake up so ridiculously early every day, it was six-thirty in the morning and he was up before her! She stopped at the table and noticed two placemats were already set up, and the electric kettle plugged in and sitting on the table with cups and tea. 


“Uh…good morning, Bakugou.” She called out to him. 


He grumbled his response, continuing to scoop rice into a bowl. He had found a tray tucked under one of the kitchen cabinets and gathered all the filled bowls and plates and brought them over to the table, he began to place in each spot bowls of rice, miso soup, and some grilled fish and pickled cucumber.


“W-what are you doing?” She asked him surprised.


“Listen, I’m not gonna babysit you this entire month, but I sure as hell aren’t going to let your moronic decisions affect my grade on this stupid assignment. And if that means I have to force you to eat normal food, I’ll fucking do it. Now sit down and eat before it gets cold.” He growled. Uraraka stood there dumbfounded. He prepared her breakfast and also promised to make sure she ate properly for the duration of this entire assignment. She felt her heart race a bit, her face flushing. 


“You-you want to cook for me?”


“Tch, did I stutter? Now stop standing there looking like a fish with your mouth hanging open and eat. We have to leave soon.” He sat down and poured himself hot water for his tea and began to eat. She sat down in the chair beside his where he set up her place and began to eat. It was such a simple, traditional breakfast but it was so delicious. For Bakugou, this was oddly nice of him. Sure, he was loyal to those he trusted, but this was a side of him Uraraka never noticed of him before. She smiled to herself and finished her breakfast and offered to clean up for both of them, it was the very least she could do for him.


The two of them gathered their costumes and packets before heading out. The agency was a short walk from their apartment and they were due there in twenty minutes. Uraraka waved to Fujiko on their way out since she was outside sweeping her stoop.


“Good luck on your first day!” The elderly lady called out.


“Thank you! Have a good day,” Uraraka called back. She nudged Bakugou hard in his arm, motioning for him to say something.


“Ugh, Yeah, yeah! Whatever…” He waved his hand without looking back.


Uraraka rolled her eyes, satisfactory enough for him. They walked in comfortable silence for about five minutes, Uraraka adjusted her bag over her shoulder.


“So, this should be an exciting day! I’m looking forward to it!” She bounded with excitement. 


“It’s not supposed to be fun, Round Face.” He grumbled.


“Well, it’s still exciting! I know we have done other internships before, but this is supposed to be way different.”


He didn’t say anything else, he focused his attention on the road ahead of them, his bag over his shoulder and a hand stuck deep in his pocket. Uraraka noticed the tension in his jaw, she stopped her attempt of making small talk. Taking his lead, she placed on her most serious expression she could muster and walked beside him in silence. Time to take this as seriously as he was, the agency insight at the end of the road.

Chapter Text

“People can surprise you. You get so used to thinking of them one way, stuck in their roles. They are what they are. Then they do something that shows you there’s all this depth and dimension that you never knew existed…” - Unknown

“Ah-ha! There you two are!” Only five seconds walking through the door, and Bakugou and Uraraka were greeted by a man that was all smiles. “Glad to have ya both on board!”


“Whoa, y-you’re Epidemic! You’re who we are interning under?!” Uraraka’s eyes widened in surprise, Epidemic was an older hero with greying hair and laugh lines around his mouth and eyes. Although he wasn’t as well known anymore, unlike All Might or Endeavor, he still had many successes under his belt and had made the top ten rankings on the Hero Billboard Chart during the prime of his career. Bakugou stood beside his partner, hands deep in his pocket, thoroughly unimpressed.


“Sure am! And I gotta say, I have been looking forward to this day! I just knew when I saw you two battle it out during the Sports Festival your first year, I knew I had to have you intern for your Third Year.” He was dressed in a black bodysuit, a red cross across his biceps, complete with a black medical coat with a Hazard logo on the back, and a black surgical mask that he pulled down to greet his new employees. For a man in his fifties, he was as spry and fit as a man in this thirties, the bodysuit clinging to every toned muscle. 


“Tch,” the annoyance on Bakugou’s face was clearly evident, unbelieving this was the Hero that chose them. “So what is your quirk exactly?” He asked gruffly.


“You don’t know?! Epidemic’s quirk: Virus, is a sickly gas that he exhales from his body and can make any opponent ill and weaken them so they are rendered to surrender. He was one of the first Heroes to ever get a quirk like his.” Uraraka bounced with excitement. She remembered studying many different Heroes with her dad while growing up, Epidemic being one of the Heroes her dad always had an interest in.


“So you’re basically a germ,” Bakugou deadpanned. Uraraka elbowed him in his side gruffly. 


“Ow, what the fuck!?” 


Epidemic’s laugh was similar to All Might’s, boisterous and hearty, “That’s one way of putting it! Fumiaki Saito, it’s a pleasure.” He bowed politely, “No need for aliases while inside the office.”


“It’s an honor, sir. I’m sure I can speak for both of us, we are looking forward to this internship!” Bakugou scoffed at Uraraka’s words, he didn’t need her to speak for him. She was far too excited and her energy was giving him a headache. 


“Great! Why don’t you two head back and change into your costumes and my sidekick will meet you in our conference room to get the day started!” Saito waved them off as he pointed to the room at the far end of the building before disappearing into his office. Bakugou and Uraraka changed quickly and headed to the large set of doors at the end of the hall where they were instructed, the doors were already open and a young woman was setting up the table. A projection machine sat at the head of the table and on the right a coffee station with various fruits and pastries waiting to be served. 


“Hiya!” The girl had short bubblegum pink hair, similar to Mina’s and bright green eyes. She wore a vintage style nurses dress that clung to her body, fanning out at her waist into a full skirt. Unlike Epidemic’s black and red motif, she oozed sweetness and sunshine. Her dress was white with pink trim with printed syringes along the skirt. 


“I’m Pharmacon, Epi’s sidekick!” She came over to them holding out her hand for them to shake. 


“Pharmacon? As in ‘a cure’?” Uraraka asked as she took her hand in hers.


“One in the same!”


“Wow, that’s so clever!” Uraraka beamed.


“Tch, it’s not that original. Let me guess, your Quirk is a healing type.” Bakugou remained disinterested.


“Wow! You sure are a grumpy one, aren’t you? But you’re right!” Pharmacon laughed hilariously. “I remember you from TV! You were so funny during the awards ceremony, you looked like an angry Pomeranian! I laughed so hard I was crying!” 


“What the fuck did you call me?!” Bakugou’s hands popped with explosions as his rage bubbling.


Uraraka tried to hide her giggle, she placed her hand on his shoulder to try and bring him back down to earth, “Save the explosions for the field, she was only joking with you.” 


“Shut up! Where does she get the gall to insult a complete fucking stranger?!” Bakugou growled at her in annoyance.


“Yeah, chill out kid, I meant no harm in it. I’m Mai Saito by the way!” 


“Oh, you two are related?” Uraraka folded her hands in front of her.


“If you call being ‘hitched’ related, then yeah!” Her face split into a goofy grin. Even Bakugou stood there in surprise, the woman standing before them couldn’t that much older than they were.


“Y-you’re married?” Uraraka asked shyly, her eyes held a shimmering interest.


“Sure are! Two years later this summer,” Mai gave them a wink as she continued to set up the conference room. “We met when I applied to the agency straight out of school. He interviewed me and hired me on the spot! A year later we started dating and then not too long after that, we decided to tie the knot!” 


“Pharma, what’d I tell you about talking about personal life during office hours?” The booming voice belonging to Epidemic interrupted her train of thought, she looked to him and smiled lovingly.


“Oh you know me, I couldn’t help myself!” He looked to her trying to retain his serious expression, failing miserably at the adorable display his wife gave him. 


Bakugou glared at the two, their disgusting display of affection annoying the hell out of him. Faking a cough into his arm he croaked, “Cradle robber” loud enough for everyone to hear.


Uraraka jabbed her elbow hard into his side, surprising him as he clutched his side. “Please forgive him, he was dropped on his head as a child.” She turned her death glare to him then, he scoffed. 


“You bitch!” she ignored his insult as she walked past him and headed for the tray of pastries and grabbed herself two, along with a cup of coffee.


Saito began to laugh while Mai giggled into her hand, “You two have spirit! I like it! Now take a seat we have a lot to cover today!” He motioned for them to find a seat as he took his own. Mai flipped the projector on to warm up while she hooked it to her computer. 


Bakugou snarled as he gruffly pulled his chair out, Uraraka joining beside him with her plate of food. He glanced at her through his peripheral and scoffed, “Typical..” he thought to himself, Uraraka and sweets went hand in hand. It made her cheeks fuller than they already were as she happily scarfed them down, a hazy blush tinted those cheeks giving her a satisfying glow. He shook his head violently in retaliation, wondering why he noticed how she looked. 


His thoughts were further interrupted as Mai handed them each a stack of papers and a pen, “Here are your contracts. We will be going over these together!”


The stack was at least two inches thick, along with the handbook for the agency, liability forms, and several folders on the city itself. Uraraka paused mid-chew as she began to rummage through the enormous stacks of papers. “Are all of these for us?” She asked as she dryly swallowed her food.


“Yep! Standard New Hire protocol!” Mai smiled sweetly as she took her seat beside her husband. Saito grabbed the remote control to the projector and switched it on, a PowerPoint presentation loaded onto the screen. Uraraka glanced over at Bakugou, his face stricken with anger. He looked to her then, his eyes bearing into hers, he scoffed and averted his gaze back to the papers before him. She looked down at his hands, clenched tightly in his lap, a long day ahead of them indeed.



Uraraka turned her key into the lock of their apartment, the both of them trudging in. Bakugou stormed past her heading to his room, the door slamming with a crash, enough to shake the walls. He was silent all day through their orientation and frankly, Uraraka feeling tensed herself by his chaotic energy. High hopes of this internship would be action-packed right off the bat was a stupid expectation to have. They weren’t First Years anymore, not everything in life was interesting and exciting. Sometimes you were expected to sit through the brain-numbing, agonizing lectures. Uraraka sighed heavily, least they were home for the night. 


Disappearing into her own room, she changed into an oversized t-shirt and a pair of leggings and sat on her bed. Grabbing her laptop, she opened it to the group chat the other girls were apart of. It appeared everyone was already home for the day as well, and Uraraka sent out a video chat request. 


Mina: “You’re alive!”


Asui: “Rbbt, yeah! How was your guys’ first day?!”


Momo: “Uneventful on our end, we filled out our employee paperwork and went on Patrol around town. Not a single thing happened today while out there.”


Jirou: “We went on patrol today too. Our Agency owner went out with us and gave us the grand tour!”


Hagakure: “Ugh how lame! All we did was paperwork, right Tsu? Hagakure’s shirt could be seen over Tsu’s head.


“Same for us, we literally sat through two presentations, and had to go over our contracts page by page.” Uraraka grabbed her pillow and clung it to her chest, a loud explosion accompanied by cursed language broke her attention from her computer.


Jirou: “Sounds like Bakugou isn’t happy about it either…”


Uraraka sighed, He was clenched so tight during orientation, I’m surprised he didn’t give himself an aneurysm…”


Momo: “That bad?”


Mina: “Well judging by how he’s making all that noise over there right now, I’d say yeah. In his mind, today was a wasted day!”


Well, what should I do?! The last thing we need is him to blow up the apartment and we get in trouble with the landlady!” Uraraka panicked at the thought if they were to damage the apartment beyond repair, which surely would go in the reports and affect their final grade! 


Asui: “Maybe you can try talking to him, rbbt?” 


Mina: “Bad idea, right now with how big of a tantrum he’s throwing, he’s not going to be in the mood to talk. Best advice, babe, wait until the shouting dies down a bit. Then he’ll be at least a little more approachable. If we weren’t so far away, I’d have Kiri come over and calm his ass down. But it’s up to you right now to try and put out the flames.”


Uraraka had no idea how she was supposed to do that. It’s wasn’t as if she and Bakugou were friends, he was such a private person and painfully obvious in not wanting to make friends with anyone, with Kirishima being the exception to the rule. Mina and the other’s of his little group of “friends”, he only tolerated. 


Momo: “I’m sure if you give him some time, he will calm himself down.” She smiled through the screen.


“Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. I’m going to go take a shower, I’ll talk to you guys later okay.” Uraraka tossed her pillow aside, the girls saying their goodbyes and promises to speak later on. 


Freshly showered, Uraraka went out into the living room to find herself something to eat. Bakugou still hadn’t come out of his room since they got home, his shouting and explosions finally died down. Uraraka went to boil herself some water for tea as she grabbed a spicy tuna onigiri out of the fridge. Leaning against the counter, she ate her rice ball gingerly. Why did it bother her so much that Bakugou was that frustrated? Sure she was upset about their first day too, she had hoped it would have been more like some of their other classmates. They never even stepped foot outside of the agency until it was time to go home. 


The kettle began to whistle and she turned the flame off, grabbing a cup from the cupboard and prepared her tea. Standing there, she thought for a moment, she grabbed a second cup and repeated her actions. Two cups steeped, the rich and earthy aroma filling her nostrils, calming herself instantly. She smiled to herself as she grabbed both cups and headed up the hallway. Activating her quirk quickly in her right hand, the cup floated as she knocked on Bakugou’s door. She grabbed his cup back in her hand, reactivating the gravity pull on it as the door swung open with a violent force. 


“What the fuck do you want?” Bakugou’s expression was none too pleased. The last thing he wanted was to be disturbed. 


Uraraka held up one of the cups in a friendly offering, “Thought you could use a little pick-me-up.” She spoke softly, a small smile grazing her features. Bakugou may be loud and obnoxious….and quite dangerous at times, but he was still human. 


Bakugou looked away, he felt his cheeks grow warm, Uraraka stood at his door, hair wet still from her shower and smelling as sweet as her favorite snacks. His mouth was parched from his tangent earlier, he cleared his throat which was scratchy and raw. 


“Tch…I don’t need anything from you.” He grumbled.


“I know,” she held the cup up to his face closer this time. “But I know you enjoy your tea, and since you offered to be in charge of all the cooking, I wanted to thank you.”


Bakugou just stared at the cup questionably, the aroma tantalized his senses and he wanted nothing more than to down the entire glass. Chestnut eyes stared back at him, her rounded cheeks tinted pink with a small smile, it made her glow. With an exhausted huff, he took the glass from her, their hands touching briefly. 


“Thanks, I guess.”


Feeling victorious, as if she broke through some sort of wall, her smile broadened, “Would you…want to maybe join me for a movie on the couch?” 


“A movie?” He furrowed his brows at her request.


“Y-yeah, we both had a less than ideal day. Maybe it’ll help cheer us up!”


Crimson eyes bore into her, trying desperately to remain calm she felt her stomach flip upside down. Why was she feeling so nervous? It was just Bakugou, and they’ve watched movies together before, granted it was with their other classmates…why was she feeling so vulnerable under his gaze. Shaking those feelings away, she stood straighter then and gave him a beaming smile, one that made her features glow. 


“Please?” She asked sweetly.


He stood in silence a moment longer, finally, he sighed, “Tch, fine whatever. Don’t put on anything stupid. I’ll be out in a second.” He closed the door in her face, he found it difficult to tell her no just then. All he wanted was to go to bed and sleep off the disappointment. He looked down at the cup she offered him, she chose the jasmine tea that he bought at the store. He sipped it greedily as it soothed his sore throat, grabbing his house shoes he went to join her in the common area. 


Uraraka had fetched her computer from her bedroom and brought it out to the common area, selecting a Marvel film, Bakugou stood by watching her. She looked up at him then, “I just have my laptop if that’s okay.”


“Tch, whatever Round Face…” Bakugou sat down on the end of the couch, Uraraka sliding over closer so that he could see the screen as well. Barely two inches separated them, Bakugou could feel the heat radiating from her body, their shoulders almost touching. He leaned back into the couch, raising his arms above and resting them on the back, relieved that added a bit more room. His heartbeat elevated slightly as she crossed her leg underneath her, her knee now touching his thigh. 


They sat in comfortable silence during the film, Uraraka having grabbed a blanket and bundled herself up inside of it, her head covered as well. 


“Cute…” , Bakugou shook his head, where in the hell that came from? He tried to avert his attention back to the screen as Thanos snapped his fingers. 


The credits began to roll and Uraraka set the computer onto the table in front of the couch, turning towards him she gave him a smile. 


“That was nice, wasn’t it?”


Silence. Bakugou kept his attention facing forward avoiding eye contact. Uraraka sighed and leaned against the couch, her head resting on the back close to Bakugou’s arm. Neither of them made any attempt of moving away, strangely at ease around each other at that moment. She sighed.


“Do you think tomorrow will be a better day?” She asked. Again, nothing. 


“Mr. Saito promised that tomorrow we’d get to go on patrol for a bit. That should be good, right?” She looked to him this time, was he ignoring her? She felt slightly annoyed, continuing to push on.


“I hope that we will be going off on our own soon, I want to prove that I’ve gotten stronger and can handle the job.”


Finally, Bakugou spoke, “There’s a reason why we were selected by the Old Geezer to be his interns. If you weren’t capable, he wouldn’t have chosen you and me to work for him together…”


Uraraka met his crimson gaze then, in his own way, reaffirming that she was indeed a capable Hero. Bakugou was part of The Big Three of Class 3-A; second-highest grade point average and was the strongest next to Deku. And Mr. Saito, including their teachers, paired them together. Bakugou recognizing it as well made her smile.


“Thank you, Bakugou…”


“Don’t mention it, Round Face…” The corner of his mouth turned up slightly, she didn’t see it.