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The Craziest High School in the Galaxy

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4 years later Obi-Wan and Satine receive mail from Padme. Her and Anakin got engaged recently so Satine wasn’t surprised when what she had received had been a wedding invitation. Padme had always wanted to get married by this lake on Naboo, so it was no surprise that the wedding was on Naboo. Mandalore had recently broke out into more fighting. Satine hated seeing the fighting and managed to convince her father, who was now the duke after her uncle’s death that maybe peace may be a viable solution.

“Will you be okay for me to go to Padme’s wedding?” Satine asked her father
“I can assure you, I’ll be fine” he said
“Obi-Wan, can I talk to you?” he said before Satine left. This made Satine tense. She had been particularly tense lately. She recently found out she was pregnant but was nervous to tell Obi-Wan because she didn’t want to stir up false hope. Her and Obi-Wan had been trying since they got married almost 2 years ago and Satine had had a miscarriage several months ago
Meanwhile, Obi-Wan went to the garden with Adonai Kryze.
“You seem tense” he said
“Yea, you could say that.” Obi-Wan says
“How come?” he asked. He had known of Satine’s miscarriage and it broke his heart as much as it broke Obi-Wan and Satine’s hearts
“Just everything that’s going on, this war, mine and Satine’s issues trying to start a family and just everything.” Obi-Wan didn’t know how to put it
“I can assure you; everything will be fine in the end.” he said
“I hope so” Obi-Wan replied
“I brought you out here to ask you something”
“Oh?” Obi-Wan questioned
“I wanted to ask you to protect Satine. Some of her ideas for a peaceful Mandalore have not gone over well with the people, especially her pleas for non-violence. I’m afraid people might try to come after her.” Her father admits. It was rare for someone like him to divulge weakness, but he felt that his son-in-law was more than capable of ensuring Satine’s safety
“Of course, I would never let anything happen to her. Ever. I promise you that”
“Thank you” he said as they went back inside
As Satine and Obi-Wan were packing their bags to go to Naboo, Satine seemed nervous
“Everything okay?” Obi-Wan asked his wife
“I have a bad feeling about this.” Satine said as if she were a prophet
“I’m sure everything will be fine” Obi-Wan says trying to reassure her
“heh, I guess” Satine said before looking down
Obi-Wan gave her a concerned look before saying “Please be honest with me”
“Obi, I’m pregnant” Satine says
“That’s wonderful” Obi-Wan says
“I’m just scared I’ll lose the baby again” Satine admits
Obi-Wan puts his hands on her shoulder and says “We can’t think like that. We can’t act like we’re going to lose this baby because we lost the last one. We won’t lose this baby.” Obi-Wan says as he moved a hand to her stomach to where he approximately thinks the baby is and reassuringly says “We will have this baby”
“I hope so.” She said as she kept packing her bags
“Have you told your parents yet?” Obi-Wan asks
“No. I’m waiting a few more weeks. I’m only 7 weeks and I found out last week” Satine says
“On another note, it will be nice to see Padme again” Satine says, changing the subject
“Yea, it’s been so long since we’ve seen them.” Obi-Wan says
“The last time we saw them was probably our wedding now that I think about it, that was 2 years ago” Satine says
“I don’t know about you, but it’s been the best 2 years of my life. Despite everything we’ve been through” Obi-Wan says as he carefully pulls her into a hug

The couple leave for Naboo the next morning. Satine hugs both of her parents before she goes, and they wish her a good, safe trip.
When they get to Naboo, Padme and Anakin are waiting for them
“It’s been so long!” Padme says as she hugs Satine
“Too long if you ask me” Satine replies
“Nice to see you again” Anakin says to Obi-Wan
“You too.” Obi-Wan says back to his friend. Anakin turns to his fiancée and Satine and says “come inside” as he leads everyone into the lake house.
“This is a really nice place” Satine says
“Right! There’s a reason I wanted to get married here.” Padme said
“I’m sure your wedding will be amazing” Satine said
“I don’t know if it can beat a Mandalorian royal wedding but thanks” Padme jokes
“May I interest you in refreshments, I’m sure the trip was long and you might need something.” Padme says as she’s already getting the other couple something
Satine and Obi-Wan know better than to tell Padme no. When Padme brings over a bottle of wine with dinner, Satine declines the wine and instead opts for something non-alcoholic. This takes Padme by surprise
“That’s not like you” Padme says to Satine before saying “are you-”
Padme doesn’t need to finish her sentence for Satine to know what she’s asking. She looks at Obi-Wan who nods, indicating that he’s fine with her telling Padme and Anakin
“Yes. I’m pregnant” Satine tells them
“Oh my gosh. That’s wonderful” Padme says
“Right! Obi-Wan’s about to be a father!” Anakin says as he nudges him in the shoulder
“And Satine’s going to be a mother!” Padme reminds him
Their well reception of it lifted Satine and Obi-Wan’s spirits
“How far along are you?” Padme asked
“7 weeks. I’ve been scared to tell people yet, so I don’t want it to be repeated everywhere, at least not for another few weeks.” Satine said
“Understandable” Padme replies
“I got your bridesmaid dress too. I would’ve made you my maid of honour, but my sister was adamant since her daughter is my flower girl.” Padme says as she gets the dress to show Satine. It is a soft pink dress and it was surprisingly simple for something Padme would pick. The fanciest thing on it was the lace neckline that was rounded and reached midway to down the chest. It was a beautifully simple dress that was floor length.
“Even after all this time you still know my size perfectly” Satine says as she tries the dress on.

The boy’s side was not as coordinated or prepared. Obi-Wan was Anakin’s best man. Anakin, Rex, Obi-Wan, Fives and Anakin’s stepbrother Owen went out and tried on suits once Obi-Wan got there, much to the annoyance of the wedding planner Padme had hired.
“I wish we all could’ve been there” Fives said
“Me too, Bo-Katan couldn’t leave her post. She is the leader of one of the top Mandalorian legions, but she told Satine she wished she could come. She’ll be to the ceremony by hologram” Obi-Wan explains
“That’s a shame” Rex said as they continued to get measured for suits that had to be quickly made due to Anakin’s insistence on waiting until Obi-Wan could get to Naboo. Though you would never guess the suits were hastily made because they were stunning and very high quality.

The big day had arrived, and the venue was stunning, there were benches on the patio of the lake house facing the lake but there was a space cleared next to the railing where Anakin and Padme would get married. People started piling in slowly. Padme’s mother sat in front with a spot saved for Padme’s father, everyone else were involved in the wedding somehow. Shmi and Cliegg had a spot next to Padme’s family. Cody and his wife had a spot, as did Echo, Hevy and Hardcase. Bail, Lux and Steela also shown up as well as Aayla and Riyo. To Anakin’s surprise, even Yoda, Mace, Plo, Kit, Shaak, Tiplar and Tiplee showed up as well as the hologram version of Bo-Katan. Even Hondo decided to show up. Soon enough the ceremony started, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen came out. Ahsoka and Rex were first, then Satine and Obi-Wan, Padme’s sister was next, and she came out with Owen. Once all the bridesmaids and groomsmen came out, Padme and her father were next. When the doors opened to reveal Padme, Anakin could not believe his eyes. She somehow was even more beautiful than she already was. Her dress had a v-neck with an almost swirl like pattern. The sleeves were see-through, but the dress also had a loose floor-length short-sleeved cardigan. Her lace veil almost looked like a hood, but it was adorned with jewels giving it a rich look. Padme had gotten to the alter where Anakin had eagerly awaited her. The officiator read a few lines before getting to the vows which Anakin and Padme wrote for each other. Anakin went first
“I have loved you from the moment I first laid eyes on you and I know I will continue loving you for eternity and beyond no matter what happens. My love for you is greater than there are stars in the universe and my love for you only grows when I see your gorgeous smile, or when I look into your beautiful brown eyes or when you run your hands through my hair or when you propose crazy ideas with such ambition. All these things and more make me want to commit to being your husband and second in command even more. The thought of not being with you is unbearable and I promise to love you forever.”
Padme is next
“I was scared when we first got together. Probably not something you’d expect to hear in a wedding vow but actually being with you alleviated all my fears. I can be myself without public scrutiny or judgement with you. I love you in a way I’ve never loved anyone else. When you go along with my crazy ideas with your gleaming smile and that look in your eyes, it makes me fall in love all over again. My love for you is enduring and no matter where the road takes us. I promise to always love you.”
The officiator starts again “those were very sweet vows. I don’t think this next part is much of a question but do you Anakin Skywalker, take Padme Amidala Naberrie to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
“I do” Anakin said as he looked deeply into her eyes
“Do you Padme Amidala Naberrie take Anakin Skywalker to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
“I do” Padme says as her gaze meets Anakin’s
“You may now kiss the bride” the officiator says as Anakin wraps his arms around her waist and Padme cups Anakin’s face to kiss for the first time as a married couple. Everyone applauds as the married couple excitedly walk back down the aisle to the lake house.

A couple of hours later is the reception and the newly minted married couple have their first dance. At the end, Anakin gave Padme a little twirl before dipping her and giving her a kiss as everyone cheered for them. Afterwards, Padme changes out of her wedding dress into a dress and a pair of flats more suited for dancing. Wearing heels did a number to her feet. Her feet hadn’t hurt like that since her prom though to be fair she had a lot of duties since she was valedictorian too but that was beside the point.
People questioned Satine throughout the night on why she wasn’t drinking any of the cocktails, but she just told them she wasn’t feeling the best. It got them off her back and so she didn’t spill the beans too early. They stopped after Padme dragged her onto the dance floor, their husbands not too far behind. Satine started to actually not feel well. She had started having painful cramps. She looked at Obi-Wan and he immediately knew her first suspicion as she excused herself, her husband following close behind to make sure she was alright. Anakin and Padme are on edge, not sure what happened until Anakin gets a text from Obi-Wan

Obi-Wan: It happened again..

Anakin knew what it meant. Obi-Wan confided in him shortly before the wedding and how it was one of his biggest fears and how he’s been trying to not show it for Satine. Anakin and Padme walked up to Ahsoka who was with Rex, Fives, Echo, Hevy and Hardcase.
“You’re all in charge now. We have a situation to deal with.” Padme simply said before the two left. Ahsoka was curious but knew by the tone of Padme’s voice not to ask. Anakin and Padme met up with Obi-Wan at the hospital while Satine had been getting scans and procedures done to confirm what the couple already knew. When Anakin and Padme found Obi-Wan he was sitting in a chair, feeling defeated with his head in his hand. He catches sight of Anakin out of the corner of his eye and said
“You didn’t need to come here. I didn’t ask you to leave your own reception.” Obi-Wan said
“I know but I couldn’t just leave you alone here.” Anakin says, wanting to be there for his friend
“I agree with Anakin. You need someone right now. Plus, we left Ahsoka in charge, so we know it’s going to go well.” Padme said
“I appreciate the company, but you didn’t have to.” Obi-Wan said
“have you told Satine’s parents yet?” Padme asked
“we hadn’t told them of the pregnancy yet, but I can’t seem to get a hold of them but it’s also about 6 am on Mandalore so that might be the reason.” Obi-Wan said
Soon after he received a call from prime minister Almec
“Great, fucking Almec” Obi-Wan said rolling his eyes “he always picks the absolute perfect times to call and force forbid you miss a call from him. He’ll just label the next one as urgent and then the comm will make an unforcely sound that makes you want to pick it up just for it to stop” Obi-Wan says with a sarcastic and annoyed tone. He answers
“Lord Obi-Wan, is Lady Satine around?” Almec said
“No but I can take whatever you need her to know and pass it along.” Obi-Wan said
“Thanks, but that won’t be necessary, I’d rather tell the duchess myself” Almec says before hanging up
“Duchess?” Obi-Wan questioned aloud “Satine isn’t the duchess, her official title is lady. Her father is the duke” Obi-Wan says
“Uh oh” Padme said
“Uh oh is right, this cannot be good.” Obi-Wan said

The doctor comes out to talk to Obi-Wan privately essentially letting him know what happened and that he’s sorry for their loss. Obi-Wan listened numbly to this. They had been through this before, but this time was different, much worse. Satine had been pregnant twice and each time she miscarried through no fault of her own, but the question plagued his mind. What did they do to cause this? Obi-Wan went into the hospital room with Satine. She was a mess to be honest. There were tear streaks on her face and her mascara had ran. They sat together in silence, not knowing what to say to one another. He could tell Satine just wanted his company and that was totally fine until Almec called again. Satine groaned at the thought of having to talk to Almec right now but she answered the call
“Hello” Satine said
“I hate to bother you” he said as Satine thought “biggest lie of the century”
“But you need to get to Mandalore as soon as physically possible.” Almec said
“Why, what’s going on?” Satine questioned
“Your parents are dead, and your sister is missing, duchess. They were killed in their sleep last night.” Almec said for herself and her husband to hear. Satine gasped and put her hand over her mouth in shock.