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Just a little tease

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It had been a simple mistake, you left your door slightly ajar after rushing to your room. Everyone had left for lunch and you had declined to join them, figuring this was your chance to finally get some private time, you had rushed up the stairs and into your room in a flash. It was hard being surrounded by so many handsome and charismatic guys, when you had been introduced to Bruno’s squad, one man in particular stood out to you.
He had introduced himself as Guido Mista, just the sound of his lovely deep voice had you weak in the knees, it was highly inappropriate to be so turned on after simply exchanging names with someone but oh well! You weren’t exactly a stickler for manners or etiquette anyway. Day in and day out you spent your time side by side with Mista and the warmth between your legs grew harder and harder to ignore. You hoped to god he didn’t notice the way you eyed his crotch or the way you swooned when he spoke in that lovely baritone voice of his.

It was also painfully embarrassing to turn away from Mista only to find your capo giving you the LOOK. The one that says ‘Oh, you are not smooth at all and I see through you completely’.

God help you.

Presently you find yourself cursing your own libido.

Why? Because in your own lust filled haze, you failed to notice the door was ajar.

You also failed to notice that same lovely deep voiced gunman calling out to you.

He certainly noticed you though, he DEFINITELY noticed the way your legs shook as your hands delved into your core.

More than anything, he recognized whose name you were whimpering when you finally climaxed.

Your only indication that you weren’t alone was the sound of rushed footsteps and the slam of the door downstairs.

Post orgasmic bliss faded quickly when you realized you had accidentally just given one of your teammates a show. Normally, your first reaction to this kind of situation would be to panic and clean yourself up ( not that you’d been in this particular situation before ).

This time though, as the tightness in your belly eased and your slick lazily slid down your ass and onto your bedsheets, you formed an idea.

No need to panic when you had the upper hand here right? You weren’t entirely sure who was watching you just now ( Damn your horny idiot ability to block everything out! ) but you know these men.

Well, you know them well enough to say that they wouldn’t scream from the rooftops about your little private time.

Which means you now have something to hold over their head.

You don’t know who was privy to your escapades but it wouldn’t take much time to find out.

All you had to do was a little teasing and the truth would come tumbling out, right?


Oh, you hope they’re prepared.




In his whole goddamn life he swears hes never run that fucking fast ever.

The image of you totally lost to your own pleasure, the wet sounds of your fingers sliding in and out of your adorable cun-

“AAGGHH!!!” the poor gunman smacks his forehead, trying to literally pound the memory from his skull.

He’s sure he looks like a lunatic right about now but FUCK! Mista can’t shake the sweet sounds from his mind!



“Aah~ Fuck! M-mistaa~ “

Oh GOD! He can feel his cock twitch urgently at the memory.

Did you always think of him when you…..did that? What kinds of things did you imagine him doing…..?

Mista feels a little stuck here, he can’t exactly go back to the others with a raging hard on….. And…….well…….

Would it be weird to go back to you?

In the end Mista decides to run back to Bruno and the other men ( having tucked himself into his waistband and hopefully hidden his boner well enough ) and when asked about your whereabouts, does his best not to scream.