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The Craziest High School in the Galaxy

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The week passed relatively quickly, and the pumpkin patch had finally opened. Satine got out of bed early so she could look her best for her date. She put on a pink fleece poncho-like shirt with a pair of black leggings underneath. She paired it with a pair of high boots. She put her hair into a fancy headdress and puts the hair outside into loose curls. She also puts on some natural-looking makeup. By the time she was ready, Obi-Wan was almost there. She went downstairs and got a talk from her father

“Satine, be careful. If that boy does anything to hurt you, immediately call or text me.” he says
“I doubt anything like that will happen, but I’ll keep that in mind.”
“Thank you, be careful darling.”
“I will” Satine promises as she leaves the house.”
Obi-Wan wore a beige sweater and a pair of black jeans, she could tell he was wearing the same cologne that he often wore to parties.
“Hey!” Satine says as she sees her date.
“Hey!” Obi-Wan says while blushing “I didn’t think you could get more beautiful but here you are defying the odds”
“Nice words from such a handsome man like you.” Satine flirts back
“You’re too kind” Obi-Wan said, his face more blush red, than his normal skin tone
“I was told of a certain pumpkin patch you are going to take me to?” Satine flirtatiously teased, trying to get things back on track
“Of course” Obi-Wan replied as he took her to the patch

The two get to the pumpkin patch and Obi-Wan takes her hand as they go into the corn maze. It was something the pumpkin patch was known for.
“What way do you think it is to the center?” Obi-Wan asks
“I’m thinking this way” Satine says
“After you” Obi-Wan says leaving the way clear for Satine
“Do we keep going or go into one of the closer circles?” Satine asks
“I think we go closer” Obi-Wan says
“Whatever you say” Satine says following him
The two get lost in the second circle. They find their way back to the first circle and keep going until they find a second entrance to the second circle. They soon find another entrance into the last circle; they walk around and eventually make it to the middle.
“We did it!” Satine said pulling Obi-Wan into a hug
“All because of you” Obi-Wan says alluding to her not getting them lost
“Nonsense, you helped too.” Satine said
“Yea but I did get us lost” Obi-Wan countered
“Oh, stop that! We both helped each other” Satine says
“Fine, I surrender” Obi-Wan says conceding to Satine
“Glad you’re admitting the truth that you did help” Satine teases

Obi-Wan suddenly became very nervous before finally speaking
“Speaking of the truth, I wanna ask you something.”
“Go on” Satine implored him. She had a good idea of what she thinks he’s about to ask
He takes her hands and asks “Satine, will you be my girlfriend?”
Satine was elated before saying, “Of course! Only if you get to be my boyfriend.” Satine says. Adding the last part to be playful
“I assumed I would be the boyfriend” Obi-Wan comes back
“Just stop talking already” Satine said before bringing her new boyfriend towards her and kissing him

Afterwards, they decided to take a few couple photos together in the center of the corn maze before finding their way back out. One where she kissed him on the cheek, another where he kissed her on the cheek and one with his arm wrapped around her. They then go to find their way out. After some walking around, Obi-Wan makes an observation.
“I don’t think this is the way we came” Obi-Wan says once they get to a dead-end
“But I think that way over there is.” Satine points out
They go over there and Satine is right, and they finally find their way out
“I wanna go see the pumpkins. I think dad wants me to bring home a pumpkin” Satine says with a chuckle
“Of course, he would. He gotta make sure you actually went to the pumpkin patch” Obi-Wan says playfully
“Ooo, this one looks pretty good” Satine says pointing out a medium-sized round pumpkin
“It looks like the first image you get when you search up pumpkin” Obi-Wan remarks
“Exactly!” Satine says in excitement
Obi-Wan couldn’t help but admire her excitement at that moment. Her gleaming smile enchanted the boy and made his heart melt with happiness.
“It looks perfect!” Obi-Wan says. As he got closer, he leaned in to say, “just like you.” .
“You’re too sweet” she replied back before asking “how are we going to get this back to my place?”
“I think we can fit it in my speeder” Obi-Wan says looking at his vehicle
“Alright, I’ll pay for this and we can be on our way.” Satine says going to the pumpkin vendor next to the field.
“I can pay” Obi-Wan insists
“Don’t worry, I have my dad’s credit card” She says taking it out of her wallet. “Plus, my family has money so it’s not a big deal” she says
“Just so you know, money isn’t the reason I like you.” Obi-Wan clarifies
“I know” She responds as she pays for the pumpkin. They put the pumpkin in the speeder and bring it back to Satine’s. When they get there. Satine walks in the house and hands her dad his credit card.
“We got the pumpkin you wanted” Satine says pointing to her boyfriend who was carrying the pumpkin.
“It looks lovely. I presume today went well?” he questions
“Yes, dad. We actually made things official”
Bo-Katan comes downstairs just as Satine says this and says “About time”
“We brought home a pumpkin, wanna help us carve it?” Satine asks her sister
“Sure!” Bo-Katan says as she gets pumpkin carving tools and Obi-Wan brings the pumpkin to the large dining table. Bo-Katan comes back and they begin carving.
“How about we draw a jack-o-lantern face and have our last name underneath it?” Satine suggests. Her father comes in the room at the same time and says, “I think that would be a wonderful idea.”
The trio start by removing all the pumpkin insides and then they begin carving. Obi-Wan held the pumpkin in place while the girls used their pumpkin carving experience to create what Satine suggested, with Satine working on the face and Bo-Katan works on the letters.
“I kinda screwed up the K” Bo-Katan admits pointing to her slightly uneven k
“That’s fine” Satine says
Obi-Wan leans his head down “I don’t notice it”
“Thanks, but I can” Bo-Katan quips
Bo-Katan takes her time with all the other letters, trying to make them as perfect as possible.
“Ta-da!” Bo-Katan says after getting every letter of their last name done and moving away from the pumpkin. She stealthily takes a picture of Satine and Obi-Wan to send to the group chat

Operation get Obi-Wan and Satine Together
Bo-Katan: *1 image attached*
Bo-Katan: It finally happened
Bo-Katan: Satine said it after they came home with the pumpkin
Padme: So, you’re saying they finally made it official?
Anakin: Shut the front door!!
Cody: Finally
Bo-Katan: Yea, they finally became official
Rex: Yay!
Ahsoka: Damn, about time
Ahsoka: This was fun lol
Rex: Let’s do it again sometime lol

Ahsoka: “Let’s do it again sometime”
Ahsoka: Maybe we can try and get Padme and Anakin together lol
Rex: I’m in

*Ahsoka created the group*
*Ahsoka added Rex, Cody, Obi-Wan, Satine and Bo-Katan*
*Ahsoka named the group Operation get Anakin and Padme together*
Ahsoka: So wanna try this?
Obi-Wan: Sure
Rex: Yes!!
Ahsoka: Add whoever you want lol
*Cody added Hevy to the group*
Cody: I don’t trust Fives, Hardcase or Echo to keep their mouths shut lol
Hevy: I’m honoured lol
Ahsoka: So we’re trying to get Anakin and Padme to get together, in or out?
Hevy: I knew Anakin had a thing for her lol
Hevy: I’m in

Meanwhile, Satine is just finishing up the jack-o-lantern face. She finishes up and steps away from the pumpkin. Her father comes to see it and pats Satine and Bo-Katan on the back
“It looks awesome girls!” He says complimenting them on the pumpkin before placing a tea light in it to replicate a candle. Mr. Kryze really liked the pumpkin.
Later Satine and Obi-Wan finally look at their phones. Obi-Wan has a bunch of texts from Anakin and Ahsoka while Satine has some from Padme and Ahsoka

Anakin: So
Anakin: You two finally made it official eh?
Obi-Wan: Yes :)
Anakin: I’m so happy for you!!!

Ahsoka: About fucking time
Obi-Wan: lol
Obi-Wan: Is this your way of saying you’re happy for me lol
Ahsoka: Yea :)

Padme: Congrats on your first boyfriend lol
Satine: Wow thanks lol
Padme: But seriously, I’m happy for you :)

Ahsoka: Finally lol
Satine: Agreed lol
Satine: I was kinda scared to ask sooner so I’m glad he was planning to ask too

Obi-Wan and Satine go up to Satine’s room with Satine’s father in the background shouting “KEEP THE DOOR OPEN!” wanting to ensure that no funky business would happen
“I WILL” Satine shouts back so he can hear her as she brings Obi-Wan upstairs.
“I enjoyed today” Satine says to her new boyfriend
“I’m glad because I did too” Obi-Wan says with a huge smile on his face
Satine brings him closer and they finally get to make out in private as a couple. Bo-Katan walks in afterwards and says, “Keep your volume down love birds!”

Operation get Obi-Wan and Satine together
Bo-Katan: What have you guys done?
Bo-Katan: I have to listen to them
Bo-Katan: K I S S I N G
Bo-Katan: Thanks a lot
Padme: You’re welcome :)

Obi-Wan sighs in disappointment knowing he has to go home for the night. He pulls her into a goodbye hug and kiss, “see ya soon darling”
“See you soon too Obi” Satine says allowing herself to melt into his warm embrace. She didn’t want him to leave just as much as he didn’t want to let her out of his arms but he could feel Mr. Kryze’s glare even though he wasn’t in the room or nearby and he pulled away. The couple went downstairs so she could see him off.
Only a few minutes had passed after he left but she couldn’t help it

Satine: Hey
Satine: I miss you already :(
Obi-Wan: Me too :(