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'Ugh, my head...' you thought.

You lazily move around in your so-called "bed" that feels like a rock. You still have your eyes closed, as you stretch
your arms and legs. You feel like your bones just broke as if they didn't as you slept on the rock. That's one good thing. You open up your eyes, looking at a solid concrete ceiling. You look down to see a white
pillow and a dull red blanket. You then look at your bed, realizing you really were sleeping on a rock. You lay back down
and close your eyes, bringing your hand to your forehead since you have a massive headache.

As you lie there on your rock, you can hear a voice call out.


They sounded robotic, almost like someone who had a cheap microphone. You didn’t bother to open your eyes to see who was speaking.


You sigh and open your eyes, looking at some kind of sphere/oval attached to a rail. It has a tiny green smile on a screen for its face. On the left side of the screen, there's a volume bar that raises as it speaks.

"Oh! You're awake! Great."

You can't tell if it's a male or female voice, not that the gender would matter.

"At least, I don't think you are. You could just be sleepwalking, wait, that still means you're alive. And you're moving-
so I THINK you're awake."

You shake your head no.

"This is confusing me, hold on."

You laugh a bit at the oval's confusion.

"Not funny! At all! Very serious! Anyways, we have a couple of tests we need to do. If you remember, [YOUR NAME HERE], you're a test subject
for Ecliptic, a science facility testing the Ecliptic Tunneling Device. And please, don't mix the device with the APERTURE, Science Handheld Portal Device."

Aperture? Never heard of it.

"OH SHOOT, WAIT, did I even explain who I am? Jeez.." The robot mumbled.

"Right! Right. I'm Axle, one of Ecliptic's Testing Companions that guide test subjects, like you, through a number of tests. Please keep in mind that some of the tests can be very dangerous."
"So! Any other questions?"

You'd try to think of one, but your memory is blank. So, you shake your head no.

"Alright! Testing begins.. now. Whenever you're ready, please head through the tunnel placed on the wall to the left."

You'd look over to your left, to see some kind of portal, no, "tunnel" placed on a blank white wall. You attempt to stan-

"Almost forgot! You've been asleep for a bit, so you might have trouble walking and jumping for a bit."

Interesting.. You attempt to stand, once again, and you wobble a bit. Gaining your balance, you start to walk. Seems fine. You then jump, almost falling to the ground if it wasn't for your boots.

You start to walk to the tunnel, looking through it. Almost like a mirror... Yet, it's not. You can see yourself looking through on the other side. You step back, watching yourself also step back. So odd. You walk fast through the tunnel, safely on the other side.

"Please, don't think about how it works. We had some..incidents, with some subjects when they did."

Ouch. Alright. You continue to walk, following Axle as they glide on a rail going through the room. You walk through some kind of metal detector, assuming that you didn't have anything metal on you.

As you leave the metal detector, a door opens up to reveal LEVEL 1.