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Back On That Yandere Train (Prompts)

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You can at least pretend to love me, you know.”

You flinched at the deep, rumbling voice of your captor, your (E/C) eyes darting back to glance at him. Diavolo, as the beast bade you call him, lounged behind you lazily, his large draconic form draped over the impressive pile of gold and jewels of his hoard. You swallowed thickly, debating in your mind whether you should respond to him, your mouth moving faster than your mind could be made up, “Hard to love someone who kidnapped you and keeps you prisoner in his drafty tower,” You remarked, voice light but bitter.

Your body hunched instinctively at Diavolo’s low, angered growl in response to your words. Gold shifted noisily as the dragon king’s bones snapped, his form changing smoothly to that of a man - well, mostly a man. Large, clawed and scaley arms wrapped around your middle and pulled you back into Diavolo’s warm chest, a shiver rushing down your spine from the differing temperature. One hand roamed up your body, touching you covetously, Diavolo sighing lowly in that disappointed way that let you know you were likely to end up sleeping without the warmth and comfort of the bed he’d stolen from you. You froze as his claw tipped hand gently cupped your chin, forcing you to turn your head to face your captor.

Slitted green eyes stared into you with deep seated anger and disappointment and you bit back a whimper of fear. Diavolo clicked his tongue, head ducking down briefly to press a terrifyingly soft kiss to the soft skin of your cheek, the grip on your chin tightening to keep you from jerking away, “Is it truly so terrible for you to be here with me, tesoro mia? Have I not given you comfort, warmth and time to grow used to me?” He rumbled softly, face nuzzling into the nape of your neck, horns rubbing roughly against your skin as you remained still and docile in his arms, your heart pounding so hard you feared it would burst out of your chest, “I have given you food, water, shelter and kindness. I have wooed you, brought you into the center of my hoard, dressed you in the finest clothing and draped you in the most expensive jewelry,” Diavolo continued to speak, teeth bared in a threatening snarl, hot breath washing over your neck as a shiver wracked you body, “And yet you deny me.”

You whimpered and tried to jerk your face out of Diavolo’s ever tightening grip on your chin, your jaw creaking and aching under the superior strength of the dragon curled around your back. You were terrified, unable to speak under the tension that grew steadily between you and Diavolo, your body trembling as the sharp claws of the hand clutching your waist pricked into your tender skin. You could feel the slick warmth of your blood trickling sluggishly from the small wounds, Diavolo’s face lifting away from your neck with a sharp nip to lock his gaze with yours once more, “Surely, darling, for all that I’ve given you, for all that I’ve done for you, you could give me something in return,” The dragon king admired the glitter of tears in your terrified gaze, his painful grip on your jaw increasing just the slightest bit more before he finally released your face. 

You whimpered, ducking your head down, hands coming up to touch your cheeks gingerly, wincing when you felt the telltale aching throb of what would undoubtedly turn into deep purple bruising. You inhaled sharply when Diavolo hummed, your tearful (E/C) gaze peeking back up at him, “There, there, there, carina, shhhh, there’s no need to look so frightened of me,” Diavolo crooned dangerously, resting his cheek against the top of your head with a deep sigh, both of his scaled arms wrapped around your body, one hand cupping and squeezing your left breast lightly, the other curled around your waist, pulling you even impossibly closer to him, “I have no intention of ever hurting you, my pretty little treasure, but my patience with your stubbornness is not infinite,” You flinched at his words, swallowing thickly at the underlying threat. Diavolo purred when you went lax against him, giving up on trying to fight your way out of his embrace, knowing already from past attempts that it would be futile to do so, “Good, good, now, why don’t you turn around and show your beloved mate some gratitude, tesoro?”

Hesitantly, slowly, you did as instructed of you, Diavolo’s previous words echoing menacingly within your mind. You know face the draconic man, your knees cold and aching against the rough stone floor of the cavern you were now made to call home. Diavolo tipped his head down to you, green eyes dark and hooded, waiting for you to make your move. When you hesitated, looking up at him with reluctance, you felt the threatening prick of his claws against your back once more and saw the flare of his nose. Unthinkingly, you leaned up and pressed your lips, closed and quick, to Diavolo’s, hoping that this would satisfy and soothe the dragon’s rage.

But of course, all dragons are greedy creatures. Faster than you could pull away from the kiss, one of Diavolo’s hands came up and buried itself in your hair, tilting your head as he slanted his hot mouth over yours. You gasped at the tug, granting access to the dragon’s long, rough tongue, the thick muscle darting into your mouth to tangle and dominate your own, claiming your mouth thoroughly and easily. You tried to pull back and away, but the low, vibrating growl Diavolo released at your movements soon had you stop, your body going lax with resignation.

Diavolo kissed you languidly, relishing your ceding of total control to him, his tongue and mouth drinking in your soft little noises, tasting you and stealing the breath from your lungs. When you whined breathily, Diavolo finally pulled away, sharp teeth gently nibbling your lower lip to linger a little longer before he let go completely. The pink-haired man admired the flush of your cheeks, the wet sheen to your swollen lips, your wide gaze looking up at him, pupils almost completely dilated, “Hmmmm, good, very good, cara mia, mio piccolo tesoro dolce,” He murmured, ducking his head into the crook of your shoulder and neck to nibble and suck a deep, bruising mark into the sensitive skin.

Little did you know that you small give would simply make the dragon king greedier for your complete and utter submission to him. 

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If you had been told weeks ago that you would end up on your knees before your enemy with his cock down your throat and one of his large hands tangled in your hair, you would have smashed that person in the face with a Hamon Overdrive fueled kick.

Yet, here you were, large, muscular thighs spread around your head, the victorious Pillarman’s hand wrapped around your hair, matted with the ash and blood of his deceased vampiric minions. The bitter taste of Kars’ precome coated your tongue thickly as you pulled up with lewd, wet sucking noises, your throat tightening in a gag when you forced yourself back down once again. You strained to take the entirety of Kars’ thick cock into your mouth and down your throat, drool dripping from your lips to pool beneath the larger man’s heavy balls, a choked off whimper vibrating through the sensitive flesh. You could hear the low chuckles that came from the man who’s dick you were currently sucking and from the other Pillarmen.

When Kars had offered you the opportunity to prevent the deaths of your closest friends - Caesar, Joseph and Lisa Lisa - you’d been more than willing to do anything to do so. You should have known by the heat in his dark red gaze and the lack of a promise of freedom that his offer was too good to be true and his intentions too hidden. After all, Kars had made no secret of the way his gaze dragged over your figure with lust, the leader of the Pillarmen only ever deigning to fight you when your group of friends and he and his compatriots ran into one another. You had been too desperate and too willing to do ‘whatever it takes’ to ensure the safety of your friends. Kars had been more than eager to take advantage of your naivete, your lack of foresight and your full belief that Kars would have enough honour to keep his word.

His words, purred thickly with lust as Kars had spread his thighs widely, showing off the thick outline of a truly huge cock hidden beneath the wrapping of his pants, rang through your mind over and over again,  “Dedicate yourself to me or else.”

You were brought back to the present by Kars’ hand tightening its grip in your hair, a low, aroused sigh passing his full lips, cheek resting against his fist as he watched you struggle to pleasure him. The dark-haired man hummed lowly, applying steady pressure to the back of your head, a panicked, muffled noise from you going ignored as he shoved you down, down, down until your swollen lips were wrapped around the base of his dick, “Hmmm, there we go, you’re taking me so well, my darling little pet,” He crooned darkly, admiring the flush of your cheeks as his cock choked off your airways, tears filling your pretty (E/C) eyes as you looked up at him desperately, his hand easily holding you down. He relished the tight, warm feeling over your throat massaging his girth, your tongue pushing against the underside of his cock to try and push him out of your mouth. Smirking, Kars relaxed his hold, dark red gaze swiveling up to meet the angry, disgusted gazes of your friends, the three of them tied up, gagged and naked in the laps of the other Pillarmen, “And to think, all I had to do to get you to be mine was to threaten the lives of your pathetic little group. How weak willed you are, my dear (Y/N), to give yourself to me, all for naught.”

You whimpered, your tears trickling down your flushed cheeks, pulling off of his cock to retch and cough, gasping for breath, your forehead pressed to the inside of Kars’ thigh as you caught your breath and swallowed the thick mixture of precome and spit that clung to your mouth. Kars patiently waited for you to recover, tapping the back of your head impatiently when you didn’t immediately take him back in your mouth. Taking a steadying breath, you took him back in without a word, knowing that anything you said would lead to nothing. The still stinging welts on your back were enough of a reminder for what would happen to you if you tried to deny Kars. 

Kars’ hand at the back of your head guided you to take his full length back down your throat and with a sigh, you followed his instruction. Fighting off your gag reflex, you sniffled thickly through your nose and swallowed repeatedly around the wet, throbbing girth in your mouth. Your thoughts felt fuzzy and far away, your air supply quickly becoming null as Kars kept his cock buried down your throat, “Gods, your mouth feels so good around me, so hot and wet and perfect,” He purred, large hand petting your hair gently, a shiver of lust rushing down his spine at your small, breathy whimpers that vibrated through his dick. Watching your gaze grow more and more vacant and hazy, Kars grinned wickedly, pulling your head up so you could swallow down a much needed breath before forcing you down once more, your nose buried in the thick curls at the base, “Be sure to swallow everything I give you, little pet. You had better not waste a drop of my seed if you know what’s good for you,” You nodded weakly, though Kars didn’t care if you agreed or didn’t, thrusting his hips shallowly against your face.

After a few moments, when black spots began covering your vision and your mind went sluggish and slow, Kars groaned low and deep as his hips stilled and he buried himself to the hilt for the last time. You shuddered in disgusted arousal as thick, warm cum spilled down your throat and into your stomach, your throat seizing up for a second before you forced yourself to swallow Kars’ ‘gift’ to you down. It felt like he was cumming down your throat for hours, your consciousness barely hanging on by a thread, your stomach feeling full and bloated from the volume and amount of seed that filled you up. Kars’ cock twitched and he slowly dragged you back up by the tight grip he had on your hair, keeping the head of his dick in the warmth of your mouth as the last few weak spurts of his cum completely coated your tongue. 

You cringed at the taste, but remained still and tried not to let a drop of his spend fall from your mouth. Pulling out, Kars kept your head tipped up, his voice low and rough and satisfied as he spoke, “Open your mouth, pet,” You did as ordered, pathetically opening your mouth to show the Pillarman the arousing sight of his cum pooled over your tongue, a pleased hum coming from him, “Good, good, you haven’t wasted a drop just as I ordered... now swallow it, darling.”

For a moment, you debated with yourself, your stubborn pride demanding you spit the mixture of Kars’ spend and your saliva into his smug face, though your sense of self preservation had you close your mouth and swallow thickly. You winced, the cooled, thick cum pouring down your rough throat like tar. Without prompting, you opened your mouth once more to show Kars the pink, clean insides, crooning praise falling easily from his lips at the sight. You hated that a part of you preened under his words, ashamed that you could find some sick sense of enjoyment for being a good girl for Kars. 

You didn’t have much longer to think about it, the Pillarman leaning down to lift you up and onto his lap, a surprisingly tender kiss pressed to your temple, “See how sweet I can be when you behave, pet?” He murmured softly, his dark red eyes watching as you subconsciously relaxed against him, “It isn’t all so bad to be mine.”

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“Oh amore, I had so hoped you would behave yourself while we were at that party tonight,” Bruno sighed lightly, a large, rough hand palming the sensitive skin of your ass as you lay across his lap, your arms and legs zipped off and set to the side. you whimpered fearfully squirming when you felt the warmth of his hand lift up and come back down on the reddened flesh with a sharp ‘smack’, the sound almost echoing within the otherwise quiet room, “You were dressed so prettily as well! Why, when you came down the stairs wearing the dress I’d gotten you just for tonight I had to hold myself back just so we could go to the event you had been begging me to take you to.”

Bruno’s voice was light and controlled, though you could hear the slight tremor in his tone that had you quaking, hyper aware of the fact that the black-haired man was absolutely furious with you. The next sharp slap of his broad hand against your already sore ass had you crying out sharply, tears tracking down your cheeks with no way to wipe them off. You were truly and utterly helpless like this, unable to even buck or thrash out of Bruno’s hold, your arm and legless body forced to remain in Bruno’s lap as he spanked you, “I thought we were actually making some progress, carina,” He hummed lowly, hand coming down steadily, his bright blue gaze watching your ass get steadily redder, admiring the growing bruise that would form there and leave you unable to sit for days, “You’ve been so well behaved the last month and I wanted to reward you with something nice to celebrate your change of heart,” You whined sharply at the steady shift in Bruno’s tone, the Italian almost speaking through clenched teeth, his strokes to your ass becoming harder, crueler, “But now I see that you were just waiting for the moment I would drop my guard and give you exactly what you wanted: a way to leave me. How incredibly selfish and cruel of you, amore.”

I will take all the pain in the world for you if it means you’ll smile, carina, but I can see now that that means aboslutely nothing, no, less than nothing to you if I keep spoiling you,” Bruno seethed, a sob and a whimper of his name dragging his attention away from the blooming bruise underneath his hand, inhaling sharply when he saw the subtle shake of your shoulders. Sighing deeply, Bruno brought his hand down on your ass once, twice, thrice more before leaving his palm pressed to the heated flesh, palming and massaging the throbbing skin painfully as he did so. For a moment everything paused, Bruno seeming to mull something over, giving you the opportunity to try and lessen whatever further punishment your captor would give you.

“I-I-I’m sorry, Bruno,” You sobbed, tilting your head to the side, your face wet with tears. Bruno seemed to meet your gaze, one eyebrow raised, prompting you to continue speaking. You swallowed down your humiliation, your voice shaking as you tried to convince the black-haired man that you had learned your lesson, “I-I’m sorry for-for trying to run aw-away,” You opened your mouth and shut it again, hesitating for a moment, knowing what Bruno wanted to hear you say, but unwilling to make a promise to not try and escape again in the future, “I’m s-sorry for breaking your trust,” You finished weakly, wincing when Bruno’s grip on your ass tightened, his blue eyes narrowing as a disappointed frown curled his lips.

You sucked in a sharp, surprised breath, your back arching when you felt two thick fingers suddenly thrust into your dripping cunt. Your cheeks burned bright red, ashamed of the fact that you were so wet because of the painful throb of your ass, your cunt tightening around the two digits, “That’s not good enough, amore,” Bruno rumbled, his voice husky at the feeling of how hot and wet you were, his fingers easily thrusting in and out of your soaked pussy, his thumb rubbing over the tight furl of your ass at the same time. You moaned lowly, embarrassed but too turned on to fight against Bruno’s actions, your pussy open and exposed to Bruno easily as he shifted your body over his lap, “I want to hear you promise you won’t try to leave me again. I give you everything you could ever want or need, don’t I? I love you, amore, tesoro mio, and it breaks my heart to have to constantly fight for your affection,” You mewled and sighed, pleasure building up in the pit of your stomach steadily from the harsh, fast pace of Bruno’s fingers fucking into you, your cunt rippling and clenching around his fingers, inner walls stretching with a slight burn when he forced a third digit into you, “I want you to give us a chance - you could grow to love me so much, carina mia.”

“Ah, ah, ahnnng, oh fuck, ah, B-Bruno, hahh, please!” You gasped and moaned his name filthily, wishing that your arms or legs were attached so you could at least hold onto something, your mind spinning from the dual sensations of pain and pleasure that rocked through your core. You flinched at how loud and wet the sounds of Bruno’s fingers thrusting into your pussy were, your orgasm steadily rising within you. You could feel Bruno crook his fingers, the pads rubbing against your sensitive inner walls, a loud whine ripping itself from your throat. You were close, you were so, so close, you could feel the edge of bliss rushing at you quickly, your need to cum held in the palm of Bruno’s strong hands, “Oh g-god, fuck, fuck, Bruno, I’m so close, I-please, I’ll behave, I’ll be good, I p-promise, ah, ahhn, hngh, please!” You mewled desperately, the black-haired man holding you at the brink and keeping you from cumming just yet.

“You’ll get to cum once you promise me you won’t try to escape again, cara,” Bruno crooned darkly, his clothed cock poking into your belly but going ignored for now as he worked your pussy harder, rougher, his fingers dragging over your g-spot and leaving you aching desperately deep inside, “If you promise that you’ll try to behave, and actually do so of your own volition and not because you’re trying to deceive me into trusting you, then I’ll let you cum on my fingers,” You whimpered and sobbed, crying out and begging for more. You were so close, so fucking close, you just didn’t care enough to try and fight against Bruno’s suggestions anymore, exhausted from the fear and guilt that had begun to eat you up inside the first moment he’d told you about the party.

“I promise! I promise, please, please, Bruno, please, I’ll be good, I won’t leave, I promise, please-!” You almost screamed when you felt his fingers twist inside you, his thumb rubbing harshly into your clit. Light exploded behind your eyelids and you moaned throatily, your whole body going taught, trembling through your orgasm. Your juices gushed out of your cunt around Bruno’s fingers, immediately spilling over his slacks and dirtying the material. Bruno clicked his tongue lightly, the thrusting of his fingers slowing down as he worked you through the aftershocks of cumming so quickly after your punishment. Your mind swirled hazily and you sighed, going lax in Bruno’s hold as you just enjoyed the buzz in the back of your mind.

The sound of a zipper being pulled down as well as Bruno lifting your limbless body so it sat in his lap, twitching pussy grinding over the hot, leaking length of Bruno’s cock brought you back to the present. Bruno grinned down wickedly at you, guiding his cock into your tight pussy with a low hum and a sigh, his voice a thick purr as he spoke, “Now, now, it would be unfair to leave your beloved without relief as well, wouldn’t it?” You whined but remained lax, unable and unwilling to try and fight Bruno as exhaustion tugged at your mind. This was going to be a long, long night. 

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You should have known better than to trust a pretty man with long hair and a cute smile. Your mother always told you that you were too much like a moth to a flame when it came to following and befriending beautiful people. She had always said that it would eventually come back to bite you in the ass, and she’s been right multiple times in the past.

Never had you thought that you would end up imprisoned in some weirdo vampire’s mansion with his right hand man fucking himself on a strap-on he’d worked into your tight, wet cunt. Vanilla Ice groaned throatily, his back arched and head tipped back in an absolutely gorgeous display, like he was a statue carved out of marble by Michelangelo himself. The sight caused a low, aroused stirring in the pit of your belly, fanning the growing anxiety that clawed through your body despite how good it all felt. Your clit ground down against the ‘seat’ of the strap, Vanilla’s balls hitting the soft bundle of nerves each time he dropped himself down on the lowly buzzing toy. You watched hypnotically as the muscles in his thighs bunched and shifted with every movement Vanilla made, his cock bobbing and leaking all over your soft belly.

“Hngh, hahh, hahh, o-oh, fuck, yes, deeper, my love,” You whimpered softly at the sound of your captor’s voice, his tone low and husky as he slammed down onto your strap-on. You could feel the other end of the toy drag over your walls, nudging ever closer to your g-spot, the stimulation leaving you feeling wet and needy for more. You knew Vanilla wanted you to move, the fleshbud Dio had implanted in your mind specially for Vanilla Ice as ‘a gift’ to the extremely loyal man, but for whatever reason you refused to move. You could see the dark-haired man’s jaw twitch slightly at your lacking reciprocation, one of his large hands coming down to wrap around your throat, squeezing just tight enough as a threat, “Come now, (Y/N), surely you aren’t so selfish that you won’t help your boyfriend get off?” He sneered, bouncing on your strap, his sharp teeth almost gleaming on the low light of the room. You whined when he stopped squeezing your throat, the hand remaining there, thumb stroking your pulse gently as a reminder of just how much stronger Vanilla was compared to you, “Please, baby, darling, won’t you fuck me back? I know you love watching how pretty I can be for you like this, but I want to feel your hips bucking into mine.”

Your eyes rolled back at his suggestion, whatever control you’d had over your body gone in an instant as Vanilla’s voice somehow activated the fleshbud into manipulating your movements, “Hngh, hahh, Vanillaaaaaaa,” You moaned, pleasure skittering up your spine discomfortingly, the sensations of the toy grinding in and out of your soaked pussy almost doubled by the bud. You mewled, (E/C) eyes completely hazy with want, your mouth open and drooling as your hips started fucking up into Vanilla. The larger man groaned in bliss, your movements causing the end of the strap pounding into his ass to stroke right over his prostate, “Hahh, feels so, so, gooooood.”

Vanilla hummed happily, his movements becoming sloppier, instead of bouncing on the toy thrusting in and out of both of you, he simply ground and swivelled his hips against yours, loving the way the slightly vibrating strap buzzed pleasantly against the bundle of nerves deep inside his ass. His dark gaze watched hungrily as precome dripped like a veritable river from his cock, marking your belly messily with it, “Hmmm, there we go, you’re such a good girl for me, baby,” He crooned so sweetly, Vanilla’s voice and grinding helping your body soar higher and higher to the edge of your orgasm, sparks dancing behind your eyelids, “You’re such a sweet girl for me, hngh, I’ll be your slave, darling, all yours if you just let me cum all over those cute tits of yours,” Vanilla’s words were breathy and possessive, the hand around your throat trembling just the slightest bit, and you knew instinctively that he was about to cum. 

You whined and panted, your hips still thrusting the toy arrhythmically inside him, pitched mewls of Vanilla’s name having the man responding by beginning to lift up and down on the toy again. Gods, you were close, embarrassingly so, the lewd wet noises of the strap slamming into both you and Vanilla almost echoing in the room you’d been forced to view as ‘home’. With one last snap of your hips, you trembled and shook, the strap’s end inside you jabbing harshly into your g-spot at the same moment your clit ground roughly against the base. A warbling cry of bliss spilled from you and you gushed messily, your release soaking into the sheets beneath you and making the inside of Vanilla’s thighs wet and slick. 

The muscular man fucking himself above you groaned at the warm feeling, slamming his hips down once, twice, thrice more before he finally stilled. You winced as hot, sticky cum spurted over your breasts, chest and belly, covering you in Vanilla Ice’s spend and marking you with his sticky seed, exactly as he’d wanted to do. Vanilla hummed lowly, grinding over you as he worked himself and you through your orgasms, his gaze looking down at you lovingly and obsessively. You whimpered when his grinding slowly came to a stop, though dread filled you when he leaned down to kiss you deeply, refusing to remove himself from above you, the strap-on still buried deep inside his ass and your cunt. Pulling back from the kiss, Vanilla sighed and slowly, steadily, began working his hips against yours again, his cock stiffening and throbbing with need once more, “You did so well, darling,” He cooed, admiring the flush of your cheeks and your wide, surprised gaze, “Mmmh, but I’m not done with your yet, beloved. I want to see that cute expression on your face one more time.”

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When you agreed to be mine, you gave me the right to do whatever I wanted with you,” The King spoke coldly, watching you flinch at his tone as you stood before him, dressed in rags rather than the finery you had grown used to. Biting your lower lip, you tried to keep yourself still, the soft murmurs and stares of the nobility present watching as the Queen was dragged before Kars in chains. 

You had so, so hoped you would be able to make it to the boarders of your kingdom. You’d forgone the rich fabric of your royal clothing, you had packed light, you hadn’t brought too much money with you that would garner any sort of suspicion. Everything had been going to plan and you had made great headway, hoping to reach the boarder between your kingdom and the next, where you would meet with the person you truly loved and live the life you had dreamed of since you were a child. 

Alas, these things were not meant to be. Just two days away from reaching your goal and a small patrol near one of the boarder outposts had finally paused and recognised exactly who you were. Despite your protests, your attempts at bribery, hell, even your lies that you were sent by King Kars himself to act as mediator between him and the King Joestar, had not been enough to sway them from carting you back to the capitol in chains. You felt humiliated, but even worse, you felt nauseous with terror. You had hardly given yourself the luxury of sleep the last week as you pushed yourself to move quicker, longer than you should. And all of it was for nothing, as you stood before your husband once more, shivering and afraid.

You knew the reputation Kars had for those he saw as traitors to his rule. Hell, the rumours surrounding him before the two had even met or been betrothed to one another was already one of a cruel King. You knew that your status as his wife, as his Queen, the potential future mother of his heirs, meant nothing to him. You had betrayed what little trust he placed upon you, taken advantage of the little bit of freedom Kars gifted to you, all for your own selfish desires. He knew you didn’t love him - you barely spent any time between waking in your shared bed and dinner with him, though he kept attempting to keep you by his side as much as was physically possible. To now have the patience and ‘kindness’ he had given you thrown back in his face... it was unforgivable, in his mind.

A whimper of fear ripped itself from your throat when Kars stood from his throne, the murmuring of the nobles clustered in the Great Hall falling silent. Kars’ steps echoed ominously as he made his way to you, standing, looming, before you, his gaze cold and filled with rage. There was a stretch of silence as you struggled to find the words you would need to try and get out of this situation, your previous strength and perseverance to fight against Kars’ increasingly strangular hold on your life now faded. You dared look up at him, your (E/C) gaze meeting his burning red one, only for pain to explode against your cheek, your sight going hazy for a second before clearing, eyes on the group of nobles to your right, all of them watching on in muted horror as Kars struck you.

“How dare you raise you eyes to me,” He murmured lowly and you ducked your head, shame and fear burning in the pit of your stomach, biting your lower lip to hold back the sob that threatened to leave you, “Do you think you are my equal now? That you have the right to look me in the eyes and challenge my authority over you?” Your husband sneered, “I should have you flogged for your insolence, for your betrayal of our marriage, for your betrayal to me.”

You couldn’t keep yourself silent any longer, a whining sob following Kars’ angry words causing the King to pause, waiting for you to try and make a case for yourself, “I’m sorry... I-I didn’t-” You stopped yourself, seeing from the corner of your eye as Kars clenched his fist, “I-I shouldn’t have... I’m sorry, please, Kars-my King, please forgive me,” You sniffled pathetically, keeping your head ducked low, flinching once more when Kars released a slow, aggravated sigh. The silence stretched between the two of you once more, and you automatically tried to jerk away when the hand that had smacked you reached out to gently cup your chin. 

Kars forced your head up, encouraging you this time to meet his eyes, your teary gaze seeing the remaining anger that lingered there. You relaxed just the slightest bit though, when you recognised pity in his gaze, your belief that your punishment was over leaving you relieved only as long as it took for Kars to snap his fingers and one of the guards - the head guard Esidisi - to rip the rags from your body, “Wh-what-?”

“Did you truly think your pitiful excuse for an apology would be enough to compensate for the hurt you have cause me, my dear?” Kars crooned dangerously, holding his free hand out. You watched with dawning horror as a sizzling, glowing branding iron was placed in his hand, the design on the heated end that of Kars’ Royal insignia. You tried to pull your face out of Kars’ grip on your chin, but you were unable to as Esidisi and Whammu held you still, forcing your arms back and away so your chest was fully exposed. Esidisi gripped the hair at the back of your head tightly, pulling your head up and back forcefully, giving Kars full access to the expanse of your chest, “No, my darling Queen, I’m afraid that because of your foolish selfishness you have pushed my hand, my sanity, my love for you too far.”

You cried out as you felt the air heat up at the center of your chest, the burning brand hovering just over the center and between your breasts, inching ever closer, “Please! Kars, please, don’t do this!” You cried out desperately, unable to even wiggle with how tightly you were held between the muscular forms of Kars’ most trusted guards, tears freely flowing down your cheeks, “Please, my King, I’m sorry, I’ll do anything, please do not do this, I promise I will never fight you again, I will do as you command, just please!” You sobbed, your voice raising in a shrill, pained scream as the branding design was pushed mercilessly against your chest. The smell of burning flesh had you tasting bile at the back of your throat, heaving breaths and sobs falling from your lips as the intense, blistering pain from the glowing hot metal sizzled into your chest.

“Shhhhh, my love, shhhh,” Kars cooed gently, his free hand petting over the top of your head, a sick and twistedly soft look in his red eyes as he held the metal firmly to your chest, “Don’t worry, it will be over soon, my (Y/N), you will forever be marked as mine,” The cruel King sighed softly, placing a soft kiss to your forehead as you wailed with pain. He held the brand to your chest for several long, agonising moments, your screaming cries stifling down into loud, heart wrenching sobs. Kars murmured owrds of empty comfort, finally pulling the cooled iron away from your chest slowly, your burned skin sticking to it painfully before it was finally pulled completely off. You were shaking and sweating from the agony, your body otherwise limp in the hold of the two guards. Kars lifted your face up once more, studying your pale, horrified features before leaning down and slanting his lips over your gasping ones to kiss you deeply. The King sighed with bliss, thumbing the bruised, unburned skin at the edges of his brand, tongue tangling lazily with yours as he relished the newfound ownership he had over you now.

You would never be able to remove the brand. It would scar over and Kars would make sure you would never have any clothing that could potentially hide it. Pulling away from the kiss, your husband sighed again, crooning a gentle, “I love you, my dearest Queen,” into your ringing ears, before instructing Esidisi and Whammu to take you away to his chambers, requesting that a healer be brought to you to take care of the brand. You remained limp as you were carried gently out of the Great Hall, Kars watching as you disappeared from view before turning around and settling himself once more on the throne. His dark, satisfied gaze roamed the shocked nobles, none of whom could find it in themselves to meet his gaze, his previous cold, Kingly demeanor once more coming to the fore as he snapped his fingers at his attendant, “Now, onto the next order of business.” 

Chapter Text

The snap of the restraints echoes loudly in your hazy mind, heat coursing through your body as you’re forced to lay across the wooden contraption. You whimpered sharply, the cool contrast of the breeding bench heaven to your overheated skin. You were lost, confused about why you suddenly feel so wet, so needy, aching to be fucked and filled until the fire inside you was quenched. You knew finding a small human settlement sans vampires who were willing to take you in, clothe you, bathe you and feed you was too good a coincidence to be anything but a trap. You knew it, and yet, you were too tired to even think about denying their invitation, having already spent days hiking and hiding in plain sight from anyone that could be working with... him.

You shuddered as the last scrap of your clothing was pulled off of you, despite how strongly you tried to keep your legs pressed together. You were too aroused to be embarrassed by how soaked the material of your underwear had been, too out of it to notice the whispering conversation between the villagers and someone vaguely familiar, too out of it to even struggle against the bindings holding you still. The leather straps around your ankles kept you tilted, your ass held up in the air while your upper body tipped forwards. You shivered at the cool brush of the air against your dripping cunt, your clit throbbing in time with the erratic beat of your pulse. Everything felt hazy and hot, especially your belly, and you pressed the heated skin more firmly against the quickly warming wood of the breeding bench.

A soft, needy mewl escaped your lips when large hand, tipped with dangerous claws, wrapped around your hips, warm breath washing over your cunt, a thick tongue dragging languidly between your labia, “Mgh, yessssss, please, more,” You slurred in a soft murmur, voice breathy and soft, your legs straining to try and shift your hips in the direction of that warm, suckling mouth. The person hummed lowly, voice strangely familiar, though it was pushed to the back of your mind as you arched and moaned, feeling plush, vibrating lips wrap around your clit to suck at the sensitive bud. Gods, but that felt so, so good! It’s been so long since you’ve had the luxury to play with yourself, your fear that you would be caught while trying to get yourself off driving you to forgo your needs in order to place more and more distance between you and the Pillarmen, “Hahh, hngh, mmnh, so good, ah, ah, please, I - oh!” You whimpered when two thick, clawed fingers were thrust into your pussy, the lewd sound ringing in your ears alongside a very, very familiar rumbling chuckle.

“Hmmmm, so needy for me,” Kars’ deep voice washed over your ears and you shuddered at the hungry tone, a voice in the back of your mind screaming for you to get up, to fight against your restraints, to get away from the dangerous man going unheeded. You sighed in pleasure when Kars’ fingers scissored you open, your juices dripping out of your soaked pussy to completely drench his hand and create a small puddle beneath you, Ahh, how I have missed this, my sweet pet,” Kars purred thickly, pushing a third digit into your clutching walls and curling his fingers, the pads rubbing deliciously against them, “You look the best when you’re at my mercy, darling... all soft and sweet, letting me do as I please, preparing you to take my cock, my cum... oh, don’t worry, (Y/N), I’ll give you what you need, I’ll make sure you won’t be able to leave me so easily once more.” 

You whined needily when Kars pulled his soaked fingers out of your desperate cunt, the walls tightening around the thick digits to try and keep them inside you. A soft coo left your mouth when you felt the larger, colder body of the Pillarman hover above you, his chest pressed into your back, providing some relief from the burning heat of your skin, “Please...” You begged softly, turning your face to the side so you could look back at Kars, eyes lidded and sultry, your pupils completely dilated, swallowing the colour of your irises. Kars rumbled down at you and you arched your back, moaning when you felt the hot, leaking head of his cock drag wetly between your labia, catching at your entrance as you lazily tried to push back into it, wanting to feel Kars’ thick, long cock stretch open your cunt until it hit the entrance to your aching womb, “Please, I need it, need you, please, Kars.”

The Pillarman purred at your words, hands clutching your hips to keep you steady as he easily sunk his cock into the tight, wet heat of your pussy. You practically keened as he speared you open, your eyes rolling to the back of your head - gods, you could have cum just from that, you were sure. Little shivers of pleasure trembled down your spine, feeling the head of Kars’ dick nudge deliciously against your sensitive cervix, the thought of him being so deep inside you making your heart and cunt flutter and twitch around him, “Fuck, it’s been so long since I’ve been able to bury my cock in that sweet cunt of yours, (Y/N),” Kars growled thickly, one of his hands rubbing small circles into your skin as it travelled down from your hip to your soft belly, the fingers digging into the warm flesh, kneading the extra sensitive space, “To think that you believed you would somehow be able to rid yourself of me - have I truly made you so unhappy that you would hurt me so, darling? Did I not give you enough attention?”

You whimpered, your mind filling your thoughts with guilt at the pain in Kars’ tone, even though rationally you knew it was just the man’s talent at manipulating your emotions to gain sympathy from you. Those thoughts didn’t matter to you at the moment, the real, prevalent knowledge that you had hurt Kars so terribly by leaving him making you gasp and whine, “Ah, ah, nooooo, no, ‘m sorry, ‘s not your fault,” You sighed, arching and grinding back into Kars as he slowly pulled out of you, the larger man setting a steady pace that had his cock stroking deep inside you, the underside of his dick dragging over your g-spot as he gradually picked up speed, “Was wrong, ‘m sorry, ‘m sorry, please, please, Kars, please,” Your words drifted off into nonsensical babble, Kars completely unconcerned with what you were now saying, his speed and forced picking up as he slammed his cock in and out of you. Your cunt bore the brunt of his harsh thrusts, shudders of arousal rocking through you with each slap of his heavy, full balls against your poor, oversensitive clit stoking the flames of your pleasure higher and higher.

“Shhh, I know you are, I know you’re sorry for making such a terrible mistake,” Kars cooed in your ear, his chin resting on your shoulder, whole body draped over yours, allowing his dick to reach even deeper inside you, the head of his cock mercilessly slamming against the entrance to your womb. You knew it should hurt, but whatever had caused this awful fever was numbing anything except for pleasure, and you simply moaned at how good the ache of it all felt, “I know it’s partially my own fault for not immediately giving you a good reason to stay with me. An issue I’ll be taking care of now, mgh, gods, you feel perfect around me, such a good girl, taking all of my cock... you’ll take my seed as well, won’t you, dear (Y/N)? You’ll let me pump you full with my cum, fill your tight little womb to the brim, plant a cute little babe in your belly, won’t you? You want to be a good little pet for me, isn’t that so?”

“Yesssssssss!” You cried out, completely lost in the tidal waves of pleasure that kept rocking through you with every thrust, ever murmured word, every kneading touch of Kars’ hands. You were so close, your mind picturing how you’d look, all swollen and tender, belly heavy with a baby, your pussy clenching tightly around the thick girth of Kars’ cock with need, “Wanna be good, wanna be a good girl, please, ‘m so close, hurts so good, please fill me,” You ignored the rational side of your mind screaming at you that this was a terrible idea, that you would regret this as soon as you were no longer affected by whatever was in your bloodstream, but the present you was unconcerned with anything but feeling Kars cum inside your cunt, “Please, wanna baby, wanna be youuurrrssss,” You managed to slur, a loud wail ripping from your throat when the hand that had been holding your hip moved down to rub harsh little circles into your clit.

“Then come for me, sweetling,” Kars purred, and you did so with a keen of his name, your pussy gushing wetly as your inner walls clenched and milked Kars’ cock like a vice. The Pillarman managed a couple more long, smooth strokes before his hips came to a still against your ass, his dick buried to the hilt inside you. You shivered when you felt the hot, stick thickness of his cum burst out of his cock, spilling messily at the back of your pussy, right up against the entrance to your womb. Your head throbbed painfully, exhaustion settling over you like a heavy blanket, the kneading massage of Kars’ hands digging into your belly and encouraging his seed to take root in your fertile belly lulling you into sleep. Kars kissed the back of your neck softly, a smug, self satisfied grin curling his lips, “Hmmm that’s it, (Y/N), just sleep. We’ll be back safe and sound at home when you wake up again,” 

Chapter Text

“Baby, honey, carina mia, please open the door?” You tightened your grip on the baseball bat in your shaking hands, biting your lower lip bloody as you heard the slightly muffled voice of one Guido Mista croon at you from behind your bedroom door. Gods, but you’d been dreading this day - you knew your ex would eventually find you again to try and force you back ‘home’. Mista knocked firmly on the door, his previously sweet voice turning dark and angry as he spoke to you once more, “Mio miele, if you don’t open the door within the next five seconds, you’re not going to like the consequences.”

Hearing the telltale click of his pistol, you flinched, memories you had hoped to push back and forget slamming through your mind. The ragged begging of some poor man, Mista’s cold face, the strange, floating figures that held the empty bullet shells out to your ex. You whimpered and hunched down further, trying to keep your breathing under control as you remembered how Mista had shown no mercy to your first date after you had broken up. You could hear the soft crying on the other side of the door, your new boyfriend begging you for help, to open the door. Mista’s aggravated sigh could be heard on the other side, “Hmmm, I see that you’re still as stubborn as when we were dating, cara... how cruel of you to abandon the man you’ve been sleeping with behind my back,” You wanted to scream at Mista, your shaky legs forcing you up to stand, “Oh well. One... two.... three...”

With the sob, you opened the door, stumbling when Mista pushed it open and forced himself inside to grab you by the arm and pull you out into your bedroom. You nearly threw up at the sight of your boyfriend, his listless gaze watching you from where he lay on the bed, kneecaps blown to smithereens from the first few shots Mista fired when he broke in, “No, no, no, no, no, please!” You sobbed, Mista shoving you down to the ground onto your knees. You tried to crawl away from him and towards the bed, but you froze when you felt the still warm barrel of Mista’s pistol press to your temple. You shook in terror, hesitantly looking up at your ex, wishing for a moment that you hadn’t been such a fucking idiot to date a member of Passione. Mista’s face was soft and warm, something affectionate in his gaze as he smiled down at you, “M-Mista, please, don’t-”

“Awww, carina, you’re so cute like this,” He cooed, tapping his gun lightly against your temple, causing you to immediately snap your mouth shut with a whimper, “You’ve always been so sweet and innocent, thinking you can save anyone and everyone, as if they deserve your concern or care,” Mista said bitterly, drinking in your features hungrily, admiring the tears glittering in your (E/C) eyes. He hummed, glancing back at the half dead man laying in your bed, an idea forming in the back of his mind as he brought his free hand down to his pants, unbuckling the front and pulling out his half hard cock, “‘Course, you still have to make up for going behind my back like this, cara mia. If you don’t want me and my Sex Pistols to blow this bastards brains out, I suggest you use that pretty little mouth of yours to apologise for your mistakes.”

You sobbed at Mista’s words, resisting for a moment, but giving in easily when you saw his pistol straying from your temple, your ex raising his arm to point it threateningly at your boyfriend. Maybe if you were quick you’d be able to save him. Ducking your head down, you took the head of Mita’s dick into your mouth, grimacing at the bitter taste of his precome on your tongue. The gunman sighed softly, the hand not holding his gun in the direction of your boyfriend diggin into your messy (H/C) locks, gripping the back of your head firmly, “Yeah, that’s it, bambina, mmmh, I’ve missed that perfect cock sucking mouth of yours so much,” You cringed at your ex’s words, but followed his instructions, taking his cock further into your mouth, one of your hands wrapping around what you couldn’t fit while the other moved down to cup and gently massage Mista’s balls, just the way he liked. The tanned man groaned hotly at the feeling, his dark, heated eyes locked on your face, watching how your lips stretched around the girth of his dick, cheeks hollowing out as you suckled the hard flesh, “Hahh, cazzo, you’ve always been so fucking good at sucking me off... ‘s too bad you’re out of practice, or I’d fuck that tight throat of yours the way I know you like.”

Your cheeks flushed darkly with embarrassment, hating the fact that Mista’s rough dirty talk was sending bolts of lust through your core. You heard the soft, whimpery sound of your boyfriend calling your name, but kept your (E/C) gaze firmly away from him, ashamed of how into sucking Mista off you were getting. You rubbed your thighs together, your ex easily noticing the movement and grinning wickedly, “Oh, fuck, bambina, is getting me off turning you on? Mmh, I knew it, you’re still such a good little slut for my cock, aren’t you?” Though his words made you flinch, they were said with affectionate warmth, Mista’s hand now pushing and pulling your head up and down, setting a languid pace. The arm holding up his gun remained steadily trained on the slowly bleeding out form of your boyfriend, “Damn, yeah, hahh, mngh, suck me off harder baby, lemme feel that tongue of yours play along my dick, oh, oh fuck, yessss.”

Despite himself, Mista’s hips began snapping harshly against your face, your hands moving away from his dick to hold onto his muscular thighs for dear life instead. You choked when the head of his cock hit the back of your throat, forcing it’s way down, down, down until your nose pressed right into Mista’s musky pubes. You gagged and struggled to swallow around the intrusion, relief and arousal filling you when Mista pulled back once more. He was rough and you were horrified to feel your pussy growing wetter and wetter from the harsh thrusts, your mind going foggy as you focused on rubbing your tongue against the underside of Mista’s dick, the obvious vein there throbbing against the muscle. Your ex grunted and groaned, his grip on his gun tightening as he grew closer and closer to cumming. Neither of you noticed your boyfriend go completely still nor that the light that had been in his eyes fade away into nothingness as he died. 

Mista felt the pleasure at the base of his cock coiling tightly, knowing that he was extremely close to cumming. Without hesitation, he completely pulled his dick out of your mouth, tipping your head up further so he could admire the hazy, fucked out expression, “Cazzo, cazzo, keep that perfect mouth of yours open, carina, mngh, yeah, that’s it, god, you look gorgeous like this, such a precious little slut for my dick,” Mista grunted, the hand holding his gun letting it drop onto your bed, coming down to jerk his throbbing cock harshly. The leaking head rested on your tongue, and you kept your mouth open wide as instructed. Finally, Mista grunted, the head of his cock twitching before short, messy bursts of cum spurted out of him. Despite aiming for your mouth, the majority of Mista’s hot, thick cum splashed over your face, marking you with musty seed. The gunman sighed, watching lazily as your face was painted with streaks of sticky white, the last few weak spurts landing directly on your tongue. Pulling his twitching, drooling cock from your mouth, Mista jammed his thumb into the wet, sticky mess, rubbing his cum all over your tongue and cheeks, coating every inch of your hot mouth with his spend, “Hmmm, such a perfect slut... I’m the only one who could ever love you, you know? Guys don’t like messy lil cum-dump whores like you, bambina. Now, swallow.”

Without thought you did as ordered, closing your mouth around his thumb, licking the pad clean before you swallowed thickly, wincing as the quickly cooling cum slid down your rough throat. Mista didn’t have to speak again as you opened your mouth to show him the clean, pink cheeks and tongue, your gaze hazy and your face still covered in cum. Mista smirked and leaned down to kiss you deeply, humming as he tasted the remnants of himself in your mouth, his tongue tangling with yours. Slowly, you came back to yourself, a noise of horror leaving your throat as you pulled away, looking to the side desperately only to cry out in dismay when lifeless eyes met yours. A sob left your wrecked throat, Mista shushing you gently, hands gently wiping away the mess of cum and tears from your face, “There, there, carina, it’s okay, I’ve got you,” He crooned, kissing your cheek as he put his spent cock away, “You don’t have to worry about a thing, bambina. I’ll take such good care of you.”

Chapter Text

“Gods damn it, will you stop?!” You snapped, trying to heft yourself up and away from the large, clawed hands that pulled you down,  two rough palms holding your arms still while another pair massaged your full hips. The demon Lord behind you hummed, one head purring and as the hands on your hips flipped up the sheer skirt of your dress. Your swollen belly was gently stroked, claws scraping against the sensitive skin, a shudder of revulsion - and just the slightest hint of lust, much to your shame - crawling down your spine. Your - the demon Lord pulled you down, seating you in his large lap, your thighs forcefully spread to make space for the throbbing, stiffening pair of mismatched cocks pressing up against your cunt, “Ugh, no, I don’t want nor need you to fuck me, take care of it yourself!” You seethed, gasping and arching slightly when the pair of hands that had been gripping your arms sliding down your full body to spread your thighs impossibly further.

Doppio, the left head of the High Lord of Hell’s Third Circle, cooed in your ear, his smaller, softer hands stroking the obvious bump in your belly. Your dress was tossed to the side, leaving you completely naked and exposed, one of Diavolo’s hands toying with your cunt, rubbing two thick fingers between your quickly soaking labia, thumb flicking your overly sensitive clit, “Come, come now, tesorina,” Doppio crooned, his face pressed in the crook where your shoulder and neck met, soft lips pressing hot, open-mouthed kisses to the scarred over bite mark there, “We’ve been so patient with you, letting you get used to your new status as our Queen... we can smell the lust on you,” You shivered, a whimper ripping itself from your throat, your much smaller hands clutching Doppio’s pair of arms, your blunt nails digging into the muscle as a last ditch effort to try and discourage the two headed demon from touching you so intimately, “So stubborn, carina mia, it’s truly admirable.”

“And utterly foolish,” The lower, rougher voice of Diavolo sneered in your ear, the two fingers he had been teasing your now dripping pussy with sinking into your tight heat without any resistance. A thick rumble of smug satisfaction vibrated through his chest against your back, and you barely bit back a small moan as the thick digits scissored your cunt open slowly, “You have been denying yourself the pleasure of our touch out of stubborn pride, but we both know what a desperate little slut you are once you’re wet, dripping and open for us,” You whimpered, weakly trying to struggle out of the two pairs of arms that easily held you down, one of Doppio’s hands moving up from stroking your bump to cup and massage your left breast, fingers pinching one of your tender nipples, a small droplet of milk leaking from the tip, “It would be so much easier if you would give up and dedicate yourself to us... or else, we might actually begin to believe that you would rather be a concubine than a Queen. You wouldn’t want that now, would you, little (Y/N)?”

You stiffened slightly at Diavolo’s words, images of your body tied down and forced to take cock after cock of anyone of the High Lord’s underlings rushing through your mind. You’d seen exactly how the Third Circle’s concubines were treated, and you balked at the idea of being turned into one. Though you knew that it was an empty threat, part of you couldn’t help but believe you would be cast aside so easily. Unconsciously, you stopped struggling, ashamed at your weakness while at the same time spreading your legs just the slightest bit further, “N-No...” You whispered fearfully, your gaze straying down the heavy bulge of your stomach, one of your hands finally letting go of Doppio’s arm to place a gentle, protective hand over your bump, “No, I don’t...” You confirmed weakly, a mewl falling from your lips when both Demonic heads crooned and ducked their faces into each side of your neck, pressing sweet, reassuring kisses to the skin there.

“We can be so good for you when you let us, tesorina,” Doppio purred, squeezing your breast almost painfully, watching with undisguised hunger as milk squirted out of you, dripping over your chest and down to your belly, covering his other hand with the sweet, white liquid, “We’ll be your slaves if only you’ll let us, mio (Y/N)... there is nothing we wouldn’t do to keep you here, safe and warm and happy with us, full of our babies,” You whined, a third finger stretching your pussy as Diavolo picked up the pace of his hand’s thrusting, the three digits quickly followed by a fourth to make sure you were completely stretched out, “Don’t you just want to be ours? We’ll give you everything you’ll even want, so long as you’re our perfect, sweet little Queen,” Doppio hummed, lifting his milk covered hand to his face, tongue darting out to like it clean, a hungry groan vibrating against your back.

You whimpered, one hand still clutching Doppio’s right arm, the other resting on your belly, heart flipping when you felt the slight nudge of your baby against your palm. They were always more active when their fathers touched your belly and spoke to them, “Ah, ahng, hmngh, hahh, please,” You sighed, going completely lax and letting yourself enjoy the pleasure the High Lords were giving you. You whined sharply when Diavolo crooked his fingers, carefully rubbing the rough pads against your sensitive walls before slowly pulling them out, “Nooooo, please, I-I need-” You hiccupped and shook when you felt the hot, leaking heads of Diavolo and Doppio’s cocks press firmly against your entrance, coating them with your juices and leaving your pussy throbbing with need, “Diavolo, Doppio, please, I neeeeed-I need-a-ah, yes!”

Both heads groaned hotly as their cocks slowly, steadily sunk into the tight, clenching insides of your cunt, gradually burying the thick dicks in till your labia kissed the bases, “Cazzo, you’re still so fucking tight, dolce tesoro, sei una brava ragazza, nostra Regina,” Diavolo praised roughly, holding your hips steady to keep you from bucking them, your eyes rolling to the back of your head at the intense, burning yet delicious stretch. Doppio crooned, kissing and sucking dark marks into your neck and shoulder, his sharp fangs threatening to sink into the scarred over bite mark that matched his teeth, “Mmmh, you love having us inside you, our babe growing in your little womb, the cocks that filled and bred you so well fucking into your tight cunt, marking you up even more than you already are,” You moaned at Diavolo’s words, head lolling to the side to grant Doppio more access to your neck, shivering and clenching repeatedly around the thick girths inside you, “That’s it, give in to us, give in to your Imperatore, let us take care of you.”

You gasped and keened loudly when strong hands cupped the undersides of your thighs, a pair of hands holding you open by your knees and another pair lifting you up. You arched and tried to rock into the drag of their cocks, a cry of pleasure tearing out of your chest when you were dropped back down, the double girths spearing into you so deep you were worried they’d hit your cervix. Your body shivered and ground into each rough, slow thrust, relishing and relying on the superior strength of your demon Lords. They set a rough, harsh pace, their hips thrusting up into you each time their grips on your thighs slackened and dropped you back down, each slam into your dripping cunt almost punching the breath out of you. Doppio murmured soft, affectionate, yet filthy praise into your uncomprehending mind, your thoughts foggy and desperate for relief as your increased sensitivity due to your pregnancy increasing the speed of your orgasm building up inside the pit of your belly. All you could do was hold on to their muscular arms, your back pressed to their hot chests, loud whimpery moans and cries of their names, begging for more falling from your lips like a waterfall.

Diavolo had forgone speaking in favour of marking your right shoulder with his dark lipstick and deep bruises, long tongue trailing over the matching scar on the skin there as well. You felt the pleasure tighten further and further, your juices practically gushing out of you like a waterfall with each thrust, soaking Doppio and Diavolo’s balls and the mattress they were sitting on. You kept one hand on your belly, trying to keep it from swaying or bouncing uncomfortably, great panting breaths causing your full breasts to heave and leak milk. You were partly ashamed of giving into them so easily, but the majority of your mind was relishing in the attention and praise of your High Lords. Feeling one of Doppio’s hands leave your thigh to travel up and towards your cunt, you wailed loudly and he rubbed tight, hard circles into your throbbing clit, the stimulation too much to your already overwhelmed body, sending you teetering over the edge of ecstasy. Your pussy tightened like a vice around the two dicks inside you, clit grinding into Doppio’s touch as Diavolo completely released his grip on your thighs, forcing your poor, overworked cunt to take them fully to the hilt.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, so good, such a good girl,” Diavolo growled thickly, Doppio echoing his words as if they were briefly connected with one mind. You clutching, milking inner walls felt heavenly around their throbbing cocks, dragging them into their orgasms, claws digging almost painfully into the flesh of your hips, accidentally cutting the skin open and sending twinges of pain through your body as a result. You whimpered, feeling the thick, copious amount of cum fill up your twitching pussy to the brim, the two headed demon Lord’s seed dripping out of you sluggishly as you were unable to hold it all inside your cunt. You sighed and went boneless against them, too tired to fight the hot, eager rubbing of their hands all over your sweat slicked and flushed body. You turned your head to Diavolo, sighing happily, unconsciously, when he slanted his lips over yours in a deep, searing kiss, before it was broken and your face was turned to Doppio’s so he could kiss you as well. One of each of their hands rest on your belly, framing the hard dome and feeling the active kicks of your baby. Diavolo hummed, a smirk playing at his lips, “She’s a strong one.”

Doppio chuckled lowly, nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck, “Mhmm, she’ll be the perfect little heir... though, I can’t wait to give her some equally powerful siblings in the future,” You groaned at their words, exhausted and unwilling to argue at the moment, swallowing down the caustic words that threatened to fall from your lips. The double headed demon Lords spoke lowly, the vibrations of their voices and the gentle stroking touches of their hands quickly sending you into a light doze. 

Chapter Text

I’ll be your slave, darling.”

You jolted at the low, purring voice as a muscular form draped over your back. You swallowed thickly, keeping your eyes glued to the book, trying to ignore Dio as his hands started trailing over your arms. His claws scraped over your skin and you felt a prickle of fear fill your chest, the vampire growling lowly in irritation when you didn’t respond.

“Or perhaps, you would prefer to be mine, hmmm?” Dio crooned, his voice dark as he leaned on your back even further, the trailing of his claws becoming more firm, leaving welts on the exposed skin of your arms. You knew it would be a bad idea to continue ignoring the blond, but your fear left you speechless, the frozen knowledge that you were prey and he was the predator with his jaws hovering threateningly around your neck making you stiff. Dio sighed in aggravation, his chin resting on your shoulder, glaring down at the book you seemed to be so immersed in. It was silent between the two of you for a moment longer, before he spoke once more, his cool breath fanning over your neck, his dangerous mouth far, far too close for comfort, “I could have you dressed in fine silk,” He murmured hotly, hands now gripping your hips, thumbs rubbing small circles into the sliver of skin displayed, “A collar made of gold wrapped around your throat, my name tagged on the front and dangling prettily between your breasts as I make you crawl to me.”

You barely bit back an instinctual whimper, trying to jerk your neck away from his mouth when he pressed a soft kiss to your pulse point, the vampire relishing the flutter of your heart beat beneath his lips, “You would be on your hands and knees for me, the perfect little pet, so pretty and on display,” Your thighs clenched when you felt his hands slide between them, his right hand palming at your clothed pussy, giving slight pressure to your clit, and you were horrified to feel exactly how wet you were, “I’d have you grind your sweet cunt on my hand until you would cum. I wonder how delicious you would taste, what cute faces you would make as I suck my fingers clean-”

“Dio!” You squeaked, finally tearing yourself away from him, your face flushed with anger and lust. You tossed your book in his direction, only for the blond vampire to boredly duck away from it, “Keep your disgusting fantasies to yourself!” You snapped angrily, intending to storm out of the room, only for the world to tilt and shift, quickly finding yourself laying back on the bed, Dio hovering over you, one of his large hands wrapped around your throat, “Let go of me!” You snarled, trying to thrash out of his grip only to go still when he squeezed his hand tightly, cutting your air supply off and leaving you wheezing desperately. Your hands wrapped around his wrist, tugging weakly, black spots already starting to swim in your vision. Shit, shit, shit, you went too far this time, he’s going to kill you, no, no, no, no-

Dio relaxed his grip and you inhaled sharply, panting and whimpering as sweet, sweet air filled your lungs once more, “You know, (Y/N), I grow increasingly tired of you denying yourself the pleasure I could give you,” Dio crooned darkly, his gaze cold and impassive, thumb massaging the spot where your veins fluttered with your heart beat beneath your skin, his hips pressed firmly against yours to keep you completely still. There was a dangerous hunger and rage in his red eyes, and you found your body remaining frozen with fear, “I’ve been so patient with you darling - you see, I want you to give in to me,” Dio continued speaking, relishing your little squeak of surprise when he began grinding against your, the hard outline of his cock rubbing over your clothed pussy, the pressure against your clit causing your toes to curl tightly, “It’s so, so much sweeter if you give in to me, darling.”

“In your dreams,” You managed to pant out, flinching when Dio tightened his grip threateningly once more before relaxing it just as quickly, his thumb continuing to stroke your pulse point. You swallowed thickly, trying to ignore the needy throb in your belly - damn it, why the fuck have you always been so turned on by getting roughed up in bed, damn it, damn it, “O-oh-!” You couldn’t stop yourself from arching your back and moaning, embarrassment rushing through your body when Dio chuckled lowly at your reaction.

Dio studied you a little longer, before grinning wolfishly and letting go of you, leaning up and watching as you scrambled back and away from him, “Hmmm, perhaps for now, but not much longer I think,” Dio rumbled, relishing the way you clenched your thighs and your face flamed with shame, not bothering to hide the obvious bulge of his cock in his pants, “Something tells me you’ll give in to me very, very soon... and once you do, (Y/N),” Something dark and possessive swirled in his gaze, and you whimpered fearfully, “I’ll be sure to never let you go.”

With those parting words, Dio got up and left your room, shutting and locking the door behind him. You sighed and slowly started to come down from your adrenaline high, your body slumping back on the firm mattress of ‘your’ bed, shaking lightly in the aftershocks. Fuck, you thought to yourself in despair, your cunt slick and throbbing painfully with need, Dio was more than right. You could feel yourself teeter on the edge of giving in and becoming just one more of the vampire’s conquests and meals.

Little did you know, you would not be used and cast aside so easily. 

Chapter Text

You wished, oh how you wished, that you’d turned down Formaggio when he’d first asked you out on a date.

“Ohhh, carina, you look so cute like this,” Your... boyfriend? Is he even your boyfriend when you tried to break up with him? Formaggio cooed, holding your shrunken form in his rough hands, one finger patting your perfectly coiffed hair lightly to make sure he didn’t ruin the style. He grinned wolfishly, possessive gaze roaming your body, admiring the cute, retro 50′s dress he’d bought for you that day, carefully lifting your cuffed hands to twirl you around so he could see the way the dress fit your form, hugging your curves and pushing up your breasts to show off your cleavage, “Damn, the seamstress really worked wonders, I didn’t think she’d be able to make such detailed decorations on a doll’s dress... Hmmm, maybe I should get you a matching one for when you’re normal sized again, huh?”

You squeaked and squirmed when Formaggio’s thumb rubbed over your breasts, the fabric of the dress pulling down just far enough to give the large man a peak at your pebbled nipples, “Formi!” You cried out shrilly, trying to clench your thighs shut when you felt him lift the skirt of the dress up to see your naked cunt, large finger poking and rubbing the sensitive mons experimentally. Formaggio was delighted to find that you were already slick, your natural lubricant having built up without the added protective layer of underwear covering your pussy, “Formaggio, baby, please put me down and turn me back!” You begged desperately, bucking your hips to try and dislodge his finger, only to moan loudly when the tip slipped between your labia, pressing up against your hole firmly, “W-why are you doing this?!”

Formaggio laughed breathily, pulling his hand away from your tiny cunt to unbuckle the front of his pants instead, letting his cock spring out, the leaking head dripping precome. Your heart stopped for a moment as he brought you down, lifting your dress once more, forcing your legs open with his fingers, “Mmmh, oh, bambina, please, we both know that this punishment is your own fault,” He cooed, rubbing the head of his dick against your tiny pussy, your mouth falling open in a silent cry as you realised exactly what Formaggio planned to do now that you were completely at his mercy. You felt his hot precome smear over your clit and labia, soaking you even more than you already were, your body automatically preparing itself for the man’s cock to penetrate your much smaller insides. You felt nauseous at his words, fear gripping your heart in a chokehold, your mind scrambling as you tried to find the words to dispute what Formaggio said, “After all, it’s you who dressed up in that tiny black dress all pretty and easy. Didn’t you see all those disgusting men eyeing you up and down like a piece of meat? Why do you let others stare at you like that? Do you like the attention? Then, I guess you wouldn’t mind if I did this, then, huh, poca carina.”

“I didn’t!” You blurted out fervently, feeling the head of Formaggio’s cock press up against your much small entrance, the terror that you might be ripped open because of your boyfriend urging you to speak, “Please, Formi, don’t do this, y-you won’t fit! I’m too small for you to fit your cock in me, please, I c-ca-aaaahh-AHHH-!” Formaggio’s teeth gritted at your shrilly scream of pain, his hips pressing insistently  against yours as he buried his dick in your tight heat to the hilt. While you weren’t as small as a traditional barbie doll, Formaggio’s cock was still huge compared to your size. The redhead groaned at the vicelike tightness surrounding his throbbing dick, panting lightly as he admired the obvious bulge he made in your tiny tummy, rubbing his thumb over his as he held you up with one hand. You gasped and shook, mouth open and drooling, body twitching in his hold as your cunt desperately tried to squeeze the huge intrusion out of your poor, abused insides.

Formaggio leaned back so his back rested against the headboard of what was once your shared bed, a sigh of bliss passing his red bitten lips, gaze hazy as he watched the motions of your body fight against him, “Oh, fuck, bambina, you’re so fucking tight,” He groaned, slowly, carefully starting to jerk you up and down on his cock, using your body as if you were a custom made fleshlight, “Hahh, cazzo, I should have done this the first time I saw you, mngh, oh yeah, do that again,” Formaggio practically growled, feeling your pussy tighten impossibly more, his thrusts short and shallow. Every time he forcefully buried his cock inside you until your legs were splayed and your clit ground against the base of his dick, you felt as if the breath was punched out of your lungs. You could only make barely heard gasps and whimpers, unable to form words as you lay limply in his hold, “God, you’re so perfect and cute, all helpless as I fuck this sweet little pussy of yours,” Formaggio crooned, feeling his orgasm tighten in the pit of his gut, the pleasure he was feeling heightened by his fantasy finally coming to life right before his eyes.

You cried out wordlessly when Formaggio’s grip on your shifted, his hips starting to join in on the motions his hand was making, picking up the pace and force of his jerky thrusts. Each time he pulled your body down his cock, you felt your clit grind harshly against his pelvis, the feeling of such harshly, uncontrollable pleasure rocking through you and causing the unbearable pain in your body to gradually fade. Your cunt was dripping freely, leaving a smear of your juices clinging to the thick curls of his pubes with each thrust, your whole body tingling and tight with lust. You didn’t know why you were starting to enjoy this, the anxiety and adrenaline that filled your chest mingling intoxicatingly into a heady feeling that left you reeling towards the edge of an intense orgasm. Formaggio chuckled as he caught sight of your fucked out expression, your boyfriend grunting, the pace of his hand and hips stuttering as he got closer and closer. 

“Yeah, I knew you’d end up liking this, carina,” The redhead panted thickly, hilting his cock in the tight clutching walls of your cunt, biting into his lower lip when he noticed how absolutely soaked your dress was from the mix of your juices and his thick precome, “Mngh, hahh, yeah, yeah, yeah, fuck, I’m so close, bambina, I wanna feel you cum around my dick, I wanna feel this tiny pussy cum around my cock and make me fill you up with my cum, god, come on sweetheart, cum for me,” You whined, the underside of his cock pressing against your g-spot, the vein there throbbing hard enough to have you cumming. Your body jerked and convulsed, your juices squirting out of you and soaking the base of Formaggio’s cock. Your boyfriend groaned, holding you still and buried so far inside you you knew the head of his cock was pressed right up against your womb. Thick bursts of cum spilled out of Formaggio’s cock, a breathy whine falling from your lips as you immediately felt bloated and far too full, stuffed to the brim with Formaggio’s thick, hot seed.

Your boyfriend sighed and relaxed, keeping you plugged up with his cock even after the flow of cum tapered off and the thick girth started going soft. Humming, Formaggio admired the tight, bloated sight of your belly, thumb pressing into the distended and sensitive skin, relishing your wail of sensitivity and weak thrashing, “Awww, babe, look at how cute you are,” He cooed, pressing firmly against the bulge in your belly and watching with rapt fascination as his spend seeped out around the seal of his soft cock still buried inside you, making a mess of the dress he’d had custom made for you, “Looks like this pretty dress isn’t gonna be salvageable, huh?” Formaggio chuckled, slowly lifting you off of his cock, a veritable flood of cum pouring out of you and onto the sheets where he lay you down. You didn’t move, too weak and fucked out at the moment to do so, Formaggio reaching above you to grab some tissues and wipe his dick clean of your juices and his cum, “Hmmm, damn, I made a mess of you, huh? Let’s get you all cleaned up and put away, (Y/N).”

You whined sharply when your bruised, tender folds were wiped clean, Formaggio’s thumb pressing lightly on your still swollen belly to get the majority of his cum out of your pussy. Once you were mostly clean and presentable, you relaxed, thinking your boyfriend would just leave you there to recover after he reverted you back to your normal size. However, when you felt his fingers wrap around your body once more, you stiffened and raised your head weakly, looking up at Formaggio with exhausted, terrified eyes, “Formi? What-?” You let out a shrill scream when you shrunk down just a little more, the doll sized dress you had been wearing slipping off of your body completely, leaving you naked in the palm of Formaggio’s hand. Grinning widely, a disturbingly bright light shone in your boyfriend’s gaze, his hand tipping slightly until you tumbled down, despite your scrabbling to hold on. You felt the breath get knocked out of you when you landed on something sticky, hot and soft, your body slipping to the side and down until you were wedged with the feeling all around you. Your vision went dark and you yelped, confused, the incredibly strong, musty smell of sex practically burning your nose, and it finally dawned on you where you were when you felt something pat you down.

“Sorry bambina, but you’re gonna have to stay down there until we get back home!” Formaggio chirped, ignoring your squirming and squeaky cries coming from his underwear as he made himself presentable. Grinning, he left your apartment with a jaunty skip, not bothering to lock the door behind him; you wouldn’t need your apartment anymore, after all. The redhead relished the squirmy feeling of your body struggling against him, trapped between his soft cock and balls, thinking about what he was going to do to you once you were both back home in his apartment.

Chapter Text

“Hey, (Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N)-” You tried to ignore the rough voice that blabbered close to your head, your hazy eyes looking up at the grimy ceiling as your body trembled through the aftershocks of Cioccolata’s most recent torture. You had no idea why his strange companion had chosen to remain after the insane doctor had stitched you back up and left you chained to the medical table, and you honestly didn’t care. Secco grunted, large, rough hands forcefully turning your face to his, your listless gaze settling unfortunately on his, “Carina, you have to listen to me when I talk to you!”

Secco’s whine of complaint grated at your mind and you winced, your numb hands twitching painfully as they unconsciously curled into fists. Licking your dry lips, you woozily tried to gather your thoughts, even though at the moment you would have wished for the sweet embrace of sleep to drag you down, “What,” You managed to croak, voice flat and rough from screaming, revulsion curling in your gut when Secco cooed and nuzzled his face against your cheek, one of his hands stroking your matted hair as if you were a dog. Inhaling sharply, you managed to open your mouth to speak once more, “What do you want Secco?”

The man giggled discomfortingly, a shudder clawing down your spine at the sound, a soft sound leaving you when the hand that had been petting your head started to stroke down to palm at your left breast, “Hmmm, I have somethin’ important to tell ya, Y(/N)...” Secco practically purred, a disturbing fondness in his purple eyes that had dread bloom in the middle of your chest. Chapped lips pressed wet, open-mouthed kisses to the sweaty skin of your face, the man’s tongue darting out to swipe up the salty mixture of your tears and sweat, “Cioccolata doesn’t want me to tell you till you’re perfect, but I really, really wanna tell you so you gotta keep it all to yourself, okay? It has to be a secret just between you and me till you’re perfect.”

You frowned, puzzled, mind still foggy but alarmed as Secco glanced behind himself then quickly crawled onto the medical table. He sighed blissfully, pressing his whole body against yours, ignoring the slight squirming of your form as you tried to struggle away from him, “What are you doing?” You whispered hoarsely, your fear threatening to make you speechless, horror filling you when Secco hummed, shifting until his hips were slotted between your spread thighs. You could feel the hard length of his cock drag over your naked cunt, a thin layer of material keeping you from feeling the hot, throbbing flesh. You whimpered softly, Secco shushing you harshly as he reached down to pull away his bodysuit. You watched as the material seemed to shift with his touch, dissipating and making a hole through which Secco could release his cock and balls, which he did so with a small, satisfied sigh, “S-Secco, no, please, don’t-”

“Shhhhh, shhh, tesoro, it’s okay,” He cooed again, slowly humping and grinding against you with small grunts, his precome leaking and smearing over your clit and labia. You were ashamed to feel your pussy start to get slick not just from Secco’s precome, but from your own juices, your body responding to the pleasurable stimulus after so many days of pain and fear, “I love you, (Y/N),” He purred, once more pressing wet kisses all over your face, practically covering you with his slobber, the head of his cock poking threateningly at your under prepared entrance, “Mmh, hahh, oh, you feel so good, amore, so warm and wet, wanna show you just how much I love you, yes, ah-”

Something inside you snapped, the combination of growing horror and an unsettling, seething rage combining into a heady combination that cleared your mind enough and gave you the strength to lift your head and slam your forehead into Secco’s face. The man yelped and whined in pain, blood pouring from his cracked nose and onto you, “You’re disgusting,” You hissed, venom in your voice, your body bucking to get him off of you as Secco went still from your words, “You don’t fucking love me, you don’t, fuck, I hate you, I hate you and Cioccolata so much, let me go, get the fuck off of me!”

Your words of hatred seemed to snap Secco out of whatever shocked daze he was in, his hand coming up to tangle in your hair and slam your head back down to the table, “Say that one more time and I’ll make sure you can never walk again, puttanna,” He growled lowly, his free hand gripping your left leg tightly, pushing at the bound limb until you could feel your joints creak under the strain, your whole body freezing at the burning pain, “You’re lying, I know you’re lying, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t love us back...” Secco trailed off, continuing to press at your leg, your whimper of his name seeming to soothe him just the slightest bit, enough that he stopped actively trying to snap your leg from the socket in your hip. His thumb dragged over the sensitive skin of where your thigh met your pelvis, his hips beginning to dip between yours once again, throbbing cock gliding between your slick labia. Secco sighed and relaxed at the soaked feeling, the feral rage in his purple gaze dissipating into something sad yet affectionate, “Oh carina, you don’t have to lie to me, you know... I can feel how much you love me.”

You choked on your panting breaths when Secco shifted his hips, aiming his cock before slamming the thick girth into you with a lewd, wet squelch. You whined at the burning stretch, wishing that you hadn’t given in to your anger, thinking he might have been gentler if you’d just bitten his tongue instead of outright telling Secco what you thought of him. Secco groaned at the vice like tightness around his dick, relishing the clutch of your cunt, “Oh, o-oh, mmh, you feel so good carina, you were made for me, fit me like a glove, yes, ah, hahh, hmgn,” With each groan, Secco pulled out and slammed his cock back into your pussy. You couldn’t help the trembling moans that left your lips, the pain of Secco’s initial entrance quickly fading into pleasure as your cunt dripped messily around his girth, “Hahh, hmng, ah, ah, see? See how wet you are for me? You love me back, you wouldn’t be getting so wet if you didn’t, hahh, such a good girl, oh, mngh, ahh, I’m gonna have to-hhhhhh-punish you for lying, mhgn ahh, mmmh, but first ‘m gonna fill your pretty little pussy full with my cum.”

Secco’s breathy declaration shot panic through your chest, even as the increasingly tightening coil of your orgasm settled heavily in the pit of your gut. You knew the risk Secco posed if he actually came inside you - ever since you were kidnapped by Cioccolata and Secco, you hadn’t been able to take any of your birthcontrol, and with how long you had been down here, there was no doubt in your mind that the preventative hormones would already be flushed out of your systems, “Please don’t, ahh, Secco, please, pull-pull out!” You cried out when you felt the rough pad of his thumb rub harsh circles into your clit, the combined feeling of the head of his cock grinding over your g-spot sending you over the edge of pleasure with a mewl. Secco almost howled as your pussy clenched around him impossibly tighter, your words going ignored as the slammed his cock inside you to the hilt and spilled his thick cum into you without a second thought.

Secco sighed and relaxed atop you, his body pressed into yours heavily as sticky seed filled your poor, abused pussy to the brim. You whimpered and tried to relax, your inner muscles trying to push the hot spend out of you, only to find your cunt plugged up by Secco’s softening dick, “Mmmh, good girl, good (Y/N), hahh, I love you, love you so much carina,” He cooed, pressing more open-mouthed kisses to your sweaty and flushed face.

Chapter Text

You trembled and shook lightly, the cold of the room you had been locked inside starting to get at you. You hands were clenched tightly around the thin blanket that had been thrown in here with you, your teeth chattering and your breath coming out of your mouth in steamy little puffs of air. Gods, you should have just laid back and kept your big fat mouth shut - was carrying a child for your Lord really so much worse than being his little human pet as you were now? A whimper fell from your throat, thinking of Esidisi’s heavenly warmth, wishing terribly, selfishly, that you were in his arms instead of the punishment chamber at the moment. You glanced down at your toes, a soft, terrified whine leaving you when you saw the blue tint to your skin, your trembling body barely able to move, let alone muster the strength and courage to knock on the huge, wooden door that lead to Esidisi’s section of the Pillarmen’s opulent manor. 

You flinched and curled up tighter when a sudden gust of warm air and light hit your body, your (E/C) eyes darting up to lock gazes with the dark, cold ones of your Master. You whined and held your arms out to him, voice warbling as tears pricked at your eyes, “I-I’m s-s-s-sorry, E-Esi-sidisi!” You sobbed pitifully, your Lord’s tense shoulders relaxing at your apology and your weak attempts to get closer to him, “P-p-please, ‘m s-s-sorry, I wanna g-go-go back inside plea-please? I-I-I’ll be g-goo-good, I-I prom-promise,” Huffing, Esidisi stepped into the cold, cold room, reaching out to pick you up off of the icy floor and into his arms. You sighed and clung to him, the thin blanket falling to the floor, your whole body practically melting into the warmth the Pillarman’s body exuded, one of his large hands coming to rest against your back to keep you steady, “Th-thank you,” You managed to sniffle pitifully, Esidisi snorting at your words, turning and shutting the door behind the two of you as he lead you back to his personal chambers.

You were humiliated to see several other members of the Pillarmen’s harem in his private abode, the stinging knowledge that Esidisi could easily replace you if he weren’t so fond of you at any moment tearing a whimper from your throat. You buried your face in the warm crook of his neck, listening with half an ear as he instructed the other humans and vampires to leave the two of you in private. When Esidisi moved to set you down on the warm pile of blankets and pillows that made up the bed you’d grown so used to sharing with him, you clung to him out of desperation, “N-no, please, please don’t l-leave me,” You begged, voice thick with more unshed tears and you flinched when your Lord sighed lightly. Esidisi crawled onto the bed instead, settling his back against the headboard, cuddling your still shivering body in the warmth of his lap. It almost felt as if he were burning you, but you knew through previous experience that this was simply because of the sudden difference in temperature between the punishment room and Esidisi’s private chambers. 

“Hmmm, you’ve never been quite so clingy before, pet,” Your Lord mused lowly, watching as you practically tried to burrow yourself into his chest and abdomen, your shaking slowly coming to a halt as you slowly warmed back up. One of his large hands petted your back and you mewled softly, nuzzling your face into his chest, pressing soft kisses to the scarred skin in wordless apology. Esidisi was content with your reticence, but the looming issue of your denying him his desires were not to be ignored and you knew it, “When you agreed to be mine, you gave me the right to do whatever I wanted with you, (Y/N),“ You flinched at Esidisi’s low, dangerous tone, the hand not petting your back cupping your chin and forcing you to look up at the powerful being who owned you, disappointment swirling in his deep blue gaze, the sight of which sent a sting of shame through your chest, “Yet, you deny me my greatest wish out of your own selfishness... I had thought you to be better than that, my sweet pet.”

You whined softly and curled impossibly closer to Esidisi, terrified that despite your apology your Lord would leave you to fend for yourself in the dregs of the harem, where the likelihood of you becoming nothing more than a meal for one of the vampires under the Pillarmen’s instruction was extremely high. Esidisi admired how broken you were now, as opposed to when he first took you to be his personal pet, so eager to please him. This one slip up was just another way to ensure the Pillarman had complete control over you, fostering a close, affectionate bond within you that would be enough for you to give yourself to him fully and without hesitation, “I’m sorry, I-I don’t kn-know why I said no,” You admitted with another pitiful sniffle, sighing when Esidisi rumbled soothingly, “I don’t wanna be bad... I’m sorry, I’ll do anything for you, my Lord,” You practically whispered, pulling away from Esidisi and shyly meeting his gaze. There was a low, shimmering desire in the depths of his blue eyes, your nerves alighting with lust at the sight of it, your body already beginning to feel hot and needy for your Lord’s warm, tender touch, “I wanna be your good girl, Esidisi,” You breathed the promise, taking one of his huge hands and cupping the palm to your face, nuzzling the rough skin and placing a kiss in the center, your darkened (E/C) eyes looking up at him coyly from beneath your lashes, the last sizzle of defiance that had been within you fizzling out of existence as you finally gave all of yourself to Esidisi. You slowly brough the hand on your face down, pressing it against your soft belly, voice a low coo, “I wanna have your baby.”

Esidisi groaned at your words, his hand patting the soft skin of your belly beneath the gossamer thin robe you usually wore in his presence. You gasped and arched into the touch, feeling his skin grow warmer as he massaged you there, lust settling low in the pit of your belly, “Undress yourself for me and remove your plug, pet,” Esidisi ordered in a husky murmur, his gaze hungrily watching as you followed his instrcutions. The thin material of your dress slipped up and over your shoulders, pooling on the floor as you tossed it aside. You leaned back and spread your thighs, showing Esidisi the thick, ruby encrusted base of the plug he had you wear to keep you stretched open and ready for him. Your small hand drifted down, fingers rubbing over the base before you gripped it and pulled it out of your dripping cunt, a small moan of his name dripping from your lips like silk, “That’s it, there’s my good girl,” Esidisi purred, the hand on your belly slipping down so his thick thumb could press into the hot, stretched walls of your pretty pussy, hooking your labia and pulling it open to peek at your twitching, throbbing entrance. Your wetness was already smeared over your mons and the insides of your thighs, a plaintive whine of need leaving you as you tried to grind against your Lord’s thumb. Esidisi chuckled lowly, pulling you back up to drape you over his lap, your thighs straddling his hips, the head of his leaking cock grinding between your plump, soaked labia, “Good, good, you’re such a good girl for me, so sweet and wet and hot... now, take my cock inside you to the hilt, my dear pet. I want to feel the tip kiss your tight, fertile little womb while I breed you with my babe.”

You nodded, panting with desire, one of your hands gripping the base of his cock, shivering when your fingers barely closed around him. You aimed the dripping head to your entrance, gasping and moaning while slowly pressing down, sinking onto Esidisi’s cock until your labia kissed the base of his cock, “Hahh, hanhh, oh, mngh, hahh, E-Eisidisiiiiiiiiiiiii,” You whined, rocking your hips in jerky, grinding motions, your throbbing clit grinding against his pelvis, one of your hands holding his, the other pressed to the subtle bulge he made in your body, “Ahh, hhhng, hahh, you’re so big, so deep in-hic-inside meeee,” You moaned hotly, your Lord chuckling breathily at the adorable display you made. His hands cupped your hips and your hands moved up to hold onto his forearms, a wail of pleasure tearing itself from your throat when he used his superior strength to lift you up halfway off his cock, before slamming you back down until you were seated in his lap, “Oh! Oh G-Gods, you’re so deep, I can-hahh-I can feeeeeeeel you against my-hic-my womb, ah, ah, hahh, hnnngh, please, please I need more, please, Esidisi,” You hiccupped as you were bounced up and down on his cock, your tight walls clutching and quivering around his hot, throbbing girth, back arching when the underside dragged over your g-spot. 

Esidisi growled at the gorgeous sight you made, your breasts jiggling and bouncing alongside the smooth glides of your body whenever he thrust into you, his hips beginning to jerk up every time you were brought back down, the head of his dick slamming bruisingly into your cervix. No pain registered in your mind, the euphoria of your Lord claiming you so roughly sending a rush of pleasure through your body, “Gods, you’re so tight, so perfect, look at how well you fit me, my lovely little pet,” Esidisi crooned, bouncing you up and down in a steady, brutal pace, watching as all you could do was hold onto his arms and wail for him, your hazy (E/C) gaze locked on his face, mouth open and drooling, “You love it when I fuck you like this, don’t you? Hmmm, I cannot wait to see your belly grow rounder, to have you like this, bouncing on my cock while your belly sways and moves with our baby, hahh, full and fat with my child, the perfect picture of mother hood, all soft and sweet and mine,” Esidisi snarled possessively, his words causing the coil of pleasure in the pit of your stomach to grow tighter and tighter, your juices dripping down his balls to soak the sheets beneath the two of you, “Hahh, fuck, yes, take it, take it all, cum on my cock, let me feel you milk me of my seed, take my cum in that fertile belly of yours and grow me a child.”

You hiccuped and cried out, back bowing in a painful looking arch as one firm stroke of his cock over your g-spot accompanied with the head slamming harshly into the entrance to your womb being enough to send you toppling over the edge of bliss. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you blacked out from the intense orgasm, your cunt tightening like a vice and milking Esidisi’s cock desperately. Your Lord grunted, slamming you down on his throbbing girth and grinding into you as cum spurted messily out of his cock, spilling directly into the empty, aching chamber of your womb, filling you with so much thick, creamy cum that your belly bloated slightly. You mewled, shaking from the aftershocks of your orgasm, your limp body pulled forwards to rest against Esidisi’s chest. You nuzzled weakly into the warmth, sighing when his muscular arms wrapped around your form, his cock keeping you plugged up and full of his cum. one of your hands shakily stroked down to your slightly swollen abdomen, a whine of aroused sensitivity spilling from your lips at how stuffed your Lord had made you. Esidisi chuckled lowly and pressed a warm, affectionate kiss to the crown of your head, his voice a soft murmur as your exhausted body slipped into sleep.

Chapter Text

The smell of tobacco and booze swirled heavily around you as you sat morosely at the bar. You sighed and looked around, bored out of your mind and disappointed when, yet again, you couldn’t spot the pristine, put together form of your boyfriend. Honestly, you were tempted to call this date a failure - you’d been at the bar Prosciutto told you to meet him at for about an hour now, and the blond still hadn’t arrived. Sure, the message he sent you a couple of minutes before you left your apartment had warned you he would be a bit late, but you had thought Prosciutto had meant fifteen minutes, not an entire hour. Grumbling to yourself, you took a swig of your drink, grimacing slightly at the burn in the back of your throat, the fingers of your other hand trailing little circles in the condensation print left by your glass. 

Setting your glass down you shifted uncomfortably, sighing when the dress you’d dolled yourself up in twisted a little tightly, the hem inching just a little higher up your thigh. Oh, who fucking cared if you were showing just a little bit more skin than you usually did, you fumed, ignoring the feeling of several pairs of eyes staring at you. You felt pretty and Prosciutto wasn’t exactly here to enjoy it himself. You sighed once more, toying with the little umbrella that came with your cocktail, your thoughts turning to despair; maybe you should just break it off with the blond. Truth be told, it had been a while since the two of you were even able to catch a glance of each other, let alone have a ‘nice’ (and you used the term loosely, as you glanced around the rather grimy bar) date like this. Hell, you were ashamed to admit that for the first time since you and Prosciutto had started dating that you’d brought out your box of toys to work out some pent up energy because you hadn’t been able to snag your boyfriend away long enough for a quickie. You didn’t even know what kinda work would have him show up this late to a date... maybe there was an emergency at his job?

If that was the case, he could have given you the dignity of a proper warning instead of some half assed text telling you he’d be ‘a little bit late’ to your date. Who the hell did Prosciutto think he was, anyway?! You had places to be and people to see too, right? Why were you wasting your time on someone who obviously had so little care for you.

“Well, well, well, hello there, pretty lady,” You jolted in surprise at the low voice of a stranger, your (E/C) eyes snapping to the side to watch curiously as a very handsome, lithe black haired man slipped onto the bar stool beside you. He flagged down the bartender and shot you a wink, the action making you flush and feel slightly giddy (and guilty) at the sudden attention from such a gorgeous guy, “You mind if I buy you another one of those drinks, lil lady?” You giggled at his words, his voice having just the slightest hint of a southern twang to it, and nodded at his offer. The man grinned cutely, a slight dusting of red to his cheeks letting you know this probably wasn’t his first drink of the night, but the thrill of having a guy come up to you and give you some much needed attention pushing that knowledge to the side. He briefly turned to the bartender to order you another cocktail, your gaze roaming over his body to admire the slight hint of muscle you peeked under his shirt - he was built like a dancer, pleasing to the eye with a hidden strength to his slight frame. 

His eyes met yours and you blushed lightly, glancing away as you heard the man chuckle, “Ah, my apologies, I didn’t mean to stare,” You murmured, slightly embarrassed, but pleased when you caught the way the man stared at your cleavage, pushing your chest out just the slightest bit, to give him more of an eyeful. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was because you you frustrated and this close to ending your failing relationship with Prosciutto, but you felt your heart flutter with excitement, “So, what brings you over here, handsome?” You purred in that tone of voice you used when you wanted Prosciutto to fuck you into the mattress, watching the man’s eyes go slightly wide and a grin light up his face. The two of you chatted lightly, your focus so completely on this man that you didn’t notice Prosciutto walk into the bar, his piercing blue gaze seeking you out. The light smile that was on his face dropped into a scowl, the velvet box in his hand getting stuffed into his pocket as he watched you interact with this other guy. He marched his way over to you when the stranger placed his hand on your thigh, that coy, flushed look on your face more than familiar to Prosciutto and making his blood boil.

You flinched when the man you had been speaking to suddenly doubled over in pain, a loud crack of bones breaking reaching your ears. You stared in horror as Prosciutto lifted the man up and tossed him off of the barstool with a sneer. You got up and stumbled away, only for Prosciutto to reach out and grab your upper arm, “P-Prosciutto, what the fuck-?” You squeaked, and he shushed you roughly, tugging you out of the bar and forcefully pushing you into his car, “Hey! No, Prosci, let me out, what the hell do you think you’re-”

“Shut. Up,” You froze at the dangerously cold tone in your boyfriend’s voice, the blond getting into the car and starting it up. You were too scared and worried, having never seen Prosciutto act like this before. You decided it would be best if you kept your mouth shut, especially with how tightly Prosciutto was holding on to the steering wheel. Your boyfriend sped through town in a direction you were most certainly not familiar with, and you grew increasingly more terrified. Finally, Prosciutto veered into a small suburban area, parking in a cute little house at the end of the street, the ‘sold’ sign in big bright red letters causing panic to flood your system. The blond stepped out of the car and came to the passenger side, snarling when he noticed your scrabbling to try and lock the door, only for him to yank it open, grab you by your perfectly styled hair and drag you out of the car and into the empty, quiet house. 

You tried to scream for help when he tossed you inside, slamming and locking the front door behind him, “Shut the fuck up, tu stupida puttana!” He snapped, marching towards you and backhanding you, cutting off your screaming into stunned silence. Your boyfriend sneered, tugging at his jacket and sliding it off, letting it pool messily on the hardwood floors, “Why'd you let others stare at you dressed up like that, huh? Did you like the attention, hmm, putannella? You couldn’t even wait one fucking hour for me before you decided to try and spread your legs for any man who gave you a lick of attention?” The blond’s tone grew more and more incensed and you whimpered, shaking your head, trying to shuffle away from Prosciutto. He growled and grabbed you by your hair once more, twisting the strand painfully and spitting in your face. You flinched and stared up at the blond with wide, teary and terrified eyes, “Don’t fucking lie to me, cagna,” He seethed, his free hand going down to remove his belt, the leather snapping threateningly as your gaze widened impossibly further with dawning horror, “You want some attention so bad, hmm? Then, I guess you wouldn’t mind if I did this.”

Prosciutto shoved you away from him so your back faced him instead, doubling the belt in his grip and lashing it out against your back. You screamed at the shock of pain, your legs kicking out in the hopes of tripping Prosciutto up, only for the blond to stomp harshly on your knee. You heard the crack of something break and pain lanced up your leg at the same time it ripped across your back. You heaved and gagged when Procsiutto dug his heel into your now broken kneecap, a ragged sob falling from your lips as blow after blow rained down on your back, “See what you’ve made me do, tu troia idiota? You think I like having to punish you like this?” Prosciutto snarled, his arm burning from the force of his strikes against your back, your skin beginning to turn red as welts and bruising developed beneath the leather, You sobbed and cried, which only made Prosciutto angrier as he snarled at you, “You don’t have anything to say for yourself, do you? How many other men have you slept with behind my back, hm? How many people have you opened your legs to like a slut?”

“No one!” You sobbed, curling up when Prosciutto’s arm stilled to let you speak, your whole body shaking in terror and pain, “I-I haven’t s-s-slept with any-anyone else, I s-swear!” When the belt didn’t come down again and you felt Prosciutto’s weight shift slightly over your knee, you whimpered and continued speaking, “I-I’m sorry, I d-didn’t me-mean to let him touch me, I-I swear, p-ple-please Prosci, I’m so-so-so-so sorry!” You curled up into a tight ball when he finally stepped off of your damaged knee, your whole body jerking and shaking with the force of your sobs. You flinched when you heard the metal buckle of his belt hit the ground, a deep, calming sigh coming from the blond. You couldn’t move, frozen stiff at the thought of being hurt more, a terrified whine leaving you when slim, strong fingers gripped your chin and forced you to meet Prosciutto’s steely gaze. 

Studying your tear filled (E/C) eyes, the blond seemed satisfied with what he saw, pulling you closer so he could press a soft, forgiving kiss to the crown of your head. Breathing out softly, the blond shot you a stern, tender look, not apologetic in the slightest for the pain he had caused you, which shook you to your core, “I believe you, carina mia... and I forgive you this time,” He said softly, a dangerous undertone to his words ripping a whimper from your throat. Prosciutto hummed and reached into his pocket, pulling out the little box he’d stuffed down there when he caught you, flipping the lid open to show a pretty, but modest engagement ring, the silver band and sapphires glinting in the low light of the moon outside, “I’m sorry I took so long to come get you, fidanzata, I can see the error in my judgement now,” You made a soft, panicked noise when Prosciutto pulled the ring out of its holding place, grabbing your clenched fist and forcing it loose, slipping the ring onto your finger without any further fight from you, “You know what this ring means now, don’t you, amore? This ring means that you belong to me,” You shook, nodding in agreement for the fear that he would get angry once more and move to hit you again, your voice caught at the back of your throat, “Good, good, you’re not so stupid after all, hmm? Come, let’s get you cleaned up and put to bed. I’ll call the moving company tomorrow and have your apartment cleaned out so everything is brought back home.”

You whimpered and nodded once more, Prosciutto shooting you a tender smile, the blond easily lifting you up and into his arms, your curled into yourself with a small noise of pain, your... fiance apologising for the discomfort as he carefully carried you up to the master bedroom. You had to get out of here, you thought to yourself with terror, you just knew that you had to. 

Chapter Text

The click of the front door opening interrupted the otherwise nearly quiet home at the edge of the Suburbs you now lived in. You had been so focused on the food cooking on the stove, knowing that it had to be perfect for when your fiance returned from his work, that you jolted in surprise at the sound. Turning down the heat, you hesitantly stepped out of the kitchen, tensing when you saw Prosciutto shrug out of his work coat. You could see the dust that clung to the material, and knew immediately it would be your responsibility to clean it until it was pristine and crisp for tomorrow once more. Swallowing thickly, you plastered on a sweet smile, shakily coming over to your fiance to greet him with a kiss like you knew he expected, “Welcome home, Prosci,” You hummed, raising up to peck his lips, hearing the light hum of the blond in response, “How was your day today, dear?”

“It went well,” Prosciutto responded easily, and you sighed softly, pulling away from him but holding your hands out to take his dirty coat, “Dinner smells good, tesoro. What has my cute fiancee made for me tonight, hmm?” Your smile was strained as you turned from him, beckoning for the blond to follow you into the kitchen so he could inspect that everything was done perfectly to his specifications. You felt tense as he studied the food with a critical, cold blue eyes glared, lifting the lids off some of the pots to check their contents and wiping the pad of his pointer finger over the kitchen counter tops. Seeing that everything was spotless and that you hadn’t accidentally burned any of the food, Prosciutto turned off the heat and left the food for later. There was still an hour left before you would be required to serve him dinner, according to the schedule your fiance had painstakingly put together for you, and he wanted some quality time with his darling before then, “(Y/N),” Prosciutto’s voice rumbled softly and you flinched, looking at him with fearful eyes, only to relax when he shot you a small smile and pointed at the liquor cabinet, “Grab me a glass of scotch, would you, carina?”

You nodded and bustled about preparing his drink, Prosciutto taking a seat in the living room on his favourite armchair, lighting a cigarette and taking a drag from the small stick. It was only a few seconds later that you joined him, setting his glass on the coffee table to the right. As you moved to pull back from Prosciutto, the blond’s free hand reached out to grab your arm in a firm grip. Wincing at the dark, hungry look in Prosciutto’s icy stare, you barely managed to stutter, “I didn’t take it out,” Your heart rate sped up slightly, Prosciutto shooting you a raised brow that had you bite your lower lip and duck your head. No, no, no, it was all going so well, you couldn’t let yourself fuck up right now. Swallowing thickly, your free hand moved down to the skirt of your dress, gripping it tightly and pulling it up until your naked pussy was on display. Prosciutto’s grip on your arm went lax when he saw the wet, glittering based of the dildo he’d mercilessly pushed into your overworked cunt that morning, choosing instead to let go of your arm and trail his fingers around the base before tapping the underside firmly, “Ah, mngh, P-Prosciutto,” You whimpered, clenching your thighs slightly around his hand, a dull, pleasurable ache throbbing from your lower body, the effects of being stuffed full with the dildo throughout the day showing its effects with how wet and slick the insides of your thighs were, “Please...”

“Please what, carina?” Prosciutto crooned softly, fingers wrapping atound the base of the dildo and pulling it out of your cunt an inch before thrusting it back inside you, your little moans of pleasure music to his ears, “You’ve been such a good girl for me today - everything is perfect... but I’m still a little tense from work, mia piccola troia,” You shuddered at the shift in Prosciutto’s tone, a whine of his name leaving your red bitten lips as he slowly pulled the toy from your cunt, tossing it to the side to be cleaned and put away later. The blond noticed the shaking of your legs and the flush of lust that suffused your skin, reaching down to pull his hard dick from his pants before patting his lap lightly, “Be good for me baby,” Your fiance murmured hotly as he pulled you into his lap, a small whimper passing your lips as his cock speared into your tender, aching cunt, filling you to the brim. You mewled and ground a little, only to go still when Prosciutto slapped your thigh lightly in warning, his warm fingers rubbing at the crease where your thigh and pussy met, “We wouldn’t want to see those tears of yours again, hmm?” Recognizing the dark tone in Prosciutto’s voice, you nodded weakly and remained still, your tense back resting against his chest. The blond sighed lightly in relief, one arm wrapped around your waist while the other rested on the table, lit cigarette held lightly between his pointer and middle fingers. You bit your lower lip, fighting the urge to squirm and clench around the throbbing cock resting inside your dripping cunt, your hands clutching the modest dress Prosciutto insisted you wear for him.

Lifting the cigarette to his lips, the blond man inhaled from the stick, before pulling it away. Humming lowly he didn’t bother to turn his face away from your direction, the smoke coiling in his lungs expelled in a soft breath as he nuzzled into the crook between your neck and shoulder. You fought the urge to cough, turning away as tears stung your eyes, “P-Prosci, please...” You murmured softly, only for the blond to shush you and make you ‘relax’ against him further. You knew Prosciutto expected you to stick to the script and make idle chitchat with him while he enjoyed his smoke and drink, but your mind spun from the heady mixture of fear and lust that coiled in the pit of your belly. Your cunt clenched tightly around the girth that filled you, hips moving in little, impatient jolts as you tried to hold yourself still, “Hahh, hahh, p-please, I-” You mewled in disappointment when the arm around your waist forced you to still even further, your hips unable to even grind down against the blond’s.

“Such a needy little slut,” Prosciutto sneered, biting the meat of your shoulder harshly to work more dark marks into the skin, his words shooting a bolt of pleasure through your body. Shame quickly followed as your inner walls throbbed and spasmed lightly, the action not going unnoticed by Prosciutto, who chuckled lowly, lifting his mouth to brush his lips against the shell of your ear, voice husky and smooth, “Oh? Do you like it when I call you such an awful name, troia?” You whimpered, face flushing darkly, shivers trailing down your spine, Prosciutto’s warm breath tickling your skin with every word, “Hmmmm, oh carina, I know you do. I can feel how hot and wet you are for my, your pussy trying to suck my cock deeper inside you. What a perfect, grade A whore you are for me,” A whiney moan tore itself from your throat, your hips jolting down against Prosciutto’s, clit grinding against the coarse material of his slacks. 

Why, why did Prosciutto have such an affect on you?! Your skin felt hot and sensitive to each brush of warm breath against it, each soft word that came from your fiance causing the built up tension inside you to coil tighter, “I bet I could have you cum around my cock just by reminding you of what you are... mmmh, your pussy got even tighter at that idea, didn’t it, puttanna? Maybe next time I come back home with a gift for you it’ll be a pretty little collar with the name ‘Slut’ engraved on the front,” Prosciutto remained perfectly still, the arm around your waist keeping you from actively riding the blond, but no longer bothering to stop the short grinding motions of your hips, the head of his cock pressing right up against your g-spot. You moaned and arched your back, mouth open and gasping desperately, your body getting more and more worked up, teetering on the edge of bliss, “Hmm, no, that wouldn’t suit you now would it? Just the name ‘Slut’ wouldn’t remind you who exactly you belong to, would it, troia? It should be ‘Prosciutto’s Slut’, shouldn’t it? Because that’s all you are for me, a perfect little cum dump slut dressed all pretty just for me. Mmmh, that’s it, tale una buona piccola puttana, cum on my cock like a good bitch and maybe I’ll fuck you good and hard tonight.”

“Prosciutto!” You whined, arching your back as your body shook through your orgasm. You could hear him groan lowly as your pussy clenched around the hard, throbbing length of his dick, milking him desperately. You mewled and slumped back in Prosciutto’s embrace, panting and tired from the intensity of your orgasm, no longer trying to fuck yourself on the blond’s cock. Prosciutto remained buried to the hilt inside your occasionally twitching walls, relishing the tight, wet heat of your cunt as he continued to relax and enjoy his evening smoke and drink. In a few minutes he’d pat your hip and you’d get up on wobbly legs, your fiance shoving the thick, hard silicone dildo back inside your sensitive pussy, and you would be forced to finish making as your wetness trickled down your thighs.

Chapter Text

Killing for you is my favourite hobby, darling.”

You bolted up from your bed with a sharp inhale, gasping in the cool darkness of the night. Your arms shook as you tried to regain your bearings, your whole body curling up in defense against an enemy that wasn’t there. As the adrenaline rushed through your system, you glanced around the dark room with wide, suspicious eyes. The shadows of your furniture, familiar in shape even to your jittery mind, helped to calm you enough to reach out and strike a match, holding the flame up to the candle by your bedside. Picking up the lit candle, you hesitantly swung it around the room, immediately sighing and relaxing back into your bed, a hand clutched to your chest where your heart thumped heavily in relief. Sighing, you placed the candle back on your nightstand and simply stared up at the wooden ceiling of your home.

You knew it was foolish to think Diego would have somehow found the little cabin in the woods you had fled to after the death of your employer some three months prior. You had always been suspicious of the handsome young blond ever since he started wooing your widowed employer, but it hadn’t been your place as one of her maids to question her choice of new husband. But you couldn’t shake off the memory of the dark looks in Diego’s gaze whenever he looked at his ‘wife’. You had made the decision to do the smart thing and keep your head down and out of the problems of rich people. Then... oh then Diego began seeking you out. You felt tears sting at your eyes as you remembered the short man pressing you up against the library walls, his chest to your back, voice rumbling dangerously in your ear as he confessed the dark, depraved things he wanted to do to you. You don’t remember how you had escaped the situation with your dignity intact - but you had not known peace under your mistress’ employment since. 

Her death being an unfortunate ‘accident’ had cemented the fact that you needed to leave that much further in your mind; the day after you and the rest of the household had been informed of her passing, you had packed your bags and left before the funeral procession had returned to the manor. You knew, you just knew Diego was responsible for the mistress’ death, his words when he had you pinned against the wall echoing in your mind. You couldn’t stay for fear of what would be done to you now that Diego wouldn’t let your denial and excuses lie. Your guilt at your actions filled your tired mind, a yawn escaping your mouth as you snuggled further into the thin blankets you had barely managed to afford. Exhaustion tugging desperately at your mind, whispers of sleep and the security of the light, quickly bringing you back into a surprisingly deep sleep.

Your mind swam uncomfortably, the strange, pleasant tingle between your thighs bringing you back to consciousness with nauseating awareness. Your eyelids felt like they were held down by cement, your gaze swaying as your body was forcefully moved up and down, up and down, your nightstand jerking in your direct line of sight. Your hands and legs felt strangely numb, a stretching pressure in your cunt, wetness dripping down your thighs, caught your bleary attention and you moaned. Lolling your head so you faced your ceiling, your (E/C) eyes staring up uncomprehendingly into the bright, feral and slitted blue gaze of one Diego Brando. You blinked, muted horror growing in the center of your chest, gasps of pleasure falling from your lips despite the fear. No, no, no why is this happening? How did Diego find you? You arched your back lazily, feeling the pinpricks of claws digging into the meat of your hips, keeping your pelvis tilted up as his cock pummeled into your tight, hot pussy in a harsh rhythm. Noticing that you were awake, Diego grinned sharply, his grip on your hips tightening, blood welling around his claws as they pierced the soft skin, “Hahh, hahh, hello there darling, I see you, hmgnh, finally woke up. Did the pleasure of my cock fucking your tight cunt wake you?”

“D-Diegooooo...” You slurred, a tight ball of fear and confusion at your weak, pitiful movements and consciousness curling in the pit of your gut, mingling with the pleasure to form a heady feeling in your mind. Everything feel disjointed and far off, your arms and legs beginning to tingle with pins and needles, “W-what are... how did you... hahh, ah, hmm, oh, oh gods,” You couldn’t gather your attention for long enough to question how the blond had found you, his hard thrusts picking up speed and force almost impossibly, his face shifting, a mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth falling open with each of his low, grunting groans. You mewled, your head tipping back, throat exposed and drawing Diego’s face down to nuzzle into the crook of your neck, his mouth pressing his sharp teeth threateningly into the soft, yielding flesh, “Ah, ahng, please, I, hmngh, ahh, ahh, Diego, please,” You whimpered desperately trying to unsuccessfully pull away from him, the blond chuckling lowly, nipping a dark bruise into your shoulder.

You felt his elongated face rub up against your cheek, a rumbling purr vibrating through his chest, as he spoke, “Oh, you’re so sweet for me, lying there and taking my cock so well, such a good girl,” Diego’s body curled above yours, every inch of his skin pressed to yours, his thrusts becoming shallow and grinding into you, the head of his cock pressing into your g-spot. You whined and bucked weakly against him, throbbing clit dragging against the base of his dick, bolts of lust skittering down your spine, “Hmm, I knew you would feel so good for me - you liked to play hard to get, fuck ahh, hahh, so tight - but the chase is over now, my dearest (Y/N),” Diego murmured, his voice sickly sweet, affectionately nuzzling his stretched lips to your cheek in a mockery of a kiss. You were so close, so close to cumming despite your struggle not to, mouth open and panting needily, tears glittering in your (E/C) eyes, “Hahh, hahh, you’re all mine, mine, mine, and I’ll never let you go again, hmngh, if you ever try to leave me again I’ll rip your throat out myself.”

You whimpered and trembled beneath him at the threat, his mouth once more open and pressing his sharp teeth discomfortingly to your jugular, adrenaline spiking and throbbing through your body. The sudden feeling had you tighten around Diego, the blond growling lowly and letting go of your neck to lick up the slight trickle of blood from the scratches. His hips kept moving against yours, cock pulling out slightly before slamming back into your soaked cunt, your poor inner walls feeling tender and bruised, “Please, please, I don’t, please, I-I’m, hhhh, I’m c-close, please don’t-” Diego crooned at your words, one of his clawed hands letting go of your hip to rub his thumb against your engorged, sensitive clit. You wailed, back arching in a sharp, painful looking bow, your pussy tightening like a vice around Diego’s thick length, your juices gushing out of you and soaking the sheets beneath the both of you. Diego groaned your name huskily, his hips stilling as he buried his dick into your clutching walls to the hilt, spilling his thick, creamy cum inside you messily. You shuddered at the hot, filling sensation, disgust and arousal swarming your chest like butterflies, your body going lax against your messy sheets. 

Diego cooed and remained above you, letting his body lay against yours as he nuzzled and kissed your neck and shoulder. You were unaware of his intention to drown you in his scent, further claiming you as his with his satisfied pheromones, “Good girl, good girl, keep all of my cum inside you, mmmmh, gods, you smell delicious, my darling,” The blond purred, turning his face to yours, his features having shifted back to normal except the corners of his mouth, which remained cracked, exposing the still sharp teeth that lined the inside of his mouth. There was a feverish, desperate affection in the pit of his bright blue gaze, his mouth slanting over yours, tongue forcing its way inside and tangling with yours. You whimpered, the sound muffled by Diego’s lips, his responding purr vibrating against your chest, your nipples pebbling from the feeling. Breaking the kiss slowly, nibbling at your bottom lip, Diego wrapped his arms around your waist and shifted so the two of you were laying on your sides instead, his now soft cock slipping out of your used cunt, “Ahh, I cannot wait to bring you back home, my sweet girl. I’ll keep you all to myself, locked in our shared bedroom, ready for me to take and fuck you full with my seed whenever I please,” Diego sighed, and you swallowed thickly, keeping your mouth shut as you felt the claws of his hands trailing up and down your spine in lazy circles. 

The lingering threat the blond murmured in your ear kept you wide awake for several hours, frozen stiff in Diego’s embrace even as he had slipped into his slumber. You didn’t dare try to wiggle your way out of his grip, dismay and acceptance filling you as you were finally dragged into sleep once more. 

Chapter Text

“Thanks for dropping me back off home, Mr. Crause,” You said cheerfully, hopping out of the older man’s truck and closing the door behind you, pausing to lean in through the still open window, your bags by your feet, “Let me know when your brother in law’s done fixing my truck. I’ll need to pick it up soon because it’s still got all my market stuff in it.”

Your fellow farmer chuckled lightly and waved you off, a kind smile on his wrinkled face, “Ain’t no problem , Miss (Y/N), we farmers gotta stick out for each other, don’t we?” Glancing worriedly into the thick woods that surrounded your home, Crause furrowed his brows and gripped his steering wheel nervously, a chill of fear racking down his spine as he felt like something was staring at him from the thick trees, “You sure you’re gonna be alright? I can still drive you a lil closer to your house, y’know. Plus, you’re always welcome to stay with me an’ Lillia if you need ta.”

Shaking your head, you shot him a bright smile, unaware of the strange, malicious energy that seeped out of the thick woods you lived in, “Nah, that’s alright. It’s gettin’ pretty late and you should head on back home,” Patting the side of the truck, you hefted your bags up and over your shoulders, waving as Crause reluctantly pulled away from the edge of the forest, “Say hi to Lillia for me!” You managed to holler, hearing him respond in an affirmative as he turned around the bend and disappeared from sight. You sighed, rolling your shoulders and getting used to the weight against your back. You heard the crack of a twig under something and turned to look back at the darkened woods. Though you knew there was no reason to be afraid of anything coming out to hurt you while you stumbled home in the growing darkness because of Kakyoin, you also couldn’t help but feeling as if something was... off about the forest. There were no sounds, no crickets chirping as the sun slowly set, no skittering paws and shifting earth. The silence made something inside you tense and uncomfortable, but you pushed it aside, heading into the thicket of trees confidently.

What should have taken a mere ten minutes turned into a half hour as the forest began to strangely twist and bend. New paths that you had never seen before but were similar enough to the one that would lead you to your farm formed around corners that you swore shouldn’t have been there. As the evening turned into the dark of night you began to get steadily more and more nervous, your hands shaking and your back throbbing from having to carry your heavy bags for so long. You had half a mind to call out Kakyoin’s name and ask the Kitsune for some help navigating back to your home, but feared he would request something you wouldn’t wish to give in return. You had almost completely given up and settled for the idea of having to spend the night out in the cold, dark woods when the opening that lead to your farm finally appeared and you sighed out a breath of relief. Stepping into the clearing, you blinked as your eyes grew used to the overly bright moonlight up above, only to gasp and drop your bags. 

You stared out in horror at the sight of your home. Nettles and thick vines grew in bursts over your previously pristine fields, thick, dangerously sharp looking thorns ruining the clear beds and shredding your produce to slivers of what they once were. The smell of rotting meat hit your nose and you wretched, catching sight of your crushed chicken coop, the corpses of your feathery friends left torn to shreds, half eaten by some predator bold enough to step into the sight of such carnage. There were large claw marks on the wood of your cabin and in the dirt, as if something massive and furious had whirled through the area and destroyed everything in sight. Your heart thumped uncomfortably heavy in the center of your chest, the sense of danger filling you with the need to turn around and flee back from the direction you came without a glance back. You had just started turning to try and make a run for it, when two pairs of long, long, long clawed arms wrapped around your waist. The low, rumbling purr and the press of a muscular chest against your back, several fox tails wrapping around your legs, had you freezing in your tracks, the claws scraping and tearing into the material of your shirt before they settled around your hips. Your heart was in your throat, voice a barely there whisper as you spoke, “K-Kakyoin?”

“(Y/N)...” The redheaded Kitsune purred thickly, cold, elongated face nuzzling into the crook of your neck, uncomfortably hot breath washing over the point where your heart fluttered and skipped in panic, “Welcome home my love... did you enjoy your ‘freedom’ from me?” You flinched at the dark, bitter tone of Kakyoin’s voice, a whimper passing your lips when a rough tongue darting out to lap at your neck, sharp teeth beginning to nip there soon after, scratching and bruising the soft skin possessively, “I missed you so much, darling. I was so worried when you didn’t come back after you said you would... I thought perhaps you had left me,” Kakyoin pressed the full length of his body against yours, a shudder of fear rushing down your spine when your realised he was... too tall, too thin, too lanky than what you remembered him being. The joints of his legs felt strange and dysfunctional, completely different from that of a human’s, and you idly remembered that the Kitsune was very, very much not a human, “I must admit, I lost my temper a little bit when you were gone so, so long...”

“Did you do this?” You asked, trying to sound angry even though your voice shook terribly with how scared you were, Your mouth snapping shut at Kakyoin’s low, threatening growl, his body tensing with barely concealed rage. His arms tightened around you and you whimpered, biting your lower lip as you scolded yourself for being so fucking stupid and making the redhead even angrier. Your breath wheezed out of you as Kakyoin’s embrace tightened further and further, until finally you cried out breathily, “Kakyoin, please, you’re hurting me!” The Kitsune’s grip relaxed around you immediately as he sighed, continuing to nuzzle and suck possessive marks into your neck and shoulders, before he finally pulled away, his voice low and rumbly.

“You need to be good for me, baby, we wouldn’t want to see those tears again,” Kakyoin purred dangerously, long, slim and clawed hands wrapped around each side of your hips, your body going stiff with fear. The Kitsune felt... different. Taller, lankier, sharper, the soft fur of his tails spread across his body and brushing against your back. You swallowed thickly and nodded, keeping yourself perfectly still as Kakyoin sighed, resting the bottom of his jaw against the top of your head, elongated and sharp, bonier and covered in fur just like the rest of him, “You’ve been a very bad little farmer, you know? Lying to me about how long you would be gone for, coming back to my territory with a strange male, smelling like others,” The redhead’s voice got steadily deeper and more gravelly, his claws pricking into and through the material of your jeans, scraping against your skin and threatening to press even further until they cut you open, “I was so worried about you, darling, and you just sashay back in here without a word of greeting, no explanation as to why you were gone so long, why you smell like you were getting fucked by people who aren’t me.”

You winced at his words, tipping your head hesitantly back to glance up at him, your (E/C) eyes locking with his slitted and luminous purple gaze, before you looked away once more, “I-I didn’t... I swear I didn’t, Kakyoin,” You murmured, trying to de-escalate the situation to keep the Kitsune from losing his temper once more, the sight of your massacred chickens and crops flashing in the back of your mind. You swallowed thickly and decided to tell him the truth, hoping it would be enough to calm Kakyoin further, “My truck broke down and I wasn’t able to come back when I said I would because I didn’t have an alternative ride. Mr. Crause and his wife were kind enough to let me stay with them before he brought me back home...” You emphasised that the kindly old farmer was married, that he wasn’t a ‘rival’ for your affections like Kakyoin seemed to think he was. Clearing your throat and steadying the tremble in your voice, you continued speaking, “I had to be around a lot of people while I was selling my crops, I already explained that to you. I wasn’t seeing anyone while I was away, I swear.”

Kakyoin remained quiet for a long minute, the Kitsune simply holding you and inhaling your scent, mulling over your words while he drenched you in his pheromones to mark you once more as his. Humming, you felt and heard his bones crackle and shift, the soft fur covering Kakyoin’s body receding until it was just his warm skin against yours, “Ahhh, I see... my apologies, my love, I feel very silly now for losing myself to my temper and doing this to your lovely farm,” Kakyoin lamented, his voice falsely apologetic, nails trailing over the slight pinpricked wounds on your hips, pressing warm lips to the deep bruises he’d made on your neck. You sighed and relaxed, slumping against him tiredly, Kakyoin’s ears flicking as he cooed, “Awww, I’m sorry darling, did I frighten you? Come, come, let’s bring you back inside, you must be so exhausted, baby. Don’t you worry about a thing, I’ll clean up the evidence of my temper tantrum.”

Hesitantly, you nodded and allowed the Kitsune to lead you to your door, leaving you briefly to grab your bags and carry them over as well. Your hands shakily opened the door to your home, Kakyoin setting your bags inside and ducking down to press a sweet kiss to your cheek, his purple eyes looking down at your lovingly, “Goodnight, baby~! I hope you sleep well and dream of me,” He purred, walking out of your door and closing it behind him. You called out a weak goodnight in return, standing in the darkness of your living room for several long moments before shaking yourself out of the lingering fear. You could deal with Kakyoin’s actions tomorrow morning and try to fix anything that you could. Tonight, you would sleep restlessly, nightmares of bright purple eyes and claws tearing you open to feast on your organs playing through your unconscious mind. 

Chapter Text

Why do you let others stare at you like that? Do you like the attention?” Rohan asked, fuming, his voice dark as he watched you squirm and struggle against your bindings. You glared up at the green-haired man hatefully, trying to hide the fear you truly felt as your skirt kept creeping higher and higher up your thighs. The pages of your life were flipped open, Heaven’s Door having immediately attacked you the moment you stepped inside Rohan’s apartment after the mangaka had invited you in. Currently, he crouched before you, glaring as he read the pages, eyes quickly scanning over the words that made up your memories before they finally landed on your morning thoughts. Clearing his throat, Rohan’s voice pitched slightly higher with interest and growing anger, “’I want to catch Josuke’s attention now that we’re both back home for the summer from college. I wonder if he’d like it if I wore my best pair of jeans? Hmmm... oh! I forgot I even had this skirt! It’s pretty short though... hopefully I won’t run into that creepy Rohan today while wearing this.’”

Snarling, Rohan tightened his grip on the paper, resisting the urge to tear it out of you and make you forget anything about this morning. The hurt that bloomed in the center of his chest at how much you disliked him went ignored in favour of grabbing one of his pens, “So, it was all to get someone’s attention, hmm? Too bad you never got to meet up with that fool Josuke, huh? No, you had to run into ‘creepy’ Rohan and be invited over for a cup of tea,” He spat angrily, and you flinched when you heard the pop of a pen cap being opened, “Well, if you want attention so much from someone, then, I guess you wouldn’t mind if I did this,” A soft noise left your throat, eyes widening in horror when you felt a sudden, intense bloom of arousal rush through your body, radiating from the feeling of Rohan’s fingers holding onto the pages on your face. You moaned lowly in surprised lust, your body curling up just slightly at the feelings that rushed through you. Besides the lust, you suddenly felt an overwhelming amount of affection for Rohan, your previous intense dislike fading almost completely as you mewled his name desperately, “There we go, see? I’m not such a bad guy, now am I?” Rohan grinned smugly, shutting your life book with one hand and tossing the pen to the side.

“Rohan, please,” You whined, gasping when you felt one of his strong, lithe hands trail up your naked thigh and under your skirt, pulling the short material up further to show off your increasingly damp panties. Eagerly, you turned onto your back and spread your legs, feverishly wishing Rohan would pull the wet material down and off of your flushed, throbbing cunt. You knew it was wrong, you knew you didn’t actually want Rohan to touch you, to slide his fingers into your pussy and work you open for his cock, but gods, you needed it so badly! “Ah, hmgnh, ahh, hahh, please, I need - I need you to touch me, Rohan, pl-please,” You begged, mewling with bliss when the hand stroking up your thighs lightly trailed his fingers over the soaked crotch of your underwear, Rohan groaning at the feeling of your juices staining his skin. Humming, he brought his fingers up to his mouth and licked them clean, relishing and needy whine of his name as you tried to buck up and free yourself of your bindings for an entirely new reason, “Rohan, please!”

The green-haired man sneered at your desperate whining, shuffling his body to lay out on the floor in front of you, his head resting against your inner thigh as he continued to toy with the crotch of your underwear. You moaned gutturally, bucking up into his touch only for Rohan to hold your hips down with one arm, “Oh? I thought you didn’t like me because I was a creep,” He mocked, leaning forward to drag his tongue over your soaked underwear, pursing his lips around your throbbing clit and giving the sensitive bud a harsh suck. You wailed, your bound hands scratching at the floor behind your back, trying to find something to help you cut yourself free from the ropes. Your thighs clenched around Rohan’s head, calves hooking over his shoulders and trying to pull him closer, “Ohohoho, look at you, so desperate and needy for my mouth. Do you want me to eat you out, (Y/N)? Do you want I, the great Rohan Kishibe, to bury my face in your pussy and eat you out until you cum on my tongue?” You moaned and nodded, teary eye looking down at him from beneath your lashes, flushed face slack with pleasure. Smirking, Rohan hooked his finger around the crotch of your panties and dragged the material down, your juices immediately trickling down your ass to soak the material of your skirt, “What a disgusting little slut you are, so wet for someone you think is a ‘creep’.”

“I’m sooorrrrryyyyyy,” You slurred, arching your back and crying out sharply when Rohan’s soft lips pressed hot, open-mouthed kisses to your plump labia, tongue flicking out against your clit, “Please, please, didn’t mean it, wanna feel you more, please, I need more, Rohan, please,” The green-haired man groaned, heart fluttering at your words, giddy with how eager you were for his touch, his mouth, his tongue now that he’d finally snapped and decided ‘to hell with it’. You rocked your hips against his face as Rohan slanted his lips over your pussy, suckling your labia while his tongue thrust into your soaked entrance, his throat bobbing as he swallowed your dripping juices with relish, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, more, gimme more, so good, fuck, feels so good, Rohan, please,” You babbled, vision swimming and head spinning with nothing but lust and need, your wetness trailing down Rohan’s chin and neck to puddle messily on the floor beneath you. The pleasure you got from his mouth coiled in the pit of your belly, becoming tighter and tighter with each thrust of Rohan’s tongue, each lewd suck to your clit. Your new found sensitivity left you open and aching, your body shuddering as you so, so desperately wanted him inside you, “Rohan, please, wanna feel you inside me, please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I need it, need your cock inside me, please!”

Rohan shuddered at your words and pulled away from your pussy with a groan, hands scrabbling to unbuckle his pants, his mind thick with thoughts of burying his aching girth inside you, feeling the tight heat of your cunt suck on his cock as he fucks you, “Hmmmh, yes, fuck, shhh, darling, don’t you worry, I’ll give you exactly what you need,” He crooned, giving up on pulling off his clothing, simply shoving his pants down far enough to pull his leaking cock out, grinding the head over your pussy teasingly, “This is what you want, isn’t it? You want my cock inside this desperate little pussy? Want me to fuck you until you can’t think of anything except me, hmm?” You nodded and mewled, arching and bucking back into the pressure of his cock. Rohan huffed breathlessly, shifting his hips before slamming his cock to the hilt inside of your gushing cunt. You wailed, legs coming up to wrap around Rohan’s waist, pulling him impossibly closer so that he’d keep that wonderful, long dick inside your clenching walls. Rohan sighed, slowly pulling out of you before thrusting back inside, babbling pleas for more echoing like music in his ears, “Ahh, yes, perfect... this is exactly how you should be, that pretty mouth of yours begging me to fuck you more,” Rohan cooed, starting up a hard, fast rhythm, eager to feel how much tighter you’d get once you cum on his cock, “Hahhh, you feel like you were made for me, made to take my cock, o-oh god, yes!”

You whined at his words, mouth open and drooling as pleasure simply washed through you. Every thrust, every touch, every word that fell from Rohan’s mouth made you feel ecstasy you’d never felt before, the drag of his dick in and out of your throbbing pussy making you feel almost delirious with lust. You were dimly surprised that you hadn’t cum yet from how badly you ached to, your body constantly hovering at the edge of your orgasm but unable to reach completion. You whined and begged breathily, watching as Rohan moved above you, arousal darkening his gaze as he admired the gorgeous sight you made like this. You whimpered and clenched around him tightly, voice pitching higher and higher as you felt the head of Rohan’s cock glide slickly over your g-spot, the base of his dick grinding against your clit at the same time, “Please, please, please, Rohan, cum, I need to cum, need to cum so bad, please lemme cum, lemme cum for you, please!” You practically sobbed, wishing your arms were free so you could cling to the green-haired man.

Rohan groaned at your words, his orgasm quickly catching up to the jackhammer pace he fucked you at, the mangaka wanting to feel your hot, wet walls milk him as he came deep inside your pussy, “Then cum for me,” He crooned, one hand moving down to rub your clit harshly, feeling the way your body tensed up and shook, “Cum on this cock, let me feel how well I fucked you,” With a wail you followed his command, head thrown back as guttural, throaty moans tore themselves from your throat, your cunt clenching tightly like a vice and convulsing. Rohan cursed sharply, slamming his hips against yours once, twice, thrice more before he came to a halt with a low groan of your name, sticky seed spilling from his cock and into you. You throbbed with pleasure and over sensitivity, a mewl of complaint falling from you as Rohan pulled out, his cum dripping out of your abused walls thickly. You sighed, the effects of whatever he’d written in your life story fading slowly and leaving you with a dawning sense of horror. Rohan sighed and admired the sight of you, panting and flushed, his spend flowing back out of you and onto the floor... it was beautiful, enough so that he grabbed a sketchpad and shushed you when you called his name in a husky whisper, “No, no, no, darling, you just stay right where you are,” He hummed, pencil beginning to scratch against the blank paper, “I’m not done with you just yet.”

Chapter Text

“Oh, (Y/N), where are you, darling?” You flinched from your hiding place in the dark, biting your lower lip to try and keep the whimper that threatened to spill out of you at bay. Damn it, you thought you would have more time! You specifically requested something you knew Josuke wouldn’t easily be able to get from the underwater! Huddling down further behind the rock near the exit pool of the underwater cavern, you shivered as you heard the low, angry growl that came from the merman as he slowly swam through the canal that ran through the cave, “Aww, c’mon baby, I know you like to play, but I’m all tuckered out from looking for that gift for you. If you don’t come out right now, you won’t like what’ll happen~!”

You cursed yourself silently when a terrified whine left your throat at Josuke’s tone, the Koi Merman immediately splashing in the water to head in the direction he heard you. Panicking, you shuffled to the edge of the pool, intending to dive into the water and make a break for it. You realised how stupid that plan was the moment your body hit the water - the Merman was obviously much, much faster than you when swimming! Why oh why didn’t you just hunker down and keep yourself quiet?! Swimming as fast as you could, you felt hope fill your chest as you saw the underwater exit just a few feet ahead of you, kicking and flailing to reach it. You let out a muffled scream of frustration when cold, scaled arms wrapped around your body from behind, Josuke’s voice clicking and cooing against your ear and he nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, “Oh, I found you, my sweet (Y/N)!” The black-haired man crooned, using his powerful, white and black spotted tail to swim the two of you back to the surface. 

You inhaled and sputtered sharply as you came up, not having noticed the subtle burning in your lungs, distracted when you felt the smooth glide of the base of Josuke’s tail between your spread thighs. Gasping, you tried to squirm away, but the Merman held you easily, swimming through the canal back to the wide, open pool at the back of the twisting tunnelling cave, “J-Josuke, please, let me go!” You cried out, your squirming coming to a stop when the scaled arms simply pulled you closer against Josuke’s chest. You whimpered softly, going lax with defeat as Josuke swam into the large lake like are in the back of the cave, easily bringing you to the small outcrop of sand and rock in the center. You thought that perhaps the Merman would hoist you back onto dry land, but instead you found yourself being turned around to face Josuke, “I-what are you doing...?” You asked softly, tensing when you felt your back press into the cool rock of the ‘island’, Josuke’s hips slotted between yours, his pelvis rubbing against your naked cunt, “Josuke!”

“Shhh, shhh, be good for me, baby,” He crooned gently, tipping your head back with one slick, clawed hand, nuzzling further into the exposed skin of your throat, pressing hot, open-mouthed kisses to the crook where your neck and shoulder met. You tensed in fear when you felt his dangerously sharp teeth nip the point where your pulse fluttered beneath his lips, “I got you the last gift you so desperately wanted to finish off our courtship, didn’t I? Oh, you’re so, so sweet for me, aren’t you, my love? You’ll let me pump you full of my aphrodisiac, my brood, hmm?” You whimpered and bucked against him desperately, panic filling you as you were unable to dislodge the amorous Merman, Josuke’s words and the feeling of his hard, dripping cocks against your pussy sending pulses of adrenaline through your system, Now, hold still of me, baby, I don’t want to accidentally rip your throat out. We wouldn’t want to see those tears of pain again, hmmm,” You opened your mouth to plead with Josuke, only to wail sharply when his fangs slipped into your neck, two fingers plunging into your cunt at the same moment. Josuke groaned, the sound muffled by your soft flesh, and you whimpered, heat filling your body, your pulse skyrocketing, your pussy tingling and aching as it started to get wetter and wetter with each pulse of Josuke’s aphrodisiac filling you. 

You gasped and whined Josuke’s name, pussy clenching around his fingers, feeling the two digits slowly and carefully scissor you open. You felt drunk on lust, lightheaded and out of control as you desperately clung to the Merman instead of fighting him off, “Josuke, ah, mnghaahh, please,” You mewled, the black-haired man finally pulling his teeth out of the weeping wound on your neck, licking and sucking the small marks shut as he purred smugly. You felt an ache in the pit of your belly, hungry for more of the intense pleasure that rushed through you with every slight shift and spread of Josuke’s two fingers working you open, “Ahh, fuck, fuck, please, need you, need more, please, I want you so bad, hahh, hahh, yes, oh, oh gods!” You moaned loudly when a third finger pressed in beside the other two, your juices warm as they clung to his skin, washed away by the cool waters surrounding you. You lost yourself to the bliss, the lapping waters lulling your mind and making you cling impossibly closer to Josuke. Your voice spilled from your lips in a waterfall of babbling pleas and moans, your rational mind screaming at you fading further and further away as you drowned in the sensations skittering through your body.

“Oh, just look at you, baby,” Josuke cooed sweetly in your ear, rocking his hips against you, his fingers drilling in hard, punishing thrusts inside your tight walls, stretching you wider to take both of his cocks easily. Once he deemed that you were ready, he pulled the digits out of you, hushing you mewl of complaint with a gentle kiss. Grinding his cocks against your soaked pussy, Josuke couldn’t keep from teasing you just a little longer, but the prick of your nails in his shoulders and your desperate, breathy whine of his name drove him to sink both long, thick dicks inside your clenching walls, “Ahh, ahh, fuck, fuck, baby, (Y/N), you feel so, hmgnh, so fucking good, god, hahh, perfect, absolutely perfect for me, good girl, you took both of my cocks so well,” Josuke groaned, voice low and gravelly, yes, his hips jerking against yours before he slowly pulled out and slammed into you once more, “Ah, hahh, hahh, fuck, that’s it, hahh, you want my eggs so bad, don’t you? You want me to fill up your soft, warm little womb with my brood, such a good mate, you’ll carry them so well, keep them all warm and safe inside you, that’s it, hold me closer, lemme hear how much you want it~!” 

You whined and rocked your hips into each hard, arrhythmic thrust of Josuke’s hips, pleasure coiling and tightening in the pit of your belly. You relished the thick stretch of the Merman’s cocks pounding into your pussy, your nails scrabbling at his shoulder blades as you begged for him to go harder, faster, to give you more please. It felt so, so good! You knew your mouth was slack as you moaned wildly, your (E/C) eyes hazy, Josuke tipping your face up so he could admire the sight of you absolutely losing yourself to him, “Joooosukeeeeeee,” You slurred, leaning in to press sloppy kisses to his mouth, the Merman taking advantage of your lack of restraint to deepen them, his tongue darting into your mouth and tangling with your tongue. You whimpered, body trembling as the pleasure burgeoned you higher and higher to the edge of bliss, your cunt clenching around the double girths thrusting shallowly inside you, “Please, please, ‘m close, so close, ah, oh fuck, yes, yes, yesyesyesyesyes-!” Josuke chuckled lowly, nipping and sucking dark bruising marks into your neck and chest, one of his hands clutching the soft skin of your belly, the other slipping down to rub your clit. The slight shift of his hips and your clutching walls encouraged the first of many eggs to slip out of Josuke’s pouch and into his lower cock.

You cried out at the stretch, arching as the hard, round sphere pressed firmly over your clit as it traveled up and into your womb. Sparks exploded behind your eyelids and you went lax, mouth drooling as you came harshly, the milking motions of your pussy pulling Josuke closer, his hips planted firmly against your own, “Oh! Oh fuck, that felt so good, baby, mh, yeah, that’s it, take my eggs, lemme feel your belly swell with my brood,” His voice was rough and thick with need, both hands massaging your abdomen, eggs slipping through his cock and into you. They paused at your cervix before slipping into your warm, throbbing womb, settling heavily against the pulsing walls. You must have blacked out from the sensation, coming back to yourself in the comfort of your bed, the warm sheets cradling your body. You sighed and moved to sit up, your arms shaking from the full, heavy weight of your swollen abdomen, tired eyes staring down at the bulge in your middle. One of your hands shook as you pressed it to the firm bump, a wince twisting your features when you heard the soft, melodic humming Josuke made, the trickle of water against his sleek tail filling your ears. 

Chapter Text

Something strange was going on in your apartment.

You’ve had this creeping, terrifying feeling lately that you’re somehow being watched. The radio plays quietly next to you as you cut up vegetables to go into the stew that’s slowly beginning to bubble on the stove next to you. Even though usually you would be humming and bobbing along to the beat, the strange tension in the air kept your body still, your ears straining to listen for any hint or clue that something was wrong.

There was, of course, nothing. 

Sighing softly, you finished dicing the carrots you’d bought at the market from that handsome, kind man who ran the grocer stall for his elderly and sick uncle. Pushing them into the stew, you placed the lid on top and stepped away from the burner, leaving the food to cook and glancing carefully around your apartment. Nothing... a whole lot of nothing... and yet, you felt the itching, burning sensation of eyes raking over your body, your skin tingling uncomfortably as if you’d just walked past a couple of cat callers. Shaking your head, you tugged your apron loose and hung it up on the nearby cloth holder, stretching to pop your back lightly.

“I really need to put this paranoia out of my mind,” You muttered to yourself, idly scratching the back of your ear. That weird high pitched ringing seemed to be flaring up in response to your stress again. Huffing, you decided that a nice, hot bath is just what you need at the moment. Humming lowly, you headed to your bedroom, tugging off your clothing and tossing them into the nearby wash basket. You stretched leisurely, ignoring the strange sensation of eyes roving your naked body hungrily, stepping into your bathroom and turning on the bath taps, “Hmmm, should I have a bubble bath?” You murmured, mulling over your thoughts as you picked up one of your scented bottles of soap. an image of yourself, bathed in soapy water, your skin soft and glistening as you relaxed, lazy and... sensual... filled your mind. You jerked your head back in slight surprise, blinking, dumbfounded, at your thoughts, “What the hell...?”

A little freaked out, you put the bottle of soap to the side, choosing to instead pick up one of your bathbombs to drop into the hot water instead. The steady fizz and swirl of colours coming from the delightfully smelling ball soothed your mind, lavender and strawberry scented steam rising from the hot water. Humming lowly to yourself, you watched as the bathbomb gradually became smaller and smaller, leaving your bathwater coloured a pretty, light sparkling pink. Smiling to yourself slightly, a shiver rushing up your spine, you carefully lowered yourself into the tub with a soft groan, “Ahhhh, just what the doctor ordered,” You hummed to yourself, letting your body sink further under the water, the majority of your naked skin covered and hidden from the view of prying eyes. 

Unbeknownst to you, there was some light scratching at your front door, before the click of the lock opening filled the otherwise still and pristine open concept kitchen and living room. A tall, lithely muscled man stepped into your abode, his mind seeking out his Stand, the Lovers, which occupied your brain. Seeing, mentally, that you were lounging comfortably in your bath, Steely Dan smirked to himself, nose twitching at the absolutely delicious smell of the stew cooking away on top of the stove. Oh, his lovely little girlfriend must have prepared a dinner for the both of them to enjoy together, the dark skinned man mused to himself, closing the front door behind himself and locking it. 

It hadn’t been easy, getting close enough to infect you with his Stand. Steely Dan had had his eye on you for a very, very long time - almost a year now, in fact. At first, Dan had simply seen you as a curiosity, a pretty little thing to admire from afar, too good for a criminal such as himself. Then, as he’d gradually gotten to know you, following you around, interacting with you as a variety of different shop assistants, he’d slowly found himself getting more attached to you. After so long, following you, studying your daily life, interacting with you under the guise of a helpful employee or shop owner, Steely Dan could no longer deny himself the pleasure of having you all to himself. It’s why he had finally sent the Lovers with you the last time you bought produce at his ‘uncle’s’, wanting to know how exactly he could get into your apartment and making double sure that you lived by yourself.

Now, Steely Dan stood comfortably in the heart of your home, basking in the homey atmosphere, his heart fluttering slightly at the thought of keeping you as his pretty girlfriend. Making sure his steps were light, he carefully walked over to your bedroom, pausing outside and leaning against the wall beside the slightly open crack of your door. Ah, so you had finished your bath and were drying yourself off now, picking out a set of cute pajamas to wear for your evening in. Steely Dan watched hungrily, admiring the curve of your hips as you let your towel drop to the floor around your body. Gods, but how many nights had he imagined the sight of you like this, naked, vulnerable, putting your body on display for him, teasing him until he was hard and aching for you. Swallowing thickly, the black-haired man pressed your bedroom door open slowly, mentally sending a signal to the Lovers, watching with satisfaction when you crumpled to the floor with an agonised scream.

It was a good thing your apartment was so soundproof.

You sobbed and curled up in a ball, an overwhelming wave of pain rushing through your form, causing your limbs to twitch and convulse. What the fuck was happening to you?! Where did this pain suddenly come from?! Were you having a heart attack?! Your panicked thoughts rushed through your mind, your teary eyes going wide with shock and horror as a pair of long legs walked into your field of vision. Long, rough fingers grabbed your chin, your face turned up to lock gazes with the man you recognised as the grocers nephew. You gasped, arching as more pain rushed through your body, your vision going blurry, hearing him murmur softly from very far, far away. 

Be good for me baby. We wouldn’t want to see those tears again... let’s get you home.”

Chapter Text

“Baaaaaaaabe? Miele mio, carina (Y/N), won’t you pay some attention to me?” 

You sighed at Narancia’s whining, your laptop whirring away quietly from its perch on the table, a half finished essay blinking at you brightly. Goddamnit, you’d told everyone that you would be way, wayyyyy too busy to be bothered today. Deciding to ignore Narancia for now, your cracked your fingers, mind immediately setting back to the task, before you were once more jolted out of your concentration by a pair of hands jabbing into your sides, “Ow! Narancia, what the hell dude?” You snapped, finally turning to the rather annoying menace that was one of your roommate’s friends, a wide, sparkling and almost disturbing grin stuck to his face, “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

The black-haired man pouted, draping his arms around your shoulders, the close proximity making your skin crawl with how weird it all was, “Awwww, c’mon, (N/N)! I’m soooooooo bored! I came all this way just to see you and you’re just ignoring meeeeeee,” You grimaced as Narancia’s words, the young man pressing his cheek to your and rubbing your faces together. God, but he was weird - the two of you weren’t even friends, and yet Narancia had no problem with touching you in ways you wished he wouldn’t, “What’re you even working on that’s taking all of your attention away from me anyway?” Narancia huffed, pouting as he glared down at your laptop and you sighed in aggravation. Maybe if you indulged him he’d leave you alone? It was worth a try - this essay was due tomorrow and Narancia was being way too loud and distracting for you to be able to concentrate on your work.

“It’s an essay for school about the effects of tourism in Italy, specifically, Napoli and Rome,” You explained simply, glancing at the black-haired man to see a curious, interested glint in his gaze, your cheeks turning a light pink in embarrassment at how close he was, “I’m supposed to discuss how tourists who visit the country often cause huge amounts of distraction, and sometimes destruction, towards Italian heritage and history sites and what this causes for the native people that live here. It’s a pretty interesting phenomenon - did you know that the Michelangelo’s David statue that’s on display for the public to see isn’t actually the original? It’s a professionally made replica specifically made so people can view it; the actual David is inside a building where it’s being carefully looked after because so many years outside at the mercy of the elements have made some of the details extremely fragile,” If you had noticed the quiet, intense focus Narancia placed upon you, you might have paused in your sudden excitement to share so much and shooed him off. The young man wasn’t actually really interested in what you were talking about - after all, it was all university school work and he wasn’t that interested in history on principle - but the fact that you were speaking so passionately to him grabbed Narancia’s attention.

Gods, but you were just so cute, he thought to himself dreamily, watching the previously bored look on your face morph into an excited smile as you babbled on about how long Michelangelo took to make his David. Narancia hadn’t really expected that he’d end up liking any of Fugo’s new roommates when his friend had decided to go back and finish his degree, but he’d been pleasantly surprised to meet such a cute girl like yourself. Humming, Narancia rested his chin on your shoulder, relishing the attention you showered him in now, your voice a soothing balm to the dark, possessive thoughts that surrounded his mind whenever he was around or away from you. He didn’t know what you were talking about, but he didn’t really care anyway - just basking in your presence as you spoke. He could hear the slight ‘ticka-ticka-tack-tack-tack’ from your hands typing up your essay as you spoke, “Hmmm, you’re so amazing, (Y/N)~,” Narancia purred, ducking his face into the crook where your neck and shoulder met, unable to stop himself from pressing a light kiss to the soft skin there, “So pretty and smart - you’re really the whole package deal, huh?”

Your previous stream of words came to a stuttering halt at Narancia’s words, the black-haired young man watching as your cheeks turned a bright red at his words. You were quiet for a bit, before you managed to peep out a nervous, “Uhm, thanks,” glancing at him before you slowly started talking about your essay once more. Narancia hummed, sliding his arms and hands down from your shoulders to wrap around your waist, practically draping his body against yours, making you more and more aware of exactly how close he was now. Your heart thumped heavily in your ears, a strange, dangerous energy filling the room, an unsettling tension coiling in the pit of your gut. Something was wrong... for some reason you felt the need to get up and run away from the situation. You’d never been this freaked out by Narancia before - sure, you’d felt that something wasn’t quite... right about your roommate’s best friend, but god, this was far weirder and more off putting than anything else Narancia had done in the past.

You jolted when both of Narancia’s hand grabbed your breasts, squeezing and massaging the soft flesh, a breathy groan leaving him, warm breath brushing over your neck and shoulder. You squeaked and froze, unsure what to do, something instinctive in the back of your mind telling you not to make any sudden moves or try to pull Narancia’s hands off of your breasts, “Oh? Carina, your tits are so soft... and you’re not wearing a bra, are you? Naughty little thing,” Narancia purred thickly and you cursed yourself for not washing your bras earlier, thinking you’d be by yourself in your apartment while all of your roommates had class. It was just your luck that the black-haired best friend of Fugo’s would come around to ‘wait for him’. Naranica hummed happily, hands shifting over your breasts, your nipples hardening to poke through the thin material of your shirt, “Y’know (Y/N)... I don’t think I’ve ever confessed that I love you... so much,” Narancia practically moaned, pressing the front of his body almost impossibly closer, the increasingly obvious and hard bulge of his cock poking into the middle of your back,”Hmmmm, you have no idea to what limits I’d go to prove that to you.”

“N-Narancia, stop!” You managed to stutter out, the feeling of his slim fingers pinching your nipples harshly jolting you out of your fearful stillness. You tore away from him, your hand coming up to smack him angrily, only for the black-haired young man to easily catch your hand in his. He cooed, forcing your fingers to link with his, Narancia turning your hands to kiss the back of yours, a dark, hungry look in his gaze, “What’s gotten into you?! We barely know each other - why the fuck did you think it’d be appropriate for you to t-touch me like that!” You shuddered when the darkness in Narancia’s eyes shifted slightly, instinctively trying to lean away from him as far as you could, only for the young man to lean further into you.

“Oh carina, I can touch you like that because you’re mine,” Narancia crooned, voice thick with possessiveness, a disturbingly soft look on his face. You swallowed thickly at his words, (E/C) eyes darting around to try and find a way to exit the situation. Narancia hummed and reached out, cupping your cheek and stroking the soft skin with his thumb, voice sure as he spoke his next words just before the door opened, “It won’t be much longer before you give in and let me have you. You know you belong to me, (Y/N)... it’d be for the best if you just let it happen.”

You stared in frozen horror at the black-haired man. Fugo’s voice rang out in the apartment, Narancia’s face morphing into a bright, excited and boyish expression as he turned to face his best friend. You swallowed thickly as Narancia gave your hand a light squeeze before he pulled away from you, bouncing over towards Fugo, the two of them heading out to lunch together. Fugo briefly paused to invite you out of politeness, which you immediately shot down, “I-I have to finish my essay that’s due tomorrow,” You excused, refusing to look in Narancia’s direction, the feeling of his dark eyes watching you intensely sending chills down your spine. You continued to face the apartment’s front door even after they shut it, waiting until you could no longer hear the two men speaking before you allowed yourself the luxury to relax. Your hand pressed to your chest, heart thumping wildly as you realised exactly how much danger you were in.

You had to leave. You knew it would be for the best. There was no way Narancia would be able to find you if you moved out, right?

Chapter Text

You and your friends should have run.

The desperate screams of your group rang out in the dark cave, cracking bones and squelching, gurgling sounds a loud cacophony drilling into your mind. Your arms ached from holding up your weakened body, the skin of your wrists straining not to break underneath the cold metal of your chains. You supposed that the darkness was a blessing, to spare your (E/C) eyes from the carnage the beast wrought. Still, the sounds of desperate sobbing pleas, the thick choked off begging for mercy, were enough to leave you shaking with terror. It wouldn’t be much longer before you would be taken off the chains and killed alongside the rest, you were certain, bile clinging to the back of your throat, tears spilling silently from your empty gaze. You had long since given up trying to beg the beast to spare your friends’ lives, your previous attempts at bargaining going unheard.

It was supposed to be a simple job. Gods, it was supposed to be the last job for most of you! You were supposed to get paid an incredible amount of money to rid a dying village of their personal Naga pest. 

You should have known better when you stepped foot into the village and saw the destruction the beast had wrought. Something, vague and discomforting, echoed in the back of your mind, memories of a village burning to ash as blood was senselessly spilled, drifting behind your gaze. The return of some old, repressed memory should have been enough for you to convince the others to leave - after all, you were not one to ignore any hints of your past. Yet, you had kept your mouth shut, your unease unvoiced as you and the others walked into the woods.

Those poor, poor villagers. You doubted they had stuck around longer than the first day after you disappeared.

You flinched when the last voice crackled and faded into nothing, your blank gaze shutting in pain at the wet, dying gurgle of your name. A large body slithered over to you, clawed hands wet with blood cupping the sides of your face despite your efforts to try and jerk away. The beast crooned at you, his hot, fetid breath washing over your face, mouth and nose nuzzling yours in a disturbing display of affection, “Oh, cara mia, I’m so happy I finally found you,” The Naga cooed, voice a thick purr, the scent of coppery blood stinging your nose and mouth as you inhaled raggedly with fear, your eyes shut as you refused to open them to lock gazes with the creature that would surely kill you as well, “I knew I would eventually find you if I kept attacking all those villages. It’s been so, so many years, amore, since I’ve had the pleasure of seeing your beautiful face again... come now, won’t you open your eyes and let me see those pretty tears of your again?”

You sobbed at the beasts words, a whine rebounding from your chest as you desperately shook your head, “I-I-I don’t know what you’re t-t-talk-talking about!” You managed to stutter out, the Naga humming softly as he continued to stroke your cheeks, the blood on his hands drying, his skin sticking uncomfortably to yours, “Who are y-you?! Wh-why are you doing this?! I don’t un-understand!” You cried, tears escaping from beneath the seal of your eyelids, only for you to snap them open as the creature slithered closer, his hips grinding against yours. You screamed and tried to buck away, your legs kicking out as you struggled, the thin skin around your wrists finally breaking, rivulets of blood trickling down your arms, “N-No! No!” You sobbed, the pink-haired Naga sighing in bliss as he managed to slot his pelvis between your flailing legs, pinning you down against the cave wall.

“Oh, tesoro, shh, shh, there’s no need for you to cry and fight me, I won’t hurt you, it’s me, Doppio, your beloved, after all, shh,” The beast hushed, pressing soft kisses across your face, a hum of joy vibrating through his chest, your tender, sensitive and exposed nipples becoming hard from the sensation. Slowly, he ground his hips lazily against yours, and you froze in fear at the feeling of two, slick and throbbing cocks gliding over your unclothed cunt, “So silly of you to ask why I’m doing this - it’s for you, of course! Killing for you is my favourite hobby, carina mia, oh, shh, it’s alright, no one else will ever take you away from me again, shh,” You whimpered when you felt the hands cupping your face begin stroking down your neck, your chest, his soft, warm skin rubbing against yours. You hated that the soothing croon of his voice was calming you down, his words ringing through your mind and reaching something deep within your body - no, your soul - that responded and settled the fearful anxiety that caused you to lash out against him. Doppio giggled, the sound sickly sweet, your sniffling little whimpers like music to his sensitive ears. Oh, how warm and soft you were, here in his arms, finally in the place you belonged, Doppio thought to himself, his hands continuing their trail down your body, one dipping between your thighs to rub the small nub of your clit, delighted to find your labia slightly damp. Ah, so you hadn’t forgotten him as much as he had feared, “Ohhhh, shh, I know what you need from be, bambina, it’s alright, just give me a little kiss, hmm? Just a little kiss and everything will be alright, yes, that’s it, open your mouth for me.”

Unconsciously, you found that you were following Doppio’s instructions, your mouth parting slightly as the pink-haired Naga slanted his mouth over yours in a hungry kiss. You felt warm and woozy, the clawed fingers rubbing over your pussy no longer feeling invasive and foreign but warm and pleasant. You mewled, tipping your head back with a small sigh, allowing yourself to sink into the kiss and little caresses of Doppio’s hands. A long, forked tongue flicked and tangled with your own, your juices beginning to drip out of you, two thick digits sinking into your pussy. You arched your back, hips bucking to try and get away... or to get closer, inner, sensitive walls clenching around the intrusion and drawing Doppio’s fingers in deeper. The thick, sticky saliva from the Naga was, unbeknownst to you, filled with an aphrodisiac, your blood heating up with desire the longer Doppio kissed you, “Mmngh, hahh, D-Doppio...” You moaned, breaking the kiss, bound hands clenching painfully above you. The Naga hummed and nuzzled a quick kiss to your temple, licking and sucking his way down your neck and to the crook of your shoulder, where he paused and allowed his tongue to flick against the sensitive skin, “Wh-what are you doing to me-! AH!” You cried out and arched up into Doppio’s mouth, his fangs sinking into your flesh like butted, pumping you with even more aphrodisiac venom. You whimpered, (E/C) eyes rolling to the back of your head, losing yourself to the storm of pure bliss that filled you.

Doppio pulled his fangs out of your shoulder the moment he scissored his fingers inside you and sunk a third digit as well, working you open steadily for his cocks, not wanting to end up hurting or tearing your open despite how wet he could feel you were, “There we go, doesn’t that feel so much better, amore mia?” Doppio crooned sweetly, licking the blood from your shoulder lazily, a shiver wracking down his spine at the breathy cries of his name that spilled from his lips, “Oh I know, carina, I know, it feels so good, doesn’t it? Hmm, I can feel how wet you are, you want me to fill you with my cocks darling? It’s really too bad that you came too late for breeding season,” The pink-haired Naga continued to work you open, your skin flushing with pleasure as you wrapped your legs weakly around his thighs, trying to draw him closer to you, “Hmmh, hahh, ahh, it doesn’t matter, we can always try next year to see how beautiful you’ll look, heavy and full with my brood.”

“Doppio please,” You begged raggedly, rocking your hips into the lazy thrusts of the Naga’s hand, your clit grinding into his palm and sending tingles of arousal up your spine, “Please, please, I nnnnneed you, ah, hahh, need you inside me, I-oh-hnngh, hahh, please,” Doppio crooned, pulling his fingers from your twitching, desperate cunt, gripping his cocks and slowly sinking them into your clutching heat, “Oh! Oh, yes, yesyesyesyesyes, hahh, thank you, yes, hmgnh, hahh, please,” You mouth was slack and drooling with pleasure, Doppio’s clawed hands holding your hips still so he could set a slow, languid pace, the Naga taking his time and relishing the warm, wet walls of your cunt pressing and massaging his dicks. You moaned, your thighs clenching as you tried to get him to go faster, deeper, harder, his pelvis rubbing your throbbing, sensitive clit with each toe curling-ly delicious inwards stroke of his cocks, the heads hitting your g-spot head on and leaving you absolutely drenched in your own slick. Doppio hummed as he felt your juices smear over his pelvis and trickle down the length of his tail before puddling messily on the ground below him. Hmm, he’d have to bring you to the den after he’d mated you, the scent of blood and sex sure to catch the attention of the other monsters that called with forest home. 

The pink-haired Naga sighed with bliss, pressing his full body against yours, his thrusting picking up speed and force as pleasure began to coil in the pit of his stomach. Full from a warm meal and mating with his perfect little mate, Doppio felt content and affectionate, the coppery, almost sweetly-rotting scent of the corpses of those that had stolen you from him actually egging him on, arousing him even further than he had thought possible. He was consistently slamming his hips against yours in shallow, harsh bursts, your voice babbling and crying out his name so sweetly, “Hmmhahh, oh, hahh, hmgn, you’re so tight, mio dolce piccolo compagno umano, so warm and wet and aching for me, perfect, absolutely beautiful,” He couldn’t stop the praise from spilling from his lips in low, hissing grunts, his hazel eyes, darkened with lust and triumph, watching the pretty expressions you made for him, mouth open and moaning, your (E/C) gaze hazy and filled with pleasure. He was sure if your hands were free, you would be clinging to his desperately, your weak little nails digging into his skin in an effort to get him to give you more. You whined, on the edge of coming, your whole body pink and hot with want, slurring, incomprehensible words falling from your lips like a waterfall, Doppio smiling affectionately at the absolute mess he’d made of you, “That’s it, carina, it’s alright, cum for me, I want to feel how tight your soft pussy will get when you cum on my cocks, let me feel how wet you’ll make my scales, hmgnh, yes, cum for me, cum for me, cum, cum, hahh, there we go~!”

You wailed as you were pushed over the edge, following Doppio’s instructions mindlessly, your whole body convulsing with the strength of your release. You cunt clamped down around his twin girths, juices gushing out of your milking, quivering walls, the tightness drawing his cocks impossibly deeper inside you, trying to get the heads to press right up against the entrance to your womb. Doppio groaned huskily, his hips stilling, his whole body pressing against yours, cocks twitching and spilling cum in messy, thick bursts inside your twitching walls. Doppio hummed lazily, slumping against you, weighing you down and causing your lightheaded, delirious mind to shut down as you fell unconscious. Noticing that you had gone still, Doppio whipped up his head in concern, noting your peaceful, slack face and heavy breathing and chuckled softly with affection. Ahhh, you were so cute, all tuckered out from getting fucked mindless by your Naga mate. Nuzzling your face lovingly, Doppio slowly pulled his softening cocks out of you, a veritable flood of mixed cum spilling out of your poor, overworked pussy, dripping down your inner thighs to pool messily on the ground below you. 

Nose twitching, Doppio picked up the subtle scents and sounds of several other monsters making their way to his location. Sighing lowly in aggravation, the pink-haired Naga released your bindings and bundled you up in his arms, slithering out of the back of the cave and into the cool, dark forest, heading back to the secluded, cosy and safe den he’d built just for the two of you. He couldn’t wait for when you woke up, intent to mate and mark you over and over and over again until you were round, heavy and full of his brood. 

Chapter Text

Ugh, this day was so... boring.

You dried the dishes you’d used this morning to plate Kira’s food, the bracelets locked to your wrists jingling cheerfully as you did so. You’d long grown used to having to wear your captor’s ‘insurance’ pieces, the knowledge that the two small, silver pieces of jewelry were just a ticking time bomb that only Kira could control having halted any of your worse escape attempts as time had gone on. Right now, if this had been just a few days after you were first kidnapped from your apartment, you would have been trying anything and everything to break the bracelets off your wrists, only to be left bruised and battered from your efforts, your pride and determination worn as you made a hearty dinner for the man who kept you locked away in his mansion.

You sighed as you wiped your hands dry, picking up the plates and putting them away, making sure everything was left neat and almost obsessively tidy. You planted your hands on your hips and looked over the kitchen, trying to spot any hint of mess just in case, knowing that if there was you would end up eating out of a food bowl like a dog once more. You shuddered at the idea, the fresh humiliation of last weeks punishment still on your mind. You swallowed thickly, breathing a soft sigh of relief when you saw everything was spotless. 

Great. Looks like you’d have nothing to do for the rest of the day!


Just like everyday...

“Ugh,” You grumbled, slowly walking through the opulent mansion, ducking into each and every room, only to be disappointed to see that it was all clean. You hesitated briefly outside of Kira’s room, before opening the door and checking inside, relieved to see that everything was neatly in its place - your eyes skipping over the custom dog bed you were forced to sleep in when you were ‘bad’ - before you noticed there was a slight wrinkle in the blankets. Shuffling over, you moved to fix the small blemish, picking up the pillows to fluff them carefully before the smell of Kira’s cologne hit you. You tensed, biting your lower lip, cheeks flushing slightly in mortification when you felt a low, hot, burning want in the pit of your belly, “Nope, nope, no, nuh-uh, we’re not turned on by the smell of that absolute creep,” You snapped to yourself, hands digging into the pillow angrily, inhaling another breath of Kira’s cologne, your pussy tightening and starting to get wet with lust. 

What was with you today?! You quickly put the pillow back down, intending to step away and leave the room so you could just lounge around the house in boredom as you did everyday while Kira was away. The arousal coursing through your veins had you pause, though, realising that it had been a while since you’ve had any sort of relief, Kira refusing to touch you while you had to live through your punishment, no matter the fact that you were naked and collared for the whole week. You swallowed thickly, hands rubbing nervous little circles into the material of your pants. Surely... surely it wouldn’t hurt to, uhm, play with yourself just a little, right? You glanced at the clock, relaxing when you saw that there was at least another hour to the day before the blond would return home and you would have to get started on dinner.

That was plenty enough time for you to get off... right?

Mulling over the pros and cons, you slowly lowered yourself to lay on the bed, your body tense as you. A thrill of excitement rushed through you, the fact that you were doing something so... forbidden, so against Kira’s well thought out and carefully controlled rules, made your pulse flutter, your hands beginning to rub up and down your body. You allowed your left hand to slide up your shirt, shuffling to sit up so you could toss the item of clothing off to the side and lay back down, Kira’s heady scent cloying round you, a soft moan falling from your lips when your left and cupped your breast. Oh... you tipped your head back and allowed your (E/C) eyes to flutter shut, the whispy strokes of the metal bracelet against your heated skin sending shivers up your back, your fingers pinching your hardened nipple lightly, “Ohhh... mmh,” You mewled, your right hand rubbing light, smooth circles into the soft, sensitive skin of your pelvis, the touches gradually making their way down, down, down, until two of your fingers swiped over your sensitive, throbbing clit. Pleasure washed through your body like a smooth, gentle wave, your fingers dipping down lower greedily, gliding easily between your surprisingly soaked labia.

Damn... it really had been a while, huh?

You arched your back as you slowly sunk two of your fingers into your aching cunt, a breathy moan falling from your lips at the slight stretch. Oh, gods, that felt good! Your left hand remained at your breast, pinching and flicking your nipple, massaging the soft flesh as you began to pump the fingers of your right hand in and out, in and out of your pussy. Your palm ground into your clit, the blood rushing in your ears deafening you to the creak of Kira’s door opening, the blond having left work early due to a fire at the office.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t catch you?”

You jumped in surprise at the low voice of your captor, a gasp of fear leaving your throat. You quickly tried to snatch your hand away from between your thighs, the two fingers you had buried knuckle deep in your pussy accidentally dragging over your g-spot, a lewd whine spilling from your lips. You felt a strong, broad hand grip your right hand, the skin still wet with your slick, forcing your fingers to thrust harshly back inside your quivering pussy, a lot harder and rougher than you had been doing before. Surprised, hazy (E/C) eyes flew up to lock with the lust darkened blue ones of Kira, the blond man moving to kneel on the bed beside you. He looked down at you coolly, his right hand forcing you to thrust your fingers at a rough pace inside your cunt, your hips jerking and bucking into the feeling, gasping moans falling from your lips. His free hand moved to grab your left hand, pulling the smaller hand towards his body and down to cup the obvious bulge at the front of his pants. You moaned hotly, a needy “Kira-ah-hahh,” falling from you like a waterfall.

“Naughty girl, playing with yourself while your Master is at work,” Kira crooned lowly, his words pulling a mewl from you, his hand letting go of yours with the obvious intent that you continue thrusting your fingers in your pussy, scissoring the two digits and grinding up against your palm, “Look at what a mess you’ve made of my sheets... bad girl. You enjoy what I do to you so much that you couldn’t control yourself until I got home, hmm?” You tried to shake your head, shame and lust warring for control in the pit of your stomach, only to whine when Kira slapped your clit sharply, “Ah, ah, ah, don’t lie to me, you little slut. Now, use that pretty hand of yours to do something useful and get me off, hmm? I want to cum all over that soft little belly of yours - because that’s what dirty girls get, don’t they?” You whimpered, but did as he ordered, your left hand opening the front of Kira’s pants and pulling his cock and balls out, slowly beginning to stroke up the hard, throbbing girth, a bead of precome dribbling hotly over your fingers and making the glide a little smoother. The blond groaned lowly, his right hand coming back down between your thighs, one of his thick fingers thrusting in beside your own, the new stretch and texture having you arching your back with a cry, “That’s it, what a good little bitch, hmmm, your hands are so soft, darling, so perfect when they’re wrapped around my cock.’

“Ahh, ahn, nghahh, oh, f-fuhck, Kira, please,” You mewled, rocking your hips up into each hard thrust of your and his fingers inside you, the pleasure coiling in the pit of your belly getting tighter and tighter with each thrust, each degrading word that spilled from the blond’s lips, “Hahh, oh god, hahh, I-I’m sorry f-for messing, hmgnh, the sh-sheets u-HAHH-up, hahh, please I’m so c-close, please, please, lemme cum, I-I-hng!” Kira chuckled lowly, the wide, smooth pad of his thumb rubbing hard little circles into your clit, darkened blue eyes watching hungrily as you arched up desperately. Your hand busy with stroking his cock double in speed and tightness, the telltale throb of his cock letting you know that the blond was close to cumming just as you were, “Hahh, please, please, I’ll be good, I’ll be so good, please lemme cum!” You mewled desperately, mouth open and gasping, Kira slanting his lips over yours with a low, hot groan. 

Your captor kissed you deeply, swallowing down your mewling and whining, your pleas and cries of his name. As he kissed you, he made sure to thrust his and your fingers inside you just the slightest bit deeper, the pads of the three digits rubbing harshly over your g-spot. Breaking the kiss, Kira huskily ordered, “Cum for me,” and you immediately did so, practically screaming your release, head tipped back, back arched and on display. The sight of you wracked with such pleasure and the tight grip of your hand around his cock had the blond following soon after you with a low groan, his cum spurting out of his cock thickly, spraying your chest in his hot, sticky spend. You mewled softly and Kira cooed, keeping his finger buried to the knuckle inside your twitching, milking cunt even as your own slipped out, your body going slack against the bed. Tutting lowly, he pulled his fingers from you, his cock going soft, no longer held in your hand as you panted and tried to recover from your orgasm, “Look at the mess you’ve made... such a bad, bad girl, you are,” Kira purred, relishing the flight flinch and soft whimper you released at his words, watching as the blond pulled his finger out of you, bringing the soaked digit up to his mouth to lick it clean, “It seems another punishment is in order. How about we put you in a chastity belt, hmm? That way you won’t be able to play with yourself while I’m gone.”

Chapter Text

Running wasn’t an option anymore.

You stared out at the sea of villagers, betrayal weighing heavily in your chest. You had spent so long, denying the beast his desires, and now it was all for nothing due to the selfish actions of your village. 

 You could understand. They had children, mothers, fathers, other loved ones who were more important than the hermit girl that lived close to the woods. Your sacrifice was to ensure the safety of the rest.

It still stung. 

You were quickly herded outside the village gates, your leader wishing you luck, before leaving you to stand there in the cold and the dark, naked as the day you were born. You flinched, hearing the low, echoing ‘thunk’ of the gates shutting behind you, barely biting back a whimper. No, no you would not give in so easily. You could still outrun the Naga, N’Doul, if you needed to. Your grandmother had told you stories of the world outside the monster forest. If you were careful, you would be able to survive the rest of the night and escape on the other side by morning.

The rustle of the undergrowth caught your attention, something long and heavy making its way to where you stood. You didn’t hesitate. Like a bolt of lightning, your feet pumped across the ground beneath you, heart hammering in a wild beat inside the cavity of your chest. You would not let yourself be caught. You heard the low, pleased hiss, your predator picking up speed in his pursuit of you. You swore you could feel the heavy breaths of the beast right behind you. Surely, he was just toying with you, undoubtedly faster and stronger than you were. 

Whenever you heard his body shift to a certain direction, you made sure to zip the opposite way. N’Doul was right on your tail, the chase sending a rush of adrenaline through you, the feeling mingling with the food and drink you’d been given just before the run. Panting breaths burst from your mouth, your arms pumping and body tilted forwards. You were blind, deaf and numb to anything outside of the immediate chase, your desperate need to get away filling your very being.

Of course, of course you were foolish to believe the Naga would not have some trick up his sleeve. N’Doul chuckled, low and menacing, herding you in the direction of his den, intent on mating you in the comfort and security of your shared home. He was right behind you, close enough to reach out and pick you up with ease, his claws teasingly raking down your spine, leaving slight welts against your skin. You released a breathy whine, the sound shooting a thrill of arousal down N’Doul’s spine. He could smell that the den was just a few more loping paces ahead, the Naga getting impossibly closer, almost looming above you, “Such a perfect little mate you are,” He purred, chasing you through the entrance of his cave, deeper and deeper until you were in the heart of the den, his arms wrapping around you crying, fighting form, lifting you from the ground and hauling you into the large, spacious and warm nest of blankets, leaves, pillows and shed skin he’d made just for the two of you, “But you forget darling: I’m a starved predator and you’re my only prey.”

You wept, open and bitterly, your body going limp with exhaustion in N’Doul’s firm embrace. The Naga crooned at you, laying you out on the surprisingly comfortable nest, immediately coiling his larger body around yours to ensure you would be unable to escape him, “Please...” You managed to pant, squirming weakly as N’Doul began to palm over your body hungrily, his unseeing eyes hooded with lust. You gasped and arched your back, feeling one of his clawed hands cup and squeeze your breast, the other rubbing at your surprisingly wet labia, “N-No, please, don’t-!” You cries choked off as N’Doul slammed his mouth down against yours with a groan, two fingers slipping into your soaked cunt with ease, careful with his claws so he didn’t accidentally cut you open. The thumb rubbed over your throbbing clit, your mouth falling open with a muffled moan, granting the Naga’s forked tongue access to dance with your own. N’Doul devoured your mouth hungrily, intent to mark you so primally there would be no doubt as to who you belong to. His fingers thrust in and out of your wet heat, desperate to stretch you open enough for his cocks, which ground over your labia, smearing the already soaked folds with thick precome.

You whimpered when he broke the kiss, nipping and sucking his way down your neck and shoulders. Though N’Doul was tempted to sink his fangs into your throat and pump you full with his aphrodisiac venom, he wanted you completely aware of your surroundings, your memories clear and focused as he filled you with egg after egg. His underbelly felt heavy and swollen with the eggs he’d made sure to keep inside his pouch, intent on filling you up when the village finally, understandably, gave into his demands, his brood still unfertilised and ready to be pushed into your warm, soft womb, “Hmmm, good girl, so good for me, my sweet mate, hahh, hmmm, you like the way I touch you, don’t you, darling?” You shook your head desperately, only to cry out when N’Doul spread his fingers and slipped a third inside you, working your cunt open quickly, “Lying doesn’t suit you, (Y/N), habibi, we both know that you’re enjoying my affections,” the Naga emphasised his words by curling his fingers and rubbing them against your slick walls, feeling the way you tilted your head back, a guttural moan caressing his sensitive ears, “Ahhh, yesssssss, that’s it, that’s the sounds I love to hear you make.”

“Please, ah, hahh, N’Doul, oh, fuck,” You mewled, rocking your hips into his thrusting hand, allowing yourself to get lost in the sensations that rocked through your body, unwilling to admit just how much you were actually enjoying this. Your thighs trembled and your hips stuttered in their movements when the Naga pulled his fingers from your dripping core, his cocks lining up against your entrace. You felt panic flutter in your chest at the obvious difference in girth, your hands coming up to his shoulders, nails pricking into the smooth skin as you tried to weakly push him away, “Please, no, no, it won’t fit, they won’t fit in me, N’Doul, please, don’t-!” You arched your back and screamed in mixed pleasure and pain, N’Doul kissing your cheeks, nose, eyelids, lips, all over your face affectionately as he slammed both twitching, hot cocks inside you at once. The stretch was agonising, your hands no longer trying to push N’Doul away, but drawing him closer, clinging to him with desperate gasps. The Naga crooned and held still, both of his hands cupping your soft belly, massaging the tense skin there, encouraging your muscles to relax and loosen their vice-like grip around his twin girths, “‘s too much!” You hiccupped loudly, “Please, I can’t, it’s t-too much!”

“Shhhhh, just relax, my little mate, you’ll get used to it darling,” N’Doul continued to soothe you, relishing the way your warm body held onto his, your inner muscles clenching and relaxing, your shaking slowly coming to a stop as you got used to the stretch. You little whimper of his name had the Naga slowly pull out of you, thrusting back in shallowly, only an inch or two of his dicks becoming exposed to the warm air between the two of you as N’Doul tried to keep himself buried inside your tight cunt as much as possible. Soft, affectionate praise fell easily from his lips, his voice further lulling your overwhelmed mind into a sense of security, the burning, painful intrusion gradually fading into nothing but please, “There we go, hmmm, doesn’t that feel so good? Yes, that’s it, just let me take care of you, let me breed you full, fill you with my eggs... you just have to lay back and take them, darling, yesssss, that’s it, good girl,” You whined at N’Doul’s words, hips beginning to ruck up into the Naga’s smooth, shallow thrusts, the split at the base of his cocks trapping your clit between them and tugging on the sensitive bundle of nerves with each inwards swing of his hips. You mewled and pawed at him, back arching with pleasure, the coil of arousal in the pit of your belly clenching tighter with every movement of your mate. You hated it, hated how easily you gave in, how you just lay back and let N’Doul do as he pleased without even having to fill you with his venom - were you truly so weak in body and mind that you gave in so easily? Your breath and voice fell from your lips thickly, his name slurring from you with every thrusts, the pressure building up and up and up within your body.

N’Doul shifted his hips just the slightest bit, his face buried in the crook of your neck as he continued to fuck you, lazy, slow, intimate, his mouth biting and sucking dark bruises into the skin beneath his lips to mark you further. His clawed hands continued to knead your stomach, the gentle pressure seeming to help build up the orgasm bubbling away at the edge of your finger tips, the Naga’s soft declarations of love and intent of filling you with his brood drilling into your mind with the same slow intensity of his thrusts. You whimpered, desperately trying to clutch him closer, your body heating up with a need for more, your thighs slick from your own juices as the copious amount of muscle numbing precome that spilled from N’Doul’s cocks, preparing your cervix for the large clutch that would be laid in your warm, fertile womb. N’Doul gasped breathily, his hands digging into the soft meat of your belly, voice a low purr of satisfaction, “Oooh, yes, yes, there we go, take them inside you, take my brood, keep them warm and safe in your little belly, good girl, good girl, my sweet (Y/N),” He babbled, the first, hard swell of one egg slipping up into you, through his lower cock, the firm, oval shape rubbing smoothly against your sensitive inner walls and over your g-spot. You came with a soft, blissed out cry of N’Doul’s name, the Naga hissing and jerking his hips, encouraging the egg to roll deeper and deeper inside you, thrusting the head of his cock firmly against your cervix. 

The egg popped within your womb, big and heavy, shifting around until it settled against the walls, a soft, subtle bump underneath your skin and N’Doul’s hands being the only current evidence of your potential future child. One of your hands shakily moved down your body, your Naga taking note and shifting one of his to the side, allowing you to place yours over the swell in your belly, to feel as the skin stretched and grew. A second, third, fourth egg quickly rolled up through his cock and into your womb, shifting against their sibling to make room and settle inside you. You made a soft noise of discomfort, your hips both trying to pull away as you steadily got more and more full with each egg, but also wanting to grind closer to experience more of the unique, toe curling pleasure that washed down your spine. N’Doul cooed softly, turning his face to press a soft kiss to your cheek, lips against your ear as he murmured, low and full of lust, “Such a good girl, you’ll be the perfect mother to my brood, taking all of my eggs so, so well, hmmngh, that’s it, just a couple more, habibi, a few more eggs, yes, you can take them all can’t you? I kept all of them just for you, hahh, good girl, good mate, my sweet little (Y/N),” You whimpered and simply lay back, exhausted from the running and the fucking, your gaze hazy and far off as you felt your belly grow bigger and bigger, eggs shifting and moving against each other and your sensitive walls. There was a numbed sort of contentment that you felt, shame quickly following and mixing with the feeling, N’Doul breathing through the last few eggs before grinding impossibly closer. 

“O-oh-!” You gasped, feeling the Naga fill you up even further with thick, hot bursts of sticky cum, none of the fertilising material accidentally slipping out of your sensitive, overworked cunt. His cocks kept you plugged up, and for a moment you hoped that you’d be able to somehow push the eggs out of you, until you felt his orgasm taper off, the cum inside your womb and pussy congealing into a thick, almost jelly-like substance. You winced as N’Doul pulled out of you with a small sigh, his tail wrapping around your body, keeping you trapped against him as he praised you gently for taking his brood so well. Your hands shakily rested against the large bulge of your belly, your attention far off and hazy, a muted sense of despair curling in your chest.

“All mine now,” N’Doul crooned, cuddling up against you, sleepy and satisfied, “There’s nowhere you can go now that I won’t follow you, my precious mate.” 

Chapter Text

“Are you going to behave now, Omega?” Your Alpha rumbled from the newly opened door, your shivering body drenched in sweat, a puddle of your juices beneath you, both of your hands desperate scrabbling at the toy that had been so cruelly shoved into your poor, aching pussy nearly five hours ago. The harness around your waist kept you from being able to pull it out and fuck the toy, your heat making you shudder and sob for some kind of relief. Risotto walked slowly towards you, watching impassively as you sat in the puddle of your own mess, “Is this enough punishment for you to finally behave and let your Alpha breed you without a fight, carina?”

You whined and nodded, reaching up to Risotto, tears glittering in your (E/C) eyes, “Aaaaalphaaa, Alpha, please, ‘m sorry! Want my nest, want you inside me, it hurts Alpha, please,” You openly sobbed, the large man rumbling soothingly, one of his large hands cupping your cheek and stroking the damp skin. Your hands clutching his arm and you nuzzled your face into his rough palm, a thick, hiccup-y purr coming from the center of your chest, the absolute bliss of being in your Alpha’s presence, his pheromones and scent cloying your nose, was as close to heaven as you knew you could get, “Pl-please, Alpha, I’ll be good, I promise, just please take it out of me, it hurts, want your cock in me, your knot, please, need you to pup me!” You whimpered and Risotto sighed gently, a soft croon coming from your Alpha, the bite mark scarring your mating gland throbbing at the sound. 

“Hmmm... alright, shh, carina, come on now, that’s enough punishment for you today. Come along now, Omega,” Risotto hummed, lifting you up to stand on your swaying feet, only to realise you were too unstable to take another step, so overwhelmed by your heat and need. Cooing at the cute way you held onto him, Risotto carefully lifted you up into a princess carry, relishing the weight of you in his arms as he carried you out. You immediately buried your face into his unmarked scent glands, nuzzling and licking, drenching yourself in his musky, masculine scent. Risotto chuckled, closing the door to the bare, empty punishment room behind him, “Ahhh, Omega, be good for me, bambina. We wouldn’t want to see those tears again, would we?” You shook your head, moaning softly when the comforting warmth of your and Risotto’s shared room washed over your feverish body, the sight of your comfortable nest settling the fear and anxiety inside you immediately and making you go completely lax in Risotto’s arms, “There we go, that’s a good girl, now, let’s get this out of you.”

You lay back in your nest, happily snuggling up to the warm, soft pillows and blankets as Risotto laid you out in it. You hadn’t noticed how absolutely freezing the punishment room was, too busy burning up and desperate for stimulation, trying to pull the terrible toy out of your cunt, all the while begging Risotto to come back. You Alpha could be cruel, his strict discipline often keeping you in line - it was difficult to fight against him when every fibre of your being just wanted to submit, to let Risotto do as he pleased, “Please, Alpha,” You mewled, pawing weakly at his arms, your legs spread as he unclipped the harness keeping the toy buried inside you to the hilt, a gush of your juices flowing out of you and drenching the sheets. You whimpered, your cunt clenching around the toy, trying to keep it inside you despite how badly you didn’t want it to be anymore, “Please, I need you Ris... need you inside me, please, right here,” As your Alpha tossed aside the toy, you took one of his large, rough hands and pressed it to your sensitive, warm belly, arching up into his touch when he gripped the soft flesh and kneaded it with a light grown, “Need your cock inside me, please, you’re so big Alpha, so strong, wanna feel how strong and big you are.”

Your words were a thick, lusty purr, knowing exactly what you had to say to get exactly what your instincts demanded from your Alpha. Risotto huffed lightly at your change in tune, so different from the absolute spitfire you usually were, fighting and clawing at him, trying to escape before your heat hits again because you knew Risotto would spend the whole week sheathed inside your tight, wet pussy, breeding you over and over again, “Such a spoiled Omega,” He crooned lowly, gripping your thighs in each hand, firmly pushing them up and apart so you were bent in half, your pelvis tipped upwards, dripping pussy on display, “You like to play hard to get, but the moment your heat hits, you become so sweet and needy for me,” You mewled at Risotto’s words and actions, excitedly trying to buck up into him when you felt the head of his cock rub over your entrance, your Alpha’s knot already beginning to fill out slightly from how long he’d been forced to wander the house, the sweet scent of your heat beckoning for him, “Maybe I should have you beg for it, hmm, carina? After all the trouble you put me through today when I just wanted to help you build your pretty nest and fuck you slow and tender, I think I should make you work for the pleasure my cock could give you.”

“Noooooooooo!” You voice slurred, whining with need, your teary eyes looking up at Risotto with need and regret. You leaned up to press soft kisses to his lips, trying to appeal to the black and red eyed man’s nature, fearing that he might forcefully lock you back inside the punishment room, away from your warm comfy nest, away from Risotto and his amazing cock, “Please, ‘m sorry Alpha, I’ll be good, I’ll be so, so good, I promise,” You pleaded, rocking your hips against the leaking head of his dick as best you could in your currently pinned position, trying to entice him to fuck you, “Please? Please Alpha, don’t leave me alone again, wanna have you inside me, wanna feel you put a pup in me, please?” Risotto growled, low and rough, hands keeping you bent in half firmly, his hips shifting his hips to aim his cock better before plunging the full, thick girth into your stretched cunt. Your toes curled, head tipping back as you cried out, your mating mark prominently on display, your Alpha immediately descending to mark up your neck and shoulders properly, scenting you as he set a brutal, punishing pace with his thrusts.

“Greedy little thing, all you do is take, take, take what your Alpha gives you, puttanella, but you never give anything to me in return,” Risotto growled hotly, his full lips twisted in an angry snarl as his cock pounded into you, the loud, wet sounds of sex becoming a background cacophony to accompany your whimpers and moans of his name, “But that won’t happen anymore now, will it. I’ve grown tired of the game you like to play with me, Omega. You will submit to me, you will obey me, from now on, you understand? Tu sei mia, mia piccola troia perfetta, mia Omega,” You whined and nodded, thoughts hazy as you lost yourself to the full blown force of your heat, your subconscious absorbing Risotto’s words, his Alpha command striking you to your core and leaving you breathless and trembling with want, “You will take my knot, my cum, and carry my pups are you are meant to, because that’s what my good little Omega would do, do you understand, troia?” When you simply moaned and nodded, Risotto reached up and tangled his fingers through your hair, tugging your head back and tilting your face up, forcing you to look him in the eye, something dark and hungry in the pit of his red gaze, “I want to hear you say it, piccola puttanella, I want to hear you say you’re mine.”

You whined breathily, the pleasure rushing through your body tightening unbearably in the pit of your abdomen, the effects of being left empty and wanting for so many hours obvious with how close you were to tumbling over the edge of an intense orgasm, “’m yours, hahh, all yours Alpha, yours to fuck, t-to breed, oh! Hmngh, ahh, hahh, hhhh please, Risotto, Alpha, ‘m so close, I’ll be good, be your good Omega, promise, please, please lemme cum, fill me, please, wanna-” You swallowed thickly, the rational, headstrong part of you that was always supressed during your heat trying to break through, urging you to fight against your mate, to fight against Risotto’s Alpha command, but you couldn’t, “-wanna carry your pups, wanna be full with them, please!” Risotto rumbled in satisfaction, biting and sucking harshly at your mating mark, your combined scents pushing you closer and closer to the edge, the tug of his growing knot becoming larger with each thrust. You could feel it grind against your clit, edging you higher, the sweet taste of your release on the tip of your tongue.

“Then cum for me, cum around my knot, let me feel how badly you need your Alpha to fill you, Omega,” Risotto growled, his thrusts shallow, the large man no longer able to pull out of your clenching heat. You moaned as you tumbled over the edge of bliss, your cunt tightening like a vice around his throbbing knot, walls milking and thrumming with your heartbeat. Risotto groaned, his hips going still against yours completely, thick ropes of seed spilling out of him, filling you up to the brim and pooling at your cervix. You sighed softly, relaxing underneath Risotto, your scent satisfied and sweet, the part of you that always demanded you fight against your Alpha, your mate, had gone silent. You purred, tipping your head to the side and granting Risotto more access to your neck and bond mark, his tongue tracing over the scar.

You slowly but surely came back to yourself, a wave of self hatred washing through your body as you simply lay beneath Risotto and basked in his attention. You so, so badly wanted to shove him off, to tell him that you would never be his, but found that you were unable to. You sighed, body remaining lax in Risotto’s embrace, your Alpha soon satisfied with how thoroughly he had drenched you in his scent, turning the two of you over onto your sides so you faced one another. You refused to look him in the eye and he grumbled at that, but decided not to bother - after all, you had just given yourself completely to him in the heat of the moment, your mate ship now strengthened even further than it had previously been. Risotto felt smug and satisfied, finally having you right where he wanted you, under the effects of his command, unable to run away now no matter if you were collared traditionally or not. You hummed, unconsciously curling closer to him when his large hands rubbed over your belly, his soft lips pressing kisses to your cheek as he soothed the bitter feelings growing in your chest.

“Oh carina, it’s not so terrible, to be mine,” Risotto murmured, ignoring the angry glare you shot up at him, his hands rubbing over your body slowly, just relishing the feeling of you, soft and sweet against him. Even during your heats you would usually fight against him during the downswings, but now... now you just laid there, lax and easy going against him, “I’ve kept you safe, given you everything you could ever want or need, wooed you, what more could you ask of me. Isn’t it enough that I love you?” Guilt filled you at Risotto’s words, a wince curling your face as you realised that he was right. Though it was all done against your will, Risotto had been ‘the perfect Alpha’ towards you. You couldn’t deny the flutter in your chest whenever he fed you, or the satisfaction you felt when he scented you, but - but - but... you sighed tiredly, insecurity in your previous actions filling you. Risotto hummed, pulling you impossibly closer and kissing the top of your head, “Ahhh, non importa... one day you’ll realise for yourself that you are mine and that I won’t ever leave you again. It’s best you get used to that, carina.”

You grumbled something under your breath but didn’t bother trying to get away, even after his knot had shrunk. You winced when he pulled his softened cock from your cum filled pussy, your Alpha murmuring softly as he forced you back onto your back, tipping your hips up and holding you up like that. And you just... let him. 

Chapter Text

Crack. Snap. Gurgle. Heavy, muffled giggling. Pain, pain, pain so much pain, it hurts! White all around, too bright, too much, better close your eyes. Head spinning, feel sick. 

Cold. It’s so cold.

You wake up slowly, the disjointed nightmares from last weeks ‘session’ still plaguing your mind. Your eyes slowly open and you stare up, uncomprehendingly, at the dim white ceiling. You could hear the shuffles and thumps, the soft murmur of voices - undoubtedly Cioccolata and Secco, awake and up, preparing another bland but filling meal to feed you.

You sighed heavily and turned your head, exhausted gaze looking around at the spotless medical equipment. How long did you sleep? Your brow furrowed lightly as your gaze stopped wandering, staring at the unrecognizable, flayed and dissected corpse of some other poor bastard. Your foggy mind insisted, dully, that you knew who this was, but you were just so, so tired. You blinked and allowed you (E/C) eyes to skip over the remains; at least they hadn’t begun stinking up the room.

The heavy thumps of someone coming down the stairs brought you out of your idle room examinations, your face turning to the door to watch lazily as Cioccolata slammed open the door and stepped inside. You sighed in relief when you realised he wasn’t wearing his lab coat - another day would hopefully pass where you won’t be cut open, tortured and examined until you blacked out. Cioccolata grinned sharply when he saw you were awake, his face starkly devoid of his usual makeup, though it was clear that he was just getting ready for the day, “Well, well, buon giorno, mia tesorina, it’s good to see that you’ve finally woken up. How is my favourite little experiment feeling today, hmmm?” You winced at the doctor, but didn’t bother trying to get away from him, too tired and... relaxed?... to really try to fight.

Cioccolata pulled up one of the nearby stools, sitting on the uncomfortable looking chair and humming happily. In his hands he held a bowl full of greyish mush, the smell coming from it letting you know that it was some kind of porridge. Cioccolata’s humming came to a halt, a sharp frown curdling his previous cheery expression and you quickly realised why, “Mornin’ Cio,” You whispered tiredly, voice cracked and rough from the screaming and the week long sleep you’d just had. Licking your dry lips, you cleared your throat and watched carefully as Cioccolata relaxed, “’m doing okay... just woke up. Still tired,” You managed to whisper out, not wanting to raise your voice for fear that your vocal chords would just give out under the pressure. The green-haired doctor hummed at your words, studying you with discomforting intensity before he bent slightly, adjusting the examination table you feared you would be permanently strapped down to so that you were now tilted at and angle, “Y’know, it’d be easier if you’d just lemme sit up by myself.”

Cioccolata laughed in that disturbingly high pitched way of his, shooting you a condescending smirk, “Oh, carina, I know it would be, but that also means it’ll be easier for you to try and make an escape again,” You frowned slightly at his words, a strange sense of shame curling in the pit of your gut. You shook your head, opening your mouth to argue again, only for the doctor to shove a spoonful of porridge inside. You nearly choked, shooting a glare at him, but snapped your mouth shut and chewed until you swallowed, “There, it’s not so bad, hmm? If you’re good and finish all of your food I’ll let you off the table to walk around for a bit,” You perked up at the offer, mulling the idea over as you accepted another spoonful of porridge, chewing, swallowing, before nodding your assent. Your body throbbed slightly at the thought of being allowed up again - it’s been so long since you’ve been allowed to walk around. You didn’t even care that Cioccolata would have to be down here to monitor you and make sure you didn’t try to hurt yourself.

It didn’t take much longer before you had finished the food. You felt pleasantly full, a satisfied sigh passing your lips as warmth spread through your body - though the porridge had been bland and tasteless just like it always was, you were just glad you finally got something to eat again. Cioccolata chuckled when you shot him a timidly eager look, the green-haired doctor moving to undo your bindings. You let out a soft, happy noise, carefully moving to sit up, rubbing your raw wrists carefully. Your whole body shook slightly from the strain, but you were smiling, “Thank you Cioccolata,” You mumbled, shuffling to the edge of the table and carefully, with the doctor’s help, hopping off and onto the floor. Your legs nearly buckled out from under you and you were grateful that Cioccolata helped to hold you up. You hated that your gaze strayed back to the corpse on the other side of the room, a thrill of fear rushing down your spine at the sight. You just couldn’t shake the feeling that you knew them, “Can you help me walk around the room?” You asked softly, one hand clutching at the arm wrapped around your waist.

Cioccolata hummed, noticing your gaze straying every so often to the body he hadn’t had the foresight to clean up and discard yet, “Of course, carina, I’m more than happy to help you when you need it,” He crooned, grinning widely, slowly beginning to lead you around the room. Even when your legs had stopped their trembling, growing used to the use of your muscles, he still held on to you and you found that you... didn’t hate it as much as you knew you should. The only time you tried to jerk away from him was when Cioccolata walked a little too close to the dissected corpse, memories too fast to understand and too disjointed to try to make sense of danced across your vision. You instinctively knew you didn’t want to get any closer. Cioccolata’s grin slowly grew more and more malicious, his path around the room veering ever closer to the thing that you didn’t want to see, “Oh, you seem so tense, tesorina, I thought you wanted to be a good girl and walk around the room with me, hmm? Are you afraid of my work? Maybe we should give you a closer look, after all,” His voice grew dark, his grip around your waist tightening, forcefully dragging you closer to the corpse, “Killing for you is my new favourite hobby, after all. It’s too bad you weren’t awake to appreciate the screams with Secco and I.”

You whimpered and shook your head, desperately trying to pull away and get as far from the monstrous visage as you could. You felt panicky, terrified that something inside you will click and you’ll lash out, ending right back on the examination table and screaming yourself raw as pain rocked through your body again and again, “Cio, please,” You whimpered, your nails digging into his forearm, the green-haired doctor having to practically drag you ever closer, “PLease I don’t want to see it, please, d-did I do something wrong? I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please, please donn’t make me look at it, I’ll do anything,” You whimpered, tears beginning to fill your eyes. Your words gave Cioccolata pause, his almost luminous gaze shifting down to you. The doctor seemed to mull your expression over, the press of your body against his, the way you clung to him so tightly... it was almost as if you thought he would protect you from what you deemed a threat to yourself.

Oh... oh this was good.

Cioccolata hummed and turned away from the corpse, patting the top of your head gently, as if he were soothing a terrified cat, his other hand cupping your cheek and turning your face up so he could admire your teary eyed expression, “Awww, alright, carina, if you insist. You’ve been a very good girl for me today (Y/N), you deserve a nice relaxing day. How about we go upstairs so you can sit on the couch, hmm? I know Secco would love to cuddle up with you today while I get rid of our little... problem,” You blinked, a few tears trickling down your cheeks and nodded hesitantly with a soft sniffle. That... that did sound very nice. You couldn’t remember the last time you could just laze around on some comfortable furniture, cuddling with another person and just soaking up the attention. Something inside you told you this was a terrible idea, that you were being too complacent, that you should take the opportunity to try and escape...

But you were just so, so tired of fighting and being in constant pain. 

Cioccolata carefully led you towards the stairs and helped you up out of the basement. The rest of the house was jarringly normal, the walls a soft creme colour that was soothing to the eyes instead of anxiety inducing like the stark white walls downstairs. You shivered at the sift in temperature, your skin erupting into goosebumps as warm air brushed over your skin. You sighed with relief when Cioccolata helped you hobble over to one of the large, plush and soft looking mint green couches, letting you lay yourself down comfortably, “There we go... awww, sei così carina come questo, Secco! Come bring our piccola tesorina a blanket, hmm?” Your body sunk into the warm pillows of the couch with a relaxed sigh, your still tired mind relishing in the softness around you. Secco grunted something from the other side of the apartment, and you leaned up to nuzzle into the palm of Cioccolata’s hand subconsciously when he pet you.

Once Secco had come into the room and wrapped himself and the warm, thick blanket from his bed around the two of you, Cioccolata stepped away and made his way back down into the basement. Hmmm, it seemed that everything was finally beginning to fall into place, he mused to himself, releasing the corpse and hefting it up onto a trolley. He opened a hidden, secret passageway that lead down a long, dark corridor, whistling cheerfully to himself as the doctor headed to the incinerator. Mhm, and to think, your Stand turned out to be such an interesting little thing - cloning your body perfectly from head to toe. When your body had finally given out under his knife, Cioccolata had been ready to resuscitate you as he always did when he went just a tad bit too far before he noticed the hovering, convulsing form of a Stand. Watching the being stare at Cioccolata unseeingly as your heart flatlined had been very interesting, the Stand reaching out to touch your forehead gently, slicing the skin open all the way down your body until it practically unfurled around your insides, before stepping over to another table. The doctor and Secco had both watched in fascination as a skeleton slowly began growing under the empty gaze of your Stand, flesh and blood, skin and hair, all of it regrowing into a second, perfect copy, unscarred and whole, in just a handful of minutes. 

Lifting the corpse that once housed your whole being and consciousness with a grunt, Cioccolata tossed it into the incinerator without a concern. So, it seemed your mind was somewhat aware of the fact that it had been completely regenerated in a cloned body. Your terrified reaction to being brought closer to your previous husk made that clear enough. The doctor couldn’t help but wonder, as he watched your body burn, content with the knowledge that you were upstairs, cuddled with Secco comfortably on the couch, if your Stand could do the same to others.

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“Come on, come on, come on, go faster!” You panted urgently to your horse, flicking the reigns to encourage her to gallop faster. Her breaths snorted out of her nose in great big puffs, the condensation blowing back into your face with each harsh exhale. Spittle fell from her lips as you urged her on, the loud hoof beats of your pursuer inching just a little closer with each long stride of your horse. You shrieked with fear when you felt something whizz over your head, bile building up at the back of your throat when your fiance’s head rolled off into the forest floors, “Oh, god, oh god, oh god, nonononononononononono-!” 

Your panicked babbling distracted you from the burning in your thighs, your legs holding you up by your stirrups as you tried to increase the momentum at which you traveled. The low, malicious laughter of the monster chasing you, the terrifying Headless Horseman, echoing through the pitch black woods, the gentle light of the moon not able to pierce through the veil of trees. You sobbed desperately, wishing to any deity out there that you would be able to escape, that your horse would run over the bridge and free you from this waking nightmare.

Just in the distance, your blurry vision spotted the little watchman’s cottage, hope alighting in the center of your chest at the sight. Yes! Oh thank the gods, yes! Freedom was just in your reach, so close you could almost taste it at the tip of your tongue. You steered your horse towards the bridge, unaware of the new heavy weight in your saddlebag, focusing on getting away as fast as you could. You would let the authorities know what happened, their daylight searching sure to find your fiance’s head and hopefully his body so you could give him a proper burial. You inched ever closer to the bridge, a cry of pure, unfiltered joy falling from your lips as your horse’s hooves made several loud thunking noises against the old wood. 

You were just about to turn around and laugh at the Headless Horseman, secure in your knowledge that you were free, free, free, only to feel as if the wind was knocked out of you. Your horse came to a sudden, screeching halt, hooves clattering to a silent stop as you fell off from the saddle. Your bags fell with you, landing right on your chest and you wheezed desperately for breath. What... what just happened? You thought dazedly, staring up at the mocking twinkling of the stars, sight blurry and unfocused. The clip-clop-clip of horse hooves jerked you out of your daze, your (E/C) eyes going wide with fear when you remembered exactly where you were and what was going on. You jerked up and tried to scramble away, only for your body to slam into an uncomfortable and unseen wall. You gasped in shock, pushing away and staring down at where your hands rest, palms flat to the air. You pushed again and were horrified to see that your arms remained stationary. A low, rumbling chuckle sounded from behind you, your head jerking towards the direction where your saddlebags lay on the ground.

“Did you really think you could get away from me, darling?” You heard what was undoubtedly the Horseman’s voice sneer from your saddlebag, the heavy thump of boots hitting the wooden bridge coming further behind you. You stared in growing horror as the tall, headless body walked over to where you were kneeled. You gasped and tried to crawl away, hoping that because the body had no eyes, he would not be able to see you, but you suddenly found a strong hand tangled in your hair and pulling you back. You screamed in pain, both of your hands going up to try and dig your nails into the tight grip of the Horseman, the voice from your saddlebag once more cursing roughly, “Stay fucking still (Y/N)... if you know what’s good for you, you’d keep that pretty little mouth shut,” You whimpered and struggled uselessly, your dress snagging on some branches as the Headless Horseman dragged you back to his steed. He lifted you up and slung you over his horse, your breath getting knocked out of you once again as you landed on his saddle on your stomach. Hearing the thumping footsteps walk away and the shuffle of your saddlebags being opened, you moved to get yourself up and off the large Horse, only for strong hands to grab your wrists and pull them down and away.

As a long, rough rope was wound about your wrists, you lifted your gaze to glare up hatefully into the face of - your heart stuttered at the sight of icy blue eyes, a sneer twisting the familiar features of a man you had long, long since hoped had simply disappeared from your life, “P-Prosciutto?” You gasped in surprise, staring, uncomprehendingly, as the blond scoffed. Though he was indeed your ex-fiance Prosciutto, his features were pale and drawn, almost sunken in on themselves, his cheeks far sharper than they were when you last saw him. A horrible, slightly guilty feeling coiled in the pit of your gut, the bloody line of where his head had been cut from his body an obvious and chilling indication of why you had never seen the man after he had tried to force himself on you and nearly killed your beloved when he had intervened, “I-I don’t understand... how-are you the Headless Horseman?”

“Do you truly have to even ask yourself that? Or are you as dimwitted as you seem, dear heart?” Prosciutto sneered and you snapped your mouth shut, cheeks flushing darkly in humiliation. However, unlike before the blond had disappeared, you refused to duck your head and mumble an apology, instead choosing to narrow your eyes in an angry glare. The Horseman finished tying up your hands and struggled to connect the rope to his saddle, your body bucking and writhing to get off his horse and away from him. Your legs were still loose! You could still make a run for it! You snarled angrily when Prosciutto finally grabbed both of your wrists in a bruising grip, his head tipping uncomfortably close to falling off once more, “Stay still  - I said stay still you stupid little bitch,” The Horseman spat, jerking your arms painfully, almost dislocating your shoulders from their sockets with his strength.

“Fuck you!” You snapped, kicking your legs to try and keep him away from them so you still had some way to fight. The blond snarled with irritation, grabbing one of your ankles and twisting it sharply, ignoring your little wince of pain, “Let go of me you - you - you monster! You attacked my fiance and I and you expect me to just sit back and let you kidnap me? Hell no!” You screeched, hoping against all hope that one of the night watchmen would hear you and come to your aid. You cried out in sudden pain when Prosciutto once more twisted your ankle, the tendons creaking threateningly beneath his grip.

Say that one more time and I’ll make sure you can never walk again, carina mia,” Prosciutto growled, voice low and threatening, the rumbling sound causing your body to freeze in fear at the way it seemed to echo around you. The forest seemed to go completely still at the sound of the blond’s voice, his rage clearly palpable in the air, your form tense and shaking, “Do you have any idea what your ‘beloved fiance’ did to me? What he and his cowardly little friends did all those months ago? Foolish little (Y/N), always choosing the worst men to keep company with,” You flinched at Prosciutto’s mocking tone, your (E/C) eyes going wide with realisation at exactly what the blond was suggesting. You weakly tried to protest what he said, shoulders quivering, but Prosciutto took this moment to tie up your legs and connect them to his saddle as well. Carefully, the blond hefted himself up onto his horse behind you, one of his large hands patting the back of your head with mocking tenderness as he chuckled lowly, “Oh, but don’t you worry, cara... there’s no one who will be able to tear us apart after I’m done with you.”

You whimpered in fear at Prosciutto’s words, squirming to try and struggle out of your bonds and get away from the absolutely insane Horseman. Clicking his tongue, Prosciutto turned his horse away from the invisible barrier that prevented the blond and everything that belonged to him from crossing over the bridge. In the morning, the only thing the watchmen would find to tell the tale of what happened this night is your exhausted horse, your discarded belongings and the decapitated body of your fiance. 

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I love you so much, you have no idea to what limits I’d go to prove that to you.”

Funny’s voice was soft and contemplative, his large, smooth hands stroking over your blindfolded, bound and gagged body, his chest pressed to the weeping wounds on your back. Full lips press a soft kiss to your shoulder and you can’t hide the flinch you make at the feeling, the soft whimper of fear sticking to the inside of your throat like tar. Your and Valentine’s breathing are out of sync but unnervingly loud outside the blood thumping heavily in your ears. You can still feel the sticky mess of the demon’s cum - mixed with your juices - trickle down the inside of your thighs and onto the bedspread beneath you. 

Funny sighed deeply, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck and laving his long tongue over the deep, scarring bite marks that decorated the skin there, his hips grinding lazily against you, “I know you didn’t mean to lose my heir,” The blonde demon murmured softly, his voice thick with and emotion you would attribute to grief if you believed he was capable of such emotions, “I know you didn’t, you loved them so much... but your foolishness still needed punishment,” You whined, high pitched and terrified when the High Lord’s voice went rough with anger, your body trying to squirm away for fear he would begin tearing your back open once more with the metal tipped whip that lay to your side. Funny hushed you gently, his arms wrapping around your waist and keeping you firmly against him, one clawed hand coming up to wrap around your neck to pin you still in an effort to calm you down, “Shhh, shhh, darling, it’s alright, you’ve already paid for your grievous mistake. You’ve already earned my forgiveness, shhh, just relax my sweet (Y/N).”

You did as he insisted, your exhausted, pained body going lax once more, muffled sobs hiccuping from your throat. Your blindfold was soaked from your tears, some of them trickling down your cheeks to dirty the sheets beneath you even further. The hand around your throat was loose, Funny’s finger pads pressed gently to the throb of your heartbeat, his thumb rubbing soothing circles into the flimsy, bruised skin. The Demon Lord hummed, and kissed your shoulder again with a small sigh, his hips shifting to grind more firmly against your ass, his other hand pressed to your belly, claws lightly scratching the tender skin, “Yes, I’ve already forgiven you for your error in judgement. It was partly my fault for hiding you from the cruelty of the other Lords, for keeping you in the dark regarding their jealousy of my adorable little Queen, their lust for you...” He trailed off, seemingly lost in thought, his cock once more hard and throbbing between the cum slick cheeks of your ass, precome smearing against your skin, “I should have warned you against trying to leave my side.”

You made a soft noise when Funny shifted your body, your front pressing into the soft, messy sheets of the Demon Lord’s bed, your hips forced up into the air so your cunt was exposed and vulnerable, “We can try again,” Funny growled hotly, bucking his hips until the head of his cock caught on your dripping hole, the blond sinking into your warm, wet insides with a low groan of bliss, “I’ll fill you with my seed until I have an heir growing in your soft belly once more. I’ll fill you with child after child after child and watch you grow heavy and fat with them,” Funny’s voice was a thick purr, his hips jerking against your ass in hard, punishing thrusts, your moans of arousal and panic muffled behind your gag, the darkness around you still and oppressive. You whined, cheek pressed into the mattress, a pillow pushed under your hips to keep your cunt up and elevated, the cum that hadn’t already dripping out of you from Funny’s previous loads sliding down to settle thickly against the entrance to your womb. Each hard thrust pushed the sticky liquid further and further into your stuffed cunt, the head of Funny’s cock pummeling almost painfully into your already numbed cervix. 

The High Lord groaned, his whole body draped against yours intimately, his skin hot against your own. You squirmed, trying to buck away and escape out of Funny’s embrace, but only managing to succeed in pulling his terrible, awful, delicious feeling cock impossibly deeper inside the tight, wet clutching walls of your pussy, “Ah, hahh, that’s it, such a good Queen, mh! You will give me such beautiful, strong, perfect children, my bloodline will run thick with power and strength,” Funny rumbled thickly, the hand around your throat tightening enough to leave you wheezing desperately for breath, his other hand digging and kneading into the soft meat of your belly, massaging your womb and trying to ensure his seed would catch and grow, “The other Circles will admire and fear our children, they will rue the disrespect they showed when they helped rip the babe from your belly and left you to bleed,” You sobbed at the increasingly terrifying, rough quality to the Demon Lord’s voice, his cheek rubbing against your own, mouth sucking at the freshly scabbed bite wound he’d just given you, intent to strengthen his claim on your further, “Our children will bow to you, praise you, love you just as deeply and as fiercely as I... and when the time comes, when you give yourself fully to me and tie your life force to mine, I will keep you by my side for eternity.”

You wailed, the pleasure rushing through your body becoming steadily more and more intense, your body burning up as if it were on fire. You had never felt like this before, never felt so drunk on arousal because of Funny’s words, his cock, his corruptive essence affecting the very fiber of your being and twisting your body to suit his wishes. You knew, deep down in the depths of your soul, that you would leave this bed carrying another one of his heirs, your mind silenced against thoughts of trying to escape, the fear and trauma you had experienced at the hands of the other High Lords of Hell ensuring you would stay within the bounds of Valentine’s territory. A muffled scream left your rough throat, your back arching desperately to rock back into the pummeling thrusts of Funny’s hips against yours. Slick, lewd noises spilled from your cunt, your and his mixed cum seeping into the pillow elevating your lower half. You felt the thick, blunt head of his cock grind over your g-spot and slam into the entrance to your womb, the ever lingering threat that he would fill you with his cum causing the coil of pleasure in the pit of your belly to tighten even further.

“Cum for me, my sweet (Y/N), let me feel how badly you need my seed to quench your womb’s thirst,” Funny purred, the hand on your belly slipping down yo rub hard circles into your clit. Your mind went white, thoughts blanking out as you came, your whole body shuddering from the force of your orgasm. Your cunt gushed with your juices, inner walls clamping like a vice around the thick, throbbing girth of Valentine’s cock, milking him desperately for cum. Funny growled heated curses, fangs sinking into the freshly scabbed wound in the crook of your shoulder, hips coming to a stop as he ground into you. Hot, thick bursts of his seed spilled inside your milking walls, stuffed so far within you you could feel the heat drip directly into your womb. Soft, panting breaths fell from your gagged mouth, a little whine falling from your lips when you felt the vibration of Funny’s growls in the meat of your shoulder.

Slowly, the two of you came down from your highs, your body slumping weakly, mind spinning dizzily from the aftereffects of your release. Funny sighed and pulled his teeth from your neck, lapping at the wound to encourage it to scar once more, his hands stroking over your body and keeping your cunt stuffed with his quickly softening cock. He hummed gently, reaching up to pull the blindfold off of your head and undoing the gag, turning your face to his so he could press soft kisses to your wet cheeks and lips, “Hmmm, good, good, girl, my sweet Queen, shhh, rest now. You will need your strength for the coming months. I will bring you sweet foods and drink when you wake,” He crooned and you nodded tiredly, too exhausted to try and get away from Valentine. You allowed yourself to relax, the security of the High Lord draped over your back and keeping your hips up surprisingly comforting, the darkness of sleep engulfing you quickly.

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You should know better than to smile so prettily at Caesar that way.

Joseph watched on with barely concealed jealousy as you chatted and laughed with Caesar, the blond Italian flirting lightly with you even as you waved off his compliments with a giggle. The brunet couldn’t deny that the way you were acting was incredibly cute, and gods how he wished he could flirt with you as easily as Caesar did... but it was clear to see that you didn’t really care much for Joseph. 

He honestly didn’t know what he’d done that could make you dislike him! He’d introduced himself politely, like Granny Erina taught him to, had bought you flowers to show his interest, tried to talk to you about the things you liked, hell, he’d even made an effort to improve the friendship between him and Caesar. His rival, of course, had a much easier time getting closer to you - Joseph realised this immediately when he had first met the two of you, the way you’d hugged and kissed Caesar’s cheeks in greeting when the blond introduced Joseph to coach Lisa Lisa an indication that the two of you already knew one another and were friends. Maybe that was the crux of the issue, really - it was clear that you had... some kind of feelings for Caesar, with how you constantly hung around him when you didn’t have to work. 

Joseph could feel bitter anger well up in his chest alongside the slight guilt he always had when he saw the two of you together. Honestly, Joseph knew he had no reason to be angry and jealous of Caesar, the blond had made it abundantly clear by encouraging his friend to pursue you that Caesar wasn’t all that interested in you. But still, the Italian man could at least try not to actively flirt with you when Joseph was already having such a tough time wooing you. It had become so difficult to even find and speak to you regularly, the increased number of gifts he bought for you to get your attention, your sweet smiles and kind words were never enough for you.

Maybe that’s what made Joseph so bitter. That you rejected his presence so much you wouldn’t even speak to him without Joseph actively seeking you out. Was he that repulsive? Joseph pouted and crossed his arms, mulling over his thoughts, his bright blue gaze stuck to your form. He couldn’t stop himself from letting his eyes roam your body hungrily, need filling the pit of his stomach as he imagined what you’d look like, all mussed up from kissing a bright smile lighting up your face as you cooed at Joseph. Joseph pictured how you’d nuzzle into the palm of his rough hands, your voice murmuring softly how much you adored him, your smile soft and sweet as he cupped your cheek and leaned down for a kiss.

Shaking his head, the brunet tried to get rid of the image in his mind, a sigh of aggravation falling from his muzzled mouth. Honestly, he needed to expend just a little more patience - he knew he’d eventually wear you down enough to agree to a date. Joseph felt his mind flutter to darker thoughts, his teeth gritting when he saw how you placed your hand gently on Caesar’s upper arm. A sneer curled his lips when you fluttered your eyelashes and bit your lower lip, all coy and sweet, cheeks dusted a light pink as your fingers stroked light circles into Caesar’s skin. White hot anger flooded Joseph’s chest, the image of you on your knees in front of him, make-up smudged with tears, lips bitten and bruised, your hands wrapped around your shoulders as you pleaded and sobbed for Joseph’s forgiveness. He could picture you all dolled up and dressed just for him - just so the brunet could rip your clothing to shreds and spank you for leading him on, for acting like such a needy little slut around Caesar when Joseph was right there and willing to do anything for you. He’d confess his love for you, he’d croon at you sweetly as your ass bruised painfully beneath his hand, your voice ringing out and pleading for forgiveness as Joseph smiled and murmured, “I will take all the pain if it means you’ll smile just for me, darling,” Gods, Joseph could just picture it now, arousal simmering through his blood. The brunet didn’t see the way you flinched and glanced back at him nervously, his thoughts and emotions blaring out from him so loud it was starting to give you an awful, terrible headache. 

You were about to turn back to Caesar to continue your conversation, hoping against all hope that you would somehow be able to convince him to come with you to ‘a dance party’ as you’d called it. You had hoped you would be able to get the blond somewhere private where you could air your concerns regarding Joseph and the brunet’s continued pursuit for you. At first, it had been something amusing and sweet, Joseph’s intentions and desire for you flattering after having spent so many years around Caesar who - while flirtatious - was very obviously not interested in dating you. You had initially intended to turn Joseph down easy, accepting his gifts but gently telling him that you weren’t interested and that he should focus on his training. However... the subtle approach just seemed to go over the brunet’s head, your rejection of his advances going unnoticed by both him and Caesar. Now, you were too afraid to outright tell Joseph you weren’t interested, having seen the gradual shift in his thoughts when it came to you and your interactions with others. You tried to actively avoid him as much as possible now, desperately hoping to catch Caesar by himself so you could ask the blond to discourage Joseph from continuing down the road his friend kept going down.

“Hey, JoJo! Come on, coach Lisa Lisa is calling us over, time to get back to training!” Caesar’s voice broke the brunet out of his increasingly dark and depraved thoughts, and interrupted you before you could even ask him out. Joseph shook his head, plastering on an unseen smile as he jogged over, unaware of the way you recoiled nervously from him, your pretty (E/C) eyes warily looking up at him, “Ah, (Y/N) here was just telling me about this dance that was happening tonight,” Caesar grinned as he spoke, shooting Joseph a secret wink, neither man noticing the way you stiffened at the blond’s words, your previous excuse to get away dying on your lips. Joseph’s blue eyes went wide slightly for a moment, before he turned to you excitedly, ignoring the way you tried to lean away from him when he shuffled even closer to you, “Why don’t you ask her if she’d like to go, hm? I’m afraid I won’t be able to and (Y/N) told me she wanted to go so badly.”

“Oh, is that so, honey?” Joseph hummed and you flinched, barely biting back a grimace of discomfort as the blaring, echoing dark thoughts that rushed through Joseph’s mind blasted into yours, “Well, I’m free tonight! I’d love to go out dancing with a cute girl - we could make it a cute lil date, just the two of us! I’ll even take you out to dinner,” Joseph winked at you and you laughed nervously, glancing between Caesar and the brunet, hoping against all hope that you could somehow reject Joseph’s offer. Seeing the expectant, eager look in both their eyes, Joseph’s excitement almost feverish with how terrible his thoughts burned through your poor, overwhelmed mind, made you realise with dismay that there was no way you could talk your way out of this.

Hesitating just a moment more, you finally sighed and shot Joseph a wan smile, trying to push away the brunet’s blaring happiness when you spoke, “Uhm, sure, I guess... I mean, I don’t mind if we don’t have dinner, we can just go dancing then come back. After all, you can’t be gone too long! You still have a lot of training to do!” You chuckled nervously, slowly beginning to back away from the two of them, your excuse to leave slipping easily from your tongue despite the various ideas that flew through Joseph’s mind, both sweet and dark, possessive thoughts echoing through your head like a sledgehammer, “Uh, I’ve gotta go now though. I guess I’ll see you later?” 

Before Joseph could confirm your question, you hurried off, the brunet pouting deeply as you disappeared around a corner. Awww, he was hoping he could get some extra details for the date hammered out with you... no matter! Joseph and Caesar shrugged and turned to begin making their way over to the training grounds. Excitement made Joseph practically skip his way over to the next punishing session. He was sure he’d be able to make you his after this date. 

Chapter Text

“Am I so repulsive to you that you cannot even pretend, for just one day, that you love me?” 

You turned your head to watch Bruno as he stepped into your room, your husband glaring at you in anger. His hands shook as he shut the door to your chambers with a soft ‘click’, his back leaning against it as he stared you down. His usually kind blue eyes were dark with rage, his jaw tense as he watched you slowly remove your earrings. You blinked at him before turning your attention back to your mirror, trying to ignore the enraged King, knowing that anything you said now would simply make him angrier, and you were already exhausted from dealing with visiting dignitaries and Bruno’s expectations of you. You had nothing to say: you played the part of the dutiful Queen - you would not lower yourself, nor work Buccellati’s hopes up, by playing house.

You jumped in shock when you heard Bruno’s fist slam into the wood of your dresser with a loud ‘bang’, his voice a low snarl in your ear, “Answer me!” You hadn’t noticed the black-haired monarch make his way towards you while you had turned your back to him. You stilled, tense as a bow about to loose an arrow, your (E/C) gaze locking with his through the mirror’s reflection. His face expression was twisted, mouth curled in a snarl of rage and a shudder of fear and doubt briefly rushed down your spine. No... no Bruno would not harm you, not after almost a year of trying to ‘woo’ you into his bed after that disastrous first night together after you were wed. You had his word he would not... yet, you could not bring yourself to relax your stance, the humiliating feeling of being pinned in place like prey burning painfully in your chest, “You had sworn you would behave, that you would do your part - and yet, you pulled away from me, you denied me, you rejected your husband, in front of the very people you had sworn you would show a united front against,” Bruno snapped, his voice getting more and more incensed as he spoke, his hands curling into white-knuckled fists atop your dresser’s surface as he caged you in. You could feel the heat of his chest against your shoulders and back, and swallowed thickly, refusing break your gaze away from his and admit defeat, “Do you have nothing to say for yourself?!”

“Why should I?” Your words slipped from your lips before you could think better of it, glaring up at Bruno’s reflection with absolute loathing, your hands carefully and precisely reaching up to remove the necklace he’d bought specifically for you to wear tonight. You placed it carefully in the box it had come in, and then set the box aside in the furthest corner of your dressing table where it would be out of sight. You could practically hear the grind of Bruno’s teeth, his dark blue eyes locked on the box and where you put it, “We aren’t a united front, Buccellati. I did exactly as you asked and played nice with the visiting dignitaries, but I refuse to play act that we are anything more than a marriage of convenience,” You stated firmly, unable to keep the bitterness off your tongue, no longer looking up to see the hurt that took over Bruno’s expression at your words. You heard the sharp intake of breath your husband made, moving to pull the pins and clips from your hair and set them in their box, intent on relieving the pressure on your scalp so you could hopefully sleep without another headache this night.

Bruno chuckled mirthlessly at your words, his clenched fists forcefully going lax, one hand coming up to brush your hair from your neck gently, “Is that truly all you see this marriage as?” He asked coldly, watching the way your shoulders tensed further at his touch, disappointment and the realisation that you still hated him this much filling the young King with an overwhelming feeling of hurt, his heart twinging when you looked up at him through the reflection once more, “Perhaps I am a fool, then, for trying to make this more than convenient for both of us,” He muttered darkly and you felt alarmed when the hand that had been brushing your hair from the nape of your neck buried itself in your hair, “Perhaps... I should stop trying to make you love me and simply take what is rightfully mine,” You cried out with pain when Bruno’s grip on your hair tightened, pulling you up to your feet, before slamming your head down and onto your dresser, forcing you still by gripping the back of your neck and squeezing lightly, “I have been kind, patient and loving, but I see that has caused you to believe you can continue to deny me for the rest of our lives together.”

“Wait - no, please - what are you-?” You whimpered, gasping when his grip around your neck tightened. You could hear Bruno fumble with the clasps and buttons of his breeches, tugging the material down and off of his legs with a grunt. You bucked and tried to get away, your hands pressing against the hard wood to try and push yourself up so you could dislodge the hold Bruno had on you. It was all for naught when his hand once more moved up to grip your hair. The pain the rushed through your scalp forced you still, a whine spilling from your throat, tears filling your gaze as you looked up at Bruno through the mirror. If the King noticed the terror in your gaze, he ignored it for now, his free hand coming up to tear at the laces of your corset - at least he would give you the luxury of breathing properly while he took you, you thought with bitter fear, a single tear falling from your eyes to drip onto the wood beneath your cheek, “B-Buccellati!”

Bruno shushed you roughly, the laces of your corset falling open, the material pooling on the floor beneath you and leaving your top half clothed in a flimsy, see through slip, “Be good and stay still for me, bambina. We wouldn’t want to see those tears from our wedding night again,” Bruno murmured coldly, one hand buried in your hair, forcefully pressing your face against the cool wood of your dresser. You whimpered and shook, feeling large, strong hands ruck up your skirts and pull down your underclothes, the thick material bunching around your waist. Bruno buried two thick, rough fingers into your cunt, his thumb immediately seeking out the sensitive bud of your clit to stimulate you into becoming wet enough that he could fuck you. You moaned in pain from the initial intrusion, anger and humiliation soon rushing through your body when a bolt of pleasure shot through your gut, the fingers inside you scissoring your pussy open and thrusting, spreading your growing slickness over your clit and labia. Bruno chuckled breathily, his clothed chest pressing into your back, “Ahhh, it seems not all of you is so opposed to your King,” he huffed and you winced, the thrusts of his fingers steadily working your cunt into a dripping, throbbing mess of arousal and heat, “Hmmm, gods, I’ve missed the tight warmth of this sweet cunt... do you have any idea how many nights I’ve laid awake, aching for you, the taste of your nectar teasing my tongue, wishing you were seated above me while I pleasured you until you cried?” Bruno groaned, voice breathy with need, the husky sound sending shivers down your spine no matter how hard you tried to deny your reactions.

A throaty moan tumbled from your lips, your thighs already beginning to quiver as pleasure flushed your skin with warmth, “Ah, B-Buccellati, st-ohh, hmngh, s-stop this at once, y-you swore you wouldn’t-!” You interrupted yourself with a mewl, your head tipping back instinctively when the hand in your hair tugged, exposing the soft, vulnerable skin of your neck to Bruno’s lips, teeth and tongue. You whimpered at the feeling, straining to get away from Bruno even as he sucked dark marks into your neck and shoulders possessively. You could feel his fingers crook inside you, the pads rubbing against your traitorously slick walls, a lustful rumble vibrating against your back. You felt the leaking, throbbing girth of Bruno’s cock rub over your labia, your King steadily pulling you back until you were standing straight, your shaky legs forcing you to rely on his strength as you leaned against his body, “Oh, oh g-gods, mngh, hahh, hhh, B-Bruno,” You mewled shamefully, breaking your promise to yourself that you would only refer to him by his surname, your back arching beautifully putting yourself on display in the reflection of the mirror. 

Bruno pulled away from your neck with a loud suck, a heated groan spilling from him, “Yes, that’s it, give in to me, amore,” He crooned, dark eyes watching your and his reflections hungrily, your nipples hard and poking against your sheer slip, the hand in your hair slowly moving down to tug and squeeze at one. You arched further into his body and, deeming you stretched enough, Bruno removed his fingers from your hot cunt, gripping his dick with his slick hand to press the head against your weeping slit, “This is what you were made for, what your duty as my wife and Queen entails, what the ring on your finger means,” The black haired man growled, rubbing the head of his cock over your clit and between your labia, holding it still as his other hand moved down from your breast to cup your hips and force them down. You cried out sharply, your whole body shaking at the overwhelming stretch of his cock filling you up with one slick glide. Bruno groaned, grinding his hips against your ass, both of his hands curled around the swells of your hips, holding you still against him, relishing the slight tremble of your body, “It is your duty, your pleasure, your gift as my Queen to lay with me, to have my cock fuck your tight pussy,” Bruno rumbled dangerously, pulling his hips from your ass, his girth pulling out of your stretched cunt only half way before he slammed back into you once more, jolting a moan from your throat, your hands clutching at his forearms, nails digging weakly into the material of his coat, “It is your duty to this kingdom to lay with your husband, to let me fill you with my seed, to give the people an heir that would ensure the continuation of our royal bloodline.”

With each statement, Bruno’s hips hammered against yours, his cock slamming inside your pussy, the throbbing girth gliding slickly against your sensitive inner walls, the thick vein on the bottom rubbing deliciously against your g-spot. You mewled and whimpered softly, unable to do anything except stay still and take it, the fight in your body subdued by the shaking of your legs and the pleasure rocking your hips, “Hahh, hahh, please, I-I don’t-” you gasped desperately, weakly trying to pull away even as the coil in the pit of your belly grew tighter and tighter with each hard thrust, the head of his cock practically battering your womb into submission, your mind hazy as your (E/C) gaze swung back to stare at the sight the two of you made in the mirror. You hated to admit that Bruno looked beautiful, his cheeks flushed and gaze dark with lust, his pressing little finger shaped bruises into the skin of your hips, his grip encouraging your hips to rock and grind into each slam into you. You shuddered as his and your gazes met, Bruno resting his chin against your marked up shoulder, affection and arousal both swirling in the deep blue irises. You flinched at the sight, guilt curdling and mingling together in your belly at the sight of the emotions Bruno so easily displayed, your gaze dropping instead to watch the hard jerking motions of your hips, the steady drip of your juices and his precome, mixed together, trickling down the insides of your thighs to puddle on the floor messily, “A-ahh, hahh, I-I can’t, no, please, ‘m c-close, o-oh gods, hahh, Bruno!”

“Take it,” Bruno growled into your ear, kissing and nipping more marks into your neck, the pace of his thrusts faltering and becoming arrhythmic, the edge of his orgasm closing in, “Take everything I give you, my Queen, let me fill you with my love, give into me and I swear to you, you will never want for anything,” He murmured hotly, his thrusts slowing to shallow, grinding humps of his hips, his words earnest and possessive, “All I ask in return is for you to be mine, hahh, only mine, mine to love, to bed, to put my heir inside,” He moaned as he felt your cunt tighten around him, one of his hands coming down to rub against your clit once more, urging for you to cum around him, to - quite literally - give in to the pleasure of being his. You moaned and shook your head weakly, trying to hold out longer, to deny Bruno what he so desperately wanted, but with one last hard snap of his hips, you came with a scream, your juices squirting messily around his cock, inner walls clenching around him like a vice.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, perfect, so perfect, hahh, that’s it, cum for me,” Bruno groaned, hips pumping into you before he sank his cock side your pussy to the hilt, “Ti amo, ti amo, ti amo, prego, prego Amami, dimmi che mi ami anche tu,” The words spilled from his lips in a waterfall of emotion, his voice thick with affection. Though you didn’t know his mother tongue, you could understand the sentiment of Bruno’s ardent words, guilt overwhelming your bliss as you felt the thick, sticky ropes of his cum fill your tender, throbbing walls hotly. You sighed and shut your teary eyes, biting your lower lip to keep yourself from saying something foolish that you knew you would never ever truly mean. 

Bruno continued to hold you against him, his body trembling through the pleasure of his orgasm until his embrace went slack with a sigh. Reluctantly, the black haired King pulled away from you, his quickly softening cock slipping out of your stuffed pussy. The two of you remained, standing there, your body shaking for an entirely different reason than you had previously been. Bruno turned you around to face him, cupping your face and tilting your head up, though you kept your eyes shut, unwilling to see the false regret in his face for taking you by force, once again, “Please, carina, mi amore, open your eyes?” He begged and you did so reluctantly, your gaze locking with his, all of your anger and hurt clear to see in the depths of your (E/C) eyes, the betrayal of his broken promise filling your heart with bitterness and steeling your hatred for your husband even further. Whatever Bruno saw in your gaze made him flinch, his lips parting to apologise but you jerked away from him, stumbling weakly only to fall back against your wooden dresser, “(Y/N), tesoro, I’m-”

“Get. Out,” You managed to snap, voice thick with mounting rage, the rough cadence of your voice causing Bruno to reel back as if you had slapped him, the King staring at you. Panic mixed with your anger, fear that he might try to reach out and touch you again making you reach back and grab one of the bottles of perfume Bruno had bought for you, chucking the heavy bottle at him even as your gaze blurred with tears, “I said get out!” You screamed, shuddering in disgust when thick cum dripped out of your cunt and trailed down your thighs. Bruno ducked out of the way of your sloppy throw, shooting you a worried, wounded look, his mouth opening once more to apologise, only for him to yelp when you continued to throw bottles and boxes of makeup and jewelry at him, voice howling, “Get out, get out, get out, get out! Gods, you sicken me, I hate you to the very depths of my soul, you foul-!” A sob interrupted your declarations, legs shaking weakly the longer you stood, your hands clenching into fists, “Get out!”

Bruno jerked away from you at your words, his mouth falling open in shock. Though the King seemed he was going to say something, perhaps try to apologise once more, it seemed your words finally made him shut up. He turned his gaze from you and turned, defeat in his posture as he left your room, closing the door behind him with a gentle click. You waited several moments, hoping against hope that he would forget to lock your chambers, only for the sound of the lock sliding in to place to sound soon after. Your body collapsed to the floor with great heaving sobs once Bruno was no longer in your sights, your arms wrapping around yourself tightly as you wept bitter, betrayed tears, the evidence of Bruno’s broken promise dripping from between your thighs in thick globs.

Chapter Text

“Blackbird, oh blackbird, where have you been~!” The sweet, melodic sound of your voice wove through the forest as you walked along happily, enjoying the sunshine as you kept an eye out for wild herbs and mushrooms. The basket hooked around your arm swung by your side and you whistled the instrumental tune that followed the lyrics to the little song in your mind, “Oh blackbird, blackbird, tell me what you’ve seen~! I’ve heard tales of Kings from the beat of your wings, the songs of Queens from the edge of your beak~!” Unable to stop yourself, you did a little twirl and a skip, relishing the smell of pine and mulch, unaware of the luminous green gaze that followed your figure, silent wings beating as you were followed from the shadows of the tree line, “Oh blackbird, my dearest blackbird, won’t you return to me~!”

“My, my, what a lovely little tune to hear so close to my territory,” You squeaked in surprise as a smooth voice crooned out from the shadows of the forest, whipping around to spot a tall, lithe harpy lounging on a thick tree branch. You groaned in aggravation, your (E/C) eyes rolling when you recognized the black plumage, iridescent shimmers of gold and green gleaming in the light of the sun. Rohan grinned down at you sharply, ignoring your baleful glare as he fluttered down to stand before you, purposefully showing off the beauty of his feathers, “I hadn’t expected to run into my beloved future mate on such a beautiful day. Is there anything I can help you with, my darling (Y/N)?”

You groaned as Rohan walked over to you, being sure to show off and display as much of himself as he could, ignoring your put upon expression at his actions, “Hello Rohan,” You said with distaste, hoping that this conversation would be quick so you could get back to your task of foraging for today. Rohan rumble with pleasure at your referral to him by his name instead of one of your other nicknames, the harpy leaning in to your personal space as he tried to practically drape himself over your shoulders. You shrugged him off and ducked away from him, ignoring his pout at your rejection, “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be busy doing... I don’t know, literally anything other than bother me?” You grumbled, already beginning to walk away from Rohan, intent on finishing your task and getting away from the creepy harpy.

Rohan scoffed lightly, easily falling into step beside you, his head cocking to the side to continue conversing with you, “For your information, I was simply patrolling my territory as any fully fledged and smart Harpy should, my darling,” He hummed, snatching your arm and linking it with his, keeping you close even as you tried to tug away from him with a curse, “I do have to keep everything clear of any potential rivals. After all, you’re so cute, I’m certain any person would be more than happy to try and court you,” You winced when you felt his claws prick into the soft skin of your arm, his voice going low, a dangerous edge to his tone, “And I should hope, for their sakes, that none of them even try to take you from me. After all, I love you so much, you have no idea to what limits I’d go to prove that to you.”

“Rohan, you’re hurting me,” You snapped shortly, trying to hide the way your voice trembled nervously. Your words seemed to bring the Harpy back to the present, his gaze flicking down to where his claws currently tried to dig into your skin, small prickles of blood welling around the tips. Rohan inhaled sharply and murmured an apology, gently stroking over your arm to try and wipe away the blood. You felt a prickle of dread rush down your spine at his murmured apologies, finally managing to pull your arm from his hold once he’d stopped, “I have to go. I need to gather some more herbs before afternoon and I’d rather not have someone hovering over my shoulder while I’m trying to delicately pick and uproot what I need,” You huffed, stepping away from Rohan and the section of forest that made up the Harpy’s territory, trying to avoid the piercing gaze, your heart beginning to pound from the strange, oppressive energy that floated between you and Rohan. What... what on earth was going on? Why did you feel so unsafe in the green-haired man’s presence? Sure, he was creepy and prone to getting in your personal space, but he’d never been a danger to you before. 

Rohan stared at you for several long moments before he sighed, his shoulders slumping, green gaze wide and deceptively earnest, though it did nothing to settle the unease the burned low in your gut, “Ahhh, I’m sorry darling, I should have kept my temper in check,” He crooned coyly, watching with hawk like intensity as you stepped back and away from him even further, his instincts screaming at him that you were going to run, and that he should give chase when you do. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Rohan shot you another smarmy grin and you repressed the urge to bolt, knowing that it would just encourage the Harpy to follow you, “Are you certain you have no need for my expertise? I’m certain two pairs of eyes would help you find what you’re searching for much easier, hmm?”

“That’s not necessary,” You replied shortly, nodding your goodbye and turning on your heal to start speed walking down the road and away from Rohan. You heard the Harpy sigh, two powerful beats of his wings carrying him off and into the sky, leaving behind a cloud of dust. You sighed and slowly began to relax, finally rid of the bothersome birdman. You don’t know why you had felt such discomfort around him this time, but you were glad you didn’t stay long enough to find out. You shrugged off the vague, uneasy sensation that you were still being followed, that Rohan’s piercing gaze was still locked to your form as you walked further and further into the forest. 

Once you returned back home, the sun was beginning to set and you still felt as if something, or someone, was following you and keeping an eye on you. You chalked it up to your run in with Rohan and tried to simply ignore it, going about your business before settling down for the night. Despite yourself, you kept glancing outside your home, occasionally feeling as if you had caught sight of gleaming feathers before they disappeared once more. You shook it off and ignored the outside, closing your windows and heaving a great sigh as some modicum of privacy settled the last few unsettled nerves within your stomach. 

Outside your house, Rohan’s wings flicked in irritation as you closed your curtains, his tongue clicking against the hard upper palate of his mouth. Ahhhh, to think he would be able to catch a glimpse of you as you prepared for bed today, what a foolish notion. The Harpy hummed and settled himself comfortably in the camouflaging tree canopy, watching your home to make sure that no unwanted visitors came around to sniff out what was his. Rohan’s thoughts strayed briefly to his half completed nest, high up in the mountain cliffside and shivered. Soon... soon he’d be able to take you for himself and leave this awful, cramped forest. Settling down for a night of guarding his intended mate, Rohan idly hummed the tune he’d heard you sing that day as he followed you from your home and through the forest.

He grinned, murmuring the last phrase from the verse, the wind carrying off the quiet sound with barely a whisper, “Oh blackbird, my dearest blackbird, won’t you return to me~! “

Chapter Text

It was over. The whole ceremony, the reception, the traditional dancing and singing, all of it was over and now you were left by yourself. 

You swallowed thickly as you stood nervously before the Orc Band your cap-husband, your husband lead. Their dark eyes watched you, anticipation rolling off their bodies and filling the tense atmosphere as Risotto hovered behind you. Your mind fluttered to the instructions you had been given by your village elders, their knowledge on Orcish customs invaluable to your continued survival amongst Risotto’s Band. You shivered when you remembered that it was commonplace for the leader - for all members of a Band in fact - to mate and mark their chosen spouse before the rest of them, to bare as witnesses of the consummation of the marriage. 

Fear fluttered in the pit of your belly when you felt large hands cup your hips, Risotto’s warm breath brushing over your shoulder and against your cheek as the absolutely massive form of the Orc that was now your husband leaned down to press a kiss to your neck. His hands clenched in the flimsy material of your wedding dress, his strength sending a thrill of terror rushing through your body when he easily tore the cloth to shreds. You shivered and moved to wrap your arms around your nearly naked body, hyper-aware of the hungry eyes that roamed your form. Risotto sighed softly, his hands moving up to pull your arms back down, exposing the matching set of bra and underwear to the rest of his Band-mates. You barely managed to bite back a whimper, your cheeks burning hotly at the appreciative murmurs the rest of the group made at the sight of your naked skin. Risotto chuckled lowly, slowly lifting his hands up to cup and massage your breasts roughly, a low, shaky moan tumbling from your lips, “Mia moglie non è una bellezza? Oh carina, you feel so warm in my arms,” The orc murmured hotly into your ear, his hands deftly removing your bra before skipping down to rip off your underwear as well, intent to unclothing you as quickly as possible, eager to finally claim you as his, “Gods, I want to mark you in front of everyone, I want to show them who you belong to.”

Risotto’s low growling had your body shudder slightly, the urge to make a run for it no matter how unlikely the possibility you would be able to get away rushed through you. Yet, you kept still, letting Risotto do as he pleased, the orc leader’s threats to your village playing in a loop within your mind - you couldn’t, wouldn’t, allow any harm to befall your family. Forcing yourself to relax, you whined softly when Risotto lifted you up into his arms and walked you over to a nearby pile of soft, luscious furs and scented pillows, his Band-mates closely following but keeping a respective distance outside of your ‘wedding bed’, “O-Oh, Risotto...” You sighed as he lay you out on your back, shouldering his way between your plush thighs and hooking them over his back. Your hands automatically reached down to bury themselves in his messy braids, metallic beads clinking together, “W-what are you - oh!” You gasped and arched your back, feeling the warm, broad tongue of your husband lapping gently at your labia. Unconsciously, your hips tried to jerk up into his face, your conflicted feelings of fear and arousal swirling together headily in the back of your mind. 

“Hmmm, you taste sweet like honey,” The orc chuckled roughly, pinning your hips down to the pile of bedding beneath you, his tusks rubbing against the sensitive seam where your cunt and thighs met. You whimpered when his full lips wrapped around the throbbing bud of you clit and suckled lightly, your juices steadily increasing to drip between the cheeks of your ass and onto the furs beneath, “I’ve hungered to taste this cunt, dreamt of keeping you spread open, fucking you with my tongue through the night, your soft hands twisted in my hair and begging me for more,” Risotto rumbled, the filth of his words pulling chuckles from his Band-mates, your cheeks flaming scarlet with humiliation and lust. A soft whimper left your throat when two thick fingers rubbed between your soaked folds, coating the pads with your juices carefully before sinking the two digits into your to the knuckle. One of your hands came up to cover your mouth, trying to stifle your noises of pleasure, jolting when Risotto paused to nip sharply at the inside of your right thigh, “No, no, carina, tesoro mia, let us hear those sweet noises of yours. I want to feel you pull me closer while I open you up for my cock.”

“Risotto, hahh, please,” You whined in complaint, ducking your head to try and avoid the jeering that came from his Band-mates. You briefly wished you had taken the opportunity to run when you could - surely the punishment you would face would have been far less humiliating and heartwrenching than having no choice but to lay back and take the orc’s cock in front of the rest of his soldiers would be a better time. Soft moans spilled out of you, unburdened by the hand you had intended to use to quiet yourself, your hips held in place as Risotto slowly, leisurely worked your pussy open. You could feel the needy ache for more settle heavily in the pit of your gut, your thighs clenching around his head, his thick fingers crooking inside your sopping walls to rub against the sensitive spots inside you, “Oh, oh please, I-I need more, Risotto, please, hahh,” You whined when he slid a third finger beside the two already thrusting shallowly, the stretch almost overbearing, burning in a sense, but you were grateful that at the very least the consummation of your unfortunate marriage would be somewhat pleasant. 

Your husband crooned your name softly, his mouth slurping lewdly at your flowing nectar, some of your juices dripping down his chin and chest. You could easily ignore the heated words of encouragement that came from his Band-mates, your head foggy with lust, your previous reluctance dissipating slowly but surely, “Shhh, carina, let me indulge myself,” Risotto hummed, his hand moving in slow thrusts, fingers scissoring and stretching you further. He relished the slight tremble in your legs, the straining of your hips against his arm pinning you down. Pulling back, his black and red gaze watched hungrily as his fingers pumped in and out of your flowing cunt, his tusks gleaming in the light of the fire with your copious wetness. Your ears burned, hearing the wet noises of his thrusts, the evidence of your need shaming you slightly. You shouldn’t want this so much - shouldn’t enjoy this when you had had no choice but to give in to the Orc leader’s demands... and yet, you quickly found the coil of pleasure in your gut tightening unbearably.

“Hmmm, your cunt is such a hungry little thing, taking my fingers so easily, swallowing them deeper inside you... I cannot wait to bury my cock in this tight heat, to fuck you and claim you as is your destiny,” Risotto continued to growl lowly, his lips, teeth and tongue biting and sucking dark bruises into the sensitive skin of your inner thighs, your hands twitching and tightening their grip in his hair, desperately trying to pull his mouth back to where you so badly needed him, hoping to shut him up so you wouldn’t have to listen to the filth he spoke, the truth of his words heavy and branding just as his marks, “Tu sei mia, mia dolce moglie, you will never be rid of me, never leave me... if you even try to leave my side I will hunt you down and kill anyone and anything that comes in my way,” You shivered at the darkness in Risotto’s voice, your words catching in the back of your throat, hazy (E/C) eyes locking with his. You flinched at the possessive hunger in his expression, a thrill of terror rushing down your spine from the fervor in his gaze, “Do you understand, cara? You are mine and you will be mine until the end of our days,” Risotto growled dangerously and you bit your lip, tears welling in your eyes as you nodded, knowing better than to try and deny the powerful orc. 

Relaxing at your agreement, Risotto purred thickly, ducking his head back down to continue sucking and licking at your pussy, intent on bringing you to completion before he took you fully. Your walls throbbed and clenched around his fingers, and you whined breathily for, “More, more, ‘m close, please, hahh, Risotto I need more, I need to cum, please let me cum, hahh, ahh, hmngh, oh, oh gods!” The orc no longer holding your hips in place, allowing your hands to guide his head as you bucked and ground your cunt against his lips and chin. His fingers thrust deeper inside you, thumb rubbing tight, hard circles into your clit, the tension in your belly mounting higher and higher with each curl and crook of his fingers, the pads rubbing against your walls. You came with a sudden cry when Risotto’s lips once more wrapped around your clit and sucked harshly, his mouth slanting over the tops of your plump labia while the three thick digits continued to pummel away at your inner walls.

The orc groaned at your cunt’s vice-like grip around his fingers, inner muscles milking and clenching as your juices gushed out of your entrance to coat the lower half of his face. Risotto tried to swallow as much as possible, the thrusting of his fingers inside you shallow and slow, working you through your bliss, your body tensely arched until you went lax beneath him with a whimper. Pulling away from your soaked cunt with a loud slurp, your husband crawled above you, the two of you lost in one another, unaware of the low grunts and groans that came from his Band-mates as they pleasured themselves while witnessing the consummation of the leader’s marriage. Risotto tipped your face upwards, slanting his lips over yours and taking advantage of your panting mewls to thrust his tongue into your mouth to tangle with yours. You could taste yourself on his tongue, both disgusted and incredibly aroused from the act. Your husband spread your thighs wider, grinding the leaking head of his cock over your slick pussy, the tip catching at your stretched hole as he began to steadily push in. You whined and broke the kiss, pleading with Risotto to wait, to give you some time to recover, but the orc simply smiled down at you, his tusks sharp and gleaming, “Hmmm, I did tell you I would pleasure you all night, didn’t I, amore? Just lay back and let your husband please you.”

You whined when he sunk the full length and girth of his huge cock inside you, the pressure and stretch nearly knocking the breath right out of your lungs. Giving in, you did as instructed with a moan, knowing without a doubt that you would wake up tomorrow aching and covered in Risotto’s marks and cum.

Chapter Text

“You’re so, so beautiful, (Y/N),” You whimper at Yukako’s low voice, the girl you’d always seen as your best friend draped against your back, her naked chest pressed to your back. You could feel her hard nipples rub against you, her arms wrapped around your waist, hips drilling the toy buried inside both your cunts into you with desperate, feverish need. The two of you kneeled together on the black-haired beauty’s bed, your hands and legs tied up with dark, red silk rope, your hands forcibly kept still by your knees. The mirror in front of the two of you was foggy from the condensation in Yukako’s dorm room, your (E/C) eyes forced to watch as the thick, silicone double ended dildo thrust in and out of your slick pussy, your wetness trickling down your thighs to mess Yukako’s sheets further, “Oh, oh, oh god, mmh, you’re so warm, so soft, you feel so good against me, my love, hahhh, look at how prettily your skin bruises beneath my hands!”

“Yu-Yukako!” You barely managed to hiccup, watching helplessly as your hips bucked back into Yukako’s punishing rhythm. Red lipstick smudged over your shoulders and you could see her possessive, dark eyes roam over the reflection of your front, admiring the bruises she had sucked and bitten into your breasts and tummy, your nipples hard and swollen from her attentive mouth, “Yukako, hahh, hngm, please, please, I - I can’t do this, p-please let me - oh, oh fuck, hahh, hmgnh, hahh!” Your friend hummed at the sound of your voice, a love-struck sigh brushing over your sweaty skin as she continued to kiss and mark up your neck and shoulders. You arched and moaned lewdly when Yukako shifted her hips, the blunt, slick head of the dildo end inside you pounding up right against your g-spot, “Oh god, oh god, oh god!” The black-haired woman behind you giggled at your breathy whines, your bodies rocking together.

You suddenly felt the long, smooth strands of her hair shift and wrap around your body, the toy pummeling inside your pussy pulling out completely, leaving you gaping empty and aching. You whimpered, your world spinning disconcertingly till you were laid out on your back, the red silk ropes tightening at your change in position, forcing your thighs to spread even wider, “Oh, yes, that’s it darling, let’s give those poor, bruised knees of yours a break, hmm?” Yukako crooned, voice sickly sweet as she hovered above you, her expression loving and affectionate. Your friend straddled your hips, completely disregarding you pleas for mercy, your overused cunt aching from how long and how hard she had been fucking you already. With a happy sigh, Yukako slowly sank the other half of the dildo back inside you, and you whined when your pussy pulsed and clenched at the intrusion, oversentive and almost raw, “There we go, good girl, hahh, so pretty and perfect and mine, mine, mine... hmmmm, I’m the only one who could ever love you, baby, you know that right?” As the black-haired woman continued to babble, her hips began to jerk harshly against you once more, the toy pulling half way out of both your cunts before she forcefully slammed back down, burying the double ended dildo so deep your and her labia rubbed up against one another intimately, “Hmmngh, hahh, oh, oh, baby, look, hmngh, our pussies are kissing, hahh, feels so good, so warm, you’re so wet for me, all mine, all because of me,” Yukako sighed and cupped one of the breasts, massaging the full curve as she watched your face flush darkly, your expression going slack and mouth open and drooling with pleasure, “Hahh, hahh, hahh, tell me you love me, (Y/N), tell me how much you love me and I’ll let you cum, okay?”

You whined breathily, mind hazy and fucked out, your hips unconsciously rocking up into Yukako’s hard motions. You could barely gather your thoughts enough to moan, let alone understand and respond to what Yukako was saying. With each thrust on her hips, the end of the toy inside you rammed mercilessly against your g-spot and your clit ground against your (ex-)best friend’s clit. Impatient, Yukako slid her free hand up your body to grab your right breast, pinching and twisting the sensitive, swollen bud harshly to get your attention, “Ah, ah, ah, Yukako! Yukako, please!” You sobbed, arching your back up to relieve the painful pleasure that rushed through your chest, tears spilling down ruddy cheeks as your gaze locked with hers, watching the satisfaction fill her sadistic expression, “Please, please, I ca-ahhhh-can’t take it anymore, I need, I need, I neeeeeed-!” You broke off with a whimpering cry, the pleasure in the pit of your belly agonisingly tight, your whole body shaking with the need to come, “I need to cum, please-!”

“Shhh, shhh, baby, I know, but you have to give me what I want to be allowed to cum,” Yukako cooed lovingly, her pace slowing to deep, shallow humps as she leaned down, cupping your cheek and tilting your face up, her lips slanting over yours in a hungry, desperate kiss. You easily gave in and allowed her access to your mouth, her tongue darting and twisting with yours, your and her combined wetness smearing against each other’s labia, the toy rubbing and grinding right up against your clit. Breaking the kiss, Yukako grinned at you sweetly, admiring your flushed face and teary eyes, her thrusting building back up to a punishing pace, eager to break your resolve, to hear you return her feelings, to proclaim yourself as hers, “Come on, darling, sweetheart, (Y/N), just tell me that you love me and you can cum allllllll over my sheets,” She cooed, relishing the broken little whimper and the slump of your body.

Panting, you hesitated, but the looming need, the building pressure, the unbearable bliss inside you had your voice quickly spilling false confessions, “I love you,” You practically wailed, bucking your hips up into Yukako’s hand when her thumb came down to flick and pinch your clit, bolts of pleasure shooting up your spine, “I love you, I love you, I love you, Yukako, please, please, pleasepleasepleaseplease-!” Yukako cooed, rubbing your clit and shoving her hips down onto the toy, slamming it into the back of your cunt with one last hard thrust, the combined sensations sending you over the edge with a scream of ecstasy. 

“That’s it, that’s a good girl, cum for me, come for your beloved girlfriend,” Yukako sighed happily, rocking and grinding on the toy, relishing that the end buried to the hilt inside you remained firmly stuck with how hard your cunt clenched around it, giving the black-haired woman an easier time to chase her own release. Feeling the hot gush of your juices squirt out of your pussy and over hers, Yukako moaned brokenly, seating herself down so your pussies rubbed against each other, her own release spilling out of her easily. The two of you drenched one another and the sheets of her bed, Yukako panting and relaxing, slowly coming down from her release to watch as you continued to shake through the last few aftershocks of your orgasm. Humming softly, the black-haired beauty pulled off, the toy exiting her cunt with a lewd sound, a shudder of lust rushing down her spine when you moaned, overstimulated and exhausted, “There, there, baby, just relax. I’ll take good care of you and clean you up. You just go on and fall asleep for me, (Y/N).”

You wanted to argue. You wanted to fight and tell Yukako to let you go, but with a small moan and a nod of agreement, you quickly found yourself drifting off into a deep sleep. 

Chapter Text

Say that one more time and I’ll make sure you can never walk again,” You snapped your head up in fear, barely managing to bite back a whimper when you saw the terrifying rage fill Ghiaccio’s face once more. God, why didn’t you accept your best friend’s offer to come with you for support when breaking up with your boyfriend? You knew how terrible his temper was, but you’d hoped he wouldn’t cause a scene if the two of you were somewhere more private - which clearly, you now realised, is a goddamn mistake, “Where the fuck do you get off thinking you can just break up with me all out of nowhere, cagna!” 

You stuttered slightly as you moved to get up, intent on leaving the apartment Ghiaccio owned, hoping to get away before the blue haired man became even more incensed, “I-it didn’t come out of nowhere!” You tried to defend yourself, stepping back several paces when Ghiaccio got up from his end of the couch as well, stalking towards you. You felt your heart leap into your throat when your back hit a wall, the front door to the apartment on the completely other side of the room from you, “Ghia, please, we’re just really not compatible a-and besides, I’m only here on my exchange work program, I w-won’t be here for much longer anyway-!” You let out a small squeak when one of Ghiaccio’s fists punched into the drywall of his apartment, boxing you in against his body and the wall with a snarl. You swallowed thickly, heart thumping loudly in your chest as you stared up, petrified.

“You think I would let you leave me so easily after you made me fall in love with you, (Y/N)?” Ghiaccio snapped, shaking his stinging hand to rid himself of the reverberated pain his punch caused, staring you down with dark, rage filled eyes. You whimpered and ducked your head, trying to curl into yourself so you could avoid the blue haired man’s wrath, “What, did you think you could just waltz out of my life like our relationship means absolutely nothing to you? Piccola stronza egoista!” You cried out in pain when his hand reached up to grab your hair, forcefully tugging at the strands to force you down onto your knees in front of him. Ghiaccio glared down at your trembling body, your wide, teary (E/C) eyes locked on his sneering face, “I think you owe your boyfriend an apology for being such a selfish cunt,” He snarled, ignoring your whimper of his name, the pleas falling from your lips as he reached down with his free hand to undo the front of his pants, pulling out his soft cock to slap it against your face, “If you know what’s good for you, cagna, you’ll keep that slutty mouth of yours open for me to use and keep your complaints to yourself.”

“G-Ghia, please, I-I-” The blue haired man took advantage when you tried to plead for him to let you go, stuffing his slowly hardening cock into the wet heat of your mouth. Despite yourself, you tried to close your mouth, Ghiaccio’s hissed warning about biting him barely reaching your ears in time to keep you from sinking your teeth into the thick flesh. You whimpered and tried to jerk back, your head hitting the wall behind you. Ghiaccio smirked, pinning your head in place, your face tipped up so he could continue to stare into your stricken gaze as he slowly started to pump his hips. You winced at the feeling of the blue haired man’s thick cock rubbing against your tongue and cheeks, tears of misery and fear trickling from your eyes and over your cheeks. Your hands moved up to rest on Ghiaccio’s upper thighs, weakly trying to push him away, only for a muffled cry to vibrate around the dick in your mouth when Ghiaccio tugged your hair painfully.

The blue haired man sighed and arched his back, his shallow thrusts steadily becoming deeper now that he had you completely pinned in place, uncaring that you were starting to gag and choke every time the head of hick cock slammed into the back of your mouth, “Hahhhh, that’s a good little bitch, just sit still and let your master use you like the cock sleeve you’re meant to be,” He growled, a nasty smirk curling his lips as filth spilled from his lips, both of his hands holding your head still and pinned to the wall. By tipping your head back so he could continue watching and admiring your expression, Ghiaccio could plunge his cock even deeper into your mouth, intent on getting his full length inside your throat as punishment for your ridiculous excuses for trying to leave him, “Hmmngh, you better relax that tight throat of yours if you don’t wanna end up choking, estupida puttanna, I’m not gonna be all sweet and patient with you anymore,” You whined sharply at his words, the mascara you’d worn running in dark rivulets down your cheeks, emotional hurt weighing heavily in your chest, guilt and arousal at how... rough Ghiaccio was being mixing together into a heady sensation.

Shame filled you when you rubbed your thighs together and realised your pussy felt slick, the arousal you felt from Ghiaccio’s sudden shift in tone and his dominating attitude coming fully to the fore. Every word, every degrading insult he spat at you, both made you flinch while it also fanned the flames of lust in the pit of your belly. How could you like this?! The blue haired man was forcing you to take his cock down your throat, cutting off your air supply mercilessly as he drove his hips into your face. You whimpered, your nails digging into the cloth that covered his thighs, the weak struggle you initially put up against Ghiaccio’s assault on your mouth dissipating entirely. Despite yourself, you released a muffled moan the next time your (ex-?) boyfriend tugged at your hair, his hands pulling your face closer as he ground his pelvis against the lower half of your features. Your nose burned slightly from the strangely sweet musk that came from his pubes, Ghiaccio’s heavy, full balls pressing uncomfortably against your chin.

And still, you could feel how wet the front of your pants were getting, lightheaded from the lack of proper air the longer Ghiaccio kept his cock buried down your throat. You gagged and choked around his girth, your blurry vision locked on his face, eyes growing hooded. The skin of his cock felt strangely cool against your tongue and the sensitive skin of your throat and Ghiaccio groaned whenever you gagged, the pressure around his dick tightening deliciously, “Fuck, your mouth if fuckin’ perfect for sucking my dick, hahhhh, I can see the bulge ‘m making in your throat, oh fuck, yeah, hahh, perfect, this is exactly where you belong, on your knees, serving me like a good little bitch,” You whined at his words, the instant relief of his cock pulling out of your throat for you to gulp in several deep breaths of air causing euphoria to shoot through your body, swirling low and heavy with the arousal in your gut. You didn’t have enough time to suck in more than a couple of breaths before Ghiaccio’s hips snapped back against your face, his dick immediately shoved back down your throat and choking you once more, “Yeah, that’s it, take my cock, suck on it like a good little puttanella and maybe I’ll forgive you for trying to break my heart so callously,” Ghiaccio crowed, his hips pounding into your face brutally, the hard, flat planes of his pelvis and abdomen smacking harshly against your nose and cheeks. You wondered if your face would end up bruised from the blue haired man’s rough actions, the thought sending a zing of shameful lust through your body.

When your hands began slipping down from his thighs and against your body, Ghiaccio noticed and chuckled roughly, one hand releasing its grip in your hair to pat your cheek roughly, “Oh? Are you getting off on this, troia? You like it when I treat you like dirt, like you’re nothing but another stain on the bottom of my shoe?” Your muffled whimper at his words sent a thrill of arousal down Ghiaccio’s spine, a twisting his lips when he saw both of your hands cup the front of your pants, grinding your clothed pussy against them for some kind of relief. Deciding to be even more cruel, Ghiaccio pulled his cock from your mouth completely to slap it against your face, admiring the flush of your cheeks, “Hands off your cunt, stupida piccola cagna, bad girls don’t get to play with themselves while they’re getting punished, now do they?” You gasped and moaned at his words, but pulled your hands away from your soaked pants, staring up at Ghiaccio pleadingly, “Hmmm, maybe you’re good for something after all - you’re pretty competent at following orders... then again, you’re so desperate to be my personal little whore that it’s no surprise you’ll only listen to me when I put you in your place.’

“G-Ghiaccio,” You mewled, panting and squirming, intent on begging the blue haired man for forgiveness, but your boyfriend couldn’t care less, shoving his cock back inside your mouth and down your throat. Ghiaccio could feel the tension in the pit of his gut mounting steadily, intent on using your throat and cumming down into your belly, his voice rough as he groaned your name. You whined but stayed still, letting him use you as he wished, hoping that it would be over soon, the aching throb in your cunt begging for attention from your hands. You knew better than to go against one of Ghiaccio’s orders now, your hands firmly planted on the floor, kneeling in front of him like a dog, your tongue swirling along the underside of his dick while your cheeks hollowed out to suck the fat girth firmly. Ghiaccio snarled several curses, his hips stuttering in their pace, becoming shallow as he practically ground against your face.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck gonna cum, gonna fill your tummy with my cum, take it, take all of it, tu sporca troia,” The blue haired man panted roughly, slamming his cock once, twice, thrice more down your throat before stilling with a low groan. You could feel his balls tighten and convulse against your chin, his cock jerking in your throat as thick, surprisingly cold cum spurted down your throat. You whined, shutting your eyes and trying to take steady breaths through your nose, the scent of Ghiaccio’s musk making you dizzy. Your boyfriend held your face against his pelvis for several long seconds, thick ropes of seed spilling down your throat and filling your stomach with the uncomfortably cool liquid. 

Sighing in relief, the blue haired man pulled his softening cock from your throat, the last few dribbles of his cum covering the inside of your mouth, his voice and hold on your head rough, forcing you to tilt your head up to stare into your mouth as he ordered you to “Swallow.” You did as he instructed, shutting your mouth and swallowing thickly, holding back the urge to gag at the bitter tasting sludge-like consistency of his cum, “Open up, I wanna see that every last drop is inside you,” Ghiaccio growled and you allowed your mouth to fall open unconsciously, your hazy gaze locked on his hard, cruel face. Humming lowly, Ghiaccio swiped his thumb against the warm, pink surface of your tongue, satisfied that you had swallowed every last drop of his seed, his hands finally letting go of your hair, “Good bitch,” He rumbled in satisfaction, your scalp throbbing from his tight grip. You whimpered softly and leaned back against the wall behind you, exhausted, arousal still simmering low in the pit of his gut, “Now, if you wanna cum anytime today, you better be on your knees and begging for me to take you back, or I’ll strap you down and leave you on the brink for hours until you break.” 

Chapter Text

A sigh fell from rose coloured lips as you finally managed to find somewhere private to hide and relax. Gods, but the Joestar grounds were huge - when you had been invited by Erina to go out for a walk around the grounds without Jonathan and Dio for once, you’d been more than happy to try and escape the dark gaze of your betrothed. Truly, Dio may be incredibly handsome, but by the Gods the man was an insufferable twat. Walking around the grounds with Erina had been freeing, but you’d forgotten exactly how tightly your corset had been tied that morning and how large the gardens were. Lifting your skirts so you could sit comfortably without dirtying the edge of the expensive fabric, you sat yourself on the stone bench that you had spotted, hidden amongst the rose bushes. 

A smirk curled your lips when you realised you’d managed to slip away from Erina so easily. Poor dear, she must be worried about your sudden disappearance from her side, you thought to yourself fondly, smoothing out the material of your skirts and breathing in the summer air with relish. Carefully, you leaned back onto your gloved hands, your legs swinging lazily as you tilted your head up to the sunlight, eyes shut in bliss as the warmth of the sun - so rare in dreary old England - shone lightly over your features. You did hope that Erina wouldn’t immediately head back into the manor in a fuss to tell Jonathan and Dio you had gone missing. While you enjoyed her company, her sweetness could be overbearing, and her gushing praise of Jonathan’s gentlemanly nature caused the jealousy within you to stir quite ferociously. You didn’t resent your friend, truly, but you could hardly deny your own attraction to the dark haired heir of the Joestars. 

Your lips twitched down into a frown, guilt and sadness seeping through your chest at the thought. You’d always been slightly smitten with Jonathan, ever since your dearest friend had introduced the two of you to one another. Perhaps, you mused, your feelings for him is what made you dislike Dio so vehemently. While Jonathan seems to have forgiven his childhood tormentor throughout the years - you knew that you never would. Erina, while wary, seemed to remain distant from the blond, and was your saving grace whenever you felt as if you were going to snap at your betrothed, quick to swoop in and distract you from Dio’s awful personality. You sighed once again and opened your eyes, blinking in surprise when cold, amber eyes bored into yours.

You yelped and immediately swung your arms, intent on punching the person who loomed so closely above you, only for a strong hand to catch yours, “Ah, ah, ah, darling, there’s no need to try an hit your beloved fiance,” Dio’s voice purred and you went still, slumping back with an aggravated sigh. Dio held your hand carefully, pulling it up to his face so he could kiss the back, a smarmy smirk curling his lips attractively. You glared up angrily at Dio, trying to snatch your hand back and away from him, a sneer curling your lips when he simply tightened his grip, “I see you’ve been admiring the gardens, my love. Erina came back quite flustered after she had ‘lost’ you in the rosebushes,” Dio continued to croon, moving to sit beside you on the bench, uncomfortably close, linking his fingers with yours to keep you from leaving him by himself once more, “I was so concerned I decided to come out here and look for you myself.”

“Oh, how very gallant of you, Master Dio,” You huffed, once more trying to tug your hand out of his only to wince when he further tightened his grip. You were sure that your skin would end up bruised once you removed the gloves that evening, “Did it occur to you that maybe I snuck off so I could stay away from you for just a tad bit longer,” You turned your face away from Dio, forcing your irritation with the blond to settle down so you could at least try to enjoy your time in the sun. Gods, but this was exactly what you had hoped to avoid when you snuck away from Erina. You heard Dio gasp in faux hurt, and knew that the blond had a hand pressed to his chest as if you had wounded him, “I was so enjoying the garden before your unpleasantness ruined the atmosphere. Don’t you have better things to do”

Dio clicked his tongue and you could see the anger that marred his expression just briefly from the corner of your eye, before the blond hid his expression behind light hearted teasing, “Oh, you wound me, my dearest (Y/N). Is my presence so upsetting to your delicate sensibilities that you would treat me so coldly? That’s hardly fair, darling, after how worried I was for you,” You scoffed at his words, shrugging them off as easily as you would any other would be suitor, refusing to turn your gaze back to Dio, “You can at least pretend to love me, you know... we are set to be married next spring - why, what would high society say if the bride couldn’t even bare to look upon her handsome groom?”

“They would probably pity you, for having to marry such a shrew,” You responded lightly, turning to face him to give the blond and imperious sneer, looking down on him for the tip of your nose, “‘Poor, poor Dio Brando, what a shame such a beautiful man is saddled with a dead fish. If only he would break their engagement and seek a better woman to marry,’“ You mockingly sighed, voice pitched just the slightest bit higher, ignoring the way Dio grit his teeth at your words, “And they would be right, you know, to question why you would bother with a woman who so clearly despises your very existence. I’m surprised you’re still bothering with this charade you’ve fooled my parents into being a part of,” You grumbled, biting your tongue when Dio shifted even closer to you, the blond leaning against you to whisper in your ear. To anyone who might have caught the two of you like this, they would have mistaken it for an intimate conversation between two lovers, so caught up in one another that they were practically blind to the rest of the world.

And yet, they would have no idea how wrong they were.

You grimaced at the feeling of Dio’s warm breath brushing over the sensitive skin of your neck, the blond pausing to dare to press a gentle kiss to the skin just behind your ear, voice breathy as he spoke, “You’re so fully convinced that my affection for you is a charade, but I can assure you, my dear, that it is not,” The blond murmured, his thumb stroking over yours, fingers squeezing your hand firmly as he continued, his tone sweet and thick like honey, briefly instilling doubt in your heart at Dio’s true intentions, “I do love you, ardently. Ever since I first saw your face, since the first time I heard your voice, I knew that you were meant to be mine. I have wanted you, ached for you since that moment - and now I will have you,” Dio’s voice purred in your ear and you flinched, tearing yourself away from the blond and slapping him harshly before you scrambled up from the bench.

“I am not a belonging!” You spat, your heart thundering loudly in your chest, anger swirling thickly in the pit of your gut, seething from you in great big bursts of air, “I am not beholden to you, you do not own me and I will never, ever love someone like you,” You finally sneered, turning to stomp away from Dio, the shocked blond lightly touching his hand to his bruised cheek, his expression slowly morphing into an angry snarl at your words. Several paces away, he followed you and grabbed your arm, hauling you back towards him and you cried out in surprise and pain, “Let go of me, you brute!” You snapped, trying to break his hold on you once more. You gasped in righteous anger when Dio forced your head up, your face tipped to his own, and you pursed your lips, fully prepared to spit in his face, only for your eyes to go wide with shock when Dio slammed his mouth over yours with a growl.

You froze, your mind blanking at the feeling of the blond’s soft lips slanting over yours, your mouth falling open in surprise, Dio immediately taking advantage of your lapse in judgement to deepen the kiss further. You made a soft noise at the feeling of his slick tongue rubbing against your own, Dio pulling your body closer, both of his hands cupping your face as he devoured your mouth hungrily, groaning at the taste of you. You had never been kissed like this before, the intense power Dio had over you in the moment making you feel dizzy and weak knee’d, your body automatically swaying to lean against his for support. Dio rumbled with bliss, tipping your body back just slightly to gain more access, tongue laving over your lips and inside your mouth. The scrape of his teeth when he nibbled your plump lower lip finally seemed to break you out of your daze, and you tore yourself away with a gasp. 

Scrambling back and away from Dio, your chest heaved and you stared at the blond, wide eyed with shock and just the slightest bit of fear. What... what was that? You reached up to touch your swollen lips, staring at Dio in horror as the blond looked at you with naked hunger, his tongue swiping his lower lip as he watched your trembling form. You had the distinct feeling like you were staring down a predator, a lion ready to pounce on his prey, and a shudder rushed down your spine. Fear settled heavily in the pit of your gut when Dio spoke once more, “I don’t have to try to get you to love me, you know?” He purred, amber gaze roving over your body, “All I need to do is wait for the moment we both say ‘I do’ to finally take what’s mine... and trust me, my dear (Y/N)... you will give in to me.”

You barely bit back a whimper at Dio’s words, gathering yourself enough to scoff shakily at him. Turning away from him, you marched your way back inside the estate, closely followed by Dio.

Chapter Text

Robert E. O. Speedwagon is a hard man who has lived through incredible darkness.

You shivered as you felt a large, warm hand rest on your bulging belly, a strong jaw hooking itself on your shoulder as your... husband, you supposed - the glint of your plain wedding band blinking each time you stirred the pot was a looming reminder of what had brought you here - leaned against your back to watch you cook. You heard the blond hum lowly alongside the new radio he had bought just for you, to make up for his roughness last night. Your back stung slightly as he pressed even firmer against you, tilting his face to press a kiss to your cheek even as you kept your eye on the pot.

Perhaps, in a different lifetime, one where fate hadn’t been so cruel as to rip Robert’s best friend out of this world before his time, you would have greeted your husband with eager fervor and loving kisses. You remembered the Robert that had been kind, a surprisingly gentle and warm man despite his upbringing, bashful when he spoke to you and careful with his touches. He had been so sweet and you could easily admit that you’d found yourself quickly smitten despite Mater Tonpetty’s warnings of your bleak future. You wish, so many nights you lay awake in Speedwagon’s arms, wishing desperately that you could rewind time so you had never met the blond in the first place. That you had returned with your friends and your Hamon teacher to the mountains to pursue further training instead of deciding to settle for a life beside the friends you had made in England.

You wish you had had the foresight to check each and every luggage item that was brought aboard that cursed ship.

But the past can never be changed.

“Darling, you’ve been on your feet all day, you really should take a break and rest for a bit,” Robert’s low voice murmured in your ear and you flinched when his rough hand took the spoon from your grip, “Go and sit by the table, I’ll take care of the rest of dinner,” You wanted to put up a token fight, to push his concern aside and stubbornly refuse - but your aching back and swollen feet screamed at you to just give in. Sighing, you handed Robert the spoon with a mumble of assent, pausing to let the man kiss your forehead before waddling over to one of the surprisingly plush kitchen chairs. You supposed being married to a new millionaire had it’s perks, the blithe though fluttered through your mind, one hand on your belly and the other on the arm of the chair as you slowly lowered yourself to sit and rest your aching body. You released a soft sigh of relief, shutting your eyes and just relaxing, letting your mind drift as the radio and Robert’s humming unfortunately soothed your mind.

You could clearly remember the night Robert asked you to marry him. You both had returned to a hotel room the two of you shared because of the blond’s difficulties with starting up his business. You had just retired from a day of visiting Erina, your dearest friend close to the birth of her first and only child, having difficulty waddling around her home much like you yourself were in the present. It had been a... heart wrenching day, one of the days where the past caught up to the three of you and you had spent it in somber silence, helping each other and grieving for the life that could have been together. You remember Robert pulling you towards the bed of the hotel, asking that you please sit and let him speak, his confession a study in stumbling over your words. You remembered how his hands shook as he took out the modest little ring box, the plain silver band resting innocently inside. You remembered how your heart soared in the same moment that it felt as if the world had been pulled out from under you.

You remembered rejecting him, gently, kindly, telling Robert that now was not the time, that he had to focus on the life he wished to build while you did the same. You wanted to marry him when you were both much more stable, when Erina wasn’t in such an emotional and precarious position, pregnant with Jonathan’s child and alone in the world without your and Robert’s support. You wanted better - the best really - for the both of you. The hurt in Speedwagon’s gaze at your words and how he had mumbled an excuse to leave for a walk still haunted your worst nightmares, your worst fights with Robert always coming back down to that one moment when you didn’t fight for him to stay, where you didn’t just... give in to what he truly wanted.

He had left for an entire day. You had spent most of that time with Erina, helping your dear friend with any chores she had, trying to keep your mind from fretting over Robert’s disappearance. You feared, briefly, that one of Dio’s minions - however unlikely it all seemed - had somehow found and killed your beloved. You wished now that that was the case, aware of the darkness that lingered underneath the facade Speedwagon donned so easily around Erina and George. Your hands rubbed over your bump, a soft murmur falling from your lips as you tried to hush the kicking of your child, your eyes sliding open to study Robert’s back.

You remembered going back to your shared hotel room that evening, to find the blond there, a fresh, hot meal ready and waiting for you both to feast from, “I understand why you said what you did last night,” He had told you, so kind, so sweet as he poured you a glass of wine, all the while he drank a glass of whiskey, your trusting nature working against you as you thought nothing of the sweet scent that came from the blood red liquid, “I know I worried you, hurt you, leaving you here all by yourself the whole day. Forgive me for my foolishness, my darling, I will take all the pain if it means you’ll smile,” and like a fool, a goddamned fool who should have known better, who had been warned by Master Tonpetty of the darkness that shrouded your future, you had drank the wine and supped your fill.

When you had awoken halfway through the night, naked, your body splayed open and mounting pleasure rocking through your body with no memory of how you had ended up in this position, your panic should have been enough to reawaken your Hamon training. You had felt your body shifting, rocking, the force of another’s hips slamming into yours, the hot stretch, throb and drag of something thick and long piercing through your cunt, the smell of sex and musk that burned your nose, all of it had made you dizzy with confusion and panic. You had cried out, hands weakly coming up to wrap around wide, muscular and scarred shoulders, Robert’s voice groaning softly in your ear, filthy praise spilling like molasses from his lips. When he had noticed that you were conscious, he’d simply rumbled softly and kissed you, the slamming of his cock going harder deeper, the head nudging against your womb with each stroke. When he had pulled away, ducking his face down to your shoulders and neck, between his bites and hard, sucking bruises into the soft skin, he spoke, “Mine, mine, all mine, my beautiful wife, I’ll fill you up with my seed, you can’t reject me with my baby in your belly, your virgin blood on my cock, mine, hahh, so good, you feel perfect for me, mmh,” You had been unable to stop yourself from weeping, your voice slurring as you tried to beg for him to stop, to pull out, but your words had been babbled nothingness to a man afraid of losing everything he had ever wanted.

When you had cum on his cock and Robert had spilled his thick, hot seed inside your tender walls, you had sobbed, holding onto the man that had ruined your body, that had so thoroughly claimed you as his. The cool metal band he had proposed to you with had already been on your finger, Robert softly kissing away your tears and murmuring his insincere apologies into your devastated mind. You had been unable to do anything but cling to the blond as you cried, even after his betrayal his warmth and strength a comfort to your mind.

That had been the beginning of the end, you supposed - Robert’s true colours had shone through that night, the true darkness of his heart on display in the worst way to you, the woman who had loved him from the moment you had seen the blond by Zeppeli and Jonathan’s side. A tear slipped down your cheek, one of your hands quickly coming up to wipe it away before Speedwagon could see it, unwilling to have your husband fret and hover over you the rest of the night. Your nose twitched at the telltale signs of burning food and you sighed, hefting yourself up and pushing your grief for a life that could have been to the side. 

Tomorrow Robert would bundle you up into his new car to take you with him to visit your dear friend Erina, the blond expecting you to put on your best charade of being a happily married soon to be mother. George would still adore his uncle ‘Wagon and auntie (Y/N) and you would sit with Erina and enjoy a cup of tea, the child in your womb growing ever closer to joining you in the cruel world you found yourself a part of. 

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You look the best when you’re at my mercy,” Bruno murmured breathily as he slid his hands over your torso, admiring the weak way you still tried to struggle and fight against him. A whimper of his name was followed by your torso desperately trying to buck and writhe away from his warm hands, both of them wrapping around the upper part of your waist, just beneath your breasts, “Look at you, so cute, so helpless, ahhhh, I really am so glad you weren’t able to repay your debt to Passione,” The black haired man purred, leaning down to kiss his way between your breasts, down your belly until his face nuzzled against your dripping mons, the light buzz of the vibrator inside your aching cunt becoming more pronounced now he was closer to it. Bruno smirked and pressed light kisses to your labia, steadily applying more pressure and tongue as you arched you back with a desperate wail, “How long did I leave you, helpless and aching like this for me, hmmm? Dios mio, carina, you’ve completely soaked through the sheets, such a naughty little thing you are.”

You sobbed at Bruno’s words, the tingling of your missing limbs seeming to enhance the sensations that rocked through your body from the man’s actions, “P-Please, I can pay it ba-back soon, I swear!” You whined, feeling Bruno’s hands hold onto your waist as he opened his mouth and wrapping his lips around the throbbing bundle of nerves between your labia. He suckled lightly, the pleasure coursing through your veins from the sensation making you arch your back even further. You wished the strange mafioso hadn’t unzipped your limbs from your body - maybe then you could actually try to fight back against the onslaught of Bruno’s mouth, his hot tongue dragging between your dripping lower lips, “Please, please, I’ll pay it back, I sw-swear, please, just give me a little more time, a w-week would be enouGH-!” Bruno hummed, the vibrations against your clit causing you to scream. If your legs were still attached you would have bucked your hips up to grind against his face desperately, your whole body throbbing with pleasure.

Pulling away from your poor, flushed and overworked cunt, Bruno blew cool air on you slick labia. You whimpered at the feeling, your hazy, teary gaze locking with Bruno’s dark blue eyes, his lips curled up in a hungry smirk, “Hmmm, no, I don’t think you will, cara,” He purred, shifting so he kneeled up on the mattress, using his superior strength to lift your body up into his lap. You whined with fear, balancing precariously above Bruno’s cock, the black haired man keeping one hand on your back as the other dragged his fingers between your labia. Bruno pulled the soaked lower lips apart, catching a peek of the cord of the vibrator buried deep inside you, “How about we take this silly little thing out of you, puttanella? After all, this isn’t going to satisfy either of us,” He chuckled lowly, wrapping the cord around his fingers and tugging, pulling the buzzing toy out of your sensitive cunt. Bruno left it just inside your cunt, the vibrations tingling powerfully against your labia and clit, your voice crying out in pleasure before Bruno finally pulled the toy out of you completely, “Ahh, brava ragazza, such beautiful sounds you make for me, you’re so wet and desperate for my cock,” Bruno crooned, his voice saccharine sweet while you sobbed, your body trembling, “Since you’ve been so good for me, I think you deserve a treat.”

Both of Bruno’s hands held you still, one gripping your right shoulder tightly while the other wrapped around your hips,  forcefully grinding your sopping cunt against the leaking head of his cock. The mafioso groaned hotly at the slick glide, you little mewls and pleas for freedom going ignored, the tone of your voice weak and pathetic as he shifted your body, aiming his cock against your hole. With a sigh of bliss, Bruno shoved your body down to seat you in his lap once more, his thick cock buried to the hilt inside your tight, clenching walls. You scream at the sudden intrusion, back arching and hips rocking weakly, the stumps where your arms and legs should have been wiggling uselessly to try and get away instinctively, “No, no, no, no, please, ‘s too much, you’re too big, it hurts, please, take it out!” You whined, your pussy throbbing from the burning stretch, the pressure, trying to convince yourself the overwhelming feeling that rocked through your body was one of pain. Bruno hummed lowly at yours words, shushing you soothingly, his thumbs stroking your soft skin to help you relax. You clenched the muscles in your abdomen, hoping that you would be able to push him out, but that only seemed to suck his cock impossibly deeper, your labia kissing the base of his cock with a lewd, wet sound. You whimpered, shaking terribly, panting as you tried to get used to the rush of emotions and lust that thrummed through your flushed body.

“Brava ragazza, you’re taking me in so well, your pussy sucking on my cock so desperately,” Bruno murmured hotly, his grip on your body shifting so both hands were now clutching your hips, leaning your and his body so your torso rested against his chest. You whined sharply when you felt his hips pull back, his cock slipping out of you only halfway before the black haired man slammed back into you once more. A hiccup tore itself from your throat, when the mafioso repeated the same actions again, and again, and again. Bruno set a slow, brutal pace, pounding his cock inside your aching walls with a fearsome amount of strength. You could do nothing but lay against him limply, whining and moaning against his shoulder as he used you to his heart’s content, “Ahhh, sei perfetto, così buono, stretto piccola fica per me, hmmm, questo è tutto tesoro, prendere il mio cazzo come una vera e troia propria*,” Bruno purred thickly into your ear, his hands holding your hips so tight you knew there were going to be bruises, relishing the tight, clutching heat of your cunt and the warm weight of your body. You were perfect for him like this, helpless and sweet, just letting him do whatever he wanted to your body, to use you as his personal little fuck toy, and Bruno was sure to let you know that. He continued to murmur filth in your ears, your foggy mind absorbing his words, guilt, shame and lust coiling in the pit of your stomach unbearably tight.

“Signore - hahh, mngh, B-Bruno pleaaaase,” You slurred, your hips unconsciously rocking into each of Bruno’s deep, hard thrusts, a ragged sob spilling from your mouth, “Please, please I-I cahhhh-can’t take any more, ‘m c-close, I, hahhh, please!” You whined, your breaths ragged, the tension in the pit of your belly growing tighter and tighter with each hot drag of Bruno’s thick cock inside you. Bruno groaned at your words, wrapping his arms around you tightly, holding you impossibly closer, the pace of his thrusts picking up. You couldn’t clutch onto him, your arms left tossed aside somewhere within the room when Bruno began his ‘interrogation’. Your mouth was open and drooling, eyes rolling to the back of your head when you felt the vibrator once more held against your clit by the phantom hands of Bruno’s Stand. The humming against the sensitive bud combined with how the underside of Bruno’s thick dick rubbed over your g-spot was enough to send you tumbling over the edge of bliss, a wail of pleasure ripped from your throat, your back arching into the last few thrusts of Bruno’s hips.

“Hahh, hahh, cazzo, take it, take every last drop of my cum, brava ragazza, just let me fill you up,” Bruno growled lowly, slamming into you once, twice, thrice more before the tight, milking walls of your cunt were too much. The black haired man groaned lowly and buried his cock inside you to the hilt, thick, hot seed spurting out into your pussy, filling you to the brim with his creamy spend. You winced at the feeling, exhausted and used, laying against Bruno while the mafioso slowly calmed down from his orgasm. With a sigh, Bruno pulled you off of his spent cock laid you back down on the bed, admiring the flush of your skin and the slight tremble of your body. Pearly strings of his cum slowly dripped out of your abused pussy, his thumbs hooking around your labia to pull the swollen lips open to get a better look of the mess he’d made of your cunt. He whistled lowly with appreciation, the sharp noise causing you to flinch, your body tensing slightly and sending more of Bruno’s spend spilling out of you, “Oh, carina, you’re such a messy girl,” Bruno rumbled with amusement, swiping his thumb over your weeping hole, lifting the digit up to his mouth to lick it clean, groaning at the combined taste of his cum and your juices, “Mmmh, hahh, such a shame I don’t have enough time to indulge in you again... but then again, no one’s going to miss you if I keep you all to myself instead of offing you like Risotto wants me to.”

You felt a chill rake down your spine at Bruno’s words, the mafioso getting up and cleaning himself off, pulling his clothing back on as he shot you a sharp grin, “No, no, I think I’ll keep you all to myself. It would be such a shame to loose such a perfect little cumdump like you, tesoro,” Bruno mused, leaning down to press a soft kiss to your lips, the black haired man humming and ignoring your weak pleading to be let go, pulling away to leave the room, “Now, you just stay here all pretty and ruined for me until I come back, alright? I’m going to have to make some... arrangements with my Capo.”


* Ahhh, you're perfect, such a good, tight little cunt for me, hmmm, that's it darling, take my cock like a proper slut 

Chapter Text

Melone shut the door behind him quietly, his eyes straining in the darkness of your room. He really shouldn’t be doing this, he thought to himself, leaning against the closed door and eyeing your peacefully sleeping form. Melone was confident that you wouldn’t wake up - he’d been careful with the dosage of the tranquilizer the lavender haired man had used to drug your food, making sure to give you enough to be knocked out for several hours, but not too much for you to overdose on. 

He really shouldn’t be doing this to his childhood best friend... but, Melone mused to himself, carefully clicking the lock of your room shut, he hasn’t seen you as a ‘friend’ for years. slowly, the lavender haired man made his way over to you, humming softly under his breath. He admired your lax face, excitement coursing through his veins when he noticed you were wearing a simple night dress, the material bunched up around your waist. Biting his lower lip, Melone lifted your blanket up and off of your sleeping figure, a breathy rumble leaving his chest at the sight of the cute pair of cotton panties you’d worn to bed. He sighed lightly as he slipped onto your mattress, kneeling between your spread thighs, his soft hands slowly stroking up your calves and the insides of your thighs, “Oh, you’re so cute, (Y/N),” Melone cooed, his voice barely above a whisper, even though he knew you weren’t likely to wake up any time soon, his instincts telling him he needed to remain quiet lest you wake. One of his hands slipped further up your body, trailing under the material of your night dress to push it up and over your chest, exposing your naked breasts to the cool air of the room, “Oh, carina, what cute tits you have... so soft, so full, hmmm... I can’t wait to see them grow even more when I put my baby in you.”

As he said this, the hand by your breasts cupped one of the mounds, pinching your nipple and kneading the soft flesh eagerly. Melone’s free hand moved to trail over the crotch of your panties, delighted to find that you were slightly damp, a whispery moan leaving your lips as your head lolled to the side. Melone froze for a moment as you shifted, his shoulders and hands tense as he waited for the moment you started screaming, but relaxed when you simply went slack once more, “Ahhh, you gave me a bit of a fright, mia tesorina,” Melone hummed, continuing to stroke a finger over the damp material of your panties, the hand on your breast tugging at his clothing, intending get get both himself and you naked, eager to feel your warm, soft skin against his as he finally, finally claimed you as his, “You’re such a sneaky little thing - always playing tricks on me, like when you told me you only saw me as a friend,” Melone chuckled, tossing his and your clothes off to the side, taking his sweet time pulling off your underwear, “Hahhh, you know that if you only asked, I’d be your slave, carina... all you’d have to do was tell me what you really wanted from me... but no, you had to play games with me and make me work harder to get you like this, naked and helpless, all to myself,” A soft mewl left your slack, parted lips when Melone gently began to rub at your clit, one of his fingers gently thrusting into your damp cunt, your inner walls clutching the digit lazily before relaxing once more.

Melone cooed at how soft and relaxed you were, shuffling just a tad bit closer, the hand not currently working your pussy up in preparation for his cock reaching up to grab one of the pillows by your head. Carefully, the lavender haired man lifted your hips and pushed the fluffy pillow under the small of your back, tilting your lower body just slightly up, “There we go, that’s perfect, mio (Y/N), we have to make sure that you won’t spill a single drop of my thick, healthy cum, after all,” Melone hummed, his voice husky, cock already hard and leaking at the sight of you beneath him. Your cunt was gradually getting more and more slick, wetness beginning to drip down Melone’s hand as he slid a second, the quickly a third finger inside you, desperate to feel you around his cock already, “Oh, Dio mio, you’re so warm, cara, so wet of your amore, hmmm, I know you’re ovulating today - I made sure to keep track of your cycle because that’s what a good boyfriend does, hahhh, knew you’d want me to come here and put a baby in you,” He sighed, thrusting his fingers inside you, scissoring them open to make sure you were stretched enough to not feel pain the next morning after waking up, intent on keeping this secret little moment close to his heart until he could finally get you to see that the two of you truly belonged together.

“Mmmh, hahh, I can’t hold back anymore, carina, I’m sorry,” Melone groaned, pulling his fingers out of your soaked pussy, relishing the sight of your hips swaying up, ready for the next thrust of his fingers. A slurred whine of complaint left your slumbering form, your skin flushed from the lazy arousal that coiled in your belly. Melone shuffled even closer, slotting his hips against yours, dragging the underside of his cock against your soft, wet mons, getting the hard length slick with your juices, “Ahhh, you’re so sweet for me, carina, so perfect, you can take all of me, can’t you? Of course you can, you were made for me, hmm, hahh, that’s it, yesssss,” Melone’s breath hissed out through his teeth as he started pressing the leaking head of his cock into your tight cunt, steadily sinking the long, hard girth into your pussy. Your wetness made it so easy, your pussy practically swallowing his cock to the hilt with ease, inner walls clenching slightly around the intrusion. Melone moaned, voice ragged, forcing his hips to stay still so he wouldn’t immediately lose control of himself and cum too early, intent on filling you to the brim with cum several times while the tranquilizer still had its affect on you. A whimper spilled from your plush lips, Melone’s slightly trembling body hunching above yours, both of his hands gripping your hips, “Oh, oh cazzo, cazzo, (Y/N), hahh, ti senti così bene, così stretto e caldo, hahh, cazzo, feels like your pussy keeps sucking me deeper, ahhh, yes, hmngh.”

Unable to stop himself, Melone’s hips started rocking against yours in short, shallow bursts, his cock never leaving the tight wetness more than halfway before the lavender haired man slammed it back inside you roughly. He no longer cared if he left behind any evident bruises on your body, his mouth kissing and sucking dark marks into the exposed skin of your neck and shoulders, your head tipped back as small moans passed your lips effortlessly. You little, breathy noises did nothing but encourage Melone to keep drilling into you, his filthy fantasies tumbling from his throat like a waterfall and filling your subconscious mind with the flitting, hazy dream like images of his deepest, darkest wants and needs. Melone pressed his full weight into you, his chest pressed against yours, relishing the full contact of your and his skin against each other, rubbing and touching with each brutal thrust of his hips. He moaned, long and low, one of his hands slipping between his and your body to rub and pinch at your clit, hoping to feel your cunt milk at his length before he came inside you, the head of his cock continuously slamming into the entrance to your womb, “Cum for me, bella, per favore, si prega di sperma per me, I want to feel your pussy beg for my seed, for my baby to fill that fertile little womb of yours - ah, hahh, oh, oh dio mio-!”

Your pussy clenched tightly around his cock like a vice, pleasure washing over your unconscious form, your juices gushing out of you as you lazily arched your back, a guttural moan spilling from your lips. Melone barely managed two more rough jerks of his hips before he went still, pressing his hips firmly against yours to make sure his cock was buried inside you as far as it could go, Hot, thick and sticky ropes of cum spurted out of the lavender haired man, the white liquid spilling to the back of your cunt and right up against your cervix, Melone instinctively tipping your hips so your pelvis was practically skyward. Moaning lewdly, his tilted his face to yours, slanting his mouth against yours for a lazy kiss, his tongue slipping between your slack lips to prod against your own. little puffs of air left your nose as your breathing slowly evened back out, your eyes rolling and shifting beneath your lids. Melone pulled back, briefly wondering - fearing, hoping - if you might wake up, the tingle of mixed relief and disappointment settling heavily in the pit of his gut. Sighing, the lavender haired man slowly rolled his hips in a stimulating grind, eager to work his cock back to full hardness so he could fill you up again, “Gotta make sure it sticks, don’t we, carina?” He hummed, pulling back so he was settled back on his knees, thrusting into your cum filled pussy, the lewd wet squelches that came from between your thighs sending a shudder of lust up Melone’s spine.

When you woke up the next morning in an unfamiliar bed, your arms and legs chained to the posts and Melone’s warm body curled around your back, breathing even and heavy in sleep, you would have no idea the lengths to which the man you saw as your friend would go to keep you by his side. 

Chapter Text

“Why? Why, why, why, why, why do you have to be so difficult, darling?”

Terence’s smooth voice made you flinch, his words cold as ice. You whimpered from where you stood, arms and legs limp and aching, the wires wrapped around the joints of your elbows, wrists, shoulders, thighs and knees digging into the soft skin and cutting off circulation. Your hands trembled as they held the kettle filled with burning tea, the wires around your arms forcing them into the perfect, delicate hold. You had been at this for hours without a break, the makeup you’d painstakingly applied to your face perfectly that morning smeared from the sweat and tears that ran down your face. Terence sighed and the ropes went slack, a relieved sob falling from your lips as your aching arms were finally allowed to relax. Mascara ran down your cheeks as you turned to face Terence with teary eyes, your hands still shaking, the boiling water in the kettle threatening to pour down over your fingers, “P-please, Terence, c-can I put the kettle do-down? My arms h-hurt so bad.”

You couldn’t stop yourself from flinching when your captor clicked his tongue in irritation, shooting you an impatient scowl as he flicked and stretched his fingers, “No, no, no, you can only put the kettle down once you get it right!” He scolded, carefully putting the wooden marionette paddles that controlled your movements down on the table where he sat across from you. An empty teacup sat before him, mockingly, as he stood up and stomped to your side, “You’re holding it all wrong! Goodness, this really has been such a bad day for you... and you haven’t even served me breakfast! How is it so difficult for you to just serve the tea right?!” You sobbed at his words, cringing away from Terence’s warm hands when he aggressively grabbed your arms and shifted them around to the correct position.

“T-Terence, please, you’re hurting m-me,” You whimpered, fresh tears spilling down your cheeks as your muscles screamed in pain at you. Gods, it hurt so, so much to keep your arms how the taller man wanted them to be. You felt your elbows lock up painfully, terror that the D’Arby would use his Stand on you making you pliant under his firm hands, “Please, I c-can’t do this any-anymore, I n-n-need a break!” You said it so urgently, so desperate to just sit down and let your arms hang lose, that you forgot yourself and your purpose according to Terence. A ragged sob ripped itself from your lips when your fingers accidentally gripped the hot iron of the kettle, the palms of your hands beginning to blister, “Ow, ow, ow, ow, please, let go, let go, let go!”

Terence slapped your hands when you tried to struggle away from him, the extra jab of pain causing you to freeze and cry out, “Enough of your squirming, can’t you see I’m just trying to help you?!” He snapped, an aggravated groan passing his lips as he finally got your arms in the correct position, before focusing on your hands. He shifted them around until they held the kettle properly, no longer wrapped around the burning metal. It brought no relief to the burns that lined your palms, the skin throbbing hotly with pain, “Tsk, tsk, can’t you see that this is for your own good, (Y/N)? I need to break you so I can forge you into the perfect lover, my darling,” Terence’s voice was smooth and cool as he spoke, fussing with your posture a little longer before he seemed satisfied, stepping away from your shaking body to make his way back to his seat. He sat down and crossed one leg over the other, carefully picking up the marionette paddles and shaking them lightly as a threat. 

You swallowed thickly as you felt the tug on your arms and legs, forcefully keeping yourself still so that you could at least try one last time to serve the tea properly. Terence cooed sweetly when he saw that you hadn’t budged from the position you were in, “There we go, such a good girl,” He crooned sweetly, and you hated that your heart fluttered the slightest bit at his words. Taking a deep breath, your kept yourself as still as you could, slowly shuffling your way over to Terence’s side and gently, delicately tipping the kettle full of hot water. It took only a few moments for you to pour out enough hot water for a satisfying cup of tea, your hands shaking just the slightest bit as you did so. Finally, you coud set the kettle aside, your hands throbbing with relief. You were surprised Terence hadn’t had to use the marionette paddles, the kettle landing on the table with a soft thunk. Terence smiled up at you, gentle and warm, the same smile that unfortunately lured you into this place, never to be freed of this awful, awful man, “Now, the tea leaves, my dearest. Remember the amount needed and the how long they need to steep,” You swallowed thickly but nodded, your aching arms moving to pick up the small tin of black tea leaves.

Carefully, you used a teaspoon to measure the tea leaves, making sure it was level and even. You placed the leave in the small strainer Terence usually used to steep his tea, the placed it in the cup full of hot water. You folded your arms in front of you, your whole body throbbing with the need to just... just sit down for a while. From the corner of your eye you could see the skin where the metal wires dug into slowly beginning to discolour, turning a nasty blue then purple colour - your circulation must be getting cut off right now. You felt slightly lightheaded as you mentally counted the minute and a half the tea had to steep, finally reaching forward to remove the now limp and wet leaves, setting them aside on a nearby saucer, “Milk and sugar?” You intoned softly without Terence’s prompting, the green-haired man grinning widely as you got everything right so far. Once more you lifted a tiny jug of milk, pins and needles shooting up your arms, and poured just a little bit into the cup and setting it back down. You then measured out two level teaspoons of sugar - carefully keeping your face neutral to hide your distaste for sweetened tea - and stirred the liquid once, twice, thrice, tapping the edge of the cup and leaving the teaspoon on the matching saucer.

Terence hummed softly and studied the cup, admiring the shade it was, then lifted the cup up to his lips to take a sip. Your shoulders tensed, hoping that because of your perceived incompetence the water hadn’t gotten too cold, unwilling to try and boil more water for tea and go through this whole hullabaloo once more. Luckily, Terence relaxed into his seat with a sigh, and your shoulders slumped as well, “Ahhh, excellent, my dearest, absolutely excellent,” Terence praised, pulling your limp body into his lap and patting your back softly, taking another sip of tea before he put the cup back down, “Now, let’s remove those pesky little wires, hmm? I’ll make you a nice cup of tea for yourself as well and we can just enjoy each other’s company, how about that?”

You nodded weakly, a pained breath hissing from between your teeth when Terence tugged and unwound the wires wrapped around your joints. His warm hands rubbed and massaged the bruised and discoloured skin, tingles of pain and relief tickling through your arms and legs. All the while you remained motionlessly in Terence’s lap, too exhausted to do anything more than rest. Your tender mind, open and vulnerable in this moment, was subject to Terence’s voice heaping sweet praise on you for performing your duties so well, an uncomfortable happiness warming the center of your chest. Gods, but you were glad you did so well for him. You were a good girl, right? Maybe he’ll take it easier on you when you have to serve him his evening tea as well.

Chapter Text

Maybe you shouldn’t wear this out?

You bit your lower lip, twisting and turning in the mirror as your eyes were glued to the length of your dress. It had been such a long time since you’d been allowed to indulge yourself with going out to one of the local clubs - in fact, you hadn’t been out and about ever since you got together with your ex. The thought of Risotto made you flinch, your shoulders hunching as you tried to curl in on yourself. You still felt some fear that the large, intimidating Capo would get back at you for breaking up with him via text and ghosting all of his calls and messages. Shaking your head, you patted your cheeks lightly and forced yourself up and straight. It’s been months since you’d last even heard of Risotto, let alone seen your ex... there was no reason to think he’d still be hung up on you, no matter how obsessive and controlling he’d been about you and your party lifestyle. 

“Yoooooo, (Y/N), you still comin’ out with us, hun?” Your best friend called out to you from the other side of your bedroom door, her knuckles tapped on the wood to catch your attention. It had been her idea for you and the rest of your friend group to go out together, hoping to take your mind off of this sickening sense of impending doom, “If you don’t wanna then you don’t have to come out with us, but we’d really like it if you did!” 

Taking a fortifying breath, you called out a shaky, “Coming!” before turning away from your mirror, tugging on your heels and walking out of your room. You blushed slightly at the low whistle of appreciation your friend made, her shoulder nudging yours playfully. You laughed, allowing yourself to relax, pushing the thoughts of Risotto out of your mind for another day. The two of you walked out of your apartment together, carefully locking the door behind you before stepping out into the streets with the rest of your group. You all laughed and joked with one another as you walked down the street to one of the local clubs near your home - you’d asked that you all stay in the relative area of where you all live, too anxious to try going out to the clubs in the city center. Risotto’s work place was in the city center and you would rather stay in than run into the man ever again. 

Stepping into the club, you’d felt the bubbles of excitement tingling in the pit of your stomach, your group of friends congregating together around one of the few tables as you ordered a round of drinks. Your anxiety slowly left you as you enjoyed the first hour, drinking and talking with your friends, laughing happily with them as you built up the courage to dance. You were lost in your own little world, completely unaware of the pair of dark, red and black eyes that watched your each and every move. You were unaware of the number of drinks you didn’t remember ordering coming to the table, thinking nothing of the cocktails being placed in front of you - probably just some amorous person who wanted to try his luck seducing a pretty lady, or so your friends teased. You would just blush and tell them off playfully, pushing the worry to the back of your mind as you steadily got more and more drunk.

Finally, finally you got up from your seat, swaying slightly as you cheered that you wanted to dance! your friends all laughed at your sudden bout of confidence, but followed you eagerly onto the dance floor. You all stayed with one another, practically glued at the hips, bouncing and grinding along to the upbeat tempo of the music. The whole time, Risotto watched you from the shadows, stalking around the edges of your group, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The large man couldn’t help but allow his red and black gaze to roam over your figure, the material of your dress hugging all of your curves tightly, your legs glistening slightly from sweat in the flashing lights of the club. You were so, so beautiful, Risotto thought jealously, the possessive anger flaring up in his chest, an ache settling in the pit of his gut when he saw some random stranger grind up against you from behind, their hands cupping your belly and breasts, the two of you swaying lazily to the beat. You tossed your head back with a smile, panting and flushed, and Risotto couldn’t hold himself back any longer - the only time you should be making such a lewd face was in his arms as his cock pounded inside that sweet, tight little pussy of yours.

You were so lost to the rhythm of the music that you didn’t even notice that your impromptu dance partner had changed, the other person scared off by Risotto’s thunderous expression. You moaned lowly when you felt large, warm hands curl around your hips, a strong chest pressed into your back. Whoever your new dance partner was, they were so, so warm and solid, their hands guiding your hips to sway and grind in slow circles, “Mmmmh, oh yeah,” You hummed, relishing the lowering of your inhibitions, excited to maybe take a complete stranger home with you tonight to get rid of some of the stress your break up had welled up inside you. You gasped when you felt the hands shift their hold on your body, one of them sliding down to roughly cup your clothed pussy under the hem of your tight, short dress, the other moving up to cup and squeeze one of your breasts almost painfully, “Whoa-oh, big boy, nuh-uh, you gotta be a lil more patient if you wanna enjoy my goodies,” You slurred drunkenly, your smalled hands moving to pull your dance partners hand from between your thighs, only to arch and mewl with surprise when two thick fingers rubbed over the crotch of your panties, “Hey! What’s the big idea-!”

Why do you let others stare at you like this, hmm, (Y/N)?” You froze at the deep, familiar voice that growled lowly in your ear, your thighs unconsciously going lax and falling open further, the flush of your cheeks quickly dying down as you went pale with fear. Risotto took the moment of your frozen terror to move the crotch of your panties aside, the skirt of your dress lifted so he could comfortably cup your exposed lower lips, squeezing your labia between his thick fingers, “Do you like the attention you get from others when you dress like this, carina? You were dancing so prettily, grinding up against any random person - come una piccola cagna en calore,” You whimpered at Risotto’s harsh words, his voice a low rumble. You shuddered when you felt his thumb rub against your clit, your legs stumbling as Risotto began pulling you further and further away from the rest of your group, who were all lost and enjoying themselves without seeing the predicament you found yourself in. You were too afraid to call out for their help, knowing the power that Risotto had within Passione, unsure if there were other mafia members present who would simply let what Risotto was doing slide out of some form of loyalty. Risotto chuckled lowly, his face ducking into the crook of your neck, sharp teeth biting harshly into the soft, unmarked skin there, intent on staking his claim over your body, “Since you’ve been acting like such a needy little slut, then, I guess you wouldn’t mind if I did this.”

“W-wait, Risotto, please, not-not here, not where others can see, please, I-!” You sucked in a sharp breath, biting your lower lip to hold back the shaky moan that boiled up at the back of your throat, your back arching slightly when you felt your ex slide one of his thick fingers inside your surprisingly wet cunt. You couldn’t stop the muffled, high pitched whine that tore out of you, Risotto humming in response as he pumped his finger in and out of your tight pussy. You hated that you were so weak, your struggles unable to tear you away from the large man when he held you so tightly. You could barely even beg for fear that you might make loud, lewd noises of pleasure from Risotto’s touch, “Please, please st-oooohhh, hahh, Ris, please not here, I d-don’t wanna be caught like this, please,” You whimpered, turning your face into his shoulder to try and hide, your drunken mind desperately trying to persuade you that if you couldn’t see the large crowd of dancers, then they couldn’t see you. Risotto chuckled, his thrusting finger convincing your hips to buck and writhe in time with the beat, the two of you just looking like a pair of very intimate dancing partners.

Sighing softly, Risotto pressed a second finger into your dripping pussy, spreading the two digits and crooking them inside you, rubbing the rough pads against your sensitive walls almost cruelly, “Oh? Why are you so ashamed of having people watch you, troia? Do you think anyone here doesn’t know what a complete and utter puttanella you are with the way you’ve dressed?” You whimpered at Risotto’s words, the hand on your breast moving up to wrap around your throat, forcing you to look forward into the crowd, helplessly, “Do you think anyone here would help you when they can see the way you thrust your sweet pussy down on my fingers?” Your ex sneered into your ear, his voice husky, a trembling moan parting from your throat when the two fingers buried inside you to the knuckle spread widely, working you open in public. Every so often you caught people pausing in their dancing to stare at the two of you, their eyes glued to Risotto’s hand, buried between your plush thighs, and you felt a fleeting glint of hope inside you die out when they just grinned wolfishly and turned to give the you and Risotto some semblance of privacy. Tears blurred your vision, your skin feeling hot, molten pleasure rushing through your body with each thrust of Risotto’s fingers, your hips rocking into his hand, grinding your throbbing clit against his palm as you hopelessly chased the orgasm that built steadily inside you, “Hmmm, good, good, you’ve finally given into what you’re meant to be, mia bella puttana. You thought you could be a cruel temptress, breaking my heart so callously and then ignoring me like the two of us never had something special.”

“N-no, I-I didn’t-!” You whined weakly, guilt filling your chest, Risotto’s words hitting close to home, the large man scoffing at your shaky protests. He roughly shoved a third finger inside you, the loudest moan yet torn from your fluttering throat, your pulse thrumming beneath the palm of Risotto’s hand, “Ah, ah, hahh, Ris, Ris, please, ‘m close, ‘m so close, baby,” You mewled, hips jerking with need, his three fingers practically pounding into your soaked cunt, your wetness trailing down your thighs and Risotto’s hand in rivulets, making a wet mess of your dress, panties and shoes, “I-I’m sorry I sh-should have been more - hahh, oh, oh fuck, hmngh - m-more honest and - oh yes, oh fuck yes, hahh, Risotto~!” Your ex growled lowly, pinning your body against his, the hard length of his cock grinding between the cheeks of your ass as you shook, on the precipice of cumming, “Please, please, pleasepleasepleaseplease-!”

Risotto hummed, toying with you by slowing the pace and force of his thrusts, carefully stepping out one of the side doors that lead out of the club, pushing your front against one of the rough stone walls, your soft skin scratching itself raw against the brick, “Hmmm, I don’t think you deserve to cum,” Risotto murmured coldly, ignoring your little keen of disappointment, pulling his fingers out of your stretched hole, the three soaked digits rubbing your clit in slow, hard circles, “I don’t think a messy little bitch like you should get to cum without my cock inside you, do you?” You nodded mindlessly at Risotto’s words, back bowed in a painful arch, hips trying to rock against the clothed length of his cock or his hand. Risotto pretended to think for a little bit, before he sighed, plunging his fingers deep inside your cunt once more, his tone falsely bored as he drilled the three thick digits inside you, intent on making you squirt all over his hand on the wall you were pinned to, “But I’ve always been far too soft on you, carina. Be a good girl and cum on my fingers. I’ll be sure to take you back home after so I can feel that sweet cunt of yours around my cock,” Risotto murmured, his grip around your throat tightening just slightly, making you feel lightheaded with need.

“Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes, thank you, thank you Risotto!” You cried with lust, your thighs clenching tightly around his hand as you came, your juices squirting all over his hand in a wet mess, soaking the insides of your thighs and the palm of Risotto’s hand. Your ex groaned hotly above you, his hips instinctively humping against your, fingers slowing their pace as he worked you through your orgasm. Your inner walls convulsed around his fingers tightly, (E/C) eyes rolling to the back of your head in bliss, shaky, desperate pants leaving your lips. You slowly came down from your high, the growing sense of horror and disgust at yourself causing your body to tremble weakly against Risotto.

Your ex sighed softly, slowly pulling his fingers out of your cunt with a lewd squelch, the wet sound making you flinch and whimper softly. As he pulled his hand away, he tugged down your ruined panties, forcing you to step out of them. Risotto brought them up to his face and groaned, sucking on the wet material, your little whimpers exciting the Capo. He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you away and into the non-descriptive car he had waiting at the end of the alley, intent on getting you ‘home’ so he could have his way with you. Sobered up a little, you tried to fight a losing battle, your arms and legs too shaky from cumming, Risotto easily able to push you into the back of the car, “Be good for me until we get home, cagna. I’ve still got a lot of anger and frustration to work out on you.”

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“You look absolutely divine, carina,” You forced a smile for the Don of Passione as he walked around you in circles, studying the dress you wore carefully. Though Giorno’s smile was small and polite, you could see the hunger in the pit of his gaze. You tightened your grip on your client, the babbling fool immediately trying to catch Giorno’s attention to draw the powerful Don into a conversation. The blond man ignored your client, his intense blue eyes locking with yours, purposefully roaming his gaze over your figure, admiring the way your dress clung to your curves, “If I had known my party would have such lovely company tonight, I would have ordered less wine and more champaigne,” He purred while you bit back the urge to scoff at Giorno’s blatant efforts to play into your apparent materialism as an escort. 

You kept yourself cool and composed, clinging to your ‘dates’ arm as you fluttered your lashes, playing at being the coy mistress of one of his unfortunate business partners, “Oh my, you flatter me, Don Giorno,” You murmured sweetly, your client completely out of the loop of the tension that brewed between you and his Boss. Of all the people you would ever have the misfortune to meet in your adulthood, never had you thought it would be Giorno Giovanna - you thought you had rid yourself of him after ghosting him back when the two of you were teens, “Though, I’m afraid I’m not really much of a drinker. Alcohol goes straight to my head,” You said airily, disliking the subtle quirk of Giorno’s brow at your words, his blue gaze shifting to the glass of wine on the table beside you. You met his gaze in challenge, blinking innocently up at him, “Besides, if I had known this was a party you had thrown I would have made sure I wouldn’t be present.”

“Now, now, cara, there’s no need to be so snide,” Your client scolded you lightly, giving the Don a nervous smile while Giorno’s face became stony at your words. You barely managed to stop yourself from rolling your eyes at your client’s words, reluctantly apologising to Giorno for your rudeness. 

The blond haored man pushed it aside lightly, finally turning his wolf-like attention away from you and to your client, like he was supposed to. Finally, you allowed yourself to relax, studying the opulent hall that made up the front entrance to Giorno’s mansion. You couldn’t deny that the young Don had excellent taste - there were many fresh vases filled to the brim with a colourful array of flowers, yet none of them seemed to particularly clash or stand out against the general theme of the party. You supposed it would make sense, because clearly Giorno had grown used to the riches of being the most powerful man in Italy. You frowned softly, excusing yourself as you soon got bored of the dreadful conversation between your client and the Don, intent on freshening up and getting a new glass of something just a tad stronger than wine.

You must have only been gone a few minutes before you returned to the same place you’d left your ‘date’ at, a frown curling your lips when the man and Don Giorno had seemingly disappeared. You deiced to mingle with some of the other guests, recognising some of the other escorts you usually worked alongside with hanging off of their own client’s arms. They shot you concerned and knowing looks, greeting you eagerly whilst introducing you to their clients and ‘friends’. You laughed and joked, playfully touched and teased some of the men, drawing attention to the curves of your body with effortless ease, knowing that the more clients you were able to snatch up for yourself, the more likely it would be you could pay off the lingering debt you still had to live with.

It must have been only an hour later when you were passing through one of Don Giorno’s infamous gardens while having a rather riveting conversation with a Guido Mista you’d met just a few minutes ago that you finally caught sight of the blond once more. You bit back the urge to scowl when you noticed Giorno calmly sitting in one of the hidden benches of the almost maze like garden. You weren’t too concerned when Mista excused himself, leaving you on your own with the influential man, though the slight anxiety that bloomed in the pit of your stomach certainly made you stand stiffly before the blond. Raising a brow, Giorno gestured to the other end of the bench, “Ah, cara mia, (Y/N), come, come sit with me.” 

“No thank you, I’d rather not if you don’t mind,” You replied immediately, cursing yourself for the rather snide tone you had taken. Sure, the two of you left one another’s friendship in shambles because of Giorno’s choice so many years ago, but that didn’t mean you shouldn’t be courteous. Clearing your throat, you glanced around the garden - last you’d seen your client, he and Giorno had been speaking with one another, and you found you were growing more and more concerned, “Where’s our common friend? I would have thought he would be with you. Unfortunately, he’s my ride home and I didn’t think to bring my purse with me today,” You lied easily, remembering that your purse was in your coat in the garderobe at the front door. 

Giorno seemed to clench his jaw slightly, moving to stand so he could loom over you, practically boxing you into this hidden crook of the garden, “He got a little too drunk while you were away so I instructed Fugo to drive the poor man home,” He hummed, watching your shoulders tense and your (E/C) eyes dart, looking for an exit to this sudden confrontation, “I had hoped you would eventually show up at one of these parties. It’s quite hurtful to see you hop from man to man without giving me, your closest friend and the man who has been in love with you for years, the time of day.”

“Please, we both know the way you feel about me, Giorno Giovanna, isn’t love,” You sneered, tipping your head to look down your nose at him, trying to hide the fact that you were severely uncomfortable and wished to leave, “It’s obsession. And I won’t play into whatever deranged little fantasies you’ve cooked up regarding the two of us since the last time we spoke to each other, do you understand me? You need to stay out of my life,” You knew you were being incredibly cruel to someone you once saw as a dear friend, guilt lancing through your chest when you saw the hurt look that covered Giorno’s face. Swallowing thickly, you turned to leave from the direction you came in, shooting some parting words over your shoulder back at him, “I’m leaving now. I hope we never see one another again in this, or the next life.”

You hadn’t even made it a few steps before you heard the low growl of anger that cam from Giorno, the blond’s large hand wrapped around your upper arm and forcefully tugged you back. You yelped and tried to jerk away from Giorno, “You think I would let you leave me again, (Y/N)?” The blond’s voice was cold, though his warm chest pressed against your back. You froze at the sound, unable to stop the shiver that rushed down your spine, “You think I would let all of this hard work and effort go to waste? Do you know how long I’ve had to search for you, how many companies I’ve had to keep an eye on, only to see you worked for an escort service now?” Giorno’s voice got steadily more and more angry and you bit back a whimper, turning your face to shoot him a deadly glared, “Pensi che ti lascerei continuare a comportarti come una troia quando dovresti essere mia?!*

“Giorno, let go of me!” You snapped heatedly, pulling at your arm to try and get away once more, wincing when his grip just turned tighter, “It’s none of your business what work I’m doing now! You know nothing of my circumstances and I belong to no one!” You struggled against him roughly, but his hold on you was too strong.

Why do you let others stare at you like that?” Giorno asked quietly, his grip on your arm tightening, fingers digging into the soft, exposed skin. You knew you would end up with bruises there, trying to tug away from Giorno more firmly, snapping at him to let you go. This only seemed to aggravate the blond more, a cool glare twisting his handsome features as he forcefully pulled you closer, “Do you like the attention, carina? I’ve been watching you throughout the night, you know. I’ve seen how you primp and preen in front of men who don’t deserve you, who would only take you for their selfish desires because they know you need to pay off a debt,” You froze at Giorno’s words, staring up at him in fear - how did he know that?! The blond loomed over you, his lips twisted in a sneer of contempt, “You really think any of them would pay you enough to free yourself from the contract your ‘agency’ has over you? Don’t make me laugh, (Y/N), you were never a stupid girl who would naively think that was how the world works,” You snarled at his words, turning to slap his cheek only for Giorno to grab your hand, forcing you back until you were pressed up against a nearby wall, “Then, I guess you wouldn’t mind if I did this.”

With those words, Giorno forced your head up and slammed his mouth over yours, immediately taking advantage of your shocked gasp to slip his tongue between your lips. Your hands clenched, nails trying to dig into the blond’s arms where he held you, though the sharp pressure just made Giorno growl and deepen the kiss even further. You hated that your knees felt weak, hated that Giorno was still such a good kisser after all this time, hated that the scent of his heady cologne filled your mind and made heat blast through your body. You made a soft sound when the ferocity of Giorno’s kiss lessened, though the obvious hunger and need in his actions did not. A whimper tore itself from your throat, your wide eyes slowly slipping shut - what on earth was happening?! Why were you relaxing into Giorno’s hold over your body, why was your mind feeling so foggy and distant, your legs so weak. Eventually, Giorno broke the kiss when your body went completely lax, your consciousness shutting down. The blond sighed, lifting you into his arms and shooting his Stand an appreciative look, “Thank you, Golden Experience,” He hummed, the large being dissipating, the Don heading back into his home, Mista helping to steer away any curious guests so that Giorno could take you to your new room, “Welcome home, carina mia. It’s time for you to accept your destiny.”


You think I’d just let you continue acting like a slut when you should be mine?!

Chapter Text

“You should run, you know.”

You rode your horse as fast as you could through the dunes that made out the desert lands of most of the southern US states. Your body hovered almost comfortably up in the air, trying to push the beast to go faster, faster, the blood curdling shrieks and hisses of a dozen, no two dozen, raptors tailing you not far behind. Great heaving breaths left your horse and for a moment you feared she would simply collapse from the hard way you encouraged her to gallop. You were lucky she pushed on, her hooves digging into the sand, catapulting herself forward even as the raptors continued to close in, snapping at her heels with needle-like teeth.

The lights of a nearby camp sent hope rushing through your core - alongside the dread that you could be responsible for more deaths. For a moment, you hesitated, thinking maybe they would be enough to help you rid yourself of your pursuers, before you forcefully jerked your reigns to the side to give the campers a wide berth. No, no you couldn’t do that to some kindly strangers who would have no other reason to help you. You could feel your horse’s pace faltering, a sob of frustration and a sharp slap to her rear forcing her to continue pushing herself. Fuck, fuck, fuck, you thought to yourself, hearing the strangely jubilant shrieking of the monsters following you.

You were jolted out of your panicked thoughts when you felt sharp claws dig into your back, the biggest of the raptor pack having jumped and landed right atop you. The sudden extra weight unbalanced your previous form, and you were soon toppling to the earth with a terrified scream. The beast dug its claws further into your back, forcing you to try and arch away from them. The two of you rolled and fell down one of the sand dunes, the muffled padding gallops coming to a sudden halt, the loud braying of your companion suddenly silenced by a group of honking raptors. You sobbed, your fall coming to a halt at the foot of the dune, forced onto your front by sharp claws. You nearly vomited at the smell of blood that filled your nose, the beast above you shifting and changing, the cracking of bones and joints causing you to flinch with disgust. You whimpered and struggled to get away, strong hands pressing you down as an angular face buried itself in the crook of your neck. Diego - for who else could it be, after he’d stepped into your desecrated camp, the bodies of your friends torn apart by raptors, a wide, terrifyingly feral grin on his face - inhaled sharply and groaned, humping his hips against your ass, “Well hello there darling,” He purred thickly, rough tongue swiping over your shoulder, “Seems you weren’t fast enough to get away from me.”

“Get off of me!” You barely managed to choke out, bucking and writhing to get away from, blood slicking your back as clawed hands dug into your ruined shirt. The sound of the material being ripped to shreds rang loudly in your ears, Diego rushing to unclothe you. You could feel the hard length of his cock grind against your ass, realising with horror that he was already naked, the head of his dick leaking copious amounts of precome, “No, no, no, no, please, please let me go, don’t do this, please!” You whimpered, your whole body going stiff when Diego’s sharp teeth wrapped around your shoulder, the points digging threateningly into the soft flesh, urging you to keep still. Like a rabbit in the jaws of a wolf, you did so, fearful that the raptor-like man would rip your throat out as soon as you made one single movement to struggle against him. You whined, feeling his hands jerk down your pants and underwear together, your whole body exposed to the cold air of the night. 

Diego groaned, pressing his body firmly against yours, his cooler skin warming up thanks to your seemingly greater heat, “Oh, darling, you’re so, so warm, so sweet and still, all submissive beneath me,” The blond growled, rocking and grinding his cock between the cheeks of your ass, too impatient to work you open, “Mmmh, that’s it, just stay still and let me enjoy myself, perfect, so perfect for me, hahh, I’m a starved predator and you’re my only prey, my sweet (Y/N),” His hot breaths washed over your neck, the rotting stench of it causing you to jerk your face in the other direction. You could see, from the corner of your eye, that the smaller jockey was still half transformed, his long tail almost wagging with his excitement. You swallowed thickly, digging your fingers into the sand beneath you, hoping you could take advantage of Diego’s distraction with your scent to try and escape. Feeling his teeth pull away from you, his hands rubbing over your back as Diego shifted his position above you to press the head of his cock against your - embarrassingly - wet opening. 

Seeing your chance, you bolted, scrambling in the sand to try and get up and away, crying out when Diego snarled with anger, digging his claws into your back, sinking through the skin and into the delicate flesh. Using his grip in the flesh of your back, Diego forcefully tugged you back beneath him, one hand letting go of the bleeding wounds to grip your hips, forcing your ass up into the air, “Bad girl, such a stupid decision, should have stayed still, would’ve been gentle, would’ve been slow, but no, no, you had to try and get away,” He snarled in your ear, forcefully slamming his cock into your unprepared pussy to the hilt. You screamed in pain, arching your back, your inner muscles clenching to try and push him out, but only managing to suck Diego’s dick impossibly deeper, his pelvis pressing firmly into the soft, unmarked flesh of your ass, “Take it, take it, take it, be a good little slut and take my cock, hahh, yes, fuck, you’re so tight, hot, so wet, you want this, don’t you?”

You sobbed and shook your head, your whole body shaking frokm the painful intrusion, Diego’s grip on your right hip and in the flesh of your back unyielding even as you went limp beneath him. Feeling the blond starting to pull out of your poor cunt, you desperately tried to plea for mercy, “Stop, stop, I’m sorry, please, it hurts, it hurts so bad, please, Diego, please wait, I-!” Diego simply growled lowly at your begging, no longer caring if his movements or rough actions hurt you, intent on taking his pleasure out on your body by slamming his cock back inside your clenching walls. You cried out in pain, hands scrambling to try and hold onto something in the silky smooth sand beneath you, your face pressed into the ground. Despite your pleading protests, Diego began pounding into your weakened body, his voice snarling loudly in your ear. The drag of his sharp teeth against your shoulder scratched the sensitive skin, keeping you pinned even further in place. For a man that was quite small in stature, he had an incredible amount of power in his body, lithe muscles hiding strength that you had never thought the jockey would be capable of. Your voice warbled and cried out with each hard thrust into you, the blond’s cock slamming into your g-spot relentlessly, the pain slowly morning into terrible pleasure, “Diego, Diego, please, please, hahh, I c-can’t, oh God-”

“Good girl, that’s right, take it, take my cock like you were meant to, be a good slut for me,” The blond’s voice was gravelly and breathless, the pummeling of his thrusts increasing in strength and ferocity, his grip on you tightening just that little bit more, sending zings of pain and pleasure rocking through your body. The combined sensations, along with the thrumming of adrenalin still coursing through you, was quickly building up an intense orgasm in the pit of your stomach, aided by the hard snaps of Diego’s hips, his heavy balls slapping against your clit. You whined, arching your back weakly to try and discourage or slow down Diego’s pace, but only really succeeding in forcing the blond to shift on his knees, the head of his cock now slamming brutally against your g-spot. Diego chuckled roughly when you screamed at the feeling, the hand that had been digging into the meat of your back now dug into your hair, pulling your head up and back, forcing you to arch even further, the bow of your back painful and throbbing, “There we go, you’re perfect, so perfect, now rock back against me, lemme feel how badly you need my cock in your sweet pussy, hmmmngh, I want to feel you cum on my cock, want to feel you milk me for my seed.”

You whined at his words, the blond biting and sucking deep bruises into your neck and shoulder, marking you up as his. Tears blurred your vision, your eyes turned up to the sky as you silently pleaded for anyone, anything to help you. The stars and moon twinkled mockingly above you as you sobbed and babbled with pleasure, your body finally going stiff and shaking lightly when your release washed over you, “Diego!” You cried out, tilting your head back with a ragged gasp, a gurgle of pain leaving your throat when the blond sank his teeth into your shoulder the same moment her slammed his cock to the hilt inside you for the last time. Your inner muscles clenched like a vice around his girth, milking him as he spent himself inside you, thick ropes of sticky cum filling your poor, abused cunt to the brim. Tears fell helplessly down your cheeks, mixing disgustingly with the rivulets of blood that welled from the bleeding bite mark on your shoulder as well as the wounds on your back. 

Diego released a low groan, pulling his teeth from the crook of your neck and lapping languidly at the weeping marks, a dark chuckle reverberating through your throbbing back, “Hmmm, you did so well this time, my dearest (Y/N)... I was almost worried I wouldn’t be able to catch you this time,” Diego purred, grinding his hips lazily into your ass, intent on filling you till you bloated with his seed, knowing that the moment he took his eyes off of you you would make your escape once more. The blond didn’t mind - in fact, he relished this game of cat and mouse the two of you played, “It’s so cute that you always think you’ll be able to get away from me... such a silly little mate you are,” He rumbled, rubbing his cheek against yours, relishing the soft whimper of his name that fell from his lips, “Oh, buck up darling, there’s always next time... hmmm, or maybe you’ll finally just give in?”

You shook your head, though your disagreement was weak and simply made Diego chuckle once more, his tongue clicking lightly. The two of you lay against one another in silence, Diego relishing the brief moment of intimacy between the two of you while you simply waited to regain any of your strength to run. You knew the raptors that Diego had called upon wouldn’t have harmed your horse, the poor beats probably left spooked and alone at the top of the dune. Bitterness filled your chest when Diego’s limp cock slid out of you, the disgusting warm feeling of your combined release trickling down your thighs to cling messily to the sand. The blond sighed and nuzzled you once more, before pulling away and watching lazily as you stumbled back up to your feet, humming softly as you tried to salvage whatever scraps of clothing were still left.

Grinning widely, Diego watched you weakly limp up the dune and disappear, the few droplets of his cum that had seeped out of you leaving a trail of clumped sand, “Hmmm, don’t worry my love... we both know you won’t be able to resist much longer,” He crooned, dusting himself off as he stood back up. The cracking and snapping of bones and joints rang through the still night, Diego taking on his raptor form once more, turning to make his speedy trek back to his own horse. He could already feel the thrill of the hunt boil in the pit of his gut, eager for the next time her could take your body once more.

Chapter Text

I want to mark you in front of everyone.”

Your God’s voice was chilling to you as you kneeled before him, the murmurs of the priests background noise to the buzzing in your head. You should have known better than to believe Dio would reject you as he had done countless other village men and women over the past hundred years. Disappointment and fear warred with one another in the center of your chest, your thoughts spiraling into a swirl of terror. You flinched and glanced to the side when the priest helping to keep you steady on your weakened feet nudged your shoulder roughly. Seeing his glare, you quickly tried to stem the overwhelming whirlwind of emotions in your body, turning back to Dio, the God of blood, trickery and deceit, “I-I agree to the terms of the treaty,” You barely managed to say without stuttering, keeping your head down in supplication. You knew better than to let your unworthy gaze fall upon the form of your betters, no matter how much you wanted to scream at him that you utterly loathed the cruel God. 

A large hand reached out, cupping your chin and forcing your (E/C) gaze up to lock with Dio’s blood red eyes. You flinched at the twisted affection you could see in their depths, biting your tongue to prevent the whimper that ached to leave your throat. Dio hummed lowly, pulling you closer so he could press a small peck to your lips, the God leaning out of the large chaise lounge that had been set up during the ceremony to call upon the God. After all, it was his domain that had, unfortunately, been plaguing your village the last few months. Pulling back, Dio turned his attention to the head priest, his voice low and rumbling like thunder, “Has she been prepared for me?” He asked, the low lights from the ceremonial torches glinting off his large fangs whenever they were exposed, the fear that clenched your gut leaving you tense against Dio’s warm body. You barely heard the priest’s response, Dio’s annoyed tongue click, pulling your attention to his eyes once more, “Hmm, disappointing. I suppose if one wants something done correctly, one must do it themselves,” The blond God sneered at the shaking form of the priest, who quietly kept his gaze down and away from Dio, meekly apologising for his lack of foresight. Dio waved the apology away with irritation, the head priest immediately stepping away from the raised dais to stand with the rest of the gathered holy men and women of your village.

You squeaked with surprise when Dio’s large hands grabbed you and pulled you up, forcing your legs open so you could straddle his lap. You were faced away from the large crowd of prying eyes, your body instinctively hunching to try and shield yourself against Dio’s strangely reassuring form. He rumbled with amusement at your fright, both of his hands palming your ass, lifting the flimsy, sheer material of the ‘dress’ you had been shoved into after being cleaned so thoroughly by the priesthood, “M-My Lord, please,” You whimpered, unsure if you were begging to be let go or to be pulled closer, your arms draping over Dio’s shoulders so your hands could clutch them nervously. Dio hummed curiously, quirking his lips into a sickeningly warm smirk, your mind insisting you should lean in to kiss your God. Without wondering too much about this sudden bout ‘desire’ for the large blond, you did just that, relaxing against Dio’s chest and kissing him softly. Dio rumbled, tilting his head so he could slant his lips more firmly against yours, deepening the kiss with a nip to your lower lip. Your gasp was enough to have his tongue dart into your mouth to tangle with yours, the God eagerly swallowing your little whimpers of lust. 

Your mind felt heady with the steadily growing arousal, your thighs still spread wide as you brought your pelvis down against Dio’s lap, grinding your increasingly wet cunt against his naked, muscular thigh. You broke the kiss to moan lowly when your dress was torn from your body, a shiver rocking down your spine from the sudden coldness that seeped over your heated skin, “Shhh, darling, just relax,” Dio murmured against your neck, the blond God kissing down the unmarked skin and working dark marks into it. You whined plaintively, bucking your hips when you felt one of his hands shift and move to rub a pair of fingers between your labia, spreading your soaked folds and toying with your entrance, “Oh my, my, my, is all of this for me, darling? Such a good little human, making so much nectar for your God,” Dio continued to croon, thrusting two fingers side your wet, aching pussy, relishing the bite of your nails in his shoulders. You arched your back, leaning away from Dio so you could try and rock your hips against his fingers, lifting and lowering yourself on them. Dio simply held them still, watching hungrily as you worked yourself up into a desperate frenzy, panting and mewling with need. He smirked darkly, leaning back to watch, occasionally spreading his fingers so you would be open for his cock once he was done with indulging himself, “Such a good girl... do you want me to fill you? Do you want my cock to fuck your pussy, to mark you as mine with my brand?”

You whined and nodded, tears beginning to slip from your eyes and down your cheeks, a ragged sob spilling from your lips when the blond added a third finger to your dripping cunt, “Yes, yes, yes, please, D-Dio, hahh, please,” You moaned, breasts bouncing freely with each hard jerk of your hips, the pressure in your belly growing tighter. Dio chuckled lowly, your previous hesitance and dislike for him having swiftly disappeared the moment he began touching you - to think that your mind would be so easy, to malleable to manipulate, he mused, the hand gripping your hips forcing your bucking to come to a halt, moans of complaint spilling out of you, “Noooooooo, no, gimme more, wanna feel more, wanna cum,” You whined needily, Dio pulling his thick fingers out of you with a lewd squelch, his wet hand coming down on your ass in a sharp smack. You cried out, arching at the sharp sting, leaning against Dio’s chest as the large God pulled you closer so the head of his cock nudged between your slick folds to press against your weeping entrance.

“Naughty little thing, thinking you can demand your pleasure from I, Dio,” He rumbled into your ear, relishing the wet warmth of your parted labia around his dick, rocking his hips just slightly to rub it back and forth teasingly over your weeping hole, “Do you think yourself worthy of this cock? You think you deserve to cum when you have not even given me any pleasure? Tsk, tsk, what a selfish little whore I’ve been given,” His sneer had you sob and writhe against him, wrapping your arms around his neck to cling to him, whining and begging wordlessly for forgiveness. Dio shushed you, one hand coming up to pat the back of your head condescendingly, his other hand pulling your hips down, cruelly plunging the full length of his huge cock inside your tight pussy. You gasped, mouth open in a silent scream, back arched, your whole body tense and trembling. Dio had enough mercy to give you the luxury of a pause, allowing you to get used to the burning stretch, his hands hungrily roaming your body and playing with your breasts as he waited. Once the vice-like grip around his cock loosened just the slightest bit, your body going lax and weak, he hummed lowly, picking you up by your hips to pull you up halfway off of his cock before slamming you back down once more, relishing your scream of pleasure, “No, no you are not worthy yet... but soon you will be.”

You gurgled and babbled, words slurring and impossible to understand with the way your mouth was open, slack and drooling. You were nearly mindless from the incomprehensible amount of pleasure that rushed through you - it was almost as if Dio’s cock had been made by the Love Gods themselves, drunken lust rushing through your veins with each twitch and thrust of the thick flesh inside you. You whined and begged for more, rocking your hips down to meet Dio’s, your God grunting as he fucked you, branding himself in your mind and whispering low, filthy thing directly into the core of your being, “You were made for me, perfect, you take me so, so well, my darling (Y/N), mmmmh, such a tight cunt, so warm and wet and just for me,” He purred thickly, encouraging the roll of your thrusts against him, the two of you unconcerned with the watching crowd. Unbeknownst to you, Dio had rested one of his large hands over the small of your back, the skin gradually growing warmer with each buck of his hips into your soft walls, “Just give in to me, my sweet human, let me mark you, body and soul as mine, let me make you worthy to stand by my side, to share my bed,” You cried out when the heat at the small of your back became unbearable, the searing pain ripping you out of the fog you had been in with a painful scream.

You tried to get away, confused and terrified, your consciousness brought back with a sudden, disconcerting jolt. You found you were unable to move, your legs shaking too much for you to support yourself, Dio’s strong hands holding you down. Your tear filled, horrified (E/C) eyes locked with his blood red gaze, the God simply grinning sharply, pressing his palm more firmly into your skin, “Please, please, no, it hurts, please!” You begged raggedly, mind and body confused when the hot, burning pain that radiated from the small of your back simply seemed to build up the pleasure that coiled in the center of your body, your hips still actively moving and rocking with Dio’s brutal thrusts, “What are you doing to me?!” You sobbed, wanting to rip yourself away from Dio but also nuzzle closer to your God, to give in to his warmth, his strength and let him take care of you. 

“I’m marking you, my sweet (Y/N),” Dio purred, increasing the temperature of his hand, forming the mark of his Domain on your back, relishing the way your inner muscles convulsed around his cock as you screamed in combined bliss and pain. Finally, he pulled his hand away from the throbbing, sensitive mark, thrusting up into your milking walls once, twice more before holding your hips down firmly, burying his cock to the hilt within you. He eyed the obvious bulge of his cock in your belly hungrily, watching the skin twitch and bloat slightly as thick ropes of cum filled your walls. You whined and hiccuped, grinding against him, your labia slick with a mixture of your juices and Dio’s spend smearing over his pelvis while he kept you still, “Take all of it, every single drop. Let it fill you, mark you, make you mine,” Dio crooned, his words and touch causing your mind to spiral into darkness, your body suddenly going limp above him as you fell unconscious. 

Humming Dio remained seated in the chaise lounge, continuing to pump your swollen, aching pussy with his seed. His hands touched you, pulling you closer as he murmured something lowly, ignoring the panicked and shocked shouting of the priests and priestesses that had witnessed your claiming. Once he opened his blood red gaze once more, he was laying comfortably in his large, opulent bed, your sleeping form resting on his chest. Dio crooned and kissed the top of your head, satisfied with his decision to target your village in the hopes you would be given to him as a sacrifice.   

Chapter Text


You froze where you stood, halfway down the stairs of the Joestar manor. You trembled lightly, glancing back upstairs to where the feral Alpha should still be asleep, in the pile of pillows and blankets that made up your ‘nest’. 

When you didn’t immediately hear the slam of a door or the angered roar of your ‘mate’, you relaxed with a small sigh of relief. Not wanting to risk getting caught, you slowly continued to shuffle your way down the stairs, desperately ignoring the aches and pains that throbbed through your body. You could already see the front door, tears of relief and hope filling your eyes at the sight.

You really should have known better than to walk past the Joestar lands on the cusp of your heat. You should have ignored the cajoling of your childhood friends when they teased you about your long abandoned crush on Jonathan, back when he had still been part of polite society. You should have shaken off their little jabs at your status as an unmated Omega. You should have pushed aside the dare for you to walk up to the Joestar manor to request an audience with Jonathan, the hermit heir who many thought was actually dead. You should have paid attention to the chills that rushed up your spine when you first set foot on Jonathan’s property, the foreboding sense that you were prey screaming at you from the back of your mind. 

And yet, you did not.

Your feet lightly stepped off of the last step of the grand staircase and you breathed a shaky little sigh. You could see the large oak doors that lead to the outside world. You knew it would be highly improper for you to go out, dressed in nothing but one of Jonathan’s shirts, his bite marking your neck, but you couldn’t stay longer. You were sure if you did you would end up broken and feral just as much as Jonathan was. Your heart ached with sympathy - but your fear drove you further from him.

Hobbling as fast as you could to the door, you ignored the thick trail of Jonathan’s spend trickling down your thighs. You had to get out, now, while the Alpha was still asleep. You knew you had to. You knew no one would come looking for you if you stayed - no one wanted to deal with the rumours surrounding the Joestar manor, so why would they deal with an Omega that went missing when she headed in that direction? Tugging weakly on the door, you sobbed softly when it didn’t budge. No, no, no no no no no, this can’t be happening! You flinched when you heard a loud bang and a growl come from the upper floors, mind racing as you tried to think of what you could do, where you could hide. An idea popped into your mind and you turned away from the door; if you could make it look like you were heading to the kitchen then maybe, just maybe, you could play into Jonathan’s hyped up instincts and keep his trust.

Determined, you quickly limped your way to the kitchen area, wondering where on earth all of Jonatha’s servants were, but pushing the thought from your mind. Already your nose twitched at the acrid scent of your Alpha’s rage, his Rut amplifying it ten fold. You whimpered softly when you heard his footsteps come thundering down the stairs and towards you. You were just about to turn around to greet him when you instead found yourself tackled to the ground. Jonathan’s large, heavy body pressed down against your back, a snarl vibrating against your back. Instinctively, you tried to jerk away from him, only to go limp when the feral Alpha’s sharp teeth scraped against your still raw mating mark. You whined lowly, pressing your cheek to the cold wooden floor, forcing yourself to look as submissive as you could.

Jonathan rumbled darkly, large tongue lapping over your mark, his strong hands wrapped around your wrists and forcing them above your head. You shuddered when you felt the hard, thick head of his cock rub against your ass, your voice trembling and weak, “Please, ‘m sorry, please don’t do this here Alpha,” You begged, tears slipping down your cheeks to the floor beneath you, “I-I just wan-wanted to get something to e-eat, please, Alpha, please, not here,” The thought that a servant could at any moment return to the manor and find you like this, beneath their feral Lord, was much too humiliating for you, breaking your mental fortitude further than anything else Jonathan had already done to you while you were both lost in the throes of your heat and his rut. You cried when he hiked your hips up further with a grunt, one hand still holding your wrists and the other now wrapped around the back of your neck, keeping you completely still. You sobbed when his cock pressed up against the wet folds of your cunt, the remaining mixture of cum and your juices slicking the Alpha up in preparation to fill you, “No, no, please, Jonathan, please don’t do this, Alpha, please, I’ll be good, let you breed me in our nest, please, no, not here-!”

“Shhhhh,” Jonathan’s deep voice rumbled in your ear and you froze, wide eyed - was, was he responding to you with words now? You whined and bucked your hips, trying to tear yourself away without success. The hand around your throat tightened, forcing you still once more, “Don’t move, Omega. Don’t make me hurt you,” Jonathan growled thickly, the animalistic quality of his voice lending credence to his continued feral state of mind. You nodded weakly in acquiescence, the lingering threat of the hand around your neck loosening. You almost screamed when his huge cock slammed into you with one brutal thrust, your pussy convulsing around the thick girth, desperately trying to push him out. Your mind was starting to fog slightly from the exposure to his rut-scent, your back arching into an almost painful bow from the burning stretch inside you, “Be good, stay still, let me breed you, let me fill your belly with pups,” Jonathan continued to murmur hotly into your ear, grinding his hips against yours for a few moments, surprisingly giving you time to get used to the penetration, before he pulled out only half way and thrust back inside you harshly.

You sobbed, whining as your knees began to bruise, Jonathan’s brutal, pounding rhythm leaving your thighs - your whole body - shaking. You hated the pleasure that rushed through your body with each deep thrust, each hard grind of his cock inside you, but you still arched and rocked back into it. His heated words, his promises to fill you, to breed you, simply tightened the coil in the pit of your belly. Jonathan nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck, growling and biting dark bruises into your neck and shoulders, “J-Jonathannnnn, please, Alpha, please,” You panted raggedly, unsure if you were pleading for him to go slower, to let you go, to stop, or if you were asking for more, for him to fill you, pup you, make you completely his. Your mind was hazy with lust, your heat - which you had so desperately hoped was over when you snuck out of your nest to escape - sluggishly ebbed and flowed through your blood, encouraging the roll of your hips, the breathy, needy quality of your voice. Your submission seemed to drive Jonathan harder, faster, his heavy balls smacking sharply into your clit at the same pace the head of his leaking cock ground over your g-spot, “Hahh, please, ‘m close, so close Alpha, please!”

“Good girl, sweet Omega,” Jonathan purred thickly, pressing soft kisses to the side of your face, leaning closer to nip and suck at your lips and swallowing your whimpering cries, “Gonna knot you, fill you with cum, make your belly round and fat with pups, mine, mine, my mate, my pups, good girl, take it, take my knot, give me pups,” His words were like a mantra, the steady, brutal pace of his thrusts becoming slower and jerky as his knot grew and grew, stretching your cunt and tugging on your opening. Finally, his knot grew too big to pull out, your Alpha pressing his full weight against you, shallowly thrusting inside your dripping cunt, the head of his cock nudging almost painfully against the entrance to your womb, “Cum for me, cum for your Alpha.”

With a needy whine you obeyed, your eyes rolling to the back of your head, neck craning to the side to expose your neck, the mating mark Jonathan had bitten into your scent glands. Your inner walls fluttered and milked around his cock and knot, pulling Jonathan over the edge of his orgasm alongside you, thick ropes of sticky cum pilling messily inside your poor, bruised pussy. You whimpered softly, body slumping, shuddering with disgust when your hips landed in the disgustingly wet puddle of your juices and Jonathan old seed beneath you. Jonathan lay across your back and rumbled softly, licking and kissing the back of your neck and shoulders, praising you with short grunting words and thick, rumbling purrs. You shut your eyes tiredly, clenching your hands, mind sluggish as you tried to rethink your next plan of action. Exhaustion tugged at you though, and you quickly found that you were beginning to drift off into a light doze beneath the safe, warm weight of your Alpha.

Chapter Text

Don’t make me hurt you, darling, please... I don’t like it when you ignore me so cruelly,” You shuddered at the cloying voice of the monster that held you, his large hands gently wrapped around your waist, keeping you seated in his lap, quiet and still, unwilling to look back at the being behind you. He sighed lowly, your body tensing sharply when his nails pricked into your soft sides, the claws threatening to dig into the already present scars. You glanced back at him reluctantly and his grip relaxed, dark, slitted eyes warm and affectionate, “There’s my pretty little dove, oh you’re so, so cute, yes you are,” Robert E. O. Speedwagon, a man supposedly dead for over a hundred years, stared at you lovingly, his horns twisted and gnarled like wreath of broken bone around his head. He nuzzled his nose against your cheek affectionately, your stomach curdling at what was supposed to be a sweet gesture, his arms wrapping even tighter around your waist to pull you into his expansive, firm chest, “Oh, you’re such a sweet little mate, my dearest love, all warm and soft, my (Y/N).”

You swallowed back the acidic words that bubbled in the back of your throat, remembering what happened last time you insulted the Demon who proclaimed to love you. You refused to say a peep, simply sitting there and indulging Robert in his twisted fantasy of ‘normality’. The blond continued to coo and heap praise upon you, a twisted, despicable part deep in your chest fluttering with joy at his words. You were repulsive, disgusting for even allowing yourself the slight flattery of his praise to affect you. A shiver rushed down your spine when warm lips started pressing kisses to your neck and shoulders, fearing for a moment that Robert would want to... you relaxed when he pulled back instead, leaning back in his chair, pulling you along so you lay against his chest. Unconsciously, you shifted your body so you were more comfortable, tipping your head to let Speedwagon peck you lips shortly. 

“Hmmmm you seem so distant today, my love... what’s running through that clever little head of yours?” Speedwagon purred, stroking his hand up and down your back, an indulgent smile on his lips. You wished you could rip it off, spit in his face and claw his eyes out Instead, you swallowed back your vitriol and shrugged listlessly, turning your face from his so you wouldn’t feel the stab of guilt that came from Robert’s disappointment. The demon sighed, resting his chin on your shoulder, and you fought with yourself not to immediately shrug him off. You knew what would be done to you, the sadistic actions Robert was capable of, how his efforts to play the loving spouse would vanish in an instant if you gave him reason for it, “Come, come, sweetheart, I want to know what’s got you so down in the dumps... I miss seeing that pretty smile of yours,” Your face twitched in a wince at his words, the knowledge that he had watched you for so long before he’d made his move months before still causing an overwhelming flood of fear to tingle in your chest. You were lucky enough that the demon had been ‘willing to wait till marriage’ to take you, considering how often her purred his sickening desires into your ear.

Shaking yourself out of your thoughts mentally, you sighed and ‘relaxed’ into Speedwagon’s arms, the blond demon making a delighted little noise at your trust in him, “It’s nothing, ‘m just tired,” You half-lied, exhaustion colouring your tone as you lounged with Robert, allowing one of his hands to take yours and start playing with your fingers before he linked the digits with his own. Fluttering your lashes up at him, you pretended to be coy, hoping to play into his desires for a sweet, submissive little ‘wife’ to be allowed to leave his presence so you could mentally gather your defenses against him once more, “I just wanna go and take a nap on my own... you have important, uh, things you have to do today ‘n I don’t think it’d be alright for me to be there almost falling asleep,” Speedwagon hummed and tipped his head back in thought. You felt the fleeting brush of hope before it was torn away easily with the way Robert’s lips twisted angrily. Shit, fuck, not good, not good, c’mon (Y/N), think. You shrugged lightly, turning your (E/C) eyes away from him to mumble softly to try and back pedal what you had said, “But if you really want me there, I don’t mind either way.”

Robert sighed, pulling his hand away from your back to rest his cheek against the palm, watching you flinch and curl up slightly, “Hmmm, I would like you to be by my side when I talk to High Lord Joestar, my dearest (Y/N)...” He trailed off, admiring the slight shiver that rocked down your spine when he spoke your name, “Buuuuuuut, I also want my cute little wife to be well-rested and polite to him as well. What to do, what to do,” He mused, thinking quietly for a few moments longer. You could feel the tension growing between the two of you, your body aching to get up and run away as fast as you could, the fear that you had inadvertently angered him bubbling unsettlingly in the pit of your gut. Finally, Robert seemed to sigh in disappointment, snapping his clawed fingers for one of the Joestar vassels to come to his side, murmuring something to the smaller demon before turning a sweet, tender expression to you. He reached out with both hands to cup your face, tilting it up to press light kisses to your lips, cheeks, nose and temples, “It seems I’ll just have to  cancel the meeting with my dear friend. He must know how difficult it is to make a relationship with a human work, after all,” You swallowed back your disappointment and shut your eyes with a sigh, the tension in your body leaving you stiff and uncomfortable, “Now, come along dear, let’s head up to our chambers so you can rest. I need to do some paperwork myself.”

You nodded weakly, forcing your body to remain lax in the blond demon’s arms as he lifted you up and made his way through the winding, twisting halls of his home. You didn’t bother to keep an eye on your surroundings, knowing that the hallways and pathways in this hellish maze always changed when you tried to make your escape attempts, simply herding you back into Speedwagon’s waiting arms. Robert hummed cheerfully, opening the door to your shared chambers and laying you out on the, unfortunately very comfortably, bed, crawling on the mattress beside you to lean against the headboard. The blond pulled your head into his lap, encouraging you to splay yourself out and sleep as intimately against him as you could, despite your weak protests that there were pillows that would be much better for your neck. Once your head rested in his lap, Speedwagon ran his large, clawed fingers through your hair, cooing at you to rest and let him take care of you.

Despite your reservations, you found that you were quickly falling into his request, a sigh heaving out of your chest as you subconsciously snuggled up to him. Speedwagon smiled warmly, his hand resting on the crown of your head, the empathetic link he’d placed in your mind going mute and soft as you fell into a deep slumber.

Chapter Text

“Well, well, well, well, well, what have we here? A little mouse caught in a trap?”

You whimpered fearfully at the low, smooth voice of one Kira Yoshikage, High Lord of Hell’s Twelfth Circle as he stepped up to where you were held down. You jolted, feeling his large, clawed hands skitter over the backs of your thighs, the blond draping his body over your. You winced when you felt the soft, tender skin of your belly scrap against the sharp iron spikes of the trap, immediately trying to arch your back so you could prevent them from stabbing into you. Your arms and legs shook minutely under the strain, desperately hoping to keep yourself from collapsing under Kira’s weight. 

He chuckled lowly, ducking his head in the crook of your neck to lap his tongue over the thrum of your pulse. Your little whine of terror was music to his ears, Kira steadily pressing down on you more and more, testing your resolve and endurance. Finally, you whined a short, “Kira, please,” the demon rumbling with amusement and pulling back and away from you. You panted from the effort, your arms and legs trembling lightly both from the effort you had to extend to ensure you wouldn’t impale yourself on the spikes and from fear. You panted lightly and shut your eyes, humiliated. If only you’d been a little more careful, looked out a little more for the pitfalls and traps that were undoubtedly left around to make sure you couldn’t escape. The fact that this trap covered your hands, knees and lower legs with sticky, pulsing tar just made it all the more worse, “P-please, let me go, I do-don’t wanna be here anymore,” You sniffled pathetically, flinching when Kira laughed delightedly at your meekness.

“Hmm, no, I don’t think I will, my dear (Y/N),” Kira crooned softly, continuing to nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck, grinding his hips insistently against yours. While he was no longer pressing down on your body, his weight and the heat of his body still made you feel like there was some kind of pressure against you. A plaintive whimper left your throat when you felt strong hands drag down your panties at the same time they flipped up your skirt, exposing your bruised, reddened cunt to the open hallway. You desperately hoped none of his strange, discomforting servants would be around to see this, knowing just how much Kira enjoyed showing off his cruelty to his beloved ‘Queen’. The blond sighed softly, ignoring the way your body tried to lean away from him, regardless of the spikes that began to poke lightly at your belly once more - you were truly stuck between a rock and a hard place, “Ahh, I’ve missed this so much, my sweetheart. I’d almost forgotten how soft and warm you are, just for me,” He cooed, rubbing the head of his cock against your folds, uncaring if they were slick or not. You sobbed and tried to wiggle away, a choked off scream tearing itself from your throat when Kira simply slid his cock into you to the hilt, dry and unprepared, “There we go, perfect, just take all of me. This is what you’re meant to do - you are meant to serve your Lord no matter what, right?”

You sobbed and shook your head, hating the weakness of your body with how easily his cock slid into you. Already, you could feel your inner walls producing your juices, hoping to make Kira’s thrusts inside you easier, smoother, more pleasurable, “No, no, no, please don’t do this, Kira, I-i don’t-!” You hiccupped, feeling the blond’s clawed hands rest atop yours, manipulating the sticky tar so it wrapped around your wrists and exposed your smaller, softer hands beneath. He groaned hotly and you felt a chill of disgust rush down your spine, Kira forcing your hands to uncurl so her could lay his palms flat over the tops, his thicker fingers splayed between yours. You cried out when his hips pulled away from you, thick cock slicked up with blood and lube, rubbing up against your torn, throbbing walls in a pleasantly painful way before he slowly rolled his hips slowly, forcing his dick back inside you. The pace, like always, was slow and languid, Kira relishing in your pained, pleasured whimpers and moans, your soft voice begging for him to stop, “It h-hurts, please, please, s-stop, lemme get used to it at least, please K-Kira-” 

“Oh, no, no, no, darling, that’s not what bad girls get,” His smooth voice was dark as he murmured against your neck, fangs and lips scraping against the marked skin, his horns knocking uncaringly against the side of your head. You flinched, arching your back when you felt the head of his torturous dick rub over your g-spot, a gush of wetness squirting out of you at the sensation. Kira chuckled darkly at the wetness that trickled down his thighs, admiring the way your eyes widened and cheeks darkened with humiliation, “There we go, I knew you liked this. You’re such a bad girl, you love it when your Lord fucks you however he pleases, don’t you? You keep whining about how much you hate it, how much you want me to stop, but we both know you’re too much of a dirty little slut for that to be true,” You sobbed raggedly at his words, shaking your head in a pathetic attempt to deny Kira’s words, soft pleas spilling from your lips like a waterfall. The blond demon laughed and pressed a mockingly sweet kiss to your cheek, his hands squeezing tightly around yours, the joints in your fingers and wrists creaking from the power, “Oh? You’re still going to try and deny the truth? Such a silly little human, all caught up in your own ideas of what you are, when really everything you think you are belongs to me... dedicate yourself to me, my dear (Y/N), or else I might actually start to believe you don’t want to be my useful Queen and just end up being another one of my poor, poor girlfriends,” You shuddered in fear at his words, remembering the countless number of severed hands he’d painstakingly showed off to you, telling you all about their crying, begging voices when he slowly sawed their hands off before making the women disappear forever.

The thought that he could so easily do that to you made you feel cold, but the heated coil of pleasure continued to burn humiliatingly in the pit of your gut. Despite yourself, you weakly nodded your head, hating that you were giving in to Kira’s demands, but desperate not to turn into just another one of his many ‘girlfriends’. The blond grunted, speeding up just the slightest bit, one of his hands moving up to cup and massage your belly roughly. You whimpered, rocking back into his thrusts, trying to keep your voice quiet even as the stinging pleasure rushed through your body with each slap of his balls against your clit, each brush of his cock against your bruised inner walls, “Hahh, ah, ah, K-Kira, ‘m close, ‘m so, so close, please, hahh,” You mewled, your (E/C) eyes rolling to the back of your head, unable to truly decipher the blond’s words that he mumbled into your heated skin. After a few more thrusts, you felt the leaking head of his cock bump against something incredibly sensitive and throbbing deep inside your pussy, the shockwaves of bliss rushing up your spine and sending your over the edge with a shrill cry of relief.

Kira snarled, snapping his hips twice more inside the vice-like clutch of your inner walls before he went still inside you, grinding his hips into your ass as he spilled messy, thick globs of cum at the back of your cunt. You whined and slumped slightly, exhausted, uncaring to hear the falsely sweet praise he crooned into the shell of your ear. Disgust unfurled in your chest when he pulled out for the last few spurts of his cum to cover your swollen, puffy labia and clit, a mixture of his seed and your juices trickling down the insides of your thighs, “Ahhh, so beautiful, what a gorgeous sight you make like this,” Kira murmured hotly, running his hands over your scarred back, admiring the glimmer of his name trailing between your shoulder blades. With a snap of his fingers, your bindings and the spiked trap beneath you vanished, his arms wrapping around your body and lifting you up before you could slump to the floor. Kira pressed a faux tender kiss to your temple, walking casually through the halls of his castle and to the master bedroom, where you knew he would delight and stuffing the stiff, disgusting fingers of his ‘girlfriends’ in your cunt to keep the thick remains of his seed plugged up inside you, “Now, let’s go and give you a chance to rest, hmm?”

Chapter Text

Today had been such a nice day.

You hummed to yourself as you swayed back and forth lazily on the swing your father had strung up for you out back in the fields. In your hands was your most recent embroidery project, a wedding veil for your dearest and closest friend. You tried very hard not to prick yourself with the needle, unfortunately having lost your thimble on your way here. The warmth of summer blew past you on the slight breeze and you shut your eyes, tipping your head back to inhale the lingering scent of honeysuckle and rosemary. Smiling softly to yourself, you were unaware of the pair of purple eyes watching you. 

Shaking yourself out of your stupor, you were about to turn your attention back to your embroidery work when you heard the soft padding of footsteps heading towards you. You paused, groaning when you recognised the pace of the steps, tensing your jaw as the vexing, yet handsome visage of one Lord Kakyoin Noriaki stepped into your line of sight. The redhead smiled brightly at you and you held back the sigh that built up in the back of your throat, shooting the eager young man a polite smile. Truly, you didn’t understand how often you would have to rebuff the man before he got it through his head that you were already engaged to someone you would be quite happy with for the remainder of your life. Still, that was no reason to be impolite to the young soldier - his earnest attempts at bumbling through a courtship was adorable, if grating at this point. Nodding your head in greeting, you turned your gaze back to the veil in your hands, pushing the needle through the thicker material then pulling it back up to finish off the little yellow flower you had been painstakingly working on, “Mister Noriaki. To what do I owe the... pleasure of your company?”

The younger man laughed brightly at your reserved words, the warm affection in his gaze going unnoticed as you paid all of your attention to your stitch work, “Ahh, I did not see you at the market today, so I grew worried,” He admitted to you sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. In his left arm he held up at basket, your nose twitching slightly when you smelled the mouthwatering scent of freshly baked rye bread - his mother must have given him some to try, perhaps to sway your loyalty away from your fiance. You ignored it, twirling the thick yellow thread around your pointer finger to created the next ‘rose’ along the twisting vine you’d finished only a week prior, “I had hoped to, hm, spend a little bit of time with you, if you would pardon my forward nature.”

You glanced up at Kakyoin with an unimpressed look, biting back another sigh at the hopeful sheen in his gaze, “Mister Noariaki, while I am flattered by your continued efforts to court me, we both know that your insistence at doing so is getting a little bit out of hand,” You stated, firm but polite, laying the veil’s lacework across your lap and folding your hands atop it so you could speak candidly. Truly, you’d always thought he was joking when you were both children, the little redheaded boy two three years your junior always so sweetly stating that when you were both grown he would court and wed you. You had indulged his hopes for long enough - perhaps it was cruel to continuously deny him time and time again, but truly, you were beginning to come to your wits end. You could see the cheerful expression on Kakyoin’s face falter, a sullen pout curling his lips as you continued to speak, “You and I both know it is highly improper for you to continue pursuing me so when I am already engaged to be married by next year. Do you not think it is time for you to... look to the other ladies in the village?” Though you were yet again rejecting him - something that stung his pride and hurt the redhead - you were just desperately trying to keep any lingering peace between your and his family. 

“Not at all, you are the only lady in this village I could ever see myself marrying, dear (Y/N),” You bristled at the impropriety at Kakyoin referring to you by your first name without the included title, what little bit of kindness you’d still had for the impressionable and stubborn young man drying up immediately. You sighed and shook your head, moving to stand up so you could leave, dusting off your skirts and leaning down to pick up your hat, only for Kakyoin to swoop down and grab it instead, holding it to his chest as he pleaded with you, “Oh, please do not go... I did not mean to anger you, Miss (Y/N), but you must-you must know how deep my affections for you are,” You paused, looking up at Kakyoin in discomfort. Something was... unsettlingly different this time, the redhead was being far more presumptuous, hell being much more desperate this time for your attention and acceptance of his affections. When you paused, hesitating in simply grabbing your hat away from him, Kakyoin took his chance to stumble over his words, clumsy but eager, just as he always was, “I love you so much... you have no idea how deeply I love you, you do not know to what limits I’d go to prove that to you,” Kakyoin insisted, moving to kneel before you so he could look deep into your eyes, the intensity of his stare unsettling with how feverish and sincere it was. 

For a brief moment, you felt alarmed when he reached out to take your hands in his, jerking them back from him as if you were burned, “That is enough, Kakyoin!” You snapped sternly, briefly forgetting proper etiquette to scold your childhood friend, anger and concern warring for control in the center of your chest, “You should know better than to confess such feelings to someone who isn’t available to be courted! What on earth do you expect to happen - that I would break my engagement to the man I have grown to care deeply for simply because you love me?” In your anger, you supposed you were being just a little too harsh towards the younger man, but you were just so aggravated with his continued refusal to accept defeat graciously. As you continued to berate Kakyoin, you saw his expression turn carefully blank, his purple gaze far off as he listened to your scolding with half an ear, “You need to grow up and realise that the world is not going to bend to your whims simply because you made a declaration as a foolish child to wed someone you knew you would never be able to! Enough is enough!”

As you finished your speech, you saw an ugly expression twist Kakyoin’s features. You stopped, stepping back in slight fear when he stared up at you, clear and terrifying rage darkening his usually bright eyes. The sound of fabric tearing brought your attention down to your hat, which was now being ripped into unconsciously by the redhead, his knuckles white with anger. Fearfully, you stumbled back and away from him, carefully clutching your needle in case the younger man, nay, the soldier made a move to harm you. Seeing you do so, Kakyoin forced himself to relax his grip, your ruined hat hanging limply from his hands, “I... see,” He muttered softly, a frown curling his lip, bitterness colouring his tone as he held out the limp, torn material of your hat out to you, “So you’ve truly made your decision then,” You nodded hesitantly, carefully taking your hat from Kakyoin, a shiver rushing down your spine from the suddenly cold wind that brushed by the two of you. Inhaling deeply, Kakyoin shut his eyes as if he were in thought for several long, tense seconds, before a disturbingly cheerful smile broke out across his face, “Well then, I suppose that is that. I shan’t keep you much longer in that case. Do forgive me, Miss (Y/S/N) for my egregious error.”

“It... it is alright,” You spoke hesitantly, your voice meek, sensing the turbulant, broiling tension that still suffused Kakyoin’s body. You carefully stepped around the younger man, tipping your head to him in a jerky nod, intent on leaving so you would hopefully be able to calm down and settle your nerves, “Good day, Mister Noriaki.”

Just as you moved to step away from him, Kakyoin’s hand shot out to grip your upper arm, his hand squeezing tightly around your bicep. You froze like a deer in fright, your wide gaze snapping up to his. There was something deeply malicious and cruel in the depths of those purple eyes, an obsession you had never really noticed before sending prickles of horror through your body as Kakyoin once more spoke, “Do remember, my dear (Y/N), that men have a tendency to die young... especially out in battle.”

His words sent a thrill of terror through your gut and you jerked away from him. Of course, Kakyoin was not the only man you knew and cared for that was part of the military - hell, your future husband was a higher ranking officer who was about to be posted out in one of the colonies. For a moment, you were certain that Kakyoin threatened the life and livelihood of your intended, but you knew that the two were not to be posted in the same place together. Swallowing thickly, you turned away from the redhead and scurried off, hoping to get away from Kakyoin as quickly as you could. Already you felt the telltale throb of a bruise beginning to form on your upper arm, Kakyoin’s words spinning through your mind rapidly as you stepped through the kitchen door and rushed up to your bedroom. 

It was just a joke... surely, it was just a bitter joke.

Chapter Text

You were avoiding him.

N’Doul leaned his elbows on the table he sat at for lunch, his eyes shut as they usually were when he was trying to concentrate. All of his focus was on the table a few meters below him, where you sat chatting with your friends happily while eating lunch. Though the sound of your voice was like music to his ears, the warmth of your body just a little above where his Stand lay - undisturbed - beneath your seat. Oh, you were just so cute, all unaware and innocent, giggling at the jokes your friends made and enjoying your time with them.

N’Doul felt the jealousy within the center of his chest coil and tighten. Ever since you caught him jerking off under his desk in front of you, you had avoided the blind Professor like he was the plague. It was starting to grate on his nerves - he missed having you ask him questions, missed having you stay behind just that little bit longer to talk to him, missed being able to bask directly in your presence. It was disheartening for the young professor who had fallen so deeply in love with you. Leaning back in his seat, N’Doul sighed, reaching down to curl his hands around the top of his cane - lunch would be over soon, and he knew you would be in his class. Humming to himself, he called Geb back to his side, the water based Stand slipping back towards its user, wrapping around N’Doul’s body like a thin web of armour. Standing from his seat, N’Doul began tapping his cane against the floor to make his way out of the cafeteria and into the lecture halls.

He truly needed to think about getting you alone with him to... apologise for his inappropriate actions, the young Professor thought to himself. Of course he was being too forward - you were a delicate, sensible young woman after all. N’Doul sighed, turning the corner, lost in his thoughts and unaware of the other person walking towards him until he rammed into them at full force. The shock of it all jolted N’Doul out of his thoughts and he grabbed onto the other person’s forearm, an apology dancing at the tip of his tongue before the scent of your perfume hit him square in the face. Inhaling sharply, N’Doul’s usually lidded eyes widened in surprise, excitement bubbling in the pit of his gut as he realised he’d just run into his absolute favourite little student, “Oh dear, my apologies, I was lost in thought,” He said casually, pretending he didn’t know who exactly he had grabbed onto in his sudden shock, though he kept hold of your arms even as you tried to pull away from him. Tipping his head to the side in believably confused worry, N’Doul relished the brief moments he now had to touch you skin to skin, “Are you alright?”

“I-I’m fine,” You stuttered out and if N’Doul had been a weaker man he would have swooned. Ahhh to hear your voice directed at him once more was like music to his ears. Unable to help himself, N’Doul leaned further into your space, a delighted smile curling his lips, “Uhm, do you need some help getting to class, Professor?” You continued to speak, your voice nervous, your body trying to lean away from his invasion into your space. N’Doul hummed and nodded, hesitantly letting go of your arms - he allowed his touch to linger, his fingertips already tingling from the loss of your touch - allowing you to bend down and pick up his dropped cane. You carefully handed it to him with a mumbled apology, hyper aware of the wide grin that stretched your professor’s lips, his form leaning into yours and linking your arms together when you finally stood back up beside him.

Despite your protests, N’Doul pulled you along with him by your linked arms and you soon gave into his silent demand to walk with him, “Ahh, thank you for the offer (Y/N), you’re such a sweet girl,” He purred, smiling down at you in a way that sent chills up your spine. Sure, N’Doul was incredibly handsome, you’d be the first of the blind professor’s students to say so, but he could also be... really, really creepy. You nodded weakly and tried to brush off the compliment, speeding up the pace of your walk just the slightest bit to hurry the both of you to class so you could get away from N’Doul as fast as possible, “Ah, ah, ah, slow down, darling, there’s no need for us to hurry. Class shouldn’t be starting for another ten minutes or so... plenty of time for the two of us to have a certain conversation I think has been a long time coming, don’t you?”

“We really, really don’t have to talk about it,” You immediately rebuffed your professor, your cheeks flushed darkly when you remembered that day, your attention hyper aware of the warmth of N’Doul’s hands where they rest on the exposed skin of your forearms. You wished you’d had the foresight to wear something with long sleeves, despite the warm summer day. You kept your face mostly turned away from N’Doul’s, even though your knew he couldn’t see the blush that stained your cheeks brightly, “I, uhm, I really just don’t th-think it’s appropriate for us - as student and professor - to, uh, talk about what-what happened... that day,” N’Doul chuckled at your awkward attempts to dismiss the topic he wanted to discuss with you. You were just so cute, all embarrassed, the heat from your flushed face radiating off of you easily. N’Doul could feel Geb shifting with interest along his skin, the small watery webs congregating on the arm that was linked with yours, his Stand aching to touch you as badly as N’Doul did as well.

Humming lowly, N’Doul pretended to ponder your words for a few moments before releasing a small sigh of disappointment, ignoring your slight flinch at the sound and the feeling of something skimming against your ass, “I see your point. Perhaps it’s for the best that you forget about what you saw that day, hmm?” Unsure if N’Doul was really just going to let it go, you nodded hesitantly and kept quiet. The two of you continued to walk together in silence for a few moments longer, you intent on getting to class so you could try to abandon your professor in front of the rest of your colleagues while N’Doul simply waited for his time to strike. It was just as the two of you were about to pass an open janitors closet that N’Doul roughly pulled you into the room with him, slamming the door behind the two of you shut, instructing Geb to lock the door while your professor crowded your squirming body up against the nearest wall. You opened your mouth to protest N’Doul’s actions, or to scream for help, but your professor simply slammed his lips against yours, taking advantage of your open mouth to kiss you deeply and passionately. You made a small noise and froze up in shock, your body trembling lightly as N’Doul’s tongue thrust between your lips, the blind man groaning low in the back of his throat as he finally got to taste you. 

You heard the clatter of his cane hitting the floor before two slim, rough hands roaming over your body, roughly gripping your breasts and squeezing the soft flesh. You gasped, breaking the kiss to release a mewl of his name, your professor ducking his head into the crook of your neck to bite and suck dark bruises, his voice rough as he spoke, “I love you so much, (Y/N), you have no idea to what limits I’d go to prove that to you,” N’Doul practically growled against your skin, Geb sliding up his hands to pull your hands up and away from its user, pinning you further against the wall, preventing your weak little struggles against your professor as he kissed, nipped, sucked and touched you to his heart’s content. N’Doul groaned, his hips grinding against the apex of your thighs and you whimpered when you felt the hard outline of his cock, “I’m trying to be patient for you, to wait for you to come to me, to confess how deeply you love me too, but gods I grow tired of it,” N’Doul continued to murmur in your ear, his breathing ragged as he pressed his whole body against yours, relishing the warmth of you against him, “I love you, habibi, I want you, I want to take you home with me, to show you how well I would treat you, what pleasure I would make you feel.”

You whimpered his name softly, all of your previous struggle just seeping out of you when you realised you were well and truly stuck. N’Doul kept touching and kissing you for as long as he could, his mind heavy with thoughts of you, naked, your legs spread open for him, desperate to please your professor. Shutting his eyes, he inhaled sharply and finally pulled back, satisfied with the bruises that mottled your neck and shoulder. You looked up at him, teary yet aroused, your body trembling slightly as Geb continued to hold you still. With a wave of his hand and a satisfied sigh, N’Doul’s Stand returned to its user. The professor heard you slump to the ground, breathing raggedly and obviously trying not to cry, but N’Doul couldn’t find a shred of regret nor guilt in his body - all that rushed through him was the lust, the need, the love he felt for you. Leaning down to pick up his cane, N’Doul stepped away from you and shot you a cheerful, “See you in class, habibi,” before he unlocked and stepped out of the janitors closet.

You sat on the ground for several long moments, just coming back to yourself, the panic, fear and arousal that rocked through you steadily dissipating. You whined softly in the back of your throat and wiped away the tears that managed to escape your eyes and trickle down your cheeks. Dammit, you really needed to convince the counselor to move you from N’Doul’s class - you didn’t know how much more of his... affections you could take.

Chapter Text

“You’re so cute, thinking that you could outrun me,” The low chuckle from the man - no, the beast - rutting into you broke through the heavy cloud of lust that rushed through your body. With every hard pound of his hips against yours, you could feel the thick head of his cock brush up against the entrance to your womb, a deep seated ache throbbing in the pit of your belly. You whimpered softly, the wet slaps of Jotaro’s balls hitting your clit over and over again ringing loudly alongside the hoots and hollering of the wolf man's pack. Your nails dug into the earth as you clenched your hands, wishing that your body would stop shaking from the effects of coming over and over again, your hot cheeks pressed into the filthy ground of the cave as you were fucked almost to mindless bliss, “Hmmm, that’s it, be a good bitch and let your mate breed you, fuck, gonna make you so round with my pups, fill this soft belly of yours until you can’t move.”

You whined, mouth slack and drooling onto the floor, your (E/C) eyes rolling to the back of your head when you felt the throbbing vein on the underside of Jotaro’s dick grind over your g-spot. His previous loads, packed up right against the entrance to your womb, felt like they sloshed disgustingly with each brutal thrust. You swore your ass was red and bruised from Jotaro’s pelvis slamming against the soft flesh, the stinging pain seemingly increasing the pleasure you felt, “J-Jotarooooooooo,” You slurred desperately, arching your back almost painfully, your hips held tightly in clawed hands, forcing your pussy up. Jotaro growled lowly, sharp teeth nipping at the crook of your neck, panic briefly spiking in your belly and causing your inner walls to clench tightly, “Noooooo, no, no biting,” You mewled, trying to turn your face away so you could try and cover your neck, intent on preventing the larger, stronger man from marking you as his mate like he wanted to.

Jotaro growled with slight aggravation, one of his large hands reaching down to tangle in your hair, jerking your head sideways to expose the sensitive column of your neck. His hot breath sent shivers down your spine, your hazy mind recognizing that this was not a position you wanted to be in. You weakly struggled to get away, but the threat of Jotaro’s sharp fangs pressing into the delicate skin made you go limp. You whined shortly when Jotaro rumbled, rough tongue lapping over the crook of your shoulder, darkening the deep bruise that was already present, “I want to mark you in front of everyone,” He murmured breathily, somehow picking up the pace and force of his thrusts, the telltale bulge of his knot beginning to tug at your entrance with each pull out of you. You panted at the feeling, inner walls clenching and fluttering needily, the knowledge that Jotaro was close, so close to cumming inside you one more time, made the strange warmth in the pit of your belly heat up and tighten. You could feel your next orgasm building up quickly, your sensitivity from the last three times leaving you overstimulated and desperate, “I want everyone to know who you belong to, whose pups grow in your belly, who gets to keep a pretty bitch like you all soft and sweet,” Jotaro grunted, the growing knot making his thrusts turn shallow and jerky, the bulbous flesh grinding against all of your most sensitive spots, “But you gotta say it... you gotta give into me, tell me you want me, want to be my mate, my wife, mother of my pups.”

You whimpered at Jotaro’s demanding words, all of your rational thoughts completely drowned out by the need, the heat, the sweat and slick that dripped between your thighs onto the dirty ground below. You felt dizzy, on the precipice of giving in, bloated full of thick cum - there was no way you would be able to stuff more of the wolf man’s seed in your poor womb, the fertile chamber already overflowing with sticky seed; and yet, Jotaro kept pounding into you, intent on breeding you full, on keeping you here, by his side, with no need or possibility to try and leave him again, “Please,” You whined, voice broken, a ragged sob passing your lips. You felt the grip in your hair tighten and hold your head more firmly at and angle, the threat of Jotaro’s fangs no long a terrifying concept but a thrilling reality. You didn’t know what came over you but you arched into Jotaro’s grinding hips, pussy fluttering, a throaty moan spilling out of you, “Please, please, wanna cum, mark me, make me yours, Alpha, please,” Your voice was breathy and soft, the cajoling howls of the rest of the pack harmonizing with your scream of bliss when their pack leader did exactly as you begged for.

The black haired man’s fangs sank into the crook of your neck like a knife through butter, your blood exploding across his tongue. The agonising, painful throb of the bite wound seemed to be enough to send you over the edge, your thighs trembling as your cunt once more tightened like a vice around the thick knot of your mate. Your inner walls milked the sensitive, thick girth of Jotaro’s dick, the wolf man growling in the back of his throat, his hips coming to a halt, pelvis pressing insistently against your ass as his cum spilled against the sensitive opening to your womb. It felt thick, hot and sticky, a full body shudder rocking down your spine, the rest of your body going limp in Jotaro’s hold. The only thing that kept you from slumping to the ground in an overheated, fucked out mess was Jotaro’s grip on your hip, in your hair and his teeth in your shoulder. You whimpered when he pulled his fangs from the mating mark, the vibrations of an attempted soothing rumble skittering across the skin of your back as Jotaro lapped up the blood still weeping from his mark.

“Good girl, good little mate, take it all, take all of my seed, let me breed this hot little cunt of yours,” The wolf man growled thickly, his voice triumphant and smug with victory. You shut your eyes to stop the tears from leaking down your cheeks, the evidence of your weakness pulsing with each scrape of his rough tongue against the deep bite. You knew it would scar over, knew it would be the mark that would identify which ‘pack’ you belonged to, which Alpha wolf you’d bred with. A soft whine of exhaustion and pain ripped itself from your throat when Jotaro pulled away, his grip on your relaxing so you could lay, spread out on the ground beneath you. You could hear him speak to the rest of the pack, but you were way too out of it to pay attention to listen to whatever the hell they were doing. You blinked and turned your face, wistfully looking out the entrance to the cave that would now be your home. The sting of disappointment at your weakness filled your chest and you sighed when you felt large, warm hands pull you up. Jotaro forced you up to lean against his warm, sweaty chest, a shiver rushing down your spine when you felt his cock jerk harshly inside you, the shift in position drawing attention to the bulge in your belly, “Hmmm, you smell so good, my mate,” Jotaro purred, nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck and drenching you further in his scent undoubtedly. You whimpered when both of his clawed hands rested on your belly, kneading the soft flesh as if working his thick cum into the walls of your womb to improve his chances at pupping you.

You hiccuped at the sensation and weakly placed your hands on top of his, trying to pull them off and away from the overly sensitive skin, “Please don’t,” You whimpered shakily, voice thick with exhaustion. Jotaro crooned at how cute you were, turning his face so he could kiss your flushed cheek, keeping his hands where he pleased, “’s too much, JoJo, please... ‘m tired,” You mewled softly, knowing that you were playing into Jotaro’s instinctive need to take care of his new mate, but not really caring about that fact. You were exhausted, and if the thought of falling asleep naked and out in the open didn’t freak you out so much, you probably would have given over to your need to rest. Jotaro sighed at your words and mumbled softly, shifting a little and trying to pull back out of you. You winced when his knot tugged at your poor cunt, your slick walls resisting the pull before giving in, allowing the wolf man’s dick to slip out of you. A veritable flood of seed trickled out of your flushed and swollen labia, puddling messily on the floor of the cave beneath you. You allowed - not that you had much choice - the black haired man to lift you up into his arms, his voice rumbling above you to bid goodnight to the rest of the pack. You rested your cheek against his chest, already beginning to drift off as you were carried further into the spacious cave and to the pile of furs that made up your and Jotaro’s bed. 

You were set down carefully, your mate making sure that you laid in the softest place in the nest, the wolf man soon crawling up behind you to once again take you into his arms. He pressed a soft kiss to your cheek, arms wrapping around your middle, almost purring with satisfaction when you just lay back and let him do as he pleased. With a sigh, you quickly fell unconscious - you could worry about your and your potential child’s future in the morning. 

Chapter Text

“Yoooo, (Y/N), that regular is here again. You want me to tell him to get lost?”

You glanced up at your friend and coworker from the reflection of your mirror, stilling your hand to pull away the eyeliner before you messed it up and had to start all over again. Seeing the worried and serious look on her face, you sighed delicately and shook your head, shooting her a wry smile, “Nah, it’s fine. Gimme a couple of minutes to finish up and I’ll go tell him to leave myself.”

Your friend nodded and turned to head to her own dressing table to freshen up. While the two of you had both just finished your last set, your make-up had been suffering for the past two hours under the blazing lights of the stage. It was a good thing you could take a break for now, the muffled voices of the crowd reaching behind the stage. You couldn’t make out their words and you had no interest to - your mind wandered to the man you knew would be waiting to ‘talk’ to you. To say your ‘regular’ was a strange man would be putting it lightly - he was a mysterious man who preferred to sit in the private, darkened booths of your work place instead of right upfront near the stage. You’ve known him ever since you started working at the club over four years ago, and knew he wasn’t a patient man whose time you could toy with. Not if you wanted to protect your - his - son. 

Humming, your finished drawing the flick of your eyeliner and sighed. Primping your hair to it’s curled perfection - gods, all that hairspray was going to ruin it one day, you swore it - before getting up from your seat to head into the general seating area. You greeted some patrons, grabbing a serving tray and heading over to the bar where you knew the bartenders would already have the regular’s drink order ready and waiting for you to pick up. You smiled in greeting and subtly rolled your eyes when you noticed the extra martini beside the grappa. Seemed you would have to accept Signore’s invitation to sit with him for the next hour and a half he would be there. 

Walking over to his booth, you felt your eyebrow raise when you noticed where he’d decided to park himself that day. He must really want his privacy this time, you mused to yourself, sashaying your way over to the closed off booth in the far corner. Knocking on the wooden side where the semi-sheer curtain blocked the majority of your view, you waited until Signore grunted for you to enter. You didn’t waste any time, pulling the curtain back slightly and stepping inside, carefully making sure that you wouldn’t expose your regular to the dim light of the club, “Good evening, Signore!” You chirped, forcing the bubbly cheer you knew he liked to see from you, keeping your eyes off of his direction like you’d trained yourself to do. You knew his face would be hidden in shadows, but it was for the best that you practiced not looking directly at him - the few times you had made that mistake he’d immediately left without tipping you, “How are you doing this lovely night? It’s been a little while since I last saw you here,” The lie slipped easily from your tongue as you set the two glasses filled with alcohol on the table, stepping back and waiting patiently for further instructions; you didn’t want to seem presumptuous by simply sidling up next to him in the booth without a direct invitation.

“Hmm, I’m doing well, carina mia,” You shuddered softly when Signore’s deep voice caressed your ears, the man patting the seat beside him, “Come, sit with me, I’ve missed your company, tesorina,” You obeyed, knowing better than to deny your Signore - Diavolo - what he desired. You relaxed just slightly when he didn’t call you out on your blatant lie about not having seen him the past couple nights while you worked. Dia-Signore was not usually a man willing to indulge in your pretensions that you weren’t completely under his thumb. When you sidled to him, he wrapped an arm around your shoulders and leaned back against the seat comfortably, forcing you to lean into his side intimately, “Ahhh, I must say I have missed my favourite girl,” Diavolo mused, taking a drag of the cigar in his other hand, which you hadn’t noticed before and immediately felt yourself tense. Whether he noticed it or not didn’t matter - you wouldn’t be moving anywhere with the lingering threats of your family’s lives on the line. 

Sighing lowly, Diavolo rubbed his thumb against your bare shoulder, the two of you sitting there in relative silence for the next couple of minutes. You tried to ignore the pink haired man’s lingering touches, picking up your martini glass and taking a sip, biting back the face you wanted to make at the bitter alcohol the burned across your tongue and down your throat. You knew where this would be going soon, glancing down at the gradually hardening and obvious outline of Diavolo’s cock beneath the thick material of his suit pants. You resisted the urge to bite your lower lip, knowing that Diavolo would want to mess up your make-up himself. Seeing that he’d finished his glass of grappa, you glanced up at him hesitantly, your voice soft as the music of the next set began to play, the hum of the trumpet blaring lowly, the raucous cheering of the other patrons nearly drowning out your voice, “Would you like me to get you another drink, Signore?”

“No, I’m quite alright, carina,” Diavolo hummed lowly, glancing down at you from the corner of his eye before gesturing with his free hand to the bulge in his pants, “However... I find I’m in need of some relief. Be a good girl and take care of that would you?” You swallowed thickly, staring down at the large package your regular boasted. Your usual hesitance filled you, (E/C) eyes darting over to the barely concealing curtains that hung over the entrance to the booth. Diavolo frowned sharply, the hand that had been stroking your arm lightly moving up to tangle in your hair, tugging at the perfectly styled strands and forcing your face towards his, your eyes locking with his poisonous green gaze, “When you agreed to be mine, you gave me the right to do whatever I wanted with you, mia dolce piccola puttana,do you understand that?” You whimpered softly and nodded, the painful grip on your hair loosened, a dark, hungry expression colouring Diavolo’s features, the hidden cruelty of his strong hold on you terrifying with its intent, “Bene, bene, get to work, or I might just have to give that little brat of yours a visit.”

You shuddered with fear at the thought, quickly shuffling so that you were kneeling in front of him under the table. You quickly unbuckled his belt and pants, pulling his hard, throbbing cock out of his slacks as well as his balls, unwilling to face any sort of consequences if you didn’t do exactly as your Signore had taught you. Glancing up at him ‘coyly’ from beneath your lashes, your wrapped your hands around Diavolo’s thick cock, pressing hot, open-mouthed kisses all along it’s length, focusing particularly on the sensitive head, your tongue playing with his foreskin. Your lipstick stained the heated skin, just the way Diavolo liked it, the thrill of you leaving marks on him in what he thought of as possessiveness made him feel hot flashes of lust in the pit of his stomach. The hand in your hair remained where it was, subtly guiding your head down to pay attention to his balls, licking and sucking them lightly, “Brava ragazza, hmmm, I’ve missed this talented little mouth of yours,” Diavolo sighed, his green eyes locked on your face, watching with rapt attention as you kissed back up to the head of his cock, wrapping your lips around the slit and giving it a soft suck, “That’s it, use that perfect cock sucking mouth of yours, mmh, take me deeper, piccola putanella,” You did as instructed, placing your hands on his knees so they wouldn’t obstruct your mouth, inhaling deeply before slowly sliding down to take more and more of his cock into the wet heat. 

You moved steadily downward, pausing every so often to pull back when a particularly nasty gag response to the head hitting the back of your throat to recover a little, before pressing on to take Diavolo completely. You knew he wouldn’t stay patient for long, the hand in your hair already tightening its grip every time you pulled back slightly. A muffled whine left you when you finally reached the base, tears welling in your eyes and dripping messily down your cheeks, thick, dark trails of mascara and eyeliner flowing in rivulets. You tried your best not to drool around him, your lips wrapped around the base of his cock, nose pressed into the thick, coarse curls of his pubes. His musk did nothing to stop your eyes from watering and you shut them with a whimper, holding still and swallowing thickly. Diavolo groaned, a slew of degrading praise falling from his painted lips, his gaze lidded and glued to the expression on your face. You relaxed your shoulders and fluttered your lids open, staring up at Diavolo with pleading, teary eyes, driving your Signore wild with how messy your make-up now was, “Cazzo, che cazzo perfetto troia sei, I love how messy you get when I use your mouth like my personal toy,” He growled thickly, tightening his grip on your hair, pulling your head up halfway, then thrusting up sharply against your face, relishing the way your throat convulsed tightly around his cock as you choked, “Hmmm, you’re mine, my perfect little whore, fuck, if I could I’d take you home with me and never let you out of my sight. I’d keep you tied down and locked up, splayed open and ready just for me.”

You whined at Diavolo’s words, his hips snapping aggressively up into your mouth. You tried to keep yourself relaxed, tried to prevent your throat from closing up and gagging around him, tried to keep your teeth far away from the sensitive, vulnerable flesh in your mouth. Diavolo grinned widely, an almost unhinged darkness in his gaze as he chuckled breathily, “I’ll even let you bring that little brat of yours with you - you think I don’t know that he’s my son as well, putanella?” Your eyes went wide with fear, your nails unconsciously pricking into the thick material of his slacks. You tried to jerk your head away, but Diavolo wouldn’t let you, his strength overwhelming yours easily. All you could really do was cry and mewl around his cock, the vibrations of your voice just edging the pink haired man higher and higher, “Do you really think I’m stupid enough to believe there’s some other man who managed to slip past my notice when I’ve got eyes and ears on you everywhere you go? Oh, carina, sei una stupida puttana, once something or someone is mine I never let them out of my sight,” You weakly tried to push him off of you, gagging uncontrollably now, your air supply getting cut off with each hard slam of his hips, “Hmmm, I think it’s time I ended this game of cat and mouse and brought you both home, don’t you think? You could be my sweet little house wife, all safely hidden away from the public eye, this beautiful body that you like to show off with dancing mine to use, to keep, to fuck whenever I please.”

Diavolo seemed to lose complete control over himself, shutting his eyes as he panted raggedly, the fantasy of finally having his favourite dancer all to himself finally ready to come true. With several deep, hard thrusts against your face, he forced you to take his full length down your throat and held you there, relishing the tight, convulsing walls of your throat as he came. Thick ropes of sticky cum spilled down your throat, forcing you to swallow it if you didn’t want to choke even more than you already were. You did so miserably, your body heaving with sobs as tears trailed freely down your cheeks, your drool pooling and soaking into the material of Diavolo’s slacks. Slowly, the pink haired man pulled you off of his cock, the last few jerks of his seed filling your mouth and coating your tongue - which he ordered you to swallow with a rough voice - as he finished filling you. You whimpered and pulled back, looking up at Diavolo with terrified, red rimmed eyes. Your Signore sighed and gestured at his cock once more, “Clean me up and put me away, carina. I want to hold you before we head back home for the night, hmm?” 

You nodded weakly and did as he said, licking his cock clean of any remaining cum before tucking it back into his pants, wincing when you realised just how soaked the front was. You shook lightly, fearing that if you did anything to displease him that your son would be hurt to punish you. You hesitantly climbed up into Diavolo’s lap, forcing yourself to relax against him, the pink haired man pressing a surprisingly tender kiss to the top of your head, “Brava ragazza, just relax for now. I’ve already sent someone to pick up the brat and bring him back home. You can introduce us properly once we’re there too,” You swallowed thickly, biting back your terrified whine and burying your face in Diavolo’s chest. You wished, desperately, that you’d never accepted a job at the club all those years back, tensing when you felt your Signore’s warm hands rub over your back. Behind you, the empty martini and grappa glasses glinted in the low light, the last remaining evidence that you’d ever worked in the club after your disappearance, never to be seen by the outside world again. 

Chapter Text

The loud scraping strokes of a brush against wooden flooring was the only sound that could be heard in the apartment. Sloshing water was soon accompanied, a grunt of effort as reddened hands slammed the side of the brush against the top of a bucket full of grimy, reddened water, before the brush was once more being used to scraped across the floors. The deep red stain that had previously been seeping into the floor was slowly but surely beginning to dissipate under the careful, thorough actions of the blond man currently polishing the floor.

Muttering to himself darkly, Caesar scrubbed and scrubbed at the stubborn stain, another half hour passing him by until he was finally satisfied with the cleanliness of the floor. Sighing, he shook his head and glanced up at the nearby clock, cursing himself when he realised he’d spent too long cleaning. You were undoubtedly going to be in so much pain right now, as you woke up from your impromptu nap. Caesar felt guilt gnaw at him: he’d been far, far too rough with you last night, his anger blinding him in the heat of the moment as he punished you too severely for turning away from him when he had tried to kiss you. Truly, he hadn’t meant to hurt you bad enough to bleed, hadn’t meant for his temper and passion to get the better of him... but he had.

Cleaning his hands, Caesar left the dirty bucket filled with reddish brown water be for the time being, quickly preparing you something to eat for lunch. You’d been asleep for the majority of the day, a cocktail of anti inflammatory medication and morphine flowing through your system, leaving you exhausted as you slept in the bed. The blond had been extremely careful not to leave you sleeping on your belly, the thought that you might somehow accidentally smother yourself while you slept filling him with desperate fear. Shaking his head, Caesar placed the soup and bread he’d prepared for you this morning on a tray and walked out of the kitchen. He could finish cleaning once you were fed and your bandages were changed. 

Knocking on the door to your and his shared bedroom in some semblance of politeness, Caesar heard you small, tired noise from behind the door. Taking that to mean that you wanted him to come into the room, the blond carefully opened the door and stepped inside. Seeing you, woozily awake, but awake nonetheless, had the Italian man’s heart fluttering with relief, a smile beaming on his face when you blinked at him blearily, “Buon pomeriggio, cara mia,” Caesar crooned sweetly, walking over to where you lay on your side on the bed, ignoring the way you flinched at the sound of his voice and tried to curl away from him. Caesar pulled up the nearby chair and sat down comfortably, putting the tray with food on his lap as he turned his attention fully towards you, “Ahhh, I’m sorry for losing my temper with you last night carina. I went overboard on you when I shouldn’t have... are you hungry? I made some soup for you.”

You stared at him quietly for several long moments, long enough for the blond to grow increasingly concerned with the blank look in your pretty (E/C) gaze before you finally nodded slowly. Caesar smiled and shuffled closer, helping you sit up in a way that wouldn’t end up with your back hurting too badly, apologising softly when you winced as you leaned back against the headboard. Your bandaged, ruined back was cushioned by several pillows, your ‘beloved’ making sure you didn’t injure yourself. Once you were seated upright, Caesar began to feed you, carefully spooning hot soup then holding it out to you after blowing it cool. You didn’t fight the blond on wanting to feed you, any movement you made sent hot flashes of agony throughout your body, leaving you feeling weak and shaky after even the simplest of tasks. You simply opened out mouth and took the spoonful of soup, occasionally taking a bite out of the bread Caesar would dip into the broth. 

“Thank you for letting me take care of you, carina,” Caesar murmured, spooning the last bit of soup into your mouth, a tender look on his face that curdled your gut uncomfortably, “I know you have no reason to let me help you, but I’m happy you did... I love you so much, you have no idea to what limits I’d go to prove that to you, (Y/N),” You shivered slightly at Caesar’s words, glancing away from him, the Italian letting out a soft sigh of disappointment. Putting the tray aside, the blond man reached out to hold your hand gently, bringing it up to his face so he could press soft kisses to your knuckles, “Please, cara mia, tesoro, won’t you talk to me? You have no idea how much I miss your voice... even when I was punishing you last night you didn’t make a sound.”

You ignored Caesar’s request, hating the guilt that lanced through your chest when he let out a disappointed sigh after a few long moments, “Ahh, you’re right... I deserve this from you, after how badly I treated you,” Caesar hummed, standing up from his seat and lightly gripping your shoulder, encouraging you to lean forward so he could start unwrapping the bandages that covered your back, “Now, let’s take care of your wounds. I don’t want you to get sick because I was a neglectful boyfriend,” You nodded weakly, your body remaining lax as Caesar unwrapped you. The last bit of the bandages stuck to your back, crusted with blood and the greenish colour of the salve he’d wiped over the seeping wounds from last night, a wince covering your face. Caesar murmured a soft apology once more, prodding the closed, tender marks that were in the pattern of his name, checking to see if any of the edges were inflamed or pus like, satisfied to see that they weren’t. He briefly stepped out of the room to grab the same salve he used last night, coming back to find you had turned yourself to face the full length mirror, your face craned to the side.

You stared in muted horror at the deep, thick cuts that marked your back, Caesar’s name - jagged and rough from your body struggling beneath his to get away - blinked mockingly at you. You could tell the blond had used his Hamon to somewhat heal the wounds, the majority of them already scabbed closed. You had no doubt that they would scar, that you would be reminded of this time for the rest of your life, Caesar’s name - no, his brand - marking your back for the remainder of your days. Perhaps, for a moment before, you had not truly understood just how deeply wrong Caesar was when it came to you, how possessive he was of your mind, your body, your emotions. Seeing that the blond had gone to such drastic measures to show off the fact you were his, you knew that there was something incredibly disturbing about Caesar. 

He stepped up to you and your gazes met through the mirror, your fear and horror clear as day in your face, though Caesar smiled sadly at you, “I told you I would do anything to prove my love to you,” He hummed, moving you around so your back faced him once more, his large hands gently rubbing the healing salve into the damaged, delicate skin of your back, sparks of Hamon energy skittering up your spine to further heal you. Even with Caesar’s disturbing words, your remained silent, tears gathering and slipping down your cheeks without your knowledge. The two of you sat there in silence, Caesar’s hands lingering against your skin, relishing the warmth of your touch even if the marks he’d made filled him with guilt and some shame. Humming lowly, he unrolled a fresh roll of bandages and began the painstaking process of re-wrapping your wounds. 

Once he’d wrapped your back, the blond leaned in to press a soft, lingering kiss to the back of your neck, his eyes shutting as he relished your presence, the sound of your breathing, the smell of your shampoo. Pulling back, Caesar helped you lay on your side once more, telling you to get some more rest after he gave you the necessary medications. You sighed softly, already nodding off when the blond stepped out of the bedroom, shutting and debating on locking the door behind him before shrugging. It wasn’t like you had the strength or consciousness to attempt an escape. Heading back into the kitchen, Caesar rolled up his sleeves once more, and got back to work to clean off the rest of the dried blood that remained. 

Chapter Text

“Mmmmh, that’s it, use that perfect little mouth of yours more,” You shuddered at Lisa Lisa’s words, a soft whine falling from your lips as you felt her hand pull you closer to the older woman’s dripping labia. Even blindfolded you could picture the hungry look she’d give you, a smirk curling her red lips, blue eyes glittering and darkened with lust. You whimper, clenching your hands and wishing that they weren’t bound behind your back, that you weren’t currently in such a vulnerable position. You tried to pull back when Lisa Lisa ground her cunt against your mouth, only to hear her tsk lightly at your stubborn attempt to get away, “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, naughty girl, you know Mummy has had a bad day, darling. I just want to lay back, relax and feel that pretty tongue of yours buried in my cunt, do you understand?”

You whined and nodded, giving in to the older woman when you heard and felt the crackle of Hamon energy at her fingertips. You knew exactly what Lisa Lisa was capable of, knew the pain that could wrack your body, how your muscles would seize up and twitch painfully as Hamon raced through you. Shifting on your legs - hyper aware of the long, thick dildo shoved inside your poor pussy, stuffing you to the brim from where it was clipped to the harness that was locked around your thighs and hips - you buried your face between Lisa Lisa’s muscular thighs. She sighed with bliss, tipping her head back, her eyes lidded as she watched you double down and actually make an effort to eat her out, “Hmm, good girl, that’s it, make Mummy cum all over that sweet little face of yours,” She cooed, running the hand that had been gripping your hair through the soft locks, the other holding a glass of deep red wine. Lisa Lisa sipped from her glass, relishing the feeling of your tongue slipping between the soaked folds of her cunt, the muscle grinding against the underside of her clit before it thrust inside her needy hole, “Hahh, oh yes, mmh, that’s it, more, give me more, such a good girl you are (Y/N),” You whined at her compliments, nuzzling even closer to her, your lips wrapping around Lisa Lisa’s clit to suck the throbbing bud lightly.

Lisa Lisa moaned, arching her back, the hand holding a glass of wine setting it aside so both of her hands could bury themselves in your hair, “Hahh, good, so good, mmh, hold still for me baby, let Mummy use your mouth how I please, yes, that’s it,” You allowed your mouth to go slack, your tongue hanging above your lower lip. Lisa Lisa rubbed her cunt over the lower half over your face, grinding her labia and clit against your tongue, her pussy almost smothering you with how tightly she forced your face against her soaked folds. The brunette woman’s thrusting hips became jerky, an obvious sign that she was about to cum, and you clenched your hands, relief that this would soon be over filling your chest. You could feel that the material of your blindfold was soaked through with tears, and felt shame and lust warring for dominance in the pit of your belly when each jerky thrust of Lisa Lisa’s hips made the dildo inside you shift and rub against your sensitive insides. There was no doubt in your mind that a puddle of your arousal messed the floor between your thighs, you could feel your juices trickle out of you in rivulets. Lisa Lisa finally snapped her hips harshly against your face one last time, a trembling moan of relief spilling from her full lips, juices squirting out of her pussy and into your mouth, “Oh, hahh, hahh, yes, that’s it, drink it, drink Mummy’s cum like a good girl, mmh, hahh, fuck, fuck, so good, feels so good, such a good little slut for Mummy.”

You whimpered but did as Lisa Lisa ordered, slanting your mouth over her pussy and letting her release drip into it before swallowing thickly. You hated to admit how your cunt clenched tightly around the toy buried inside you, incredibly turned on despite yourself and the situation you had no choice but to be in. Lisa Lisa sighed and slumped back in her chair, a soft coo of your name passing her lips. She kept you pressed against her cunt for a while longer, humming as your tongue cleaned her folds before she pulled you up, “Come on baby, come sit in Mummy’s lap,” Lisa Lisa purred and you whimpered softly, clambering onto her her lap without complaint. The older woman crooned sweet praise, shifting you around until your legs were splayed wide, your back resting on her thighs, your glistening cunt on display. Lisa Lisa flicked the straps that kept the dildo inside your pussy firmly in place, humming to herself as her other hand moved up to tug off your blindfold, “Awww, darling, look at how wet you are,” She murmured hotly and you glanced down your body, a whine slipping from you when her thumb rubbed teasingly over your clit, protruded and throbbing for attention, “You’re such a needy little thing, aren’t you? Does my sweetheart need Mummy to get her off, hmm? Do you need Mummy to rub your little clit until you cum?”

“U-Uh-huh,” You sobbed, grinding desperately against the thumb she had pressed against your clit, hating yourself for sounding so weak and pathetic - even now, lower face wet from her cum, Lisa Lisa toyed with you, with your emotions, manipulating you further into relying on her. You looked up at your... lover with teary eyes, a few salty droplets spilling down your cheeks. Your arms were starting to feel numb, the weight of your body uncomfortably pressing into them. Still, you kept your calves draped over Lisa Lisa’s shoulders, gaze locked with hers, desperate to feel relief from the overwhelming, growing pressure in the pit of your gut, “P-Please Lisa-hahh, mngh, hahh, M-Mummy, please let me c-cum,” You mewled weakly, nearly slipping up and calling Lisa Lisa by her name, fearing the repercussions if you referred to your captor as anything other than Mummy while you were ‘playing’. Lisa Lisa cooed at your sweet voice begging for relief, her hands working to unclasp the harness until she could pull the dripping, slick-shiny dildo out of your stretched insides. You sighed with relief, slumping back against her thighs, only to arch your back when two of Lisa Lisa’s slim fingers easily slipped inside you, the two digits crooking to rub firmly against your inner walls, “Ah, ah, ah, Mummy, Mummy please, I-I need it, need more, Mummy, lemme cum, please lemme cum, o-oh gods-!”

“That’s it sweetheart, let Mummy take care of you, good girl,” Lisa Lisa crooned, voice husky and low with lust, “You enjoy what I do to you, don’t you? Mhm, that’s right you do,” The brunette continued to speak, your head nodding as you jerked your hips mindlessly into each thrust of her smooth fingers, whining and whimpering ‘Mummy, please’ over and over again, babbling with desperation for relief, “That’s why you need to stop being silly and let Mummy take care of you - you need to stop trying to run away from Mummy, away from where I can keep you safe and protect you,” Lisa Lisa’s voice grew steadily darker, more possessive, the hand not thrusting into your messy cunt sliding up your body to pinch and twist your nipples, zings of pleasure-pain rocking through your belly to tighten and coil as you grew closer and closer to your release, “You need me, (Y/N), you need Mummy to love you, to take care of you, and all Mummy asks for in return is that you be a good girl for me and let me use you whenever I need you, do you understand?” You whined and nodded, but Lisa Lisa tsked and thrust a third finger inside you cruelly alongside the other two increasing the pace and force of her thrusts, “Let me hear you say it, darling.”

You wailed, arching and squirming in Lisa Lisa’s lap, your whole body shaking with pleasure as you rocked higher and higher to the precipice of bliss, “Yes! Yes, I’ll behave, I’ll be good Mummy, please let me cum, I p-promise I’ll be a good girl, I’ll st-stay with you, hahh, hahh, o-oh fuck, fuck, Mummy please, ‘m so close, need to cum, please!” Lisa Lisa cooed at your words, crooking her fingers to rub them harshly against your g-spot, her thumb grinding hard little circles into your clit. You came explosively, a loud scream of pleasure spilling from your lips as you arched your back. Your cunt gushed wetly, soaking Lisa Lisa’s hand and lap, your whole body throbbing almost painfully at how hard you came. You gasped loudly, panting for breath, shaky limbs going slack as you went lax in Lisa Lisa’s lap. Your captor crooned your name, thrusting her fingers slowly to work you through your release, eventually stopping with a small chuckle when you whined in complaint. Lisa Lisa pulled you up to rest you against her chest, tilting your face up to hers so she could press soft, affectionate kisses to you lips. You mewled softly but were too weak to try and pull away, exhaustion filling your form as you rested against Lisa Lisa. 

Eventually, your head fell to rest against her chest, your ‘lover’ picking up her glass of wine to continue drinking it while she relaxed and enjoyed having you nap in her lap. You mumbled something softly and cuddled closer, gently urged to sleep by the comforting warmth and touches Lisa Lisa gave you. 

Chapter Text

When you had first been hired as a maid for the Kujos following the death of your father, you had been exceedingly grateful for kindness. 

Nowadays, you wished you could go back in time and shake your younger self out of her cloud of grief long enough to say no.

You were in the kitchen cooking up a large meal for Holly... and yourself, you supposed. Jotaro was out with friends - surprisingly, the young Kujo had actually managed to make some, though you doubted that they ever got up to anything good - and Mr Kujo was out on another tour. You sighed and tried to relax, but the knowledge that Holly was still in the house set you on edge. If you’d been allowed to play the radio, maybe you wouldn’t be this freaked out, but the last time you’d done so, Holly had been more than happy to come and dance with her ‘sweet girl’. 

It wasn’t that Holly wasn’t attractive; oh no, the older woman was extremely so, her face surprisingly youthful for being middle aged and not using any products to keep such a young looking visage. In fact, you would be obliged to say that she is one of the most beautiful women you have ever met. The issue lay with the fact that she was very, very obviously flirting with you. Ever since Holly had found out about your past history with women (one of your exes not taking the hint that it was over and coming to the Kujo residence would do that, apparently) the older blonde woman hadn’t exactly been very subtle with her shift in behaviour. At first, you had been too relieved to be able to keep your job to really notice the way Holly was behaving, but after things had calmed down and you really started to see just how differently she was now treating you...

You knocked the wooden spoon on the side of the pot of soup to remove as much liquid as you could, before setting it aside and placing the lid on the pot for the food to simmer. Sighing, you turned the burner low to make sure nothing burned, intending to leave the food to cook the remaining few minutes while you cleaned up the kitchen. You were stopped when two soft, lithe arms wrapped around your waist, a soft chest pressed to your back, warm lips kissing the back of your neck. A shiver rushed down your spine and you startled, your body trying to jerk away in surprise, only for Holly - because really, who else could it be - hummed and curled around your back. You froze, unsure what was happening, steadily growing more and more freaked out when the older woman continued kissing your neck, steadily moving until you could feel her breath brush past the shell of your ear, “Mrs K-Kujo what are you doing?” You asked shakily, trying to squirm away, but Holly tightened her hold around your waist, practically pinning you between the burner and her surprisingly firm body.

“Oh, (Y/N) dear, you know I like it when you call me by my first name,” Holly giggled in a way that could almost be called girlish, if not for the husky quality of her voice and the way her hands were starting to slide over your body. One hand cupped your left breast firmly, the other slid down to press against your clothed pussy between your plush thighs. You bucked your hips to try and get away, cursing yourself for deciding to wear a skirt instead of your usual jeans today. You were horrified to find that you were already beginning to get wet from Holly’s actions, a low whine building up in the back of your throat, “Hmmm, you’re so warm, darling... to think I’m getting to touch you like this now that you’re awake and aware of what I’m doing now too,” She murmured, the hand between your thighs moving to pull your skirt up and out of the way of her hungry touch, your body going completely stiff as the connotations of her words rang through your mind, “Hahh, you’re already wet, aren’t you, sweetheart? What a naughty little girl... do you like it when I touch you like this?”

Holly’s voice was low in your ear and you couldn’t bite back a whimper, unsure what to do in this moment. A part of you wanted to fight her off and leave immediately... but the other part of you, the part that knew you would be homeless if you left the Kujo residence, that you owed Holly and her family for giving you a job, that you had little college education just after your father died, forced you to keep still. Maybe if you let Holly do as she wanted, it’d be over quickly? You gasped when slim, smooth fingers rubbed between your labia and over your clit, having not noticed that she’d pulled down your underwear, “H-Holly, wait, we shouldn’t do this - here! Shouldn’t do this here, i-it’s unsanitary,” You cried out, trying to pull away from her, but Holly wouldn’t let you go. She hummed at your words and you could feel her shrug. A few moments later, much to your relief, the older blonde had let go of you, only to start pulling you away and out of the kitchen, “I-I still have a lot of work to do, I need to finish cleaning the kitchen and scrub the floors-”

“All of that can be done later, baby,” Holly replied smoothly, tugging you around until the two of you were in the living room, where the older woman seemed to lose all composure. Holly pushed you down onto one of the nearby couches, clambering up on top of you when you were splayed out, shocked by the increasingly erratic behaviour of your employer. You gasped when she straddled your hips, rucking your skirt up while her hands desperately tore open your blouse, buttons flying off who know where, “I’ve wanted you like this for so, so long, darling,” Holly moaned, one hand pressed against the skin of your chest, keeping you pinned down while also tugging and pinching your nipples harshly. You moaned and arched your back, bucking your hips to try and get Holly off of you, only succeeding in having the older blonde shift her position, one of her thighs now pressed up against your dripping pussy, “Mmmh, oh, you’re so rough and lively while you’re awake, sweetie,” Holly cooed breathily, taking the opportunity to pull up her own skirt and you were shocked to find that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. You whined when she ground against your thigh, her thick pubic hair leaving a clear trail of juices against your soft skin, “A-Ah, yes, oh you’re so soft, so warm, mmmh, I want you so bad, baby, you can at least pretend to love me, can’t you? I’ve been so good for you, won’t you just pretend you love me for a little bit?” You gasped and whined when Holly leaning down to kiss you hungrily, her tongue thrusting between your lips to explore the inside of your mouth covetously.

While you were distracted by the dizzying kiss, Holly once more shifted her position, forcing you to lay out onto your side so she could slot her hot, wet cunt against yours, “Holly!” You whined sharply, rocking your hips up to try and get away, but the surprisingly strong older woman simply held your leg up against her front and moved so she hovered above you, your pussies rubbing against each other in a way that just seemed to make you wetter, “Ah, ah, please, s-st-oh, oh god, hahh, mhngh!” You moaned, Holly whining breathily above you as she started bucking and thrusting her hips harshly, grinding in rough circles against you. You arched your back, mind hazy with pleasure as you started to rock back into the movements of Holly’s hips, unable to help yourself as you were so overwhelmed. It had been so, so long since you’d been able to find a girlfriend, so long since you’d had anything other than the comfort of your own hand toying with your pussy, so long since you woke up almost every morning with a wet, aching cunt and a need to get fucked hard. Now here your employer was, her voice moaning the filthiest words you’d ever heard spill from her soft lips, the older blonde woman mouthing and sucking dark marks into the soft skin of your legs. You whined, trying to muffle your noises with your hands, but that only seemed to egg Holly on as she settled more of her weight against you, your clits rubbing and grinding against each other.

“Ahh, hahh, o-oh god, sweetie, mhng, you’re making such a big mess on the couch,” Holly panted, her voice rough with lust, one arm continued to hold up your slack leg, the other moving down to pinch and twist your nipples, the rough pleasure-pain coiling tightly in the pit of your belly. You arched and bucked back, sharp bolts of lust rocking up your spine, your plump labia flushed and kissing hers with each rough grind, “Naughty girl, making me fall so completely in love with you, causing me to feel so much lust and need, so much that I couldn’t hold myself back from taking you while you slept,” Holly panted and mewled, her confessions spilling out of her mouth like a river, her words making you feel hotter and hotter despite the fear and disgust that throbbed in the back of your mind, “Mmh, do you know how many nights I couldn’t sleep, how many nights I snuck into your room? The f-first time I did it, I was so worried you’d wake up I just spent the whole night laying next to you, watching you sleep, how cute you were, all soft and lax, and touched myself until I came so fucking hard,” You moaned when you heard the curse word slip so easily from Holly’s lips, shocked and aroused even further by it, not having expected it from the older blonde. You cried out when the hard pace Holly had set began to stutter and go out of control, both of you steadily building up to the precipice of your respective orgasms, the wet, slick mess between your thighs soaking into the couch beneath you, “I couldn’t stop myself, baby, couldn’t stop coming to your room, had to start touching you, kissing you, work you open with my mouth, my fingers, watched you cum for me with pretty little moans and soft gasps, ah, ah, ah, ‘m close, so close, hahh, c’mon, cum for me, wanna feel you gush against me, lemme feel how much wetter we can be!”

Holy’s fingers pinched your clit roughly, the shock of incredible pleasure sending you over the edge with a wail of the older blonde’s name, your back bowing almost painfully. Your muscles were tense, your inner walls clenching around nothing as your juices gushed out of you to soak Holly’s throbbing clit, the warm wetness seemingly enough to send her over the edge with a whine. Her hips kept jerking against yours, the movements sending harsh shock waves of please through your oversensitive body, your muscles shaking from the over-stimulation as you whimpered, “Ah, H-Holly, please,” You mewled, trying to pull away from the older blonde, who slowly stopped the motions of her hips, gasping and cooing down at you. Your hazy eyes watched the flush of her cheeks, the rivulets of sweat that dripped down her face and into her cleavage. Holly bit her lower lip, shooting you a hungry, lustful smile. You trembled, hoping that this was enough, that she would pull back and maybe want to cuddle or something, just hoping Holly wouldn’t use your remaining need for release against you.

Leaning forward, Holly let your leg fall limply to the couch, your... lover cupping your right cheek and tilting your face up so she could kiss you again, her lips slanting over yours. Your mouth parted unconsciously, allowing Holly to deepen the kiss without much fuss, the two of you laying in the soaked material of your ripped clothes and the couch. You sighed and relaxed, thinking that this was it, that she would be spent after taking her pleasure out on the two of you, only to whine and break the kiss, your inner muscles clenching with surprise when two slim fingers thrust inside the wet, throbbing walls. Holly grinned wickedly, pulling back to watch with delight when your cunt clenched around her fingers, desperately pulling the two digits deeper inside your needy walls, “Hmmm, it’s not enough, still not enough for me, baby,” She crooned, thrusting her fingers slowly, relishing the small, gasping mewls of her name that spilled from your lips, “I still need more, still need to taste you, to feel that pretty mouth of yours suck my pussy until I cream all over that cute little face of yours,” You whined, the fight leaving your body as Holly steadily began building you up to the edge once again, your mind knowing that this was going to be a long night now that the older blonde no longer had to hold herself back. 

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If ever there was a hell, you were sure that this would be it. The chains wrapped around your wrists clinked and chime softly in the otherwise still room as you lay out on the bed where your ‘Mistress’ had laid you. You could feel her cool hands as they roamed over your barely clothed body, nails sharpened into claws scratching over delicate skin and causing you to jolt every so often. Her voice was a sweet coo, briefly clouding your judgement so you nuzzled into the palm of her hand when she cupped your face, before you realised what you were doing and snapped your head away from her touch.

Erina - your dearest friend, your compatriot, the woman you had confessed so much about yourself to, the woman you had been in love with since the two of you were little girls, the woman who you comforted and helped when her husband died at sea - sighed in disappointment, sitting back on her heels to shoot you a dark glare, “Come now darling, don’t be difficult,” She spoke lightly, scolding you as if you were just a child and you glared at her, your lips thinning as you refused to speak to her. She flashed her fangs and even though you quivered slightly with fear, you refused to speak, knowing that anything you said would end up irritating your ‘darling Erina’ further. 

It was silent between the two of you for several long moments, Erina’s hands continuing to touch your skin gently, a disappointed frown curling her red painted lips, “You think you’re some sort of saint, but you’re not, you know... I’ve been a patient, loving Queen for you, I have kept you hidden away from those who would take you from me, those who would hurt you, but you still treat me like I am something disgusting... monstrous,” You flinched when you felt her cup the subtle swell of your belly, claws pricking lightly into the sensitive skin, right where her ‘mark’ stood out starkly in red ink. A flash of heat rushed through your body from the possessive touch, and your mouth fell open in a quiet moan, lust beginning to course through your body. You hated it when she used the effects of her mark against you, hated that it was placed directly atop your womb, the space where your and Erina’s ‘child’ currently grew. You still couldn’t remember the night it happened, a fog of terror, pain and extreme arousal having wrecked your mind, leaving a complete blank slate; all you knew, was that the child Erina had been carrying had somehow been moved to your body, the blonde’s new vampirism threatening to consume the fetus, Jonathan’s child. You swallowed thickly, trying desperately to pull your mind out of the fog, only to lean up and meet Erina’s lips in a slow, languid kiss, the vampire ‘Queen’ sighing happily as you gave in to her so easily, “You call me sick all you want, my dearest (Y/N), but you’re the real monster for loving what I’ve done to you.” 

“E-Erina, please,” You mewled pathetically, your hands tugging weakly at your restraints, shuddering under the growing force of the arousal that coursed through your veins. Erina hummed softly, kissing her way down your cheek and to your neck, nuzzling the skin there before licking lightly. You could feel the points of her fangs, threateningly poised over your fluttering artery, your lust clouded mind aching to feel those delicate points sink in and drink from you. You moaned and arched your back, your thighs spreading easily to grant the blonde vampire access, your barely clothed pussy already beginning to feel slick and achey, “Please, Erina, I-I, hahh, it’s t-too much, please,” You whined, shutting your eyes, tears beginning to fill them as slowly trickling down your cheeks. Erina murmured something, too soft to understand, forgoing drinking the fresh, hot blood that thrummed temptingly beneath your skin to kiss and suck down your body, leaving dark little marks that would bruise and eventually fade to match the inked one on your belly. A desperate, needy keen spilled from your throat when her lips wrapped around one of your nipples, your heavy, full breast leaking warm milk into her hungry mouth, which Erina drank down in greedy gulps, though it would do nothing to quench her thirst, “A-ah, noooooo, don’t d-drink from me, it-it, hahh, it’s-” You broke off with a loud moan, head tipping back against the silk pillows beneath your head, her fingers pinching your neglected breast and sending shock waves of desire radiating to your core. 

Erina pulled away from your right breast with a coo, kissing her way to your left one to take your swollen left nipple into her mouth and draining your milk from there as well. The sweet nectar coated her tongue, the blonde woman feeling drunk on the warm fluid, pulling away with a sharp nip and relishing the desperate cry you made in return. Still, she kept the one hand on her mark, waiting for the perfect moment to pull it away so you would be left, panting, breathless and needy but completely and utterly aware of everything she was doing to you, “Shhh, shhh, I know what you need darling. You need to feel my mouth on that poor, neglected little pussy of yours, don’t you? Oh hush, don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you, my love,” Erina purred, slowly making her way further down your body, taking a moment to pause at your swollen middle to give the stretched skin a gentle kiss, murmuring something to the child that grew within your womb, before continuing on her journey. She paused to admire the tremble of your thighs, the glistening wetness that coated your labia, cunt drenched and needy just for Erina. Erina’s mouth watered as she inhaled your musk, the scent of your heated blood causing her mind to spin dizzyingly. Groaning throatily, Erina began nipping dark bruises into the soft skin of your inner thighs, mouthing the point where your veins pulsed beneath the skin, “Mmmh, do you have any idea how good you smell, dear heart? Gods, sometimes it’s enough to leave me aching for days... you’ll let me drink from you, won’t you, (Y/N)? I’ve been so, so thirsty.”

You whined at Erina’s words, arching and bucking your hips up when her fangs scraped over the sensitive indent where your thighs and pussy met. Self-preservation instincts screamed at you to get away, to kick at the unsuspecting blonde, but your hazy eyes watched hungrily as Erina slowly, achingly slowly kissed her way to your cunt. Her darkened gaze locked with yours and you felt compelled to answer, words blurting from your lips in a waterfall of barely comprehensible gibberish, “Yes, yes, yes, please, Erina, hahh, need it, wanna feel you drink from me, please, hahh, mmh, Erina, ‘Rina, ‘Rina, please, I need you-!” You almost screamed when the blonde vampire did exactly as you said, the delicate twin fangs sinking through your skin like a hot knife through butter, blood bursting across her tongue. No longer feeling the need to keep her hand on the mark, Erina moved so her palm was cupping the side of your belly gently instead, her thumb stroking lightly into the skin as her baby kicked her cool palm. You wailed, hips going still so Erina could drink as deeply from you as she needed, the blonde woman gulping greedily from you. You started to feel lightheaded for a completely different reason, the lust still rushing through your body creating a puddle of your slick juices on the mattress beneath your hips, the fluids mixing with the few droplets of blood that trickled down Erina’s chin as she drank, “Erinaaaaaaaaa,” You slurred, your inner muscles clenching almost painfully as want throbbed in your belly.

Noting that your voice was starting to become breathy, your panting becoming more laboured, the vampire Queen stopped her feeding, pulling her fangs from the new wound and lapping her tongue over the weeping marks to seal them and make sure they would scar obviously. You whimpered and her now warm mouth place hot, open-mouthed kisses over your labia, her tongue dragging between your lower lips and gathering a large amount of your juices with just one swipe. While you were no longer under the effects of the mark, you still felt incredibly hot and needy, and simply splayed your legs wider in invitation, “Good girl, such a good little wife you are for me,” Erina crooned sweetly, sucking lightly at your mons, the hand not holding your swollen belly moving down to spread your labia so she could trail the tip of her tongue over your throbbing entrance, “Mmmh, you taste absolutely divine, my dearest, sweetest (Y/N), so warm and wet, just for me,” She crooned, her voice ringing in your ears, drawing you deeper and deeper under her compulsion, “You make me feel so alive, darling, so needed and protective... mmmh, you’re the only one who loves me still, the only one who truly cares for my well being, so sweet and kind and loving,” Erina continued to heap on the praise, toying with your already present feelings of love and affection for the blonde vampire, tears filling your eyes with how overwhelming the extent of your love for her was, “You love me, don’t you? You always said you would love me no matter what happened, that you would love me even though I was married to Jonathan, that I was changed by Dio.”

You sobbed at her words, your chest clenching painfully as you nodded. Pathetic, disgusting, monstrous, you’d always loved Erina too much to deny her anything, to hate her for what she’s done to you, for how she keeps you now, tied up and helpless, your friends and family kept at a distance as you ‘helped’ her through her difficult pregnancy, “Yes,” You admitted, voice thick and weeping, hating yourself for your weakness, “Yes I love you, Erina, please,” You didn’t know if you were pleading with her to stop or continue, her lips slanting hotly over your pussy to suckle at your clit, the sensitive bud throbbing almost painfully. The blonde woman hummed, her dark gaze locking with yours, something twisted deep inside you fluttering at the clear love and devotion her eyes held when she looked at you. You whined and rocked your hips up into her mouth, the pleasure in your body thrumming through your bloodstream, burgeoning you higher and higher towards an intense peak, “Please, Erina, love you, love you so, so much, I-I ca-ahhhh, can’t, can’t-” You cut yourself off with a needy moan when you felt two fingers easily slip inside you, the digits crooking up rub deliciously against your g-spot, “Please, please, ‘m close, so close, need you, need you so bad Erina, please,” You cried so openly, so easily, your mind, heart, soul ensnared within Erina’s cold, clawed grip. The vampire Queen would take your confessions and keep them close to her unbeating heart, take them out and feast on them when you were being distant, knowing that deep down you couldn’t deny that you loved her with everything you are.

“That’s right, you love me, of course you love me, I’ve never doubted that for a moment, my darling pet,” Erina cooed, pulling away from your cunt with a lewd, wet suck, grinding her thumb against your clit, her cool breaths washing over the hot, flushed, swollen mess that was your cunt. If her heart still beat, then Erina’s would be pounding painfully in her chest, the object of her obsessive love so clearly and obviously returning her affections more than enough to settle the anger and doubt that she’d had at herself, “Of course you love me, you wouldn’t be carrying my and Jonathan’s baby so perfectly if you didn’t love me, good girl, sweet girl, my perfect (Y/N), come for me, darling, I want to feel you cum for me,” You whined, hips snapping into her thrusting hand once, twice, thrice before your back bowed and you wailed, your juices squirting out of your cunt as your inner muscles clenched like a vice around Erina’s fingers. The blonde vampire moaned at the gorgeous sight you made, the taste of your release tingling her tongue as your slick walls milked her fingers. She helped you ride out your orgasm by continuing to thrust them slowly, watching you and fucking you until your body slumped with exhaustion, a plaintive whine passing your lips. Erina pulled her fingers from your cunt and licked them clean, groaning hotly as she did so, shuffling until she loomed above you, “Good girl, that’s my sweet wife, I love you so much (Y/N),” she hummed, cupping your cheek once more, delighted when you nuzzled into her palm with a gentle mewl of her name, the vampire leaning down to kiss you, slowly and tenderly.

You felt exhausted, your body heavy and your mind foggy from your orgasm and the loss of blood. You didn’t bother to pull away from the soft kisses Erina pressed over your face, her soft lips leaving red stains over your skin. You sighed tiredly, laying back against the plush mattress and just allowing Erina to do as she pleased, her gentle touches and kisses slowly urging you into a light doze. Seeing that you were half-asleep, Erina hummed and curled up at your side, relishing the warmth that exuded from your body, the low thrum of your heartbeat sending her into a thoughtless daze as she lay with you. Her hands continued to cup and stroke your belly, the soft kicks of her child settling something inside her, the usual sting of jealousy she felt for having no choice but to put the babe inside you to ensure their survival no longer present from your ardent declarations of love. The vampire Queen lay still with her wife, enjoying the quiet, peaceful moment. 

Chapter Text

Everything felt so, so warm. You groaned lowly, light filtering through your eyelids and disturbing you from the nap your captors had insisted you would need after how late they kept you up the night before. Your body felt sore and stiff, your muscles were achy despite the warm bubble bath Caesar and Lisa Lisa had indulged you with, giving their ‘sweet girl’ a reward for being good for them. It’s been at least a year since they took you away from everything you knew, their insistence that you would be safer under their protection and care from the terror that the Pillarmen wrought being the main reason you hadn’t questioned their motives for so long. Now, as you slowly roused from your nap, your body trying to stretch languidly, you were unsurprised to find that you were laid out on your back, bent practically in half and tied up that way, your pelvis tilted skyward. 

Even though you weren’t surprised, your (E/C) eyes still snapped open in panic. No, no, no, this couldn’t be happening, they said they would give you a break if you were good for them, “C-Caesar? Lisa Lisa? What’s going on?” You whimpered fearfully, trying to jerk your body free of the silk ropes that tied you down, succeeding only in tipping you over onto your side. Lithe, strong hands immediately turned you back onto your back, your gaze meeting Lisa Lisa’s bright blue ones. The older woman smiled down at you, her expression - like always, you thought to yourself bitterly - was tender and warm, sickeningly loving and you hated how your body relaxed at the sight of it. To think, after fighting to escape for so long, you would end up calmer and happier with the two Hamon users than you ever thought you would. Licking your lips, you stared up at Lisa Lisa and whined, her hands slowly beginning to stroke over your unnervingly naked body, “Wha-what are you doing? Why am I tied up? What’s going on?” 

“Oh darling, shhh,” Lisa Lisa crooned, her hands on your breasts, fingers pinching and tugging sharply at your nipples, encouraging the soft buds to harden and swell from the stimulus. From the corner of your eye you could see Caesar sitting in a nearby chair, only just noticing that both he and Lisa Lisa were completely naked, your nose twitching from the telltale musky scent that came from both of them. You swallowed thickly, desperately holding back your trembling moans when Lisa Lisa continued to toy with your tits, her soft smile steadily growing more wicked, her hips shifting so she was straddling your face, “There’s no need to panic, sweetheart, Mummy and Daddy are right here,” She soothed, ignoring your whine of confusion as she circled her hips above you, your tongue darting out to taste the dripping folds, the training they’d taken so much time working into your mind taking effect as you immediately began working on the older woman’s sweet cunt, “Hmmm, we’ve just been thinking over something for a while now... but we need our sweet pet’s help for that, don’t we, Caesar?”

Caesar hummed lowly, watching with lustful hunger as Lisa Lisa ground down against your mouth, admiring the way you easily gave in and slipped your tongue between the older woman’s labia to thrust it inside her cunt, “Mhmmm, Coach is right, carina mia,” The blond man murmured, slowly stroking his cock, watching Lisa Lisa’s hands slide down from your swollen, abused breasts down to cup your belly, a shudder of sheer want rushing down his spine at the thought of what you would look like, swollen and sensitive, his child growing in your belly, “We’ve been thinking about this for a very, very long time now. We knew our dolce, amata troia would learn to behave, to be a good girl for us, and we wanted to reward you for being so good,” You whined lowly at Caesar’s words, your mind becoming foggy, your mouth buried in Lisa Lisa’s cunt, suckling at her clit before grinding the blade of your tongue against the sensitive bud. You felt something tense within your gut when the older woman kneaded the soft flesh of your belly for several long moments before they continued down your body. You were embarrassed to feel how easily Lisa Lisa’s slim fingers glided between your labia, two digits thrusting inside your tender walls with ease. You tried to arch your back, the action only succeeding in making your hips buck up weakly into the slow, purposeful thrusts of Lisa Lisa’s fingers, pleasure sittering down your spine to settle low and hot in the pit of your belly.

“When you agreed to be ours, you gave us the right to do whatever we wanted with you,” Lisa Lisa hummed from above you, her thighs spread around your head. You whimpered, mouth otherwise occupied with licking and sucking at her clit, the older woman’s juices dripping down the sides of your face to soak into your hair and the bed sheets beneath you. Outside, Italy’s hot summer sun caressed your skin through the semi-sheer curtains of the bedroom. Two of Lisa Lisa’s fingers delved into your pussy, scissoring and stretching you open in preparation, “And what we want, darling, is to watch you grow Caesar’s baby in that soft little womb of yours,” Panic, hot and poisonous, lanced through your chest, your body squirming slightly to try and get away from Lisa Lisa’s thrusting fingers, only to end up bucking into her hand, her palm grinding harshly over your clit. Lisa Lisa chuckled lowly at your actions, pushing down against your face when she felt you try to pull your head away from her cunt, your mouth forcibly held open so she could continue to grind her pussy against your hot tongue, “Be good for us now, this will bring us closer baby... you’ll be making Mummy and Daddy very happy by carrying our baby~! That’s what you want, hmm? You want to make Mummy and Daddy a big, happy family.”

You whined from what Lisa Lisa said, an accompanying low groan coming from the chair just a few feet away from the bed, Caesar’s voice husky with lust. You could hear the wet sounds of the older woman’s fingers delving inside your cunt, spreading you open quickly for the Italian man, a third and fourth finger quickly added to the two that had already been working you open. Your mind grew foggier with each thrust, your mouth and nose practically smothered in Lisa Lisa’s pussy as she grinded against you. You desperately worked your tongue and lips against the plump flesh, hoping that if you performed well, she would pull up and let you get a fresh breath of air. Noticing the desperation of your actions, the older woman briefly lifted up, allowing you to gulp in deep lungfuls of air, her lips twisted in a dark smirk, “L-Lisa Lisa, please,” You whimpered, yelping when you felt a larger, rougher hand slap your clit harshly, your head tipping back in a needy moan. Lisa Lisa pulled her fingers out of you, tutting you for calling her by the wrong moniker during playtime, “D-Daddy, Mummy, please, please don’t do this, we c-can’t have a baby, we still have to defeat the Pillarmen, I-I don’t wanna have a baby before then!” You tried to rationalise the awful fear that gripped your chest, your instincts telling you that if you gave in, if you let them do as they pleased, that you would never be rid of them. There were already numerous doubts in the back of your mind - you didn’t want a child to affect your already clouded judgement!

“Of course you want a baby now, carina,” Caesar crooned darkly, watching as Lisa Lisa forced her cunt back over your mouth, muffling your desperate protests, the older woman groaning throatily when your voice vibrated against her clit. The blond man rubbed your labia roughly to see if you were slick enough, pleased to see your juices gush out of you to drip down your ass. Shifting your hips, Caesar forced your body to bend further to have your cunt facing skyward, the head of his leaking dick rubbing teasingly against your needy hole, “Ora sii buono e prendi il cazzo di Papa, prendi il mio sperma e fai un bambino per noi*,” You cried out when Caesar thrust the full length of his cock inside you, brutally slamming his hips against yours, filling your poor pussy to the hilt with ease. Caesar sighed in bliss, your tight, wet walls sucking on his cock, fluttering around the throbbing girth, trying to get used to the slightly burning stretch. Lisa Lisa cooed as she watched your labia twitch, the brunette bending at the waist so he mouth was planted against your clit, giving the bud a harsh suck that had you crying out against her cunt. Once Caesar decided that you’d had enough time to adjust, he pulled back, one of his hands wrapped in Lisa Lisa’s hair, guiding the older woman to suck, lick and nip at the flushed lips wrapped snugly around his cock, the other holding your hips steady so that he could pound into you as hard and fast as he pleased.

You moaned hotly, losing yourself in the moment, the blond Italian man setting a hard, rough pace, pummeling your inner walls with a ferocity he’d held back on throughout the past year that you had been Caesar and Lisa Lisa’s captive, their sweet pet coming to the fore. He couldn’t help himself, couldn’t control the feral need in the back of his mind that demanded he fuck you hard, mark you up and stake his claim on you by filling your belly with his virile seed. You swore that with each pounding thrust that the leaking head of Caesar’s cock bashed against the back of your cunt, just barely missing the entrance to your fertile womb. Though a part of you was terrified of what was happening, of the fact that Lisa Lisa and Caesar worked together to tie you up, to make you helpless and unable to struggle against them, just so they could impregnate you... and yet, you mewled desperately and continued to eat the older woman out, your lips kissing and tonguing at Lisa Lisa’s dripping hole, her musky juices smearing over your lower face and completely soaking your skin. All the while, Lisa Lisa was rabidly suckling at your clit, pulling away every so often to blow cool air against the throbbing bud and running her tongue over Caesar’s cock whenever the thick dick pulled out of your weeping pussy. 

You could feel pleasure tighten in the pit of your gut, Caesar shifting his hips with a rough roll so that he was practically fucking down into your cunt, somehow managing to thrust deeper, harder, his cock rubbing deliciously over your g-spot. Your inner walls clenched and quivered around him, Lisa Lisa’s mouth sending you higher and higher towards the edge of an intense orgasm. With one last hard snap of Caesar’s hips, the Italian man’s voice thick and gravelly as he demanded, “Cum for me, cum on my cock, let that sweet pussy milk me of my seed, make me breed you full, fill your womb with my child, cazzo, cum for me, cum for me now,” and you couldn’t help but tumble over the edge with a muffled wail. If you hadn’t been tied up, you would have arched your back and tilted your head away from Lisa Lisa’s cunt to pant heavily, but you were stuck, your cry vibrating against the older woman’s clit, causing her to reach her end as well. Lisa Lisa groaned lowly, seating herself firmly against your face, smothering you even further as she ground against your tongue, working herself through her orgasm. Caesar cursed roughly, slamming his hips into yours once, twice, thrice more before he stuttered to a halt, burying his dick inside to the hilt inside you hot, milking walls.

Thick, sticky cum spurted out of the head of Caesar’s dick, the tilt of your hips forcing the viscous liquid up against your cervix, breeding you full as his cock twitched and nudged against your walls. You milked him desperately for more, your mind going blank as you lost consciousness from the combination of the intense orgasm and the lack of air, your whole body going lax against the bed. Lisa Lisa lifted herself off of your face with shaky legs, sighing lowly at the wet mess she’d made of your mouth, shifting so that she could kiss your open, slack mouth. You slurred something incomprehensible, a soft mewl leaving your throat when Caesar ground his hips in small circles against your cunt, forcing the last few drops of his release to spill against the back of your cunt, before he finally pulled out of you with a low groan. The blond Italian was quick to grab the nearby plug, carefully forcing it into your bruised insides, ensuring that not a single drop of his virile seed would drip out of you. He and Lisa Lisa cleaned you up with wet cloths as you slept, kissing and touching your body slowly as they untied you, both of them taking the opportunity to cup and knead your slightly bloated belly, hoping to work Caesar’s cum into your womb, the thrill that the blond man may have impregnated you making them all hot and needy to fuck and fill you with more.

They held themselves back however, knowing that the first session was intense enough to make you lose consciousness. Crawling into the bed beside you, Lisa Lisa shooed Caesar off with a wave of her hand, the younger man still having to go and complete his training regimen for the day. While they were both completely in love with you, there was no interest in each other, all of their lustful intentions on and for you alone. You whimpered sleepily as warm, muscular arms wrapped around your waist, Caesar quickly dressing himself and leaving his Coach and his sweet lover together to nap in the bright summer afternoon. 


*Now be good and take Daddy's cock, take my cum and make a baby for us

Chapter Text

Red is the perfect colour on your skin.” 

You whimpered, Tomoko’s warm hand running up your back, the black haired woman admiring the way the red silk ropes bit into your skin. When your manager had invited you over for dinner at her house, you had imagined you would be doing so with her son present as well. Of course, it was a stupid assumption - the college year had just begun and Josuke was supposed to be living on campus over several miles away from Morioh. Still, you had thought it would be a normal night in with your stunning boss. Tomoko hummed as she saw you try to sway out of her reach, the ropes creaking slightly from your weight. The leg she had tied to your side had already started to become numb, your mind swaying dizzily from the wine you’d been foolish enough to drink throughout dinner. A whine tore itself from your throat, your hips bucking when your felt Tomoko’s soft fingers rub over your clit, the older woman chuckling lowly as you swayed and struggled to stand on your tiptoes. 

“Awww, baby, you’re so cute, all tied up and helpless like this,” She crooned in your ear, draping her front against your back, the hand between your forcefully spread thighs continuing to rub and flick at your clit, lust burning low in your abdomen and making your labia slick with arousal. You shuddered when you realised that Tomoko was also naked, your boss having already unclothed you while she’d been tying you up. Something about both of you being naked at the same time relaxed you slightly, stupidly, the knowledge that you weren’t completely vulnerable while Tomoko was clothed seemingly reassuring your drunken mind. A part of you, the part that had had a crush on the older woman for almost three years now, relished her soft touches, basked in the attention, the compliments you were currently receiving from Tomoko... yet, the part of you that was aware of what was happening, aware that this was against your will, that Tomoko had purposefully gotten you drunk so she could overpower you, quivered with horror and still tried to shift away, no matter hos impossible the action was, “Hmmm, you’re so warm, (Y/N)... so soft and wet, all for me,” The black haired woman moaned sweetly in your ear, one finger sinking into your cunt to the knuckle.

You cried out and arched your back, the ropes around your torso rubbing tightly against your skin, “T-Tomoko, ah, hahh,” You mewled pathetically, words slightly slurred because of your drunken state, a whine spilling from your lips when she began kissing your neck and shoulders sweetly, marking you up with deep, red lipstick stains, “W-why are you doing this? I thought we were-hic-we were friends!” You whimpered, your heart pulsing painfully that she would do this to you, despite the fact that you’d always been a little bit in love with her. Tomoko hummed at your question, the hand no busy thrusting a finger inside your dripping cunt moving up to play with your chest, her fingers pinching your nipples roughly, the small buds swelling and turning a dark red from the rough handling, “Ah, ah, please, please don’t d-do this, you don’t have to-have to t-tie me up like this-oh, oh gods!” A moan was torn from your throat when Tomoko added a second finger to the one already buried in your cunt. scissoring the two digits wide to work you open. For what, you didn’t know... though from the feeling of something cool and hard digging between the cheeks of your ass, you could guess what was going to be shoved inside your cunt.

“Oh darling, we both know that you like this a lot more than you pretend you don’t,” Tomoko crooned, her kisses to your neck and shoulders becoming rougher, her teeth scraping the soft skin and beginning to suck dark, mottled bruises, marking you up possessively. The hand that had been playing with your breasts buried itself in your hair, tugging your soft locks to force you to face her. There was something uncomfortably hungry and dark in Tomoko’s brown eyes, the clear lust she felt for you mingling with a twisted sense of affection, “I’ve seen the way you look at me, my sweet (Y/N),” You trembled at her words, fear punching through your gut, sobering you up far faster than you ever thought possible, your mouth opening automatically to beg for forgiveness. Tomoko cut you off by slipping her tongue down your throat, his lips slanting across yours, taking advantage of your slack mouth to explore and play with your tongue. A muffled whimper left you as Tomoko spread her fingers wide, adding a third then crooking the slim digits to rub the pads against your wall. 

She broke the kiss with a breathy moan, her forehead resting against yours, dark eyes staring into your (E/C) gaze, a loving smile curling her lips, “I’ve seen the needy, wanting look in your eyes when you think I’m not looking, how jealous you get when the guys at the office or on the street get all flirty with me, how you bite your lip when I wear those pencil skirts you like so, so much,” Tomoko purred, watching as your cheeks got steadily more flushed, smirking when she felt the wet heat of your cunt swallow her fingers deeper, your walls growing even slicker from the stimulation, “I know you love me, darling, I’ve seen how much you do. Shh, no, no, don’t cry, it’s okay, baby, I love you too,” Tomoko soothed you when you started sniffling, tears welling in your eyes, a look of total vulnerability on your face. You knew, at least partly, that she was manipulating you slightly, enough that you would confess, that you would give her that power over you. No one would ever believe that Tomoko Higashikata would ever be into women, after all, she was still completely and utterly in love with the man who had fathered Josuke. You, though? Single, never dated, never had sex, continuously reject everyone whose ever asked you out? You’d be ruined, alone, with no one to turn to but your dearest ‘friend’ Tomoko. You whined, your eyes slipping shut, giving into the lust that rushed through your body, your hands clenching tightly around the rope you were hanging from, “I love you so, so much, darling, I’d never let anything happen to you.”

“T-Tomoko please,” You mewled, desperately trying to rock your hips down into the thrusts of her fingers, only to moan in disappointment when Tomoko pulled her fingers out of you, the slick hand cupping your right hip to hold you steady. You gasped when you felt something cool and hard brush between your labia and rub over your clit tantalizingly, the hand that had previously been in your hair having moved down to hold onto the strapless strap on you hadn’t realised she was wearing. With a low groan, Tomoko tugged on your bindings, allowing the ropes to slacken so that you were lower in the air, still tied up and helpless, but much easier to reach. You screamed when the action caused you to plunge down on the slick silicone cock, your inner muscles clenching tightly at the sudden intrusion. Tomoko buried the dildo inside you to the hilt, pushing and moving you into a position where her labia and clit could rub against yours, “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, Tomoko, Tomoko it’s s-so much, I c-can’t-ah! Hahh, hahh, please, please, mhngh!” You babbled incomprehensibly, your voice breathy because of your new position forced you to bend forwards, the ropes around your arms catching you and keeping you from falling completely to the floor. You could feel the strain in your hips, your pussy getting impossibly tighter because of it, the silicone rubbing deliciously against each and every nook and cranny of your cunt.

Tomoko hummed, rolling her hips lightly for a few moments, only a couple of centimetres at a time leaving your desperate cunt before they were rocked back into you, nudging the head up against your g-spot. You moaned, mouth open and drooling, your eyes rolled to the back of your head from the intense sensation, shock waves of bliss rushing down your spine to tighten in your belly, “That’s it, that’s my good girl, just let me take care of you,” Tomoko cooed, slowly pulling out of your pussy, the hilt of the strapless strap on tugging and rubbing harshly inside her cunt. She bit back a moan, trying to keep herself in control as she fucked into you, slamming her hips against your ass and relishing the way you whined her name, “Mmmh, make that noise again, (Y/N), I love the way you say my name, hahh good girl, such a good slut for me,” Tomoko’s voice was low and husky as she spoke, her hips setting a slow, hard pace, pulling out of you so slowly it was almost torturous before harshly pounding back inside you. You hiccuped and mewled, babbling, pleading words spilling from your lips like a water fall as Tomoko stood firmly behind you. You could feel one of her hands on your back, forcing you to remain bent at an angle, the other hand still resting on your hip so she could guide your hips to buck back into her thrusts.

You lost yourself to the rhythm, rolling back into Tomoko desperately, the feeling of the silicone dick rubbing and prodding your g-spot with each inward slam causing stars to burst behind your eyelids. You were drooling messily, your resistance to Tomoko’s actions, whatever little fight you had, easily getting fucked out of your pretty little head and leaving you mindless with bliss. The only words you could still speak were “Tomoko, more, more, please, harder, faster, more, Tomoko, please,” while your voice was breathy and pitched. With each slow, hard pound into your cunt, you felt your juices drip down the insides of your thighs and puddle on the hardwood floor beneath you, the black haired woman fucking you tisking at the mess you were making, “Such a messy, naughty girl you are, look at how much your dripping all over my floor, mmmmh, maybe I should make you lick up up after you cum, hmm? I know you’re going to make an even bigger mess of yourself when you cum for me - see? You’re already gushing, your pretty little pussy all flushed and swollen and juicy, just for me,” Tomoko crooned, her voice ringing in your mind and making you whine for more, your back arching in a gorgeously submissive display, the wet sounds of Tomoko’s thrusts just becoming louder, “That’s my girl, that’s my good, good, girl - are you gonna cum for me, (Y/N)? Are you gonna cum all over this toy, gonna squirt and make my lap wet with your cum, hmm?”

“Yeeeesssssss,” You managed to slur out, gasping desperate lungfuls of air, your eyes hazy and lidded. Tomoko reached up and grabbed your hair, tugging your head up so she could hear you better, her pace increasing as she felt the coil in her belly getting close to snapping, the sight of you completely at her mercy, completely hers, pushing her closer and closer to the edge, “Please, wanna cum, lemme cum, Tomoko please!” You mewled, arching and screaming with pleasure when the hand on your hip moved down between your thighs, her thumb and pointer finger pinching your throbbing clit harshly. You came with a wail of Tomoko’s name, your release - just as the older woman had predicted - squirting out of you, soaking Tomoko’s thighs and splashing messily onto the floor, increasing the puddle of juices that formed beneath you. Your inner walls clamped down around the silicone dildo, forcing the toy to jerk to a halt inside you, which caused the end inside of Tomoko to jab harshly against her g-spot in return. Your boss cursed loudly, her hips coming to a swivelling halt as she came as well, her cunt clenching down around the toy, drips of wetness flowing out of her to mix with your release.

You stood on one shaky leg, your body bathed in sweat and your cum, whining lowly as you slowly came down from your high. Tomoko’s hands ran up your back, gently stroking you through your orgasm, your shaking coming to a slow stop as you slumped against your bindings. You were too tired to react much when Tomoko tugged on the ropes around your hands, your form sinking to the floor weakly, forcing you to sit in the mess you had made. Luckily, the leg that had been tied up against your side, which had been connected to your hands, was also released, pins and needles exploding across your skin as your pelvis ached. When you fell to the floor, the toy went with you, the piece that had been buried in Tomoko’s cunt slipping out of her. The black haired woman admired the completely fucked out, exhausted picture you made, splayed out on the floor in the puddle of your juices, before she sighed and reached down to pick you up, “While I would love to see you lean up the mess you made with your own tongue, I’m afraid I rode you a little too hard, didn’t I, baby?” You whimpered and nodded weakly, unable to fight Tomoko off now that you were no longer tied up, too busy dealing with how jelly-like your limbs felt, “Let’s get you washed up and tucked into bed, hmm? You won’t be going anywhere without me for a long, long time.”