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The Craziest High School in the Galaxy

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Anakin knew he would have a field day with Obi-Wan and Satine when he woke up the next morning. It was Sunday so no school at least. He decides to text his friend so he can catch him before he makes any plans:

Anakin: Hellooooooo
Obi-Wan: What do you want Anakin?
Anakin: For you to come over sometime :)
Obi-Wan: Sure

Anakin decided, he needed to get the whole squad over, after making sure it was fine with his mom and stepfather, he decided to make a group chat

*Anakin created the group*
*Anakin added Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Rex, Cody, Padme, Satine, Bo-Katan, Fives, Echo, Hevy and Hardcase to the chat*
*Anakin named the group “Squad Goals”*
Anakin: Who wants to come to my place later?
Obi-Wan: We’ll be there <3
Bo-Katan: @Obi-Wan gross
Bo-Katan: @Anakin yes
Hardcase: Y e s
Fives: Hell yea
Rex: ye
Ahsoka: Did you need to ask
Padme: Count me in
Anakin: So, can I just assume everyone is in?
Echo: Yea lol

Anakin was really excited to have everyone coming over. He quickly cleaned his room much to the surprise of his mother. Her son hated cleaning his room, so it was a nice surprise
“What’s gotten into you? Shmi asked
“I got friends coming over” Anakin replied
“That explains a lot” Shmi said with a chuckle before leaving Anakin be

Squad Goals
Anakin: Anyone who is coming over can come over! :)

Ahsoka is the first person to show with Obi-Wan there not long after. Then Rex, Cody, Fives, Echo, Hevy and Hardcase show up together, followed by Padme, Satine and Bo-Katan.
“I think everyone is here that said they would be”
“So, what are we gonna do?” Hardcase questions
“Can’t we just enjoy each other’s company?” Anakin asks
“I’m down with that.” Padme says

Operation get Anakin and Padme together
Satine: Keep them close to one another!!

“We should all go to the haunted house together!” Echo suggests
“I’m down! I love haunted houses” Anakin says
“We should order a pizza” Cody suggests
“I agree!” Fives says
“What toppings do we want?” Cody asks
“Pineapple” Echo says
“I think the fuck not!” Hardcase replies with Fives nodding in agreement
“Why? What’s wrong with pineapple?” Cody asks
“Fruit doesn’t belong on pizza!” Fives says
“Tomato is a fruit and we slather that in sauce form all over pizza” Hevy says
“It’s not the same!” Fives says
Anakin and Padme casually watch the argument before Anakin says “How did I know this would happen. They have strong views on pizza”
“I can tell that much” Padme replies
“Just pick it off if it bothers you that much” Rex interjects. Rex had been strangely quiet the whole time until now
“But the juices are still there!” Hardcase exclaims
“Now you’re just being picky” Echo responds
“How about this, one with pineapple and one without for the picky eaters” Cody suggests
“Well that was entertaining” Padme whispers to Anakin
“Don’t worry, we’ll get a second show when the pizza comes.” Anakin whispers
“Can’t wait” Padme says
Anakin looks over at Obi-Wan and Satine who were also watching them argue over pineapple on pizza
“Look at them.” Padme says “I may have said it already, but we were on to something when we paired them up”
“Yea, I want a relationship like that” Anakin says
“They are still in their honeymoon phase yet Ani” Padme says
“Well I hope to never leave the honeymoon phase with whoever I end up with”
“That’s probably not realistic though” Padme replies
“Well I will make it realistic” Anakin
She admired his determination though she still thought it was unrealistic

The pizzas come and just as Anakin predicted, a second debate over pineapple on pizza broke out
“I can’t believe you would waste your money on that abomination” Hardcase said pointing to the pizza with pineapple
Cody, eating a piece of the pineapple pizza says “From a taste point of view the sweetness of the pineapple works with the rest of the pizza but your weak ass taste buds can’t see that apparently. Try it” Cody says offering him a slice of the pineapple pizza
“No, I’m not a weirdo” Hardcase says going for the other pizza
“Come on, Hardcase, it’s not bad” Echo says
“Well looks like they’re back into it” Anakin says looking over at Padme
“Yep.” Padme replies, enjoying the show
“So, what’s your favourite colour?” Anakin asks
“Purple, yours?” Padme replies
“Red and black” Anakin replies
“Black isn’t a colour though, it’s a shade”
“Then red. But Black is a colour in my eyes” Anakin replies
“Whatever you say” Padme says rolling her eyes
“Snips!” Anakin calls out to Ahsoka
“Yea?” Ahsoka says
“Is black a colour or a shade?” Anakin asks
“Uh colour” Ahsoka replies
“Ahsoka! You were supposed to side with me!” Padme says
Ahsoka simply shrugs her shoulder “Sorry about that”

The day wears on and eventually, only Ahsoka, Padme, Satine, Bo-Katan and Obi-Wan are left with Anakin
“Real talk, How does the football team find boys who all look so alike?” Ahsoka questions before explaining “Rex, Cody, Fives, Echo all looked alike anyways but then they found Hevy and Hardcase and they almost look the exact same! It’s as if they’re clones.”
“Anakin? Any explanation for this?” Padme says
“Why are you looking at me?” Anakin asked
“Because you’re on the football team. Surely you know some secrets” Obi-Wan says
“Well hate to disappoint but I don’t!” Anakin replies
“That’s a shame, I assumed you worked your way up by now” Bo-Katan says playfully
“Wait hold on, am I 5th wheeling?” Bo-Katan asks
“How?” Padme says
“Well obviously we got my sister and her boyfriend, you and Anakin are attached at the hip.”
“What am I then?” Ahsoka asks
“Shit sorry” Bo-Katan says playfully while patting Ahsoka’s shoulder
“Apology accepted” Ahsoka playfully said back. She knew Bo-Katan didn’t intentionally forget her

“Seeing as there’s 6 of us, why don’t we try to have a game of monopoly?” Anakin suggests
“Sure, let’s see whose relationships aren’t as stable as we think” Bo-Katan says deviously as Anakin sets up the game and everyone picks their tokens. The game is going well at first until Padme starts building houses on the yellow properties after she traded with Anakin.
“How can you make an exception for Padme and not me sky guy!” Ahsoka exclaims as she lands on one of Anakin’s properties and has to pay while when Padme landed on it a few turns ago she was able to get off with not paying
“That’s called being smitten” Bo-Katan teases
“ Even Satine makes Obi-Wan pay and vice versa” Ahsoka argues
“Snips, don’t even start” Anakin demands
“I will start! This is a load of bull”
“Pay up Snips”
“Well make Padme pay too!” Ahsoka argues
“Fine, next time she lands she pays, there happy?” Anakin says
“Yes” Ahsoka grumbled
Taking a break from playing, Padme says “I can’t wait for the haunted house in a few weeks.”
“Me neither” Satine replies, while also giving her boyfriend a nudge
“I heard it’s going to be really good. Lux is on the planning committee and only has good things to say about it! He says it’s going to be really fun but also scary. Terrifyingly fun if you will” Padme says
“Can’t wait” says Obi-Wan