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Knight In Shining Armor

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Task for Agent David Katz

Subject: Klaus Hargreeves

He frequents the local bar. Get to know him. Befriend him to get inside the mansion and uncover any information possible on him and his siblings. Gain his trust.

The message from his manager Tim came through via text on his phone.

Easy enough, he thought.

“Crowded night, huh?”

Klaus Hargreeves had been sitting at the bar, staring absentmindedly at an untouched drink in front of him. The simple question caught him off guard; he’d seen the bar stool become occupied, but he wasn’t expecting the patron to speak to him. He glanced at the rather good looking man and could feel the heat rising up in his cheeks as he shrugged. “I don’t pay them much mind. I mostly come here to escape home for as long as I’m allowed to.” He returned his attention back to the beverage, still unsure if he actually wanted to drink it, as he cursed, trying to think of a way to cover up what he’d just said. “I mean ... siblings ... six, uh, five of them. Sometimes it’s nice to get away.”
The agent raised a brow but decided not to touch on it. “What’s your name? I’m Dave Katz.”
“Klaus. Klaus Hargreeves.” 

He turned the stool to study Dave, curious as to why he was still making an effort to talk to him. People didn’t usually keep trying. With a sigh, he glanced at the time, and his breath hitched as he stood up. “I have to go, Dave. It was nice meeting you.” He adjusted his patchwork leather coat and gestured toward the drink. “It’s yours if you want it.”
“Wait.” Dave stood up and gently grabbed his arm.
Klaus drew in a sharp breath and jerked away. “Sorry,” he mumbled, regretting his actions.
“No, it’s all right. Are you hurt?”
“I’m not convinced.”
“I’m fine.”

The way he spoke his name was gentle. Klaus observed him. His features. He appeared soft and kind, and there was something about him that made him feel at ease. Cradling his arm, he slowly shook his head and whispered, “I’m not okay...”
Dave lowered his voice. “What do you say we get out of here? Go somewhere quiet, hm?”
“I can’t. I have to get home. I’m already late.”
“May I walk you?”
“Sure.” He couldn’t hide the smile that formed. “I’d like that.”

The walk to the mansion was a silent one, but the seance had too much on his mind to try to strike up a conversation. Once they were met with the gates, he let out a shaky breath. “Dave ... could you wait for me out here? I mean, there’s a fire escape that leads up to my room. It’s around the corner where the dumpster is. My dad can’t know you’re here, but I don’t want you to leave...”
“Hey, what’s going on?”
“Please, just wait for me...”
“Of course.”

Dave disappeared around the corner to stand beside the fire escape while Klaus hesitantly pushed the gates open and stepped inside the mansion. As soon as he closed the door, Reginald’s harsh voice pierced the silence. “ Number Four, you’re late.”
He winced. “I’m sorry, Dad. It won’t happen again.”
“You say that every time. Where were you?”
“I, uh, I was at the bar...”
“To suppress your powers?” Reginald scowled. “You’re weak.”
“Dad, I - I -”

Before he could finish speaking, Reginald closed the distance and backhanded him across the face hard enough to make him stumble. “You are not to come out of your room until your mother has dinner on the table. Do you understand, Number Four?”
“Yes,” he whispered as he dragged his feet upstairs, fighting to hold back tears. 

As soon as he made it to his bedroom, he closed the door and locked it, and then turned on the fairy lights. He headed over to the fire escape, got Dave’s attention and signaled that it was safe to come up. The agent carefully climbed up, slipped through the window into the room and removed his jacket. He hung it on the coat rack and glanced around. It was small with only a twin sized bed, an end table and a dresser, but it had a cozy feel; he liked the way the soft glow of the fairy lights created warm lighting. He noticed the writing on the walls and, as he turned to ask Klaus about it, he heard a few sniffles coming from the bathroom. The door was ajar, so he cautiously wandered over to it.

“Klaus?” he questioned, tapping on the door frame. “You okay?”
“Yeah,” came the broken response.
“That didn’t sound too convincing. Mind if I come in?”
“No...” He wiped his tears.
The agent pushed the door open, gasping when he saw the mark on Klaus’ face. “Hey,” he murmured, gently brushing a tear away, “Klaus, what happened? Who did this?”
“My dad,” he choked out, sinking against Dave as he felt his arms wrap around him. “I - I need help...”
“It’s all right. I’ve got you.”
As he held onto Klaus, he quietly sighed and cursed to himself. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way; his manager had given him a task, and it had just become complex. To make things more difficult, he felt something for this man, but he couldn’t pinpoint it yet. Was it a desire to protect him, or did he desire him ? How could he feel something like that so quickly?

“Klaus, I - I’m...” He almost revealed his identity by showing his badge, but decided against it. “I have somewhere that we can stay. You’ll be safe there. I promise.”
“Okay.” He knew he shouldn’t be so trusting of someone he’d just met, especially given his past, but there was something different about Dave. He felt safe with him.
“Let’s get you cleaned up first. Do you have a medical kit?”
“All right, come on.” He gently guided him out of the bathroom and toward the bed. “You’re okay. I’ll be right back.”

Klaus sat down while Dave found the first aid kit, brought it over and set it on the bed. He opened it up, removed the peroxide and poured a drop onto a piece of gauze. “Might sting a bit.” He carefully dabbed the cut and tossed the gauze into a nearby trash can. “There. All better.”
“You speak other languages?” He assumed it meant thank you.
“I know a few words here and there, picked up by listening to the...” He stopped himself. “Just listening.”
“May I see your arm?”
“It hurts.” He slowly pulled his sleeve up to reveal a nasty looking bruise.
“Oh, Klaus ... Come on, let’s get you somewhere safe.” The agent extended his hand. “Is there anything you’d like to take?”
“Uh, my palm tree shirt and leather pants.” He laughed awkwardly, accepting his hand. “And my tie dyed leopard underwear...”
“All right.” Dave blushed deeply. “Nothing else?”
“No, I really want to get out of here.”