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Vicky's New Toy

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“…I mean, he was just being so sweet and I just thought ‘what the hell, he deserves it.’ He wasn’t even ogling that one actress during the movie, you know the one? What’s her name…?” Vicky rambled.

Amy couldn’t focus on the words. Her mind wandered, distracted by the feeling of her sister’s hair beneath her fingertips. The flowing, platinum blonde strands felt cool and silky in her hands. This was her bliss, even if it was all she could ever have of Vicky.

Ten tortuous, heavenly minutes had passed since Vicky had returned from a date with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Dean. Amy practiced repressing her jealousy as she listened, patiently waiting for Vicky to explain why she’d arrived home flustered and upset. Vicky routinely sought out her sister after returning from a date – especially if the evening hadn’t gone particularly well.

Amy treasured their bonding time. Just being there to lend an ear made her feel wanted and useful in Vicky’s world. It meant more to her – and gave her greater satisfaction – than a whole day at the hospital curing patients.

Even better, she was sitting on her bed with Vicky’s head in her lap. Soft music played in the background while she reveled in the solid pressure on her upper thighs and the smooth strands under her gentle caress. Vicky maintained conscious control over her force field to keep it deactivated; the act of trust was precious to Amy.

As an added bonus, these discussions often gave Amy a peek into her sister’s sex life. She eagerly awaited any juicy new tidbits that she could pick up and use to fuel her fantasies later that night. She would imagine herself instead of Dean in the scenarios Vicky presented to her, so that it was her touching Vicky, making Vicky moan her name in ecstasy. She knew she would inevitably end the night laying spent, panting and sweating, empty and alone beneath her sheets as her body and mind cooled guiltily.

But that was a problem for future-Amy to deal with.

“…So we went up to Captain’s Hill, and his car… it’s not really all that roomy, you know? I mean, it’s not like we haven’t had sex in there before, but it’s a bit cramped and…”

The older sister continued rambling, but Amy’s ears had perked up at the word “sex” and her fingers halted briefly in their ministrations before resuming. Fortunately, Vicky was too caught up in her story to notice.

Amy hated the by-now-familiar pang of jealousy. She viciously smothered it with a practiced efficiency so she could return her attention to her sister’s story.

“…I was kissing him, and he was kissing me back, and I mean… I thought it had been such a nice night, and we could just make out for a few minutes or something. It’s not like we really had time for anything more, you know? What did he expect?” Vicky asked with a hint of exasperation. “I mean, I guess what he expected,” Vicky continued, her voice dripping with disdain, “was to throw me in the backseat and ram it in a few times… wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am! Have a good night!”

“Well okay, so obviously he didn’t do that,” Amy interjected when Vicky paused for breath. Amy could tell they hadn’t had sex tonight, since she currently had a biological connection to her sister’s body.

Her powers reported the distinct lack of semen inside her sister. Vicky didn’t use condoms with Dean; back when she had first started dating, Vicky had begged Amy to make her temporarily infertile. For one of the world’s foremost parahuman healers, such a thing was laughably simple. She had caved easily – she could never resist her sister’s wishes.

Checking her power again, however, Amy did notice elevated levels of several hormones in her sister’s body.

‘She’s still aroused! She’s laying here with her head in my lap and she’s…! No! Stop it, girl! She’s not aroused because of you, she’s just horny and frustrated because she got worked up making out with her boyfriend, and now she’s here and she still hasn’t gotten off yet.’

Amy snapped herself out of her thoughts to inquire, "So… what did you do then?”

“Well, so, we’d been making out for a little while… he had his hands under my bra…” Vicky’s hands unconsciously drifted up her stomach as she recalled the memory. She didn’t notice her own movements, but Amy watched hungrily from her peripheral vision.

“…But then his hands started drifting down… lower… and I was thinking, ‘we gotta stop before we get carried away here.’ We only had, like, five minutes before we had to get going or I’d be late getting home. But, like I said, he’d been so sweet and all, and I could feel how hard he was. So I was like… how ‘bout I give you a quick blowjob? You know?” Vicky paused in her retelling as if prompting Amy to respond that yes, in fact, that seemed like a perfectly reasonable course of action.

However, Amy was too busy watching the arousal signals climbing in Vicky’s body during her tale. ‘It’s so hot, watching her body like this. She’s getting more and more turned on and I can see it all happening…’

“So anyways,” Vicky continued, undaunted by her sister’s lack of response. “He was all like ‘but baby, c’mon, we got time, I wanna fuck you so bad right now.’ And I was still sitting in his lap and he was pushing up against me and going ‘feel how hard you made me?’ And it was… so hot. We still had our clothes on, but I could feel his dick was seriously hard. And he was hitting just the right spot – I couldn’t help but grind back down on him...” Vicky trailed off and tensed as she arched her back slightly. Her breathing became noticeably heavier.

Amy salivated and bit back a moan. She could sense her sister’s nipples had stiffened and were brushing against the soft cotton of her nightshirt. Her heartbeat picked up and her face flushed.

‘I guess talking about it really gets her juices flowing,’ she thought, glancing inwardly again to check with her biosense. ‘Hah, literally. Yum. I hope she gets carried away again like she did last time when she accidentally let her aura go. That was awesome – I love her aura.’

Amy wanted to squeeze her thighs together at the thought, but she resisted the temptation due to the head in her lap.

Vicky cleared her throat, snapping herself out of her daze. “Um, yeah, so anyways… then I realized a few minutes had already passed, and it was really late – like not even enough time to drive back,” she rushed on, as if eager to distract herself. “I knew I’d have to fly if I wanted to get home in time to not get grounded.”

“Oh, okay,” Amy said, disappointed at the conversation derailing but trying not to show it.

‘Hearing about Vicky’s sexy episode with Dean is… painful. But amazing. I… I can’t help but want to hear more.’

She tried to shake off the tumultuous feelings. “So then, um, why were you upset when you got home?”

Vicky sighed, “Well, before I could leave, things took a turn for the worse.”

She explained that Dean had been angry at her for ‘teasing’ him and for insisting they stop. “It was such a nice date until then, but it’s like he did a total 180! He started yelling and he wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to explain. Finally, I just had to bolt. I said ‘I can’t stay here and argue with you, I need to get home!’ and I just… flew off.”

She was quiet for a bit, then shook her head slightly as if to clear it, sending wonderfully distracting tingles through the girl whose lap she was still laying in.  

“I donno, I just don’t get why he got so upset all of a sudden. I mean… we fight sometimes, but when we’re together it usually feels like we’re so compatible, you know?”

Amy didn’t know but declined to comment.

“But sometimes when he gets horny, it’s suddenly all about him. He didn’t even offer to, uh… take care of… me. What makes him get like that?” Vicky paused, her expression morose. “Do you think it’s just all the blood rushing out of his brain to go to his... other head?” she tried to joke, with a hiccup of a chuckle.

The biokinetic sensed more than saw Vicky’s distress. Her older sister was trying to hide behind a façade of exasperated humor, but underneath that, it seemed like she was truly upset.

Amy considered explaining the biological processes behind the male anatomical response to sexual stimuli, but she decided not to.

“I just don’t get it, Ames! I mean, yeah, I wanted to stay there and screw his brains out on the back seat just as much as he did, but I realized we couldn’t – there wasn’t any time. And he… didn’t realize, or refused to realize. Didn’t even care about my wants. And why? Just because his dick was hard!?” Vicky practically shouted. 

Fortunately, they didn’t need to worry about the volume. Their parents had gone to sleep more than half an hour ago, on the opposite side of the house, and they tended to sleep like the dead in any case. Besides, the house was solidly constructed – built to withstand low-level brute powers if need be – so sounds didn’t tend to carry.

Amy tried to come up with something to say to help her sister feel better, but couldn’t think of anything. She didn’t particularly want to think too much about Dean’s penis; she had no interest in that piece of anatomy.

Truthfully, she felt a turmoil of emotions. In a way, she felt glad that Vicky’s date with Dean had ended so poorly, though she would never admit it to her sister. There was anger too – ‘How dare he treat her like that!’ But mostly, Amy felt her love for her sister bubble to the surface and just wanted to comfort her.

“Seriously,” Vicky said in a much calmer voice, though still tinged with bottled emotion. “Is having a penis really so different?”

Having finished her venting, her anger bled off and soured into melancholy – with every indication of continuing onward toward depression. She closed up within herself, rolling over onto her side and facing away.

Amy still didn’t know what to say to make her feel better and she sensed the opportunity to comfort her sister passing by with every tick of the clock. Hoping that her presence and her touch could do the job where her mouth was failing, she continued combing her fingers through her sister’s hair. However, a silent tear tracing down Vicky’s face to fall in Amy’s lap told her otherwise.

The moment stretched as Amy wracked her brain to come up with something to salvage the situation. She worried that Vicky would soon just mumble a goodnight, leave to go back to her room, and probably cry herself to sleep, alone. The thought felt like a constrictor snake tightening around her heart.

“You could try it if you want?” Amy blurted out, surprising herself. It was just a random idea that had popped unfinished into her head; she was still struggling to piece the thought together into words.

“Hnn-what?” Vicky asked groggily, twisting around in her sister’s lap to look up at her again.

‘Damn traitorous mouth, did you even consider how she’s going to react to this?’

Amy noticed the small wet spots Vicky’s tears had left on her pajama bottoms. ‘Well, too late to back out now. Maybe it’ll at least distract her?’

“Well, you could… try it out for yourself. I-If you wanted to, I mean,” Amy tried to explain.

‘But how can I explain this? She’s going to think I’m crazy, or perverted, or...’

“Try what out?” Vicky asked, clearly still not following.

‘Just… don’t think, just tell her. At least that way you can believably claim it was just some stupid random idea!’

Amy swallowed nervously and clarified, “Um, a penis. You could see what it’s like – maybe it would help you understand a bit better?” Her voice pitched up higher in anxiety and she trailed off, not wanting to bring up Dean again. At least her older sister seemed to be tuning back into the conversation and away from her own miserable thoughts.

Seeing Vicky’s blank look, Amy continued. “I, um, you know,” she tried to explain, still gathering her wits. “With my powers, I could…”

She cut short her description, suddenly too embarrassed to complete the sentence and tell her sister she could grow her a penis. She settled for wiggling her fingers dramatically towards her sister’s lower body.

Vicky giggled at her sister’s embarrassed expression – and the awkward finger-wiggling. “Haha, what?” she asked, then sat up suddenly, eyes growing wider. “Wait, you mean… you can…?”

At her sister’s embarrassed shrug, her mouth hung open in surprise. “Oh,” she said, comprehending at last. Her eyes grew unfocused, gazing out into the middle-distance.