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The Gem Who Could Never Be Named.

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All was well in Beach City, Jasper was still hidden away in the woods, but he could be summoned by Steven because of her need to serve "Her Diamond". Amethyst was off to get some chocolate because she had unfortunately found an ice-cream maker, and wanted to try making chocolate ice-cream. Pearl had desperately tried to talk her out of it for fear of the kitchen become a chocolate-covered mess, she had failed. Garnet had split into Ruby and Sapphire, Ruby was attempting to run a club of some sort, and Sapphire was once again teaching her "How to Read the Future" class. Steven was wandering around outside on a hill. He then tripped on a rock. He got up and looked to see what he had tripped on, and saw that the rock, was in fact not a rock, but a gem. A cracked gem, desperately trying to reform but only managing to glow. Steven picked it up carefully kissed it to seal the crack. It remained the same. Steven started to panic, wondering if his powers were malfunctioning again. He licked his finger and touched a dying flower. The flower came alive again just fine. He then carefully put the gem in his pocket and ran to the house, the rest of the world slowing around him. "Pearl!" he called. "What is it, Steven?" She replied, poking her head out the door as Steven slowed down again. "I found a cracked gem but can't heal it!" He replied panicked. Pearl's eyes grew wide with concern. Well bring it in, I'll call Garnet and Amethyst. Garnet walked in the door and Steven knew she had used her future vision. Amethyst walked in behind her. "What's up Steven?" She asked. Steven explained. "Let me see it," Pearl said, reaching for the gem. "Oh dear." She said sadly. "What is it?" Amethyst said, impatient. "This is a Serendibite. I thought they didn't exist anymore..." Pearl replied. "Why wouldn't they exist?" said Steven, confused. "It's because Blue Diamond created them as secret messengers for the war, if they told the message to the wrong person, they would use be Rejuvenated by a rejuvenator. If they told someone willingly and were caught, they would be shattered." Garnet said sadly. "I remember a Serendibite coming to warn the crystal gems of an attack on us, and was about to say something else but then a Topaz ran up and cracked her, intending to shatter her. But I got to her before the Topaz could finish the job. Rose prepared for the attack just in time, and in the midst of the battle, the Serendibite was lost. It seems like you somehow found her Steven." Pearl said, a distant look in her eyes. "That doesn't explain why I can't heal her." Said Steven once again. "Serendibites once cracked or shattered were designed to never be healed again in case a gem got to the Serendibite before she could betray the Diamonds," Garnet answered. "Only Yellow can heal one." "Well then I'm off to visit Yellow, Steven said determinedly. He warped away to Homeworld and knocked on Yellow's door. "Come in!" Yellow called out. Steven entered and showed Yellow the cracked gem, glowing ever so faintly. "Could you heal her?" "Of course Steven." She said and with a touch to the gem, healed her. The Serendibite's eyes glowed faintly as she sat up ramrod straight. "Message 2: From Sapphire J-573, Rebellion, I hope you get this before its too late. This legend I found may contain the key to defeating Pink Diamond and maybe the other Diamonds as well. }A forgotten fusion, a forgotten gem. Who created the Diamonds the world once sought this gem. The most powerful gem ever known. The one gem that nobody owns. The one gem who created the others. A fusion of fragments of gems who were never shattered. A gem who could never be named. The creator of others is what they became!{" Upon these final words, the Serendebite rubbed her eyes and looked around, scared. "Okay, I have a lot of questions." Steven stated.